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425 DX News #396
5 December 1998
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to:
Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information
Massimo Balsamo, IK1GPG: QSL Managers/QSL Routes
Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages

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The site has been entirely restyled  and now it can be found  at the new  URL 
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There are  two  separate mailing  lists  for automatic  subscribtion  to  the
bulletin in its two versions (English and Italian).

3W     - Takeshi, JA6EV will  be active as  3W6EV from Vietnam  for one  week
         from 5 December.  Look for him  on 14.157  and 21.157  MHz. QSL  via
         JA6EV  either  direct  (Takeshi  Katsuki,  3-10-9  Nabeshima,  Saga,
         849-0937 Japan) or through the bureau. [TNX JA1ELY]
9M2    - Hans, DF5UG was  able to go  and operate as  9M2QQ from Pulau  Ketam
         (AS-074), West  Malaysia  on 28-29  November.  QSL via  DF5UG.  Hans
         expected to leave for Germany on 30 November, but he will be back to
         Malaysia in March 1999 (plans are  to operatie as 9M8QQ from  Satang
         Island, OC-165). [TNX VK6LC]
9M6    - Philip Weaver, HS0/G4JMB plans to be active again as 9M6CT from East
         Malaysia between 7 December and 16  January 1999. QSL to P.O.Box  7,
         Patpong Post  Office, Bangkok  10506, Thailand.  [TNX K1XN  and  The
C6     - N8ZJN (C6AKL), KB8YKR, WA8NJR, W8GEX (C6AJR)  and WZ8D (C6AIE)  will
         be active  on  160-6 metres  as  C6DX from  Abaco  Island  (NA-080),
         Bahamas between 8 and 16 December. The main focus of their trip will
         be the ARRL 10 Meter Contest and 6 meter F2, TEP and E-skip. QSL via
         WZ8D (John Walker, 1930 Meredith Ln., Loveland, OH 45140-7216, USA). 
         [TNX WZ8D]
F_ant  - F6ICA and  F5GLS  are  expected  to  be  active  from  Adelie  Land,
         Antarctica for one year starting on December. [TNX F6AJA]
JD1_mt - Ryo, JL1KFR will be active (RTTY  and CW) as JL1KFR/JD1 from  Minami
         Torishima (OC-073) starting on 8 December,  length of stay  unknown.
         [TNX JA7DHJ/1]
EL     - Mark, ON4WW (ex-9X4WW,  S07WW, 5T5WW) is  now active  as EL2WW  from
         Monrovia, Liberia and  will not return  to Western  Sahara. QSL  via
         ON5NT. [QSL ON5NT]
FT5W   - Gilles, F5AGL is reported to be  a member of the 1998-99 mission  to
         Crozet (AF-008). He is most likely to be active as FT5WH starting on
         December or January. QSL via F6KDF. [TNX The Daily DX]
VE     - Special event station VA1S will be  activated (10-160 metres CW  and
         SSB) by the Marconi Wireless Society until 31 December to  celebrate
         96th anniversary  of  the first  successful  radio  transmission  by
         Marconi. QSL via VE1AL. [TNX DX News Sheet]
VP8_ssh- Oleg, UA1PBA is active for a year as R1ANF from the club station  at
         Bellinghausen Base on King George Island, South Shetlands  (AN-010).
         [TNX DX News Sheet]
ZL9    - Ron Wills, ZL2TT and Mike Mraz,  N6MZ have been forced to leave  the
         ZL9CI team and have been replaced by Trey Garlough, N5KO and Wilbert
         Knol, ZL2BSJ.  The  other team  members  are  ZL2HU,  ZL2AL,  ZL1CN,
         ZL2URN, VE3XA, EI6FR, GI0NWG, K3VN, 9V1YC and JH4RHF. ZL1CN will  be
         active from Campbell Island (OC-037) on all bands and modes  between
         6 and 25 January [425DXN 393]. The web site for the DXpedition is at [TNX ZL2AL]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH     

