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425 DX News #357
7 March 1998
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to:
Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information
Massimo Balsamo, IK1GPG: QSL Managers/QSL Routes
Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages

                                <<< JT1Y >>>
Suggested frequencies for the 7-14 April JT1Y operation from Mongolia [425DXN
356] are  as  follows (+/-  QRM):  28.015, 24.895,  21.015,  18.075,  14.015,
10.105, 7.005,  3.505  and 1.835  MHz  CW, 28.485,  24.945,  21.285,  18.145,
14.185, 7.080, 3.780 and 1.840 MHz  SSB; 14.080 and  21.080 MHz RTTY;  50.115
and    50.145    on    6    metres.    Visit    the    JT1Y    website     at
                           <<< IOTA CONVENTION >>>
The VIII  IOTA Convention  will be  held at  the Hotel  Reina Isabel  in  Las
Palmas, Canary  Is  on  1-3 May  1998.  Further  information,  including  the
programme and  accomodation  packages, is  available  on the  URE,  Union  de
Radioaficionados  Espanoles,  web  site  (  You  can  also
contact Mr.  Manolo  Hernandez, c/o  Viajes  Mas  at  (telephone
0034-28-275000, fax 0034-28-223460).

3D2    - Mamoru, 7N1RTO (ex JG2EBN) is going  to Fiji for business and  hopes
         to operate as 3D2ME in his spare time.   Look for him between 8  and
         11 March on 20 and 15  metres SSB. QSL via  home call either  direct
         (Mamoru Endo, 102-83-2 Kizuki-Omachi,  Kawasaki, 211-0031 Japan)  or
         through the bureau. 
3W     - Steve, K2WE and Les, W2LK will be active  (on 10, 15, 20, 40 and  80
         metres, and on 12, 17 and 30 metres if they get the permission) from
         Vietnam as 3W6WE on SSB (QSL via K2WE) and and 3W6LK on CW (QSL  via
         W2LK) between 25 and 31 March. They will be operating from the  club
         station 3W6KA (QSL to Kasati  Ham Radio Club,  P.O. Box 76,  Saigon,
         Vietnam) and may be on the air  with the club call before 25  March.
         They will participate in the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest (Multi Single) as
         3W6WE or possibly a special prefix callsign. 
5H     - Jim, G0IXC is active (on all bands SSB) until 11 March as  5H3/G0IXC
         from the  mainland,  and  then until  29  March  as  5H1/G0IXC  from
         Zanzibar Island (AF-032).  QSL via G0IXC. 
5N     - Mario, TT8AM will be active until 8 March, then he will be moving to
         Nigeria from where he plans to operate as soon as he gets a licence.
9H     - Andy, G4ZVJ will be active as  9H3ZV from Malta (EU-023) between  10
         and 17 March. He will participate in the RSGB Commonwealth  Contest.
         QSL via G4ZVJ. 
9M6    - Pekka, OH2YY/BY will participate in the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest (28-29
         March) as 9M6PO from Keningau, East Malaysia.  QSL via OH2YY  (Pekka
         Ahlqvist, Vapaalanpolku 8 B, 01650 Vantaa, Finland). 
9N     - Henning (ex OZ2CU and A22CU) is active as 9N1CU from Katmandu, Nepal
         for two-three years. For the time being he operates on 15, 20 and 80
         metres, but expects to be on 40 metres from 1 July. QSL to P.O.  Box
         4010, Katmandu, Nepal. 
9U     - Alfredo, EA1FH has left Burundi, from where he logged almost  37,000
         QSOs as  9U/EA1FH and  9U5CW. He  is now  in Nairobi,  Kenya and  is
         working on getting a license. QSL via EA1FFC. 
EA     - EA5GRC, EA5GJT, EA5AQA,  EA5CE, S01M and  EA5XX will participate  in
         the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest  as ED5WPX (Multi Single). QSL via  bureau
         to EA5ELX. 
ES     - Special event stations ES80R (QSL via  ES7RE), ES80Q (QSL via  ES5MC
         or ES5RY), ES80J (QSL via  ES1AX), ES80L (QSL  via ES6PL) and  ES80M
         (QSL via ES1QD) are active to celebrate the 80th anniversary of  the
         Estonia Republic. 
F      - Jim, G3RTE and Phil, G3SWH will be active from Ile de Sein  (EU-068)
         between 27 and 30 March. They will be  active on all bands 80 to  10
         metres respectively as F/G3RTE/P (SSB) and F/G3SWH/P (CW).  QSL  for
         both calls via G3SWH either direct  (Phil Whitchurch, 21  Dickensons
