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425 DX News #430
31 July 1999
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to:
Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information
Massimo Balsamo, IK1GPG: QSL Managers/QSL Routes
Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages

>>> This issue has been prepared and mailed thanks to the kind assistance <<<
>>>   and help of Luciano Tonin, I1HLI and Maurizio Bertolino, IZ1CRR    <<<
F      - F6HQP, F5NGB and F6JSI will be active from a few different IOTA/DIFM
         islands in Bretagne (Finistere North) between 1 and 15  August. [TNX
         F6AJA and Les Nouvelles DX]
GU     - Bob, G3VXJ will  be  active (mostly on 160 metres and the WARC bands
         CW) as GU3VXJ/p from Guernsey  (EU-114) for  two weeks starting on 2
         August. [TNX The Daily DX]
HK     - After the 5K8T (SA-081, QSL via F6AJA) IOTA  Contest  operaton  with
         Gerard (F2JD/HK3JBR),  Pedro, HK3JJH was active as  HK3JJH/HC4  from
         SA-056 until 28 July. QSL via home call.
OE     - Jun Tanaka, JH4RHF reports the planned contest activities of 4U1VIC:
         WAE  CW  (M/S by DL6RDR and JH4RHF),  CQ  WW  RTTY (JH4RHF), WAE SSB
         (JH4RHF),  CQ  W_  SSB  (M/S by JH4RHF, DL2OBF and others), CQ WW CW
         (M/S  by  JH4RHF, DL6RDR and others), ARRL 10 (VE3IAY).  4U1VIC is a
         separate multiplier for WAE and CQ WW contests.
OH0    - Hartmut,  DJ7ST will be active (CW QRP on  all  bands)  as OH0/DJ7ST
         from the Aland  Islands  (EU-002) between  2 and 20 August.  QSL via
         home call. [TNX DX News Sheet]
OH0    - Ari, OH1EH will be active as OH0Z  from the  Aland Islands  (EU-002)
         during the European HF Championship (7 August) and in the Worked All
         Europe SSB  Contest  (11-12  August). QSL  via OH1EH,  Ari Korhonen,
         Kreetalank 9 As 1, FIN 29200 Harjavalta, Finland. [TNX The Daily DX]
OZ     - Look  for  Jakob, OZ7AEI/p  to  be  active from Romo Island (EU-125,
         NS-001 for the Danish Islands Award) on 2 August  starting around  6
         UTC for 4/5 hours. [TNX OZ7AEI]
SM     - Mel, SM0MPV is active as SK0HS/5 from Vassaro Island (EU-084)  until
         1 August. QSL via bureau to SM0MPV. [TNX SM0MPV]
SV     - Stefano,  IK2QEI  will  be  active  (6-160 metres)  as  J48QEI  from
         Zakinthos  (EU-052) between 5 and 20 August. QSL via home call. [TNX
SV9    - Uwe, LX1SU  will be active as SV9/LX1SU from Crete (EU-015) until  7
         August. [TNX LX1RA]
V7     - Bruce, AC4G  [425DXN 422]  is  now  active  as  V73CW from Kwajalein
         (OC-028),  Marshall  Islands  for  the next two years. QSL via  AC4G
         (Bruce Smith, P.O. Box 1436, APO, AP 96555). [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
VE     - Gregg, VE3ZZ will be active for  a few hours on 1 August  (beginning
         approximately at  15.00  UTC) as  VE3ZZ/VE2  from Ile  Bizard  (CISA
         PQ027, not IOTA)  on or around  14260/21260 kHz. QSL  via to  VE3ZZ.
         [TNX VE3ZZ]
XU     - Tom, SP5AUC/3W7CW will be in Cambodia until mid-August. He has  been
         issued the  call XU7AAS  and plans  are to  be  active soon.  He  is
         expected to return  to Vietnam on  15 August.  QSL to  P.O. Box  11,
         02-800 Warsaw 93, Poland. [TNX SP5ELA]
ZF     - Jim,  KD3YK will be active as ZF2JM from the Cayman Islands (NA-016)
         between  2  and  12  August.  He  will be operating QRP on 40 and 20
         metres CW. QSL to home call. [TNX ARRL DX Bulletin]
LACCADIVES 1999 ---> The  following  information comes  from Bernie McClenny,
Editor  of The Daily DX: "The  lead  organizer of a  group of  Amateur  Radio
operators informs  The Daily DX that the finishing touches on a DXpedition to
the   Lakshadweep  Islands  (formerly  called  the  Laccadive  Islands),  for
September of this year, are being finalized. Indian authrities have been very
cautious however they are open to this group. Details are still being  worked
out and a formal announcement is expected in the near future."
ESTONIA ---> Andy, ES2NA ( reports that all ERAU members
can use as their e-mail address.
