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425 DX News #397
11 December 1998
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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4X     - Dan, W0CN will be active (10-80  metres SSB) as 4X/W0CN from  Israel
         during a  business  trip  until  14  December.  QSL  via  W0CN  (Dan
         Hausauer, 2505 Toron Ct., Alexandria, VA  22306-2538, USA). [TNX  DX
         News Sheet]
3V     - Gianni, I5JHW will operate again from 3V8BB during the ARRL 10 Meter
         Contest (single operator SSB) on 12-13 December. Outside the contest
         he will be active also on RTTY. [TNX I5JHW]
6W     - Nancy (YL),  N3NS and  Richard, K3IPK  are  active as  6W6/N3NS  and
         6W6/K3IPK from  Senegal. They  expect to  go back  home just  before
         Christmas. QSL via K3IPK. [TNX The Daily DX]
8Q     - Marco, IK1ZPA  will  be active  as  8Q7IK  from  Giravaru,  Maldives
         (AS-013) between 14 and 20 December. QSL via home call. [TNX IK1ZPA]
8Q     - Lee, G0ULN will be active (on 10, 15, 17, 20, 40 and 80 metres  SSB)
         as 8Q7LE  from the  Maldives (AS-013)  between  22 December  and  12
         January 1999. QSL  via G0ULN either  direct or  through the  bureau.
         [TNX G0ULN]
9G     - Michael, WK6O is  in Ghana helping  missionary Sidney Barnes,  9G1TB
         until January. Michael will be active soon with his own call (9G5MG)
         and, while waiting for  bureaucratic process to  take place, he  has
         been granted permission  to operate with  Sidney's call (over  2,000
         QSOs were logged on 10 metres during the CQ WW CW Contest). QSL  for
         both 9G1TB and  9G5MG are  via WK6O  (Michael W.  Gaude', 18642  Oak
         Ridge Dr., Santa Ana, CA 92705, USA). [TNX K1XN & The Golist]
A3     - Lee, 3D2VA is  active as  A35VR from  Paul's (A35RK)  QTH on  Lifuka
         Island (OC-169) until at least 1 February 1999. Lee plans to operate
         on all bands, WARC included and possibly 160 metres as well. QSL via
         WA2NHA. [TNX W7TSQ]
C5     - Dave, G0OIL expects  to be active  on RTTY from  The Gambia for  one
         week from 28 January 1999. He will try to obtain C56DW or maybe even
         C56TTY, but this will depend on arrangements made upon arrival. Dave
         accepts  skeds,  please  e-mail  him  at  prior  to
         departure. QSL via  G0OIL (Dave A.  White, Rainbow Cottage,  Laneham
         St, Rampton, Notts DN22 0JX, England). [TNX G0OIL]
CE     - Eighteen operators  (G7VFD, HB9AOF,  K2BS, LU2CSN,  LW1ECO,  LW4DYZ,
         PY2RAR, PY5DZ and ZL2APE) will be active from special event  station
         XR3J between 26 December and  6 January 1999  during the 19th  World
         Scout Jamboree near Santiago. QSL via  HB9AOF (P.O.Box 241,  CH-1211
         Geneva 4, Switzerland). [TNX PY5DZ]
EA     - Special call ED3HR will be aired by URC (Unio de Radioaficionats  de
         Catalunya, starting on  12 December to  celebrate
         the 50th  anniversary  of the  Declaration  of  Human  Rights.  [TNX
EA     - EF1IAT will be active from A Toxa Island (NO-REF) between 12 and  31
         December. The IOTA status for this island is being verified; if  the
         island qualifies, it  will count for  EU-080. QSL  direct to  EC1BXI
         (Jorge Fernandez Devesa,  P.O. Box  54, 36980  O Grove,  Pontevedra,
         Spain). [TNX EC1BXI]
EA     - Special event  station EG3TVC  will be  activated  by URC  (Unio  de
         Radioaficionats de Catalunya) on 19 and  20 December. The  operation
         will take place from  the studios of  Catalan Television during  the
         7th TV Marathon for fund raising  for research on diabetes.  Further
         information is available at [TNX EB3GCP]
EL     - Mark, ON4WW/EL2WW [425DXN 396] plans to remain in Monrovia,  Liberia
         for the next several months. He plans to be on 1827.5 daily at 22.00
         and 06.30 UTC. QSL via ON5NT. [TNX The Daily DX]
FG     - F5NZO and F5SSM will be active  from Guadeloupe (NA-102) between  24
         December and 1 January. They plan to operate on 10-80 metres SSB and
         RTTY, possibly via satellite (RS12 mode K) as well. [TNX F5NZO]
FT5Z   - As at 6 December the two operators had logged more than 16,000 QSOs.
         Though still concentrating on the main bands and modes, activity  on
         WARC  bands  and  160  metres  has  started  as well (on 160 with no
         success so far). They will not operate  on RTTY  until at  least  15
         December. QSL via F6KDF (Radio Club de la Gendarmerie, 292 route  de
         Genas,  69677 Bron  Cedex, France).  [TNX WA6KBL]
G      - Glyn, GW0ANA and others members of  the Barry Amateur Radio  Society
         will operate as GB100SFL between 18  and 27 December from the  South
         Foreland Lighthouse to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the  first
         "Marine Distress Signal" (see G below). QSL via GW0ANA [TNX GW0ANA]
G      - Glyn, GW0ANA and others members of  the Barry Amateur Radio  Society
         will operate as GB100EGL on 19  December. This special station  will
         be active  from the  East Goodwin  Lightship at  20 kilometres  from
         Dover in the  middle of the  English Channel and  the activity  will
