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425 DX News #416
24 April 1999
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to:
Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information
Massimo Balsamo, IK1GPG: QSL Managers/QSL Routes
Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
This issue  was prepared  well in advance as  your editors left  on Wednesday
morning for the IOTA Convention in Alicante (Spain).

                            >>> NORTH KOREA <<<<
Martti Laine,  OH2BH started being  active as P51BH from North Korea around 6
UTC  on 21 April (first on  CW later  on SSB). The short operation ended just
before 8 UTC and Martti expected to leave North Korea on Thursday morning (22
April). His aim was to show the amateur radio equipment and concept to the P5
authorities - it was not a DXpedition, but hopefully this may lead to one.

6W     - 6W1PZ, 6W1EX, 6W1RD  and 6W1QP  will be  active as  6V1A from  Goree
         Island (AF-045) between 00.00Z on 1  May and 17.00  UTC on the  2nd.
         QSL via ARAS, P.O. Box 971, Dakar, Senegal. [TNX The Daily DX]
9K     - Members of  the Kuwait  Amateur Radio Society will be active as 9K2F
         from Faylaka Island  (AS-118) between 22 and 30 April. QSL via 9K2RA
         (Kuwait Amateur Radio Society,  P.O. Box 5240, 13053 Safat, Kuwait).
         [TNX 9K2DR]
F      - Jean-Marc, F5SGI will be /P from  Brehat Island (EU-074) between  25
         and 1 May. He will operate mostly on CW with some SSB on 14260  kHz.
         [TNX F5SGI]
F      - ON6DP and ON7RN will operate from TP50CE (the special event  station
         celebrating the fifty anniversary of the Council of Europe)  between
         30 April and 2 May. QSL via F6FQK. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
H40    - JK7TKE, who was active last week as H4400 from the Solomon  Islands,
         is now active as H40OO from Temotu. The Daily DX reports "he is only
         able to get on the air during his  evenings as there is no AC  until
         then". QSL via JK7TKE.
I      - Amateurs from ARI Casalecchio  di Reno will  operate as IZ4CUK  from
         Junior High School  "Guglielmo Marconi" on  24-26 April. During  the
         International Marconi  Day they  will also  be active  as IY4IMD  as
         usual. [TNX IK4NYY]
JA     - Joe, JA4PXE plans  to be active  (on 10-40 metres  SSB) as  JA4PXE/6
         from Kusagaki Island (AS-067) between 19 UTC on 29 April and 23  UTC
         on the  30th.  QSL via  JA4PXE  (Syouji  Kuwahara,  1-75  Midori-ku,
         Tokuyama, 745-0075 Japan). [TNX JI6KVR and JA9IFF/1]
W      - Bob, W2SF will be active (on  all bands WARC  included, CW, SSB  and
         RTTY) from Lower Matecumbe Key in the Florida Keys (NA-062)  between
         23 April and 7 May. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
XU     - Jani, YB0US will  be active (on  6-80 metres) as  XUAAP (no  number)
         from Cambodia between 22 and  26 April. QSL  via N2OO (Bob  Schenck,
         P.O. Box 345, Tuckerton, NJ 08087, USA). [TNX N2OO]
YB     - After a couple months of inactivity, Ovy, YC8VIP, is back on the air
         as YC8VIP/7.  He does not  operate from  Ambon any longer, as he now
         resides  in Banjarmasin,  Kalimatan (OC-088).  QSL via  W6MD  either
         direct or  through the  bureau  (bureau  cards  are answered once  a
         year): all  direct cards for  contacts until December 1998 have been
         answered, W6MD is waiting for the January logs. [TNX W6MD]
YB     - Joni, YC9WZJ  is active  from Sorong,  Irian Jaya  (OC-034). QSL via
         W6MD, either direct or through the bureau. [TNX W6MD]
ZL     - Ed, K8VIR/ZL4IR will be active from Stewart Island (OC-203)  between
         24 April and 1 May. QSL via W8WC. [TNX The Daily DX]

INTERNATIONAL MARCONI DAY ---> The  event is sponsored  by the Cornish  Radio
Amateur Club and it will  take place between  00.00 UTC and  23.59 UTC on  24
April. Please visit for the list of
Marconian stations which are expected to participate in the event.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

QSL MANAGER NEEDED? ---> If you need  a QSL manager, Mirko, I3MKH offers  his
services (direct and through the bureau) -  please contact him via CBA or  at

QSL 5R8FU ---> QSL manager John,  SM0DJZ reports that Aka,  5R8FU is used  to
snail-mailing his logs every second month. John received the latest batch  on
16 April and he expected to reply  to direct requestes during last week.  Aka
has now made 7000 QSOs on  all bands (10-160 metres) CW,  SSB and RTTY.  Logs
are available at

QSL VK9XX & VK9YY ---> Charlie, W0YG asks not to use the ARRL Bureau system -
if you want a bureau card, he says, "please use the WF5E QSL Service which is
much   easier    on    us   for    QSLing".    Logs    are    available    at

QSL NOT VIA W6MD ---> Stephan Busono, W6MD reports he is receiving cards  for
YB2UU and YB2PBX, but he is not the QSL manager for these stations.