QSL J28AG ---> Cards for  J28AG (operator Jean, J28NH)  should be sent direct
only to SP 85012, 00806 Armees, France. [TNX SV2CWY]
QSL XF4L ---> Jari,  OH2BU  reports  he  has the XF4L Revilla Gigedo logs and
QSL  cards since the Eighties.  His  address  is  Jari  Jussila,  Pilvijarvi,
FIN-02400 Kirkkonummi, Finland.
QSL VIA F6AJA ---> Jean-Michel reports he has already received the  logs  for
HK3JBR/1  (SA-040, 17-20 July)  and 5K8T (SA-081, 1999 IOTA Contest)  and  is
ready to reply to any QSL request.
RSGB INTERNATIONAL HF & IOTA CONVENTION  ---> It  will  take  place  on  8-10
October at the Beaumont Conference Centre, Old Windsor, Berks, England.  This
will  be  a great meeting point for all those interested in HF, DXing,  IOTA,
operating, contesting and LF experimentation. Further details can be obtained
from  Marcia Brimson, 2E1DAY (+44(0)1707659015 or
or   from   Neville  Cheadle,  G3NUG   (  The  detailed
programme,   lecture   synopses   and   booking   forms   are   available  at [TNX G3NUG]
T5RT ---> Wilfried, DJ5RT, reports he is not the QSL manager for this  pirate
station. [TNX The Daily DX]
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
LOGS:  The logs  for 8J1RL (JARL station on Ongul Island, AN-015) are  online
LOGS:  The  logs  for  KH3/NH6D are now online  at and
       will be updated frequently.  Bill's older KH2/NH6D and  KH4/NH6D  logs
       are also available. [TNX N6RT]
LX0RL: The  home  page for  the  HQ station of  the Reseau Luxembourgeois des
       Amateurs d'Ondes  Courtes  is  at (QSL via
       bureau). [TNX LX2AJ]
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         *******  QSL INFO  ********
                          Edited by IK1GPG & IK1QFM
9M6BZ    Z.A.Armstrong, P.O.Box 397, 88858 Kota Kinabalu,Sabah,Malaysia(CB99)
BA3AG    P.O.Box 81, Tianjin, 300074, China [DXNL]
BA4TA    B.F.Jin, P.O.Box 219, Wuxi, Jiangsu, 214026, China (
BG6QBL   He, P.O.Box 60002, Wuhan, 420060, China [DXNL]
BG7YB    Fu Shi Ling, No.100 Bin Hai New District, Haikow City, Hainan
         Province, 570105, Peoples Rep of China [W2JZK & IOTW]
CE9GEW   Jose Manuel Garcia Reyes, R. Polena 4, Renaca, Vina Del Mar, Chile
         (K5MK & IOTW)
CN8HB    Christian Laheyne,190 Rue Dauphins Siesta,Mohammedia,Morocco  (CB99)
DL1YMK   Michael Kohla, Pieperfeldweg 31, D-48329, Havixbeck, Germany  (CB99)
r/n 135
DL4DBR   Ted Barczyk, Pappelstrasse 34, D-58099 Hagen, Germany [9V1XE]
DM2AUJ   Wolfgang Rebling, Markt 12, D-07955 Auma, Germany (IIA-123 Crazy)
F6FQK    Francis Kremer,31 rue Louis Pasteur, F-67490 Dettwiller,France(CB99)
IF9ZRQ   Aroldo Bizzarri, Via Pietrevarate 11, I-91010, Levanzo (TP), Italy
JA8VE    Kunio Saito, 2-26-5-554 Nishitsuruma, Yamato, Kanagawa, 242-0005,
         Japan (CB99)
JF1OCQ   Hiroyuki Miyake, 1-3-6 Asakura, Maebashi, Gumma,371-0811,Japan(CB99)
LA6WEA   Kaare Olufsen, P.O.Box 19, N-8896 Levang, Norway (CB99)
LZ1BJ    Boytcho D.Hadshiyski, P.O.Box 90, 2500 Kyustendil, Bulgaria (LZ1BJ)
OH2BN    Jarmo J.Jaakola, Kiilletie 5-C-30, FIN-00710, Helsinki, Finland
PT2ADM   Gustavo de Faria Franco, SQS 210 BL "E" Apt 501, Brasilia, DF,
         70273-050, Brazil (CB99)
PY8AZT   Luciano Silva, P.O.Box 71, Belem, PA 66000-970, Brazil [PY8AZT]
RW3TR    Cos A.Titkov, P.O.Box 178, Dzershinsk-31, 606031 Russia (RW3TR)
UK8CK    Shamsuddin F.Hidaev, Ul Mukimiy 18-A, Shakhrisabz, 731700,Uzbekistan
UR5QBB   Roman P.Guzenko, P.O.Box 29, Melitopol, 332315, Ukraine (CB99)
UT5PW    Swjatoslaw Gunko, P.O.Box 6, Nowowolynsk-5, Wolyn'ska obl., 264920,
         Ukraine (UY5XE)
UU8JK    P.O.Box 57, 334512 Kerch, Ukraine (UU4JXM)
UY5YY    Pavel P.Guzenko, P.O.Box 29, Melitopol, 332315, Ukraine (CB99)
VE2CWI   West Island ARC, P.O.Box 884, Dorval, Quebec, H9R 4Z6, Canada (CB99)
YC5YAS   P.O.Box 154, Batan Island, 29400 Indonesia [YC5YAS]
ZK1JD    P.O.Box 491, Rarotonga, Cook Islands [DXNL]
CALL        MANAGER  INFO FROM     NOTE          
2A/DJ6AU    DJ6AU    The Daily DX                
2A0APF/P    MM1AUF   The Daily DX                
2A0BPP/P    MM0BPP   IK7AFM-28                   
2A0CCC/P    GM0ALS   PCL071999                   
2C0SLM      GW0SLM   The Daily DX                
2C4DIY/P    G4DIY    The Daily DX                