         Grove, Congresbury, Bristol,  BS49 5HQ, UK)  or through the  bureau.
F      - The French CQ  Gang will participate  in the CQ  WW WPX SSB  Contest
         (28-29  March)  as  TM4CQ.  All  the  contacts  will  be   confirmed
         automatically through the bureau (SWLs can request their bureau card
FS     - Bob, K1YJK, will be  active (10-160 metres,  mostly CW) as  FJ/K1YJK
         from St. Martin  (NA-146) between 14  and 28 March.  QSL via  K1YJK.
FT5    - Rene, FR5HR will be  heading again to  the Frech sub-antarctic  zone
         (Crozet, Kerguelen, Amstersm  & St. Paul)  on 23 March.  He will  be
         away until 6  May, but he  does not know  yet which  island he  will
         visit. QSL via  FR5HR (Rene Allegre,  56 Leconte de  Lisle, Bois  de
         Nefles, 97411 Saint-Paul, France). 
FT5Z   - Mehdi, F5PFP will  be joined  by Eric,  F5SIH during  the one  month
         December DXpedition to Amsterdam Island [425DXN 355]. They have been
         issued the callsign FT5ZH and will operate on 10-160 metres CW,  SSB
         and RTTY. Donations are welcome and can be sent to the Lyon DX Group
         Treasurer, F5PXT (Eric Blanchard, 2 rue Bichat, Bat 32, 69002  Lyon,
         France).      The      DXpedition      web      site      is      at 
HB0    - HB9LEY will be HB0/ on 14 and 15 March. He plans to operate on 40-10
         metres, WARC bands included, on  CW, SSB and  RTTY. QSL via  JH1BSE.
HK     - Pedro, HK3JJH reports he plans to be /1 from Rosario Is (SA-040) for
         two or three days starting on  16 March. Look for  him on the  usual
         IOTA frequencies. QSL direct to HK3JJH. 
HR     - After leaving Panama in late March [425DXN 354] Gerard, F2JD will be
         active as HR5/F2JD from Honduras for one month. QSL via F6AJA.  
HV     - Francesco, IK0FVC (15  metres) and Luciano,  I0JBL (40 metres)  will
         participate in the ARRL DX SSB Contest from HV4NAC . QSL via IK0FVC.
I      - Bruno, IK2PZG will be  active as II3OTA  from Motta Bombae  (EU-131,
         IIA VE-057) and other two islands (IIA new) in the Venice Lagoon  on
         7 and 8 March. QSL via IK2PZG. 
I      - Gianni, IT9PKO  will be  active  as II9ZZ  during  the ARRL  DX  SSB
         contest. QSL via IT9PKO. 
I      - Alfredo, IK7JWX and other operators from the Salento DX Team will be
         IL7/ (on 10,  15, 20, 40  and 80 metres,  SSB and  CW) from  Pedagna
         Grande (EU-091, IIA BR-001) on 7  and 8 March.  QSL via home  calls.
J8     - EA2ADJ, EA2BP and EA2CLU will be  active (on all  bands CW, SSB  and
         RTTY) as J8/EA2BP from St. Vincent  (NA-109) between 21 March and  1
         April. They will participate in the  CQ WW WPX SSB Contest as  J80R.
JA     - Takio, JH3QFL will be /6 from Daito Is (AS-047) on 21 and 22  March.
         Look for him on the usual IOTA frequencies (he will have a beam  for
         10, 15 and 20 metres and a dipole  for the low bands). QSL via  home
         call JH3QFL  either direct  (Takio Hata,  828-1207 Kawahara,  Cyuzu,
         520-2423 Japan) or through the bureau. 
JA     - Yuki, JI6KVR will  be active  as JI6KVR/6  from Amakusa  Archipelago
         (AS-012) on 21 and 22 March.  QSL via EA5KB  (JA stations only:  QSL
         via JJ6LXX). 
JD_oga - JF1LGD/JD1 is  active  (15,  18 and  24  metres,  mainly  SSB)  from
         Ogasawara (AS-031) until the end of March, when he will move to  Iwo
         Jima (AS-030). QSL via home call. 
JT     - The Hungarian Pannon DX Club's activity  from Mongolia [425DXN  353]
         is now  scheduled to  take place  between 17  May  and 2  June.  The
         operators (HA7SK,  HA7VK,  HA6NL, HA4GDO  and  HA0HW)  plan  to  use
         individual callsigns (to be announced) and to participate in the  CQ
         WPX CW  Contest  as  JU0HA.  Further  information  is  available  at 
KG4    - A team from the Florida Contest  Club (FCC) will participate in  the
         ARRL DX SSB Contest (7-8 March) as KG4GC (QSL via W4WX either direct
         to Bill Gallier, 4094 Sandy Run Drive E., Middleburg, FL 32068,  USA
         or through the bureau) from Guantanamo  (NA-015). Team members  Doug