QSL VIA I4UFH ---> Fabio, I4UFH reports he has no direct/bureau  backlog  for
his operations as 5H1FS (1997) and SV9/I4UFH (1998).

QSL VIA K4MZU ---> Bob, K4MZU reports he is the QSL manager for the following
Antarctic stations: KC4AAB,  KC4AAC (from 1995),  KC4AAD (from 1997),  KC4AAF
(from 1995), KC4AAG, KC4USB (from 1996),  KC4USL/am (from 1996), KC4USV  (op.
Greg only),  KC4USX  (op.  Henry  only),  KC4/KC7GJJ,  KC4/KH6JNF,  KC4/KJ3Z,
KC4/KL7RL, KC4/VE7MKZ, KC4/VE0HSS, LU1ZC (1974-75),  R1ANW (op. Henry  only),

QSL VIA KB5IPQ ---> Floyd, N5FG (Manager  of the W5 QSL Bureau) reports  that
bureau cards will be returned to sender as KB5IPQ accepts direct cards  only.
He is  the manager  for CU3AV,  J37LK,  HL9JF, HH2/KB0QNS,  N3SIY/HH2,  HR2A,
(before 1999 only), YS1ZV. QSLs should be sent to William P. Vaughn, 374 Paul
Rd, Boyce, LA 71409, USA.

QSL VIA N6FF ---> Dick, N6FF  (ex-KL7H) reports he has the  cards and all  of
the logs for EX0V, NH6D/KH4, NH6D/KH2, LY4AA and RA0FF.

QSL VIA PP1CZ ---> Leo is  the QSL manager for  PP4P, PP0F, PP0MAG,  PR100CZ,
ZZ1CZ, ZZ0TA. Due to some problems  at the PP1 Outgoing  Bureau, he has  been
used to sending bureau cards *at  his own expenses*  since early 1997.  While
waiting for the problems to be sorted out, he will send direct to the various
bureaux all around the world the 5000+ old cards he has found recently  being
kept at the PP1 Bureau. [TNX PP1CZ]

                      <<< MOST NEEDED DXCC ENTITIES >>>
                              <<< PART 2/2 >>>

The following survey  is taken from  the newly published  ARRL DXCC  Yearbook
1998  and  includes the other  50 of the top 100 entities needed by DXers who
participate in the DXCC  programme.  Part  1/2 (positions from  1 to 50)  was
published in 425 DX News #414. [TNX The Daily DX]

Rank Prefix Country                   Rank Prefix Country
51   9U     Burundi                   76   CE0Z   Juan Fernandez
52   3V     Tunisia                   77   TY     Benin
53   KH5    Palmyra & Jarvis          78   KH4    Midway
54   VK9/X  Christmas                 79   YI     Iraq
55   VK9/Y  Cocos-Keeling             80   KH9    Wake
56   OM     Slovak Republic           81   ST     Sudan
57   FO/C   Clipperton                82   JD1    Minami Torishima
58   ZD9    Tristan Da Cunha & Gough  83   CY0    Sable Island
59   5R8    Madagascar                84   A6     United Arab Emirates
60   TT8    Chad                      85   D6     Comoros
61   3B9    Rodriguez                 86   KH7K   Kure
62   TI9    Cocos                     87   5X     Uganda
63   ZK3    Tokelau                   88   8Q     Maldive
64   S0     Western Sahara            89   T2     Tuvalu
65   VP8    South Orkneys             90   T8     Palau
66   XU     Cambodia                  91   JX     Jan Mayen
67   3C     Equatorial Guinea         92   VP8    South Shetlands
68   R1M    Malyj-Vysotskij           93   CY9    St Paul Island
69   3D2R   Rotuma                    94   9N     Nepal
70   T5     Somalia                   95   ZC4    UK Bases on Cyprus
71   ZK1    North Cook                96   KP5    Desecheo Island
71   ET     Ethiopia                  97   FW     Wallis & Futuna
73   YK     Syria                     98   3X     Guinea
74   3W     Vietnam                   99   VK9L   Lord Howe Island
75   KP1    Navassa                   100  JD1    Ogasawara

