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425 DX News #434
29 August 1999
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information
Massimo Balsamo, IK1GPG: QSL Managers/QSL Routes
Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages

5B4    - Look for Steve,  G3VMW and  Bob, G3ZEM  to be  active 5B4/G3VMW  and
         5B4/G3ZEM from  Cyprus  (AS-004) until  9  September. Plans  are  to
         concentrate on  12, 17  and 30  metres. QSL  via home  calls  either
         direct or through the bureau. [TNX The Daily DX]
8Q     - Steve, G3VMW will be active as  8Q7SW from the Maldives (AS-013)  in
         September/October. QSL via home call. [TNX DX News Sheet]
C5     - Alex, G0SAH will be active  (10-80 metres SSB  and CW) as  C56/G0SAH
         from The Gambia between 28 August  and 10 September. QSL via  G0SAH.
         [TNX The Daily DX]
CO     - The T46AA/T46CW  operation from  Key Breton  (NA-201) [425DXN  433],
         originally scheduled to start  on 26 August,  has been postponed  on
         1-6 December due to the hurricanes in the area. [TNX HK6DOS]
CT     - Armando, CT1GUV will be active from four Portuguese castels  (namely
         Chaves, DCFP  C037;  Monforte, C038;  Santo  Estevao, C039  and  Mau
         Vizinho/Mouro, C040) on 28 August. [TNX CT1GUV]
EL     - Mark, ON4WW will be active again  (and for the  last time) as  EL2WW
         from Liberia between 30  August and early  November. QSL via  ON5NT.
         [TNX The Daily DX]
I      - IT9ABY abd IT9OPS will be IE9/ from Ustica (EU-051) on 27-29 August.
         QSL for both via IT9ABY. [TNX IT9ABY]
JW     - Juergen, DJ3KR will be active as  JW/DJ3KR from Svalbard between  28
         August and 1 September. [TNX The Daily DX]
KH2    - John, K4ANA is now active as  KH2/K4ANA from Guam (OC-026). He  will
         be on the island for the next three years on a work assignment. [TNX
         The Daily DX]
OX     - Joergen, OZ8AE will  be active (on  all bands CW)  as OX/OZ8AE  from
         Groennedal near  Ivigtut in  southern Greenland  (NA-018) between  4
         September and  5 October.  Joergen will  participate in  the SAC  CW
         Contest (18-19 September,  12.00-12.00 UTC) and  he might be  active
         during the SAC SSB as well  (25-26 September, 12.00-12.00 UTC).  QSL
         via OZ8AE either direct (Joergen Christensen, Soendervej 79, DK-2830
         Virum, Denmark) or through the bureau. [TNX OZ8AE]
P2     - Uwe, P29VHX/DJ9HX [425DXN 429] has been in Goroka (OC-034) since  23
         August. He plans to move to  other places within the main island  of
         Papua  New  Guinea  (OC-034)  before  returning  to  Loloata  Island
         (OC-153) on 30  and 31  August. He  will be  leaving for  home on  1
         September. QSL via DJ9HX, preferably through the bureau. [TNX 9V1RH]
PY     - Special event station ZX4C will be  active during the hamvention  to
         be held  in  Cambuquira,  Mato  Grosso  on  26-29  August.  QSL  via
SP     - Special event  stations  3Z60O (QSL  via  SP2HJN),  3Z60H  (QSL  via
         SP2FJN), 3Z60P (QSL via SP2AYC), 3Z60W  (QSL via SP2BNJ) and  3Z0MDL
         (QSL via SP2UUU) will be active from Poland between 1 September  and
         2 October. [TNX SP2BIK]
T2     - Roberto, EA4DX is now active as T24DX from Tuvalu (OC-015). He  will
         be there until 11 September [425DXN 433]. QSL via EA4CP (Jose  Diaz,
         Doce de Octubre #4, 28009 Madrid, Spain).
VK     - Dan, VK8AN and Peter,  VK8PW [425DXN 431]  became active from  South
         Goulburn Island (OC-229/p) around 6.30 UTC  on 27 August. Plans  are
         to leave the island on 29  August around 03.00  UTC. QSL VK8PW/8  to
         Peter Wollenberg,  Box 2142,  Darwin, NT,  0801, Australia  (or  via
         VE8RZ for bureau  cards only). QSL  VK8AN/8 direct  only to  VK4AAR.
