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425 DX News #1336
10 Dic 2016

A.R.I. Dx Bulletin
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to:
Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information
(e-mail )
Contributors are invited to send their DX information to 

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ (

The deadline is 12 UTC on Fridays

4S     - The Radio  Society  of  Sri  Lanka ( will  conduct  its
         annual expedition on 10-13 December and be active as 4S7RS from the
         Hiyare  Rainforest Reservoir. Plans  are  to  operate  CW, SSB  and
         digital modes on 160-10 metres. [TNX 4S7JL]
5U     - Toni, EA5RM and a  large team  (EA1SA, EA2RY, EA5KM, EA7AJR, EA7KW,
         F8ATS, F9IE, HK6F, IN3ZNR, RU1WM and UT7CR) will be active  as 5U5R
         from Niamey, Niger on 8-21 March 2017. They plan to operate CW, SSB
         and RTTY on  160-6 metres with at  least  four stations around  the
         clock. QSL via EA5RM. Bookmark for  updates,
         logsearch and OQRS. [TNX EA5RM]
6W     - The Association des  Radio-Amateurs  du Senegal (ARAS) will conduct
         its  annual  expedition  to the  island  of Goree (AF-045), and  be
         active as 6V1A on 16-18 December. [TNX DX World]
C5     - Bogdan, SP2FUD (C5FUD) and  Zenek, SP2GCJ (C5GCJ) have  been active
         again from The Gambia since 4 December, and expect to  remain there
         until the 16th.  They operate RTTY, CW and SSB on 80-10 metres. QSL
         via home calls; logsearch on OQRS on Club Log.
C5     - After being active  from Mauritania as  5T9VB (mainland) and  5T5TI
         (with Ahmad, 5T2AI from  Tidra Island, AF-050:  some 12,000 QSOs in
         four days),  Vlad, UA4WHX  is expected to  travel "by road"  to The
         Gambia on 9 December. Look for him to  be QRV as C50VB  "as soon as
         possible upon arrival". [TNX 5T0JL]
CE     - Luis, CE2LML (CX1EK) is active from  Chile through  April 2017.  He
         operates mainly CW, and will use XR2K for contests.  QSL direct  to
         W4/CX1EK (Luis Matho, 2303 Nordok Place, Alexandria VA 22306, USA),
         or email  QSO  data  to  cx1ek[@]  for  bureau cards.  [TNX
EA     - Adolfo, EA7TV reports that special callsign  EG7SOM will  be active
         on 12-21 December for the 5th anniversary of the community  kitchen
         run  by  the  Order of Malta  in  Sevilla.  See  for  more
         information. QSL via EA7TV.
H4     - H44SHD (not HB44QQ as he announced earlier)  is the  callsign  that
         Remo, HB9SHD has been using since 4 December.  He is QRV from Uepi,
         New Georgia Islands (OC-149), and can be found around 14240 kHz  at
         about 7-8 UTC. Length of stay not known. QSL via home call.
J6     - Bill, K9HZ will be active  again as  J68HZ from  St. Lucia (NA-108)
         from  17 December to 2 January.  QSL via LoTW (preferred), eQSL  or
         direct to K9HZ; logsearch on Club Log.
JD1_oga- Once again Harry, JG7PSJ will be active  as JD1BMH from  Chichijima
         (AS-031), Ogasawara from 23 December to 1 January. H e will operate
         CW, SSB and  RTTY on  160-10 metres.  QSL  via  JD1BMH (bureau)  or
         JG7PSJ  (direct).  He  does not  use   LoTW.  Logsearch  and  other
         information on
XZ     - The IOTA DXpedition to Myanmar, which was postponed  until February
         2017 at the earliest  [425DXN 1325], is on hold.  "We have been  in
         contact  with  the  Myanmar  government  for  7 months",  the  team
         reported on 6 December. "With the help of our  in-country contacts,
         we have made much progress with our  requests to visit  the new  XZ
         island groups. We already have agreement in principal for licences.
         Unfortunately there is some instability in the country now and  the
         military  are  busy  with  this.  As  a  result  we cannot yet  get
         permission to visit the islands and so our  DXpedition is  on hold.
         We will update the DX community when we eventually get clearance to
         visit these new IOTAs". [TNX G3KHZ]

