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425 DX News #356
28 February 1998
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to:
Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information
Massimo Balsamo, IK1GPG: QSL Managers/QSL Routes
Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages

                                <<< JT1Y >>>

Four other  operators have  joined the  group  (I0SNY, I1JQJ,  I8NHJ,  I0TIC,
IK0FUX, IV3FSG and IZ0AEH) who will  operate from Mongolia  between 7 and  14
April [425DXN  354]: they  are Michele  Sabatino, IK5/EA8AFJ;  Angelo  Nardi,
IK0SHF; Giuseppe Zancai, IV3ZAC and Riccardo Tiberi IZ0AZQ. That will  enable
the team to operate a third station on satellite and 6 metres. Donations will
be welcomed  to  offset the  budget  for the  DXpedition,  which  includes  a
monobander for 40 metres to be left  at JT1KAA's on the team's departure.  DX
Associations, Foundations,  Clubs, corporate  and major  individual  sponsors
will   be   duly   acknowledged    on   the   425    DX   News   web    pages
( and on the QSL cards.  Donations can
be sent to I0SNY (Nicola Sanna, Strada Gualtarella 8/M, I-06132 S.Sisto - PG,

5A     - The Belgian operators (ON4CAT, ON4APS and  ON4CEL) [425DXN 347]  now
         expect to operate from Lybia between  27 February and 7 March.  They
         will be active as 5A21PA on all bands  on CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL  via
         ON4APS either direct (Patrick Piesen, Koolkerkesteenweg 141,  B-8800
         Brugge, Belgium)  or  through the  bureau.  Further  information  is
         available at 
5B     - UA2FB, UA2FF and UA2FZ will participate  in the CQ WW DX 160  Meters
         SSB Contest as C42A from Cyprus  (AS-004). They will also be  active
         after the  contest for  two days.  QSL  via DK4VW  (maildrop).  
9M6    - Brett, VR98BG/VS6BG will be active as 9M6BG from West Malaysia  from
         about 12 UTC on 26 February through 00.00 UTC on 10 March. He  plans
         to concentrate on 30, 40, 80 and possibly 160 metres. QSL via  VS6BG
         (Brett Graham, P.O. Box 12727, Hong Kong). 
CT3    - Walter, DJ6QT will participate in the CQ WW 160 Meter SSB Contest as
         CT3BX from Madeira (AF-014). He will  be active until 12 March.  QSL
         via DJ6QT. 
DU     - Michael, DF8AN  will be  active as  DU1/DF8AN from  the  Philippines
         between 27  February  and 11  March.  QSL via  DF8AN  either  direct
         (Michael Noertemann,  Neustadt  18, D-37154  Northeim,  Germany)  or
         through the bureau. 
HA     - The special call HG5P will be aired from 1 to 31 March, and again on
         14-31 August and on 14-31 October. QSL via bureau. 
HB9    - The Letzi DX group ((HB9DLE, HB9BGV,  HB9MQM, HB9SL, HB9MQM,  HB9ER,
         HB9TN, HB9AIU, HB9AQC, HB9AXA, HB9BWK, HB9CAT) will be active during
         this year's major contests as HB2CA. QSL via bureau to HB9DLE.
HK0    - Silvano, KB5GL is now going to  be active from Providencia  (NA-049)
         until 6 March [425DXN 355]. He will be signing HK0/KB5GL on 80,  20,
         17, 15, 12  and 10 metres  SSB. QSL via  AC7DX (Ron  Lago, P.O.  Box
         25426, Eugene, Oregon 97402, USA). 
HI     - Sigi, DL7DF is active as DL7DF/HI3 from Dominican Republic  (NA-096)
         until 5 March. QSL via home call. 
HL     - The HL0Z/2 IOTA operation from  Kang-Won-Do Province Group  (AS-???)
         [425DXN 353] has been cancelled. Lee, DS4CNB will instead be  active
         (CW and SSB) as DS4CNB/4 from AS-085 between 1 and 3 April and  from
         AS-060 on 4 and 5 April.  QSL to Box 111, Kwangsan Kwangju  506-050,
         South Korea. 
KH5K   - Chuck, N4BQW made it at last [425DXN 355] and operated from  Kingman
         Reef. He expected to be active  as N4BQW/KH5K for 24 hours on  26-27
         February and then to be picked  up by the Palmyra  team and head  to
         Howland (KH1). QSL via WA4FFW. 
KH9    - Suggested frequencies for the  Dateline DX Association's  DXpedition
         to Wake  Island  [425DXN 355]  are:  1.840,  3.795,  7.065,  14.195,
         18.140, 21.295,  24.945 and  28.495 MHz  SSB; 1.832,  3.505,  7.005,
         10.105, 14.020, 18.070,  21.020, 24.895  and 28.005  MHz CW;  3.580,
         7.085, 14.080, 18.110, 21.080  and 28.080 MHz  RTTY. QSL via  WA4YBV
         (Robert Pond, 9 River Cove, Portsmouth, VA 23703, USA). Log check is
         available at 
PY     - Luis, PY2HA operates from Santo Amaro  Island (SA-071, DIB 10).  QSL
         to Luis Claudio Campos, Rua  Joao Rosa 75,  Guaruja - SP,  11431-360
         Brasil. He may be contacted through packet at  PY2HA@PY2ZE.SP.BRA.SA
XE     - The XE1RCS contest team will participate  in the CQ WW DX 160  Meter
         SSB Contest (27 February-1 March). QSL via bureau or to XE1KK (Ramon
         Santoyo V., P.O. Box 19-564, 03901  Mexico, D.F. Mexico). 
XU     - Hiro, JA2EZD/XU2A unexpectedly showed up on 23 February signing XUXO
         (X-ray Uniform X-ray Oscar) from an  island in the Gulf of  Thailand
         IOTA group (AS-???). He had expected to  be active on 15, 20 and  40
         metres CW and SSB until the 25th, but was forced to go QRT early  on
         the 24th. Hiro plans to be  active again soon after  the CQ WPX  SSB
         Contest. QSL  via 7L1MFS  (Yoh Yoshida,  Shinko Bldg.,  4-1  Arakawa
         4-chome, Arakawa 116, Japan). 