2C4PXQ      GW4PXQ   PCL071999                   
2C5VG/P     GM3UTQ   The Daily DX                
2S3YTS      GM3YTS   The Daily DX                
3A5OLZ      W3HC     425DXN428                   
3C1/TU4EI   W3HC     425DXN428                   
3D2DM       AE6C     The Daily DX                
3D2EX       W8GEX    The Daily DX                
3E1AA       N0JT     IK7AFM-28                   
3V8DJ       I5JHW    The Daily DX                
3W6HM       JF1OCQ   425DXN429                   
3W6KS       JA8VE    425DXN429                   
3W6LI       IK0DUW   The Daily DX                
3W6XK       W9XK     The Daily DX                
3XY7A       VE3WFN   The Daily DX                
3Z0BLY      SP2PMW   IK7AFM-28                   
3Z0ENI      SP2FAP   425DXN429                   
3Z0MDL      SP2UUU   PCL071999                   
3Z0RW       SP4KGB   The Daily DX                
3Z1DXC      SP1NQF   IK7AFM-28                   
3Z1NQF      SP1NQF   The Daily DX                
3Z4BK       SP4KAI   The Daily DX                
3Z60H       SP2FJN   PCL071999                   
3Z60O       SP2HJN   PCL071999                   
3Z60P       SP2AYC   PCL071999                   
3Z60W       SP2BNJ   PCL071999                   
3Z9JPG      SP9KAG   The Daily DX                
4K1A        W3HC     425DXN428                   
4K1QAV      W3HC     425DXN428                   
4K9W        DL6KVA   The Daily DX                
4L0CR       IK7JTF   The Daily DX                
4L1UN       IK7JTF   The Daily DX                
4L4MM       ON4CFI   The Daily DX                
4L8A        OZ1HPS   The Daily DX                
4N1EA       YU1EFG   IK7AFM-28                   
4X/JM1LJS   JL2XUN   425DXN429                   
5B4/RA3CQ   YL2KL    The Daily DX                
5B4AGC      G3LNS    The Daily DX                
5B4AGX      G4PFF    The Daily DX                
5H3US       WA8JOC   The Daily DX                
5H8TL       W7RNF    The Daily DX                
5K8T        F6AJA    IK7AFM-28                   
5N0ASW      W3HC     425DXN428                   
5N0SKO      W3HC     425DXN428                   
5N0ZKD      OK1KN    The Daily DX                
5N2CFA      W3HC     425DXN428                   
5N9EAM      IK7JTF   The Daily DX                
5W1SA       JH7OHF   The Daily DX                
5X1GS/M     WB2YQH   The Daily DX                
5X1JA       JE9IKG   425DXN428                   
5X1P        G3MRC    The Daily DX                
5Z4EO/A     DL0MAR   The Daily DX                
5Z4GS       WB2YQH   DXNL1155                    
6M0HZ       DS2AGH   The Daily DX                
6M0HZ/2     HL1IWD   The Daily DX                
6T2MG       W3HC     425DXN428                   
6W4RK       F5NPS    The Daily DX                
7Q7PA       N4PA     DXNL1155                    
7X2CR       IS0LYN   The Daily DX                
7X5VRK      W3HC     425DXN428                   
7Z1IS       SM0OFG   The Daily DX                
8P6SH       KU9C     The Daily DX                
8Q7AN       OZ1EEZ   The Daily DX                
8Q7TB       G3TBK    The Daily DX                
8Q7TV       F6BEE    The Daily DX                
8S1IG       SK1BL    IK7AFM-28                   
9A/IK4HPU   IK4HPU   425DXN429                   
9A0DX       9A3ZA    PCL071999                   
9A1CHP      W3HC     425DXN428                   
9A2OP       W3HC     425DXN428                   
9A4W        9A4RU    The Daily DX                
9A6DCR      W3HC     425DXN428                   
9A7P        W3HC     425DXN428                   
9A99P       9A3FT    IK7AFM-28                   
9G5DX       JH8PHT   The Daily DX                
9H/SV7CLI   SV7CLI   425DXN429                   
9H3JR       DJ0QJ    The Daily DX                
9H3NM       DK8TU    IK7AFM-28                   
9H3ZQ       DF7JP    The Daily DX                
9H8E        HB9DLE   PCL071999                   
9J2AM       JA0JHA   The Daily DX                
9J2BO       W6ORD    The Daily DX                
9K2/SP5UAM  SP5PBE   The Daily DX                
9K2MA       W3HC     425DXN428                   
9L/TU5EV    W3HC     425DXN428                   
9L3GB       W3HC     425DXN428                   