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

BUREAU CARDS: A list  of stations  accepting  bureau cards  requests  through
              e-mail is available at
              [TNX IK2UVR]
LIGHTHOUSES:  Jim Weidner, K2JXW reports a new Ham Radio Lighthouse Page  can
              be found at (it is  where
              to find  information about  the lighthouse  events on  7-8  and
              21-22 August).
LOGS:         Logs  for  Tony,  IK1QBT's  activities  are  now  available  at
              http// -  they include  3A/IK1QBT
              (1993, 1996, 1997, 1998), 4U0ITU (13-14 and 20-21 May 1995,  CW
              only), ID9/IK1QBT  from  IOTA  EU-017  (1997),  IP1/IK1QBT  and
              IA1/IK1QBT from  IOTA  EU-083  (1996,  1997,  1998),  TK/IK1QBT
ZL9CI:        The web site  has been updated  and there is  also a link  with
              information on  the movie  to be  released  at Dayton  -  visit
     [TNX N1DG]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         *******  QSL INFO  ********

CALL       MANAGER       CALL       MANAGER       CALL       MANAGER       
3A/HB9APJ  HB9APJ        7Q7BW      G0IAS         BV/DJ3KR   DH3MG
3B8/DL6UAA DL6UAA        7Q7BX      G0IAS         BV2B       BV2WA
3B9R       N7LVD         7Q7FM      G0IAS         BV5BG      IK7JTF
3D2QB      SM3CER        7Q7HB      G0IAS         BV9A       BV2KI
3DA0BW     G0IAS         7Q7JL      G0IAS         BY1DX      OH2BH
3DA0BX     G0IAS         7Q7JWL     G0IAS         BY1QH      K9FD
3DA0CA     W4DR          7Q7LA      G0IAS         C21SX      G3SXW
3W5FM      UA0FM         7Q7RL      G0IAS         C56EL      ON4CEL
3W6AN      DF8AN         7Q7RM      G0IAS         C56SW      G3VMW
3W6BWH     JA2BWH        8P2K       KU9C          C6AKQ      N4BP
3W6KA      K2WE          8P9IV      VE2WYK        C6AKW      K3TEJ
3W6LI      K2WE          8P9JM      K2ZD          C91RF      DL6DQW
3W6WE      K2WE          8Q7AM      EA5MB         C91RF/P    DL6DQW
3W6WZ      OE2CAL        8S3SAG     SM3PZ         C91W       N1FHJ
4F7/SM3SGP SM3EVR        9A5ST/P    9A6KZK        CE0AA      CE3WDH
4K5CW      4J9RI         9G1BR      G4XTA         CE0ZAM     CE3ESS
4K8F       UA9AB         9G1MR      IK3HHX        CE3/NE4Z   AJ4Y
4K9W       DL6KVA        9G5DX      JH8PHT        CF1TX      VO1TX
4L0CR      IK7JTF        9G5HK      DL1IAL        CG3MM      VA3MM
4L1UN      IK7JTF        9G5SW      G3VMW         CI7A       VE7SV
4L4AJ      IK7JTF        9H1EL      LA2TO         CL8UB      AD4Z
4L4MM      ON4CFI        9H3KI      G0IAS         CL8VP      AD4Z
4M4X       W4SO          9H3XY      G4ZVJ         CM2CK (SK) AD4Z
4N0X       YU7KMN        9J2A       JA0JHA        CM2JZ      XE1CI
4S7BRG     HB9BRM        9J2AM      JA0JHA        CM2VK      AD4Z
4S7DA      W3HNK         9J2PI      KB0KVA        CM6YI      CO6LG
4X4JP      WA1GZY        9K2AI      IK7JTF        CM8UB      AD4Z
4X6HI      KG2FH         9K2GS      W6YJ          CM8VP      AD4Z
4X6TT      N2AU          9K2MU      WA4JTK        CM8ZZ      AD4Z
4Z0A       4Z5DW         9M2TO      JA0DMV        CN2UN      ZP6CU
5A21PA     K1WY          9M6QFT     W4HQF         CN8SN      IK7JTF
