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425 DX News #358
14 March 1998
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to:
Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information
Massimo Balsamo, IK1GPG: QSL Managers/QSL Routes
Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages

                        <<< H40AA, TEMOTU ISLANDS >>>
                          <<< A NEW DXCC ENTITY >>>

The new DXCC criteria  will become effective  on 31 March  1998.  The  Temotu
Islands, located  in the  South Pacific,  collectively form  the  easternmost
province of the Solomon Islands, an independent country since 1978.   Because
Temotu is separated by more than 350 km from the rest of the Solomon Islands,
it should easily qualify as a new DXCC entity.   The South China Sea DX  Team
(SCSDXT) has teamed with the Solomon Islands' IARU member organization,  SIRS
(Solomon Islands Radio  Society), in  organizing a  full-scale DXpedition  to
Temotu, as well as preparing the application for new DXCC status.
Team members H44GP, H44GR,  JA5DQH, N4GN, N7NG,  OH0XX, OH1RY, OH2BC,  OH2BE,
OH2BH, OH2TA, W6OSP  and 9V1YC will  begin arriving on  21 March  and may  be
found on  the  air using  their  individual H44  call  signs (QSL  via  their
respective home calls) while  making final preparations  for the main  event.
These early operations, which will include all-band activity in the CQ WW WPX
SSB Contest  (27-28  March) -  will  count for  DXCC  credit as  the  Solomon
Islands, under the current rules.
At 23.59 UTC on 31 March, the  team will starting operating as H40AA  (please
note that the  Solomon telecommunications authorities  have agreed to  assign
the  previously  unused  H40  prefix  to   Temotu  for  all  future   amateur
operations). At this point QSOs will count for Temotu DXCC credit,  presuming
the application for new DXCC status is eventually approved.
The H40AA  operation  will  continue  for  approximately  two  weeks  on  the
following frequencies: 1.824, 3.504, 7.004,  10.104, 14.024, 18.074,  21.024,
24.894, 28.024  and  50.104 MHz  CW;  1.824, 3.775,  7.045,  14.195,  18.135,
21.295, 24.945,  28.495 and  50.104  MHz SSB;  14.083  and 21.083  MHz  RTTY.
Internet log search  capability is likely  to be made  available a few  weeks
AFTER the operation.  QSL H40AA via  OH2BN either direct  (Jarmo J.  Jaakola,
Kiilletie 5C30, Helsinki 00710, Finland) or through the OH bureau. 

                                <<< JT1Y >>>

The final  list of  operators  for the  7-14  April operation  from  Mongolia
[425DXN 357] includes  Mauro Pregliasco (I1JQJ), Bruno Moras (IV3FEW), Elvira
Simoncini (IV3FSG),  Giuseppe Zancai (IV3ZAC), Michele Sabatino (IK5/EA8AFJ),
Massimo Mucci (I8NHJ),  Nicola Sanna (I0SNY),  Odoardo Tiberi (I0TIC), Angelo
Nardi (IK0SHF), Piero  Palmiotto (IZ0AEH) and Riccardo  Tiberi (IZ0AZQ).  QSL
via I0SNY either direct (Nicola Sanna, Str. Gualtarella 8/M, 06132 S.Sisto  -
PG,  Italy)   or   through   the  bureau.    Visit  the   JT1Y   website   at

