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425 DX News #1222
4 October 2014

A.R.I. Dx Bulletin
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to:
Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information
(e-mail )
Contributors are invited to send their DX information to 

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ (

The deadline is 12 UTC on Fridays

                        *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S *** 
                        ****  DX  INFORMATION  **** 
                         Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH 
                       Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW 

9A     - Klaus, DL5MCK will be active as  9A/DL5MCK/p  from  the  island  of 
        Cres (EU-136) on 3-6 October. QSL via home call, bureau  preferred. 
9J     - Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the independence of Zambia,  9J 
        stations are allowed to use the special  prefix  9I50  (Nine  India 
        Fife Zero) through October. Brian, 9J2BO is active as 9I50BO.  [TNX 
        The Daily DX] 
E5_sc  - Once again Bill, N7OU will  be  active  as  E51NOU  from  Rarotonga 
        (OC-013), South Cook Islands between 13 October and 9 November.  He 
        will be QRV in his spare time on 160-10 metres CW.  QSL  via  N7OU. 
        [TNX DX World] 
G      - M0ILT, M0OXO, M5JON, MW0JZE and MW0RLJ will  be  active  as  MX0LDG 
        from St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly (EU-011) on  15-22  October.  They 
        plan to operate mainly SSB, with some CW and  digital  modes,  with 
        3-4 stations. QSL via M0URX (OQRS on and LoTW.  [TNX] 
JD1    - Take, JG8NQJ  will  be  back  to  the  weather  station  on  Minami 
        Torishima (OC-073) and be active  as  JG8NQJ/JD1  from  mid-October 
        until mid-December. He operates CW only in his spare time. QSL  via 
        JA8CJY (direct) or JG8NQJ (bureau). 
JW     - Look for JW9DL (QSL via LA9DL), JW6VM (QSL  via  LA6VM)  and  JW7XK 
        (QSL  via  LA7XK)  to  operate  CW,  SSB  and  digital  modes  from 
        Longyearbyen  (EU-026),  Svalbard  on  8-13  October.  During   the 
        Scandinavian Activity Contest (SSB) they will  use  the  call  JW5X 
        (QSL via LA5X). [TNX The Daily DX] 
KH0    - AH0J  (JA1NVF)  and  several  other  operatos  will  be  active  as 
        W1AW/KH0 from Tinian, Northern Mariana Islands on 8-21  October  as 
        part of the ARRL's Centennial QSO Party. QSL  via  W1AW  and  LoTW. 
        [TNX The Daily DX] 
JD_oga - Nobuaki,  JH0JHQ  (  will  be  active  as 
        JD1BOW from Chichijima (AS-031), Ogasawara on 11-13  October.  Main 
        activity will take place  during  a  domestic  contest  during  the 
        first two days; on 13 October  he  plans  to  focus  on  10  or  12 
        metres. QSL via JH0JHQ, direct or bureau. 
JT     - Special event station JU50VOM is active until 31  October  for  the 
        50th anniversary of The Voice Of Mongolia, the  country's  overseas 
        broadcasting service. QSL via JT1BV (direct), LoTW and  eQSL.  [TNX 
ON     - Special event station OO4CLM will be active between 16 October  and 
        15 November. The suffix stands for Canadian Liberation  March,  the 
        annual event that celebrates the liberation of the Belgian town  of 
        Knokke on 1 November  1944.  QSL  via  ON3AIM,  direct  or  bureau. 
        Further information on the activity and the relevant award  can  be 
        found on 
OZ     - Uwe, DH3UN will operate  SSB  and  PSK  as  OZ/DH3UN  from  Falster 
        Island (EU-029) on 4-17 October.  QSL  via  home  call,  direct  or 
        bureau, and LoTW. [TNX DX Newsletter] 
P4     - Joel, N5JR as P40JR and Jim, NT5V as  P40JW  will  be  active  from 
        Aruba (SA-036) on 7-14 October. They will operate SSB, CW and  RTTY 
        on 160-6 metres with an emphasis on 160, 80, 30, 17 and 12  metres. 
        QSL home calls and LOTW. [TNX N5JR] 
PJ7    - Dom 3Z9DX, Jeremy EI5GM, Dave EI9FBB, Frans J69DS  and  Col  MM0NDX 
        will be active as PJ7PK from Guana Key  of  Pelikan  (NA-247,  IOTA 
        new one) indicatively between 6  and  10  October  ("everything  is 
        dependent on calm seas and good WX", Col says). They  will  operate 
        CW and SSB on 40-10 metres. There might be also  a  short  activity 
        from Tintamarre (NA-199), on the  French  side  (FS)  of  the  main 
        island, around 10-11 October. QSL via 3Z9DX.  QSLling  instructions 
        and further information at [TNX MM0NDX] 
SV     - Barrie G1JYB, Stephany G1LAT and Frank G8BME  are  active  as  SZ8S 
        from  Samos  Island  (EU-049)  until  14  October.  QSL  for   this 
        operation via G1LAT (direct) or M0SCG (bureau). [TNX Southgate ARC] 
SV     - SV7DMD will be active as SX7RUT on 6-19 October for the 5th  Rodopi 
        Ultra Trail, an adventure  footrace  where  runners  compete  on  a 
        distance of 100 miles through the Rhodope Mountains  National  Park 
        in Northern Greece. QSL direct to SV7DMD. 
TA     - Metin, TA1ED will be active as TC0MI from Marmara  Island  (AS-201) 
        on 5-8 October. He will  operate  SSB  on  80-10  metres.  QSL  via 
        TA1ED, direct or bureau. [TNX TA1ED] 
UA     - R2014F and other 26 special callsigns  (from  R2014FA  to  R2014FZ) 
        will be active until 31 October to celebrate the Russian Formula  1 
        Grand Prix  that  will  take  place  in  Sochi  on  10-12  October. 
        Logsearch and further information (in  Russian)  can  be  found  at 
VE     - David, VE3VID will be active  again  as  VY0/VE3VID  from  Igloolik 
        Island (NA-174) from 2 October to 17 November. He will  be  QRV  in 
        his spare time on 20 metres only, and operate RTTY with  some  HELL 
        and SSB. QSL via VE3VID, direct or bureau. [TNX The Daily DX] 
W      - Jacek  SP5APW  will  be  active  as  W4/SP5APW  from  Marco  Island 
        (NA-052) on 12-15 October. He will operate SSB  nd  digital  modes. 
        He plans to be QRV also from Key West (NA-062) on 9-10 October  and 
        from the Dry Tortugas (NA-079) only for a couple  of  hours  (15-17 
        UTC) on the 10th.  [TNX SP5APW] 
YB     - Look for Imam, YB4IR/8 and Din, YB8RW/p  to  be  active  from  Sula 
        Island (OC-076) on 5-9 October. They will be QRV  on  40-10  metres 
        CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via home calls (see for the links  to 
        Club Log's OQRS). [TNX YB4IR] 