         comemmorate the first ever "Marine Distress Signal" sent out by  the
         East Goodwin Lightship  in 1898 using  a Marconi spark  transmitter.
         QSL via GW0ANA. [TNX GW0ANA]
H4     - Bernhard, DL2GAC will be active again as H44MS from the Solomons  in
         February 1999.  He plans  to operate  from Pigeon  Island  (OC-065),
         Temotu Province  between 5  and 10  February 1999  and is  currently
         looking for a CW operator. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
HR     - Gary, N7QXQ/HR6 reports that although most of Honduras has  suffered
         greatly as a result of hurricane  Mitch, Roatan Island (NA-057)  was
         spared a great deal of the problems occurring on the mainland.  Gary
         lost his  100 foot  dock (which  is currently  being replaced),  but
         everything else is  intact and Bob,  W7TSQ/HR6 will  operate in  the
         ARRL 10 Meter Contest (multi mode low power unassisted) from  there.
         [TNX W7TSQ]
HS     - Martin, G4UQF (HS licence to be issued) and Chuck, W3IAO/HS0ZCX, who
         were active in the CQ WW SSB  DX Contest as HS0ZCX/8 from Koh  Samui
         (AS-101), now  hope to  participate in  the ARRL  10 Meter  Contest.
         Martin will be going to Phuket  Island (AS-053) for a few months  in
         1999. [TNX DX News Sheet]
HZ     - Karl, K4YT/4X reports that although Johnny, KA5BQM has lost interest
         in amateur radio, the club station located in the basement of the US
         embassy in Riyadh (7Z1AB) has not  been shut down. Karl was able  to
         operate in September and plans to active again early next year. [TNX
         OPDX Bulletin]
I      - An amateur radio  station will be  active, possibly  as IU1GM,  from
         Marconi Communications in  Genua on 19  December to commemorate  the
         100th anniversary  of  the first  "Marine  Distress Signal"  (see  G
         above). [TNX IZ1BZS]
J3     - Harry, W8KKF will be active  (SSB only) again  as J37K from  Grenada
         between 10 and 14 December. He will participate in the ARRL 10 Meter
         Contest. QSL via W8KKF. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
JD1_mt - Latest news from Japan reports that  Ryo, JL1KFR will now be  active
         as JL1KFR/JD1 from Minami Torishima (OC-073) [425DXN 396] between 15
         December and 7 January. He will be looking for RTTY and CW  contacts
         especially with Europe and North America. [TNX JA7DHJ/1]
JT     - Look for JT40 to be active  to celebrate of the 40th Anniversary  of
         amateur radio in Mongolia. QSL via JT1CD. [TNX ARRL DX Bulletin]
KH4    - Ted, NH6YK will be active (on  6 metres, HF  SSB and possibly  RTTY)
         again as NH4/NH6YK from Midway (OC-030)  between  20 December and  2
         January. QSL via NH6YK.  Some Midway images  and information can  be
         found at [TNX NH6YK]
LU     - The Western Buenos Aires DX Group will be active (on all bands  SSB)
         as LU1DK/D (ex-LU1EYW) and LU5DV/D  (ex-LU5EWO) from Bermejo  Island
         (SA-021) for 36  hours between 18  and 20 December.  QSL via WBA  DX
         Group, P.O.  Box 19,  966400 Bragado,  BA, Argentina.  [TNX DX  News
LZ_ssh - Operator Dan, LZ2UU  is active in  his free time  (on 10-40  metres,
         mostly CW) as LZ0A from the  Bulgarian Antarctic base on  Livingston
         Island, South Shetlands (AN-010) until the end of February 1999.  He
         plans to operate durign the ARRL  10 Meter Contest. QSL via  LZ1KDP.
         [TNX LZ1BMV]
P4     - Martin, VE3MR,  will be  active again  as P49M  from Aruba  (SA-036)
         until 20 April  1999. He plans  to concentrate on  12 and 17  metres
         SSB. QSL via VE3MR or direct to M. Rosenthal, P.O. Box 4069,  Noord,
         Aruba. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
PA     - The   Dutch   Landstation   for   the   Maritime   Mobile    Service
         "Scheveningenradio /PCH", founded 19 December 1904, will end service
         on 31 December 1998 at 15.00 UTC. The operators will give a Farewell
         Party on  the air  and they  have been  granted permission  to  work
         amateur radio stations with the  PCH callsigns of  Scheveningenradio
         between 17 UTC on 19 December  and 7 UTC on  20 December as  follows
         (cross-band CW  operation): PCH20  (4250-3525  kHz +/-  QRM),  PCH41
         (8622-7025 kHz),  PCH51  (12799,5-14050 kHz),  PCH61  (17198,9-18085
         kHz). Moreover the special event station PA6PCH will be activated on
         the   HF    bands    by    Radio    Club    Kennemerland    (PI4RCK, between 8  UTC on 19  December
         and 8 UTC on the 20th. [TNX PA3ERL]
PY     - PV5V (SSB) and PW5W (CW) will be active on 10-80 metres from Ilha da
         Paz (SA-027,  DIB 63)  between 10  and 14  December. QSL  via  PP5LL
         either direct or through the bureau. [TNX PP5SZ and PS7AB]
PY     - PY7ZZ/7, PY7XC  or PY7ZY/7  will  be active  (CW  and SSB  with  two
         stations) from SA-046 between 12 UTC  on 12 December  and 12 UTC  on
         the 13th. QSL via home calls. [TNX The Daily DX]
PY     - Alberto, PY3ACC and Paulo, PY3CKO  will be active  as ZV3A and  ZV3C