3A     - Tony, IK1QBT and Mauro, IK1CJO will  be active again from Monaco  in
         April. They will be signing 3A/IK1QBT (only CW) and 3A/IK1CJO  (only
         RTTY). QSL via their respective home calls, either direct or through
         the bureau. 
3D2    - The last stop of the OK DX Foundation's Pacific trip is confirmed to
         take place from Viti  Levu (OC-016), Fiji  Islands between 24  March
         and 1 April [425DXN 355]. Operators  OK1TN, OK1KT and OK1VD will  be
         joined by OK1CF and OK1DWC and  will be active  as 3D2KT and  3D2TN.
         The side trip to Rotuma has been cancelled. QSL via OKDX Foundation,
         P.O. Box 73  Bradlec, 293 06  Mlada Boleslav,  Czech Republic.  
5W     - The cancellation of their Tongatapu operation (see A3 below)  caused
         OK1TN, OK1KT and OK1VD  to start their  activity from Western  Samoa
         (OC-097) earlier than planned [425DXN 355]. They are active as 5W0VV
         and 5W0SZ  until 23  March. QSL  via OKDX  Foundation, P.O.  Box  73
         Bradlec, 293 06 Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic. 
9U5    - Andy, 9X0A/RW3AH  will  be active  from  Burundi as  9U5/9X0A  every
         Tuesday until the beginning of April starting after 05:00Z.  He will
         be using a mobile QRP RX/TX and will operate only on 20 metres  SSB.
         Look for him around 14.195 and 14.292 MHz. 
A3     - The OKDX  Foundation operation  from  Tongatapu (A35KT  and  A35TN),
         previously scheduled between 5 and 14  March [425DXN 355], has  been
         cancelled because  the  operators could  not  get their  visa.  
JD1_min- Mako, JD1BIY is  currently active (6-160  metres, CW  and SSB)  from
         Minami Torishima (OC-073) and plans to  operate on 160 metres on  15
         March: look for him 1907.5 and  1912.5 (he will be listening  down).
KH1    - Due to  possible worsening  seas which  might slow  their travel  to
         Johnston, the Captain of the SS  Midway decided to pick the team  up
         one day early. So the night between 8 and 9 March (KH1 time) was the
         last of the operations from Howland for this trip. QSL K4AU/WH1  via
         K4AU, QSL WA4FFW/NH1 via WA4FFW. 
KH3    - There the possibility that N4BQW, WA4FFW, NH6UY, K4AU and N4DAZ will
         be able to activate the club station at Johnston Island for whatever
         time they have between  their arrival from  Howland (see KH1  above)
         and their departure from Johnston. In  his latest report Kimo  Chun,
         KH7U stated that the team is likely to arrive in the local afternoon
         of 15 March (very early morning UTC of the 16th). Their plane leaves
         around midnight (local) that night. 
KH8    - One or two Czech operators might take a side trip to American  Samoa
         during their staying on Western  Samoa [see 5W  above]. If they  do,
         they should be active as KH8/KF4MIW and KH8/WP2AIH [425DXN 355]. QSL
         via OKDX Foundation,  P.O. Box 73  Bradlec, 293  06 Mlada  Boleslav,
         Czech Republic.
KH9    - The Dateline  DX Association's  activity from  Wake Island  (OC-053)
         ended on 10 March as the  team needed an  entire day to  disassemble
         all the antennas and pack up  the gear. QSL for K8XP/KH9,  N2OO/KH9,
         N2WB/KH9 and  N6MZ/KH9  via  WA4YBV  (Robert  Pond,  9  River  Cove,
         Portsmouth,  VA   23703,   USA).  Log   search   is   available   at
PJ8    - Don, KF4KRZ has  been active as  PJ8DM from Saba  (NA-145) since  24
         February through late March. He is currently suffering from a  local
         QRN problem  on 40  and 80  metres and  his  preference goes  to  20
         metres. QSL via KF4KRZ.
SU     - Hossam, SU1HM  was  active as  SU1HM/6A  on 10  March.  Although  he
         operated on 14.260 MHz, he was not transmitting from an island,  but
         from Ras Gharib, a village on the mainland. He might also be  active
         with 6A calls (such as 6A1HM,  6A3HM, 6A4HM and 6A5HM) from SU  call
         areas never activated before. QSL via IK3ZAW.
TR     - Sigi, DJ4IJ is active from Gabon as TR8SS. He will operate on  10-40
         metres, CW and  SSB, during  his spare  time in  his evenings  until
         around 15 March. QSL via DK8ZD. 
TY     - Sigi, DJ4IJ should be active from  Benin as TY1IJ between 16 and  18
         March. QSL via DK8ZD. 
UA     - Nick, RA1QQ and RW1ZZ, Dick plan to participate in the IOTA  Contest
         from Kambal'nitskiye Koshki Islands (EU-160) and are looking for two
         or three more operators to join them. If you have 10-20 free days in
         July and are interested  in the expedition,  please contact Nick  as
         soon as possible: Nick A. Smerdov, P.O. Box 24, Cherepovets  162627,
         Russia (email 
VK9_nor - Jim, VK9NS is now active on RTTY. QSL direct to J.B. Smith, P.O. Box
         90, Norfolk Island, Australia 2899. 
YB     - Jorma, OH2KI  will be  active  (mainly on  CW)  as either  YB9BV  or
         YB9/OH2KI from 20 to 30 March. QSL via OH2KI. 