*****************************    GOOD TO KNOW ... ***************************

                               + SILENT KEY +

It is with the greatest sadness  that we report the  passing of Iris  Colvin,
W6QL on 18 February at 83 years of age. First licensed in 1945 as W6DOD, Iris
travelled the world  between the 1960s  and the early  1990s. Along with  her
late husband, Lloyd Colvin, W6KG (SK  in 1993), she  operated from more  than
100 rare DXCC countries. She was  a member of DXCC  Honor Roll, president  of
the Yasme Foundation and a past president of the Northern California DX Club. 
Iris was inducted into the CQ  DX Hall of Fame in  November 1976. 

1997 IOTA  CONTEST  ---> The  1997  IOTA Contest  results  are  available  at, where they have been uploaded with the
permission of the RSGB HF Contests Committee. 

DXING FROM  7Z5OO --->  "A lot  of how  I operate  7Z5OO has  to do  with  my
personal philosophy  of how  the  DX game  should  be played",  Mike  Manafo,
K3UOC/7Z5OO says: "I hunt callsigns, not  countries. This is at the heart  of
my DX philosophy of being  on the cusp  between the rare  and the common.  My
real thrill comes from working someone on a new band that I've already worked
on some other band(s). A  lot of people  have already caught  on to this  and
they actually look for me to give me a new band-callsign". Mike sends out  an
award to those who have worked  7Z5OO on all 9  HF bands: "it  is one way  of
recognizing those that work hard (sometimes very hard) to play the DX  game".
Further   information    is    available   on    Mike's    home    page    at

EU SPRINT 1998 ---> The four 1998 European Sprint Contests will be held  from
15.00 UTC  until 18.59  UTC on  the following  dates: 18  April (Spring  SSB,
managed by G4BUO), 16 May (Spring  CW, managed by B.C.C.), 3 October  (Autumn
SSB, managed by I2UIY), 10 October (Autumn CW, managed by OK2FD).

HAM PACKAGE 1998 ---> Dieter, OE2DYL is  the author of "HAM Package 1998",  a
set of four  DX oriented lists  (includes DX Net  Around the World,  Contests
Around the Year,  Russian DXCC Country/Oblast  and DXCC  Country lists).  For
further information please  contact OE2DYL (Dieter  Konrad, Roseng.1,  A-5020
Salzburg, Austria; OE2DYL@OE2XOM.#OE2.AUT.EU) 

LOGS ON LINE ---> The logs  of the recent Tonga (A35FN  & A35LZ) and  Western
Samoa (5W0FN & 5W0LZ) operations by  HB9HFN and HB9DLZ  [425DXN 347] are  now
available at 

LU5CW ---> Ernesto Grueneberg's (LU2BRG, ex LU6BEG) new call is LU5CW. In the
past he was also active  as: AY1A, L20A  (WPX SSB 94),  L3CW, L40A (CQWW  SSB
93), L70FM (CQWW SSB  97),L73AA, LP4F (WPX  CW 94), LP4H  (CQWW CW 94),  LS0A
(ARRL 10m 94, ARRL SSB 95), LT1F (WAE CW  97), LT6E (WPX CW 95), LU2DW  (ARRL
SSB 95), LU4AA (IARU 93, WAE SSB 93, CQWW SSB 94), LU4FM (WAE CW 95, ARRL  10
95, ARRL CW 96, WAE SSB  96, ARRL SSB 97,  WPX SSB 97),  LU6EBY (SAC CW  94),
LU6ETB (WPX CW 96, WAE CW 96, ARRL 10m 96,  ARRL CW 97, CQWW RTTY 97),  LU7FJ
97, IARU 97,  CQWW CW 97),  ZP5/LU2BRG, ZP5/LU6BEG, ZW5B  (CQWW CW 95),  LT4E
(WPX SSB 95, IARU 95, WAE SSB 95, CQWW SSB 95). 

QSL 5A2A ---> Dieter, DL3KDV reports that  the first batch of 5A2A cards  has
been mailed. It will take him another couple of weeks to send all the  direct
cards out.  QSL via  DL3KDV either  direct (Dieter  Voss, Friedrichsthal  21,
D-51688 Wipperfuerth, Germany) or through the bureau. 