         (20-40 metres, SSB and CW) from Guayba Archipelago (DIB-73, it  does
         not count for  IOTA) on 12  and 13  December. QSL  via PY3AAC.  [TNX
         PP5SZ and PS7AB]
T8     - Hiro, JF1OCQ and Tatsu, JA0QBY will  be active (on all bands CW  and
         SSB) respectively as T88HM and T88TN from Palau (OC-009) between  19
         and 22 December. QSL T88HM via JF1OCQ either direct (Hiro C. Miyake,
         1-3-6, Asakura-Cho, Maebashi-City, Gunma 371-0811, Japan) or through
         the bureau; QSL  T88TN via JA0QBY  either direct (Tatsuo  Nishihara,
         1458, Kihimiya, Mishima-Cho,  Mishima-Gun, Niigata 940-2322,  Japan)
         or through the bureau. [TNX JM1LJS]
TL     - Alex, TL5A will participate in  the ARRL 10  Meter Contest as  TL0R.
         His current work schedule involves much travelling and he cannot  be
         so active on 160 metres as he had planned. However he tries to be on
         1.833  MHz  (or  3.504  MHz)  whenever  he  can  at  21-22  UTC  and
         03.30-04.30 UTC. Alex will be back to the Netherlands for a  holiday
         in January 1999. QSL for both TL5A and TL0R via PA3DMH. [TNX PA3DMH]
UA     - Ernst Krenkel Radioclub special station RAEM (Radio Alpha Echo Mike)
         will be active during the RAEM CW  Contest. Look for them on 40,  80
         and possibly 160 metres between 21 and 1 UTC on 19 December, and  on
         40, 20,  15  and possibly  10  metres between  5  and 9  UTC  on  20
         December. The rules for this contest, as well as further information
         on  Ernst  Krenkel   and  RAEM   awards,  are   available  at   both   and   [TNX
VP5    - Gene, AA4US will be active (on  all bands CW  and SSB) as  VP5/AA4US
         between 15  and 21  December. Logs  for  his last  operation  (21-26
         October) are  available at 
         [TNX The Daily DX]
VP8    - Jan, K4QD confirms he will be active as VP8CRB (VP8TTY on RTTY) from
         Port Stanley, Falkland Islands (SA-002) between  26 December and  16
         January [425DXN 381].  He will  concentrate on  10, 40,  80 and  160
         metres and WARC bands, and special  efforts will be made to  contact
         geographical areas where the Falklands are needed. Significant  RTTY
         operation is planned including the ARRL  RTTY Roundup. Logs will  be
         available online during  the DXpedition courtesy  of Dave, NO4J  and
         the North  Florida DX  Association. QSL  via K4QD  either direct  or
         through the bureau. Please note that  as from 22 December Jan's  new
         permanent  address  will  be:  Jan  Heise,  8595  Sheridan  Rd,   W.
         Melbourne, FL 32904, USA. [TNX K4QD]
VP9    - Mark, AA1AC  will  be  active  (on 10-40  metres,  SSB  and  CW)  as
         AA1AC/VP9 from  Paget Parish,  Bermuda (NA-005)  between 17  and  21
         December. QSL via home call. [TNX AA1AC]
W      - Five operators from  the Potomac  Valley Radio  Club (W3LEO,  K3IXD,
         N3NT, K3DNE,  and  W6HZW) will  participate  in the  ARRL  10  Meter
         Contest (on both  CW and SSB)  as K3VOA  from the  Voice of  America
         Amateur Radio Club  (District of  Columbia). QSL  (for this  contest
         only) direct to W3LEO. [TNX W3LEO]
W_ant  - KC4AAD is active from Siple Dome US Antarctic base until 1  February
         1999. The  transmitter  is  the  same  one  the  operators  use  for
         commercial traffic,  so  that amateur  radio  activity  is  limited.
         European should call  KC4AAD at 17,  18 and  19 UTC  on 14.270  MHz,
         usually during the weekends. QSL via K4MZU. [TNX K4MZU]
XZ     - The two  operators left  will concentrate  on  160 metres  until  14
         December. Look for XZ1N on topband between 11.30-16.30 UTC and again
         between 21-24 UTC daily. QSL via W1XT. [TNX N6FF]
YU     - Six special  event stations  sponsored  by the  Yugoslavian  Amateur
         Radio Union will be active on  alla modes and  bands until 31  March
         1999 from  Serbian monasteries  at  Hilandar (4N800H),  Fruska  Gora
         (YT800FG), Ostrog (YZ800MO),  Gracanica (YU800G), Ravanica  (YZ800R)
         and Studenica (YU800S). QSL via YU0SRJ either direct (SRJ, P.O.  Box
         48, 11000 Beograd) or through the bureau. [TNX YU7AL]
Z2     - Dick, ZS6CAL and Dave, ZS6RVG plan to be active (mainly on SSTV  and
         RTTY on 10, 15 and 20 metres) as Z21/ZS6PDX from Zimbabwe between 17
         and 20 December. QSL via ZS6RVG (contacts not confirmed direct by  1
         March 1999 will be confirmed automatically through the bureau). [TNX
         OPDX Bulletin]
ZK3    - Ron Wright, ZL1AMO/ZK3RW plans to  be active (on  all bands, CW  and
         SSB) from Tokelau (OC-048) in  December. The trip  will be via  Fiji
         (3D2RW) and Samoa  (5W1CW) and he  expects to  start operating  from
         Tokelau on either 17 or 24 December (it depends on  transportation).
         QSL direct to ZL1AMO. [TNX The Daily DX]
ZL9    - Oooops! In  425DXN  #396 it  was  mentioned that  the  6-25  January
         DXpedition to Campbell  Island would be  active as  ZL1CN. That  was
         clearly a typo,  as the  12-member team  will operate  as ZL9CI.  We
         apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our readers.

