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425 DX News #1325
24 Sep 2016

A.R.I. Dx Bulletin
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to:
Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information
(e-mail )
Contributors are invited to send their DX information to 

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ (

The deadline is 12 UTC on Fridays

3W     - Look for Jose EA1ACP, Carlos EA1DVY, Gen EA5HPX,  Francisco EA7FTR,
         David EB7DX and  Oleg US7UX  to be active as  3W2R from  the Mekong
         Delta, Vietnam on 20-28 October.  They will operate "all modes"  on
         160-6 metres. QSL via EB7DX.
8P     - Dean, 8P6SH will participate in the CQ WW DX RTTY  and SSB Contests
         as   8P50B.   This  special  callsign   celebrates  Barbados'  50th
         anniversary of independence. QSL via KU9C and LoTW. [TNX NG3K]
A3     - Masa,  JA0RQV  expected  to be  active as  A35JP/p  from  Niuafo'ou
         (OC-123) from  28  September to  4 October  [425DXN 1319], but  his
         flight has been cancelled.  "Rescheduled flight might be  1 October
         at   the  earliest",  he  reported  on  23  September.  "There   is
         possibilitą that I may  change  destination to OC-169 or OC-191  or
         OC-064 instead, as  my  returning  international  flight to  JA  is
         fixed". Updates will be posted to
CE0Y   - Nobu, JA0JHQ ( will  be active as  CE0Y/
         JA0JHQ  from  Easter  Island (SA-001)  on 14-17  October.  He  will
         operate mainly CW;  plans are to concentrate on  30 and 40m (10111-
         10112  kHz  and  7005-7015 kHz)   on  14  October.  QSL  via   LoTW
         (preferred) or home call, bureau or direct.
CY0    - Aaron, VA1AXC is once again active as CY0/VA1AXC from Sable  Island
         (NA-063)  until  early  November.  In  his  limited  spare time  he
         operates SSB only mainly on 20 metres. QSL via JE1LET, direct only.
E6     - E6AC is the callsign issued to JF2MBF and JA2FJP for  their current
         activity from Niue (OC-040)  [425DXN 1319].  They will remain there
         until 29 September.  Please note  that this very same callsign  was
         used by JA0JHQ  in May 2016.  The QSL route for the  September 2016
         operation is via JF2KOZ. Logsearch and OQRS on Club Log; eventually
         the logs will be  uploaded to LoTW, and  all outstanding QSOs  will
         be confirmed automatically via the bureau.
FO/M   - Patrick, FO5QS  has  been  active  from  Huahine  (OC-067),  French
         Polynesia  for  seventeen  years.  He  is now  moving  to  Hiva Oa,
         Marquesas  Islands  (OC-027), and  will  remain  there for  several
         years. [TNX F6AJA and Les Nouvelles DX]
J6     - Steve, WF2S  as J68SL  (SSB, RTTY, PSK, JT65 and some CW) and  Bob,
         WB2YQH as J6/WB2YQH (CW and some SSB)  will  be  active  from  Gros
         Islet, St. Lucia (NA-108) on 18-27 October. They will be QRV on 80-
         10 metres. Club Log is the  preferred  method for  both direct  and
         bureau cards; direct  inks to  the logsearch and OQRS  can be found
         on under J68SL (who will also upoload his lot to LoTW)  and
         J6/WB2YQH. [TNX WB2YQH]
JD1_oga- Mitsuru, JE1HXZ will be active as JD1BPG from  Chichijima (AS-031),
         Ogasawara on 23-30 September.  He will operate  CW, SSB and RTTY on
         40-6 metres. QSL via JE1HXZ, direct or bureau, and LoTW.
KH0    - Rocky, HL1VAU will be active holiday style as KH0/AK4CE from Saipan
         (OC-086) on  26-29 September.  He will operate CW,  SSB and digital
         modes on 40-6 metres. All QSOs will be confirmed automatically  via
         the bureau. He will not use LoTW. [TNX DX World]
ON     - Special event station ON35CLM will be active between 15 October and
         14 November.  The suffix stands for  Canadian Liberation March, the
         annual event that celebrates the liberation of the  Belgian town of
         Knokke on 1 November 1944.  QSL via ON3AIM, direct or bureau.  More