         [TNX VK8PW]
XX9    - Tomio, JM3DTY will be active on SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK31 (on 20,  15,
         10 and 6 metres on 50.130 MHz; activity on the low bands will depend
         on the  space available)  as  XX9TUP from  Macau  between 3  and  13
         September. He will participate in the All Asian DX SSB Contest  (4-5
         September).  QSL  via  JL3VUL  either  direct  (Hideki  Noma,  15-15
         Fujigadai, Himeji, 670-0066 Japan) or through the bureau. [JA1ELY]
ZB     - Martyn, G3RFX/ZB2FX will be active (SSB  and CW on 10-80 metres)  as
         ZG2FX from  Gibraltar between  4 and  12  September. QSL  via  G3RFX
         (      Martyn's       home      page       is       at Note  that all  ZB2 stations  (but  not
         reciprocal licences) may use the special  ZG2 prefix between 4 -  12
         September to celebrate Gibraltar National Day on 10 September.  [TNX

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         *******  QSL INFO  ********
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER       
3A/F5RBB    F5RBB       ES75QD      ES1QD       T88JR       JH3FJG
3C2JJ       TR8XX       EX1IF       EX8F        T88KS       JA3AQM
3D2QB       SM3CER      EZ7ST       UA9LM       T88MM       JA3AJ
3V8DJ       I5JHW       FK/F5CW     F5PED       T88WX       JA1WSX
3W6EZD      7L1MFS      FK/F6BUM    F2VX        T92T        DJ2MX
3W6HM       JF1OCQ      FO0CAB      LU3HAK      T94DO       DJ2MX
3W6KA       IK2DUW      FO0DEL      ON5AX       T94DX       DJ2MX
3W6KS       JA8VE       FS/PA3EWP   PA5ET       T94MZ       DJ2MX
3W6LI       IK2DUW      FS/PA3GCV   PA5ET       T95LYS      DJ2MX
3W7CW       SP5AUC      FS/PA4EA    PA5ET       TA0S        DL6DB
3X60H       SP2FJN      FS/PA4WM    PA5ET       TA2DS/0     WA3HUP
3XY2A       ON4QY       FS/PA5ET    PA5ET       TA3DD       KB2MS
3Z0MDL      SP2UUU      FS/PA7FM    PA5ET       TA4AB       DK9SC
3Z4BK       SP4KAI      FT5ZJ       F2YT        TE8CI       TI5KD
3Z60O       SP2HJN      FW8ZZ       OH2BN       TJ1HP       F6FNU
3Z60P       SP2AYC      FY5FJ       IK2HTW      TM5FDH      F5LGF
3Z60W       SP2BNJ      FY5HY       F6IHY       TM5SOL      F5INJ
4N9W        YU7ADY      HC2KB/HC8   JL3MCM      TR8VP       F6FNU
4S7BRG      HB9BRM      HG8SDS      HA8PH       TU5IJ       I2AOX
4S7HBG      DL3ROB      HI3LFE      AD4Z        UN4P        DL8VAC
4S7ISG      DL3ROB      HL0RBU      DS4BXZ      UP5P        UN5PR
4X1KS       NF4W        HS4BPQ      E21EIC      UT8AL       DJ9YE
4X3DIG      4Z5AX       HU4U        EA4URE      V26E        AB2E
5H2MS       AA5ID       J45K        DL9USA      V47CV       PA5ET
5H8TL       W7RNF       J45KLN      SM0CMH      V47EA       PA5ET
5K8T        F6AJA       J48QEI      IK2QEI      V47ET       PA5ET
5N0MSV      OK1JR       JE5WJM/VP9  JE5WJM      V47FM       PA5ET
5N9CEN      IV3VBM      JL1KFR/JD1  JL1KFR      V47WM       PA5ET
5X1JA       JE9IKG      JW/DL4OCM   DL4OCM      V47WP       PA5ET
6K99ITE     DS5SWL      K2L         WB2YQH      V63EC       JK1FNN
6Y5DA       VE4JK       KF4VSV/KH0  JF2WXS      V7/AC4G     AC4G
7S1LGT      SM0TDE      KH0AA       JA5DQH      V8IAN       VE6VK
8J8TKS      JA8LN       KH0HX       JH7WKQ      VK4SK       DJ2MX
8Q7TB       G3TBK       KH4/IV3NVN  IV3TMV      VK8AN/6     VK4AAR
9A0DX       9A3ZA       LA/SM4DDS/p SM4DDS      VK9LK       IZ0BTY
9A5D        9A3ZA       LR50D       LU4DQ       VP2ECV      PA5ET
