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425 DX News #1287
02 Jan 2016

A.R.I. Dx Bulletin
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to:
Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information
(e-mail )
Contributors are invited to send their DX information to 

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ (

The deadline is 12 UTC on Fridays

6W     - Marcelo, EA1HFI  will  be  active  as  6W/EA1HFI  from  Ziguinchor,
         Senegal through March. In his spare time and  during  the  weekends
         he will operate QRP on SSB and digital modes. QSL  via  home  call,
         direct or bureau, and LoTW. [TNX NG3K]
9A     - Special  callsign  9A1700SBD  will  be  used  by  Radio  Club  9A4J
         throughout 2016 to commemorate  the  1700th  anniversary  of  Saint
         Blaise, patron saint of the city of Dubrovnik. QSL via  9A4J.  [TNX
A9     - Members of the Bahrain Amateur Radio Group will be active as  A91HI
         from Hawar Island (AS-202, new one for IOTA) from  28  April  to  1
         May. Details are expected in due course.
DL     - Special  callsign  DP65HSC  will  be  in  use  throughout  2016  to
         celebrate th 65th anniversary of the Radio  Telegraphy  High  Speed
         Club  (  All  QSOs   will    be    confirmed
         automatically via the bureau and LoTW; direct cards should be  sent
         to DK5JI.
DL    -  Special   callsign   DF90KWTJ  is  active  until   31  December  to
         commemorate the 90th anniversary of a milestone in the  history  of
         Amateur Radio in Germany: the  first  nation-wide  Kurzwellentagung
         (Short Waves  Conference),  which  took  place  in  Jena.  QSL  via
         bureau, or direct to QSL via DL2APJ. [TNX DX Newsletter]
E5     - Celebrating the Straight Key Century Club's 10th  anniversary,  and
         Taking  part  in the  QSO party  (,
         Andy, E51AND  will  operate  QRS CW  as  E5SKCC  from  his  QTH  on
         Rarotonga  (OC-013),  South Cook  Islands on 2-31 January.  QSL via
         E51AND (direct) and LoTW.
E5_sc  - JA3ARJ, JA3AVO, JA3IVU, JA3UJR, JF3HPN, JH3LSS and JH3PBL  will  be
         active as E51J from Rarotonga (OC-013), South Cook Islands  between
         12 and 21 January. They will operate CW, SSB and digital  modes  on
         80-6 metres, and might also give 160 metres a try. QSL via  JA3AVO,
         direct or bureau, and LoTW.
EI     - Special  callsign  EI1916E  will  be  used  until  31  December  to
         commemorate the centenary anniversary  of  the  Easter  Rising  and
         fight for Irish indipendence. Activity will  be  on  the  HF  bands
         SSB, RTTY and PSK. QSL via EI3GC (direct only) and LoTW. [TNX  OPDX
FG     - Jean-Pierre, F6ITD will be active again as FG/F6ITD and  TO6D  from
         Guadeloupe (NA-102) from 19 January to 9 March. Usually he  is  QRV
         on SSB and digital modes on the HF bands  and  6  metres.  QSL  via
         LoTW (preferred), or home call; logsearch on Club Log.
H4     - Bernhard, DL2GAC will once again be active as H44MS  from  Honiara,
         Guadalcanal (OC-047) in the Solomon Islands from 18 January  to  14
         April. He will operate SSB only  on  80-10  metres,  and  might  be
         active also on 160m during the CQ WW 160 Meter DX  SSB  Contest  in
         February. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX The Daily DX]
HP     - Dave, WJ2O ( will be active as HP3/WJ2O from  the  QTH
         of HP3AK in  Volcan,  Panama  on  7-12  January.  He  will  operate
         "almost 100% CW" with a focus on the low bands. QSL via N2ZN.
JA     - Special callsign 8J2SMT is active until 27 May to  commemorate  the
         42nd G7 Summit that will be held  on  26-27  May  in  the  city  of
         Shima, Mie Prefecture. All QSOs  will  be  confirmed  automatically
         via the bureau. [TNX NG3K]