HELP NEEDED --->  The K1WY  DX Association  has learned  of a  fire in  early
November that has destroyed all  the equipment and  computer of Igor,  UA0ZBK
and Serge, UA0DC in Khabarovsk (Zone 19). K1WY has logs for these stations up
to the fire date and is collecting  funds from other amateurs to assist  Igor
and Serge to rebuilt. Donations my  be sent to either of  the offices of  the
Association (P.O. Box  2644, Hartford  CT 06146-2644,  USA and  P.O. Box  90,
Eeklo 9900, Belgium). [TNX K1WY]

QSL IL3/IK4HPU ---> Alberto, IK4HPU  reports  the direct  cards  for  his IIA
activity  from RO-022  have been mailed.   Bureau cards will  be sent  in mid
December by IK2PZG.

QSL UA0IAS/0 --->  Eric, OH2BF is  receiving cards for  this station.  Please
note that he is *NOT* the QSL manager  for UA0IAS/0. Eric was simply the  one
who relayed the QSL information [425DXN 378], which is Vladimir Kolodkin, Box
11, 686110 Palatka, Russia.

QSL UA0YAY --->  Paolo, IK2QPR reports  he is the  new QSL  manager for  this
station, operating from Zone 23.

QSL YO2LDE  --> Daniel,  YO2LDE (  reports that  his  QSL
manager for contacts made from 1 January 1997 is KB5IPQ, while cards for  his
May-June 1997  RTTY activity  from Albania  as ZA/YO2LDE  should be  sent  to
Daniel Vuescu, Zadei F3-1-7, RO-1700, Resita, Romania.

+ SILENT KEY + It was  with the greatest sadness that we  have learnt of  the
sudden passing of Mary Lou  Brown, NM7N. She  was on her  way home after  her
participation in the Lord  Howe (VK9LX) most  recent activities. Nick  Hacko,
VK2ICV says "Mary Lou gets a lot of credit for  helping the rest of us get  a
great lot of enjoyment out of  our trip. She was  undoubtedly the most  liked
person on the DXpedition". 

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***   
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH     

CQWW CW:     A list of  QSL routes for  the 1998 CQ  WW CW DX  Contest 98  is
             available at [TNX EA5EYJ]
K1WYDXA:     The web  site  for the  K1WY  DX Association  can  be  found  at