9A99WCD     9A2DM       LY/OH1NOA   OH1NOA      VP2EEA      PA5ET
9G1OO       PA3ERA      LZ0SUN      LZ1UQ       VP2EET      PA5ET
9H0A        LA2TO       M1A         G4BAH       VP2EFM      PA5ET
9H3TI       DL2AAZ      NH0L        JA7YCE      VP2EWM      PA5ET
9H8E        HB9DLE      NH0P        JA7SYA      VP2EWP      PA5ET
9K2/SP5UAM  SP5PBE      NH6D/KH3    N6FF        VP2MDD      M0AEP
9M2TD       JR4PDP      NH7A        W6QK        VP5/K4ISV   N2AU
9M2XA       JF4WPQ      OD5/9K2MU   WA4JTK      VP9/KG8XV   JH1ROJ
9M6AAC      N2OO        OH0/DJ7ST   DJ7ST       VQ9DJ       AB7JN
9V1XE       DL4DBR      OH0HSV      SP5XMU      VQ9GB       K7GB
9V8YC       AA5BT       OH0R        OH2TA       VR2KF       JH1OGX
9Y4VV       AJ4L        OH0Z        OH1EH       VU3VLH      OK1MM
A43SF       A47RS       ON7SUN      ON4LCV      VY0QL       VE8QL
AT0VLH      OK1MM       OX3NUK      ON4GO       W1L         W1KSZ
BA4RE       IK2DUW      P29BI       VK4EJ       W2W         W3MR
BD4ED/4     BY4BHP      P29VHX      DJ9HX       WH2M/WH0    JA7FWR
BI4Q        BA4TA       P40K        I2EOW       WP3C        W3HNK
BO0M        BV2KI       PA6STM      PA0GIN      XE1/SM0OUG  SM0CCM
BT99WED     F6FNU       PJ7/PA3EWP  PA5ET       XU7AAP      N2OO
BV5BG       IK7JTF      PJ7/PA3GCV  PA5ET       XW8INH      JM1GYQ
BY3CC       KU6T        PJ7/PA4EA   PA5ET       XW8KPL/CSN  JR2KDN
C4A         9A2AJ       PJ7/PA4WM   PA5ET       XX9TEP      K8EP
C6AJZ       WI9WI       PJ7/PA5ET   PA5ET       XX9TRR      N6XJ
CE0ZAM      CE3ESS      PJ7/PA7FM   PA5ET       YB0AZ       W7TSQ
CN2BR       F5IQG       PJ9I        ON4CFD      YC0LBK      W4JS
CN2VA       IK4JQO      PY0FZ       PY7ZZ       YC4TRY      W4JS
CO2JD       AD4Z        PZ5DX       K3BYV       YC9WZJ      W6MD
CO6XN       HK6DOS      R1AND       RW1AI       YJ0ACF      JA1JCF
CP8XA       DG9NB       R1MV        OH2BR       YJ0AFL      VK4FL
D2GG        CT1GG       R1MVA       OH2BR       YJ0AXC      JE1DXC
D2YY        CT1GG       RA0BK       DL8KAC      YL/OH1NOA   OH1NOA
D3SAF       I3LLH       RF1P        UA1RJ       YR99E       YO3KPA
DS0DO       DS1FNQ      RI1P        UA9KM       YW7C        W4SO
E21EJC      HS1GOS      RI9OTA      RW3GW       YZ7A        YU7JDE
E44/IZ0CKJ  IZ0CKJ      RK0YWA/P    RA0WA       Z32FD       DJ0LZ
ED1SCS      EA1ATT      RU0LL       IK2DUW      ZB2FX       G3RFX
ED2TEB      EA5CVN      RU0LL/p     IK2DUW      ZC4ATC      5B4YX
ED4MVB      EA4SS       S21B        W4FRU       ZC4RAF      5B4YX
ED4PDG      EA4ATI      SI9AM       SM3CVM      ZF2JM       KD3YK
ED6EIG      EA6VC       SK1BL       SM0TDE      ZF2ZW       K4ZW
EJ7MRE      EI3IG       SN0MPW      SP8PAI      ZF9/ZF2RC   PA5ET
EJ7NET      HB9ASZ      SN0WI       SP2LLW      ZF9/ZF2WP   PA5ET
EK6LP       IK2DUW      SN9J        SP9HWN      ZK1AAN      F6FNU
EK6LV       IK2DUW      SN9W        SP9HWN      ZK1AXA      ON5AX
EM1U        UT7UA       SU1ER       WA3HUP      ZK1CRR      F6FNU
EP3HR       I2MQP       T88CB       JA1WSX      ZK1SCQ      DL6DK
ES0/OH1NOA  OH1NOA      T88DX       JI3DLI      ZK1SCR      DL6DK
ES75L       ES6PZ       T88JA       JA6BSM      ZX4C        PY1ARS/4
ES75M       ES1QD       T88JJ       JA3ART      ZY2DX       PY2GE

6L0LH    Taejon Locomotive Office Amateur Radio Station, 291-2 Soje-dong,
         Tong-gu, Taejon 300-080, Korea
9G5JA    Hiro Ishii, 27-28 Fujimigaoka, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama 224-0051, Japan
9H1ZA    Vladimir Krylov, 20, Triq Indri Mecallef, Luqa, LQA 04, Malta