9M2JI       JK1AJX   PCL071999                   
9M2TD       JR4PDP   The Daily DX                
9M2TO       JA0DMV   The Daily DX                
9M6NA       JE1JKL   The Daily DX                
9M6TYT      K9TY     The Daily DX                
9N7RN       IK4ZGY   425DXN429                   
9N7RN       IK4GZY   CT1EEB                      
9N7RW       G0DIZ    DXNL1155                    
9V1BG       JL1MWI   The Daily DX                
9V1XE       DL4DBR   9V1XE                       
9V1YC       AA5BT    DXNL1155                    
9V9HQ       AA5BT    The Daily DX                
A35EX       W8GEX    The Daily DX
A43SF       A47RS    The Daily DX                
A61AJ       W3UR     The Daily DX                
A61AS       YO3FRI   The Daily DX                
A92FZ       W3HC     425DXN428                   
AA1NY/KH0   JA4CZM   JA4CZM                      
AM6JMU      EA6URP   The Daily DX                
AP2JZB      K2EWB    The Daily DX                
BA1BA       W3HC     425DXN428                   
BA1CO       W3HC     425DXN428                   
BA1DU       W3HC     425DXN428                   
BA1NH       W3HC     425DXN428                   
BA4EG       BD4EG    PCL071999                   
BD4ED/4     BY4BHP   425DXN429                   
BI3H        W3HC     425DXN428                   
BI4C        W3HC     425DXN428                   
BI4Q        BA4TA               
BI5P        W3HC     425DXN428                   
BI5Z        W3HC     425DXN428                   
BV4OQ       W3HC     425DXN428                   
BV5DR       W3HC     425DXN428                   
BV9AYA      BV2KI    The Daily DX                
BX0QSL      JA1JKG   IK7AFM-28                   
BY1DX       OH2BH    The Daily DX                
BY7WGL      JO6WGJ   The Daily DX                
C21JH       VK2GJH   425DXN429     direct only   
C53HG       W3HC     425DXN428                   
C6GI        C6AFV    The Daily DX                
CE0/W9FW    W3HC     425DXN428                   
CE3/W9FW    W3HC     425DXN428                   
CE3MCC      W3HC     425DXN428                   
CE77AA      CE3AA    The Daily DX                
CF7KDU      VE7KDU   The Daily DX                
CG0XN/P     VE3XN    PCL071999                   
CM6YI       W3HNK    The Daily DX                
CN8NK       EA5XX    The Daily DX                
CO2AL       W3HC     425DXN428                   
CO6AP       W3HC     425DXN428                   
CO6FA       W3HC     425DXN428                   
CO6RQ       W3HC     425DXN428                   
CO8DM       KU9C     The Daily DX                
CO8LY       EA7ADH   The Daily DX                
CP6XE       IK6SNR   The Daily DX                
CT/F8BQQ    F8BQQ    425DXN428                   
CV5A        CX2ABC   IK7AFM-28                   
CY6AO       VE6AO    IK7AFM-28                   
CY9CWI      VE2CWI   The Daily DX                
CY9SS       VY2SS    The Daily DX                
D2/AA4HU    W3HC     425DXN428                   
D2GG        CT1GG    The Daily DX                
D2RV        AA4HU    The Daily DX                
DF2OOO      DK7ZH    IK7AFM-28                   
DU3NXE      W3HNK    The Daily DX                
DU8ARK      I2YDX    The Daily DX                
E30HA       F6FNU    425DXN429     direct only   
E30HA       HA5YPP   425DXN429     USA only      
E4/JM1LJS   JL2XUN   PCL071999                   
EA6ABN      W3HC     425DXN428                   
EA8ID       EA8AMT   The Daily DX                
EA9AU       EA9IB    The Daily DX                
ED0BOD      W3HC     425DXN428                   
ED1PDG      EA4ATI   425DXN429                   
EJ7M        EI6HB    PCL071999                   
EK6CC       N8BGD    The Daily DX                
EK6DO       K6EID    IZ1CCR                      
EK6LP       IK2DUW   The Daily DX                
EK6TA       DJ0MCZ   IK7AFM-28                   
EK7DX       F5LGQ    The Daily DX                
EK9AA       W6QKB    The Daily DX                
EL2AB       IK0PHY   The Daily DX                
EN8PSL      UT5PW    UY5XE                       
EO55WL      UT1WA    PCL071999                   
EP2ASZ      W3HC     425DXN428                   
EP2HSA      W3HC     425DXN428                   