CARIBBEAN TOUR ---> David, W2LNX will be active  holiday  style as  FG/W2LNX
from  Guadeloupe (NA-102)  on 6-10 December,  as  FM/W2LNX  from  Martinique
(NA-107) on 11-15 December and finally as either J68LNX or J6/W2LNX from St.
Lucia (NA-108) on 16-22 December. He will operate  almost exclusively  PSK31
or PSK63, and adds that "the best way  to find  me is  on the  PSK Automatic
Propagation Reporter (".  He  plans  to
upload his logs to LoTW. [TNX NG3K]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3Y0Z:  BOUVET  2018 ---> "After  extensive  examination,  we  have  found  a
suitable landing zone on Bouvet Island and have identified  what appears  to
be  the  best  operating  location in  the  area", the  3Y0Z DXPedition Team
reported on 7 December.
   "Our  proposed  site  is  at  54 degrees 24' 23"  South and 3 degrees 24'
   39" East at approximately 600 ft. ASL.  This is on the Slakhallet Glacier
   on the northeast quadrant of Bouvet. It is relatively flat with areas  of
   maximum slope not  exceeding 8 degrees.  This is well below  slope levels
   that are prone to avalanches. We have less information on the presence of
   crevasses, but do not detect any on the highest resolution images that we
   have.  Of  course, an  on-site  inspection  upon  our initial  helicopter
   landing will determine our actual operating location.
   We have  researched  and  selected  our  Antarctic  shelters. These  four
   shelters will house our stations,  our sleeping quarters, and  our eating
   and meeting facility (the MEG tent).  These were selected to survive  the
   high winds, precipitation, and temperatures  expected on Bouvet.  We will
   heat our operating shelter and the MEG tent.  Our sleeping shelters  will
   not be heated for safety reasons.
   The ten HF beams that served us so well on  Amsterdam Island (FT5ZM) will
   accompany us to Bouvet.  We intend to  deploy  them on  a line along  240
   degrees to 60 degrees. This will keep the antennas from beaming into each
   other when aimed at Europe, Japan, and  North America.  Our verticals for
   160, 80, 60, 40, and  30 meters will  be placed to minimize  interaction.
   Images of our antenna plans, shelter layouts, and  shelter interiors  are
   on our website (
   The  apanese  support  team has  reorganized  and  will  be  led by Hiro,
   JA4DND.  Joe, JJ3PRT, will be our new pilot for Japan.  Kuwa, JA4BUA will
   Be  in charge  of web and IT duties, and  Oku, JK1KSB will do  our public
   relations. In addition, we've added a VK-ZL-Oceania pilot, VK6VZ.
   Our  on-line  store has opened!  You can now shop  at Caf Press for 3Y0Z
   souvenirs - mugs, hats, cups, T-shirts, etc ( You
   can purchase  fun and  usable products and at the  same time support  the
   3Y0Z team. 
   Our  Facebook  page  (3Y0Z-Bouvet Island Dxpedition) now  has  over  1500
   followers.  Stop  by for photos,  articles,  updates, and meeting  fellow
   Fundraising  is  an  on-going process  for  us.  This is a demanding  and
   expensive project; possibly the most  expensive  DXpedition ever.  We ask
   for your  financial support.  Please click on our "Donate" buttons on our
   website and help us make this happen.
   The  Bouvet Island DXpedition 2018 Team wishes  you and  your families  a
   wonderful Holiday season and a New Year filled with DX!" [TNX K4UEE]

A70X ---> The website for the  1-7 January  IOTA DXpedition  to  Al-Safliyah
Island (AS-088) [425DXN 1334] is now up and running at
A large team will be QRV on 160-10 metres SSB, CW and digital modes with 3-4
stations. QSL via M0OXO ( and LoTW.  Updates will
also be posted to Twitter (@AS088_IOTA). [TNX DX World]

ARRL 10-METER CONTEST ---> Object of the contest is for operators  worldwide
to work as  many  stations  as  possible on  the  10m band, CW and SSB.  The
contest will run from 00.00 UTC on 10 December until 23.59 on the 11th.  See for complete details.

