425 DX NEWS # 333
20 Sep 1997
Edited by I1JQJ, IK1GPG , IK1ADH

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3B9 - Roddy, 3B8DL and Toshi, JA1ELY will be active from Rodrigues Island (AF-017) from 23 to the morning (3B9 time) of 28 September. The will sign 3B8DL/3B9 (with 100 watts and a beam for 10, 15 and 20 metres, an inverted V for 40 and 30, an inverted L for 80 and a vertical antenna for 17 and 12 metres), SSB, CW and RTTY. QSL via JA1ELY (Toshikazu Kusano, P.O. Box 59, Kamata, Tokyo, 144 Japan). 3C0 - Angel Padin, EA1QF (Co-ordinator for the DXpedition) announces that the 1997 3C0DX DXpedition to Annobon Island, scheduled to start on 11 October [425DXN 309 and 316], has been cancelled due either to problems in getting the entry visas and to the current situation in Equatorial Guinea. The contributions already received will be all returned immediately. 5B - Ivo, HH2PK went QRT and is now active as 5B4ADA from Cyprus (AS-004). QSL via 9A2AJ. 5R - Theo, DJ1RL (CW) and Hans, DK8FB (SSB) will be active from Madagascar (AF-013) between 5 and 14 November. Their callsigns will be issued upon arrival. QSL via home calls, either direct or through the bureau. 5V - Roger, G3SXW reports to 425 DX News that the *new* QSL manager for 5V7A [425DXN 329] is GM4FDM, either direct (Tom Wylie, 3 Kings Crescent, Elderslie, Renfrewshire, Scotland, United Kingdom) or through the bureau. E-mail requests for bureau replies should go to . 5V7A will be aired by the Voo-Doo Contest Group in the CQ WW DX CW Contest (29-30 November). Full details of this contest DXpedition are available at . Any queries about the 5V7A operation should go to . 9G - A team including G4ZVJ, G3VMW, G4RWD and KC8CRA will participate in the CQ WW CW Contest (29-30 November) as 9G5VJ (Multi Single). QSL via G4ZVJ (requests for bureau cards are welcome at ). Operators have requested personal calls for use outside the contest. 9M8 - Toshi, JA1ELY reports that JH3GAH, JR3WXA and JA2SWJ will be active as 9M8TG (CW and RTTY) and 9M8YY (SSB) from Sarawak (OC-088) between 23 and 26 October. QSL via JH3GAH. 9X - Andy, 9X0A [425DXN 323] will be active from Nyanza, Rwanda until February 1998 (please note that in April-May and August-early September he was active as 9X/RW3AH, while between May and August he was replaced by Gene, 9X/RE3A). Andy is active on SSB (3.795, 7.040-7.060, 14.195-14.210, 21.295-21.300, 28.495-28.500 MHz), CW (3.503, 7.002, 14.020, 21.020 and 28.020 MHz) and RTTY (14.090, 21.090 and 28.090 MHz); operations on WARC bands depend on HF conditions. QSL for 9X0A, 9X/RW3AH and 9X/RE3A are via RW3AH (Andy Fyodoroff, P.O. Box 899, Moscow 127018, Russia). A4 - Chris, SP5EXA [425DXN 331] has been issued the call A45XR and is expected to be QRV in a few days' time. C5 - Brendan, G0UCT is active as C5DI and will be staying in for a couple of weeks. QSL via G0UCT. C5 - Franz, DL9GFB (CW) and Iris, DK3EP (SSB) will be C56/ from The Gambia for a few more days. QSL via home calls. C5 - Toshi, JA1ELY reports that Old Timer Mako, JA1OEM will be C56/ (10-40 metres, SSB and QRS CW) from The Gambia between 25 September and 9 October. QSL via home call. CE0_jf - Rodrigo, PY2KC reports that Eliazar, CE0ZIS will be QRV for Europe and North America next weekend on 3.795 MHz. He is regularly active on 14.263 MHz +/- QRM around 21-22 UTC. CO - Jose, CO3CL is QRV daily on 12 metres. Look for him between 23 and 00.30 UTC around 24.900 MHz (+/- QRM). QSL via W3HNK. CY9 - The CY9DX operation from St. Paul Island (NA-094) [425DXN 325 and 323], previously scheduled from 12 to 22 September, has been postponed to 23 October - 2 November. The expedition Web page is at . D2 - Alex, PA3DZN/D25L left Angola on 15 September. He will be in PA-land for about two weeks before taking up another assignment. QSL via PA3DMH. DL - Uwe, DL9GOA reports to 425 DX News that the call he will use between 2 and 5 October from Faehrinsel Island (EU-057, DIA O-016) [425DXN 331] will be DA0ISL. It is also possible a short activity from Hiddensee Island (EU-057, DIA O-005), where "to avoid confusion" Uwe will work as DL9GOA/p. Uwe might be joined by Hajo, DL9GGA, who operates RTTY. Contacts with both DA0ISL and DL9GOA/p will be all confirmed automatically through the bureau. F - The special event station TM7RL will be active mostly on CW from 3 to 5 October. QSL via F5LVL. FH - Theo, DJ1RL (CW) and Hans, DK8FB (SSB) will be FH/ from Mayotte (AF-027) between 15 and 28 November. QSL via home calls, either direct or through the bureau. FO - Giancarlo, T77WI/IK0WIN reports to 425 DX News that he will be active (manily on SSB) from Moorea (OC-046) as either FO8WI or FO8/T77WI or FO8/IK0WIN between 29 September and 10 October. QSL via I0LTX. FP - KG8CO, N8CC, K8AEM and W8MC will be active from Miquelon Island (NA-032) between 23 and 28 October. They will participate in the CQ WW SSB Contest. QSL via K8AQM. FR - Jan, N3NW/ZS6NW will participate in the CQ WW RTTY Contest (27-28 September) as FR/N3NW from Reunion Island. He plans to work single band (15 metres). QSL via N3NW (all contacts will receive a card via the buro). HC8 - N5KO, VE3EJ, W6NL, K6BL and HC1OT will participate in the CQ WW SSB Contest as HC8N (Multi-Single) from Galapagos Is (SA-004). QSL via AA5BT. HR - The Daily DX reports that Rod, N6LCI will be active (15, 17 and 20 metres SSB) from Honduras the first three weeks on November. QSL via N6LCI. I - Mario, IV3JWR could not be active from Valerian Island (EU-130, IIA GO-024) as previously announced [425DXN 332], but will try again. I - Salento DX Team operators will be active from Scoglio Caterina (IIA LE-042) during the weekend. I - "Venice Islanders" will be active from a few EU-131 islands in Venice Lagoon during the weekend. I - IK2DUW, IK2GPQ and IK2PZG have been granted permission to land and operate from Tino Island (EU-083, IIA SP-002) between 7 and 10 UTC on 20 September. I - IA5/IK2YWO is till actives from Giglio Island (EU-028) (IIA GR-002). I - Special event station IR0MFP (Millennium For Peace) [425DXN 321] will be active on 23-24 October and again every 100 days until the year 2000. JA - Toshi, JA1ELY reports that Masao, JA1EY will be active from Miyake Island (AS-008) until 26 September. JA - Toshi, JA1ELY reports that Ryozo, JH3JYS will be active as JS6PMR from Yonaguni Island, Okinawa Is (AS-024) for two months starting on 1 October. QSL via JH3JYS either direct (Ryozo Goto, A9-202, 5 Fujishirodai 3 chome, Suita, 565-0873 Japan) or through the bureau. JD1_mt - Kei, JH8RZJ reports that Take, JG8NQJ/JD1 [425DXN 326] is now QRT because his shack on Minami Torishima has been "swallowed up" by the sea during a typhoon. JW - The DX News Sheet reports that LA8XM will be active as JW8XM from Bear Island (EU-027), Svalbard between 22 and 29 September. Look for him on CW (7.010 and 10.110 MHz). QSL via home call. JY - Peter, DK1RP is active from Jordan as JY8RP until 23 September. QSL via DK1RP through the bureau. JY - Bob, W9XY (ex WB9YXY) reports that he will once again be going to Jordan and plan to be active as JY8XY (1.826, 3.505, 7.005, 14.025, 21.025 and 28025 MHz on CW and 14.195, 14.240, 21.295 and 28.495 on SSB) between 6 and 27 October. "Overnight arrangements must be made to be able to work the (local morning) openings on the low bands", Bob says, "so check primarily on Friday