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425 DX News #395
28 November 1998
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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3B8    - Gerard, F6BBH plans to be active as 3B8/F6BBH from Mauritius  Island
         (AF-049) during the first two weeks of December. [TNX The Daily DX]
5X     - Mats, 5X1Z (SM7PKK) will participate in  the CQ WW CW DX Contest  on
         either 10 or 15 metres. QSL via SM6CAS. [TNX 5X1Z]
6Y     - K7CO will be active (10-160 metres,  WARC bands included, SSB  only)
         as K7CO/6Y5 from Jamaica (NA-097) until 1 December. Online logs  are
         available at [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
9M6    - Roland, DK3GI will be signing 9M6AAC during the CQ WW CW DX Contest.
         QSL via N2OO (Bob Schenck, P.O.  Box 345, Tuckerton, NJ 08087,  USA)
         [TNX N2OO]
9M8    - Hans, DF5UG/9M8QQ  was forced  to cancel  his operation  from  Pulau
         Satang (OC-165) [425DXN 394] due to bad weather. He hopes to  return
         in March/April 1999. [TNX HS0/G3NOM]
9M8    - JH3GAH, JR3WXA and JE5FLM (who have  already operated as V85TG  from
         Brunei) are currently active as 9M8TG from East Malaysia. They  will
         participate in the CQ WW CW DX Contest as 9M8YY (15 metres). QSL via
         JH3GAH. [TNX W3UR]
A6     - Ali (A61AJ), Bernie (W3UR) and others will participate in the CQ  WW
         CW Contest as  A61AJ (Multi-Multi) from  Dubai. QSL  via W3UR.  [TNX
CO     - Juan Carlos, CO8TW will participate in both the CQ WW CW DX and ARRL
         160 Meters CW Contests. QSL via  either W3HNK (Joe Arcure, P.O.  Box
         73, Edgemont, PA 19028, USA) or  CO8TW (Juan Carlos Veranes  Ferrer,
         P.O. Box  8,  Santiago  de  Cuba, CP  90100,  Cuba).  His  logs  are
         available [TNX CO8TW]
CO     - Victor, CO8HF  (on SSB)  and  Juan Carlos,  CO8TW  (on CW)  plan  to
         participate in the ARRL 10 Meters  Contest as CO8HF. QSL via  CT1ESO
         or direct to CO8HF (Victor Mustelier, P.O. Box 12, Santiago de Cuba,
         CP 90100, Cuba). [TNX CO8HF and CO8TW]
D4     - Falk, DK7YY and Hein,  DL2OBF will be  visiting Cape Verde  (AF-005)
         between 25 November and 1 December.  They plaan to be active  during
         the CQ WW CW DX Contest  as D44BC (Multi-Single), while outside  the
         contest they plan to concentrate on 30 metres. QSL direct to  D44BC.
         [TNX DL2OBF]
FK     - Franck, FK8HC will participate in the  CQ WW CW  DX Contest as  TX8A
         (single operator on 10 metres). QSL via either VK4FW. (Bill  Horner,
         P.O.  Box  929,  Gympie,  4570  QLD,  Australia)  or  FK8HC  (Franck
         Petitjean, BP 7636, 98801 Noumea Cedex, New Caledonia). [TNX FK8HC]
FT5Z   - Eric (F5SIH) and Mehdi (F5PFP) became active as FT5ZH from Amsterdam
         [425DXN 389] on  26 November. It  will not be  possible to have  the
         logs before their return in January. This weekend they will be on CW
         some of the time during the contest (please note that they will  NOT
         be participating in the CQWW themselves, but they will answer  calls
         and thus give desirable multipliers for zone 39). The pilot stations
         are Jeffrey Pawlan,  WA6KBL for  North America  (
         and Gil  Gautier, F5NOD  (  QSL via  F6KDF  either
         direct (Radio Club de la Gendarmerie, 292 route de Genas, 69677 Bron
         Cedex, France) or through the bureau. See FT5Z SCHEDULE below.  [TNX
FY     - Dave, DJ0PJ  will  be  active as  FY/DJ0PJ  from  French  Guiana  in
         December (except during the Christmas holidays) and again in January
         1999. Look for him on 14060, 21060 and 28060 kHz QRP. QSL via DJ0PJ.
         [TNX DX News Sheet]
HS     - Amateurs from Thailand have been granted permission to operate on 80
         (3534-3536 KHz) and 160 metres (1840-1850  KHz) during the CQ WW  CW
         DX Contest.
