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425 DX News #435
4 September 1999
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to:
Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information
Massimo Balsamo, IK1GPG: QSL Managers/QSL Routes
Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages

4X     - Special station 4X2J [425DXN 429] will be active from the Bloomfield
         Science Museum  in  Jerusalem on  Tuesdays  and  Saturdays  until  3
         October. QSL via bureau. [TNX 4X6HI]
5A     - Special event station 5A30 is active until 7 September to  celebrate
         the 30th  anniversary of  the Libyan  Revolution.  QSL via  K1WY  DX
         Association (P.O. Box 2644, Hartford, CT 06146-2644, USA or P.O. Box
         90, 9900 Eeklo, Belgium). [TNX The Daily DX]
5W     - Plans have been finalized for PA3AXU's  activity from Western  Samoa
         (OC-097) [425DXN 433]. He will arrive  in the late UTC afternoon  on
         28 September and leave around midday  (UTC) on 11 October. Look  for
         5W0GD to operate SSb, CW, RTTY,  PSK31 and Hell.  QSL via home  call
         (G.A.M.C. Dijkers, Dokter  P.A. Cornethof 3,  6669AZ Dodewaard,  The
         Netherlands). Logs  will be  available at
         [TNX PA3AXU]
8Q     - DH3MIT and HB9KOC will be active as 8Q7IT from the Maldives (AS-013)
         between 26 October and 2 November.  Plans are to participate in  the
         CQ WW SSB DX Contest. QSL via DH3MIT. [TNX DH3MIT]
9A     - The six 9A2000B operators have been granted permission to be  active
         from the  Brijuni/Brioni Islands  (EU-110) until  8 September.  They
         were expected to operate as 9A2000FT [425DXN 431], but the licencing
         authorities have changed  the call.  The activity  takes place  from
         Veli Brijun (CI-139 for the Croatian Islands Award, 425DXN 433), but
         Kreso, 9A7K will operate as  9A7K/p from other  two islands as  well
         (Mali Brijun,  CI-063  and Sveti  Jerolim,  CI-114).  QSL  via  9A7K
         (Kresimir Juratovic,  P.O. Box  88, HR-48000  Koprivnica,  Croatia).
         [TNX 9A7K]
9H     - Twenty-six Dutch  operators  will  be  active  from  Malta  (EU-023)
         between 18  September and  10 October.  They will  operate (on  6-80
         metres SSB and  CW) with  either their  personal 9H3  calls and  the
         special call 9H0VRZ. The QSL manager for 9H0VRZ will be PA0JR (Andre
         van den Bos, Olof Palmelaan 5, 9649 BH Muntendam, The  Netherlands).
         For further information please  visit http// or  contact
         Wim, PA3BIZ at [TNX PA3BIZ/9H3ON]
9M2    - The  Malaysian   Amateur   Radio  Transmitters   Society's   special
         "millennium" call 9M2K will be aired (by four stations on all  bands
         SSB and CW) from 10 UTC on 3 September until 10 UTC on the 5th  from
         Port Dickson,  Malaysia. It  will participate  in the  All Asia  SSB
         Contest. Special card via 9M2AA. [TNX 9M2AA]
9M2    - Mirek, 9V1XE will be active as  9M8DX/2 from Tioman Island  (AS-046)
         on 6-9 September. QSL  via 9V1XE (not  DL4DBR) either direct  (Mirek
         Rozbicki, 7 Seletar  Terrace, Singapore  806908) or  through the  9V
         bureau. [TNX 9V1XE]
BY     - The BI7Y (see below) operators (BA1AJ, BA1DU, BA1HAM, BA4RC,  BA4TA,
         BA7IA, BA7JA, BG7YB and BG7YC) will  meet on Hainan Island  (AS-094)
         on 5 September, and they  will operate from  there using their  home
         call /7 for about 24 hours. [TNX BA1DU]
BY     - Nine operators (namely  BA1AJ, BA1DU, BA1HAM,  BA4RC, BA4TA,  BA7IA,
         BA7JA, BG7YB and BG7YC) will be active as BI7Y from Yangxing Island,
         Xisha Archipelago (Paracel Islands, AS-???) starting around 5 UTC on
         on 8 September for five days. The team will leave the island on  the