         information on the activity and the relevant award can be found  on [TNX ON4RO]
PA     - Nine Dutch special callsigns will be active between  1 October  and
         31 December  to celebrate the  30th anniversary of the  European DX
         Foundation   (  PA30EUDXF   (17 October-14 November),
         PB30EUDXF  (1-28 November),  PC30EUDXF  (November-December,   dates
         TBA), PD30EUDXF (dates TBA), PE30EUDXF (dates TBA), PF30EUDXF (1-28
         October), PG30EUDXF  (1-28 October),  PH30EUDXF  (October-November,
         dates TBA) and PI30EUDXF (1-28 November). QSL for all callsigns via
         PA1AW. [TNX NG3K]
V6     - Members  of the  Nara DX Association  (JK3ZXK) are planning  to  be
         active as V6J from  "rare IOTA groups"  in Micronesia  "during this
         autumn". They expect their first activity to take place from Mwokil
         (OC-226), and they are "waiting for the ship schedule"  in order to
         finalize  their  itinerary.  Updates are expected to  be posted  to QSL via JP3AYQ.
VK     - Grant, VK5GR will be active holiday style as VK5GR/p from  Kangaroo
         Island (OC-139)  on 10-16 October.  He will be QRV "on at least 80-
         15 metres" and will operate RTTY and other  digital modes and  some
         SSB.  QSL  via  home call (bureau preferred),  LoTW and  eQSL. [TNX]
VK9L   - Steve, W1SRD will be active as VK9LX from Lord Howe Island (OC-004)
         on 1-8 October, including  an entry in the  Oceania DX SSB Contest.
         QSL via home call and LoTW (preferred).  He will not  use Club Log.
         [TNX The Daily DX]
VP2E   - Manfred/DK1BT, Wolf/DL4WK,  Sigi/DL7DF,  Juergen/DL7UFN and  Frank/
         DL7UFR will be active from  Anguilla (NA-022) from  25 October to 7
         November. Callsigns TBA.  They will operate CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31
         on  160-10 metres  with two  stations.  QSLs via DL7DF,  direct  or
         bureau, and LoTW "within six months after the DXpedition". OQRS and
         further information on [TNX NG3K]
VP9    - Mark, AA1AC  will  be active  as  VP9/AA1AC from  Hamilton  Parish,
         Bermuda (NA-005) on 10-15 October. QSL via home call. [TNX AA1AC]
VQ9    - Jim, ND9M is  active as  VQ96JC from  Diego Garcia (AF-006), Chagos
         until around mid-October. He is QRV only a couple  times each week,
         as he has to commute between his ship and his operating location on
         the island,  then  set  up and  break  down each time.  He operates
         mainly CW, with some SSB and digital mode. QSL via home call.  [TNX
         OPDX Bulletin]
XW     - Champ, E21EIC  will be a ctive again  as XW1IC  from Laos on  23-27
         September. This will include an entry in the CQ WW DX RTTY Contest.
         QSL via Club Log's OQRS, LoTW or home call.
W      - Roger, NA4RR will be active from Santa Rosa Island (NA-142) on  25-
         26 September.  QSL  direct  to  Roger W. Rockwell,  1855 Conway Dr,
         Pensacola FL 32503, USA. [TNX]
W      - Members of the N2TA club will be active as N2B from 30 September to
         14 October to  celebrate  the  100th anniversary  of the  Hell Gate
         Bridge in New York  City.  Activity will be on  multiple bands  and
         modes. QSL via NT2X, direct only.
XZ     - The IOTA DXpedition to Myanmar, which was delayed  until after  the
         summer [425DXN 1293], has to be postponed. "There were elections in
         Myanmar   in  November  2015  and  we  had  to  resubmit  all   our
         documentation", the team says. "The new administration has now been
         selected but they need  time to  have  new rules  established.  All
         domestic logistics are in place through our local  Myanmar contact.
         He is also in  weekly  contact  with  three  different  ministerial
         departments and has  indicated  to  us  that  the  first  weeks  of
         February 2017 seems to be a good time  slot for our DXpedition.  We
         cannot push harder. We must be patient". [TNX G3KHZ]