HS     - A new team of operators (mainly Thai nationals) will participate  in
         the CQ WW  CW DX Contest  from club  station HS0AC,  which is  being
         re-vitalised  under  new  management.   The  official  QSL   manager
         appointed by  RAST (Radio  Amateur Society  of Thailand)  is  G3NOM,
         currently HS0/G3NOM, who has the logs for HS0AC from 1991 onwards.
I      - Alfeo, I1HJT plans to participate in the CQ WW CW DX Contest as II1H
         on 80 metres. QSL via home call. [TNX I1HJT]
LU     - LR0H is the contest call of Javier, LU9HS (ex-LU9HZS). Look for  him
         to be active during the main  SSB and RTTY  contests. QSL via  LU9HS
         (Javier Omar Santillan, Av. 52 Casa 40 B Aeronautico, 5022  Cordoba,
         Argentina). [TNX LU9HS]
P4     - Ed, KR3I will be active as P40I from ARuba (SA-036) between 1 and  8
         December. Look for him on 10-40  metres (possibly 80 metres)  mainly
         on CW. QSL via KR3I. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
PJ9    - Joeke, PA0VDV will  be active  possibly as  PJ9/PA0VDV from  Curacao
         (SA-006), Netherlands Antilles between 29 November and 28  December.
         [TNX The Daily DX]
SV     - A group  of Greek  operators will  participate in  the CQ  WW CW  DX
         Contest as J41Y (Multi-Single) from a mountain location at 1685 asl.
         QSL direct only to SV1DKL. [TNX SV1DKL]
T3     - Latest news  from  Kiribati report  that  Karl, DL1VU  is  going  to
         Tarawa, West Kiribati (T30CT) and then to Banaba (T33VU); the voyage
         from Christmas to Tarawa has already taken him to  Tabuaeran/Fanning
         (OC-084, where  Karl  was  able  to  operate  from  the  beach)  and
         Teraina/Washington (OC-084). His return trip will  take him back  to
         Tarawa, Canton  (Central  Kiribati, T31AF),  Christmas  (T32VU)  and
         finally Hawaii. In the meanwhile Gert,  DJ5IW/T32IW has remained  at
         Christmas, from where he will be  active until early December.  [TNX
         W4FOA and WD8MGQ]
TL     - Alex, TL5A will participate in the  CQ WW CW DX  Contest as TL0R  on
         either 20 or 15 metres. QSL via PA3DMH. [TNX PA3DMH]
UA     - Russian operators RW9CF, UA9CR, UA9DD and UA9CGA will participate in
         the CQ WW  CW DX Contest  as RY9C (Multi-Single,  Zone 17). QSL  via
         RK9CWA (Radioclub, Malyshev St. 33-A, Ekaterinburg, 620014  Russia).
         [TNX UA9CR]
VE     - Amateurs from Canada  are authorized  to use  the following  special
         prefixes  between  1  and  31  December  to  commemorate  the   75th
         anniversary of  the  first two-way  transatlantic  exchange  between
         amateur radio  operators  (normal prefix/special  prefix):  VE1/CG1,
         VE2/CG2,  VA2/CF2,  VE3/CG3,  VA3/CF3,  VE4/CG4,  VE5/CG5,  VE6/CG6,
         VE7/CG7, VE8/CG8, VE9/CG9,  VO1/CJ1, VO2/CJ2,  VY1/CK1 and  VY2/CK2.
         [TNX DX News Sheet]
VR     - Frank, DL3MFN will  be active for  the next  two years  as VR2FD  or
         VR98FD from Hong Kong. QSL via bureu to DL3MFN. [TNX The Daily DX]
VU     - VU2WAP, VU2NTA and guest operator W1NN will participate in the CQ WW
         CW DX Contest as VU2WAP on 10-160 metres. [TNX VU2NTA]
XU     - Hiro, JA2EZD/XU2A was active as XUX0 from Koh Poah (AS-133). QSL via
         7L1MFS (Hiroshi Yoh Yoshida, Shinko, 4-4-1 Arakawa, 116-0002  Tokyo,
XZ     - XZ1N [425DXN 394] has logged a little over 7,000 QSOs so far.  Other
         seven operators are exptected to arrive on 27 November and have  the
         fourth station up and running. QSL via W1XT (Robert M Myers, 37875 N
         10th St, Phoenix, AZ 85027, USA). The web page for the DXpedition is
ZB     - Martyn, G3RFX will  be active  (10-80 metres  CW and  SSB) again  as
         ZB2FX from Gibraltar  between 29 November  and 8  December. QSL  via
         G3RFX. [TNX DX News Sheet]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH     