5B4/G3VMW  G3VMW         9M8QQ      DF5UG         CN8VK      IK7JTF
5B4/RZ9UA  RZ9UA         9M8RC      9M8MA         CN8WW      DL6FBL
5B4/UA9MA  UA9MA         9N1FP      RU6FP         CO2HR      AD4Z
5B4/UA9YAB UA9YAB        9N7SZ      JA9LSZ        CO2JD      AD4Z
5K3W       HK3SGP        9N7UD      K4VUD         CO2JX      XE1CI
5N0/OK1JR  OK1JR         9V1BG      JL1MWI        CO2MA      AD4Z
5N3CPR     SP5CPR        9Y4SF      WA4JTK        CO2OR      XE1CI
5N6ZHM     W5TUD         A35LU      K1LU          CO2QQ      XE1CI
5N99CEN    IV3VBM        A45XU      W3HNK         CO2VG      AD4Z
5N99EAM    IK7JTF        A61AJ      W3UR          CO6AP      W3HC
5N99MSV    OK1JR         A61AO      N1DG          CO8AR      AD4Z
5N99RGP    IK7JTF        A61AP      IK7JTF        CO8DC      VE3NXB
5N9EAM     IK7JTF        A61AQ      N1DG          CO8NA      AD4Z
5N9RGP     IK7JTF        A61AS      YO3FRI        CO8ZZ      AD4Z
5R8ET      K1WY          A71/9K2AI  IK7JTF        CP4BT      DL9OT
5R8FU      SM0DJZ        AM1JJ      EA1JJ         CP6XE      CP6VP
5R8PR      F6BFH         AN1DMQ     EC1DMQ        CQ2I       CT1CJJ
5U7DG      K4SE          AP2KSD     IK7JTF        CQ7ERK     CT1ERK
5V7FA      F6FNU         AP2MAM     IK7JTF        CT1DSC     CT1CJJ
5V7SW      G3VMW         AX1TX      K1WY          CT1EGW     N2AU
5X1P       G3MRC         AY0N       LU2NI         CT98EGW    N2AU
5X1Z       SM6CAS        BA1CO      W3HC          CW8C       CX8CP
5Z4GS      WB2YQH        BA1DU      W3HC          DU1/JA1HBC JA1NAQ
5Z4IC      MW0AIE        BA1HAM     NE9Z          E21CJN     W3PP
5Z4RL      G0IAS         BA7QT      W3HNK         E30BA      DJ9ZB
6W2/ON4QM  ON4QM         BD4ED      BY4BHP        E41/OK1DTP OK1TD
6W4RK      F5NPS         BD7NQ      W2AY          E44/OZ5IPA OZ5AAH
7Q7AH      G0IAS         BQ9P       KU9C          EA8/DL7AU  DL7VRO
EA8AH      OH1RY         HL0Z/5     DS4CNB        LX/DL4OCM  DL4OCM
EA9/EA7RU  EA7RU         HS0/JR3XMG JG3AVS        LX/MU0BKA  K4ZLE
ED2IZA     EA2URV        HS0ZAR     K3ZO          LX8DL      LX1DA
ED2KRK     EA2CBY        HS0ZCW     K4VUD         LY4AA      N6FF
ED3REC     EA3ESZ        HS5AC      W1ZS          M4U        G0RGH
ED7MAA     EA7URM        HV4NAC     IK0FVC        M6A        G3SDC
ED7MCG     EA7URM        HZ1AB      K8PYD         M7A        G3SDC
ED7TZC     EA7AIC        HZ1CCA     IK7JTF        M8M        K1DG
EG1LO      EA4URE        IB2S       I2JSB         MD0BPI     N6TQS
EG2Z       EA4URE        II2E       I2CZQ         MJ0AWR     K2WR
EG4M       EA4URE        II2P       I2CMA         MM0BBP/P   GM3VLB
EG5CS      EA4URE        II3B       IK3OII        N1WLV/DU1  DY1LVA
EG7CA      EA4URE        II7P       IK7EZP        N2NL/KH2   W2YC
EG7MA      EA4URE        IQ1Z       IK1NLZ        NH6D/KH2   N6FF
EK8YC      IK2DUW        IQ7A       IK7XIV        NH6D/KH4   N6FF
EL2WW      ON5NT         IU8W       IZ8CCW        NH7A       N2AU
EM4E       UR4EYT        J28AG      F6EJI         NP3X       W4DN
EN5J       KG6AR         J28BS      F6KPQ         OD5PI      IK7JTF
EO1I       UT1IA         J28DB      F4AAQ         OH0M       OH3LQK