CQ WW RTTY DX CONTEST ---> This year's event will run from 00.00 UTC  on  24
September  through 24.00 UTC on the 25th (rules at Please
visit for the  Announced Operations  listing
maintained by Bill NG3K. The following stations are expected to participate:
ZONE   CALL          CATEGORY     COUNTRY               QSL
08     8P1W          SOAB LP      Barbados              KU9C
08     8P50B         SO LP        Barbados              LoTW/KU9C
08     HI3/HA3JB     SO           Dominican Republic    HA3JB
08     KG4SS                      Guantanamo Bay        LoTW/K4MIL
08     WP3C          SOAB LP      Puerto Rico           W3HNK
09     5K3W          SO           Colombia              LoTW/HK3W
09     P49X          SOAB         Aruba                 LoTW/W0YK
11     PX0F                       Fernando de Noronha   LoTW/PP5BZ
12     CB1H          M/?          Chile                 CE1DY
14     5Q2T          SOAB HP      Denmark               OZ0J
14     C37NL                      Andorra               LoTW
14     GU0URR        SOAB         Guernsey              G0URR
14     HB0/DL5YL                  Liechtenstein         DL5YL
14     HB0/DL5YM                  Liechtenstein         DL5YM
14     MD/DL1RTL     SOSB 20m     Isle of Man           LotW/DL1RTL
14     MD/DL2AWG     SOSB 15m     Isle of Man           LotW/DL2AWG
14     MD/DL4SVA     SOSB 40m     Isle of Man           LotW/DL4SVA
14     MD/DL7VEE     SOSB 80m     Isle of Man           LotW/DL7VEE
14     MJ5Z          SOAB LP      Jersey                LoTW/M0CFW
15     ES5RY         SOSB 80m     Estonia               ES5RY
15     OH0JWL                     Aland Isls            DL5FF
15     OH2ET         M/2          Finland               OH2ET
20     SW9XB         SOAB LP      Crete                 LotW/DJ9XB
20     SZ1A          M/2          Greece                LoTW
24     BV2A/3        M/2          Taiwan                BV2A
26     XW1IC         SOAB         Laos                  LoTW/E21EIC
27     DX2R          M/S LP       Philippines           LoTW
27     JD1BON        SOAB LP      Ogasawara             JA1UII
27     T88ON                      Palau                 JA3JND
27     WH0RU                      Mariana Isls          LoTW/JG7PSJ
28     YB0NDT        SOSB 15m     Indonesia             LoTW/YB0NDT
33     CR3W          M/?          Madeira               DL5AXX
33     EA8DED        M/S          Canary Islands        OH2BP
33     EA9LZ         SO           Ceuta & Melilla       LoTW/EA5KB

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CWOPS AWARD ---> The "CWops Award for  Advancing the Art of CW"  (details on recognizes individuals, groups  and organizations
that have made  the  greatest  contribution(s) toward  advancing the art  or
practice of radio communications by Morse code. The 2016 recipients are:
- CWops President Rob Brownstein (K6RB) "for creating, organizing, marketing
  and actively  participating  in the  operation of CW Academy, which trains
  about 360 people in Morse code every year";
- Carlo Consoli (IK0YGJ), whose book "Zen  and the Art  of Radiotelegraphy",
  available in  four languages, "is an encyclopedia about CW, and especially
  about learning it. The most valuable section explains how to teach oneself
  to copy CW at speeds exceeding 50 WPM";
- Chuck  Adams (K7QO), "for  writing  and  publishing a CW  training  course
  manual  and  CDs, which  he  distributes  at  no cost to students. He also
  teaches CW classes". [TNX ARRL]

