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425 DX News #432
14 August 1999
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to:
Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information
Massimo Balsamo, IK1GPG: QSL Managers/QSL Routes
Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages

7O     - The  International  Amateur  Radio  Volunteer  (IARV)   organisation
         dispatched nine members (including the leader JA1UT) to the Republic
         of Yemen on 5 August [see "Look out!" in 425DXN 431] until the  19th
         for voluntary work to establish a hospital communication network  in
         remote areas. The group has donated an amateur radio station to  the
         Ministry of Public  Health for  use as  a club  training station.  A
         demonstration has been  given. At present  the Yemeni engineers  are
         familiarising  themselves  with  the  equipment,  and  listening  to
         amateur radio activity. Due to pressure on the humanitarian project,
         and the shortage of time for the coaching of the Yemeni engineers on
         amateur radio operating,  it is unlikely  that a  DX type  operation
         will take place on this visit. [TNX HS0/G3NOM]
CT3    - Ben, DJ8FW will be active as CT3/DJ8FW from madeira (AF-014) between
         12 and 20 August. Plans are  to concentrate on  PSK31 mainly in  his
         mornings and evenings, with some CW on the WARC bands if the weather
         is bad. [TNX UT5RP]
E4     - Alessio/IZ0CKJ, Simon/IZ7ATN and Max/IW0FQZ will be active (also  on
         6 metres) from Palestine between 19 and 26 August. [TNX IW0FQZ]
EA     - Look for  ED1OTA  and EF1OTA  to  be ative  from  the  Cies  Islands
         (EU-080) between 15 and 30 August.  QSL direct only to P.O. Box  54,
         36980 O Grove (Pontevedra), Spain. [TNX EC1BXI]
GM     - Jim, GM4CHX plans  to be active  from a few  islands in the  Orkneys
         (EU-009), namely Eynhallow (IOSA OR24, on 16 August starting  around
         midday for a couple of hours  only due to to  the very strong  tides
         and currents on either side of  the island), Fara (IOSA OR17, on  17
         August starting  around 9.30  UTC) and  hopefully Cava  (IOSA  OR18,
         later in the afternoon of 17 August). [TNX GM4UZY]
I      - Claudio, IN3DEI  and  Antonello, IN3YGW  will  be  IV3/  from  Grado
         (EU-130, IIA GO-001) between 12 and 15 August. They plan to  operate
         on 6-80 metres. QSL via home calls. [TNX IN3DEI]
I      - Alfredo, IK7JWX and other operators from the Salento DX Team will be
         active from  Capezzone  (EU-091, IIA  LE-004)  on  16  August.  [TNX
IS0    - Antonio, IK5NLA will be active (on 10, 15, 20, 12 and 17 metres)  as
         ISO/IK5NLA from Sardinia (EU-024, IIA SD-001)  until 21 August.  QSL
         via home call. [TNX IK5NLA]
F      - Special call TM5FDH will be used  between 15 and 29 August. QSL  via
         F5LGF. [TNX F6AJA]
LA     - Members of  Gudbransdal-gruppen of  NRRL will  be active  (on  2-160
         metres) as LA7G/Lighthouse  from Ona Lighethouse  (in the  Nordoyane
         Islands, EU-056) on 20-22  August, International Lighthouse  Weekend
         included. QSL via  LA7G either direct  or through  the bureau.  [TNX
LX     - A group  of  German  operators from  Frankfurt  (DARC  OV  F05)  and
         Luxembourg will join forces and be active as LX0RL from the LX  IARU
         Society HQ at Eisenborn (JN39CQ) between 28 August and 3  September.
         All of  the contacts  will be  confirmed automatically  through  the
         bureau. Direct  cards for  this activity  only go  to DL4FCH  (Peter
         Niksch, Saalburgstr. 4, 60385 Frankfurt,  Germany). [TNX DL4FCH  and
