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425 DX News #1317
30 Jul 2016

A.R.I. Dx Bulletin
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to:
Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information
(e-mail )
Contributors are invited to send their DX information to 

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ (

The deadline is 12 UTC on Fridays

5H     - Alex, UX0LL and Alex, UT5UY will be active as 5H1XX  from  Zanzibar
         Island (AF-032) on 13-22 August. QSL via M0URX; OQRS and  logsearch
9A     - Kary, HA9MDN will operate digital modes and SSB as  9A/HA9MDN  from
         Vir Island (EU-170) until 7 August, including activity  during  the
         IOTA Contest. QSL via bureau to home call. [TNX NG3K]
9A     - Look for 9A/GW4UWD/p to be active from Zlarin  Island  (EU-170)  on
         1-9 August. He will operate QRP CW mainly during  his  morning  and
         evening hours. QSL via home call, bureau or direct, and eQSL.  [TNX]
9M2    - A large team of Malaysian operators will be active  as  9M2MI  from
         Undan Island (AS-097) on 19-22 August. They  will  operate  CW  and
         SSB on 40-10 metres. QSL via 9M2YOT, direct only. [TNX DX World]
CO     - Amed, CO2AME and a large group of Cuban operators  will  be  active
         as T42R from the lighthouse at Castillo del Morro in  Havana,  Cuba
         (NA-015) during the International Lighthouse/Lightship  Weekend  on
         20-21 August. QSL via operators’ instructions. [TNX CO2AME]
CT8    - Freddy,  F5IRO,  will  be  active  as  CT8/F5IRO  from  Sao  Miguel
         (EU-003), Azores on 5-19 August. He will operate CW and SSB on  the
         HF bands. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
F      - Special  callsign  TM17FDV  will  be  active  from  Oleron   Island
         (EU-032) on 5-7 August. QSL  via  F5BZK,  direct  or  bureau.  [TNX
FP     - Special callsign TO200SPM [425DXN 1316] marks 200 years  of  French
         sovereignty over Saint Pierre and  Miquelon  and  will  be  in  use
         until 6 August. The operators are FP5AC, FP5CJ,  FP5BZ,  FP5HL  and
         F6ACH. [TNX DX World]
I      - Antonio, IK8SHL and Alfredo, IK7JGI will be  active  from  UNESCO’s
         World Heritage site of the Sassi and the  Park  of  the  Rupestrian
         Churches of Matera on 6-7 August. [TNX IK7JGI]
I      - A team of nine operators (IK7MOF, IK7WDS, IU7EHF,  IW7DMH,  IZ7AUH,
         IZ7LDC, IZ7NLZ, IZ7QSS and IZ8EGM) will be  active  as  IJ7TA  from
         San Pietro Island (EU-073) on 9-11 September. Activity will  be  on
         SSB, CW and digital modes on HF and 6 metres. QSL via IZ8EGM.  [TNX
IS0    - Gianpaolo, IK1TTD will be  active during the  IOTA Contest as  IM0/
         IK1TTD from Tavolara Island (EU-165). He will  remain  in that area
         until  15 August,  and has  plans to  be QRV  from  other  islands,
         including Molara (EU-165). QSL via home call. [TNX IK1TTD]
JD1_oga- Look for JD1YBV to be QRV from Chichijima  (AS-031),  Ogasawara  on
         23-28 August. Activity will be on 40-6 meters  CW,  SSB  and  RTTY.
         This operation celebrates the Silver Jubilee of the  Japan  Amateur
         Radio Development Association  (JARD),  which  was  established  in
         1991. QSL via the bureau or direct to JA1HQG. [TNX JARD]
G      - Commemorating five decades  of  offshore  radio  broadcasting,  the
         Martello Tower Group  will  be  active  as  GB5RC  on  5-8  August.
         Activity will take place from the MV Ross Revenge,  home  of  Radio
         Caroline, located on a fixed mooring in  the  River  Blackwater  in
         Essex, England. QSL via GB5RC (bureau) or G6NHU (direct).