EP2MA       W3HC     425DXN428                   
EP2MKO      UA6HCW   The Daily DX                
EP2MRD      W3HC     425DXN428                   
ER7A        ER1DA    The Daily DX                
ES0/OH1NOA  OH1NOA   425DXN429                   
EU3FT       W3HC     425DXN428                   
EU5O        DL7VFM   The Daily DX                
EV5A        EW1WA    The Daily DX                
EW1DM       W3HC     425DXN428                   
EW1MM       W3HC     425DXN428                   
EW1SM       W3HC     425DXN428                   
EX2U        IK2QPR   IZ1CRR                      
EX7MA       IK2QPR   IZ1CRR                      
EX8W        UA3AGS   UA3AGS@RA3KP                
EY8MM       K1BV     The Daily DX                
F/IK1TTD    IK1TTD   IK7AFM-28                   
F/ON4LCW    ON4LCW   IK7AFM-28                   
F8UFT       F5YJ     The Daily DX                
FG5FC       F6DZU    The Daily DX                
FG5FR       F6FNU    The Daily DX  direct only   
FK8GM       WB2RAJ   The Daily DX                
FK8VHT      F6AJA    The Daily DX                
FM5DN       KU9C     The Daily DX                
FO0CAB      LU3HAK   The Daily DX                
FO0DEL      ON5AX    DXNL1155                    
FO0MSN      JL6MSN   The Daily DX                
FO5QG       XE1L     The Daily DX                
FP/VE2MAM   VE2MAM   The Daily DX
FP/W8MV     W8MV     IK7AFM-28                   
FR5VZ       F8VZ     The Daily DX                
FT5WH       F6KDF    IK7AFM-28                   
FT5YG       F5LBL    The Daily DX                
FW8ZZ       OH2BN    425DXN429                   
FY5YE       W5SVZ    The Daily DX                
GB2CD       G7BYQ    G7BQY@GB7DEE  July 2nd,3rd,4th 1999
GB2COS      G7BYQ    G7BQY@GB7DEE  Last 15 yrs   
GB2LI       GW0MXG   425DXN429                   
GB5TI       GM0JVI   The Daily DX                
GB98CH      G7BYQ    G7BQY@GB7DEE  July-August 1999
GM3VLB/P    GM3VLB   IK7AFM-28                   
GX0MXG      GW0MXG   425DXN429                   
HB0/DL1RWB  DL1RWB   The Daily DX                
HB7OGR      HB9AAQ   425DXN428                   
HC2FN       W3HC     425DXN428                   
HG3DX       HA8FW    The Daily DX                
HG4I        HA5LN    The Daily DX                
HH2/W4WX    W4WX     IK7AFM-28                   
HK3JBR/1    F6AJA    The Daily DX                
HL9AX       W3HC     425DXN428                   
HL9OO       W3HC     425DXN428                   
HP1XVH      N0JT     The Daily DX                
HR1/K3V     K3VN     The Daily DX                
HS0/JA6GIJ  JA6LCJ   The Daily DX                
HS0/KM4P    W3HC     425DXN428                   
HS0AIT      W3HC     425DXN428                   
HS0ZCJ      W3HC     425DXN428                   
HS1BV       W3HC     425DXN428                   
HS4BPQ      E21EIC   PCL071999                   
HU4U        EA4URE   425DXN429                   
HZ1AB       K8PYD    IK7AFM-28                   
I/W0YR/P    AA9DX    The Daily DX                
IA5/DM2AUJ  DM2AUJ   IIA123-Crazy                
IB0/IK0CNA  IK0CNA   IK7AFM-28                   
IF9WKH      IT9FXY   IK7AFM-28                   
IH9/OL5Y    OK1VK    IK7AFM-28                   
II2V        I2ARN    The Daily DX                
II9R        IT9HLR   DXNL1155                    
IK7JWX/P    IK7JWX   The Daily DX                
IL7/IK7VJX  IK7VJX   The Daily DX                
IM0/IK2AEQ  IK2AEQ   IIA123-Crazy                
IM0/IN3YGW  IN3DEI   IIA123-Crazy                
IO2L        I2OKW    IK7AFM-28                   
IQ4A        I4LCK    The Daily DX  CW            
IQ4A        IK4QJH   The Daily DX  SSB/RTTY      
IQ4B        IK4QJH   The Daily DX                
IR5A        IZ5CMG   The Daily DX                
IY2ARI      I2MQP    IK7AFM-28                   
IY4FGM      IK4QJH   IK7AFM-28                   
IY4OTA      IK4QJH   IK7AFM-28                   
J45K        DL9USA   PCL071999                   
J49WI       I2WIJ    The Daily DX                
J69EB       KB3AMD   The Daily DX                
J73JT       W3HC     425DXN428                   
J8OB        KP2AD    The Daily DX                
JM1YGG/9    JM1YGG   JI6KVR                      