OH     - Look for OH8T  (operated by OH6CQ, OH6KXL, OH8HQL, OH8MXL and OH8WM)
         to be active on all bands  from Ulkokrunnit (WLH 0846, IOTA  EU-126)
         between 20 and 23 August, International Lighthouse Weekend included.
         QSL via OH8TA. [TNX OH8BQT]
OZ     - Look for OZ/DL2VFR to be active from Falster Island (EU-029,  SJ-016
         for the Danish  Islands Award) between  20 August  and 3  September.
         [TNX OZ2ZB]
P2     - Steve, VK4EMS is now active (SSB and  CW with 100 watts and a  G5RV)
         as P29BI from Bougainville Island (OC-135),  Papua New Guinea  until
         late December. He plans to operate in his spare time during the week
         and to put in a big effort on Sundays. QSL via VK4EJ. [TNX VK4EJ]
SP     - The  following  stations   are  expected  to   participate  in   the
         International  Lighthouse  Weekend  from  Poland  (location  between
         brackets): SP5PB/1  (Swinoujscie,  JO73DW, QSL  via  SP5PB),  SN6F/1
         (Kikut, JO73GX,  QSL  via  SP6ECA),  SP1EUS/1  (Niechorze,  JO74MC),
         SP1KYB/1 (Kolobrzeg,  JO74SE),  SQ1DNJ/1 (Gaski,  JO84EK),  SP1KIZ/p
         (Jaroslawiec, JO84GM), SP1JX/p (Ustka, JO84KO), SP2POL/p  (Czolpino,
         JO84OR), SN2KM  (Krynica Morska,  JO94RJ, QSL  via SP2BIK),  SP1ZZ/p
         (Stilo, JO84US). [TNX SP6ECA]
SV     - Special event station J47LHA will be active during the International
         Lighthouse Weekend  (21-22  August) from  Alexandroupolis.  QSL  via
         SV7CO (P.O. Box 46, 68100 Alexandroupolis, Greece). [TNX SV7CLI]
TF     - Look for TF1IRA  to be  active during  the International  Lighthouse
         Weekend (21-22 August)  from a  Knarrarosviti, a  lighthouse on  the
         south coast of  Iceland (EU-021), near  Stokkseyri. QSL via  bureau.
         [TNX TF3AO]
UA     - Valery/RW4HW, Victor/UA4RC, Mike/UA9KGH, Valery/UA9KI,  Serge/UA9KL,
         Nikolai/UA9KM and Mike/UA9KO will be active as RI1P from Zelenyy and
         Lovetskiy Islands (EU-102, RRA  new) between 17  and 27 August.  QSL
         via UA9KM (Nikolai Kuprin, P.O.Box 158, Nadym, 626711, Russia). [TNX
VE     - Ten operators will be active (on 10-80 metres with two stations)  as
         VE9MY/p from Partridge Island (NA-014,  CISA NB-009) between  around
         12.30 UTC on 21  August and 19.00  UTC on the  22nd. QSL via  VE9MY:
         please note his  *new* address is  Len Morgan, 21  Susan Dr.,  Saint
         John, NB, E2N 1P2, Canada. [TNX VE9MY]
VK     - Stuart/VK8NSB, Peter/VK8PDG, Zoli/HA1AG,  Allan/VK2NNN and  possibly
         Jim/VK9NS will be active (on CW, SSB, RTTY and SSTV, hopefully  with
         four stations) from  Melville Island  (OC-173) on  4-9 November  and
         from Crocker Island  in the Northern  Territory (Arafura Sea  Coast)
         Centre group (OC-???) on 11-16 November. QSL via VK9NS. 
         One of the objects of the DXpedition will be to show what our  hobby
         is to the  children living  on the  islands. Stuart  is looking  for
         amateur radio stations located in schools  around the world to  help
         him in this project. If you can provide any financial please contact
         Stuart at  as soon as  possible. The  DXpedition
         home page is at [TNX VK8NSB]
W      - Ed, W4YO will  be operating as  W4YO/p from  Harbor Island  (NA-110)
         between 14 and 22 August. QSL via home call either direct or through
         the bureau. [TNX W4YO]
XX9    - Ed, K8EP will be active (on 10-80 metres CW and SSB) as XX9TEP  from
         Macau between 18 and 23 August. QSL via K8EP. [TNX The Daily DX]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