                        *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S *** 
                        ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... **** 
                         Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH 
                       Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW 

425 DX NEWS MAGAZINE --->  The  August  2014  issue  is  now  available  for 
download at [TNX IZ3EBA] 

CHESTERFIELD ISLANDS 2015 ---> The website for the Perseverance  DX  Group's 
DXpedition to the Chesterfield Islands [425DXN 1221]  is  now  available  at Additional details  are  expected  to  be 
announced in January 2015. 

POSTAL RATES (AUSTRALIA) --->  Effective  6  October,  Australia  Post  will 
implement a few price changes. "Small letter" items up to 50g will cost  AUD 
1.85 (to New Zealand), AUD 1.95 (to Asia/Pacific) and AUD 2.75 (to the  rest 
of the  world).  A  postage  calculator  can  be  found  on  Australia  Post 

W1AW WAS ---> Look  for  ARRL  Centennial  stations  W1AW/4  from  Virginia, 
W1AW/0 from Missouri and W1AW/KH0 from the Northern Mariana  Islands  to  be 
on the air starting at 00.00 UTC on 8 October until 23.59 UTC on  the  14th. 
Complete information on the ARRL  Centennial  QSO  Party  can  be  found  at 

                        *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S *** 
                        ******* QSL  ROUTES ******* 
                         Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH 
                       Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW 