         13th. They will have two  stations with one  beam and one  amplifier
         and will operate CW, SSB and RTTY on 40-10 metres. It has taken  one
         year to team  leaders Alan, BA1DU  ( and Yang,  BA7JA
         ( to get  all the necessary  permissions to  operate
         from this off-limits military island. The  activity is supported  by
         Chinese Radio Sports Association, The Beijing DX Club and The Island
         Radio Expedition Foundation Inc. QSL direct to BA7JA (P.O.Box  1713,
         Guangzhou 510600, China) or via the BY Bureau (P.O.Box 6106, Beijing
         100061, China). [TNX BA1DU]
BY_ssh - Oleg, R1ANF is active as R1ANF/A from Chinese Antarctic base  "Great
         Wall" on King George Island, South Shetlands (AN-010) until around 8
         September. QSL via RK1PWA (Nick Shapkin,  P.O.Box 73, 164744 Amderma,
         Arkhangelskaja, Russia. [TNX R1ANF, UR5LCV, K4MZU]
C9     - Reinhard, DL6DQW  will  be active  as  C91RF/p  from  Inhaca  Island
         (AF-066) on 18-21 September. QSL via DL6DQW. [TNX The Daily DX]
EA     - EA4CAZ and EA4CBA will be active as EA4CBA/p from Isla de La  Piedra
         (DIEI GU-020, not IOTA) on 12  September. QSL via bureau to  EA4CBA.
         [TNX EA4CBA]
F      - Paul, F6CXV will  be vacationing on  Groix island  (EU-048) on  5-24
         September. He will operate as  TM0G between the  10th and the  23rd.
         [TNX F6AJA and Les Nouvelles DX]
F      - Gianpaolo,  IK1TTD   (   will  be   active   from
         Porquerolles Island (EU-070)  between 11 and  13 September. QSL  via
         IK1TTD (P.O. Box 32, 18011 Arma di Taggi - IM, Italy).
FO     - Marcel Dehonin,  ON4QM/FO0DEH  will  be  leaving  for  Tahiti  on  3
         September and  will be  touring French  Polynesia until  the end  of
         November. He plans to operate  (with 100 watts  and a vertical,  SSB
         only) from several IOTA groups, including Raivavae (OC-114), Austral
         Islands starting around  16 September. QSL  via ON4QM either  direct
         (Marcel  Dehonin,  Eversestraat  130,  B-1932  Saint-Stevens-Woluwe,
         Belgium) or through the bureau. [TNX ON7GB]
FR/G   - A group  of four  French  operators (namely  Gil/F5NOD,  Eric/F5PXT,
         Larry/F5PYI and Erwann/F6JJX) is organizing  a 2-week DXpedition  to
         the Glorioso Islands (AF-011) in July  or August 2000. Plans are  to
         be active  with two  stations  on 6-160  metres  CW, SSB  and  RTTY.
         Further details are expected in due  time. [TNX F6AJA and The  Daily
GW     - Steve, G0UIH and Roger,  G3XFA are active  as GW0UIH/p and  GW3XFA/p
         from Holy Island  (EU-124) until 4  September. QSL  via G0UIH.  [TNX
         G0UIH and Islands On The Web]
HI     - Julio, AD4Z/HI3JH will be active (on  all bands with an emphasis  on
         160 metres  and the  WARC bands)  from Dominican  Republic  (NA-096)
         between 26 November and 3 December. He will participate in the CQ WW
         CW DX Contest as HI3K. QSL via AD4Z. [TNX AD4Z]
HR     - In a recent QSO with Doc/K7SO,  Rene/HR1RMG stated "he has the  Swan
         Is [425DXN 435] license in hand  and expects to start the  operation
         sometime between 20 and 26 October (weather permitting). He says  it
         is a tough one for him because of the long distance from HR and  the
         lack of communications with  the island". [TNX  K7SO and Islands  On
         The Web]
I      - IK8UHA, IK8VRH, IZ8ATP and IZ8DDG will be active from Scoglio Gaiola
         (IIA NA-007,  not IOTA)  on 5  September. QSL  via home  call.  [TNX
I      - Antonio/IK2SNG,     Gus/IK4RQJ,     Marco/IK4RSO,     Andrea/IK4VET,
         Roberto/IK4XCZ and William/IK4ZGY plan to be active from Scanno  del
         Gallo (IIA RO-012, not IOTA) and  possibly from Isola Batteria  (IIA
         RO-007, not IOTA) on 11-12 September.