OZ     - Vincent,  DL6II  will  be  active  as  OZ/DL6II  from  Aero  Island
         (EU-172) on 1-11 August. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.  [TNX]
PJ6    - Jeff, NM1Y will host this  year's  Dave  Kalter  (KB8OCP)  Memorial
         Youth DX Adventure team at his QTH on Saba Island (NA-145)  on  2-9
         August. The team  will  include  three  teenage  operators  (Morgan
         KD8ZLK, Ruth KM4LAO and  Faith  AE4FH)  and  their  chaperons  (Joe
         KD8YPY, Sharon KM4TVU and James WX4TV). The team will be active  as
         PJ6Y. QSL via N6JRL and LoTW. [TNX The Daily DX]
PY     - Special  callsign  ZV2016RIO  will  be  in  use  on 5-21 August  to
         celebrate the 2016 Rio de Janeiro  Olympic  and  Paralympic  games.
         Activity will be on 160-2m SSB, CW, PSK and FM. QSL via PY1AA.
SV    -  SV8/SV2FPU,  SV8/SV2RJV  and  SV8/SV2RST  will  be active  from the
         island of Alonissos (EU-072)  until  2 August,  including  activity
         during the IOTA Contest. They operate SSB and CW on  40-10  metres.
         QSL via home calls. [TNX SV2DGH]
SV     - Tommy, VK2IR will be active  as  SV0XBF  (from  the  mainland)  and
         SV0XBF/8 (from the islands)  between  2  August  and  7  September.
         Islands mentioned are Paros, Naxos and  Antiparos  (all  count  for
         IOTA group EU-067), Lesvos (EU-049) and Evia (not  IOTA).  QSL  via
         VK2IR. [TNX NG3K]
TZ     - Laurent, F5IXR will be active again as TZ5XR from  Mali  between  1
         August and February 2017. He will be QRV  on  160-6  metres  during
         his spare time. QSL via F5MXH and LoTW. [TNX The Daily DX]
UA     - Yuri, RM0F will be active as RM0F/p  from  Iturup  Island  (AS-025)
         until 5 August, including participation in the  IOTA  Contest.  QSL
         via home call. [TNX DX News]
UA     - Celebrating the 95th anniversary  of  the  Komi  Republic,  special
         event station R95KOMI will  be  active  on  1-31  August  from  the
         capital city of Syktyvkar. DXCC wise, this will count for  European
         Russia (search for Komi on QSL  via
         R9XC. See for information  on  the  "Komi  Republic  -  95"
         award programme.
VK     - Tony, VK3VTH will be active as VK3VTH/7 from King  Island  (OC-233)
         on  18-22  August.  It  will  be  “a  working  holiday  and  not  a
         DXpedition”,  he  says.  His  operating  plans  can  be  found   on QSL via home call, direct  or  bureau;
         logsearch on Club Log.
W      - Nick, KE8AKW and his father Doug, N8XQM will be active  from  Fripp
         Island (NA-110) from 30 July to 6  August.  They  will  operate  on
         40-6 metres and satellite. QSL via  LoTW  or  direct  to  N8XQM  or
         KE8AKW. [TNX]
W      - The Old Barney Amateur Radio Club will be active as  W2T  from  the
         Tucker's Island Lighthouse in the Tuckerton Seaport  (mainland  New
         Jersey) on 6 and possibly 7 August, from about 13 UTC  to  21  UTC.
         They will have two stations active primarily on 20  and  40  metres
         SSB. QSL VIA N2OO. [TNX The Daily DX]
XU     - Steff, HB9FXL as XU7AKB and Rolf, HB9MUQ as XU7AKD will  be  active
         from Cambodia between 7 and 18 August. Expect activity on  40,  20,
         17, 15, 12 and 10  metres  SSB.  QSL  via  home  calls,  direct  or
         bureau. XU7AKB will upload his log to Club Log and  LoTW.  [TNX  DX
YB    -  To  commemorate  the  71st  anniversary  of   indipendence  of  the
         Republic of Indonesia, special callsign YB71RI will  be  active  on
         1-31 August from every  Indonesian call area:  YB71RI/0,  YB71RI/1,
         YB71RI/2,   YB71RI/3,   YB71RI/4,   YB71RI/5,  YB71RI/6,  YB71RI/7,
         YB71RI/8  and  YB71RI/9.  All  of  the  QSOs  will  be    confirmed
         automatically via the bureau. See
         for information on the awards available for contacts made with  10,
         7 or 5 special callsigns.