9M2RI    Raja Iskandar, P. O, Box 1200, Jalan Pantai Baharu, 59700 Kuala
         Lumpur, Malaysia
9M6CT    Phil Weaver, Box 7, Bangkok 10506, Thailand
9M6QFT   Donald C. Voight, 1103 Old Dallas Hwy, Dallas, NC 28034, USA
A45XM    Samir Azzawi, P.O. Box 1331, Seeb 111, Oman
A71EM    Juma Rashid Mubarak al-Kuwari, P. O. Box 9784, Doha, Qatar
BA2QP    Sun Chong Qing, Room 201, 28 Ping Deng St., Dalian 116011, China
BA4DA    Wang Wen Dao, No. 8 Room 304, Gui Xiang Xin Cun, Shanghai 200062,
BA4DB    Xu Zhen, #601 No. 29, Lane 1902, Zhen Bei Road, Shanghai 200333,
BA4DC    Ralph Chian, 573 Fu-Xing-Zhong Lu, Shanghai 200025, China
BA7KW    Jan H. Zhang, P. O. Box 1, Shunde, Guangdong 528300, China
BD5CAG   Heh Ongbo, Alkylation Workshop, Zhen Hai Refining & Chemical Co.,
         Ningbo 315207, China
BD6IZ    Hong Wei Lee, 128 Beijing Road, Xin Yang 464000, China
BD7QT    J. J. Liao, P. O. Box 37, Beihai 536000, China
BD8SN    Shen Jianjun, 99 Minhang Road, Kunming 650041, China
BG4ADJ   Shen Xuexin, Room 101 No. 20 Lane 36, Shang Pu Road, Pu Dong,
         Shanghai 200124, China
BG4RUC   Kenneth Wang, 17th Floor, 91 Baixia Road, Nanjing 210001, China
BG5HSA   X. Z. Jiang, P. O. Box 804, Hang Zhou 310008, China
BG6QOM   Hong Zhang Xu, Baoshi Cement Group Co., Laohekou 441814, China
BG7LR    G. X. Ni, 155 Heng Fu Lu, Guangzhou 510095, China
BT4B     Chen, P. O. Box 538, Nanjing 210005, China
BV4QC    Jenq Liaw, P. O. Box 922, Taichung, Taiwan
BV4SF    Wu-Hong Wang, P. O. Box 922, Taichung, Taiwan
BV4YC    Taichung Amateur Radio Club, P. O. Box 922, Taichung, Taiwan
BY4BHP   Ed Huang, Box 085-299, Shanghai 200085, China
BY4BJA   Shanghai Jing An Children's Center of Science & Technology, P.O. Box
         040-009, Shanghai 200040, China
C21JH    Jack D. Haden, P. O. Box 299, Ryde, NSW 1680, Australia
CU2V     P.O.Box 1359, 9501-801 Ponta Delgada, Acores, Portugal
DF6VI    Joerg Engelbrecht, Heeperholz 1, D-33719 Bielefeld, Germany
DH3RB    Ruediger Bluhm, Kleine Heide 3, D-33611 Bielefeld, Germany
DJ2MX    Mario Lovric, Am Oelberg 11, Bad Nauhein 61231, Germany
DL4OCM   Thomas Steinmann, P.O.Box 1117, D-37162 Uslar, Germany
DS0ZX    Dongyang University Amateur Radio Station, 1, Kyochon-dong,
         Punggi-up, Youngju, Kyungbuk 750-711, Korea
DS1DLS   Young-Sun Park, K. P. O. Box 1252, Seoul 110-612, Korea
DS1FNQ   Kim Eun Soo, 86-17, 5/4 Sangsu-dong, Mapo-ku, Seoul 121-160, Korea
DS1GNT   Kim Young Joo, 86-17, 5/4 Sangsu-dong, Mapo-ku, Seoul 121-160, Korea
DS1GNU   Kim Young Sin, 86-17, 5/4 Sangsu-dong, Mapo-ku, Seoul 121-160, Korea
DS2JJV   Younghwan Choi, 236-27, Sang-dong, Wonmi-ku, Buchon, Kyungki
         420-030, Korea
DS3DGA   Jung-Won Yum, #3-1002 Soojung Twon Apt., 909 Tunsan-dong, Seo-gu,
         Taejon 302-173, Korea
DS4BXZ   Park Sang-Yoon, P. O. Box 2, Kwang-Yang 545-010, Korea
DU3CAO   Generoso Agapito, 659, Bunducan, Bocaue, Bulacan 3018, Philippines
E20HHK   Kriangkrai Suriyakrai, 63 Samwa Road, Minburi, Bangkok 10510, 
E21IZC   Wichyein Tretrantipvikul, 716/26 Soi Watjannai Bangkorlamp, Bangkok 
         10120, Thailand
EA4CP    Jose Diaz, Doce de Octubre #4, 28009 Madrid, Spain
EA9AZ    Pablo, P.O. Box 2033, Ceuta, North Africa, Spain
EK2GO    P.O. Box 6, 375038 Yerevan, Armenia
EO6F     P.O. Box 3, Izmail, 68600 Ukraine
F5MIW    Joel Chabesset, 14 impasse du Muguet, Le Rodarel, 19000 Tulle, 
HB9ASZ   Bernard Pfander, Akazienwag 1, CH-2575 Hagneck, Switzerland
HK3JJH   Pedro Allina, Carrera 7 No 67-09, apto 701 B, Bogota, Colombia