EP3HR      I2MQP         J3/K4LTA   K4LTA         OH0R       OH2TA
ER0N       UT7ND         J38A       K4LTA         OK8AUY     LX1NO
ET3BT      K1WY          J41YLS     IK3ZAW        OM3Z       OM3VSZ
EX0V       N6FF          J45KLN     SM0CMH        OM9A       OM2DX
EX8ML      W3HNK         J4Z        SV2CWY        ON4CAT     K1WY
EY6TM      F6FNU         JT1Y       I0SNY         ON9CAT     K1WY
EY8CQ      DJ1SKO        JW/SM7NAS  SM7NAS        OR0OST     ON6HC
EY8MM      K1BV          JW0L       G8APB         OT7L       ON7YP
EY9/RA3OO  DJ1SKO        JW4CJA     LA4CJA        OT9A       ON7LR
FG5FR      F6FNU         JX0LMJ     LA7DFA        OX3UB      OZ1PIF
FJ/K1YJK   K1YJK         JX7DFA     LA7DFA        P20X       P29NB
FK8GM      WB2RAJ        JY9NX      JH7FQK        P29CC      K1WY
FK8VHT     F6AJA         K1WY       K1WY          P29ND      K3BYV
FM5BH      F6HEQ         KC4CD/HR2  HR1JPT        P29WK      N3ART
FM5NA      F8AAN         KG4BV      N4OO          P39P       5B4ES
FO0PT      DJ0FX         KG4GC      W4WX          P3A        W3HNK
FO0SIL     OH1MA         KG4TO      N4TO          P40N       KW8N
FO5QG      XE1L          KG4VL      N5VL          P40W       N2MM
FR/5R8GF   TK5PB         KH0/JF2QNM JF2QNM        P49M       VE3MR
FT5ZJ      F2YT          KH0/JR1LZK JR1LZK        PA/DJ1YFK  DJ1YFK
GD0VKS     DL3FCP        KH2/JA3QGI JA3QGI        PJ2MI      W2CQ
GD3LSF     K1WY          KH6T       N2AU          PT0F       N5FA
GD4VGN     DL4FF         KH6X       N2AU          PW1S       PY1KS
GH4WKS/P   G0GNF         KH6XT      N2AU          PY0FM      JA1VOK
GI0PCU     K1WY          KL1SLE     WL7KY         PZ/PB7RK   PB7RK
GI3MUS     K1WY          KL7Y       N2AU          PZ5DX      K3BYV
GI6YM      K1WY          KP3BH      NP3GW         PZ5JR      K3BYV
H22H       5B4MF         KW1JY      K1WY          PZ5RA      PB7RK
H5AE       G0IAS         L2F        LU9FDG        R1FJL      UA3AGS
HB0CZS     K1WY          LD4KF      LA4KF         R3RRC/0    RW3GW
HC8A       WV7Y          LD9SN      LA9SN         RA0AL      W3HC
HC8L       N2AU          LO1F       LU4FM         RA0FF      N6FF
HD2RG      HC2RG         LO7H       LU7HN         RA9LI/P    DL6ZFG
HI3K       HI3JH         LT0H       LU3HY         RF9C       RK9CWW
HI3LFE     AD4Z          LT1F       LU1FKR        RM6A       W3HNK
HI4M       AD4Z          LT1H       LU1HLH        RM6A       W3HNK
HI8LUZ     AD4Z          LT3C       LU3CT         RU0LAX     W3HC
HI9/N9SW   N9SW          LT7H       LU1HLH        RU1A       KC1WY
HK3/G0SHN  F6AJA         LX/DF6VI   DF6VI         RV3MA/0    RV3ACA
HK3JJH/0M  HK3JJH        LX/DL3BRC  DL3BRC        RY9C       UA9CGA
RZ1AWT     KC1WY         UE9WAA     RW9WA         XX9TAR     KU9C
RZ9WZ      N2AU          UE9WAB     RV9WB         XX9TBH     KU9C
S01A       EA2JG         UN5J       W3HNK         XX9TEP     K8EP
S07UN      CP6CU         UN7FW      IK2QPR        XX9TJL     KU9C
S09A       EA2JG         UP5P       UN5PR         XX9TMC     KU9C
S21J       K1WY          US1I       N5FG          XX9TNX     KU9C
S79FAG     DL7AFS        UT5URW     W3HC          XX9TOT     KU9C