         KG4OX (W4OX), Bill KG4WW (KX4WW), Bill  KG4GC (W4WX) and their  host
         Rusty KG4AU (WV4N) will arrive on  4 March and remain for one  week.
         They will be active on all bands and modes before and after  contest
         (QSL via their respective home calls). Any comments or questions can
         be sent to 
KH1    - In the early  hours UTC on  27 February the  SS Midway left  Kingman
         Reef, where  Chuck,  N4BQW/KH5K logged  more  than 1,000  QSOs  (the
         majority on  20 metres  SSB) in  about 24  hours.  The US  Fish  and
         Wildlife Service  dropped one  team off  on  Baker Island  and  then
         proceeded to  Howland. Operations  started just  before 8  UTC on  5
         March (please note  that KH1 is  11 hours behind  UTC) on 20  metres
         SSB.  The following will be  tentative TX frequencies  (CW/SSB/RTTY)
         subject to modification if other stations  already occupy the  area:
         1823/-/-, 3503/3795/-,  7003 &  7023 /7080/7035  & 7085,  10101/-/-,
         14023/14195   &   14245/14085,   18073/18125/-,   21023/21295/21085,
         24893/24945/-, 28003/28495/- kHz. The calls to be used are  K4AU/WH1
         on SSB (QSL via K4AU) and  WA4FFW/NH1 on CW  (QSL via WA4FFW),  RTTY
         call will be announced. The team must leave on either 9 or 10  March
         to make it to Johnston (KH3) to catch a plane. 
KH2    - Michael, DF8AN  will  be active  as  KH2/DF8AN  from  Guam  (OC-026)
         between 11  and  14 March.  QSL  via DF8AN  either  direct  (Michael
         Noertemann, Neustadt 18, D-37154 Northeim,  Germany) or through  the
KH6    - Tamaki, JG1OUT will  be active  as KH6/JG1OUT  from Hawaii  (OC-019)
         between 7 and 10 March. Look  for him on 10-40  metres SSB/CW.   QSL
         via JG1OUT. 
KH6    - Mike, HA/WOYR  will  be active  from  Maui Island,  Hawaii  (OC-019)
         between 10 and  17 March. He  will operate mainly  on RTTY. QSL  via
KH9    - The Dateline  DX Association's  DXpedition to  Wake Island  (OC-053)
         [425DXN 356]  started aroun  10  UTC on  27  February. The  team  is
         expected to be active as N2OO/KH9 (SSB), N6MZ/KH9 (CW) and  N2WB/KH9
         (RTTY) until 11 March. QSL  via WA4YBV (Robert  Pond, 9 River  Cove,
         Portsmouth, VA  23703,  USA).  Pictures  and  the  first  logs  just
         received are  available  at
LU     - Claudio, LU7DW will be active from Martin Garcia (SA-055) between  5
         and 9 March.  He will participate  in the  ARRL DX  SSB Contest  (10
         metres) as LW8EXF. 
OE     - Members of the Austrian OE2DX-GROUP (OE2S)  will participate in  the
         ARRL DX SSB Contest (7-8 March)  as OE9S. QSL via bureau to  OE2GEN.
OH0    - OH1NX, OH2BH, OH2TA and possibly others will participate in the ARRL
         SSB DX Contest as OH0W from  Aland Is (EU-002). QSL via OH2IW  (Pasi
         Luoma-aho, Vallikuja 10 A 8, 02600  Espoo, Finland). 
OH0    - OH1EH, OH2TA, OH2XX and OH6EI will participate in the CQ WW WPX  SSB
         Contest as  OH0W  from  Aland  Is  (EU-002).  QSL  via  OH2IW  (Pasi
         Luoma-aho, Vallikuja 10 A 8, 02600  Espoo, Finland). 
OH0    - DK6QW, DL3QQ, DF8QJ, DG1YHV  and DL6YFB will  be active as  OH0/home
         call/P from Aland  Islands (EU-002) between  23 and  31 March.  They
         will operate with two stations on 10-160 metres. QSL via home  calls
         through the DARC bureau. 
PY     - PP5LL will  be active  (10-80  metres, SSB  and  CW) as  ZY5YZ  from
         Ratones Island (SA-026,  DIB 64) between  26 and 30  March. QSL  via
         PP5LL (Jaime  Lira,  Cx. Postal  08,  Florianopolis,  SC  88010-970,
T8     - Michael, DF8AN plans to be active from Koror (OC-009) between 22 and
         28 March.  Callsign unknown  at the  moment.  QSL via  DF8AN  either
         direct (Michael Noertemann, Neustadt 18, D-37154 Northeim,  Germany)
         or through the bureau. 
V2     - Gavin, GM0GAV will be active (mostly  CW on the low and WARV  bands)
         from Antigua (NA-100) possibly as V27X between 11 and 20 March.  QSL
         via GM0GAV. 
V2     - Jim, K5TT (ex  WV5S) and Dave,  W5AO (ex N5CG)  will be active  from