HK6DOS   Oscar A. Gaviria, Calle 14 - 25-39, (B. Los Alamos), Pereira, Rda,
HL1IEG   Lee Hee-Mun, HwaRang APT 2-701, 40-4 Yoido Dong, Seoul 150-010,
HL2IFR   Eun-Soo Ryu, P. O. Box 78, Inchon 400-600, Korea
HL2IXZ   Bae Kab Tae, Sungji-APT 103-507, 91-68, Sosabon 2-dong, Puchon
         422-232, Korea
HL2XIK   Hwang Jeahong, 182-2, Kyohang-ri, Chumunjin-up, Kangnung-si,
         Kangwon-do 210-800, Korea
HL4HLD   Yang Chul Bong, C. P. O. 31, Soe Gwi P. O., Cheju 697-600, Korea
HL5BSM   Hae Young Park, 88-12 Mangkyung-Dong, Chinju City, Kyungnam,660-260,
HS0ACT   Sithi Chinsukeporn, 2121 M. 7 Teparuk Road, Muang Samutprakarn
         10270, Thailand
HS0GBI   Cherdchai Yiwlek, P. O. Box 9, Maptaphut I. E., Rayong 21151,
HS0ZCM   Martin Smith, 62/124 Muban Senanivet Soi 214, Soi Senanikom 1,
         Phaholyothin Road, Ladprao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand
HS2PF    Sermsak Praditsorn, P. O. Box 161, Pattaya 20260, Thailand
HS7UCQ   Capt. Kamron Tongsuck, P. O. Box 1, Bangpoo, Samuthprakarn 10280,
I2MQP    Mario Ambrosi, Via delle Querce 41, 20090 Rodano Millepini - MI,
IA5CNE   Paolo Di Bello, Box 12, I-57030 Marciana - LI, Italy
IK2DUW   Antonello Passerella, P.O. Box 22, 20051 Limbiate - MI, Italy
IS0JMA   Roberto Alaimo, P.O. Box 41, 07026 Olbia - SS, Italy
IZ0BTY   P.O.Box 11, 00030 Colleferro St., Roma, Italy
IZ0CKJ   Alessio Roma, Casella Postale 22, I-03023 Ceccano - FR, Italy
JF6WTY   Yuichiro Hayashi, 2-40-27-101, Murasakibaru, Kagoshima City,
         890-0082 Japan
LU3HAK   Roberto, P.O. Box 58, Cordoba, Argentina
LX1BY    Marcel Bernardy, 50, rue A. Herchen, L-1727 Luxembourg, Luxembourg
N2OB     Old Barney ARC, P.O. Box 345, Tuckerton, NJ 08087, USA
OH1EH    Ari Korhonen, Kreetalank 9 As 1, FIN-29200 Harjavalta, Finland
OH1NOA   Timo Klimoff, Yrjonkatu 4 a 15, 28100 Pori, Finland
OH2BR    Jukka Heikinheimo, Rikunkuja 4, FI-01420 Vantaa, Finland
OK1VK    Petr Bohuslav, Novodvorska 416, 142000 Praha 4, Czech Republic
P29KPH   Peter Holliday, SIL, P.O. Box 384, Ukarumpa, EHP 444, Papua New 
PA5ET    Rob Snieder, van Leeuwenstraat 137, 2273VS Voorburg, The Netherlands
PS7ZZ    Francisco Edvaldo P. de Freitas, Av. Sao Miguel dos Caribes 31,
         Conjunto Jiqui, 59086-500 Natal-RN, Brazil
PY7MEU   Eglaube Rocha, P.O. Box 322, 50001-970 Recife-PE, Brazil
PY8AZT   Luciano Silva, Box 71, Belem, PA 66000-970, Brasil
RA0CG    Oleg W. Saniykov, P.O. Box 1 P/O Galkino, 682312 Khabarovsk, Russia
RK9UM    Valetij Toropchenkov, Box 2024, Kemerovo, 650099, Russia
RW3TR    Cos A. Titkov, Box 178, Dzershinsk 31, 606031 Russia
RZ1OA    Vlad Saldakov, Box 48, Arkhangelsk 163040, Russia
SV1DU    George Stamou, Skiathou Str. 60, Athens, Greece
SV2AEL   Savas Pavlidis, P.O. Box 22013, Thessaloniki 55310, Greece
SV2DCD   Leo Fiskas, 1 Argyrioy Goyzgoy Str., GR-522 00 Argos Orestiko,
         Kastoria, Greece
SV2EWN   Kouras Vagelis, Fraglinou Rousvelt 79, Neapoli, GR-56728
         Thessaloniki, Greece
SV8JE    Chris Plessas, G Doriza 3, GR-28100 Argostoli, Greece
TA2BD    Halil Ibrahim Akkaya, TCDD Lojmanlari, Hacihakkibey Sok. No. 20/13,
         Erenkoy, TR-81070 Istanbul, Turkey
TF3AO    Arsaell Oskarsson, Laekjasmara 78, IS-200 Kopavogur, Iceland
TK5PA    Paul Paganelli, Residence Les Genets, Barbicaja, F-20000 Ajaccio,
TR8XX    Jean-Claude Jupin, B. P. 4069, Libreville, Gabon
UA0CM    Sergei N. Bogin, Sovetskaya St 8-A-45, Sovetskaya Gavan, 682880
         Khabarovskogo Kraya, Russia