FRIENDS OF IOTA UPDATE ---> The Friends of IOTA appeal "has now reached  GBP
19,360", Roger Balister (G3KMA) reported on the IOTA website on  1 December.
"We have to thank 206 contributors in 38 countries for their generosity.  We
are still short of meeting our initial target of GBP 25,000 specifically for
the IT project". Donations are still gratefully  received through PayPal  to
the email address islandsontheair[@] (in the  comments field  add
"Friends of IOTA" and your  callsign to identify you).  See
for the complete report.

QSL YOTA STATIONS ---> Use Club Log's OQRS for either direct or bureau cards
requests for  all special callsign  participating in this  year's YOTA Month
(  Traditional paper cards should  be
sent direct only to Jamie, 2E0SDV.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ******* QSL  ROUTES *******
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3B8JB       SM6JBC      EI6DX       RA3R        PX2V        PY2KJ
3G1G        CE1ANF      EP2LMA      EA5GL       R110B       RZ4AZ
3V8CB       LX1NO       ER4A        ER1FF       R120GV      RU3XP
3V8SS       LX1NO       ER4DX       ER1FF       R163S       R6CF
3W1T        RW6HS       ES9C        ES5RY       R16IPHA     RA5R
3W3B        E21EIC      ET3AA       N2OO        R1853S      R6CF
4L1MA       ON4RU       EU5C        EW1I        R1941MB     R2DX
4L2M        EA7FTR      FG/WJ2O     N2ZN        R1941MB     R2DX
4L8A        K1BV        FM5FJ       KU9C        R1941OM     RD5C
4M1K        YV1KK       FW5JJ       F5RXL       R19KDR      RQ7L
4O7CC       UA4CC       G2F         G8HDK       R80PVB      RU3WR
4U0WFP      S57DX       G5W         G3BJ        S509PMC     S50X
4X0W        W1UE        GM2V        N3SL        S570ABC     S59ABC
4X2M        4X4DZ       GM3X        GM3POI      SJ2W        SM2LIY
4X4NJ       WA4WTG      GW4J        GW0ETF      SK70CG      SM6JSM
4X6FR       4X6OM       GW5R        GW3YDX      SN3A        SP3GEM
5B4PRC      5B4AIE      H44SHD      HB9SHD      SN40KZTG    SP9KDU
5H3EE       DL4ME       HF10BOL     SQ9NIU      SN7Q        SP7GIQ
5P8VW       DJ8VW       HG0IDPD     HA5MA       SN8B        SP8CUR
5R8IC       F6ICX       HI3CC       W2CCW       SN8C        SP8HZZ
5R8UI       IZ8CCW      HP3SS       AC2OV       SO4R        SP4PND
5T5TI       NI5DX       HS0ZAR      K3ZO        SO9Q        SP9QMP
5T9VB       UA4WHX      HS0ZGD      HS0ZGD [b]  SU0ERA      SM0AQD
5W1SA       JA1DXA      HS0ZGD      LA7JO  [d]  SU9JG       EA5GL
7X3WPL      7X3DL       HS0ZLN      HB9BXQ      SW9AA       LZ1PM
7X5NZ       EA7FTR      IB9T        IT9TQH      TC3A        LZ1NK
7Y9SE       SM4VPZ      IH9R        IZ1GAR      TF3CW       LX1NO
7Z1HL       DJ9ZB       II0SB       IS0IGV      TI5W        W4FS
7Z1SJ       EA7FTR      II4BBE      IZ4FUE      TK0C        S50C
9H6A        9H1BT       II4LXX      IZ4FUE      TM1A        F6KOP
9J2HN       JR2KDN      II9P        IT9CHU      TM1TLT      F8KFP
9M2CNC      G4ZFE       IK2SGL/OA8  IK2AQZ      TM2B        F8CIL
9M2TO       JA0DMV      IO1T        IK1RQT      TM2CR       F6FMT
9M6NA       JE1JKL      IO3X        IV3JCC      TM2Y        F6BEE
9M6XRO      M0URX       IO4T        IZ4JMA      TM3R        F5UTN
9M8K        JR3WXA      IO5O        IK5RLP      TM4TLT      F4KIP
9Q0HQ/3     IS0BWM      IR2L        IW2LLH      TM62TEL     F5KAI
9Q6AL       DF9TA       IR2R        IZ2EWR      TM6M        F4DXW
9V1YC       W5UE        IR4M        I4IFL       TM6X        F5VHY
A31MM       EA5GL       IR6T        IK6VXO      TM7TLT      F6KWP
A35CS       WB2CM       J3/VE7ACN   VE7ACN      TM7X        F5BSB
A44A        A47RS       J42CPMV     SV2HXV      TP30CE      F5LGF
A60MD       A61BK       J68FF       W3FF        TX8F        NI5DX
A61EK       IZ8CLM      J68GD       K9AW        TY2AC       IZ1BZV
A65CA       RV6AJJ      J68HF       W6HFP       TZ5XR       F5MXH