DX CONVENTION (SCOTLAND) ---> The 1999 GM DX Convention and DX Dinner will be
held on Saturday, 18 September  1999 at the  King Robert Hotel,  Bannockburn,
Stirling starting  at  12.30. For  further  information please  contact  Tom,

EUDXF ---> The annual DX Meeting of the EUDXF will take place on 28 August at
the DNAT in Bad Bentheim (Germany). More details at  [TNX
DX News Letter]

FW8ZZ ---> FW8ZZ hit the airwaves once again nearly 35 years after the tragic
original expedition by  the late Ted  Thorpe, ZL2AWJ and  Chuck Swain,  K7LMU
[425DXN 429]. Participants  in this  memorial expedition  were Eric  Esposito
(FK8GM), Kan Mizoguchi (JA1BK), Leena Laine (OH2BE) and Martti Laine (OH2BH),
who logged more  than 11,000  QSOs during  the 70-hour  operation. The  FW8ZZ
e-mail log search will be available within the next few days.  Simply send an
e-mail to and put your call sign on the SUBJECT line.  The
search results will be sent to  you automatically via return e-mail. QSL  via
OH2BN (the folded QSL card will include a replica of the original 1966  FW8ZZ
card). [TNX N4GN]

IOTA 2000 ---> The purpose of the RSGB IOTA Millennium Programme (IOTA  2000)
is to celebrate the Millennium, to promote  IOTA activity and to have fun  on
the HF bands. The prgramme will be administered by the Chiltern DX  Club-Thew
UK DX  Foundation on  behalf of  the RSGB  IOTA Committee.  For full  details
please visit

R1MVA & R1MV ---> The 20-operator team from Finland and Russia logged  65,221
QSOs during their 6-15 July  activity from Malyj  Visotskij. 57196 QSOs  were
made by R1MVA (29775 CW,  26069 SSB, 1352  RTTY) and 8025  by R1MV (4214  CW,
3811 SSB) during the IARU Contest. Cards will be printed in the near  future.
QSL via OH2BR (Jukka Heikinheimo, Rikunkuja 4, FI-01420 Vantaa, Finland). The
home    page    for    the    DXpedition    with    log    check    is     at,   while   some
pictures can be seen at [TNX OH2BR]

QSL 5R8FU ---> QSL manager SM0DJZ  reports he has  received the updated  logs
from 5R8FU. All of QSL requests up to 12  July 1999 were mailed on 9  August.
Log-search is available  at (where  the old logs  for
T5AR, August 1994-January 1995, can also be found: John still has blank cards
for this operation and for YA1AR as well).
S DX@WW $425WW432A
425 DX News #432 [1/6]
 14 August 1999                     No 432                       $425WW432A
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****

QSL CO6XN ---> The  QSL manager is  HK6DOS, whose *new*  address is Oscar  A.
Gaviria, Calle 14  - 25-39,  (B. Los  Alamos), Pereira,  Rda, Colombia.  [TNX

QSL EJ7NET --->  Declan, EI6FR  reports that  there is  a change  to the  QSL
information previously  announced.  Please note  that  the  QSL  manager  for
contacts made with EJ7NET from Ireland's Eye (EU-121, August 1999) is HB9ASZ.

QSL EZ8CQ  ---> Alex,  EZ8CQ reports  a "big  percentage" of  envelopes  with
direct requests get "lost" in the mail or arrive "opened". He asks DXers  not
to use his P.O. Box in Ashgabat, but to send their cards direct to W0FS  (USA
and Japan only) or I2JSB (others). If you  want to arrange a sked with  Alex,
please contact him at [TNX EZ8CQ]

QSL IK3GES --->  Gabriele, IK3GES reports  that requests  arrived through  13
August have been processed. From now on he will not reply to direct  requests
without SAE + return postage any longer. Bureau cards are welcome.

QSL LA/SM4DDS/p ---> Cards for  Kjell's recent operation  from EU-061 can  be
sent to SM4DDS  either via the  bureau or  direct to  the following  address:
Kjell Bonerfalt, P.O. Box 140, Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand. [TNX SM4DDS]

QSL RU0LL/p  ---> Antonello,  IK2DUW reports  that he  now has  the logs  for
RU0LL/p's operations  from EU-066  between 1996  and 1  August 1999.  QSL  to
Antonello Passerella, P.O. Box 22, 20051 Limbiate - MI, Italy

QSL WP3C ---> Alfredo, WP3C reports his new QSL manager is W3HNK.

WAE CW DX CONTEST ---> The Worked All Europe CW DX Contest will take place on
14-15 August.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

LOGS:         Alex, PA1AW reports that the  full PJ7 and  FS logs (some  9700
              QSOs in five days) and the first V47 logs of the 1999 Caribbean
              Tour  by   the   Dutch   operators   are   now   available   at
LOGS:         The GB0SM (22-29 July) and G5M (24-25 July) logs of the  recent
              operation from the Isles of Scilly  (EU-011) are now  available
              at [TNX G0PSE]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         *******  QSL INFO  ********
                          Edited by IK1GPG & IK1QFM