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ***** QSL INFO  [1/3] *****
                          Edited by IK1GPG & IK1QFM
CALL        MANAGER     NOTE          !  CALL        MANAGER     NOTE  
1X5AA       W3HNK                     !  IL3/IW2MVC  IK2DUW            
3A/IK2DUW   IK2DUW                    !  IL3/IZ2BKW  IK2DUW            
3A/N9NC     OM2SA       WW98CW        !  IM0/IK2DUW  IK2DUW            
3B8/F6BBH   F6BBH                     !  IQ2W        IK2DUW            
3C1GS       EA5BYP                    !  IR0MFP      IK0AZG      WW98CW
3D2VA       WA2NHA                    !  IR2P        IK2DUW            
3DA0CA      W4DR                      !  IS0/IK2DUW  IK2DUW            
3E1DX       N0JT        WW98CW        !  IZ2CEI      IK2DUW            
4J1GC       KI4RU                     !  J3A         WA8LOW      WW98CW
4K9W        DL6KVA                    !  J41Y        SV1DKL      WW98CW
4KA6GF      4J9RI                     !  J45KLN      SM0CMH            
4L0CR       IK7JTF                    !  J68AR       K9JE              
4L5O        4L5O        WW98CW        !  J68AS       N9AG              
4N6IOTA     YU7BW                     !  J6DX        N9AG        WW98CW
4S7YSG      JA2BDR                    !  JT1A        OH1RX       WW98CW
4X6UO       WB3CQN                    !  JT4/G3NOM   HS0/G3NOM         
5B4/G3NOM   HS0/G3NOM                 !  JY5SK       W9XY              
5B4/RA9JX   RA9JX                     !  JY8YB       DL5MBY            
5B4/RZ3TX   RZ3TX                     !  JY8ZW       K4ZW              
5B4/UA9YAB  UA9YAB                    !  JY9NE       N3FNE             
5B4/UT7QF   UA9AB                     !  K9PDH       W0RTT             
5B4/YL2KL   YL2KL                     !  KH0AS       WB4UBD            
5H3US       WA8JOC                    !  KH2/N2NL    W2YC              
5N0/YU2WV   KI4RU                     !  KH3/KN0E    W0RTT             
5N3BHF      OE6LAG                    !  KP2AD       OKDXF       WW98CW
5N3CPR      SP5CPR                    !  KW1JY       K1WY              
5N9CEN      IV3VBM                    !  LR0H        LU9HS       WW98CW
5R8ET       K1WY                      !  LU0H        LU4HH       WW98CW
5R8FU       SM0DJZ                    !  LX4B        LX1TI       WW98CW
5R8OP       F6AOI                     !  LY62TZ      LY2TZ             
5R8PR       F6BFH                     !  NH0/AA5K    KI4RU             
5U7DG       K4SE                      !  NP4A        W3HNK             
5V7A        GM4FDM      WW98CW        !  OA4DJN      W3HNK             
5V7MF       KC7V                      !  OD5PL       HB9CRV            
5V7ZM       G3ZEM                     !  OH6X        OH6MSZ      WW98CW
5X1Z        SM6CAS      WW98CW        !  ON4CAT      K1WY              
5Z4EO       DL0MAR                    !  ON9CAT      K1WY              
5Z4RL       G0IAS                     !  P29BW       N5FTR             
6W4RK       F5NPS                     !  P29CC       K1WY              
6Y/K7CO     K7CO                      !  P29KH       KI4RU             
6Y2A        WA4WTG      WW98CW        !  P29VPY      K1XM              
6Y5/KB0ELW  N0LXW                     !  P3A         W3HNK       WW98CW
6Y5/N6TV    N6TV                      !  P40E        W3HNK       WW98CW
6Y5/W4SO    W4SO                      !  P40I        KR3I        WW98CW
7Z1IS       SM0OFG                    !  P40I        KR3I        WW98CW
8P9HT       K4BAI                     !  PJ2HB       WA2NHA            
8P9Z        K4BAI       WW98CW        !  PJ9/PA0VDV  PA0VDV            
8Q7DV       UA9CI       WW98CW        !  PT0F        W0RTT       WW92CW
9A1CZZ/P    9A2DM                     !  PT0F        N5FA        WW98CW
9H1F        K5YG                      !  PV0E        W3HNK             
9H3YQ       DJ7PR                     !  PY1KS       PY1KS       WW98CW
9K2ZZ       W8CNL                     !  R1ANF       RK1PWA            
9M2/G3NOM   HS0/G3NOM                 !  R1FJV       UA3AGS            
9M2OM       HS0/G3NOM                 !  RA2FBC      DF4BV             