S79YL      DL7AFS        V21CW      K2ACW         XX9TRR     N6XJ
S79ZG      DL7AFS        V26B       AB2E          XX9TXD     KU9C
SM7CRW     W3HNK         V29TT      N2AU          YB0ARA/9   N2AU
SO0AA      DL9USA        V31DX      N2AU          YB0AZ      W7TSQ
SP9W       SP9HWN        V31VJ      W3HC          YB0JWA     N2AU
SU1ER      WA3HUP        V51HK      DL6OBS        YC0LOW     N2AU
SU9ZZ      OM3TZZ        V63YT      JE1SCJ        YI1DKS     IK2DUW
SW2A       SV2AEL        V85QQ      DF5UG         YI1HK      KK3S
T32RT      W6UC          V8A        JH7FQK        YO3APJ     N2AU
T33RD      OK1RD         VF3EJ      VE3EJ         YS1JR      DJ9ZB
T42R       CO2KG         VF6JY      VE6JY         YS1RAY     DJ9ZB
T77V       W3HNK         VK1TX      K1WY          YZ7DM      YT7TY
T88AJ      7N3AWE        VK4CAY     G3ZAY         Z30M       NN6C
T88CW      JA2NQG        VK4CAY/5   G3ZAY         Z32AF      NN6C
T88HG      JA1HGY        VK6EWI     VK6NE         ZB2CN      DJ9WH
T88HY      JA1HYF        VK8NSB/P   VK9NS         ZD7SM      W1ZT
T88PL      JK1OPL        VK9XX      W0YG          ZD7VC      K1WY
T88WX      JA1WSX        VK9YY      W0YG          ZD88A      K6NA
T99KK      PA1AW         VO1AA      VO1HE         ZD8A       K6NA
TA1TAH     TA1A          VO1BZM     VO1HE         ZD8PC      K2CL
TA4A       W3HC          VO1IMD     VO1HE         ZD8Z       VE3HO
TF7GX      K1WY          VO1SDX     VO1HE         ZD9BV      W4FRU
TF8GX      K1WY          VO500JC    VO1HE         ZF2DR      K5RQ
TI2WGO     TI0RC         VP2EKT     AA1M          ZF2JC/ZF8  NC8V
TK/OK2SW   OK2SW         VP5/IK2SFZ IK2SAI        ZF2LC      W2SM
TL8CG      IK1CQD        VP5/IK2SGC IK2SAI        ZF2YB      KI6Y
TL8MS      DL6NW         VP5N       IK2SAI        ZF2YG      K5YG
TM1CW      F5KBM         VP5VER     HI3JH         ZF2ZZ      SM7DZZ
TM1MCI     F8UFT         VP9HK      K1EFI         ZK2GEO     DL1EMH
TM2A       F5BJW         VP9KK      K1EFI         ZL3KIM     K1WY
TM2HT      F5THW         VP9LR      K1EFI         ZL4IR      W8WC
TM5CF      F5SIE         VQ9CV      ND1V          ZP5XF      N2AU
TM5DX      F5EJC         VU2TS      I1YRL         ZS1ZSL     ZS1WA
TM9FFP     F6KUC         VU3TOM     KR4ZY         ZS23I      ZS1FJ
TN2FB      F3FB          VU3VLH     OK1MM         ZS8D       ZS6EZ
TR/F5VCR   F5VCR         VY0XYL     VE7YL         ZS8IR      ZS6EZ
TR8CA      F6CBC         W6XK/KP2   W6XK          ZS8MI      ZS6EZ
TR8JH      W3HC          W6XR       N2AU          ZX0F       PY5EG
TT8AM      IK7JTF        WP2Z       KU9C          ZY8A       PP8KB
TU2XZ      W3HC          XE1/NP2AQ  W3HNK         ZZ7Z       PR7AR
TU5IJ      I2AOX         UA0QMU     UA4RC         XT2CI      TU2CI
TX8DX      VK4FW         UA0ZBK     K1WY          XT2DM      F5RLE
TZ6DX      K4DX          UA3SDK/0   RU3SD         XT2GA      F5SBP
TZ6VV      AA0GL         UA9FGR     N2AU          XT2OW      F5RLE
UA0ACG     K1WY          XE1RGL     N2AU          XU7AAC     HL2AQN
UA0AOZ     K1WY          XE2MX      K6VNX         XV300S     K2WE
UA0AZ      W3HNK         XO7X       VE7AHA        XV6JP      JA1IED
UA0DC      K1WY          XR3Z       AJ4Y          XX9AS      KU9C