         Antigua (NA-100) between  26 May and  2 June. They  will operate  on
         10-160 metres, WARC bands included, and  will participate in the  CQ
         WW WPX CW Contest. Probable calls are V26TT (QSL via K5TT/WV5S)  and
         V26GG (QSL to P.O. Box 88, Morris, OK 74445-0088, USA) respectively.
V6     - Michael, DF8AN plans to be active from Micronesia between 14 and  22
         March. Callsign and QTH unknown at the moment. QSL via DF8AN  either
         direct (Michael Noertemann, Neustadt 18, D-37154 Northeim,  Germany)
         or through the bureau. 
VK     - The Northern Corridor  Radio Group  will be  activating the  special
         callsign VI6EWT to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the  opening
         of the  East-West Telegraph  (the  line carried  all  communications
         between Adelaide and Perth). The club's activity will start from the
         tiny township of Eucla, where one of the Telegraph Repeater stations
         was placed, from 01.00 UTC on 21  March to 00.59 on 22 March  during
         the Australian Field Day Contest. The callsign will be then used  by
         various VK6 operators for about two weeks, including a Multi  Single
         entry in the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest (28-29 March). QSL via the bureau
         or direct to VK6ANC  (Northern Corridor Radio  Group Inc., P.O.  Box
         244, North Beach, WA 6920, Australia).  
VP2V   - Bob Denniston, W0DX/VP2VI and others will be active as VP2VI/50 from
         the British Virgin Islands  (NA-023) between 00.00  UTC on 14  March
         and 24.00  UTC  on  15  March. Bob  will  be  celebrating  the  50th
         anniversary of his  first-ever DXpedition (as  VP7NG from  Bahamas),
         which is now  thought to  be the  first modern  DXpedition. QSL  via
VP5    - Don, KN4UG will  be active from  Providenciales, Caicos Is  (NA-002)
         between 16 and 24 March. QSL to Don Namm, 103 Birkhaven  Dr.,  Cary,
         NC 27511, USA. 
XT     - Dan, N9XAG will go QRT as XT2DP in April. He will be in the USA  for
         one year and will return to  Burkina Faso in  June 1999 with  better
         antennas. QSL via WB2YQH. 
YS     - Hrane,  YT1AD  and  Dragan,  Z32AU  are  currently  YS9/  and   will
         participate in the ARRL DX SSB Contest respectively as HU1X (QSL via
         YT1AD) and HU4X (QSL via Z32AU). Hrane will operate from  Raymundo's
         (YS1RRD) city QTH, while Dragan will  be active from Raymundo's  QTH
         on Cangrejera Beach. 
Z3     - Mike, NO6X and Mike, NN6C will be in Macedonia between 20 March  and
         1 April. They expect to be active as Z38/NO6X and Z38/NN6C (QSL  via
         home calls) and to participate in the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest as  Z38C
         (QSL via NO6X). 
ZF     - Joe, W6MR is currently signing ZF2MR  from Cayman Is (NA-016)  until
         10 March.  He  will participate  in  the ARRL  DX  SSB  Contest  (15
         metres). QSL via W6MR. 
ZF     - Ken, G4RWD will be active as either ZF1RD or ZF/G4RWD form Cayman Is
         (NA-016) between  13  and  20 March.  He  will  participate  in  the
         Commonwealth Contest. QSL via G4RWD. 
ZK2    - Albert, HB9BCK will be active as ZK2CK from Niue (OC-040) between  2
         and 16 April. Activity will be on 10-80 metres, WARC bands included,
         on CW, SSB and possibly RTTY. QSL via HB9BCK. 
ZP     - Tom, ZP5AZL will  participate in  the ARRL  DX SSB  Contest as  ZP0Z
         (Single Operator, 20 metres). 
ZS     - John Rouse's, W3JLR (ex KA3DBN) African tour (ZS, A22, 7P8, 3DA0, Z2
         and C9) [425DXN 351] has been postponed to 1 to 21 May. He will  try
         to be as active as possible  from as many  locations as possible  on
         CW, RTTY and SSB.  QSL via bureau to W3JLR. 
ZS     - The  IOTA  activity  from  Bird  Island  (NO-REF)  [425DXN  354]  is
         confirmed to take place between 9  and 13 March. ZS1FJ, ZS1B,  ZS2U,
         ZS2LL and ZS6ALJ  will be signing  ZS26BI on all  bands CW and  SSB.
         They expect to  be operational at  or before  14.00 UTC  on the  9th
         starting on either 21.295 or 14.195  MHz. QSL via ZS1FJ. 