UA1QV    Mike S. Koutjumov, Box 23, Vologda, 160035, Russia
UA1RJ    Yuri G. Sinitso, Box 10, Vologda, 160035, Russia
UA6HCW   Igor V Kovalyov, P.O. Box 59, Pyatigorsk 357500, Russia
UX0FF    Nikolay Lavreka, Box 3, Izmail, 68600 Ukraine
V73CW    Bruce Smith, Box 1436, APO, AP 96555, USA
V73RB    Raymond J. Boucher, P. O. Box 1341, Majuro, MH 96960, USA
VE9MY    Len Morgan, 21 Susan Dr., Saint John, NB, E2N 1P2, Canada
VK4AAR   Alan Roocroft, P.O. Box 421, Gatton 4343, Australia
VK4EJ    Bernie McIvor, 30 Brennan Parade, Strathpine, Queensland 4500,
VK8AV    Alan Viegas, P.O. Box 3718, Alice Springs, NT 0871, Australia
VK8PW    Peter Wollenberg, Box 2142, Darwin 0801, Australia
VP6PAC   Pitcairn ARC Station, Box 73, Pitcairn Island via New Zealand
VR2BG    Brett Graham, P. O. Box 12727, Hong Kong, China
VR2JC    Hong Kong Japanese Club, 38th Floor, Hennessy Centre, 600 Hennessy
         Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, China
W4SO     Scott M. Cronin, 5020 Pierce Avenue, Hollywood, FL 33021-5645, USA
YB0RP    Reppy Puditanu, P. O. Box 1234, Jakarta 11012, Indonesia
YB0ZZ    P.O. Box.8000, Jakarta 11000, Indonesia
YB9ZBI   Club Station ORARI Daerah Bali, P. O. Box 3114, Denpasar 80001,
         Bali, Indonesia
YC1ONE   Ekaputra, P. O. Box 2899, Jakarta 10620, Indonesia
YC2JVX   F. X. Dharmoko, Jl. Unta I/106-107, Semarang 50167, Indonesia
YC5TML   Erizal M. Isa, Box 154, Batam Island 29400, Indonesia
YC5VYH   E. Manurung, P. O. Box 017, Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau 28000, Indonesia
YC7URA   Ir. A. Suryana, P. O. Box 1290, Samarinda 75000, Indonesia
YC9BU    Kadek Kariana SP., P. O. Box 106, Singaraja 81100, Bali, Indonesia
YC9DBP   Bumi Purwanto, Jl. Piranha II No. 6, Denpasar 80223, Indonesia
ZB2JO    Alex Zammit, Box 907, Gibraltar

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

AFRICA TOUR ---> Charlie,  W0YG/ZS6YG will be  touring South Africa,  Namibia
(V5), Botswana (A2) and Zimbabwe (Z2) starting on 1 September. He plans to be
active on CW  mostly on 12,  17 and 30  metres. QSL direct  to W0YG  (Charlie
Summers, 6746 North Yucca Trail, Parker, CO 80138-6110, USA) or via the  WF5E
QSL Service. [TNX The Daily DX]

CARIBBEAN TOUR ---> The team of Dutch operators went QRT around 06.00 UTC  on
25 August. The full logs for  their activities from St. Martin, St.  Maarten,
Nevis and Anguilla, as well as the diary of the expedition, are available  at [TNX PA1AW]

HU4U ---> A  total of 13,224  QSOs (6317 SSB,  6553 CW, 354  RTTY) on  10-160
metres were logged between 16 and  23 August by the joint team  of YS and  EA
operators  [425DXN  429].  QSL  via  EA4URE.  Log  search  is  available   at [TNX EA5XX]

QSL VIA I5JHW  ---> Giovanni,  I5JHW (Giovanni  Bini, Via  Santini 30,  51031
Agliana - PT,  Italy) can confirm  contacts made during  his operations  from
Tunisia as  follows:  28 April-4  May  1997 (3V8BB  and  TS8ZA,  ARI  Contest
included), 25-30 March 1998 (3V8BB and  TS5I, WPX Contest included), 1-4  May
1998 (3V8BB,  ARI Contest  included), 11-14  December  1998 (3V8BB,  ARRL  10
Meters Contest included), 5-7 March 1999  (3V8BB, ARRL DX Contest  included),
30 April-2 May 1999 (3V8BB,  ARI Contest included),  19-21 June 1999  (3V8DJ,
AF-083). [TNX I5JHW]

QSL VIA IS0JMA ---> Roberto reports direct requests for IM0/IS0JMA operations
from Isola Piana di Corcelli (EU-041,  IIA SS-009), Isola Ruja di  Brandinchi
(EU-165, IIA NU-005) and  Barrettini (EU-041, IIA  SS-002) have been  mailed.