3D2DI      W.J. Smith, P.O. Box 184, Suva, Fiji
4F1EJD     Emmanuel J. Diesta, #20 Sumulong St., Parang, Marikina City 1809,
4F1KBW     Benjamin C. Delfin, Lot 15 Block 2, Masagana Homes Subdivision,
           Santa Rita, Guiguinto, Bulacan, Philippines
5Z4FM      Jim Stewart, P.O. Box 63363, Mathaiga, Nairobi, Kenya
6Y5TM      DeLeon A. Miller, 148 Mansfield Heights, Ocho Rios, Jamaica
7P8HH      Horst, Box 1172, Maseru, Lesotho
9K2TO      Mosad A. Mohsen, P. O. Box 915, Farwaniya 81020, Kuwait
9V1RH      David H Rankin, P. O. Box 14, Pasir Panjang, Singapore 911121
A71MA      Mohamed, Box 24545, Doha, Qatar
A92GJ      Ed Tenhulzen, Admin. Support Unit, PSC-451, Box 215, FPO AE
           09834-2800, USA
AJ4Y       Paul Womble, P.O. Box 1207, Highland City, FL 33846-1207, USA
BA7JK      Box 1711, Guan Zhou, People's Republic of China
BD4DW      David Y. J. Zhou, P.O. Box 040-088, Shanghai, People's Republic of
BG4VBW     Yang Zhong Bo, No. 288 Qingnian Road, Xuzhou, Jiangsu 221003,
           People's Republic of China
BY1PK      P.O.Box 6106, Beijing 100061, People's Republic of China
CE3ESS     Miguel Gelerstein Rosler, Mirasol 2410, Las Condes, Chile
CT1RM      Adilio La-Salette, R. Sebastiao Couto, Vila Lusitano, 7000-738
           Evora, Portugal
DS4CNB     D.R. Lee, Kwang San P.O Box 111, KwangJu 506-050, Korea
DU1IMA     Rey Dandy P Lachica, 2052-D Donada St, Pasay City 1300,
DU1KBW     Benjamin C. Delfin, 364 2nd St, 10th Ave., Grace Park, Caloocan
           City 1400, Philippines
DX1E       Eastern Amateur Radio Telecommunication Hobbyist, Inc., Olympia
           Bldg., #618 J. P. Rizal St., Concepcion, Marikina City 1800,
DY1LVA     Eduardo Victor J. Valdez, P.O. Box 169, U.P. Diliman Post Office,
           1144 Quezon City, Philippines
E31AA      Jacky Calvo, P. O. Box 593, Pukekohe 1800, New Zealand
EA2URV     P.O.Box 323, E-48080 Bilbao, Spain
ET3AA      E.A.R.S., P.O. Box 60258, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
ET3KV      Karl-Heinz Vollkopf, P. O. Box 7633, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
EZ8AZ      Alexander O. Redzhepkuliev, P.O. Box 6, Ashkhabad 744005,
F5SWB      Dimitri Frison, El Biar, F-67530 Ottrot, France
G0IAS      Allan Hickman, The Conifers, High Street, Elkesley, Retford, DN22
           8AJ Notts, England
G3OCA      Ken Frankcom, 1 Chesterton Road, Spondon, Derby DE21 7EN, England
G3ZAY      Martin Atherton, 41 Enniskillen Road, Cambridge CB4 1SQ, England
HA1AG      Zoltan Pitman, Somogyi Bela ut 18, Gyor H-9024, Hungary
HA5PP      Zoltan Szoke, P.O. Box 1157, Budapest, H-1245, Hungary
HI3CR      Club Radioaficionados de Santiago, P.O. Box 449-3, Santiago,
           Dominican Republic
HI3JH      P.O. Box 122, Santiago, Dominican Republic
HK3JJH     Pedro J. Allina, Apartado Aereo 81119, Santafe de Bogota, D.C.,
HZ1RT      Sam, P.O. Box 27021, CP 11417, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
IK7JTF     Salvatore Borace, III Trav. Corso Roma N.C., 70010 Cellamare - BA,
IZ8CCW     Antonio Cannataro, P.O. Box 360, 87100 Cosenza - CS, Italy
J3/M0BJL   Shaun Jarvis, P.O. Box 21, Hythe, Southampton, SO45 1UW, England
J69AZ      Ernest, P. O. Box 3056, Le Clery, St. Lucia
JA9LSZ     Yasuhiro Yahara, CPO Box 111, Fukui 910-8691, Japan
JH1EVE     Hiroshi Higashiyama, 1-12-5, Higashijujo, Kitaku, Tokyo 114-0001
JK2PNY     Motoi Kawattsu, 205 Mezon 3-17-15, Nishisugamo, Toshima-ku,