QSL 9Y  & J6  --->  Direct QSL  cards  for J6/PA3BBP,  J6/PA3ERC,  J6/PA3EWP,
9Y4/PA3BBP, 9Y4/PA3ERC and 9Y4/PA3EWP (August-September  1997) have all  been
mailed. Bureau cards will be sent out this week. QSL via PA3ERC (Rob Snieder,
Van Leeuwenstraat 137, 2273 VS, Voorburg, The Netherlands). 

QSL KP6AL & KP6BD ---> Don, K9ECE still has logs and cards for the June  1977
DXpedition to Palmyra (KP6AL) and Kingman Reef (KP6BD). 

QSL L20XSI --->  The cards for  the L20XSI  November-December 1997  operation
from Staten (Los Estados) Island (SA-049) are expected to be ready in a week.
QSL via LU6EF  (Raul M.  Diaz, c/o  GACW, Box  9, 1875  Wilde, Buenos  Aires,

QSL L5V  --->  Tomas  Garrido,  President of  the  Radio  Club  General  Roca
(LU3VAL), reports that LU3VAL is not the current manager for L5V.

QSL PQ8MM ---> Bruce, G3HSR is not the QSL manager for PQ8MM. Cards should be
sent to Mario S. Gomes, P.O. Box 533, Macapa, Amapa 68906-972, Brasil.

QSL UA0KCL ---> Yuri, UA0KCL/0 was active from Ayon Island (AS-038) on 10 and
11 February.  QSL via  home call  (his new  address  is: Yuri  Lobachev,  ul.
Obrucheva 2-b, kv.41, Pevek, Magadanskaya obl., 686610 Russia).  Yuri is also
the QSL manager for RK0QXY (AS-022) and RU1POL/0. 

QSL VIA DK9KX ---> Hans, DK9KX reports he will close the following logs on 30
June 1998: GU5CKW & GU5CKX (Guernsey,  1978 & 1979); FH0FLP (Mayotte,  1980);
FR0ACB/G & FR0ACC/G (Glorioso, 1980); PY0ZSD,  PY0ZSH & PY0ZSG (St.Peter  and
St.Paul Rocks, 1983); DK9KX/S9  (Sao Tome, 1985);  TY9SI (Benin, April  1988,
SSB only);  5U7DX (Niger,  1988/89); 3D2CR  (Conway  Reef, 1989,  SSB  only);
ZS9AAA/1 (Penguin,  1990). QSL  either direct  or  through the  bureau.  

QSL VIA WA3HUP ---> Mary Ann is not  the QSL manager for either VK9EKY  (Lord
Howe) [425DXN 351], A61AN or HR2JEP.

QSL VIA YU1FW --->  Branko, YU1FW (Branko  Drljaca, Kragujevacka 4,  YU-11160
Beograd, Yugoslavia) is the  QSL manager for  the following stations:  3XY0A,
4O4AE, 4O4AU, 4O4AW, 4O4FT, 4O4IW, 4O4KC, 4O4XR, 4O6A, YU1FW/5B4,  YU1RL/5B4,
5J0T, 5L7T, 9H3NK,  C43T, ET3YU, FC2XN,  FM/YT6A, YU1FW/H25, H27T,  J3/YU1FW,
J3/YU1RL, J68DQ, P37T, SV5/YU1FW, SV9/YU1FW, T98G, TK5XN, TL8CN, V27T, X5ACL,
X5AE, X5AW,  X5EBL, X5FT,  X5IW, X5JHI,  X5KC, X5XR,  XE1/YU1FW, YT4G,  YT6A,
YU9A, YZ6X. 

UBA QSL BUREAU ---> The new address for the UBA QSL Bureau is: P.O. Box  900,
B-9000 Gent, Belgium. The UBA, the  IARU affiliated national society,  serves
4000 member radio  amateurs, that  is all  active radio  amateurs in  Belgium
(Belgium has a total of approximately 6000 licensed hams, of which 2/3rds are
active). The National QSL Manager is John Devoldere, ON4UN.