*****************************    GOOD TO KNOW ... ***************************

                    <<< ST0, SOUTHERN SUDAN - DELETED >>>

The ARRL Membership Services Committee  announced on 13  March that both  the
ARRL DXAC and  Awards Committee  have voted  to delete  Southern Sudan,  ST0.
Contacts made before 1 January 1995  will count for the deleted country.  The
"current" countries are now 328 and the deleted are 58. The "deleted country"
concept will come to  an end when  the new DXCC  2000 rules are  implemented,
that is on 31 March 1998. According to  the new rules, no new countries  will
be added to the deleted list in the future. Deleted "entities" simply will be

LU1ZC ---> Ernie, LU4AXV and Hector, LU6UO are now QRT as LU1ZC [425DXN  353]
after logging  more than  37,000 QSOs  from Destacamento  Naval Deception  on
Deception Island,  South Shetlands  (AN-010). QSL  cards are  expected to  be
ready in about one month's time.  QSL via LU6EF (Raul M.  Diaz, GACW, Box  9,
1875 Wilde, Buenos  Aires, Argentina). 

QSL-EXTRA ---> The latest updated version of QSL-EXTRA (February 1998) is now
available at   or   or
http://home.t-online/home/db1jaw - disc  version is  available upon  request:
please contact  DB1JAW (Mike  Weiler,  Stormstr.126, 47445  Moers,  Germany).
QSL-EXTRA lists more than 29,000 QSL managers and addresses.

QSL 5R8EE ---> Cards for Michel, 5R8EE  are via FR5EL (Michel's home call  in
Reunion) and should  be sent direct  to Michel Hoarau,  P.O. Box 87,  F-97832
Tampon, France. Cards at the POB are  collected by a friend of Michel's,  who
goes to Madagascar and meet him every three months. 

QSL VK5ACY ---> Bill, VK5ACY (OC-139) reports he has no access to the bureau.
QSL cards  should  be  addressed  direct to  W.J.  Pickering,  P.O.  Box  90,
Parndana, South Australia 5220, Australia. 

QSL W3AWU/YB6 ---> Al, W3AWU has come  across his logs from his operation  as
W3AWU/YB6 (April-June 1969). "I am almost sure I sent cards to everyone",  Al
reports, "but if there are stations who still need a card, I will be happy to
anser all  SASE  requests or  via  W3  buro". His  current  address  is    Al
Cammarata, 9542 Barkwood Court, Fairfax, VA 22032-1221, USA.

QSL  VIA  PP1CZ  --->  PP1CZ  can  confirm  contacts  made  with:   DJ/PP1CZ,
LX/PP1CZ/P, PP4P, PP0F (Fernando de Noronha, October 1991), PP0MAG (Trindade,
operator PY1MAG now SK),  PQ1CZ, PU1AAJ, PU1AGY,  PU0F (Fernando de  Noronha,
October 1992),  PT2/PP1CZ, PW1Z,  PY1/PP1CZ (SA-029),  PY2/PP1CZ,  PY4/PP1CZ,
PY6/PP1CZ (SA 019), PY7/PP1CZ, PY0F/PP1CZ (Fernando de Noronha, October 1992,
October 1994, November  1996), PY0MAG (Fernando  de Noronha, operator  PY1MAG
now SK), ZW1CZ, ZZ1AA (CQWW SSB 1989), ZZ1CZ (SA-067), ZZ0TA (Trindade, April
1990). QSL to  Ary Leonardo Barbosa  Ferreira, P.O.  Box 010.629,  29.001-970
Vitoria/E.S., Brazil. 