           170-0001 Japan
JT1BG      Bator Sambu, P. O. Box 158, Ulaanbaatar 13, Mongolia, via Japan
JT1CC      Oyuna Sambu, P. O. Box 158, Ulaanbaatar 13, Mongolia, via Japan
JT1CT      Jargal Sambu, P. O. Box 158, Ulaanbaatar 13, Mongolia, via Japan
JT1DA      B. Enkhbayar, P. O. Box 736, Ulan Bator 13, Mongolia, via Japan
JT1M       Sambu Family Club, P. O. Box 158, Ulaanbaatar 13, Mongolia, via
K1WY       The K1WY DX Association,  P.O. Box 2644, Hartford, CT 06146-2644,
K1WY       The K1WY DX Association,  P.O. Box 90, Eeklo 9900, Belgium
LA7DFA     Per-Einar Dahlen, Roeyskattveien 4, 7713 Sandvollen, Norway
LU1HLH     Daniel Lucca, Avenida San Martin 4753, 5111 Rio Ceballos, Cordoba,
LU4AA      Radio Club Argentino, P.O. Box 97, 1000 Buenos Aires, Argentina
LU7EC      "Luc" Mariano Elichagaray, Sarmiento S/N, C.P. 2703, Carabelas,
           Buenos Aires, Argentina
LU7HN      Rene Ernesto Giorda, P.O. Box 73, 2400 San Francisco, Cordoba,
N5FG       Floyd Gerald, 17 Green Hollow Road, Wiggins, MS 39577, USA
N7LVD      Joyce Johnson, 5627 West Hearn Road, Glendale, Arizona 85306, USA
NP3P       P.O. Box 161, Fajardo, PR 00738-0161, USA
OD5NH      P.O. Box 80903, Beirut, Lebanon
OD5NH      P.O. Box 80903, Beirut, Lebanon
OH2BH      Martti J. Laine, Nuottaniementie 3D20, 02230 Espoo, Finland
OK1JR      Stan Matejicek, Moskevska 1464, Praha 10, Czech Republic
OK1MM      Pavel Valach, Box 99, 37701 Jindrichuv Hradec, Czech Republic
OK1TD      Jiri Lunak, U Sporky 185, CZ-470 01 Ceska Lipa, Czech Republic
ON4CEL     Franky Beuselinck, Oostmolenstraat 95, 9880 Aalter, Belgium
OZ5AAH     Preben Jakobsen, 9 Knoldager, DK-2670 Greve, Denmark
PR7AR      Irapuan de Sousa, P.O. Box 60, 58200-970 Guarabira, Paraiba,
PT2GTI     Roberto Stuckert, P.O. Box 09647, 70001-970, Brasilia/DF, Brazil
RK9CWW     P.O. Box 17-A, Ekaterinburg 620002, Russia
RU3SD      P.O. Box 1, Ryazan 390000, Russia
RV3ACA     Elen Boychenko, P.O. Box 13 Moscow 127521 Russia
RV3ZQ      Igor Mikheev, P.O. Box 5, Stary Oskol, 309530 Russia
RW3GW      Valery Sushkov, P.O.Box 3, Lipetsk 398000, Russia
RW9QA      Vlad Kondratenko, P.O.Box 1, Kurgan-38, 640038, Russia
SV2ASP/A   Monk Apollo, Monastery Dochiariou, GR-63087 Mt. Athos, Greece
SV8CKM     Fotis Plessas, G. Doriza 3, GR-281 00 Argostoli, Greece
SV8JE      Chris Plessas, G. Doriza 3, GR-281 00 Argostoli, Greece
TF3AO      Arsaell Oskarsson, Laekjasmara 78, IS-200 Kopavogur, Iceland
TZ6AK      P.O. Box 933, Bamako, Mali
UA9CGA     Serge V.Stikhin, P.O.Box 1035, Ekaterinburg, 620063, Russia
UN5PR      Romeo Y. Loparev, P.O. Box 73, Temirtau, 472300 Republic of
UR4EYT     P.O. Box 3363, Dnepropetrovsk-5, 320005, Ukraine
UT7ND      Gene Chumakov, P.O. Box 5235, Vinnitsa, 286018, Ukraine
V85AA      Bill Maddox, P.O. Box 1711, BS8673, Brunei
VO1HE      Paul J. Piercey, 40 Mt. Cashel Rd., St. John's, NF A1A 1X7, Canada
VU3DFM     Deshmukh Mohd. Arif, 27 Tenaments Municipal Building, 4th Floor,
           R. No. 25, P. T. Udyan, Sewree (W), Bombay 400 015, India
XE1/NP2AQ  Ron Maples, US Embassy Mexico City, Box 3087, Laredo, TX 78044,
YC9WZJ     Joni Salim, P.O. Box 127, Sorong-98401, Irian Jaya, Indonesia
YS1RR      Raymundo Rodriguez Diaz, P.O. Box 32, San Salvador, El Salvador
ZA5AM      Box 1701, Tirana, Albania
ZS6EZ      Chris R. Burger, Box 4485, Pretoria, 0001 South Africa 

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