BQ9P LOGS ---> The  logs (some 37,600  QSOs) are not  yet available on  line.
"Most of the logs are on paper, and need to be entered, and verified,  before
posting to the Internet", Steve, KU9C reports.  "I'm doing this as fast as  I
can, [...] they will not be released until  I've had the chance to enter  and
check all entries,  to minimize the  issues of errors  on the website".  [TNX

CHILTERN DX CLUB ---> The aims of the Chiltern DX Club, the UK DX Foundation,
are to promote HF operating, to  encourage excellence, particularly in  DXing
and contest operating, through mutual assistance  and by encouraging  support
of DXpeditions, the issue of achievement awards, or by whatever othere  means
is  deemed  to  be  appropriate.  The   CDXC  web  site   can  be  found   at

DIGITAL-DX ---> The  Digital DX mailing  list on the  current server will  be
closed on 30  November. Current subscribers  will *not* be  moved to the  new
server,  so  they  should  re-subscribe  by  sending  a  command   (subscribe
digital-dx) to  The mailing  list is  run by  Yukio
Hosokawa, JE2ERH ( [TNX JH2PDS/1]

DUTCH PREFIXES ---> Andre van den  Bos, PA0JR reports that licenced  amateurs
from The Netherlands are now allowed to choose their own callsign. The prefix
blocks allocated  by  the  Dutch authorities  are  PA1-PA0  and  PB1-PB0  (HF
licences), PD1-PD0 (Novice linceces) and PE1-PE0 (VHF licences), with two  or
three letter suffixes. Prefixes with "6" are for special event stations. 

FR5ZU/G ---> QSL manager Zareh Amadouny, VE2NW reports that during his recent
operation from Glorioso [425DXN 387], Jacques,  FR5ZU/G had trouble with  his
power supply unit. He was  unable to use  his transceiver, portable  computer
and camcorder and  enededup usign a  battery from  a tractor.  The logs  were
taken on paper and will be  forwarded to Zareh as soon  as Jacques gets  some
free time. [TNX VE2NW]