LZ     - Once  again  Radio  Club  Blagovestnik  (LZ1KCP)  will  use  twelve
         special callsigns throughout  2016  to  honour  as  many  different
         Bulgarian  saints:  LZ1012SGM  (January),   LZ389SGB    (February),
         LZ300MSP (March),  LZ1700SIP  (April),  LZ1867SEI  (May),  LZ425STA
         (June),  LZ1886PGS    (July),    LZ1043PMU    (August),    LZ304MED
         (September), LZ935MWC (October), LZ960SPA  (November)  and  LZ463PP
         (December). QSL via  bureau  or  direct  to  P.  O.  Box  36,  4300
         Karlovo, Bulgaria. Information on the "All Bulgarian  Saints  2016"
         award can be found at
PJ4    - Peter, PA8A will be active again as PJ4B from Bonaire  (SA-006)  on
         7-23 January. He will operate holidaty style on 40-10  metres.  QSL
         via PA8A, direct only.
TA     - Simon,  IZ7ATN  will  be  active  as  TA0/IZ7ATN/p  from   Buyukada
         (AS-201) on 1-2 January. QSL via home call. [TNX DX World]
TY     - Pierre, ON4CIP is active holiday style as TY1AI from Benin until  5
         January. He operates SSB on 15 and 20 metres. QSL  via  home  call,
         direct or bureau, and hopefully LoTW. [TNX DX World]
V2     - Brian, GW4DVB will be active as  V25GB  from  Antigua  (NA-100)  on
         6-14 January. He will operate SSB on  40-6  metres.  QSL  via  home
V3     - Gerd, DJ4KW will be active again  as  V31YN  from  Consejo  Shores,
         Belize from 9 January to 21 February. Usually he  operates  CW  and
         RTTY on 160-10 metres, with participation in the CQ  WW  160-Meter,
         CQ WPX RTTY and ARRL DX CW  contests.  QSL  via  DJ4KW,  direct  or
         bureau, and LoTW (preferred). [TNX The Daily DX]
V3     - Art,  NN7A  will  be  active  as  V31JZ/p  from  South  Water  Caye
         (NA-180), Belize on 4-11 February. He will run 100 watts into  wire
         antennas and will operate mainly CW on 160-10 metres. QSL via  home
         call, direct or bureau. [TNX DX World]
VE     - Mike, VE7ACN will be active holiday style as  VE7ACN/7  from  Bowen
         Island (NA-091) on 21-24 January. He will be QRV  on  40-10  metres
         with wire antennas "and possibly some power". QSL  via  home  call,
         direct or bureau. [TNX]
VK     - Bernard, F9IE is visiting  Australia  until  late  January.  He  is
         currently active as VK2/F9IE; he will then be QRV as VK4/F9IE  from
         Lady Eliott Island (OC-142) on 13-16 January  and  from  Whitsunday
         Island (OC-160) on 17-19 January, followed by activity as  VK1/F9IE
         from Camberra. His next stop will be New  Caledonia  (FK)  from  30
         January to 11 February. QSL via  home  call.  [TNX  F6AJA  and  Les
         Nouvelles DX]
VK9C   - Bjorn LB1GB, Lars LB2TB, Morten LB8DC (ex LA9DFA) and  John  LA7GNA
         will be active as VK9CK from the Cocos (Keeling)  Islands  (OC-003)
         on 15-26 March. They will  operate  CW,  SSB  and  RTTY  on  160-10
         metres. QSL via Club Log's OQRS (preferred) and  LoTW;  traditional
         cards via LA6OP, direct  or  bureau.  Further  information  can  be
         found on
ZF     - Pete, K8PGJ will be active again as ZF2PG from the  Cayman  Islands
         (NA-016) on 9-17 January. He will be  QRV  on  160-10  metres  SSB,
         with holiday style activity except during the  North  American  QSO
         Party (from 18 UTC on 16 January to 6 UTC on  the  17th).  QSL  via
         LoTW or direct to home call.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

P5/3Z9DX ---> "Dom  informs  that  the  previously  announced  plans  for  a
January or February operation from  P5  have  been  modified",
reported on 31 December. "A new location and project will likely now  happen
at the end of summer 2016. This new location is  noise  free  (something  he
did not have during his recent demonstration)".