                         *  Q S L   I N F O  [1/3] *

3C5I     Alan, P.O.Box 139082, Dallas, TX-75313, U.S.A.
4JA9RI   P.O.Box 116, Ktoprak, 81031 Istanbul, Turkey
4L7AT    Awto, P.O.Box 5, Gori, 383500, Georgia
5R8EE    Mike, P.O.Box 87, F-97832 Tampon, Reunion Island
7Z1IS    Ibrahim Saud, P.O.Box 3361, Al khobar 31952, Saudi Arabia
9A2AJ    Tomislav Polak, PP7, HR-34551 Lipik, Croatia
9A3KQ    Kresimir Juratovic, Vinka Vocickog 19, HR-48000 Koprivnica, Croatia
9H1DF    Louis Gatt, 77/1, St.Julian's St., B'Kara, BKR 14, Malta
9K2QQ    H Y Y Al-Musallam, P.O.Box 2462, Salmiyah 2205, Kuwait
9V1AG    Robert Limb, The Waterside #20-01, 1 Tanjong Rhu Rd,436879,Singapore
A22RV    Roger, P.O.Box 77, Shashe, Botswana
AA4V     14 Seahorse Court, Isle of Palms, SC-29451, U.S.A.
BD4ED    Ed XY Huang, P.O.Box 085-299, Shanghai, 200085, China
BG2QAR   Sun Quan Biao, No 65 Yichun Bei Rd, Heping District, Shenyang,
         110005, China
DH2JD    Nikolaus Henning, Freytagstr.40, D-40237, Duesseldorf, Germany
DL1HCM   Michael Peters, Moislinger Allee 72, D-23558, Luebeck, Germany
DL4FDU   Ron Maples, US Embassy Mexico/ESO, P.O.Box 3087, Laredo,
         TX-78044-2087, U.S.A.
DL8WAA   Frank Steinke, P.O.Box 1188, D-56238, Selters, Germany
DU3BBY   Robert V.del Rosario, 38-7 Taguete Ave, Carmenville, Angeles City,
EK1700GK P.O.Box 9A/33, Yerevan 375062, Armenia
F5RUQ    Thierry Lesnier, 31 Rue des Bleuets, F-22190 Plerin, France
F5TJP    M.Ronan, P.O.Box 109, F-22700 Perros-Guirec, France
F6APU    Andre Jungbluth, 4 rue des Tulipes, F-67380 Lingolsheim, France
FR5HR    Rene Allegre, 56 Leconte de Lisle, Bois de Nefles, 97411 Saint
         Paul, Reunion Island
G0TQJ    Chris M.Vernon, 57 Parker Rd, Wittering Cambs, PE8 6AN, England
G3LZQ    John, The Oaks, Main Road, Gilberdyke, Brough, HU15 2UP, England
G3WZ     Ray Baldwin, 11 Meadow Court, Whiteparish, Salisbury, Wilts,
         SP5 2SE, England
HB9ATA   Werner Anderegg, CH-2578 Bruettlen, Switzerland
HB9DLZ   Daniel Lamon, Rue de la Vignette 22, CH-1530 Payerne, Switzerland
HB9FBG   Mauro Santus, CH-6998 Termine di Monteggio, Switzerland
HB9HFN   Cedric Baechler, Mettetlet 26, CH-1763 Granges-Paccot, Switzerland