                         *  Q S L   I N F O  [1/4] *

3W6KA    Kasati Ham Radio Club, P.O.Box 76, Saigon, Vietnam
4K9C     Boris Gorobec, P.O.Box 214, 370000 Baku, Azerbaijan
5A1A     P.O.Box 74421, Tripoli, Libya
5R8EW    Patrick, P.O.Box 3934, Antananarivo 101, Madagascar
5W1PC    Perry, P.O.Box 2007, Apia, Western Samoa
6W1RB    Marie Therese Horgue, 158 Avenue Pdt Lamine Gueye, P.O.Box 3749,
         Dakar, Senegal
6W1RE    Didier Senmartin, P.O.Box 3024, Dakar, Senegal
7L1MFS   Yoh Yoshida, Shinko Bldg., 4-1 Arakawa 4-chome, Arakawa 116, Japan
7N1RTO   Mamoru Endo, 102-83-2 Kizuki-Omachi, Kawasaki 211-0031, Japan
9H1ZX    Frank Pleven, St.Joseph Flat/2, Mriehel Street, B'Kara, Malta
9M6CT    Phil Weaver, P.O.Box 7, Bangkok 10506, Thailand
BG7BF    Ro, 249 Yanfeng Road, Hengyang, Hunan 421001, China
CO8TW    Juan Carlos Veranes, P.O.Box 8, Santiago de Cuba 90100, Cuba
DF8AN    Michael Noertmann, Neustadt 18, D-37154 Northeim, Germany
DJ1SKO   Sergeg Kowalev, Hauptstrasse 50, D-84513 Toging, Germany
DK7YY    Falk Weinhold, P.O.Box 700343, Berlin D-10323, Germany
DS1GWV   Park Sang-Young, Mok-Dong APT 1421-1904, Sin Jeong-Dong,Yangchun-Gu,
         Seoul 158-774, Korea
DS2BSK   Jung Hyun Cho, Sujung Apt. 2-104, 651-14, Ganung-1Dong, Uijongbu
         City, Kyunggi-do 480-101, Korea
DS5SPN   Jeong Byeong Tae, 995, Cheon Po-Ri, Geon Cheon-Eup, Kyeong-ju City,
         Kyeong Buk 788-900, Korea
DS5UKL   Kim Mi Nam, 995, Cheon Po-Ri, Geon Cheon-Eup, Kyeong-ju City,
         Kyeong Buk 788-900, Korea
DS5VGA   Choi Byung-Seok, P.O.Box 36, Kyeongju 780-600, Korea
DS5WHM   Jeon Soon-Young, P.O.Box 36, Kyeongju 780-600, Korea
DS5YMF   Chois Yei-Hyun, P.O.Box 36, Kyeongju 780-600, Korea
DU9/W3PID John Griffing, Hubangon-Mahinog, 9101 Camiguin, Philippines
ER1DA    Valery N.Metaxa, P.O.Box 9537, MD-2071 Kishinev, Moldova
ES1QD    Vello Priimann, P.O.Box 2259, EE-0035 Tallinn, Estonia
ES80J    P.O.Box 1649, EE-0035 Tallinn, Estonia
EU1AA    Valentin Benzar, P.O.Box 41, Minsk 220050, Byelorussia
EW2AA    Alex Savushkin, P.O.Box 72, Minsk 220050, Byelorussia