FT5Z SCHEDULE ---> Jeffrey Pawlan, WA6KBL  (pilot station for North  America)
has worked out  a starting schedule.  It has  not been  is effect  so far  as
Jeffrey has not been able to fax it to the base at Amsterdam, hopefully their
fax machine will be on line in a couple of days:
TIME (UTC)   STATION #1                TIME (UTC)   STATION #2
-----------------------                -----------------------
0100-0700  sleep, wash, eat            0100-0700  sleep, wash, eat
0700-0900  12m to JA & Asia            0700-0900  17m to JA, Asia & VK
0900-0930  eat, rest                   0900-0930  eat, rest
0930-1230  20m to JA, Asia & VK        0930-1200  17m to JA, Asia & VK
1230-1430  20m to Europe & Baltic      1200-1300  17m to Europe & Baltic
1430-1500  20m LP to VE1 & VE2         1300-1430  40m to West Coast & XE
1500-1600  20m LP to XE & East Coast   1430-1530  80m to West Coast
1600-1800  20m West Coast              1530-1600  30m to USA
1800-1830  eat, rest                   1600-1630  17m to mid USA & East Coast
1830-2100  20m mid USA & East Coast    1630-1700  15m to West Coast, mid USA
2100-2200  40m mid USA & East Coast    1700-1730  15m to East Coast, VE1-VE5
2200-0000  20m to XE (LP), KL7 & KH6   1730-1800  17m
0000-0030  20m LP to VE6 & VE7         1800-1830  eat, rest
0030-0100  15m to KL7 & JA             1830-2000  40m
                                       2000-2300  80m to Europe & Baltic
                                       2300-0100  30m to mid USA & East Coast
Later, they will be on RTTY and 160 metres, and also set aside times for  QRP
contacts. On days when the flux is high and the A index is cooperative,  they
will try 12  and 10 metres.  If you want  to participate  in the  propagation
experiment and  possible  revision of  the  operating schedule,  please  send
Jeffrey, WA6KBL  (  an  e-mail  giving  your  name,  call,
location, antenna information, and the frequencies, times, signal  strengths,
and bearings that you heard the signals from FT5ZH. [TNX WA6KBL]

MORE ISLAND AWARDS ---> The Award  Manager for "Islands  of West Dvina  River
Award"  is  EW6BN  (Yuri  Kazakevich,  P.O.  Box  61,  Novopolotsk-6,  211440
Belarus). The "Greek Islands Award" is sponsored by RAAG, the Greek  national
society; for further information please conatct RAAG, Award Manager, P.O. Box
3564, Athens GR-10210, Greece. [TNX I2LXA]

PALESTINE --->  The following  information comes  from  The Daily  DX:  "John
Kanode, N4MM, reports that Palestine will be granted an international dialing
code and  a  call  sign  prefix block  per  the  recent  ITU  Plenipotentiary
Conference that was held in Minnesota. Kanode went on to say 'When  Palestine
gets its permanent ITU call sign  block it will be  eligible for addition  to
the ARRL DXCC  List.' No  mention of  when Palestine  would be  added to  the
official ITU list."

QSL EU-155  --->  QSL  manager IK2XDE  (Andrea  Bernardo,  P.O.Box  3,  22072
Cermenate -  CO,  Italy) reports  that  direct cards  for  I2OGV/P,  I2RFJ/P,
IK2JYT/P, IK2XDE/P, IK2XDF/P  and IK2XNW/P  August 1998  operations from  IIA
RO-004, FE-001 (IOTA EU-155), FE-003 (IOTA  EU-155) and FE-005 have all  been
sent out. Remaining QSOs will  be confirmed through  the bureau in  December.
Logs   for   the   Project   DX   Team's   activities   are   available    at

QSL JY9NE ---> Pete, N3FNE has been operating from Jordan as JY9NE for  about
one year and using the Jordanian bureau to exchange QSL cards. "Beginning  in
November", he reports, "I would like QSL cards to be sent to my home call  in
the United States, N3FNE". Pete expects  to be active  (on 40-2 metres)  from
Jordan until the summer of 2000. [TNX JY9NE]

QSL RM6A --->  The new QSL  manager is  W3HNK, who  will be  able to  confirm
contacts made from the 1998 CQWW CW Contest onwards. Cards for past  contests
should be  addressed  to Sam  Dubovtsev,  P.O. Box  600,  Krasnodar,  350062,
Russia. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]

QSL T32NCC  ---> Zoli,  HA1AG is  the *new*  QSL  manager for  Chuck,  T32NCC
(OC-084) [425DXN  390]. The  cards have  been printed  and Zoli  has  already
received the first logs from Chuck. Donations of any kind would be gratefully
appreciated and will be forwarded to Chuck (his primary need is equipment and
Zoli can arrange  shipping). QSL to  Zoli Pitman,  Somogyi Bela  ut 18,  Gyor
9024, Hungary or through the bureau.