Others amateurs who will participate in the ARRL 10 METER CONTEST include: 

- Franck, FK8HC. QSL via VK4FW.
- Alex, PY1KS as  PX1I (SSB and  CW). QSL  via PY1KS  either direct  (P.O.Box
  18123, Rio de Janeiro-RJ, 20722-970 Brazil) or through the bureau.
- Yuri, UA0SJ; QSL  direct to Yuri  A. Maltsev, P.O.  Box 2304,  Bratsk-city,
  665700, Russia.
- Dave, AG8L and Doug, N8NX as WP2Z from the US Virgin Islands (NA-106).  QSL
  via KU9C. [TNX AG8L]
- Ed, W5GCX as YN2EJG from Granada, Nicaragua (look for him around 28.480-550
  MHz). QSL via K5LBU. [TNX W5GCX]
- Tom, ZP5AL as ZP5Z. QSL via W3HNK.
- PR7AR as ZZ7Z.  QSL via  PR7AR either  direct (Irapuan  de Sousa  Ferreira,
  P.O.Box 60, 58200-970 Guarabira, Paraiba, Brazil) or through the bureau.
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH     

FO BUREAU ---> Jean-Michel, F6AJA reports  that the FO QSL Bureau, which  has
been closed for two years, will be running again as from January 1999.