                         *  Q S L   I N F O  [2/4] *

F5IYJ    Philippe Givet, 23 Rue Nouvelle, F-21110 Varanges, France
FM5DP    Victor Daniel Lousy, Fonds Lahaye, Voie 8, F-97233, Schoelcher,
FR5HR    Rene Allegre, 56 Leconte de Lisle, Bois de Nefles, 97411 Saint-Paul,
G0TQJ    Chris M.Vernon, 57 Parker Road, Wittering, Cambs. PE8 6AN, England
G3WNI    Bill Lindsay-Smith, Way Close, Hemyock, Cullompton EX15 3QY, England
GU3WHN   M.Sloan, Dauphin Vert Portinfer, Vale GY6 8LN, Guernsey Island, U.K.
HB9DLZ   Daniel Lamon, Rue de la Vignette 22, CH-1530 Payern, Switzerland
HB9FBG   Mauro Santus, CH 6998, Termine di Monteggio, Switzerland
HB9HFN   Cedric Baechler, Mettetlet 26, CH-1763 Granges-Paccot, Switzerland
HL0K     200-1 Hwajun-Dong, Dukyang-Gu, Koyang-City, Kyonggi-Do 411-791,Korea
HR2JGG   Jorge Giacoman, P.O.Box 351, El Progreso, Yoro 23201, Honduras
HR2MDP   Maria Dalila Portillo, P.O.Box 200, El Progreso, Yoro 23201,Honduras
HS1GUW   Ong-art Khaocharee, P.O.Box 8, Tungbenchar, Thamai, Chantaburi
         22170, Thailand
J39CY    Frank Noel, P.O.Box 578, St.Georges, Grenada
JU2DX    P.O.Box 639, Ulaanbaatar 13, Mongolia
K4AVQ    Alan Caplan, 14020 140th Court, Apple Valley, MN-55124-9422, U.S.A.
K4LTA    Bill O'Kain, 101 Baylor Drive, Oak Ridge, TN-37830, U.S.A.
K4UPS    Ruby O'Kain, 101 Baylor Drive, Oak Ridge, TN-37830, U.S.A.
KG0JH    Kate M.Garwood, 2200 Tamarack Dr., Long Lake, Hennepin,MN-55356, USA
LA7YJA   Roman Szymanski, Greisdalslia 30, N-8028 Morkved, Norway
N4LZL    Betty Oakberg, 105 Ulena Lane, Oak Ridge, TN-37830, U.S.A.
N5DRV    John Duke, 1431 Pleasant Drive, Dallas, TX-75217-2168, U.S.A.
N5HG     Lee Germany, 6970 Neptune Court, New Orleans, LA-70126, U.S.A.
N6ZV     Don Jones, 1695 West Avenue # 04, Palmdale, CA-93551, U.S.A.
NP3P     Cadena el Conquistador, P.O.Box 161, Fajardo, PR-00738, U.S.A.
NT7X     Steve C.Thompson, 119 E Jasmine St, Mesa, Maricopa, AZ-85201, U.S.A.
OE3GRU   Guenhard Froehlich, Schloss-Siedlung 9, A-2525 Guenselsdorf, Austria
OH2BAD   Miika Heikinheimo, Sammonkatu 7 A 4, FIN-00100 Helsinki
OH2PM/BY1QH Pertti Simovaara, Asia Pacific Building Apt 1106, No 8, Ya Bao
         Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020, Peoples Republic of China
OKDXA    Oklahoma DX Association, P.O.Box 88, Morris, OK-74445-0088, U.S.A.
OKDXF    OK DX Foundation, P.O.Box 73, Bradlec 293 06, Mlada Boleslav,
         Czech Republic
OM1APD   Pavel Dobrocky, Lietavska 16, Bratislava, 85105, Slovakia
ON4APS   Patrick Piesen, Koolkerkesteenweg 141, B-8800 Brugge, Belgium
ON5SE    Mayon Frank, Fouches, Rue de la Valle 29, B-6700 Arlon, Belgium
P43ARC   P.O.Box 2273, San Nicolas, Aruba, West Indies
P43DJ    Djurre Vrieswijk, P.O.Box 417, Aruba, West Indies
P43T     Anthony Thiel, P.O.Box 4234, Noord, Aruba, West Indies
PP5LL    Jaime Lira, Cx.Postal 08, Florianopolis, SC, 88010-970, Brasil
PY4MBJ   P.O.Box 387, Juiz de Fora, MG, 36001-970, Brazil
RW1QW    P.O.Box 23, Vologda, 160035, Russia
RW9A     P.O.Box 15992, Chelyabinsk, 454091, Russia
SK5BE    Nykopings Sendareamatorer, c/o Gunnar Hedin, P.O.Box 25, S-61122
         Nykoping, Sweden
SV0LK    Helmut Muschalle, P.O.Box 9, GR-70014 Hersonissou, Crete, Greece
SV2TSL   Radio Amateur Union of Northern Greece, P.O.Box 10483, GR-541 10
         Thessaloniki, Greece
SU3YM    P.O.Box 545, Port Said, Egypt
UA0FM    P.O.Box 66, 630011 Vladimir City, Russia
UA0KCL   Yuri Lobachev, Ul.Obrucheva 2-b, kv.41, Pevek, 686610, Magadanskaya,
UA9AB    Gene Shcumat, P.O.Box 17, Troitsk, 457100, Chelyabinskaya, Russia
UT9NA    Serge, P.O.Box 8100, Vinnitsa, 286050, Ukraine
UX0FF    Nikolay Lavreka, P.O.Box 3, Izmail-Centre, 272630, Ukraine
VS6BG    Brett Graham, P.O.Box 12727, Hong Kong, China
VK9EKY   Frank Z.Murdzia, 3-8-41 Shijimizuka, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 432-8018,
VP8CKN   Tim Cotter, P.O.Box 478, Stanley, Falkland Islands, via U.K.
VU2LB    Lalit S. Diwakar, "Gurugovind" Opp. Merubaug, Gogha Road,
         Bhavnagar 364 001, India
W2JDK    Paul J.Herrmann, 5992 Ct, Lockport, Niagara, NY-14094, U.S.A.
W4WX     Bill Gallier, 4094 Sandy Run Drive E., Middleburg, FL-32068, U.S.A.
W5KNE    Bob Win, 2731 N.Colfax Circle, Plano, TX-75075, U.S.A.
W7NTF    Gary E.Kohtala, 23417 35th Avenue, Court East, Spanaway,WA-98387,USA
W8AV     Elmer Steingass, 1690 N. Honeytown Road, Wooster, OH-44691-9511,USA
WA4YBV   Robert Pond, 9 River Cove, Portsmouth, VA-23703, U.S.A.
WB8GEX   Joseph B.Pater, 1894 Old Oxford Rd, Hamilton, Butler, OH-45013, USA
XE1KK    Ramon Santoyo V., P.O.Box 19-564, 03901 Mexico, DF, Mexico
YB0AI    Taufan Prioutomo, JI Kebon Kelapa 25-A, Jakarta 12220, Indonesia
YC1UVV   Adi Fitrato, Jl.Husada I No 81, Cibening, Bekasi 17412, Indonesia
YS1EJ    Juan M Molina, POB 01-419, San Salvador, El Salvador
YT4D     P.O.Box 99, 74000 Doboj, R.S., Via Yugoslavia