RSGB  IOTA  CONTEST  --->  The  following  stations  have  announced   their
participation in this year's event (from 12 UTC on 30 July through 12 UTC on
the 31st) from qualifying islands.  Complete details on the IOTA Contest can
be found at

Ref.No.     Call/Ops    Island               QSL
AF-004      EF8U        Canary Islands
AF-016      FR4PV       Reunion              F5OZK
AF-018      IH9YMC      Pantelleria          -
AF-083      3V8SM       Djerba               LX1NO
AS-006      VR2UNG      Hong Kong            VR2UNG
AS-020      BV0TW       Taiwan
AS-025      RM0F/p      Iturup               RM0F
AS-047      JA0JHQ/6    Minami Daito         JA0JHQ
AS-066      R66IOTA     Popov                UA0LCZ
AS-066      UI0L        Reyneke              RW0MM
AS-070      R70ASIA     GUSMP                R7AA
AS-081      DS5ACV/p    Hwangdeog
AS-081      DS5ANY/p    Hwangdeog
AS-081      DS5BRE/p    Hwangdeog
AS-081      DS5DNO/p    Hwangdeog
AS-081      DS5QLJ/p    Hwangdeog
AS-081      HL5YI/p     Hwangdeog
AS-102      BO0KS       Kinmen               BV2NT
AS-125      E2X         Chang                E20GMY
AS-129      BI7PER      Nan’ao               BI7PER
AS-135      B4R         Qinshan              BA4WR
AS-136      BY4AE       Hengsha              BD4DYH
AS-138      BG5UDN      Pingtan              M0OXO
AS-141      B5C         Yijiangshan          BA4TB
AS-145      HS3NBR/p    Maeo                 HS3NBR
AS-147      JA8COE/8    Yagishiri            JA8COE
AS-150      BY4JN/4     Lingshan             BG4OGO
AS-201      TC0TC       Sivriada             YM1KD
EU-001      SV5/G4DJX   Rhodes               G4DJX
EU-001      SV5/OH2FUW  Rhodes               OH5AB
EU-001      SV5/OO4O    Rhodes               ON4APU
EU-001      SV5DKL      Rhodes               SV5DKL
EU-003      CR2M        Sao Miguel           W6NV
EU-004      EA6/M0DXR   Minorca              M0DXR
EU-005      G2F         Great Britain        G8HDK
EU-005      G6M         Great Britain        -
EU-008      GM0ADX      Mull                 GM0ADX
EU-008      GM2T        Tiree                GM4UYZ
EU-008      GM4NFI/p    Fladda               GM4NFI
EU-008      MM1E        Islay                MM0GOR
EU-009      MS0YHC      Mainland             2E0SDV
EU-010      GM3XSV      Lewis                G3XSV
EU-010      GM4U/p      Berneray             G4SGX
EU-010      MM2N        Benbecula            MM0GPZ
EU-011      MK1K        St Agnes             M1KTA
EU-012      GS3BSQ      Shetland             GM3WIJ
EU-014      TK5UX       Corsica              F5MUX
EU-015      SV9/G0VJG   Crete                G0VJG
EU-016      9A0AA       Vis                  S59A
EU-016      9A1CBM/p    Drvenik Veli         9A1CBM
EU-016      9A8DV       Drvenik Veli         IK6VXO
EU-017      ID9/IT9BXR  Filicudi             IT9BXR
EU-020      SD1A        Gotland              SM1TDE
EU-023      9H5G        Gozo                 M0OXO
EU-024      IS0/OM8A    Sardinia             OM2VL
EU-025      IT9MUO      Sicily               IT9MUO
EU-025      IT9RZU      Sicily               IT9RZU
EU-025      IT9VDQ      Sicily               IT9VDQ
EU-029      OZ2PBS      Sjaelland            OZ2PBS
EU-029      OZ8SW       Sjaelland            OZ8SW
EU-030      OZ4CG       Bornholm             OZ4CG
EU-031      IC8FBU      Capri                IC8FBU
EU-031      IC8WIC      Capri                IC8WIC