and Saturday nights for my sunrise openings. Also, there have been some TVI problems in the past, so I will probably not use the amplifier during evening 'prime-time' hours". QSL via W9XY either direct (Bob Johnson, W5514 Grouse Drive, Endeavor, WI 53930, USA) or through the bureau. KH7K - The Midway-Kure DX Foundation DXpedition to Kure Island [425DXN 332 and 331] is confirmed to operate four and, if needed, five HF stations, 10 through 160 metres, CW, SSB and RTTY starting on 26 September for one week. Frequencies will be as follows: 1.823, 3.503, 7.003, 7.023, 10.101, 14.023, 18.073, 21.023, 24.893 and 28.003 MHZ (CW); 3.795, 7.080, 14.195 (on the last two days of the operation they will work General class operators on 14.245 MHz), 18.125, 21.295, 24.945 and 28.495 MHz (SSB); 7.035, 7.085, 14.085 and 21.085 MHz (RTTY). The special callsign issued for use by this DXpedition is K7K (Kilo Seven Kilo). QSL via KE7LZ (Bob Johnson, 5627 West Hearn Road, Glendale, Arizona 85306-4213, USA). KP2 - Dave, AG8L reports that he will be active from the Windwood contest station for a week in October and a week in November. He will be signing both KP2/AG8L (QSL via KM6ON) and WP2Z (QSL via KU9C). Inquiries or comments should be send to . LU - Alberto, LU1DZ reports to 425 DX News that GACW (Grupo Argentino de CW) will celebrate their 20th anniversary with a DXpedition to Isla de Los Estados (aka Staten Island, SA-049) between 24 November and 3 December. The operators will be LU7XP, LU4XS, LU3XQ and LU1DZ and they will sign L20XSI. Main activity will take place on CW (all bands, WARC included) with some SSB. OH0 - Martti, OH2BH and Jukka, OH2MAM will be active as OH0BH from the famous OH0W contest site on Aland Islands (EU-002) during the SAC CW (from 15 UTC on 20 to 18 UTC on 21 September) and SSB (from 15 UTC on 27 to 18 UTC on 28 September) contests. QSL via OH2BH. PA - Peter, DL4FCH reports to 425 DX News that he will be PA/ from Texel Island (EU-038) between 18 and 24 October. He will be active on 10-80 metres, WARC bands included, CW only. PY - Pedro, PP5SZ reports to 425 DX News that PP2MLP (Mario L.P.Marciano, Praca Vilagran Cabrita 10, Ipameri-GO 75780-000, Brazil) will be active from Bananal Island (DIB 27, it does not count for IOTA) between 24 and 26 September. PY - Alex, PY1KS reports to 425 DX News that PY1OB, PY1SL and PY1JH will be active (10-80 metres, WARC included) respectively as ZW1A (SSB), ZX1A (CW) and ZV1A (on 6 meters, SSB and CW) from Ilha Grande (SA-029, DIB 11) between 3 and 5 October. QSL for SSB contacts made with ZW1A and ZV1A on SSB is via PY1OB (CBA or through LABRE-RJ, P.O.Box 58, 20001-970 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). QSL for CW contacts made with ZX1A and ZV1A is via PY1SL (CBA or through LABRE-RJ, P.O.Box 58, 20001-970 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). PY - The forthcoming operation from Ilha das Couves (SA-028, DIB 70) [425DXN 329] is now scheduled to take place from 8 to 12 October. ZW2E wiol be active on SSB (3.755, 7.060, 14.260, 18.128, 21.260 and 28.460 MHz) and CW (3.530, 7.030, 14.040, 18.098, 21.040 and 28.040 MHz). QSL via PY2YW. S9 - Hugo, S92AF [425DXN 331] operates from Principe Island (AF-044) and will be there until 30 September. QSL via HB9AFH. SP - The upcoming German DXpedition to Wolin Island (EU-132, 3-6 October) [425DXN 331] will use SO5OE/1 on SSB and SO1HH on CW. QSL via DL7VRO. SP - Special station SN0QTC will be active from 12 to 20 December. QSL via SP2FAP. TA - The special call YM3SV, celebrating a reconciliation agreement signed by Turkey and Greece in 1930, will be aired (by on 80, 40, 15 and 10 metres, SSB only) by