*****************************    GOOD TO KNOW ... ***************************

9M0C ---> The  9M0C operation closed  down on 24  February after making  well
over 65,000 QSOs with over 180 DXCC countries. The team was able to run  four
high-power (400 watt) stations round the clock and two further low-power (100
watt) operating positions enabled them to  be on two additional bands at  key
times. Some further analysis on the  logs is needed,  but a preliminary  band
breakdown is as follows (CW/SSB/RTTY): 1150/0/0 (160 metres), 2854/1395/0 (80
metres), 6599/4267/0 (40  metres), 5710/0/0 (30  metres), 4675/7396/1390  (20
metres), 3540/2998/77 (17 metres), 4784/7089/543 (15 metres), 3020/2576/0 (12
metres), 2048/2634/70 (10 metres), 262/127/0 (6 metres). The total is  65,204
QSOs (34,642 CW,  28,482 SSB and  2,080 RTTY),  which places  9M0C in  fourth
position after  VK0IR, 4J1FS  and ZA1A.  QSL via  G3SWH either  direct  (Phil
Whitchurch, 21 Dickensons Grove, Conresbury, Bristol, BS19 5HQ, England,  UK)
or through the bureau (e-mail  requests accepted at
The 9M0C web page is at 

C91LCK ---> Franco,  I4LCK logged 10895  QSOs (5145 on  CW and  5750 on  SSB)
during his 13-day recent staying in  Mozambique. He was  not able to  operate
from Chiloane Island (AF-???) [425DXN 354], but he was active twice (on 8 and
13-14 February) as  C91LCK/p from Inhaca  (AF-066) reaching a  total of  1909
QSOs. QSL via I4LCK. 