9M6AAC      N2OO        WW98CW        !  RM6A        W3HNK       WW98CW
9M6CT       G4JMB                     !  RS0F        W3HNK       WW98CW
9M6JU       JA1RJU                    !  RY9C        RK9CWA      WW98CW
9M8TG       JH3GAH                    !  S2/G3NOM    HS0/G3NOM         
9M8YY       JH3GAH      WW98CW        !  S21B        W4FRU             
9N7SON      W4SON                     !  S21J        K1WY              
A25/W0YG    W0YG                      !  S21U        HS0/G3NOM         
A61AJ       W3UR        WW98CW        !  S21ZF       HS0/G3NOM         
A61AO       N1DG                      !  S52DV       KI4RU             
A71/9K2AI   IK7JTF                    !  SN0SON      SP9PLR            
AH2R        JI3ERV      WW98CW        !  SU3AM       DL1FCM            
AH3C        W0RTT                     !  SV9/MU0BKA  K4ZLE             
AT2HLX      VU2HLX                    !  T32NCC      HA1AG             
AT2MTT      VU2MTT                    !  T94DO       DL1FDV            
AT2PAI      VU2PAI                    !  T95A        K2PF              
AT2TMP      VU2TMP                    !  T98P        9A4SP             
AT3HKQ      VU3HKQ                    !  TA4/DL1CW   DL1CW             
AT3PRA      VU3PRA                    !  TF7GX       K1WY              
B1Z         JA4HCK      WW98CW        !  TF8GX       K1WY              
BA1DU       W3HC                      !  TG9IGI      I2MQP             
BA4TB       9A2AJ                     !  TI1C        W3HNK       WW98CW
BD4ED       BY4BHP                    !  TL0R        PA3DMH      WW98CW
BD4TB       9A2AJ                     !  TL8MS       DL6NW             
BG4TBD      9A2AJ                     !  TM5CW       F5SJB       WW98CW
BQ9P        KU9C                      !  TM7TLT      F6KWP             
BV5BG       IK7JTF                    !  TM8OA       F6KVD             
C4A         W0RTT       WW95CW        !  TM8UN       F5HWB             
C4A         9A2AJ       WW98CW        !  TR8CA       F6CBC             
C6AKP       N4RP        WW98CW        !  TT8FC       EA4AHK            
C94DI       IN3BXL                    !  TU2MA       OH7XM             
CE3/NE4Z    CE3SMN                    !  TX8A        VK4FW       WW98CW
CM7DJ       CO7JC                     !  TY8A        DL7DF             
CN8WW       DL6FBL      WW98CW        !  UA0AOZ      K1WY              
CO8LY       EA7ADH                    !  UA0AZ       W3HNK             
CO8TW       W3HNK       WW98CW        !  UA0DC       K1WY              
CP6AA       LU9AY       WW98CW        !  UA0SJ       UA0SJ       WW98CW
CP8XA       DG9NB                     !  UA0YAY      IK2QPR            
CU2V        DL3KDV      WW98CW        !  UA0ZBK      K1WY              
D44BC       D44BC       WW98CW        !  UA9XS       W3HC              
D68WU       F6HWU       WW98CW        !  UE3APN      RZ3DYG            
DU1/WH7C    JG1OUT                    !  UK8CK       RW6HS             
DU100RG     DU9RG                     !  UK8GK       RW6HS             
DU3NXE      W4NXE                     !  UK8OM       IK2QPR            
DU6/K9AW    WF5T                      !  UN2O        IK2QPR            
E20AT       HS0/G3NOM                 !  UN5J        W3HNK             
E21CJN      W3PP                      !  UN7FK       W3HNK             
E22AAA      HS1CHB      WW98CW        !  UN7LG       KU9C              
E22AAD      KA6LCJ      22-25/10/98   !  UP5P        UN5PR             
E22DX       HS0/G3NOM                 !  UP6P        UN5PR       WW98CW
E28DX       HS0/G3NOM                 !  UU1JA       N4NWT             
E30GA       K4JDJ                     !  V26E        AB2E        WW98CW
E30KA       N9NS                      !  V26K        AA3B              
EA6IB       EA3KU       WW98CW        !  V29YS       KI4RU             
EA7ERI/P    EA7AJM                    !  V420KAO     KI4RU             
EA8/DJ1OJ   DJ1OJ                     !  V44KAI      K2SB              
EA8EA       OH2MM       WW98CW        !  V44KJ       WB2TSL            
EA9EA       EA9AZ                     !  V63HO       KQ1F              