EU-032      F/G4BJM/p   Oleron               G4BJM
EU-034      ES0DJ       Muhu                 ES2DJ
EU-038      PA/ON4CP    Ameland              ON4CP
EU-042      DG5LAC/p    Hooge                DG5LAC
EU-048      TM6G        Groix                ON6DP
EU-049      SV1XV/p     Lesvos               SV1XV
EU-052      SV8/OM6NM   Corfu                OM2FY
EU-054      IF9/IT9PPG  Favignana            bureau
EU-054      IF9ZWA      Favignana            bureau
EU-055      LA4C        Utsira               LA4C
EU-057      DL5KUD      Ruegen               DL5KUD
EU-065      F6KOP/p     Molene               F6KOP
EU-067      SV8/SV1EJD  Syros                SV1EJD
EU-067      SV8P        Tinos                SV2CLJ
EU-072      SV8/SV2FPU  Alonissos            SV2FPU
EU-072      SV8/SV2RJV  Alonissos            SV2RJV
EU-072      SV8/SV2RST  Alonissos            SV2RST
EU-076      LA/G0AAA    Vaeroy               G3TXF
EU-080      ED1K        Ons                  EA1NK
EU-083      IP1T        Tino                 I1ANP
EU-084      SK0HS/0     Blido                SM0MPV
EU-089      CR2V        Flores               HB9CRV
EU-091      II7P        Pedagna Grande       IK7LMX
EU-092      GM1J        Tanera Mor           MM0BQI
EU-096      OH1TD       Korpo                OH1TD
EU-103      EJ1Y        Little Saltee        EI5JQ
EU-105      F4FLQ/p     Batz                 -
EU-110      9A/IV3AZV/p Sveti Ivan           IV3AZV
EU-114      GU3HFN/p    Guernsey             GU8ITE
EU-115      EI1A        Ireland              PA3249
EU-116      MD7C        Isle of Man          M0OXO
EU-120      G4ALE/p     Wight                G3VYI
EU-120      G5XV        Wight                bureau
EU-120      G6LD        Holy Lindisfarne     bureau
EU-120      M/DF8DX     Wight                DF8DX
EU-121      EJ0SR       Arranmore            M5KJM
EU-123      GM5TO       Arran                G3PHO
EU-123      GM7O        Arran                G3SQX
EU-123      GM9N        Great Cumbrae
EU-123      MM0TFU/p    Arran                MM0TFU
EU-123      MM3T        Bute                 -
EU-124      G2L         Holy                 G8ATD
EU-124      GW6W        Holy                 GW4TTA
EU-124      GW8K        Flat Holm            GW0ANA
EU-124      MW0DHF/p    Holy                 MW0DHF
EU-125      OZ7BQ/p     Fano                 OZ7BQ
EU-127      DR0F        Neuwerk              DM4DL
EU-130      IV3UHL/p    Gorgo                IV3UHL
EU-131      I3BQC/p     Fisolo               I3BQC
EU-131      IQ3ME/p     Pellestrina          IQ3ME
EU-132      SN0RX       Wolin                SP8BXL
EU-132      SN1D        Wolin                SP1RKT
EU-132      SP1/DM5JBN  Wolin                DM5JBN
EU-132      SP7VC/1     Wolin                SP7VC
EU-133      RI1C        Kotlin               RW1F
EU-135      SF2X/p      Ledskar              SM5EFX
EU-136      9A/OM5AW    Losinj               OM2FY
EU-136      9A/YO4HHP   Cres                 YO4HHP
EU-136      9A1RAB      Rab                  9A2EU
EU-136      9A8CV       Krk                  -
EU-140      OG5A        Nuokot               OH5AD
EU-140      OH5TS       Kuorsalo             OH5TS
EU-142      ED1M        Mouro                EA1DR
EU-144      IK8MRA/p    Cirella              IK8MRA
EU-144      IZ8XOU /p   Cirella              IZ8XOU
EU-145      CR5CW       Culatra              CT7ACG