QSL VIA G3NOM ---> Ray Gerrard,  HS0/G3NOM is the QSL manager for  5B4/G3NOM,
9M2OM,  9M2/G3NOM,  E20AT,   E22DX,  E28DX,   G3NOM/ZC6,  HS0AC,   HS0/G3NOM,
JT4/G3NOM, S21U, S21ZF, S2/G3NOM, XU1NOM, XY1HT. QSL either direct (P.O.  Box
1300, Bangkok, 10112, Thailand) or through  the Thai or British bureau.  [TNX

QSL VIA W0RTT ---> Please note  that Peter Grillo, W0RTT (ex-AH3C,  KN0E/KH3,
W6RTT, W9LVT, W5LZG, K9PDH) can confirm  contacts made with  C4A in the  1995
CQWW CW only (the QSL manager for all other operations is 9A3A) and with PT0F
in the 1992 CQWW CW only (the QSL manager for all other operations is  N5FA).
QSL direct only to Peter Grillo, 501 County Road 41, Bellvue, Colorado 80512,

VK9XL ---> The ARRL DXCC Desk reports that operations by UA0ZDA as VK9XL from
Christams Island  and VK9XL/LH  from Lord  Howe in  February-March 1996  took
place on  board a  ship where  he was  a radio  operator. QSL  cards are  not
acceptable for either DXCC or IOTA. [TNX DX News Sheet]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***   
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH     

LOGS:         The logs for PA3AXU's recent operation  as A35XU are  available
              at;  those for  5W0GD  are
              available at [TNX PA3AXU]
LOGS:         The complete  E30GA logs  (35,412 QSOs)  are now  available  at
     [TNX WD4NGB]

QSL received via direct:  3B7RF,  3DA0CA, 3V8BB, 4S7CF, 5A1A, 5B4ADA,  5R8FL,
5W1TBR, 6W1QV, 6Y5/K2KW, 8Q7US, 9G5VJ, 9H1AL,  9H0VRZ, 9M2MT, 9M6AAC,  A35FT,
AK1L (NA-055), BV5BG,  C56/DL6AMI, CO2OR, CX3HF,  D2BB, D3X, DS5USH,  E21EJC,
E22AAA, EP2MKO,  ET3AA,  EX8CW,  EY8MM,  FO0SUC  (OC-152),  FS5PL,  GJ0WFH/M,
035), IA5/IK1JJB  (IIA  LI-027), IB0/IZ0BFK  (IIA  LT-013),  IB0/IZ0CKJ  (IIA
LT-006, 008, 012, 016, 022), ID9/I2IAU (IIA ME-001, 009, 010, 021, 023, 035), 
IJ8/IK8WEJ (IIA  CZ-001,  002),  IJ8/IZ8BXR  (IIA  KR-002),  IJ8/IZ8CCW  (IIA
CZ-001),  IL3/I2OGV  (IIA  FE-FE-003),  IL3/IK2XDE  (IIA  FE-001,  003,  005;
RO-004), IL3/IK2XDF  (IIA FE-005),  IL3/IK3ABY (IIA  VE-009, 068),  IM0/I2CMA
(IIA SS-013, 017),  IM0/IK2DUW (IIA SS-053,  117), IM0/IS0JMA (SS-028,  053),
IT9GAI/9  (IIA  AG-006),  IT9YRE/9  (IIA  AG-006),  JW9THA,  JX7DFA,   KH2JU,
TZ6DX, TZ6JA, U5WF, UA0MF, UK8IZ, UK8OM, UK9AA, UN3F, V31VI (NA-180),  V63KA,
V73GT,  K9PPY/VE3  (C.IS.A.  ON-242),   VP5/WA2VYA,  VU2JBK,  W4T   (NA-079),

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