                         *  Q S L   I N F O  [3/4] *

CALL       MANAGER         CALL        MANAGER        CALL       MANAGER    
1B1/OE5GML OE5GML          FR/F5ROL    F5ROL          S91FC      CT1EAT     
1X1AO      UA6WAR          FR5VZ       F8VZ           S92FC      CT1EAT     
3A/DJ7RJ   DJ7RJ           FS/K3DI     K3DI           S97A       CT1EAT     
3C1GS      EA5BYP          FT5WG       F6APU          SX2THE     SV2TSL     
3D2KT      OKDXF           FT5XN       F6PEN          T32O       WC5P       
3D2ME      7N1RTO (JG2EBN) FW5XX       ON4QM          T48RAC     VE3ESE     
3D2TN      OKDXF           GB0SM       G3WNI          T88II      KJ9I       
3DA0CA     W4DR            GB2BP       RSGB Bureau    TA1/RU9WW  RW9WA      
3E9CKK     HP1CKK          GB2SDD      GW6EOL         TA3ZK      DL4VBP     
3W5FM      UA0FM           GU4YWY/M    G4YWY          TI5N       TI5KD      
3W6LK      W2LK            HB0/HB9LEY  JH1BSE         TJ1GB      K6SLO      
3W6WE      K2WE            HB2CA       HB9DLE         TJ1GD      SP9CLQ     
3W7TK      OK1HWB          HB5H        HB9FAP         TK/F6FGY   F6FGY      
3XA8DX     DJ6SI           HC6CR       NE8Z           TL8CK      F6EWM      
3XY7A      VE6DYS          HD2RG       HC2RG          TL8PL      F5LNA      
4F3CV      HB9CXZ          HF0POL      SP3BGD         TM2OO      F5KQN      
4J80ADR    4K9C            HH2/N3WCN   N1XVU          TR8SS      DK8SD      
4KA5CW     4K9C            HI/DL7DF    DL7DF          TT37Y      F6FNU      
4KA9C      4K9C            HK0/KB5GL   AC7DX          TT8FC      EA4AHK     
4S7BRG     HB9BRM          HL5KY       W3HNK          TT8JE      F6FNU      
4X50BL/SK  4X4BL           HL9TG       W7NTF (WA7NTF) TT8JWM     N4RXL      
4X50CL/SK  4Z4BS           HP1XBI      F6AJA          TT8KM      F6FNU      
4X50CZ/SK  4Z5IS           HR6/W4OVU   W4OVU          TT8SA      IV3VBM     
4X50LO/SK  4Z4SZ           HR6/WD4JNS  WD4JNS         TU2MA      OH8SR      
4X50NY/SK  4Z5GV           HR6/WP3A    NP4Z           TU2XZ      W3HC       
4X50OX/SK  4Z5DW           HS0/JR3XMG  JG3AVI         TU3F       F6AXP      
4X50SF/SK  4X1VF           HS1RU       JG3AVS         TU5NN      CT4NQ      
4X50SY/SK  4Z5GV           HU1X        YT1AD          TXK8DX     WB2RAJ     
4X50VN/SK  4X6WP           HU4X        Z32AU          TZ6FIC     F6KEQ      
5A21PA     ON4APS          HZ1AB       K8PYD          TZ6HP      JA1OEM     
5B4/T97M   K2PF            HZ1RT       IK7JTF         TZ6JA      JA3EMU     
5B4AFU     G4MFU           II3OTA      IK2PZG         UA0KCL/0   UA0KCL     
5H1/G0IXC  G0IXC           II4T        IK4MHB         UA2AA      DK4VW      
5H3RB      LA4DM           IL7/IK7EZP  IK7EZP         UA9XFY/3   ES4RO      
5N3CPR     SP5CPR          IL7/IK7JWX  IK7JWX         UE1QAA     RW1QW      
