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425 DX News #1291
30 Jan 2016

A.R.I. Dx Bulletin
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to:
Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information
(e-mail )
Contributors are invited to send their DX information to 

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ (

The deadline is 12 UTC on Fridays

3B8    - Eric, OE4AAC will be active holiday style as 3B8HD  from  Mauritius
         Island (AF-049) from 11  February  to  1  March.  He  will  operate
         mainly CW on the HF bands. QSL via home  call,  direct  or  bureau.
         Logsearch and OQRS on Club Log.
8R     - Alex, W1CDC will be active holiday style as  8R1A  from  Guyana  on
         11-24 April. He will operate CW on 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15,  12  and
         10 metres. QSL via W1CDC, direct or bureau.
9A     - A team from Croatia and Germany (9A2MF, 9A2NA, 9A6AA, DC5WW, DD0NM,
         DH6TJ, DK2RO, DL8AW and DL9NBJ) will be active as 9A8DXG  from  the
         Palagruza Islands (EU-090)  from  28  May  to  4  June.  They  will
         operate CW, SSB and digital modes on the HF bands, and EME on  VHF.
         QSL via DL8AW, OQRS on [TNX]
9M0    - Mike, DF8AN will be active  as  9M0S  from  Layang-Layang,  Spratly
         Islands (AS-051) on 19-29 April. He will be  QRV  "as  much  as  he
         can" and will operate mainly CW on 160-6  metres.  QSL  via  DF8AN,
         direct or bureau. No eQSL and no LoTW.
9M8    - A team of four (9M8ADX, 9M8WAT, 9W8DEN and 9W8KIF) will  be  active
         as 9M8RC from Satang Besar (OC-165), East Malaysia  from  29  April
         to 1 May. QSL direct to 9W8KIF. [TNX]
C5     - Alan,  G4DJX  will  be  active  again  as  C5DX  from  Banjul   and
         Farafenni, The Gambia  on  12-19  February.  He  plans  to  operate
         mainly CW on 40-10 metres from Banjul and to demonstrate  SSB  from
         the Senior Secondary High School in Farafenni.  QSL  via  LoTW,  or
         direct to home call. [TNX NG3K]
C6     - Drew, N2RFA will be active as C6ABB from Nassau  (NA-001),  Bahamas
         on 8-18 February. He will be QRV on 80,  40,  20,  17,  12  and  10
         metres, and plans to do "some digital work" (PSK31, JT65, RTTY  and
         possibly SSTV). QSL via home call (direct), eQSL and LoTW.
E4     - DF8DX, along with DL5YWM and DL7JAN, will be active  again as E44QX
         from Jericho, Palestine on 8-15 May. They will  operate  mainly  CW
         with some SSB and RTTY on 80-10 metres. QSL via  DF8DX,  direct  or
         bureau, and LoTW; logsearch and OQRS on Club Log.
ET     - ET7L [425DXN  1290]  has  been  QRV  from  Mekanisa,  Addis  Ababa,
         Ethiopia since 17 January, with spare time activity on 30,  17,  15
         and 12 metres so far. Operations on the low bands will  start  over
         the weekend, as on 29 January the operators gained  access  to  the
         main tower and were able to install a  sloping  dipole  with  traps
         for 160, 80 and 40 metres.  Bookmark  for
         updates.  Logsearch  on  Club  Log,  OQRS  to  be  enabled   later.
         Traditional cards via US0LW; the logs  will  be  uploaded  to  LoTW
         after the end of the operation.
F      - Serge F5SN, Marie F5UAY and Michel F8GGZ will be active  as  TM39TJ
         from 31 January to 14 February for  this  year's  Transjurassienne,
         annual  cross-country  ski  marathon  held  in  the  French    Jura
         mountains. QSL via F8GGZ.
F      - Members of Radio  Club  F6KMB  will  be  active  as  TM6C  on  1-15
         February during  the  traditional  Dunkirk  Carnival  (Carnaval  de
         Dunkerque). QSL via F6KMB. [TNX F8REF]
F      - Celebrating its 30th  anniversary,  the  Council  of  Europe  Radio
         Amateur Club ( will  be  QRV  as  TP30CE  on  12-13
         February. Activity will be on all bands SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK.  QSL
         via F5LGF. [TNX F6FQK]
F      - Tim ON5HC, Patrick ON7PQ, Geert ON7USB and Francis  ON8AZ  will  be
         active as TM6U from the Saint Marcouf Islands (EU-081) on 1-7  May.
         They will operate SSB, CW and digital modes on 80-10  metres,  plus
         160 and 6m if conditions allow. QSL via OB8AZ,  direct  or  bureau.
         See for further information. [TNX ON7PQ]
FP     - Once again Eric, KV1J will  be  active  as  FP/KV1J  from  Miquelon
         Island (NA-032) on  17-29  March,  including  activity  during  the
         BARTG RTTY, Russian DX and  CQ  WPX  SSB  contests.  Plans  are  to
         operate mainly SSB and RTTY on 160-10 metres. QSL  via  home  call,
         direct or bureau, and LoTW. See for more
H4     - Tom, WL7HP (H44TM) and his wife Maggie, H44MK  [425DXN  1284]  have
         moved to the New Georgia Islands (OC-149) and expect to stay  there