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER 
3D2AG/p     3D2AG       EE7X        EA7JX       R2014FB     RV6ACC 
3D2KM       W6ZL        EF8S        OH2BYS      R2014FC     R6AW 
3D2SA       JA1DXA      EG2INT      EA5KA       R2014FE     R6CG 
3D2YA       JA1NLX      EH3FPT      EA3RCY      R2014FF     RN7C 
3G1B        HA1AG       EI4KI       M0OXO       R2014FI     R6DAG 
3G3O        CE3OP       EI7M        EI6HB       R2014FK     RA6C 
3V8BCC      DJ2MX       EM0I        UT2IZ       R2014FL     RA6UA 
3V8SS       LX1NO       EM44WFF     UT4WA       R2014FM     R7AM 
3W3A        JF1HJZ      EY8MM       K1BV        R2014FN     R6DX 
3W3B        E21EIC      FG4NN       NI5DX       R2014FO     UA6YW 
3Z70ZK      SP5ZRW      FR5DZ       F6CXV       R2014FP     RW6AU 
4A1LM       XE1LM       G2F         G8HDK       R2014FQ     UA6YW 
4W6LU       JA7LU       GA8VL       GM4FDM      R2014FR     RU6UR 
5B4AIF      EB7DX       GB2NZ       M0OXO       R2014FS     RA6AR 
5C5W        EA5XX       GM5M        GM4ZNC      R2014FT     RV6YQ 
5E7R        EB7DX       GM7R        N3SL        R2014FV     RA6YZ 
5H1MD       IZ1MHY      HS0ZJF      ON4AFU      R2014FX     RW6HS 
6W7RV       F8CMT       HT5T        TI4SU       R2014FY     RU6YJ 
7Q7VW       DK2WV       IE9/IQ8QX   IK8YFU      R2014FZ     RK6AX 
7Z1HL       DJ9ZB       II1DCI      IK1GPG      S01WS       EA2JG 
8R1AE       JA1HGY      II1ENG      I1ANP       SN0WFF      SP5X 
9A0Z        9A3JB       II4CDN      IZ4FUE      SN50MOA     SP9MOA 
9A15BB      9A4M        II4ENG      IQ4FE       SW9AG       DL9USA 
9M2TO       JA0DMV      II9IAOC     IT9MRM      SW9XB       DJ9XB 
9N1AA       N4AA        JY9ET       M0OXO       SX7AMF      SZ7SER 
9N7AD       DK5AD       KB7OBU/KH2  JA3VXH      T30D        DL4SVA 
9N7CJ       F3CJ        KC4AAA      K1IED       T32TV       KH6CG 
9V1PW       JH4PHW      LT0H        EA7FTR      TC3AFT      TA3GO 
9X0VA       K7TRB       LX7I        LX2A        TG9AJR      NR6M 
A41KJ       NI5DX       LX8RTTY     LX1DA       TI5/N3KS    N3YIM 
A52O        OH2YY       MJ5Z        M0CFW       TJ3SN       IZ1BZV 
A61DD       IZ8CLM      NP2KW       EB7DX       TM0CR       F6FMT 
A71CM       NI5DX       OA4GL       EA7HBC      TM0T        F4DXW 
A92AA       IZ8CLM      OD5PY       KU9C        TM1A        F6KOP 
AO2014RWC   EA1URB      OD5QB       YO3FRI      TM1GM       F6AJM 
AO7PAZ      EA7NL       OD5ZZ       NI5DX       TM32O       F6KFI 
AP2NK       W3HNK       OF2AM       OH2BH       TM42FM      F4FCE 
AY8A        LU8ADX      OG5N        OH1CQ       TM68VA      F6KDL 
BA3AX/2     BA3AX       OH0JV       DL7RV       TM6BRE      F4EUG 
BD3AEO/2    BA3AX       OH0R        OH2PM       TM80GW      F5INJ 
BD9XE       BD4HF       OH0Z        W0MM        TR8CA       F6CBC 
BI4SSB      BA4TB       OH9W        OH5BQ       UE16CT      RX3F 
C21GC       LZ1GC       OJ0AM       OH2BH       UE16IR      RA3YC 
C37NL       C37URA      OP14RAM     ON4LT       UE16LT      RA3TT 
CN3UV       EB4CUV      OP37AEF     ON4OB       UE16MT      RA6YDX 
CO6CG       G3OCA       OT703CCF    ON4CPN      UE16SR      UA9CSR 
CO6WD       W0SA        OZ0NAVY     DF5LW       UE16WR      R4IT 
CR3A        EA5GL       P40HF       W6HGF       V63XP       JH0JHQ 
CR3L        DJ6QT       P49X        W0YK        VE2CSI      M0URX 
CR5D        CT1FJO      PB50REM     PA7DA       VP5/G3SWH   G3SWH 
CV3D        CX2ABC      PH70MG      PI4CQ       VP9I        WW3S 
CW4MAX      CX2DK       PJ5/OL8R    OK6DJ       VQ94JC      ND9M 
CX2BR       EA5GL       PJ6/G4IUF   G4IUF       WP3C        W3HNK 
CY0/VA1AXC  JE1LET      PJ7PL       WA1ZAM      YB0AZ       W4JS 
DT17AGI     HL1IWD      PY0F/PP1CZ  PP1CZ       YB9/HA3JB   HA3JB 
DX8DX       M0OXO       PY0FF       W9VA        YT0WFF      YU7CM 
E41MT       KB9GSY      PY2ZEA      OH2MM       YW4D        EA7JX 
E51HDJ      DJ2HD       PZ5AA       JA1HGY      ZD8RH       G4DBW 
E51XIW      DJ5IW       R1CC        DJ1ND       ZF2AV       NR6M 
EA9KB       EA7FTR      R2014F      R7DW        ZM90DX      M0OXO 
EA9LZ       EA5KB       R2014FA     RU6AX       ZR9C        EA7FTR 