ED1RCW      EA1JO                     !  V63PD       VK4AAR            
ED5MVV      EA4SS                     !  V63X        KQ1F        WW98CW
ED5TMA      EA5URR                    !  V85QQ       DF5UG             
ED7VLC      EA7OO                     !  V85TG       JH3GAH            
ED8BA       EA8BA                     !  VE8TA       VE2BQB            
EF8AAM      EC8AAM                    !  VI0ANARE    VK4AAR            
EG7AEF      EA7AEF                    !  VK4DCL      DL3SDW            
EK2780GK    EK4GK                     !  VK5BWR      KI4RU             
EK2780JJ    EK4JJ                     !  VK8AN       VK4AAR            
EK88L       IK2DUW                    !  VK8AN/6     VK4AAR            
EK9EC       W3HNK                     !  VK8MI       VK4AAR            
EL2VO       EA5GIY                    !  VK9LOO      K6KM              
EL2WW       ON5NT                     !  VK9LX       VK2ICV      WW98CW
EM1LV       UR8LV                     !  VK9NR       I2VGW             
EP2MKO      UA6HCW                    !  VP2EJR      W1EK              
EP2PM       JF2MXU                    !  VP5/K5GN    K5GN              
EP3HR       I2MQP                     !  VP5GN       K5GN        WW98CW
ER3HW       ER3DX                     !  VP5M        N4TO        WW98CW
ER7N        UT7ND                     !  VR2FD       DL3MFN            
ET3BT       K1WY                      !  VR98FD      DL3MFN            
EW200M      EW4MM                     !  VU3EGX      F6EGX             
EX2M        W3HNK                     !  W5LZG       W0RTT             
EX8MLE      IK2QPR                    !  W9LVT       W0RTT             
EY6TM/8     F6FNU                     !  WH7/K9NW    WW9DX             
EY8CQ       DJ1SKO                    !  WP2Z        KU9C        WW98CW
EY8MM       K1BV                      !  WP3R        W3HNK       WW98CW
EZ0AB       UA4FAO      WW98CW        !  XE1EZM      AC7DX             
F8AB        F2VX                      !  XE1FES      W3HNK             
FH/TK5PB    TK5PB                     !  XU1A        JH1AJT            
FK8GJ       F6CXJ                     !  XU1NOM      HS0/G3NOM         
FK8GM       WB2RAJ                    !  XU2C        JH1AJT            
FK8HC       VK4FW                     !  XUX0        7L1MFS            
FK8VHT      F6AJA                     !  XV300S      JH1EVE            
FM5DN       KU9C                      !  XV7TH       SK7AX             
FM5FJ       KU9C                      !  XX9TRR      OH2PM             
FM5GU       WA4JTK                    !  XX9X        OH2PM       WW98CW
FO0SAI      JI1JKW                    !  XY1HT       HS0/G3NOM         
FP5BZ       F5TJP                     !  XZ1N        W1XT        WW98CW
FR/G3SWH    G3SWH                     !  YB0DX       W3HNK             
FR5ZU/G     JA8FCG      Asia          !  YC0MZI      W6MD              
FR5ZU/G     VE2NW       World         !  YI1BN       IK2DUW            
FT5ZH       F6KDF                     !  YI1DKS      IK2DUW            
FY/DJ0PJ    DJ0PJ                     !  YI1OM       IK2DUW            
GD4UOL      G4UOL       WW98CW        !  YI1WL       IK2DUW            
GI3MUS      K1WY                      !  YI1WMS      IK2DUW            
GI6YM       K1WY                      !  YJ8AA       VK4AAR            
GU6UW       G3XTT       WW98CW        !  YL80JN      YL2JN             
HC8N        AA5BT       WW98CW        !  YL80RP      YL2RP             
HG5C        HA5OG       WW98CW        !  YL80ZF      YL1ZF             
HG9VHF      HG9OZD                    !  YM75DS      WA3HUP            
HI3K        HI3JH       WW98CW        !  YN6HM       K5YU              
HI8/DL1HCM  DL1HCM      WW98CW        !  YT7A        YU7GMN            
HS0/G3NOM   HS0/G3NOM                 !  YU2WV       KI4RU             
HS0AC       HS0/G3NOM   WW98CW        !  Z21KM       F6FNU             
HS1RU       JG3AVS                    !  ZA1MH       Z32KV             
HS5AC       W1ZS        WW98CW        !  ZB2CN       DJ9WH             
HS98AG      HS1CKC                    !  ZB2FX       G3RFX             