Bureau cards are being processed.

QSL VIA KB6NAN --> Dianna is the  new QSL manager for JY4NE, JY4NE/OD5,  E44A
and ZC6A (operator  Ali Yashruti). QSL  to Dianna R.  Killeen, P.O. Box  911,
Pescadero, CA 94060-0911, USA. [TNX KB6NAN]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         *******  QSL INFO  ********
                          Edited by IK1GPG & IK1QFM

BY7WGL  ARS of Guilin Radio Sports Assn., P.O.Box 127, Guilin, Guangxi,
        541002, People's Republic of China 
CE6TBN  Marco A.Quijada, P.O.Box 1234, Temuco, Chile <425DXN433>
ER1DA   Valery N.Metaxa, P.O.Box 9537, Kishinev, MD-2071, Moldova <425DXN433>
ER1LW   Lysy S.Wiacheslav, P.O.Box 112, Chisinau, MD-2012, Moldova 
J73UE   Ricky Esprit, Castle Bruce, Commonwealth of Dominica 
PA3AXU  G.A.M.C. Dijkers, Dokter P.A. Cornethof 3, NL-6669AZ, Dodewaard,
        The Netherlands <425DXN433>
SM4DDS  Kjell Bonerfalt, P.O. Box 140, Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand <425DXN432>
UA0FAA  Vladislav Domoskanov, P.O.Box 43, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk 693000, Russia
UA9KM   Nikolai T.Kuprin, P.O.Box 158, Nadym, 626711, Russia <425DXN432>
UR3HC   Alex Nakonechny, 50-let Oktjabrja str.,59/77, Kremenchug Poltavskoj
        Obl., 39331, Ukraine 
UY5XE   George A.Chlijanc, P.O.Box 19, Lviv, 79000, Ukraine 
VE9MY   Kevin Leonard Morgan, 21 Susan Drive, Saint John, NB, E2N 1P2, Canada
YB0ZDD  Club Station ORARI Lokal Pasar Minggu, P.O.Box 7257 / JKSPM, Jakarta
        12072, Indonesia 
YC0MZI  Muhamad Zaini "Zen", P.O.Box 7257 / JKSPM, Jakarta 12072, Indonesia

CALL       MANAGER Info from NOTE          
3A/F1JRD   F1JRD   PCL0899                 
3A/F1NSR   F1NSR   PCL0899                 
3A/F5SJP   F5SJP   PCL0899                 
3Z5PW      DL3KDC  PCL0899                 
4K5ZI      UX0FF   DXNL1159                
5H3US      WA8JOC  425DXN433               
5N3CPR     SP5CPR  PCL0899                 
5W0GD      PA3AXU  425DXN433               
5Z4GS      WB2YQH  PCL0899                 
5Z4IC      MW0AIE  DXNL1159                
6K0ZS      IK2DUW  IK7AFM-32               
8Q7KY      JA2BDR  425DXN433               
8Q7SN      JA2GQT  425DXN433               
8Q7YS      JA2BDR  425DXN433               
8S6NAV     SK6LR   GM4SUC                  
9A/DL2VFK  DL2VFK  PCL0899                 
9A/DL3DRN  DL3DRN  PCL0899                 
9A/IK4HPU  IK4HPU  PCL0899                 
9A1CZZ/P   9A2DM   PCL0899                 
9G5DX      JH8PHT  PCL0899                 
9H4GRS     9H Buro IK1GPG                
9J2AM      JA0JHA  PCL0899                 
9M6US/0    N2OO    PCL0899                 
A35LU      K1LU    425DXN433               
A35ZL      DJ7RJ   PCL0899                 
A61AO      N1DG    PCL0899                 
CP4BT      DL9OT   PCL0899                 
CT1/PA3FQA PA3FQA  PCL0899                 
CT3/DJ8FW  DJ8FW   PCL0899                 
CU2/F5AOL  F5AOL   PCL0899                 
EA4/EA3BHR EA4CBA  IK1GPG                  
EA5/F2YT   F2YT    IK1GPG                 
EA6/OH1BOI OH1BOI  OH1BOI                  
ED1LET     EA1ATT  PCL0899                 
ED1SFA     EA1ATT  IK1GPG                 
ED2GBL     EA2CBY  IK1GPG                 
ED2LFA     EA2MQ   IK1GPG                 
ED2SRA     EA2CBY  PCL0899                 
EK6TA      DJ0MCZ  PCL0899                 
EK88L      IK2DUW  IK7AFM-32               
EK8YC      IK2DUW  IK7AFM-32               
EM0F       UX0FF   DXNL1159                
EN130I     UT1IZA  PCL0899                 
EO6F       UX0FF   DXNL1159                
EO8IL      UT8IO   PCL0899                 
ER0F       UX0FF   UX0FF                   
ER27A      ER1DA   PCL0899                 
ES75M      ES1QD   PCL0899                 
EW8W       UA3AGS  IK7AFM-32               
EX5T       IK2QPR  PCL0899                 