GTC CW CUP ---> The 6th  Greek Telegraphy Club CW Cup  will be  held on  1-2
October (6-12 UTC on Saturday and 12-18 UTC on Sunday) on 80, 40, 20, 15 and
10  metres.  See for
complete information. [TNX SV5DKL]

INDEXA NEWSLETTER ---> A Summer 2016 Special Issue of the  International  DX
Association's   Newsletter   (INDEXA)   is  now   available  for   download:  This  issue  contains the  story of  VK0EK
(Heard Island 2016: New Technology Changes the DXpedition). [TNX K8YC]

IOTA: FRIENDS OF IOTA UPDATE ---> "The Friends of IOTA appeal has now raised
GBP 13,232.49, a sum which covers more  than half of  our initial target  of
GBP  25,000  for  the  paperless  QSLing  project",  Roger Balister  (G3KMA)
reported on  the  IOTA  website  on  21  September.  "Additionally  we  have
transferred into Friends of IOTA, with the agreement of the trustees, a  sum
of GBP 2,661.43 previously in the  W4BAA Trust Fund  -  this  was set up  by
bequest for  the  betterment of the  IOTA Programme.  The  sum total of  GBP
15,893.92 is available both for IT and  also, where restricted,  promotional
expenditure.  We  now  have  116  contributors in  31 countries  and we  are
immensely grateful to them for their generosity and support at this time  of
need". Nonetheless, "we are still significantly  short of our target on  the
IT paperless QSLing project", and therefore  donations are still  gratefully
received through PayPal  to the email  address islandsontheair[@]
(in the comments field add "Friends of IOTA" and  your callsign to  identify
you). See for the complete report.

LOTW ---> As of 14 UTC on 6 January 2017,  ARRL Logbook  of The World (LoTW)
no longer will accept contacts that have been  digitally signed  by versions
of TQSL earlier than version 2.0.  Users of earlier versions  are encouraged
to upgrade as soon as possible. The current versions of TQSL for Windows, OS
X  and Linux can  be found at

VP8STI & VP8SGI ---> David, K3LP has uploaded to YouTube a 37-minute  video/
slide show of the double  DXpedition to  South Sandwich (VP8STI)  and  South
Georgia (VP8SGI):