EU-146      PA/OQ4T     Schouwen Duiveland   ON4TO
EU-146      PA146EU     Schouwen Duiveland   PB0P
EU-165      IM0/I0PNM   San Pietro           I0PNM
EU-165      IM0/IK1TTD  Tavolara             IK1TTD
EU-170      9A/HA9MDN   Vir                  HA9MDN
EU-171      OZ/DL6MHW   Vendsyssel-Thy       DL6MHW
EU-172      5P5CW       Aero                 DL5SE
EU-172      5Q2T        Fyn                  OZ0J
EU-172      OZ/DL2JRM   Hjarno               DL2JRM
EU-172      OZ/DL5CW    Hjarno               DL5CW
EU-174      SV8/HG0R    Thassos              HA0NAR
EU-174      SV8/LZ1UQ   Amoliani             LZ1UQ
EU-182      UT2II/p     Ankudinov            UT2II
EU-185      RU6DX/p     Sudzhuk              RU6DX
NA-008      VY0ERC      Ellesmere
NA-015      T42A        Cuba                 RW6HS
NA-026      N2GC        Long                 N2GC
NA-029      VY2TT       Prince Edward        K6LA
NA-034      W4FDX       Honeymoon            N2MFT
NA-036      VE7/G0TPH/p Vancouver
NA-036      VE7ACN/7    Vancouver            VE7ACN
NA-046      K1VSJ       Martha's Vineyard    K1VSJ
NA-055      K1IMI       Little Deer          direct
NA-067      K4C         Core Banks           N4YDU
NA-067      W4MY        Harkers              W4MY
NA-067      WB8YJF/4    Ocracoke             WB8YJF
NA-068      VE2JFM/VE9  Lameque              VE2JFM
NA-075      VE7NY/7     South Pender         VE7NY
NA-082      K5MDX       West Ship
NA-083      K4P         Chincoteague         N3JS
NA-111      W2KV/2      Long Beach           W2KV
NA-126      VC1A        Bon Portage          VA1YL
NA-128      VA2NDX      Orleans              VE2TLH
NA-128      VE2VIA      Coudres              VE2VIA
NA-128      XL2I        Coudres              VE2CQ
NA-137      N1RR/m      Cousins              N1RR
NA-148      NE1RD/1     Lovell               NE1RD
NA-217      K1W         White                KB1YVR
OC-022      YB3CC/9     Nusa Penida          YB3MM
OC-088      9M6IH       Borneo               direct
OC-150      YB9GV       Lombok               EA7FTR
SA-029      ZV1M        Grande               PY1MT
SA-042      PX8K        Caviana de Dentro    PY8WW
SA-047      PY5DC       Mel                  direct
SA-047      ZV5O        Mel                  direct
SA-069      XR1T        Santa Maria          CE3OP
SA-072      ZY8D        Canarias             PS8RV

For lastest additions  please  give a look at, and at  the
list maintained by Bill, NG3K:
The IOTA SWL Contest has been picked up by the Radioascolto  SWL  Club,  and
it will run in parallel with the IOTA Contest. Complete details can be found
at or  from  the IOTA  SWL Contest  Manager
(iw1qla[@] Good luck to you all!

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QSLs received direct or through managers:  3DA0IJ,  3XY1T  (AF-051),  5A1AL,
9G5GH, 9M8RC (OC-165), 9N7NH, 9X0NH, BA4DW/7,  BO0K,  C31CT,  CE6RC,  CN2CO,
DU1/HB9BAJ, E44QX, E51EAQ (OC-013),  EA9PY,  EP2A,  ET7L,  EY7AD,  FH/F4FET,
FM/DL7VOG, FT4JA (AF-012), HC2GRC/p (SA-034), J5NAR,  J68GU,  K5P  (OC-085),
LX1JX, OX/NA8O, PJ2/W3HNK, RP71NF, RT92KA (AS-092), S79C (AF-119),  SQ65HSC,
T32LJ, T32MU, TA0/DJ4EL (AS-201), V73D  (OC-029),  VK9WA,  VP8SGI  (AN-007),
VP8STI (AN-009),  XR0YS,  XX9TGM  (AS-075),  XZ1J,  YB8O  (OC-208),  YI3WHR,
YI9CW, YJ8RN (OC-110), YU90IARU, ZB2FK, ZD7FT, ZX5B (SA-088).
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