CALL        MANAGER Info from    NOTE             
2A0BQI/P    MM0BQI  The Daily DX                 
2A0BYE      MM0BYE  The Daily DX                 
2C4PXQ      GW4PXQ  The Daily DX                 
2S0HTG      GM0HTG  The Daily DX                 
2S5VG/P     GM3UTQ  The Daily DX                 
3A/F5RBB    F5RBB   425DXN431                    
3A/IK1SLP   IK1SLP  DXNL1157                     
3A/IK1YLL   IK1YLL  DXNL1157                     
3D2AL       VK3TZ   The Daily DX                 
3E1AA       N0JT    The Daily DX                 
3W6HM       JF1OCQ  DXNL1157                     
3W6KS       JA8VE   DXNL1157                     
3Z0ENI      SP2FAX  The Daily DX                 
3Z4BK       SP4KAI  IK7AFM-30                    
3Z5PW       DL3KDC  PCL0899                      
3Z6V        SP6DVP  The Daily DX                 
4F3GDX      4F3XX   4F3XX                        
4N9W        YU7ADY  PCL0899                      
4S7YSG      JA2BDR  ARLD032                      
4X/JM1LJS   JL2XUN  JM1LJS                       
4X6UO       WB3CQN  The Daily DX                 
5B4/EW1AR   NP3D    The Daily DX                 
5B4/NP3D    W3HNK   The Daily DX                 
5H8TL       W7RNF   OPDX-421                     
5K8T        F6AJA   425DXN430                    
5R8FU       SM0DJZ  The Daily DX                 
5W1SA       JH7OHF  The Daily DX                 
5X1JA       JE9IKG  IK7AFM-30                    
5X1P        G3MRC   The Daily DX                 
5X1T        ON5NT   The Daily DX                 
5Z4GS       WB2YQH  The Daily DX                 
6K0IS/2     HL1IWD  The Daily DX                 
6K99ITE     DS5SWL  The Daily DX                 
6K99SRF     6K0YJ   The Daily DX                 
6M0YC       HL5FXP  The Daily DX                 
6Y5PF       6Y5IC   The Daily DX                 
7J7ACY      W6KP    The Daily DX                 
7S1LGT      SM0TDE  425DXN431                    
7S5F        SK4AO   SM3BP-246                    
8J1RL       Bureau  The Daily DX                 
8P6CV       KU9C    The Daily DX                 
8Q7AN       OZ1EEZ  DXNL1157                     
8Q7DS       G4VCO   The Daily DX                 
8Q7TB       G3TBK   IK7AFM-30                    
8R1ASF      XE1MD   SM3BP-246                    
9A/IK4HPU   IK4HPU  PCL0899                      
9A/IK4MTF   IK4MTF  425DXN431                    
9A0DX       9A3ZA   The Daily DX                 
9A2000FT    9A7K    9A7K                         
9A4NW       9A2AA   The Daily DX                 
9A5D        9A3ZA   9A0DX                        
9G5DX       JH8PHT  PCL0899                      
9H3JR       DJ0QJ   The Daily DX                 
9H8E        HB9DLE  The Daily DX                 
9J2AM       JA0JHA  The Daily DX                 
9J2BO       W6ORD   PCL0899                      
9K2/SQ5BAK  SP5KQS  PCL0899                      
9K2QQ       KB2MS   The Daily DX                 
9K8POW      9K2RA   The Daily DX                 
9M2JI       JK1AJX  The Daily DX                 
9M2NK       JE1JKL  SM3BP-246                    
9M2TD       JR4PDP  The Daily DX                 
9M6IS       9M6JC   The Daily DX                 
9M6TYT      K9TY    The Daily DX                 
9N7RN       IK4ZGY  IK4ZGY                       
9N7UD       K4VUD   The Daily DX                 
9V1XE       DL4DBR  DXNL1157                     
A43SF       A47RS   IK7AFM-30                    
AP2WAP      IK4ZGY  IK4ZGY                       
BA1HAM      NE9Z    IK7AFM-30                    
BA7QT       W3HNK   PCL0899                      
BD4ED/4     BY4BHP  BY4BHP                       
BD4RO       BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BD7NQ       W2AY    BD7NQ                        