         for few more days. They  will  remain  in  the  Solomons  until  16
         February. QSL via WL7HP. [TNX The Daily DX]
KL     - Members of the North Country DX Association will be  active  on all
         bands and modes as  KL7RST  from  Anchorage,  Fairbanks  and  other
         locations in Alaska between 15  February  and  27  March.  QSL  via
         K7ICE. See for more details. [TNX KL7JR]
LY     - Sam, LY5W reports he will be active LY16W  on  1-29  February.  The
         activity is in celebration of the "Act  of  16  February"  that  in
         1918  proclaimed  the  restoration  of  an  independent  State   of
         Lithuania. QSL via LY5W. Information on the LY  WPX  Trophy  awards
         can be found on Sam's page.
OX     - Bo, OZ1DJJ ( will  be
         active again as OX3LX from Sangmissoq/Christian IV Island  (NA-151)
         on 11-18 February. This is not a DXpedition and Bo will operate  in
         his spare time, typically "around lunch and after dinner". QSL  via
PY     - The PR2DX activity from As Ilhas  (SA-071)  [425DXN  1289]  is  now
         scheduled to take place for 24 hours on 30-31 January.  A  team  of
         five will operate SSB and digital modes on 80-10 metres. This  will
         be an "educational trip" for operators who are  not  familiar  with
         pileup management, so please be patient. QSL via  EA5GL;  logsearch
         and OQRS on Club Log. [TNX]
PY     - Look for  PQ2WW  (QSL  via  PY8WW),  PQ2ZXT  (QSL  via  PR8ZX)  and
         PQ2/PU8MET (QSL via PU8MET) to be active from  the  rare  Brazilian
         state of Tocantins on 6-9 February. They will operate CW,  SSB  and
         digital modes. Information on the WAB Award, issued  by  LABRE  for
         contacts  made  with  the  26  Brazilian  states  and  the  Federal
         District (PT2): [TNX NG3K]
V4     - Dave, K1KA will be active holiday style as  V47KA  from  St.  Kitts
         (NA-104) on 5-25 February. He will operate  SSB,  CW  and  possibly
         JT65 and PSK on the HF bands and 6 metres. QSL via K1KA,  LoTW  and
         eQSL. [TNX NG3K]
V5     - Look for V5/DC8QT, V5/DD8ZX  and  V5/DJ9KM  to  be  active  holiday
         style from Namibia on 9-18 February. They will  operate  SSB,  RTTY
         and PSK on 160-10 metres, and will participate in  the  CQ  WW  WPX
         RTTY Contest possibly as V55V. QSL V55V via DJ8VC, others via  home
VE     - VY0ERC is callsign of the newly formed Eureka  Amateur  Radio  Club
         at the weather station on Ellesmere Island  (NA-008).  The  station
         will be active when time permits until around  mid-March.  QSL  via
         VE1RUS. [TNX The Daily DX]
VE     - Members of the North Country DX Association will be active  on  all
         bands  and  modes  as  VY0RST,  VY1RST  and  VE8RST  from   various
         locations in Nunavut, Yukon and the Northwest  Territories  between
         15 February and 27 March. Also, expect VE8RST/VY0  to  be  used  by
         VE1RUS and VE3KTB from Ellesmere Island (NA-008).  QSL  via  K7ICE.
         See for more details. [TNX KL7JR]
VE    -  Jean-Pierre, VA2SG  will  be active  as  XM2IOTA  from  Iles-de-la-
         Madeleine (NA-038) from 27 July to  2 August. He  will operate SSB,
         CW, RTTY and PSK31 on 20, 17, 15  and  10 metres, as well as on the
         low bands,  mostly during  his late  afternoon  and evening  hours;
         main activity  will  be  during the IOTA Contest. Logsearch on Club
         Log and QSL via VE2TLH (direct only). [TNX NG3K]
VP2M   - Scott, NE9U as VP2MWA and Ron, KK9K as VP2MRF will be  active  from
         Montserrat (NA-103) on 16-23 February, including an  entry  in  the
         ARRL DX CW Contest (20-21 February) as VP2MWA. Expect  activity  on
         CW, SSB and RTTY before and after the contest. QSL VP2MWA via  LoTW
         or direct to NE9U, QSL VP2MRF direct to KK9K. [TNX NG3K]
VP8    - The final couple of days on Thule Island were quite an  ordeal  for
         the Intrepid-DX Group, with blizzard like conditions, 70  mph  (112
         Kph) winds, heavy snow fall,  collapsed  tents,  damaged  antennas,
         and a large ice floe that threatened to block the entrance  to  the
         bay where the team was located and caused  VP8STI  to  go  abruptly
         QRT in the UTC evening of 25 January. Eventually the team was  able
         to  retrieve  all  the  equipment,  and  on  27  January  the   R/V
         Braveheart was on her way to South Georgia. Plans are to be  active
         as VP8SGI for eight days  starting  in  the  UTC  afternoon  of  29
         January. The final VP8STI log will be uploaded  to  Club  Log  from
         South Georgia.
W      - Dennis, WA2USA will be active as WA2USA/4 from  St.  George  Island
         (NA-085) on 2-29 February. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