I      - Francesco, IK0XBX  will be  active as  IQ0A  during the  Worked  All
         Europe DX SSB Contest (11-12 September). [TNX IK0XBX]
JA     - Takeshi, JI3DST  announced  he would  be  active  as  JI3DST/3  from
         Awajishima (AS-117) between 00.00 UTC  on 4 September  and 6 UTC  on
         the 6th. Later this month he  will operate as  JI3DST/4 on SSB  (17,
         15, 12, 10 metres + 80 and 40 metres for Japan) from Oki Archipelago
         (AS-041) between 8 UTC on 23 September  and 22 UTC on the 25th.  QSL
         via  JI3DST  either  direct  (Takeshi  Funaki,  2-18-26   Hannan-Cho
         Abeno-Ku, Osaka-City, Osaka 545-0021, Japan) or through the  bureau.
         [TNX JI3DST]
JA     - Look for JA4PXE/6, JI3DST/6 and  JF6WTY/6 to be  active (on 40,  20,
         17, 15,  12, 10  and 6  metres SSB)  from Uji  Archipelago  (AS-067)
         between 00.00 UTC on 9 October  and 24.00 UTC on  the 10th. QSL  via
         JA4PXE (Joe S. Kuwahara,  1-74 Midorimachi, Tokuyama-City  745-0075,
         Yamaguchi,  Japan),  JI3DST  (Takeshi  Funaki,  2-18-26   Hannan-Cho
         Abeno-Ku, Osaka-City, Osaka  545-0021, Japan)  and JF6WTY  (Yuichiro
         Hayashi, 2-40-27-101, Murasakibaru, Kagoshima City, 890-0082  Japan)
         either direct or trough the bureau. [TNX JI6KVR and VE3LDT]
KH8    - Look for Double Trouble DXpedition [425DXN 431] team members  Steve,
         G4EDG and  Nils,  SM6CAS  to be  active  from  Pago  Pago  (OC-045),
         American Samoa from 7 September. They will operate as KH8/G4EDG (CW)
         and KH8/SM6CAS (SSB). QSL via home  calls. The team will leave  Pago
         Pago for Kanton Island,  Central Kiribati on  17 September. The  web
         page    for    the     Double    Trouble     DXpedition    is     at [TNX LA7MFA]
KL     - John Pendrey, AL7RB plans to operate  in his spare  time while on  a
         working trip to Attu Island (NA-064) on 16-21 September. [TNX  AL7RB
         and Islands On The Web]
LU     - Operators from Radio Club General Roca  will participate as LV2V  in
         the forthcoming major contests in  September, October and  December.