HH2PK    Patrick Cardozo, P.O.Box 1095, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
HL1TXQ   Kim, P.O.Box 24, Chungrang 131-121, South Korea
HL2DNU   Joong Hwan Go, 914-7 Toegyedong, Chuncheon, Kangwondo, South Korea
HL3ADI   Bae Jeong-Ho, P.O.Box 50, Taejon 300-600, South Korea
HL5QY    Ki Hwan Yang, Sin Jin Park Apt. 513-7B2L, Wol Bong Bang A, Dong,
         Dong Ku, Ulsan 682-020, South Korea
HL5YI    Chae Sang Su, Electrical Dept., Dong Myung Technical High School,
         Yong Dang Dong, Nam Gu, Pusan 608-080, South Korea
HP1DGX   Victor R.Martinez Ch, P.O.Box 87-3670, Zona 7, Panama City, Panama
HP1BYS   Elio Eloy Salinas Ray, Box 6-9776, El Dorado, Panama City, Panama
HR1/JE3XRX Masaya Onishi, P.O.Box 5229, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
HR2MDP   Maria Dalida, P.O.Box 200, El Progresso, Honduras
HS0GBI   Cherdchai Yiwlek, P.O.Box 9, Maptaphut I.E, Rayong 21151, Thailand
J39CQ    P.O.Box 799, St.Georges, Grenada
J61EE    P.O.Box 1298, Castris, St.Lucia Island
JU2DX    P.O.Box 639, Ulan-Bator 13, Mongolia
JX3EX    Terje Berg, N-8099 Jan Mayen, Norway
JX7DFA   Per Einar Dahlen, N-8099 Jan Mayen, Norway
K4LTA    Bill O'Kain, 101 Baylor Drive, Oak Ridge, TN-37830, U.S.A.
K4UPS    Ruby O'Kain, 101 Baylor Drive, Oak Ridge, TN-37830, U.S.A.
K4UVT    D.R. Dorsey, Jr., P.O.Box 977, Charlottesville, VA 22902-0977, USA
KK4WW    David Larsen, P.O.Box 341, Floyd, VA-24091-0341, U.S.A.
LA2TD    Odd-G.Bigseth, Skogveien 23, N-1406 Ski, Norway
LU1ZA    SARA, Avenida Libertador 8209, CP-1429 Capital Federal, Argentina
N4JQQ    Steve Rutledge, 199 S.Grove Park Road, Memphis, TN-38117, U.S.A.
N4LZL    Betty Oakberg, 105 Ulena Lane, Oak Ridge, TN-37830, U.S.A.
N4RP     Dick, P.O.Box 030323, FTL, FL-33303-0323, U.S.A.
N5DRV    John Duke, 1431 Pleasant Drive, Dallas, TX-75217-2168, U.S.A.
N7TX     Steve Thompson, 119 E Jasmine St, Mesa, AZ-85201-1811, U.S.A.
OC4CVT   Eli, P.O.Box 538, Lima 100, Peru
OE3GRU   Gerhard Froehlich, Schloss-Siedlung 9, Guenselsdorf A-2525, Austria
OH2MAM   Jukka Kulha, Tilkankatu 6 F 69, FIN-00300 Helsinki, Finland
OH3JF    Heikki Tamminen, Eprantie 4, FIN-11710 Riihimaki, Finland
OH6XY    Carl-Heinz Ikaheimo, Meijeritie 2 AS 28, FIN-21530 Paimio, Finland
OKDXF    OK DX Foundation, P.O.Box 73, 29306 Mlada Boleslav, Bradlec, Czech
OK1MG    Antonin Kriz, Polska 2205, CZ-27201 Kladno 2, Czech Republic
OK1VK    Bohuslav Petr, Novodvorska 416, CZ-24200 Praha 4, Czech Republic
OM2SA    George Sipos, 93013 Trhova-Hradska 550, Slovakia
PS7ZZ    Francisco Edvaldo Pereira de Freitas, Rua Maceio 22, Conjunto
         Jiquo, Bairro Neopolis II, Brazil
RN2FA    Alex, P.O.Box 23, 236000 Kaliningrad, Russia
RV4HB    Rasim, P.O.Box 1481, 445037 Togliatti, Russia
RW9QA    Vlad A.Kondratenko, P.O.BOX 1, 640038 Kurgan 38, Russia
SM3CER   Jan Eric Rehn, P.O.Box 54, S-86322 Sundsburk, Sweden
SP5INQ   Zenon Kuciak, 08-460 Sobolew, Poland
SV1DVX   Nikos Devetzoglou, Olympou 62, GR-152 34 Halandri, Athens, Greece
SV1ENG   Antonis A Parashis, El. Venizelou 203, GR-141 22 Athens, Greece
SV1PM    George Tselentis, Naxou 5, Dasos Haidariou, Athens, Greece
SV3CGV   Ger Antonopoulos, Maizonos 12, GR-262 23 Patras, Greece
TA1FA    Suat Iscan, P.O.Box 63, Fatih TR-34260, Istanbul, Turkey
TJ1FT    Tim, P.O.Box 41, Makak, Cameroon
UA3CT    Konst Sepp, P.O.Box 668, 117449 Moscow, Russia
UA9AB    Gene Shcumat, P.O.Box 17, Troitsk 457100, Chelyabinskaya, Russia
UBA      UBA QSL Bureau, P.O.Box 900, B-9000 Gent, Belgium
UN7LG    Pavel Pershin, Ul.50 October 31-320, Rudny, 459120 Kazakhstan
UT5NR    Alex, P.O.Box 8100, Vinnitsa, 286050, Ukraine
UT9NA    Serge, P.O.Box 8100, Vinnitsa, 286050, Ukraine
V44KAO   Oliver, P.O.Box 827, St.Kitts and Nevis Islands
V44NEF   Harl Francis, P.O.Box 565, Charlestown, Nevis Island
VE7DP    Frank, P.O.Box 29, Kitimat BC, V8C 2G6, Canada
VK3ATL   P.O.Box 520, Geelong Victoria, 3213 Australia
VR2JK    Chow, P.O.Box 88421, Hong Kong, China
YC8HGM   H.M.Sjafaruddin Mz, Komlpek Peramina A4/4, JL Rappocini Raya,
         Ujung Pandang 90222, Indonesia
YK1AH    Fadel, P.O.Box 9597, Damascus, Syria
YS1CQ    Roberto, P.O.Box 517, San Salvador, El Salvador
YS1FEA   Federico, P.O.Box 517, San Salvador, El Salvador
YS1SH    Oscar, P.O.Box 517, San Salvador, El Salvador
ZD7HI    Chris, P.O.Box 140, St.helena Island
ZD7KT    Ken, P.O.Box 68, St.Helena Island
ZD7MY    Barrie, P.O.Box 107, St.Helena Island
ZS5BBO   Edwin Musto, P.O.Box 211032, Bluff 4036, South Africa