5N7YZC     WA1ECA          IL7/IK7TAJ  IK7TAJ         UE1QKM     RW1QW      
5W0SZ      OKDXF           IR1A        IK1GPG         UE1QNT     RW1QW      
5W0VV      OKDXF           J28DU       F5OYM          UE1QNY     RW1QW      
5Z4EO      DL0MAR          J3/K4LTA    K4LTA          UE1QSK     RW1QW      
6Y4A       WA4WTG          J3/N1FVR    OE3GRU         UE6FST     RZ6HWA     
7J3AXQ     WV9T            J3/N9NS     N9NS           UI8OAA     IK2QPR     
7S5BE      SK5BE           J3/NK4N     N4LZL          UM8OM      IK2QPR     
7X2RO      OM3CGN          J45RDS      SV5AZP         UR4WWT     WR3L       
7Z1IS      SM0OFG          J45T        SV5TS          UR6F       UX0FF      
7Z5OO      N2AU            J52IM       KB9XN          V26E       AB2E       
8P6DA      KU9C            J6/KF8OY    KF8OY          V26GG      OKDXF      
8P9CT      K9JJR           J6/PA3BBP   PA3ERC         V26HL      AA1M       
8P9IF      G3PJT           J6/PA3EWP   PA3ERC         V26NR      W1USN      
8P9P       WJ5DX           J68BW       KF8OY          V26OC      N3OC       
8Q7BE      DL8NBE          J7/W2KKZ    W2KKZ          V26SL      AA1M       
8Q7BV      HB9DIF          J73KKZ      W2KKZ          V26TT      K5TT (WV5S)
8Q7DF      IK5MDF          J8/EA2BP    EA2BP          V26U       W2UDT      
8Q7JR      DF5JR           J8/W2LU     W2LU           V31DL      WI9H       
8Q7UO      DL5UO           J80R        EA2BP          V31FE      VE3FE      
9G5SW      G3VMW           JW9PJA      LA9PJA         V31LL      N7TLL      
9J2AM      JA0JHA          JY5SK       W9XY           V31NX      N6FH       
9K2/G4NQO  N6LUI           JY9RU       F5ARU          V47KP      K2SB       
9M2/OH3UU  OH3UU           KG4GC       W4WX           V73NN      N3OA       
9M2EU      JA2EJI          KG4OX       W4OX           V73UX      V73AX      
9M2NK      JE1JKL          KG4QD       K4QD           V73ZQ      DL2GBT     
9M6BG      VS6BG           KG4WW       KX4WW          VI3GP      VK3ER      
9N1NCW     DL3NCW          KG4ZK       W4ZYT          VI5OG      VK3ATL     
9N1UD      K4VUD           KH2/DF8AN   DF8AN          VI9XN      W5KNE      
9V1ZW      JA9IFF          KH5/KA4IST  AC7DX          VK4SK      DL1FDV     
A35KT      OKDXF           KH5K/KA4IST AC7DX          VK9CR      DK7YY      
A35RK      W7TSQ           KH5K/N4BQW  WA4FFW         VK9XN      W5KNE      
A35TN      OKDXF           KH6/JG1OUT  JG1OUT         VK9XY      DK7YY      
A61AN      WA2JUN          KH8/KF4MIW  OKDXF          VK9YW      W5KNE      
A61AO      N1DG            KH8/WP2AIH  OKDXF          VP2EEI     K1LPA      
A61AP      IK7JTF          KH9/K8XP    WA4YBV         VP2EKS     HB9KS      
BA4TB      9A2AJ           KH9/N2OO    WA4YBV         VP2EXM     DL3XM      