POSTAL  RATES  (DENMARK)  --->  Effective  1  January  2016    Post  Danmark
( has implemented  another  postage  rate  increase.  The
rate for letters up  to  100  grams  to  European  destinations  is  DKK  25
(Priority) or 16 (Economy),  and  to  the  rest  of  the  world  is  DKK  30
(Priority) or 19 (Economy). Three US dollars cover only the  Economy  rates.

QSL BY5YAA (AS-138) ---> Anyone  needing  a  QSL  card  for  Pingtan  Island
(AS-138), activated by BY5YAA on on 26-27 July 2014 (IOTA Contest), can  now
do so via M0OXO. Cards can be requested direct or (preferably)  through  the
OQRS at Full colour cards will be available in the  next  few
weeks. Please note the specific date of the operation,  as  QSOs  made  with
BY5YAA outside the IOTA Contest will not be valid for AS-138; email  Charles
(charles.wilmott[@] for log checks or any question. [TNX M0OXO]

VP8STI & VP8SGI ---> The R/V "Braveheart" has arrived in  Stanley  (Falkland
Islands)  and  is  making  preparations  for  her  36-day  voyage  with  the
VP8STI/VP8SGI  team.  After  camping  in  tents  on  Southern  Thule,  South
Sandwich Islands (VP8STI) for ten days,  the  team  will  go  South  Georgia
Island (VP8SGI) and set up camp for  an  additional  ten  days.  Upon  their
return to Stanley, the team will operate as VP8IDX for  five  days  with  an
emphasis on 160 metres. Plans are to upload the logs to Club Log on a  daily
basis, but the team expects to have challenges in  doing  so  from  Southern
Thule, which is  outside  of  the  Inmarsat  BGAN  coverage  footprint.  QSL
VP8STI, VP8SGI, VP8IDX and VP8IDX/mm via the OQRS provided by Club  Log  for
direct   and    bureau    cards    (direct    links    can    be   found  on Traditional cards should be sent  to  N2OO
(for VP8STI, VP8IDX and VP8IDX/mm) and  KU9C  (for  VP8SGI).  Logs  will  be
posted to LoTW about six months after  the  conclusion  of  the  DXpedition.

+ SILENT KEY + Vittorio Buzio, I1BUP passed away on 30 November at 74  years
of age. A serious DXer with 339/359 (current/total) in the DXCC  Honor  Roll
standings, he was also one of the doyens of island chasing in Italy and  got
his initial IOTA certificate in 1971.


QSLs received direct or through managers: 3B8/DJ7RJ, 3W4VE (AS-128),  3XY5M,
4U70UN, 6Y1V, 7O1A, A35JP/p (OC-064), CM2QN, D8A, DS2GOO/2 (AS-090),  DU7ET,
E51DWC, E51MQT, FM/DL7VOG, FS/VE2BWL, HH2AA,  IW7EGQ/p  (EU-091),  J3/DH5FS,
J52HF, JW2US (EU-063), N5M  (NA-120),  OJ0B,  OJ0DX,  P40BC,  PJ7ELY,  PJ7K,
R7AL/0 (AS-172), S79OWZ, T2GC, TI2CCC, TO1E,  TT8AMO,  TX3X,  TY2CO,  TZ4AM,
V73D, VO1/DJ8QP (NA-198), VP2ELY, VP5/W5CW, YB4IR/3, YN2CC,  YP0H  (EU-191),
Z21MG, ZF2YL, ZS6CW, ZV2VS (SA-028).
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