BG4RAR      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BG4RAT      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BG4RAW      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BG4RBS      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BG4RBY      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BG4RCF      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BG4RCM      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BG4RCO      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BG4RCV      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BG4RDE      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BG4RDN      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BG4RUJ      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BG4RUK      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BG4RUM      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BG4RUO      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BG4RUP      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BG4RUQ      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BG4RUR      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BG4RUS      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BG4RUT      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BG4RUV      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BG4RUY      BY4RSA  The Daily DX                 
BI4Q        BA4TA   The Daily DX                 
BO0M        BV2KI   DXNL1157                     
C21JH       VK2GJH  DXNL1157     Only direct      
C6A/M0CIL   ON4BAM  The Daily DX                 
C6AJZ       WI9WI   The Daily DX                 
C93BM       I3QAI   The Daily DX                 
C98CX       ZS1AAZ  The Daily DX                 
CEOY/LU3HAK LU3HAK  The Daily DX                 
CF3RZ       VE3RZ   VE3RZ                        
CF3RZ/1     VE3RZ   VE3RZ                        
CF7KDU/P    VE7KDU  The Daily DX                 
CG0XN       VE3XN   The Daily DX                 
CM6YI       W3HNK   The Daily DX                 
CN2BR       F5IQG   The Daily DX                 
CN2VA       IK4JQO  PCL0899                      
CN8NK       EA5XX   PCL0899                      
CO6XN       HK6DOS  The Daily DX                 
CO8DD       EA3FQV  EA3FQV       Direct only      
CO8JY       KU9C    The Daily DX                 
CO8LY       EA7ADH  The Daily DX                 
CO8WN       EA3FQV  EA3FQV       Direct only      
CO9NLA      EA3FQV  EA3FQV       Direct only      
CQ7P        CT1CBI  DXNL1157                     
CT1EGW      W3HNK   CT4NH                        
CT3/DJ8FW   DJ8FW   OPDX-421                     
CT4NH       W3HNK   CT4NH                        
CU5OHM      CU5AC   The Daily DX                 
CU8I        CU3EJ   The Daily DX                 
CV5H        CX2ABC  DXNL1157                     
CY9CWI      VE2CWI  IK7AFM-30                    
D99ARDF     HL0HQ   The Daily DX                 
DA0RDF      DL3DRN  The Daily DX                 
DS0PW       HL4GAH  The Daily DX                 
DU3NXE      W3HNK   The Daily DX                 
DX1HQ       DX1DX   The Daily DX                 
E20REX      E21EIC  The Daily DX                 
E4/JM1LJS   JL2XUN  JM1LJS       W.Bank 26-29/7/99
E4/JM1LJS   VK4FW   JM1LJS       Gaza 30/7-01/8/99
ED2EBD      EA2PK   The Daily DX                 
ED2RCA      EA2ABM  The Daily DX                 
ED2SRA      EA2CBY  PCL0899                      
ED5TFA      EA5CLZ  The Daily DX                 
ED6EIG      EA6VC   425DXN431                    
EJ2HY       EI2HY   The Daily DX                 
EJ4GK/P     EI4GK   The Daily DX                 
EJ7MRE      EI3IG   The Daily DX                 
EJ7NET      EI2GX   425DXN431                    
EK6TA       DJ0MCZ  PCL0899                      
EM1U        UT7UA   425DXN431                    
EN8PSL      UT5PW   The Daily DX                 
EO3U        UT3UZ   The Daily DX                 
EO55WL      UT1WA   The Daily DX                 
EP3HR       I2MQP   The Daily DX                 
ES0/OH1NOA  OH1NOA  DXNL1157                     
ES0I        OH3RM   OH3RM                        
ES0QK       DL6QK   PCL0899                      
ES75L       ES6PZ   PCL0899                      
EX8W        UA3AGS  DXNL1157     Only Russia      
EZ8CQ       I2JSB   I2JSB        Only direct      
FK/F6BUM    F6BUM   ARLD032                      
FM5DX/M     F6DYE   DXNL1157                     
FO0CAB      LU3HAK  IK7AFM-30                    
FO5QG       XE1L    The Daily DX                 
FT5YG       F5LBL   The Daily DX                 
FW8ZZ       OH2BN   DXNL1157                     
FY5FU       F5PAC   PCL0899                      
G6G         G0LII   The Daily DX                 
G7G         M0ADU   The Daily DX                 
G7Q         G0PSW   The Daily DX                 
GB2LBN      GM0CLN  The Daily DX                 
GB2LI       GW0MXG  DXNL1157                     
GB5GI       GW0ANA  425DXN431                    
GC0STH      G3DIY   The Daily DX                 