A71EM       EA7FTR      J70TO       K1TO        UA2F        UA2FM
AH0BT       7L1FPU      JT5DX       JT1CO       UN4L        UA9AB
AH0K        OH6GDX      JY9FC       E73Y        UN9L        LZ1YE
AH2R        JH7QXJ      KH6LC       WA6WPG      UP0L        DL8KAC
AT5X        VU2CDP      KP2DX       EB7DX       UP25CWA     RW6HS
B4T         BA4TB       KP2M        NZ4DX       UP25ECA     RW6HS
B7P         BA4EG       KP4BD       NP3LT       UP25I       RW6HS
B7Q         BA1DU       LP1H        EA5KB       UP25J       RW6HS
BY5HB       BD4HF       LX7I        LX2A        UP25KZ      RW6HS
C44C        M0URX       LY60KTU     LY7A        UP25L       RW6HS
C4W         5B4WN       LZ463PP     LZ1KCP      UP25LL      RW6HS
C5FUD       SP2FUD      LZ5R        LZ1YQ       UP25M       RW6HS
C5GCJ       SP2GCJ      LZ9W        LZ1PM       UP25N       RW6HS
CE3CT       EA5KB       M6T         G4PIQ       UP25NFD     RW6HS
CN2AA       UA2FM       MD2C        MD0CCE      UP25NR      RW6HS
CN2R        W7EJ        MD4K        G3NKC       UP25NWA     RW6HS
CN8KD       EA5XX       MZ5A        G3TXF       UP25O       RW6HS
CO2JD       AD4Z        MZ5B        G3TXF       UP25P       RW6HS
CO2XV       K4JGA       NP2J        K8RF        UP25PA      RW6HS
CO7EH       AD4C        NP3A        WD8CW       UP25TX      RW6HS
CO8LY       EA7ADH      NP4DX       W3HNK       UP25Z       RW6HS
CO8ZZ       DK1WI       NP4R        NR6M        UP25ZAF     RW6HS
CP4BT       DJ2BW       OA4SS       KB6J        UP2L        UA9AB
CP5HK       EA5IDQ      OE2S        OE2GEN      V47T        W2RQ
CR2V        HB9CRV      OF9X        OH2BH       V53DX       DO4DXA
CR3W        DL5AXX      OH0R        OH2PM       V6A         JA7HMZ
CR5U        CR7AJL      OH0Z        W0MM        VC2T        VE2TZT
CR6A        CT1IUA      OH8X        OH2UA       VC3W/2      VE3NE
CR6K        CT1ILT      OK5W        OK1MJA      VC7X        VE7JH
CS2C        OK1RF       OK8WW       OM2FY       VK2IA       DK2BJ
CS5FAT      CT6ARL      OL3Z        OK1HMP      VK6NC       VK6ANC
CT9/R7KW    K2PF        OM7M        OM3PA       VK9NF       N7RO
CU4DX       CU2CE       OM8A        OM2VL       VK9NX       NX1P
CW4MAX      CX2DK       ON1418GWC   ON4HRT      VP2VI       W2LK
CX2BR       EA5GL       ON30EUDXF   ON6CC       VP5CW       W5CW
D3AM        UA1QV       OP16N       ON4CRD      VP5M        K4QPL
D4C         IK2NCJ      OP7B        ON7BJ       VP9I        WW3S
D4X         OH6GDX      OQ5M        ON5ZO       VQ9SC       WB4GHY
DF0HQ       DL5AXX      OR2F        ON8LDS      VU7MS       VU2CPL
DL800JE     DK4WA       OR3A        ON6CC       VY1AAA      KC1CWF
DP0GVN      DL5EBE      OT50DST     ON4QM       XE2B        EA5OL
DU1IST      JA1HGY      OX5M        OZ0J        XL3A        VE3AT
DX2R        W3HNK       P29LL       EA7FTR      XV1X        RW6HS
E2X         E20GMY      P33W        UA3DX       XV9NPS      JA2NPS [b]
E44QX       DF8DX       P49MR       VE3MR       XV9NPS      JA2ODB [d]
E7DX        E77E        P49Y        AE6Y        YB0ECT      W2FB
ED1R        EC1KR       PA16XMAS    PA1AW       YE1R        HA3JB
ED8X        RN3RQ       PA70GAC     PI4GAC      YL44WFF     YL2SW
ED9U        EA5HPX      PB16XMAS    PA1AW       YN2SX       WA3RHW
EE8A        EA8DA       PC16XMAS    PD9Z        YP0XMAS     YO9FNP
EF1A        EA1XT       PC30EUDXF   PA1AW       YP9XMAS     YO9FNP
EF2A        EA2OT       PD16XMAS    PD7DX       YR8D        YO8KRR
EF3T        EA3NO       PD30EUDXF   PA1AW       YR9F        YO9FNP
EF5T        EA5HT       PI35ETL     PA1CPA      YT160TESLA  YU1MM
EF6T        EA3AIR      PJ2T        W3HNK       Z21LS       DE1ZHB
EF8R        EB7DX       PJ4A        K4BAI       Z21MH       IZ0EGA
EF8U        EA8URL      PJ4Q        W4PA        ZF9CW       K5GO
EG5ERC      EB5AG       PJ7/G4JEC   N0UK        ZW8T        PS8HF
EI0R        EI6FR       PS2T        K3IRV       ZX2F        PY2FN