INDEXA --->  The  1998/1999 Officers  for  the International  DX  Association
(INDEXA)   are    W4WMQ    (President);   AA7UC    (Vice-President);    W4UNP
(Secretary/Treasurer); DJ9ZB,  K8CH, LA8CJ,  VK6RU, W4FRU,  W4MPY and  ZL1AMO
(Directors); W8BLA and WA9AVN (Vice-Directors).

QSL 5V7A --->  QSL cards  are being  printed and  will start  to flow  before
Christmas.  The  QSL  manager  is  GM4FDM  (Tom  Wylie,  3  King's  Crescent,
Elderslie, Renfrewshire,  PA5 9AD,  Scotland, UK)  and  bureau cards  may  be
requested at

QSL JX7DFA ---> The new address  for Per, LA7DFA/JX7DFA is Per Einar  Dahlen,
Royskattveien 4, 7713 Sandvollan, Norway. [TNX LA6WEA]

QSL YC5XIP ---> The new QSL manager  for Syafry is I1WFF (Fulvio Marin,  P.O.
Box 88, 13900 Biella -  BI, Italy). For  the time being  he has received  the
logs for Syafry's  October 1997  activities from  OC-106 and  OC-109 and  the
first  October   1998   logs  for   OC-106.   Fulvio  can   be   reached   at [TNX I1WFF]

QSL VIA UT4UZ ---> Jerry UT4UZ/N2WCQ  moved to Canada this summer. Cards  for
his previous operations as  6W1/N2WCQ, 9N1UZ, EM4U,  EO5U, RY1U, RY2U,  RT1U,
UA4LAR, US9D and UT4UZ should be sent  to his new address: Yuri Onipko,  2369
Lake Shore Blvd. W., #216, Etobicoke, ON, M8V 1C2, Canada. [TNX UT4UZ/N2WCQ]

ROWLEY SHOALS 1999 (VK9-99)  ---> The VK9-99  DXpedition to Imperieuse  Reef,
Rowley Shoals (Western  Australian Outliers,  OC-???) [425DXN  388] has  been
granted permission for one extra day on the island. K9PPY, CT1EEN, VK2PS  and
team leader VK6LC will be active  (SSB and CW with  two stations) between  21
September and the  early UTC  hours on  the 26th.  Donations can  be sent  to
either I1HYW (Gianni Varetto, P.O. Box  1, 10060 Pancalieri  - TO, Italy)  or
VK9-99, Malcolm K. Johnson,  Commonwealth Bank of  Australia, 187 High  Road,
Riverton 6148, Western Australia, Account 76 6164 5005591.