                         *  Q S L   I N F O  [2/3] *

CALL        MANAGER      CALL        MANAGER      CALL        MANAGER       
1X1AO       UA6WAR       CT98DTO     CT1DTO       PQ8MM/P     PQ8MM         
3A/DJ7RJ    DJ7RJ        CT98DYX     CT1DYX       PQ8VA/P     PQ8MM         
3A/DL3OCH   DL3OCH       CT98EEM     CT1EEM       PT0TUP      PY1UP         
3A/N9NC     OM2SA        CT98EGW     CT1EGW       PU2WIF      PY2EYE        
3C1/YN1GSR  EA5BYP       CT98EIL     CT1EIL       PX2X        PY2ZX         
3C1GS       EA5BYP       CT98ETT     CT1ETT       PY0FF       W9VA          
3D2QB       SM3CER       CT98EWA     CT1EWA       PY0FT       JA1ELY        
3DA0CA      W4DR         CT98FIJ     CT1FIJ       PY0TI       PY1UP         
3E1DX       N0JT         CT98FMX     CT1FMX       PY0TSN      PY3ASN        
3W5KVR      EA5KB        CT98REP     CT1REP       PY0ZFO      W9VA          
3W5MNB      JA2MNB       D2AI        CT1EGH       PZ5JR       K3BYV         
3W6JQ       JA1IED       D2BB        W3HNK        R1ANZ       UW1ZC         
3XY2A       ON4QY        D68YV       HB9CYV       R1FJV       UA3AGS        
4G0N        DU9RG        DU100RG     DU9RG        RK0QXY      UA0KCL        
4G50N       DU9RG        DU3NXE      W4NXE        RM6A        RW6AWT        
4J0GAT      DL8YR        DX2B        VE7DP        RW9QA       W3HNK         
4J3AA       UA9AB        DX3F        VE7DP        RW9QA/9     RW9QA         
4J80ADR     4K9C         DX6P        VE7DP        RX1OX/FJL   IK4TVP        
4J8DX       RW6HS        E21CJN      K3WUW        RZ6YF       RW6HS         
4KA5CW      4K9C         EA1ADP/P    EA1AAA       S21YE       G4VLV         
4KA9C       4K9C         EA9PY/P     EA9PY        S21YR       G3WZ          
4L1DX       OZ1HPS       ED3VGC      EA3NI        S53M        S53ZO         
4L6YL       4Z5CU        ED5SMA      EA5URR       S79MX       HB9MX         
4L8A        OZ1HPS       EK1700JJ    EK4JJ        S92AT       NJ2D          
4N7DW       YU7BJ        EK1700JJ    GW3CDP       SO5OE/1     DL7VRO        
4N7ZZ       YU7FIJ       EK6CC       N8BGD        SU0ERA      SU1ER         
4S7DA       W3HNK        EL2CE       WB2VFH       SU1AM       DL1FCM        
4S7IJG      DK8ZD        EM1HO       I2PJA        T30JH       VK2GJH        
4S7OEG      OE6PHD       EP2MKO      UA6HCW       T31BB       DF6FK         
4S7SW       ON6TZ        EP3GI       EA5XV        T32JH       VK2GJH        
4S7UB       KJ6UB        EP3HR       I2MQP        T32O        WC5P          
4U1WB       KK4HD        ES80L       ES6PZ        T88TT       7M1STT        
4X4BL       WA2KNC       ES80Q       ES5RY        T94DO       DL1FDV        
4X50AE/SK   4X4FD        ES80R       ES7RE        T95A        K2PF          
4X50AT      4X1AT        EW2CR       NF2K         T97M        K2PF          
4X50BO/SK   4X4BO        EW3LB       W3HNK        TA1/RU9WW   RW9WA         
4X50BT/SK   4X6ZI        EY8AM       DF3OL        TA2IJ       DJ9ZB         
4X50CJ/SK   4X6SJ        EY8CQ       DJ1SKO       TI5N        TI5KD         
4X50CZ/SK   4Z5IS        F6IPA       F5OAM        TJ1GB       K6SLO (WA6SLO)
4X50DF      HB9JAI       F8KWW       F5LMK        TJ1HP       F6FNU         
4X50FB/SK   4X6UO        FG5FC       F6DZU        TL8PL       F5LNA         
4X50FR      4X4FR        FK8GM       WB2RAJ       TM0K        F5BSB         