FT5XT ---> Gildas, TU5KG usually operates /mm when  in  the  Crozet  (FT5WQ)
and Kerguelen (FT5XT) waters [425DXN 1284], but on 23 January  he  was  able
to be QRV from Kerguelen Island for about one hours on 15  metres  SSB.  QSL
direct to F4DXW.

K5P ---> The K5P team went QRT from Palmyra around 18.45 UTC on 26  January.
A total of 75,210 QSOs (43805 CW, 23252  SSB  and  8153  RTTY)  with  18,263
unique callsigns from 157 different countries (46.1%  North  America,  34.2%
Asia, 11.3% Europe, 8.4% rest of the world). The OQRS is now active on  Club

QSL 3D2RI ---> During his recent visit to Rotuma  (20  December  2015  -  23
January 2016) Tony, 3D2AG visited the local High  School  and  was  able  to
rescue "outstanding QSL requests for 3D2RI dating back to  2011"  that  "had
been ignored for the past several years and  were  on  the  verge  of  being
discarded". He adds that "currently there is nobody  at  the  3D2RI  station
knowleadgeable of amateur radio", as the "teachers trained by the 3D2R  team
have since been transferred, including the former Principal of RHS".

QSL VIA RW6HS ---> As of 25 January, RW6HS' mailing address is:  Vasilij  M.
Kasyanenko, P.O. Box 8, g. Novopavlovsk, Stavropolsky kr.,  357300,  Russia.
See for the long list of stations he is the QSL manager of.
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