JT1FAJ      JA0HC    The Daily DX                
JT1FAL      JA0IXW   The Daily DX                
JT1FCS      JR0BQT   The Daily DX                
JT1FCT      JA0EJ    The Daily DX                
JT1FCU/4    JA1CMS   The Daily DX                
JW/DJ3KR    DH3MG    The Daily DX                
JW2PA       LA2PA    The Daily DX                
JW5E        LA5NM    The Daily DX                
JW7QIA      LA7QIA   The Daily DX                
JW8WF       LA8WF    The Daily DX                
JY9NX       JH7FQK   The Daily DX                
KG4AS       W4WV     DXNL1155                    
KH0/JA4RED  JA4RED   JA4CZM                      
KH0/JH4RLY  JH4RLY   JA4CZM                      
KH0/K7IL    JF3PLF   PCL071999                   
KH0/N3JJ    JA3ART   PCL071999                   
KH0/W8YAQ   JA3OIN   PCL071999                   
KH0AS       WB4UBD   The Daily DX                
KH0HX       JH7WKQ   PCL071999                   
KH2/N2NL    W2YC     The Daily DX                
KH3/NH6D    N6FF     425DXN429                   
KH3/W5RXP   W5RXP    The Daily DX                
KH4/SM6FJY  SM6FJY   425DXN429                   
KP2/AG8L    NN6C     The Daily DX                
KP2/K6RO    K6RO     The Daily DX                
KP2/N2OO    N2OO     The Daily DX                
KP2/W6KK    W6KK     The Daily DX                
L21DK       F6FNU    The Daily DX  direct only   
L22BA       F6FNU    The Daily DX  direct only   
L22JCW      F6FNU    The Daily DX  direct only   
L24DA       F6FNU    The Daily DX  direct only   
L25DV       F6FNU    The Daily DX  direct only   
L25FCI      F6FNU    The Daily DX  direct only   
L26EQV      F6FNU    The Daily DX  direct only   
L27DP       F6FNU    The Daily DX  direct only   
L28EEM      F6FNU    The Daily DX  direct only   
L75CB       LU4AA    The Daily DX                
LA/IK3GES/P IK3GES   IK7AFM-28                   
LO0D        F6FNU    The Daily DX  direct only   
LU3DA       LU2VED/D LU7DR                       
LU4DE       LW4DEZ   LU7DR                       
LU7DR       LW7DSR   LU7DR                       
LY/OH1NOA   OH1NOA   425DXN429                   
LY1TR       LY1BD    The Daily DX                
LY99RMD     LY3BE    The Daily DX                
LZ98HQ      LZ1BJ    LZ1BJ                       
LZ99HQ      LZ1UQ    PCL071999                   
LZ99HQ      LZ1BJ    LZ1BJ                       
MJ0AWR      K2WR     The Daily DX                
MU/DL7FER   DL7FER   IK7AFM-28                   
MW8Z        G5LP     425DXN429                   
NH0K        JA2CBO   The Daily DX                
NH0L        JA7YCE   PCL071999                   
OA2/KQ6XA   KQ6XA    ARLD029 DXnews              
OD5NJ       EA5BYP   The Daily DX                
OH0/DK5JM   DK5JM    The Daily DX                
OH0Z        OH1EH    IK7AFM-28                   
OJ0/LA0CX   LA0CX    The Daily DX                
OJ0/LA3IKA  LB1NE    The Daily DX                
OJ0/SM0NJO  SM0NJO   The Daily DX                
OJ0RJ       OH0RJ    The Daily DX                
OK8FS       RW3FS    OK1AD                       
OM9AWD      OK1AD    OK1AD                       
OM9HQ       OM3JW    The Daily DX                
ON7SUN      ON4LCV   ON4BCB                      
OX3LG       OZ1PIF   The Daily DX                
OX3NUK      ON4GO    ARLD030 DXnews              
P29CC       K1WY     The Daily DX                
P29KPH      K5YG     The Daily DX                
P29VHX      DJ9HX    425DXN429                   
P40K        I2EOW    The Daily DX                
P40MR       KB2MRI   The Daily DX                
P43P        P43ARC   The Daily DX                
P49V        AI6V     The Daily DX                
PA6TEX      ON4ALW   PCL071999                   
PA9MR       VE3MR    The Daily DX                
PR2G        PT2ADM   PT2ADM                      
PT7WX       W3HC     425DXN428                   
PX8DX       PY8AZT   PY8AZT        CQWW&ARRL 1999
PY0FA       PY4KL    The Daily DX                
PY5ZHP      DL4DBR   The Daily DX                
R1AND       RW1AI    ARLD030 DXnews              
R1FJL       UA3AGS   UA3AGS@RA3KP                
R1FJO       UA3AGS   UA3AGS@RA3KP                