4X50IH/SK   4X1OZ        FK8GT       F6GZA        TM2OO       F5KQN         
4X50JK/SK   4Z5JE        FM/YT6A     YU1FW        TR8/F5PSA   F5PSA         
4X50JQ      ON4ON        FM5BH       F6HEQ        TT6JE       F6FNU         
4X50KK/SK   4X4KK        FM5DN       KU9C         TT6M        F6FNU         
4X50LO/SK   4X4CD        FO0/OK5DX   OK1TN        TT8AQ       F6FNU         
4X50MG/SK   4Z4TL        FO0BUS      W6MD         TT8JFC      WA4ZJB        
4X50MJ/SK   4X1MJ        FR5VZ       F8VZ         TT8SA       IV3VBM        
4X50NY/SK   4Z5GV        FS5PL       N0JT         TT8ZB       IK3ERN        
4X50OX/SK   4Z5DW        FT5WG       F6APU        TZ6JA       JA3EMU        
4X50SF/SF   4X1VF        FT5XN       F6PEN        UA0AZ       W3HNK         
4X50UK/SK   4X2SM        FY5YE       W5SVZ        UA2FM       DK4VW         
4X50VN/SK   4X6WP        GU4YWY/M    G4YWY        UA9C/RW9QA  RW9QA         
5A21PA      ON4APS       GU6D        G3LZQ        UA9C/UA9QDK RW9QA         
5B4ADA      9A2AJ        GU7D        G3LZQ        UA9C/UW9QK  RW9QA         
5H3ES       DF9SU        GX0STH/P    G4DIY        UA9QDK      RW9QA         
5H3HG       WY3V         HA/W0YR     AA9DX        UA9SP       DJ7DZ         
5H3PW       K0OB         HB0/HB9LEY  JH1BSE       UN0AA       DL4ABJ        
5N37YZC     WA1ECA       HB2CA       HB9DLE       UN3F        UN7FJ         
5N3CPR      SP5CPR       HB5H        HB9CXZ       UN7FK       W3HNK         
5N7YZC      WA1ECA       HF0POL      SP3BGD       US4IXQ      WB7QXU        
5R8EE       FR5EL        HI3/DL1GKG  DL1GKG       UW9QK       RW9QA         
5R8EY       DJ1RL        HI3/PA0GJA  PA0GJA       V26A        WB3DNA        
5R8FK       NY3N         HL0Z/2      DS4NCB       V26AK       N2TK          
5T5TY       N5FT         HL5KY       W3HNK        V26B        WT3Q          
5W0FN       HB9HFN       HP1XVH      N0JT         V26C        WA2C          
5W0LZ       HB9DLZ       HR1/JE3XRX  JE3XRX       V26DX       KU9C          
5X1T        ON5NT        HR2KOS      KB5IPQ       V26E        AB2E          
5Z4RL       N2AU         HR6/KA2OIG  KA2OIG       V26HL       AA1M          
7J1AZL      OK1FWQ       HR6/VE3BW   VE3BW        V26HY       XW2A          
7Q7SB       AB4IQ        HS0/VK3DXI  DL4DBR       V26J        WX0B          
7S5BE       SK5BE        HS0ZAZ      K3ZO         V26NT       K3UA          
7X2RO       OM3CGN       HS0ZCP      W7FS         V26OC       N3OC          
7Z1IS/P     SM0OFG       HS0ZCT      KV5V         V26PL       AA1M          
7Z5OO       N2AU         HS1RU       JG3AVS       V26R        KA2AEV        
8P6DA       KU9C         HZ1AB       K8PYD        V26RN       N5NJ          
8P9CW       WB8LFO       IH9/OL5Y    OK1VK        V26T        K3MQH         
8P9EE       VE3IY        IR6B        IZ6ABB       V26TS       K3MM          
8P9EJ       VE3EJ        J28AG       F6JI         V26U        W2UDT         
8P9FX       G3RFX        J28FA       F5MXH        V31NX       N6FH          
8Q7AA       N7TX         J3/K4LTA    K4LTA        V31TH       N0SS          
8Q7BE       DL8NBE       J3/K4UPS    K4UPS        V31TP       WC0W          
8Q7BV       HB9DIF       J3/N1FVR    OE3GRU       V31TR       K8BK          
8Q7CR       DF5JR        J3/NK4N     N4LZL        V31UY       N6UY          
8Q7VB       OH2VB        J38A        N4LZL        V31VI       N6KZ          