3D2AG    Antoine de Ramon N'Yeurt, P.O. Box 10842, Laucala Beach Estate, 
        Suva, Fiji 
8R1Z     Lennox  O'Brian Smith, Lot 74 D'Urban Street, Wortmanville, 
        Georgetown, Guyana 
DL4SVA   Georg Tretow, Postfach 1114, 23931 Grevesmuehlen, Germany 
EA5KA    Raul Blasco, P.O Box 20, 12080 Castellon de la Plana, Spain 
F6KFI    ARAS, B.P. 22088, 72002 Le Mans CEDEX 1, France 
G3OCA    Ken Frankcom, 1 Chesterton Road, Spondon, Derby, DE21 7EN, United 
G3SWH    Phil Whitchurch, 21 Dickensons Grove, Congresbury, Bristol, BS49 
        5HQ, United Kingdom 
HA3JB    Kutasi Gabor, Siofok, Koch R. u. 10/A I/4, 8600, Hungary 
IK8YFU   Alessandro Pochi', Via Pio La Torre 79, 89024 Polistena RC, Italy 
JA1HGY   Nao Mashita, 8-2-4-2A Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052, Japan 
JA1NLX   Akira  Yoshida, 1-16-11 Kanamori-Higashi, Machida-shi, Tokyo, 
        194-0015, Japan 
JA7LU    Sei Suzuki, 2-5-9 Kaga, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba-ken, 277-0051, Japan 
KB9GSY   Ayman J. Azar, 4421 Clark Ave, Hammond IN 46327, USA 
LZ1GC    Stanislav Iv. Vatev, ul. Gen. Karcov 6A, 4300 Karlovo, Bulgaria 
M0OXO    Charles Wilmott, 60 Church Hill, Royston, Barnsley, S71 4NG, 
        United Kingdom 
OH2YY    Pekka Ahlqvist, Vapaalanpolku 8B, FI-01650, Vantaa, Finland 
OK6DJ    David Beran, Dolni Kamenice 55, 34562 Holysov, Czech Republic 
PP1CZ    Leo Ferreira, Caixa Postal 5099, AC Leitao da Silva, Vitoria - ES, 
        29045-970, Brazil 
W6ZL     David L. Lee, 1626 Warwick Lane, Newport Beach CA 92660, USA 
YB8RW    Syariefudin Syah, Jln. RA. Kartini No. 110, Bitung 95523, Indonesia 
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