R1FJV       UA3AGS   UA3AGS@RA3KP                
R1MV        OH2BR    The Daily DX                
R1MVA       OH2BR    The Daily DX                
R9C         W3HC     425DXN428                   
R9WB        W3HC     425DXN428                   
RA0AL       W3HC     425DXN428                   
RA9LI/9     DL6ZFG   The Daily DX                
RB5JK       W3HC     425DXN428                   
RF1P        UA1RJ    The Daily DX                
RP9XUK      W3HC     425DXN428                   
RS0F        W3HNK    425DXN428                   
RU0LAX      W3HC     425DXN428                   
RU9WB       W3HC     425DXN428                   
RV73WB      W3HC     425DXN428                   
RV9W        W3HC     425DXN428                   
RV9WB       W3HC     425DXN428                   
RV9XM       W3HC     425DXN428                   
RX9TX       W3HC     425DXN428                   
RZ6HAV      W3HC     425DXN428                   
S58N        S57MX    The Daily DX                
S79GI       PA3GIO   425DXN429                   
SI9AM       SM3CVM   ARLD029 DXnews              
SM3LF       SM1LF    The Daily DX                
SN0APT      SP8YCB   The Daily DX                
SN0WI       SP2LLW   The Daily DX                
SU9ZZ       OM3TZZ   The Daily DX                
SV0LR       HB9LDR   IK7AFM-28                   
SV1/G4ERW   G0DIZ    DXNL1155                    
SV8/DL7VSN  DL7VSN   425DXN428                   
SV8/PA1XA   PA3BLS   The Daily DX                
SV9/G4FRE   WW2R     The Daily DX                
SV9/ON4CBZ  ON4CBZ   The Daily DX                
SV9LR       HB9LDR   The Daily DX                
T30ED       3D2SJ    The Daily DX  direct only   
T30JH       VK2GJH   The Daily DX  direct only   
T32BI       KH6DFW   The Daily DX                
T32O        WC5P     PCL071999                   
T88DX       JI3DLI   The Daily DX                
T88JR       JH3FJG   The Daily DX                
T94GB       W3HC     425DXN428                   
TA0S        DL6DB    The Daily DX                
TA2IJ       DJ9ZB    The Daily DX                
TA3DD       KB2MS    The Daily DX                
TA3J/0      TA3J     TA3J                        
TA4A        W3HC     425DXN428                   
TF0/LX9EG   LX1NO    IK7AFM-28                   
TF1/LX9EG   LX1NO    IK7AFM-28                   
TF4/LX9EG   LX1NO    IK7AFM-28                   
TF5/LX9EG   LX1NO    IK7AFM-28                   
TF6/LX9EG   LX1NO    IK7AFM-28                   
TF8SM       N5FTR    The Daily DX                
TG9IGI      I2MQP    The Daily DX                
TI1C        W3HNK    The Daily DX                
TM0HQ       F5KNB    IK7AFM-28                   
TM0Y        ON4AMM   The Daily DX                
TM1OTA      ON4ADN   PCL071999                   
TM1RCL      F5TCM    The Daily DX                
TM2SIX      F6KRD    The Daily DX                
TM5K        ON4ON    ON4BCB                      
TM5ON       ON4ON    ON4BCB                      
TM6JUN      F2RO     The Daily DX                
TM6SIX      F6KRD    The Daily DX                
TR8JH       W3HC     425DXN428                   
TR8JPF      F5JEE    The Daily DX                
TT8FC       EA4AHK   The Daily DX                
TU2XZ       W3HC     425DXN428                   
TU2ZA       TU2CI    The Daily DX                
TU4EI       W3HC     425DXN428                   
TU5EV       W3HC     425DXN428                   
TU5GD       N5FTR    The Daily DX                
TU5GY       IK1GPG   PCL071999                   
UA0FCD/P    SP7LZD   The Daily DX
UA0ZY/P     4Z5AV    The Daily DX                
UA4NC       W3HC     425DXN428                   
UA9XAB      W3HC     425DXN428                   
UA9XS       W3HC     425DXN428                   
UE1CIG      RN1AW    425DXN428                   
UE50XB      W3HC     425DXN428                   
UE50XS      W3HC     425DXN428                   
UE6AAF      UA6AF    The Daily DX                
UE6AEK      RA6AAW   PCL071999                   
UE9WAB      W3HC     425DXN428                   
UE9WAC      W3HC     425DXN428                   
UK/DF3DS/Z  UK9AA    The Daily DX                
UK8OM       IK2QPR   The Daily DX                
UN4P        DL8KAC   The Daily DX                