TA3J and YL operator TA3YJ between 25 and 31 October. QSL via TA3YJ (Nilay Mine Aydogmus, P.O. Box 876, 35214 Izmir, Turkey). TJ - The DX News Sheet reports Mark's (TJ1US) revised daily schedule as follows: CW at 00.00-01.00 UTC on 10104 MHz, 01.00-02.00 UTC on 7020 MHz, 02.00-03.00 UTC on 315 MHz, 03.00-03.30 UTC on 3712 MHz, 03.30-04.00 UTC on 1830 MHz; RTTY at 20.00 UTC on 14.085 MHz and also CW on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 17.30-19.00 UTC on 10.104, 14.050 or 21.130 MHz. QSL via NW8F. TK - DL6NBR will be active as TK/DL6NBR/P from Cerbicales Islands (EU-100) during the weekend. TK - Peter, DL4FCH reports that Vaclav, DL4FF will be active (CW and SSB) as TK/DL4FF from Corsica (EU-014) between 20 September and 10 October. TZ - Mac, TZ6JA went QRT on 17 September for one month while on holiday in Japan. QSL to JA3EMU. UA - Igor, UR5LCV reports that UR8LV's planned IOTA DXpedition to Bol'shoy Begichev Island in the UA0Q Laptev Sea Coast West group (AS-???) [425DXN 323] is confirmed to take place in early October. QSL via DL6ZFG. UA - Once his operation from Bol'shoy Begichev Island is over (see above), Oleg, UR8LV will be joined by Victor, UT8LL. They will then fly to Ushakova Island (AS-???), from where they will be active for a couple of days. V4 - Doc, W9NY (ex W9NSZ) will be active as V47NS from Nevis Island (NA-104) between 23 and 28 October. He will participate in the CQ WW SSB Contest as single operator on either 20 or 15 metres. QSL via W9NY. V8 - Before going to Sarawak (see 9M8 above) JH3GAH, JR3WXA and JA2SWJ will be active from Brunei (all bands, WARC included) as V85HG on 22-23 September. QSL via JH3GAH. V8 - Toshi, JA1ELY reports that JO1RUR will participate in the CQ WW SSB Contest as V8EA from Brunei (OC-088). QSL to JH7FQK. VK - Rick, VK4LW has been told by one of the VK9WM/VK9WY operators that "unfortunatly Holmes Reef is not able to be operational. At high tide only a very small portion is above water not allowing a station to be set up." Holmes Reef (OC-???) was due to be activated as VK4YN for about 30 hours after the end of the operation from Willis Island. VK9_lh - Nick, VK2ICV (watchman@tig.com.au) plans to operate as VK9LX from Lord Howe Island (OC-004) between 23 November and 1 December. Nick will participate in the CQ WW CW Contest and he is looking for someone to join him on this trip. VK9_w - In a conversation with Rick (VK4LW), one of the VK9WM/VK9WY operators reported that their plan is to have a station going up until the last minute of the DXpedition. They hope to be on the island until Monday (22 September) morning unless they run out of fuel or anything unforseen happens. VK0_mq - The Daily DX reports that VK0TS (Tom), VK0KBB (Eric) and VK0GW (Graham) are planning a field day activity from Macquarie Island in about five weeks. They plan to take an Icom IC-706 some dipoles and will operate all bands CW and SSB for the entire, possibly using the VI0ANARE 50th anniversary callsign. VR2 - Jean-Michel, F6AJA reports that F5PRH will be in Hong Kong for six months at least and hopes to get a licence. W - Gary, KI6T will be active from Santa Catalina Island (NA-066) between 23 and 31 October and again in November and December. YB - YC8SHQ/P [425DXN 330] is now active from Tanimbar Islands (OC-???). ZB - The DX News Sheet Jimmy, G3HBN will be active from Gibraltar as ZB2FX between 30 September and 14 October. QSL via home call. ZL7 - Lee, ZL2AL reports that the Chatham Islands (OC-038) operation [425DXN 331] is now scheduled to take place from 22 to 27 October. It will be an all-band (WARC included) multi-multi effort, with four stations airing the call ZL7AA. The