QSL C91A ---> As of 1 January 1998 the *new* QSL manager for Silvano, C91A is
I4LCK (Franco  Armenghi, Via  Jussi 9,  40068 San  Lazzaro  di Savena  -  BO,

QSL CQ5P ---> Paulo Pinto, CT1ETE  reports he can confirm contacts made  with
CQ5P in 1994 (CQ WPX) *only*.

QSL S92FC, S97A & S91FC ---> Francisco, CT1EAT reports that direct cards  for
his October-November 1997 activities as S92FC (Sao Tome), S97A (Sao Tome,  CQ
WW SSB) and S91FC (Principe) have all been sent out. Further requests will be
processed on a weekly basis.  QSL via CT1EAT  either direct (Francisco  Costa
P.O.Box 172,  7800 Beja,  Portugal or  Rua dos  Acores, 6-2  Esq, 7800  Beja,
Portugal) or through the bureau. 

QSL VIA IK2QPR  ---> Paolo, IK2QPR  has received the  logs for EK8WB  [425DXN
348] and has started sending out  the cards. He is also  the new QSL  manager
for UK8OM, UM8OM (November-December 1997), UI8OAA and RI1OA. 

QSL VIA IK7JTF ---> IK7JTF has receiived the cards for A61AP from the printer
and has started  sending out the  QSLs. He is  also the new  QSL manager  for
BV5BG and already has Taya's logs back to 1991. 

QSL VIA W3HNK ---> QSL manager Joe Arcure, W3HNK, underwent major surgery (he
was operated on 26 February).  Our best wishes to Joe (P.O. Box 73, Edgemont,
PA 19028,  USA) for  a full  recovery and  of course,  since his  health  and
welfare come first, we will be patient on QSL cards. 

QSL VIA SM6CNS --->  Tom, SM6CNS (  reports
that cards  for DU7CC,  SM0CNS/4E7  and SM0CNS/DU7  may  be sent  to:  Thomas
Bevenheim, Gardesgatan 2, SE-441 32 Alingsas, Sweden.

SRI LANKA PREFIXES  ---> Denver Wijesuriya,  4S7DA (Sri  Lanka in-bureau  QSL
Manager) reports  the  following: "I  have  recently come  across  cards  for
contacts with calls signs beginning  with 4P,4R and  4Q. These are  callsings
used by Government agencies other than  Amateur Radio. The ONLY ham  prefixes
issued are been 4S5 (VHF 0nly), 4S6 (Novice limited HF), 4S7 (general  calls)
and the special prefix 4S0, which was issued some time ago." 

QSL received  via  direct:   3B8/F6HMJ,  3W5KVR  (AS-130),  3W5MNB  (AS-130),
3XA8DX, 5A28, 5B4/T97M, 5N0YL, 7X0AD, 8Q7AJ, 9J2BO, 9M2OM/p (AS-097),  9M2TO,
9M6HIL, 9M6OO, 9U5CW, 9V1AG, 9X/RW3AH,  9X0A, 9Y4/PA3ERC, 9Y4/PA3EWP,  A41LZ,
A61AJ, AH7L, AL7R, BD7JA/7 (AS-129), BD7JA/7  (AS-131), BD7YA, BY4SZ,  C31LD,
CE1LDS/p (SA-085),  CE0ZAM, CV5A  (SA-030), CX/LU7DW  (SA-057), D2BB,  DU4DX,
FR5ZQ/T,  HK3JJH/0A  (NA-133),   HK3JJH/0B  (NA-132),  DL7DF/HR3,   IC8/DJ6SI
(EU-031), IC8/IK8UHA (IIA NA-044), J69EE, J6/PA3ERC, J6/PA3EWP, JW5NM, JY9QJ,
K4M, K7K, LA/DK4UN/p  (EU-079), LW8EXF (SA-055),  P49I, PJ5AA, RI0TA,  S79AF,
(NA-045), ZA/IK7JWX, ZX1A (SA-029).

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