GD3IZD/P    G3IZD   The Daily DX                 
GM0BPU/P    G0BPU   PCL0899                      
GN0STH      G4DIY   PCL0899                      
GU3VXJ      G3VXJ   425DXN430                    
GU7D        G3LZQ   The Daily DX                 
H2T         5B4XF   The Daily DX                 
HB0/IK2SNG  IK2SNG  IK4RQJ                       
HB0/IK4RQJ  IK4RQJ  IK4RQJ                       
HB0/IK4VET  IK4VET  IK4RQJ                       
HB0/IK4XCL  IK4XCL  IK4RQJ                       
HB0/IK4ZGY  IK4ZGY  IK4RQJ                       
HB0/PI4TUE  PI4TUE  PCL0899                      
HB7OGR      HB9AAQ  The Daily DX                 
HC4/HK3JJH  HK3JJH  425DXN430                    
HG5I        HA5LN   PCL0899                      
HI3LFE      AD4Z    PCL0899                      
HL0Y/4      HL0Y    The Daily DX                 
HS2AC       G3NOM   The Daily DX                 
HS4BPQ      E21EIC  The Daily DX                 
HU4U        EA4URE  IK7AFM-30                    
HZ1AB       K8PYD   The Daily DX                 
IB0/IZ0CBB  IZ0CBB  Crazy DX-124
IB0/IZ0CKJ  IZ0CKJ  Crazy DX-124                 
ID9/I2IAU   I2IAU   IK7AFM-30                    
IJ7/IK7DXP  IK7DXP  IK7AFM-30                    
IK7DXP/P    IK7DXP  IK7AFM-30                    
IK7JWX/7    IK7JWX  IK7JWX                       
IK8TWX/8    IK8TWX  IK7AFM-30                    
IL3/OE8Q/P  OE8KDK  M0BPA                        
IU0C        I0YKN   The Daily DX                 
J28AG       J28NH   The Daily DX                 
J3/G0STR    G0STR   425DXN431                    
J45K        DL9USA  The Daily DX                 
J48CT       ON5CT   The Daily DX                 
J48QEI      IK2QEI  425DXN430                    
JW/DF6VI    DF6VI   425DXN431                    
JW/DL4OCM   DL4OCM  425DXN431                    
JW5NM       LA5NM   The Daily DX                 
JW5RIA      LA5RIA  The Daily DX                 
JY9QJ       DL5MBY  The Daily DX                 
K2L         WB2YQH  425DXN431                    
KH0/7K4KNE  7K4KHE  JI6KVR                       
KH0/AE4SU   JA3KWZ  SM3BP-246                    
KH0/K7IL    JF3PLF  SM3BP-246                    
KH0/KF8TW   JH3TXR  SM3BP-246                    
KH0/N3JJ    JA3ART  SM3BP-246                    
KH0/N7EIU   JA3AJ   SM3BP-246                    
KH0/NH7V    JI3NST  SM3BP-246                    
KH0/W8YAQ   JA3YAQ  SM3BP-246                    
KH0HT       JR7FBR  The Daily DX                 
KH0HX       JH7WKQ  The Daily DX                 
KH3/NH6D    NN6FF   PCL0899                      
KH3/W5RXP   W5RXP   DXNL1157                     
KH4/SM6FJY  SM6FJY  IK7AFM-30                    
KP2/AA1BU   AA1BU   The Daily DX                 
KP2/EI7CC   KU9C    The Daily DX                 
L27EE       LU7EE   LU7EE        1999             
L2E         LU7EE   LU7EE        1991-1992        
L36E        LU7EE   LU7EE        1998             
L59L        LU4LG   The Daily DX                 
LS7D        LU7DW   LU7DW                        
LS7EE       LU7EE   LU7EE        1995             
LT5Y        LU1YU   The Daily DX                 
LV4V        LU4VZ   The Daily DX                 
LX0RL       Bureau  LX2AJ                        
LY/OH1NOA   OH1NOA  DXNL1157                     
LZ0SUN      LZ1KDP  PCL0899                      
LZ99HQ      LZ1UQ   The Daily DX                 
M0BYF       OH6YF   425DXN431                    
M6T         G4PIQ   The Daily DX                 
M8M         G3SXW   The Daily DX                 
MJ/OM3LA    OM1APD  PCL0899                      
MW7Z        G5LP    The Daily DX                 
N4H         KO4PY   The Daily DX                 
N98ITU      N0JPH   N0JPH                        
NH0I        JA7DLE  The Daily DX                 
NH0L        JH7YCE  The Daily DX                 
NH0M        JA7YCE  DXNL1157                     
NH0M        JH7YCE  The Daily DX                 
NH0P        JA7SYA  The Daily DX                 
NH7A        W6QK    IK7AFM-30                    
OD5/9K2MU   WA4JTK  ARLD032                      
OD5PN       LX1NO   The Daily DX                 
OD5QE       I0WTD   The Daily DX                 
OD5SB       I0WTD   The Daily DX                 
OH0/DJ7ST   DJ7ST   425DXN430                    
OH0/K7BV    KU9C    425DXN431                    
OH0HSV      SP5XMU  IK7AFM-30                    