team will participate in the CQ WW SSB Contest as ZM7A (no CW operation during the contest time). QSL for both ZL7AA and ZM7A viA ZL2AL, either direct (P.O. Box 54, Hastings 4201, New Zealand) or through the bureau. ************************* ***************************** GOOD TO KNOW ... *************************** ************************* A.DX.T. ---> The Aretusa DX Team's [425DXN 325] web page can be found at and their e-mail address is . LOG ON LINE ---> The KL1SLE (NA-037) logbook is now available at . NCDXF ---> After the addition of two new members to the Board of Directors, the complete list of Officers and Directors of the Northern California DX Foundation (P.O. Box 2368, Stanford, CA 94309-2368, USA) is as follows: K6ANP (President), W6RGG (Vice-President), NW6P (Secretary), W6OSP (Treasurer); K6TMB, K6RIM, W6OAT, W6DU, N6ST, W6OTC, W6ISQ (Directors). The Board of Directors receives counsel on various issues from these appointed Advisors: W6WB, WZ6Z, K6KR, N6EK, N6OJ, W6RJ, W6NL, W6RQ, W6CF, K6DC, K6KEO. For further information on the Foundation, and to send e-mail, please check their web site at . OK.DX.A. ---> The Oklahoma DX Association 1997 DX Banquet, featuring presentations by Frank Smith, AH0W, and Bill Kennamer, K5FUV, will be held on Saturday, November 8, 1997, at Broken Arrow, OK. Reservations are $15 per attendee and are available only by preregistration. For further information please contact Jim Hood (K5TT), 11623 Smoking Oaks Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73150 (telephone 405-732-6131). The latest banquet details will be available on the OKDXA world-wide-web site at . QSL 9M6CW ---> Dai, 9M6/JR1CHX & 9M6CW went QRT a couple of months ago and returned to Japan. His current address is Daisuke Kuroiwa, #8-603, 15-28 Nishishin 5 chome, Fukuoka, 814-0002 Japan. QSL HP1XBI ---> QSL manager Jean-Michel, F6AJA has the logs up to 25 August and he has replied to all direct requests received so far. QSL UA0ZC ---> Cards for contacts made with Valery Makarov, UA0ZC during his staying (26-30 July) on Starichkov Island (AS-095) should be sent to P.O. Box 12, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, 683000, Russia. QSL VK9WM & VK9WY ---> Direct requests should be mailed to ODXG Willis Effort, P.O. Box 929, Gympie, Queensland 4570, Australia. QSL ZF2DN/ZF8 QSL ---> Dave, W4DN (ex KP4AM) reports that, as of 19 September, all cards received with SASE or SAE/IRC, for the July operation from Little Cayman Island (ZF2DN/ZF8), have been answered. He is now working on requests received without envelopes or sufficient return postage. Cards sent via KP4-Bureau will be replied next. QSL VIA 9K2HN ---> Hamad, 9K2HN (9k2hn@moc.kw) reports he has just sent out some 1220 9K2HN cards and about 350 9K2F (AS-118) cards via the bureau. QSL VIA AC7DX ---> Ron Lago, AC7DX (POB 25426, Eugene, Oregon 97402, USA) is now the QSL manager for the following operations: AH2BE/KH9, HL9MM, 8P9GI, KB6DAW/KH2, KB6DAW/KH6 and KB6DAW/KH9. QSL VIA DL7RAG ---> Heinz, DL7RAG (not DL5RAG, see 425DXN 332) is the QSL manager for the following operations: 5W0HW, ZK2RA, ZK1RAG and 3D2/DL7RAG. QSL VIA I2VGW ---> Cards for Gabriele's recent IH9/ and IG9/ activities are via I2VGW either direct (P.O. Box 966, 20101 Milano-MI, Italy) or through the bureau. QSL VIA IK8WEJ ---> Cards for the IIA operations by IZ8BGY, IZ8AZV and IK8WEJ should be sent via QSL manager IK8WEJ either direct (Francesco Fazio, P.O. Box 101, 87011 Cassano Jonio - CS, Italy) or through the bureau. QSL VIA JA1WPX ---> Direct cards for KC6WP, T30WP, T32WP, V63YV, V73WP, YJ0AWP, 8Q7WP, C21/JA1WPX, KH2/JA1WPX, KH8/JA1WPX, FK/JA1WPX and FW/JA1WPX should go to JA1WPX's current JA address: Tadao Shimoichi, 4-12-8 Ebara Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 142, Japan. QSL VIA K8JP ---> "I am current on the V31JP QSLs I have received to date direct or forwarded to me from K0GHK", Joe (K8JP) reports. He is also working on 3C1TR, VP5/K8JP and VP5JP cards. Please note that his current address (Joseph L. Pontek Sr., P. O. Box 59573, Schaumburg, IL 60159-0573, USA) will be changing at the *end of October* to 26441 Devaney Road, Arcadia, IN 46030, USA. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- QSL received via direct: 3A/ON5FP, 6V1A (AF-045), 9M6NA (OC-133), ED7SCC (CA-024), FT5ZG, H44TQO, HL0Y/4 (AS-060), HP1XBI/4 (NA-088), IB0/IK0CNA (IIA RM-002), IC8/IK8MRA (IIA SA-???), IC8/IK8VRH (IIA NA-040), IC8/IK8UHA (IIA NA-043), ID8/IK2DUW (IIA CS-006), ID8/IK8YFU (IIA RC-002), ID8/IZ8BAD (IIA VV-004), ID9/IK2DUW (EU-017; IIA ME-015), IJ7/IK7JWX (IIA LE-014, 015), IJ7/IK7VJX (EU-091; LE-001, 009, 045), IJ7/IK8VRH (IIA LE-007, 011, 012, 019, 020); IL3CII (EU-130; IIA UD-003), IK3ABY/IL3 (EU-131; IIA VE-056), IK3BPN/IL3 (EU-131; IIA VE-055), IL3/IK3GES (IIA RO-016, RO-017, RO-018, RO-019, RO-021), IL3/IK2HTW (EU-131; IIA VE-033), IL3/IK2ILH (RO-021), IL3/IK2MRZ (IIA RO-018), IL3/IK2PZG (EU-131; IIA VE-002, 047), IL4/IK2PZG (IIA FE-004), IL4/IK2XDE (IIA FE-005), IL4/IK2XDF (IIA FE-005), IL4/IK4HPU (IIA FE-004), IL7/IK7JWX (IIA LE-031, 034), IJ7/IK7TAJ (IIA BR-011, LE-014, 034), IJ7/IK7YZE (IIA LE-005), IL7/IK8VRH (IIA LE-030, 043), IM0/IS0BDF (IIA OR-003, SS-117), IM0/IS0NHT (EU-165; IIA OR-001), IM0/IS0VBH (EU-165; NU-001), IP1/I2MWZ (IIA-SP-009), OA4QV, S21XX, T33JH, TM0M (EU-058), TS8ZA, VP5JM, VP5/JJ2QXI, VP5/WD5FLK, WL7MA/P (NA-042), XV7TH. ***************************************************************************** For the news issued in this number, thanks to: I1HYW, I1WFF, IK1QFM, I2VGW, IK2DUW, IK2PZG, I5FLN, IK7AFM, IK8CJP, IT9HLR, IK0YUJ, Brescia DX Group, Crazy DX Group, Delta Mike, Diamond DX Club, Roman DX Group, Salento DX Team, 9K2HN, 9X0A, AC7DX, AH0W, CO3CL, CT1EEB, CT1ENQ, DL4FCH, DL4VBP, DL7RAG, DL7VOA, DL8AAM, DL9GOA, EA1QF, EA5EYJ, EA5KB, F6AJA, G3SXW, G4BUE, G4ZVJ, JA1ELY, JH8RZJ, JI6KVR, K8JP, KG8CO, KL7FH, LU1DZ, N4GN, N5KO, N5OGP, NG3K, NL7TB, PA3DZN, PP5SZ, PS7AB, PS7KM, PY1KS, PY2KC, PY2YW, SP2FAP, UR5LCV, VK2ICV, VK4LW, VK6LC, W3UR, W4DN, W6RGG, W9XY, WD8MGQ, ZL2AL, ZS6NW, ARRL-DX, DX-NL, DXNS, LNDX, NPDXG, OPDX, PY-DX, QRZ-DX, The 59(9) DX Report, The Daily DX, URE-EA-DX, VK2SG RTTY Notes. ***************************************************************************** 425 DX NEWS WWW PAGE ---> http://www-dx.deis.unibo.it/htdx/ ***************************************************************************** 425 DX NEWS IN ENGLISH --> http://www-dx.deis.unibo.it/htdx/425/425-eng.html 425 DX NEWS EN ESPANOL --> http://www.intercom.es/qtc/qtc425.htm 425 DX NEWS IN ITALIANO --> http://www-dx.deis.unibo.it/htdx/425/425-ita.html ***************************************************************************** 425 DX NEWS REFLECTOR <<< SUBSCRIPTIONS >>> Please send a message to: majordomo@pc.fr.flashnet.it Write in the body of the message: subscribe 425dxnews address Where address is the subscriber's e-mail address Example: subscribe 425dxnews i1jqj@amsat.org ***************************************************************************** 425 DX NEWS SEARCH Are you looking for any information published in past issues of 425DXN? Please go to: http://www-dx.deis.unibo.it/htdx/ and try the "Search" button *****************************************************************************

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