+ SILENT KEY + Angelo Rossi, IK2MDX  passed away on  22 September.  He was a
long time supporter of 425 DX News.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ******* QSL  ROUTES *******
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3B9FR       M0OXO       IO1DCI      IK1GPG      SE5E        SM5AJV
4J90HAM     4J3DJ  [d]  IO4ENG      IQ4FE       SF3A        SM3CER
4J90HAM     RA4AAT [b]  JD1BON      JA1UII      SF5O        SM5EOS
4KA90HR     4J4K        JT1DBS/3    OK1DBS      SI5Y        SM5BKK
5T2AI       NI5DX       JT1XC/3     OK1XC       SI6W        SA6AQP
5W0JHQ      JA0JHQ      KH0/KW2X    JG7PSJ      SI9AM       SM3TIR
5X8B        DL3YM       KH6/W6AVY   JI1AVY      SJ2W        SM2LIY
7Y9GH       SM4VPZ      KU7FM/KH2   JA3VXH      SJ90SSA     SM7HZK
9A708DX     9A3JB       LA2S        LA3DNA      SK70CG      SM6JSM
9M2IDJ      JA6IDJ      LY780A      LY5A        SL0W        SM0AJU
9M53BB      9M2SQL      OG25YL      OH2YL       SM0Q        SM0OGQ
A93JA       KE5JA       OG30OJ      OH3OJ       SM0S        SM5BAX
AN400A      EA4URE      OG3G        OH1ND       SM0W        SM0WKA
AN400C      EA4URE      OG4X        OH1MA       SM2A        SM2ILF
AN400D      EA4URE      OG5N        OH1CQ       SM2T        SM2EZT
AN400E      EA4URE      OG6G        OH6BG       SM2W        SM2HWG
AN400G      EA4URE      OG7A        OH6MW       SM5D        SM5DJZ
AN400I      EA4URE      OG7F        OG2K        SN0WFF      SP5C 
AN400L      EA4URE      OG9R        OH7QR       SN30BPK     SP7KMX
AN400M      EA4URE      OH0JWL      DL5FF       SP9E        NE8Z
AN400N      EA4URE      OH0PM       OH2PM       SP9YFF      SP9WAN
AN400R      EA4URE      OH0R        OH2PM       SV5/SM8C    SM0CMH
AN400S      EA4URE      OH0Z        W0MM        SW9XB       DJ9XB
AN400T      EA4URE      OH1F        OH1AF       T42FCR      CO2WL
AN400U      EA4URE      OH3Z        OH1NX       T71A        T70A
AN400V      EA4URE      OH70BH      OH2BH       T71B        T70A
AO1IBR      EA4URE      OH7A        OH7MN       T71C        T70A
CN8KD       EA5XX       OH9W        OH5BQ       TF3CW       LX1NO
CO3VK       IZ8EBI      ON1418KNH   ON6KNH      TI5/N3KS    W4FS
CO8LY       EA7ADH      OU0POLIO    OZ1ACB      TM44CCR     F6KJS
CP5HK       EA5IDQ      OU2I        OZ1BII      TM53IMW     F6KSU
CT9/DJ7JC   DJ5BWD      OV3X        OZ8AE       TM8FDA      F4KJP
D66D        OK6DJ       OX5T        OZ0J        V44KAI      W5TFW
DU1IST      JA1HGY      OZ0NAVY     DF5LW       V633KS      JA6REX
E6AC        JF2KOZ      P3X         5B4AMM      V633ZH      JH6HZH
F/OO5G      ON4GI       P49X        W0YK        VK9LN       NI1L
GD0A        M0OXO       PA44BTF     PA1WBU      VP2ETE      W3HNK
H44LG       JE1LGY      PA6STAR     PC7A        VQ96JC      ND9M
HC2AO       RC5A        R75PKZ      RU3WR       XW4XR       E21EIC
HF11FOG     SP9MOA      R870T       R2PT        YT0WFF      YU7CM
HG44FY      HA8FY       SB0A        SM0LPO      Z21MH       IZ0EGA
HP3/VY2SS   AC2OV       SB7S        SM7PXS      ZS6CCY      K3IRV
HZ1BW       W3HNK       SE4E        SM4DQE      ZS9Z        ZS1OIN

DL3YM      Andreas Gissel, Wormser Str. 4, 76185 Karlsruhe, Germany
JA0JHQ     Nobuaki Hosokawa, 1458-25 Okagami, Asao-ku, Kawasaki-shi,
           Kanagawa-ken, 215-0027, Japan
JA6REX     Susumu Kakubuchi, 1-10-205 Imashuku-machi, Saga-shi, Saga-ken,
           840-0052, Japan
JF2KOZ     Yuji Miura, 8-11 Yamaguchi, Tahara-cho, Tahara-shi, Aichi-ken,
           441-3421, Japan
JH6HZH     Toshiya Kihara, 1998, Hei, Shimono, Ureshino-machi, Ureshino-shi,
           Saga-ken, 843-0302, Japan
ND9M       James T. Clary, PO Box 18095, Panama City Beach FL 32417, USA
OG7O       Seppo Sisatto, Ojakatu 3 A 18, FI-33100 Tampere, Finland
OH8L       Jari Ojala, Latvalammentie 32, FI-92260 Kopsa, Finland
OK6DJ      David Beran, Dolni Kamenice 55, 34562 Holysov, Czech Republic
T42CH      Kutasi Gabor, Siofok, Koch R. utca 10/A I/4, 8600, Hungary
T70A       A.R.R.S.M. Radio Club, Casella Postale 77, 47890 San Marino,
           Repubblica di San Marino
VA1AXC/CY0 Masahiko Otokozawa, 985-7 Kuno, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa-ken,
           250-0055, Japan
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