OH0Z        OH1EH   425DXN430                    
OJ0/K7BV    KU9C    425DXN431                    
ON50GDV     ON5PL   The Daily DX                 
ON7SUN      ON4LCV  425DXN431                    
OR0OST      ON6HC   The Daily DX                 
OT9T        ON4UN   The Daily DX                 
OX3NUK      ON4GO   IK7AFM-30                    
OZ5L        KP3YL   The Daily DX                 
P29TR       W7TR    PCL0899                      
P29VHX      DJ9HX   IK7AFM-30                    
PA6STM      PA0GIN  425DXN431                    
PA6T        PI4TIL  The Daily DX                 
PA6TEX      ON4ALW  The Daily DX                 
PJ7/PA3EWP  PA5ET   OPDX-421                     
PJ7/PA3GCV  PA5ET   OPDX-421                     
PJ7/PA4EA   PA5ET   OPDX-421                     
PJ7/PA4WM   PA5ET   OPDX-421                     
PJ7/PA5ET   PA5ET   OPDX-421                     
PJ7/PA7FM   PA5ET   OPDX-421                     
PJ9/W0CG    W0CG    DXNL1157                     
PJ9I        ON4CFD  DXNL1157                     
PT4M        PY4FQ   PY4FQ        Ex PY4MBJ        
PV1S        PY1KS   The Daily DX                 
PY0FZ       PY7ZZ   PCL0899                      
PZ1DV       W9GW    N5IN         Not Mgr W9GW     
R1AND       RW1AI   IK7AFM-30                    
R1ANF       RK1PWA  The Daily DX                 
R1ANL       UA6AH   The Daily DX                 
R1ANZ       UW1ZC   The Daily DX                 
R1FJL       UA3AGS  DXNL1157     Only Russia      
R1FJO       UA3AGS  DXNL1157     Only Russia      
R1FJV       UA3AGS  DXNL1157     Only Russia      
RA0BK       DL8KAC  IK7AFM-30                    
RF1P        UA1RJ   The Daily DX                 
RI1P        UA9KM   OPDX-421                     
RZ1OA/A     RZ1OA   RZ1OA        24-30/07/99      
S58N        S57MX   The Daily DX                 
S79MAD      GW4WVO  The Daily DX                 
SI9AM       SM3CVM  IK7AFM-30                    
SK0HS/5     SM0MPV  425DXN430                    
SN0WI       SP2LLW  SP2AQP                       
SN0ZPW      SP9IIL  The Daily DX                 
SN1I        SP1NQF  The Daily DX                 
SN2KM       SP2BIK  425DXN431                    
SV1/TA3J    TA3J    TA3J                         
SV1/TA3YJ   TA3YJ   TA3J                         
SV8/SM7BCX  SM7BCX  425DXN431                    
SV8/SM7DXQ  SM7DXQ  425DXN431                    
SV8/SM7EQL  SM7EQL  425DXN431                    
SV8/SM7GIB  SM7GIB  425DXN431                    
SV8/SM7MPM  SM7MPM  425DXN431                    
SV8/TA3J    TA3J    TA3J                         
SV8/TA3YJ   TA3YJ   TA3J                         
SV9/G4FRE   WW2R    DXNL1157                     
SV9/LX1SU   LX1SU   425DXN430                    
SW8L        SV8CRI  The Daily DX                 
T22TK       JA3MCA  The Daily DX                 
T5RT        Pirate  Various      Not mgr DJ5RT    
T88DX       JI3DLI  The Daily DX                 
T88JR       JH3FJG  The Daily DX                 
TA0S        DL6DB   M0BPA                        
TA2DS/0     WA3HUP  PCL0899                      
TA3JJ       OK1JJ   PCL0899                      
TA3ZI       DL8OBC  The Daily DX                 
TF1/LX9EG   LX1NO   The Daily DX                 
TF7/LX9EG   LX1NO   The Daily DX                 
TJ1PD       N5DRV   PCL0899                      
TM0Y        ON4AMM  The Daily DX                 
TM1OTA      ON4ADN  The Daily DX                 
TM1SUN      F6KRD   PCL0899                      
TM2F        F5LJA   The Daily DX                 
TM5BMA      F5ORQ   The Daily DX                 
TM5ECL      F6KWP   PCL0899                      
TM5J        F8CIO   M0BPA                        
TM5K        ON4ON   The Daily DX                 
TM5ON       ON4ON   The Daily DX                 
TM5SOL      F5INJ   PCL0899                      
TN7OT       AL7OT   The Daily DX                 
TU5IJ       I2AOX   The Daily DX                 
UA1OLM/A    UA1OLM  RZ1OA        24-30/07/99      
UA9JMM      K0XQ    The Daily DX                 
UE1CIG      RZ1AWD  The Daily DX                 
UE1NWE      RZ1NWE  The Daily DX                 
UE1TTT      RN1TN   The Daily DX                 
UE6AEK      RA6AAW  The Daily DX                 
UK8OM       IK2QPR  The Daily DX                 
UN7EG       DL8KAC  PCL0899                      
UN7FK       W3HNK   The Daily DX                 