+ SILENT KEY + Robert Dow, WB2CJL passed  away between 28 and 29 November  at
the age of 68. For many years Bob was one of the editors of the VK2SG RTTY DX
Notes. Bob was an avid DXer and an enthusiatic digital traffic handler and in
1994 he provided a 20 metre digital  radio link to the 3Y0PI DXpedition  long
before such communication became commonplace via the Internet. [TNX W2JGR]

TOPLIST  --->  As from January 1999 the Toplist will change. The current
Toplist will become the TOPBAND  and will be based on the  number of 
confirmed DXCC Entities on each band.
             10    15    17    20    24    30     40    80    160
IZ1XXX      156   201   235   300   149    98    102    76     52
There will a be the TOPMODE, which will  be based on the number of  confirmed
DXCC Entities on each mode.
                CW      SSB      RTTY
IZ1XXX         278      311       102
The new TOPLIST will be based on the  sum of confirmed DXCC Entities on  each
band + the sum of confirmed DXCC Entities on each mode.
              TOPBAND    TOPMODE    TOTAL
IZ1XXX           1369        721     2090
You may choose to participate in the the list(s) you prefer. Please send your
scores, as well as any request for further information, to Erminio Pandocchi,
I2EOW at

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***   
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH     

CONTEST:      The results of the III Marconi Memorial HF Contest are on  line
              at,  where further  information
              (software included) on  the 1999  event is  available as  well.
              [TNX IK6PTJ]
LOGS:         Logs for the recent  BQ9P DXpedition to  Pratas Island are  now
              available on line at
LOGS:         Logs for the recent TY8A DXpedition to Benin are now  available
              on    the    German    DX     Foundation    home    page     at
     [TNX DL1XX]
VK6LC:        The VK9-99 Rowley Shoals  (OC-???) pages, as  well as the  logs
              for some of Mal's past IOTA  DXpeditions, are available on  the
              425 DX News web site at
YO CALLBOOK:  It is on line  at, where  information
              on YO amateur radio activities (YO DX HF Contest 1998 included)
              are also available. [TNX YO3FWC]

QSL received via direct: 3B8CF, 5H3HG,  5R8FL, 6M5DX (AS-045), 8Q7CC,  9N1AA,
(NA-212), HC1MD/HC4 (SA-056), HS1NGR, HS98AG, HV5PUL, IA5/I1BUP (IIA  LI-018,
035), IA5/IK1JJB  (IIA  LI-027), IB0/IZ0BFK  (IIA  LT-013),  IB0/IZ0CKJ  (IIA
LT-006, 008, 012, 016, 022), ID9/I2IAU (IIA ME-001, 009, 010, 021, 023, 035),
IJ8/IZ8CCW (IIA CZ-001), IL3/I2OGV (IIA  FE-FE-003), IL3/IK2XDE (IIA  FE-001,
003, 005; RO-004),  IL3/IK2XDF (IIA  FE-005), IL3/IK3ABY  (IIA VE-009,  068),
IL3/IK3BPN (IIA VE-041, 066, 067), IL3/IK4HPU  (IIA RO-022), IM0/IK0MHR  (IIA
SS-010, 024), JQ6QUM  (AS-012), JT1BG,  JT1KAA, JT1X,  JU1HA, JW0YL,  JX7DFA,
JY5HX, KH0AS, KH0/N3JJ, KL7AC, N6VV/p (NA-184), PS1A (SA-02), PS2S  (SA-024),
PU0F, S07WW,  S21YG,  S92AT, T31BB,  T94DO,  TA4/KU0J, TF8GX,  TJ1PD,  TT8JW,
TZ6DX, UK8FF, V51GP,  V63MC (OC-059), VR2PM,  XQ0YAF, YS1RR, Z38/NO6X,  ZA0IS
(EU-169), ZD7DP, ZD9BV, ZF2LA, ZK2FT, ZX7CB. 

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