3W5FM   P.O.Box 37, Vladimir, 600000, Russia
4S7AB   Kamal Edirisinghe, Walaliyadda, Ellakkala, Sri Lanka
5H3RK   Ralph, P.O.Box 9274, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
7L1MFS  Hiroshi Yoh Yoshida, Shinko, 4-4-1 Arakawa, 116-0002 Tokyo, Japan
9A2AJ   Tomislav Polak, P.P.7, HR-34551 Lipik, Croatia
BY4BHP  P.O.Box 085-299 Shanghai, China
DF5UG   Hans Heindrich Ehlers, P.O.Box DF5UG, D-88671, Markdorf, Germany
DK7PE   Rudolf Klos, Ludwig Schwamb Str.32, D-55126, Mainz, Germany
DL2BFH  Rainer Ruelke, Roggenkamp 6, D-58454, Witten, Germany
DL3NEO  Hannes Schmidt, Komotauer Str.28 B, D-91207, Lauf, Germany
EX2M    George Lazarev, P.O.Box 2177, Bishkek 720021, Kyrgyzstan
EZ0AB   Alexander G.Maklakov, P.O.Box 558, 440061 Penza, Russia
F6KDF   Radio Club La Gendarmerie, 292 Rt. de Genas, 69677 Bron Cedex, France
HA1AG   Zoli Pitman, Somogyi Bela ut 18, Gyor 9024, Hungary
HS0/G3NOM Ray Gerrard, P.O.Box 1300, Bangkok, 10112, Thailand
HS7AS   P.O.Box 7, Sripachan, Suphanburi 72140, Thailand
JA6LCJ  Yukihisa.Yamashita, 2-25-1 Nagamine-higashi, Kumamoto 862-0938, Japan
JH1EVE  Hiroshi Nigashiyama, Higashi-JuuJo 1-12-5, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0001,
JI3DST  Takeshi Funaki, 2-18-26 Hannan-Cho, Abeno-Ku, Osaka-City, Osaka
        545-0021, Japan
K1WY    K1WY DX Association, P.O.Box 2644, Hartford, CT 06146-2644, U.S.A.
     or K1WY DX Association, P.O.Box 90, B-9900 Eeklo, Belgium
LU9HS   Javier Omar Santillan, Av. 52 Casa 40 B Aeronautico, 5022  Cordoba,
LZ/OK1DF Frantisek Pubal, Czech Embassy, blvd Janko Sakazov 9, 1504 Sofia,
PY1KS   P.O.Box 18123, Rio de Janeiro-RJ, 20722-970 Brazil
PY2ZI   Luiz Barrella, P.O.Box 99, 13130-970 Sousas, SP, Brazil
PY5AWB  Aristide Brodeschi, Rua Gutemberg 99/21, Curitiba-PR,80420-030 Brazil
RK9CWA  Radioclub, Malyshev St.33-A, Ekaterinburg, 620014, Russia
RW6HS   Vasilij Kasyanenko, 357830 Stavropolskij Kraj, Novopavlovsk,
        P.O.Box "0", Russia
UA9YAB  Alex Vedernikov, P.O.Box 120 Biysk, Altajskij kraj 659300, Russia
UA0IAS  Vladimir Kolodkin, P.O.Box 11, 686110 Palatka, Russia
UA0SJ   Yuri A.Maltsev, P.O.Box 2304, Bratsk 665700, Russia
UN5PR   Romeo Y.Loparev, P.O.Box 73, Temirtau, 472300, Republic of Kazakhstan
VE2BQB  Louis Paquet, 1368 Rang 4, Lac au Sauman, PQ, G0J 1M0, Canada
VK4AAR  Alan Roocroft, P.O.Box 421, Gatton, QLD 4343, Australia
W0RTT   Peter Grillo, 501 County Road 41, Bellvue, CO-80512, U.S.A.
W1NLK   Greater Norwalk Amateur Radio Club, 324 Main Ave Box 115, Norwalk,
        CT-06851, U.S.A.
W1XT    Robert M.Myers, 37875 N.10th St, Phoenix, AZ-85027, U.S.A.
W3HNK   Joseph L.Arcure Jr, P.O.Box 73, Edgemont, PA-19028, U.S.A.
W98ITU  P.O.Box 131415, St.Paul, MN-55113, U.S.A.

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