UN7/DL4BBU  DL4BBU   425DXN429                   
UN7ER       DL8KAC   The Daily DX                
US0HZ       W3HNK    The Daily DX                
UT0ZZ       UT4ZO    The Daily DX                
UT5URW      W3HC     425DXN428                   
UU3JO       W3HC     425DXN428                   
UU3JQ       W3HC     425DXN428                   
UU4JXM      UU8JK              
UU7J        UU8JK              
UU7JK       W3HC     425DXN428                   
UX0BB       W3HC     425DXN428                   
V29PE       G3DLH    The Daily DX                
V5/DH1NS    DH1NS    IK7AFM-28                   
V5/WA1JBB   W3HC     425DXN428                   
V51GC       W3HC     425DXN428                   
V7/AC4G     AC4G     The Daily DX                
V73CW       AC4G     The Daily DX                
V73GT       WF5T     425DXN429                   
V73RX       W6WRX    The Daily DX                
V73UX       V73AX    425DXN429                   
VC1COP      VO1COP   The Daily DX                
VC6MP       VE6NRJ   425DXN429                   
VD7D        VE7TLL   425DXN428                   
VI6VY       W3HC     425DXN428                   
VK0TS       VK1PJ    425DXN429                   
VK5APK      JA4CZM   JA4CZM                      
VK6AJW      W3HC     425DXN428                   
VK6DDU/P    F5VCR    The Daily DX                
VK6VS       W3HC     425DXN428                   
VK7FLI      VK7BE    The Daily DX                
VK7FLI      VK7BE    The Daily DX                
VK8AN/6     VK4AAR   The Daily DX                
VP9/K2HJB   KB2PFP   425DXN429                   
VP9/KG8XV   JH1ROJ   PCL071999                   
VP9/N0ED    N0ED     DXNL1155                    
VQ9DJ       AB7JN    PCL071999                   
VQ9GB       K7GB     IK7AFM-28                   
VQ9SS       N6SS     425DXN429                   
VU2RBI      VU2DBP   The Daily DX                
VU3VLH      OK1MM    The Daily DX                
VW1RN       DL4VS    The Daily DX                
W3HCW       W3HC     425DXN428                   
W7W         W5DX     425DXN429                   
WL7KY       NU4N     The Daily DX                
WP2Z        KU9C     IK7AFM-28                   
WP3R        W3HNK    The Daily DX                
XQ3MCC      W3HC     425DXN428                   
XR3M        W3HC     425DXN428                   
XT/TU4EI    W3HC     425DXN428                   
XT2JB       W3HC     425DXN428                   
XW8CSN      JR2KDN   The Daily DX                
XW8INH      JM1GYQ   PCL071999                   
XW8KPL      JR2KDN   The Daily DX                
XX9TEP      K8EP     PCL071999                   
YB0DX       W3HNK    The Daily DX                
YB0ECT      K5ZE     PCL071999                   
YB0US       N2OO     PCL071999                   
YB8BHC      KG2FH    The Daily DX                
YC0LBK      W4JS     IK7AFM-28                   
YL/OH1NOA   OH1NOA   425DXN429                   
YL2EC       W3HC     425DXN428                   
YN6HM       N5TGZ    PCL071999                   
YS1RR       DJ9ZB    IK7AFM-28                   
YT1AT       DL1II    The Daily DX                
YV4FZM      N3FSC    The Daily DX                
YZ75AEW     YU7CB    The Daily DX                
YZ75AJM     YU7AJM   The Daily DX                
Z31VJ       W3HC     425DXN428                   
Z37GBC      NO6X     The Daily DX                
ZA2UU       LZ2MM    The Daily DX                
ZC4ATC      5B4YX    IK7AFM-28                   
ZC4JP       G0WSA    The Daily DX                
ZC4RAF      5B4YX    The Daily DX                
ZD7VC       ON4CAT   The Daily DX                
ZF2ZW       K4ZW     DXNL1155                    
ZK1AXA      ON5AX    The Daily DX                
ZP20I       ZP9EE    The Daily DX                
ZP99A       ZP5AA    The Daily DX                
ZS5ACW      W3HC     425DXN428                   
ZS8D        ZS6EZ    The Daily DX                
ZT6Z        ZS6EZ    The Daily DX                
ZW2SS       PT2GTI   425DXN428     SSB           
ZY2DX       PY2QE    IK7AFM-28                   
ZY2SS       PT2GTI   425DXN428     CW            

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