EY9/RA3OO  DJ1SKO  PCL0899                 
EZ8CQ      I2JSB   425DXN432 Others        
EZ8CQ      W0FS    425DXN432 USA/Japan only
F8BFL/P    F0CXD   IK1GPG                
FY5FU      F5PAC   PCL0899                 
GB2LBN     GM4UYZ  GM4SUC                  
GB2LMG     MM1BHO  GM4SUC                  
GB2LT      GM0JHF  GM4SUC                  
GB2MUL     GI4LKG  GM4SUC                  
GT3FLH     MD0BXX  GM4SUC                  
GU3VXJ/P   G3VXJ   DXNL1159                
HB0/HB9QQ  HB9QQ   PCL0899                 
HR6/AH6PN  W7TSQ   PCL0899                 
HS0/G3VFU  W3HNK   PCL0899                 
IC8/IK8GCP IK8GCP  IK7AFM-32               
ID9/I1SNW  I1SNW   IK7AFM-32               
IE9/I4ALU  I4ALU   PCL0899                 
IM0/IK2CLC IK2CLC  PCL0899                 
IM0/IK2WAN IK2WAN  PCL0899                 
IV3/IN3YGW IN3YGW  PCL0899                 
J47LHA     SV7CO   GM4SUC                  
JW/DL3NRV  DL3NRV  DXNL1159                
K6L        W6JZE   GM4SUC                  
K7L        W7WLL   GM4SUC                  
KH0/K5FUV  K1NO    PCL0899                 
KH3/NH6D   N6FF    DXNL1159                
KP2/EI7CC  EI7CC   EI7CC                   
NC3DX      W3LEO   GM4SUC                  
OH0/K7BV   KU9C    K7BV                    
OH5AA      OH5JZC  GM4SUC                  
OH6ABM     OH6JSA  GM4SUC                  
OH8T       OH8TA   GM4SUC                  
OJ0/K7BV   KU9C    K7BV                    
OY4LY      K3JA    PCL0899                 
OZ/DH6WD   DH6WD   PCL0899                 
OZ/DL2VFR  DL2VFR  425DXN432               
PA6KW      PI4KGL  GM4SUC                  
PA6LH      PI4ALK  GM4SUC                  
PA6LST     PI4ADH  GM4SUC                  
PA6NH      PA2CNR  GM4SUC                  
PA6URK     PA3GNE  GM4SUC                  
PA6VEN     PD1AIQ  GM4SUC                  
RB5FF      UX0FF   DXNL1159                
RK3DZJ/1   RA3DEJ  PCL0899                 
RO0F       UX0FF   DXNL1159                
RO6/RB5FF  UX0FF   DXNL1159                
RY0F       UX0FF   DXNL1159                
RZ1OA      RZ1OA   425DXN433 1995-1999     
RZ1OA/A    G3TOK   425DXN433 Only 1992-94  
SN2KM      SP2BIK  DXNL1159                
T46AA      CO2FRC  HK6DOS                  
T46CW      CO2FRC  HK6DOS                  
T88CB      JA1WSX  DXNL1160                
TK/IK4SDY  IK4SDY  PCL0899                 
TM5ECL     F6KWP   PCL0899                 
UA0QFC     UR3HC   UY5XE                   
UB5FDF     UX0FF   DXNL1159                
UE2FLT     UA2FM   IK1GPG                
UN7EG      DL8KAC  PCL0899                 
UP0L       UN8LW   DXNL1160                
UT0U       UT5UDX  PCL0899                 
V51LK      DJ4LK   PCL0899                 
V63PD      VK4AAR  DXNL1159                
VE1/F5SSM  F5SSM   IK1GPG                  
VK8AN/P    VK4AAR  VK4AAR                  
VK8PW/P    VE8RZ   VK4AAR    Bureau Only
VP6YL      K6RPF   PCL0899                 
VP8FIR     VP8NO   GM4SUC                  
VP8LGT     VP8LP   IK1GPG                  
VY0TA      VE2BQB  PCL0899                 
W4T        WA3HUP  IK7AFM-31               
W6L        K6DF    GM4SUC                  
W5B        W5BXA   IK1GPG                  
W7U        K7KJ    PCL0899                 
W9PCS      KW9L    GM4SUC                  
YB0ECT     K5ZE    IK7AFM-32               
YI1BN      IK2DUW  IK7AFM-32               
YI1DKS     IK2DUW  IK7AFM-32               
YI1OM      IK2DUW  IK7AFM-32               
YI1WL      IK2DUW  IK7AFM-32               
YI1WMS     IK2DUW  IK7AFM-32               
YJ8RN      N9DRU   DXNL1159                
ZB2/DL3DUE DL3DUE  PCL0899                 
ZL7ZB      DJ4ZB   425DXN433               
ZS6/DL7DST DL7DST  DXNL1158                
ZV7G       PY7MEU  425DXN433               
ZW5VB      PP5VB   IK1GPG                

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