UR4WWT      WR3L    The Daily DX                 
UT8AL       DJ9YE   IK7AFM-30                    
UU4JXM      UU7J    UU4JXM                       
UU7J        UU7J    UU4JXM                       
V26E        AB2E    IK7AFM-30                    
V47CV       PA5ET   425DXN431                    
V47EA       PA5ET   425DXN431                    
V47ET       PA5ET   425DXN431                    
V47FM       PA5ET   425DXN431                    
V47WM       PA5ET   425DXN431                    
V47WP       PA5ET   425DXN431                    
V63EC       JK1FNN  PCL0899                      
V63PD       VK4AAR  425DXN431                    
V63YL       SM6FJY  IK7AFM-30                    
V7/AC4G     AC4G    IK7AFM-30                    
V73CW       AC4G    425DXN430                    
V73ZZ       K7ZZ    The Daily DX                 
VC6MP       VE6NRJ  The Daily DX                 
VD7D        VE7TLL  The Daily DX                 
VE2/VE3ZZ   VE3ZZ   OPDX420                      
VK0TS       VK1PJ   The Daily DX                 
VK6NU/P     VK6NU   The Daily DX                 
VO1SDX      VO1HE   The Daily DX                 
VP2E/PA3EWP PA5ET   OPDX-421                     
VP2E/PA3GCV PA5ET   OPDX-421                     
VP2E/PA4EA  PA5ET   OPDX-421                     
VP2E/PA4WM  PA5ET   OPDX-421                     
VP2E/PA5ET  PA5ET   OPDX-421                     
VP2E/PA7FM  PA5ET   OPDX-421                     
VP5CW       K4LT    The Daily DX                 
VP9/KG8XV   JH1ROJ  The Daily DX                 
VP9/N0ED    N0ED    DXNL1157                     
VQ9DJ       AB7JN   The Daily DX                 
VU2JPS      VK9NS   The Daily DX                 
VU3MCV      ON7LX   PCL0899                      
VX2BK/P     VA2BK   The Daily DX                 
W1L         W1KSZ   425DXN431                    
W2W         W3MR    The Daily DX                 
W4T         WA3HUP  The Daily DX                 
W7W         W5DX    The Daily DX                 
W98ITU      N0JPH   N0JPH                        
WH0/WH2M    JA7FWR  DXNL1157                     
WP2Z        KU9C    The Daily DX                 
WP3C        W3HNK   WP3C                         
WP3R        W3HNK   The Daily DX                 
XE1/SM0OUG  SM0CCM  SM0CCM                       
XF4L        OH2BU   425DXN430                    
XX9TRR      N6XJ    The Daily DX                 
YC9WZJ      W6MD    The Daily DX                 
YJ0AFL      VK4FL   The Daily DX                 
YJ0AXC      JE1DXC  425DXN431                    
YL/OH1NOA   OH1NOA  DXNL1157                     
YR99E       YO3KPA  425DXN431                    
YV30T       YV5ARV  The Daily DX                 
YW7C        W4SO    DXNL1157                     
Z31JA       NN6C    NN6C                         
Z32FD       DJ0LZ   PCL0899                      
Z32ZM       I2JSB   I2JSB        >01/01/99 Direct 
Z37GBC      NN6C    NN6C                         
Z38/NO6X    ND6A    NN6C         Ex NO6X          
Z38X        ND6A    NN6C         Ex NO6X          
ZC4ATC      5B4YX   The Daily DX                 
ZC4JP       G0WSA   The Daily DX                 
ZD7DP       W1ZT    The Daily DX                 
ZD7SM       W1ZT    The Daily DX                 
ZD7WRG      WA2JUN  The Daily DX                 
ZF2JM       KD3YK   425DXN430                    
ZF2ZW       K4ZW    IK7AFM-30                    
ZK1MGS      JJ8DEN  The Daily DX                 
ZL2K        ZL2NX   The Daily DX                 
ZL6QH       ZL2WB   The Daily DX                 
ZM1OSJ      ZL1CDX  ZL1KRH        Bureau           
ZM1OSJ      ZL1OSJ  ZL1KRH        Direct           
ZM2K        ZL2NX   The Daily DX                 
ZS8D        ZS6EZ   DXNL1157                     
ZV0SB       PT2GTI  The Daily DX                 
ZV0SW       PT2GTI  The Daily DX                 
ZW2SS       PT2GTI  The Daily DX                 
ZW4M        PY4FQ   PY4FQ        Ex PY4MBJ        
ZX7XX       PY7XC   PY7OJ                        
ZY2SS       PT2GTI  The Daily DX                 
ZZ4W        PY4KL   The Daily DX                 

3B9FR   Robert Gerard Felicite, P.O.Box 31, Rodriguez Island, Via Mauritius
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ZS1WC   Johan Classen, P.O.Box 637, Gansbaai 7220, Republic of South Africa
ZS99VOS  P.O.Box 414, Nigel 1490, South Africa 

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