                         *  Q S L   I N F O  [3/4] *

C42A       DK4VW           KH9/N2WB    WA4YBV         VP2M/N2NB  NW8F       
C6A/AA6EW  AA6EW           KH9/N6MZ    WA4YBV         VP2V/KG6ZR KG6ZR      
C6A/N4NP   N4NP            KP2/W0BV    W0BV           VP2VI/50   AB1U       
C6A/WE9WI  WE9WI           KP3/W0BV    W0BV           VP5/K4MA   K4MA       
C6AIE      WZ8D            KP4/EA3NY   EA3NY          VP5FXB     W8AV       
C6AJR      WB8GEX          KP4/W4OC    W4OC           VP5NC      AA4NC      
C6AKE      WA4JID          L50DT       LU6DSR         VP8CXV     G0TQJ      
C91LCK     I4LCK           LU/UX1KA    DL5EBE         VP9/AJ2U   WB2YQH     
CE9AAP     CE2LOL          LY3JY       F6EYB          VP9/N2KJM  N2KJM      
CN2GF      IK1GPG          N5VL        W5IJU          VP9ID      K1EFI      
CN2IB      OM1APD          NH1/WA4FFW  WA4FFW         VP9LR      K1EFI      
CN37MC     CN8SS           NH7A        N2AU           VQ9AI      WB0BNR     
CN37NK     CN8MC           NP4U        NP4JK          VQ9JC      WB9IHH     
CO2ZZ      HI3JH           OD5/SP3DPR  SP3NYM         VQ9PH      W2JDK      
CO8ZZ      HI3JH           OE9S        OE2GEN         VQ9RU      KH2RU      
CP8XA      DG9NB           OH0MAM      OH2MAM         VQ9ZZ      NS1L       
CQ98BD     CT3BD           OH0W        OH2IW          VR2/OH2YY  OH2YY      
CT3BX      DJ6QT           ON50LUS     ON5SE (CW)     VU2ABE     JA4DOB     
CT98AAM    CT1AAM          ON50LUS     ON4LCV (SSB)   W2T        K2SMZ      
CT98ADY    CT1ADY          ON50NMR     ON4RU          W6A        KC6ETY     
CT98AHU    CT1AHU          ON50RAM     ON4LCT         WH1/K4AU   K4AU (KM4AU)
CT98AZC    CT1AZC          ON50RAT     ON6DP          WP2Z       KU9C       
CT98BNW    CT1BNW          P29AS       K6VNX          XE1RCS     XE1KK      
CT98BWW    CT1BWW          P29VXX      DK7YY          XE2EBE     AA6DP      
CT98EDA    CT1EDA          P4/I2UIY    I2EOW          XE2MX      K6VNX      
CT98EGW    CT1EGW          P40K        I2EOW          XT2OW      F5RLE      
CT98FIJ    CT1FIJ          P40W        N2MM           XV7SV      SM0ORV     
CT98REP    CT1REP          P40XM       DL3XM          XV7SW      SM3CXS     
CU2X       DL3LAB          P43P        P43ARC         YB0ARA/9   N2AU       
CV1A       CX8DX           PA3EVJ      VE3MR          YI1ALW     WB3CQN     
CX25S      CX6VM           PJ5AA       N2AU           YJ8UU      ZL2HE      
CX6/LU2CP  CX6FP           PJ8LT       W1YJI          YN4/WK6O   KB5IPQ     
D2AI       CT1EGH          PJ9/K2NG    WA2NHA         YS1ESB     EA7BO      
DS4BBL     EA2AKP          PJ9/VE3VRO  VE3VRO         YS9/YT1AD  YT1AD      
DU1/DF8AN  DF8AN           PJ9/W1WEF   W1WEF          YS9/Z32AU  Z32AU      
DU1/KH0BZ  WH0AAV          PJ9G        K2NG           Z24S       W3HNK      
DU100RG    DU9RG           PQ5L        PP5LL          Z31GB      NN6C       
DU1WHO     WH0AAV          PR5L        PP5LL          Z31JA      NO6X       
DU3NXE     W4NXE           PT4M        PY4MBJ         Z32MW      DL1FDD     
EA5URP     EA5FXG          PU163MP     PP5LL          Z32XA      NN6C       
EA8/DL7AU  DL7VRO          PY2ZP       PY2GY          Z32XX      NN6C       
EA8BYR     WA1ECA          PZ5JB       AA3OE          Z350GBC    NN6C       
ED1BEY     EA1BEY          PZ5YY       AE4YY          Z38/NN6C   NN6C       
ED3VGC     EA3NI           R0DAT       UA3DAT         Z38/NO6X   NO6X       
EG7DCA     EA7URS          R1ANZ       UW1ZC          Z38C       NO6X       
EK6CC      N8BGD           R1ASP       RA1AD          ZC6MPT     JA1UT      
ER0F       UX0FF           R1DIG       OH5JRT         ZD8Z       VE3HO      
ER1/RB5FF  UX0FF           RI1OA       IK2QPR         ZF2AH      W6VNR      
ES80J      ES1AX           RK0QXY      UA0KCL         ZF2JB      KK9A       
ES80L      ES6PL           RM6A        RW6AWT         ZF2MR      W6MR       
ES80M      ES1QD           RN9HM       RW6HS          ZK1KTT     OKDXF      
ES80Q      ES5RY           RO0F        UX0FF          ZK1TNN     OKDXF      
ES80R      ES7RE           RO6/RB5FF   UX0FF          ZL7DK      DK7YY      
EX2M       DL4MFM          RU0LAX      W3HC           ZP0Z       ZP5AZL     
EY8CQ      DJ1SKO          RU1POL/0    UA0KCL         ZS26BI     ZS1FJ      
EZ8AI      RW6HS           RW9AY       UA9AB          ZW4M       PY4MBJ     
FH/DL1DA   DL1DA           RY0F        UX0FF          ZY5YZ      PP5LL      

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