3DA0TM   Andy Cory, P.O. Box 1033, Mbabane, Swaziland
5A1AL    Randy Becnel, 243 Red Top Rd, Lumberton MS 39455-5214, USA
6Y6Y     Lester B. Veenstra, 452 Stable Lane, Keyser WV 26726, USA
7X4AN    Mohamed Boukhiar, Apartado 30133, 08080 Barcelona, Spain
9M2M     Hairil Anuar Abdul Hamid, 49F Jalan 2 Hujung, Taman Sri Mawar,
         02600 Arau, Perlis, Malaysia
9M2R     Kuala Lumpur DX Team, Peti surat 85, Batu 9 Cheras, 43207 Cheras,
         Selangor, Malaysia
9M6SWC   John Lee, Lot 10, Taman Mewah, Lorong Hiburan 2, Jalan Penampang,
         88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
A22LL    Schalk Van Vuuren, PO Box 87, Montagu, 6720, South Africa
C31CT    Salvador Carol Tafall, Josep Calvet 64 Nave 6, 08302 Mataro
         (Barcelona), Spain
DF8DX    Bodo Fritsche, Mardelaeckerstr. 14, 5417 Untersiggenthal,
HP1XT    G. Erik Janssens, PO Box 1074, Brackettville TX 78832, USA
HS0ZLM   Finn Jensen, 53/722 Krissadanakorn, Chaeng Watthana Road, Pak-Kret,
         Nonthaburi, 11120, Thailand
IS0BWM   Christian Ferrante, Via Siccardi 2/B, 08045 Lanusei OG, Italy
JD1BNA   Nick Seki, 4-731 Sakuragi-cho, Omiya-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken,
         330-0854, Japan
NI5DX    William M. Loeschman, 717 Milton, Angleton TX 77515, USA
OA4TT    John Henry, 8345 NW 66 St #B4451, Miami FL 33166, USA
RW6HS    Vasiliy M. Kasyanenko, P.O. Box 8, g. Novopavlovsk, 
         Stavropolskiy kr., 357300, Russia
TY2CD    Dan Cisson, 12 Hancock Drive, Toccoa GA 30577, USA
VE7ACN   Mikhail Zavarukhin, 7581 Mark Crescent, Burnaby, BC V5A 1Z2, Canada
VU2CPL   Manoj Ramawarrier, 193 Utopia, Tarabanahalli, Chikkajala PO,
         Bangalore, Karnataka, 562157, India
WR6M/VP9 Kazu Naguro, 2620-1-711 Nijo Fukui, Itoshima-shi, Fukuoka-ken,
         819-1631, Japan
XX9TXN   Alberto Annesi, 1/F 7A Nam Shan Road, Peng Chau, Hong Kong
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