                         *  Q S L   I N F O  [3/3] *

9G1AA       PA2FAS       J41W        SV1CIB       V47KP       K2SB          
9G5SW       G3VMW        J47XCF      SV7BVM       V47VTK      WB8VTK        
9G5VJ       G4ZVJ        J6/W2LU     W2LU         V51AT       DF2JQ         
9G5XA       G3XAQ        J79EKH      KD4WW        V51HK       DL6OBS        
9G5ZM       G3ZEM        J79GMV      KD4WW        V63BR       AA4US         
9J2AM       JA0JHA       J79UGF      KD4WW        V63KU       JA6NL         
9J2BO       W6ORD        J79WW       KD4WW        V73AT       K2CL          
9J2FR       IK2RZQ       JD1/JF1LGD  JF1LGD       V73GT       WF5T          
9K2/SQ5DAQ  SP5KQS       JD1AMA      W3HNK        V73UX       V73AX         
9K2AI       IK7JTF       JU2DX       JT1KAA       VK4SK       DL1FDV        
9M0C        G3SWH        JX3EX       LA3EX        VK8AN/5     VK4FW         
9M2EU       JA2EJI       JX7DFA      LA7DFA       VK9NA       DF3VN         
9M2KQ       JA1XQC       JY9QJ       DL5MBY       VP2EEI      K3DI          
9M2NK       JE1JKL       K6T         KI6T         VP2EKS      HB9KS         
9M2TO       JA0DMV       KA3UNQ/P    KA3UNQ       VP2EY       HB9SL         
9N1AA       JM2HBO (JA)  KG4AU       WV3N         VP2MFH      NW8F          
9N1AA       N4AA   (WW)  KG4CQ       W4WX (WT4K)  VP5/KQ6SJ   JF6WBP        
9N1BFI      VK6NE        KG4DZ       W4SD         VP5/N9CK    N9CK          
9N1FP       RU6FP        KG4GC       W4WX (WT4K)  VP5/WQ7X    SP1INQ        
9N1JZ       JH8XIX       KG4OS       WA4OMS       VP5CK       N9CK          
9N1NE       VK6NE        KG4QD       K4QD         VP5FXB      W8AV          
9N1ZS       JH8XIX       KG4ZK       W4ZYT        VP8CTR      DL5EBE        
9X0A        DL5WM        KH0/JA2HBK  JA2HBK       VP8CXV      G0TQJ         
A35FN       HB9HFN       KH0/JJ2NYT  JA2HBK       VP9/AJ2U    WB2YQH        
A35LZ       HB9DLZ       KH0/JK2TQB  JK2TQB       VP9ID       K1EFI         
A35RK       W7TSQ        KH0/JN1TCC  JN1TCC       VQ9AI       WB0BNR        
A41KJ       N5FTR        KH0/JR4URW  JR4URW       VQ9JC       WB9IHH        
A61AJ       W3UR         KH0/JS1PNS  JS1PNS       VQ9PH       W2JDK         
A61AO       N1DG         KH2/KF2XN   WB2RAJ       VQ9RU       KH2RU         
A61AP       IK7JTF       KH2/N2NL    W2YC         VQ9ZZ       NS1L          
A61AS       YO3FRI       KH2/NH2DX   N6FF         VR2MM       JR3JFZ        
A71BY       F5PYI        KH2D        K8NA         W1B         N1PDU         
A92CD       K1SE         KH5/KA4IST  AC7DX        WP3A        NP4QH         
A92FZ       W3HC         KH6/W9RB    W9RB         XA5T        N5TU          
AA6BB/7     AC7DX        KH6X        N2AU         XE2EBE      AA6DP         
AH6JN       K4AMI        KP2/KG0JH   KG0JH        XT2DP       WB2YQH        
AH6JN/4     K4AMI        KP2/KOTG    KOTG         XT2LT       N5DRV         
AL7R        KL7KJ        KP2/W0BV    W0BV         XUF2B       N4JR          
AP2AP       JA1EZM       KP3Z        NP3HM        XUF2B       N4JR          
AP2BJ       SP6ABA       L50DT       LU2DT        YB0ARA/9    N2AU          
AP2WAP      IK4ZGY       LU/UX1KA    DL5EBE       YC6HDF      K0ZKK         
BV4FH       KA6SPQ       LX8DL       LX1DA        YI1AK       KC5HWR        
BY1QH       K9FD (01/98) LZ0B        LZ1FI        YI1ALW      WB3CQN        
C31LJ       VE3GEJ       LZ2M        LZ2KMS       YS1RRD      W3HNK         
C42A        DK4VW        MU0/W7MAE   W7MAE        YS1X        OH2BU         
C6A/AA8LL   AA8LL        MW8Z        G5LP         Z2/W8FTD    W8FTD         
C6AFP       N4JQQ        MX0ADU      G0LII        Z21XA       NN6C          
C91A        I4LCK        NH4/NH6YK   NH6YK        Z30M        NN6C          
C91LCK      I4LCK        NH7A        N2AU         Z31GB       NO6X          
C91LCK/P    I4LCK        NP4U        NP4JK        Z31VP       DJ0LZ         
CE9AP       CE2LOL       OD5/SP3DPR  SP3NYM       Z32XA       NN6C          
CL8VP       HI3JH        OD5NJ       EA5BYP       Z37GBC      NO6X          
CN/DJ8DL    DJ8DL        OD5PI       IK7JTF       ZD7HI       WA2JUN        
CN2GE       OE3GEA       OD5PN       LX1NO        ZD8T        AC4IV         
CN2IB       OM1APD       OD5VT       YO3FRI       ZD9BV       W4FRU         
CO2CW       VE2EH        OE2S        OE2GEN       ZD9IL       ZS5BBO        
CO3ET       WD4OIN       OE9S        OE2GEN       ZF1A        K9LA (WWCW97) 
CO7KR       DL5DCA       OH0KMG      OH2KMG       ZF2NE       W5ASP         
CO8JY       CM8KY        OH0MAM      OH2MAM       ZF2RF       K4UVT         
CO8ZZ       HI3JH        OK5TOP      OK1MG        ZK1DI       DK1RV         
CP4BT       DL9OT        OL1A        OK1MG        ZL7DK       DK7YY         
CP8XA       DG9NB        OL2M        OK1MG        ZS26BI      ZS1FJ         
CQ98BM      CT3BM        OL5Y        OK1MG        ZS6/G3SGQ   G3SGQ         
CS98NQ      CT4NQ        ON50KTK     ON4ON        ZV0MB       PT2GTI        
CS98UW      CT4UW        ON50LUS     ON4LCV       ZW0CW       PT2GTI        
CT3/OH3RB   OH3RB        ON50MNS     ON4TG        ZW0DX       PT2GTI        
CT98AAM     CT1AAM       ON50NMR     ON4RU        ZW0Z        PY1NEZ        
CT98AHU     CT1AHU       ON50RAM     ON4LDI       ZW4M        PY4MBJ        
CT98AOZ     CT1AOZ       ON50YLC     ON4AMM       ZX0CW       PT2GTI        
CT98AUO     CT1AUO       P4/I2UIY    I2EOW        ZX0DX       PT2GTI        
CT98AXS     CT1AXS       P4/K2LE     K2LE         ZX0Z        PY1LVF        
CT98CBI     CT1CBI       P40K        I2EOW        ZY6WL       PS7ZZ (PY6WL) 
CT98CFH     CT1CFH       PA3HEN/MM   PA3BLS       ZZ0Z        PY1NEZ        
CT98DNP/P   DJ0MW        PJ9JT       W1AX         ZZ1Z        PY1NEZ        

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