         QSL via bureau  to either LU1VEW  or LU6VG; direct  cards should  be
         addressed to Radio Club General Roca, P.O. Box 34, 8332 General Roca
         - RN, Argentina. [TNX LU5VM and LU2VDP]
OD     - The Association  of  Radio  Amateurs  in  Lebanon  is  organizing  a
         DXpedition to Ramkin Island (AS-108), one  of the rarest Asian  IOTA
         groups. The operation (on 10, 15 and metres SSB and CW, hopefully on
         the other bands, WARC included, as well) will take place between  17
         UTC on 24 September and 12 UTC on  the 26th wi the call OD5RAL.  QSL
         cards to OM R. Azrak, P.O. Box 22, Baabdat, Lebanon.  [TNX OD5PN and
OH0    - Dennis, K7BV [425DXN  431] will arrive  at Mariehamn, Aland  Islands
         (EU-002) on 13  September at 20.30  UTC. He and  Ari, OH1EH will  go
         immediately to  the  OH0Z  station  for  a  one-night  "multi-multi"
         operating on 80 and 160 metres until sunrise. Their frequencies will
         be on or close to 3.512 and 1.827 MHz. Some SSB may be attempted  if
         conditions are favourable.  Dennis will  be leaving  OH0 for  Market
         Reef (see below) on 14  September in the  morning. QSL OH0/K7BV  via
         KU9C, QSL OH0Z via OH1EH. [TNX K7BV]
OH0    - Jukka, OH6LI will participate  in the SAC  CW (18-19 September)  and
         SAC SSB (25-26 September)  contests as OH0V  from the Aland  Islands
         (EU-002). Outside the contests he will be active as OH0JJS mainly on
         WARC bands. QSL OH0JJS via OH6LI  (Jukka Klemola, Aarontie 5,  31400
         Somero, Finland). QSL OH0V via  OH4JLV (Antti Tiittala,  Akselinkatu
         14A, 57130 Savonlinna, Finland). [TNX OH6LI]
OJ0    - Dennis/K7BV [425DXN  431],  Seppo/OH1VR  and  Lars/OH0RJ  expect  to
         arrive on Market Reef (EU-053) on 14 September around 12.00 UTC  and
         to start operating a few hours  later after the antennas are up  and
         the stations put together. They will place heavy emphasis on 160 and
         80 metres and will be active during the SAC Contest. They will leave
         the reef on 20 September at  08.00 UTC. QSL OJ0/K7BV via KU9C.  [TNX
SV     - Savas, SV2AEL will be active as  SW2A during the WAE  SSB and CQ  WW
         SSB DX  Contests.  QSL via  P.O.  B ox  22013,  Thessaloniki  55310,
         Greece. His  home  page  with  logs  for  his  activities  as  SW2A,
         SV2AEL/SV8  (EU-052),  J48ISL  (EU-049),  SX2T  and  SX2THE  is   at [TNX SV2AEL]
SV5    - Aegean DX Club  members SV8CRI ,SV8CYR,  SV8CYV, SV8DCY, SV8DTL  and
         SV8DTZ will be active (on 160-6  metres SSB, CW  and RTTY) as  SW5AI
         from the island of Agathonisi in  the Dodecanese (EU-001) between  7
         and 15 September. [TNX SV8DTL]
SV9    - Bill, ON5JE  and  Luk, ON4BB  will be  active  from  Crete  (EU-015)
         between 15 and 22 September. QSL via home calls. [TNX ON4BB]
T8     - Look for Toshi, JA6QXW and Mac,  JA1OYP will be  active (on 20,  17,
         15, 12, 10 and 6 metres)  respectively as T88XW  and T88XX on  12-15
         September. QSL T88XW via JA6QXW, QSL T88XX via JA1OYP. [TNX JM1LJS]
TU     - Laurent, F4ATM will be active as TU2/F4ATM from Ivory Coast  between
         7 and 17 September. [TNX F6AJA and Les Nouvelles DX]
UA     - Special event  station UE0JX  will be  active until  30 November  to
         celebrate the 120th anniversary of the  city of Zeya. QSL direct  to
         RA0JX (Vladimir  I. Babynin,  P.O. Box  1, Zeya-3,  Amurskaya  Obl.,
         676200, Russia. [TNX UA0JGB]
V5     - Charlie, W0YG/ZS6YG [425DXN  434] will  be active  (mainly on  10-30
         metres CW) as V5/ZS6YG from Namibia between 6 and 20 September.  QSL
         direct to W0YG (Charlie Summers, 6746 North Yucca Trail, Parker,  CO
         80138-6110, USA). [TNX ARRL DX Bulletin]
VK     - Erol, VK2NP and  other VK operators  will be active  as home  call/p
         from the rare Broughton  Islands (OC-212) between  1 and 4  October.
         They plan to operate on 10-80 metres  SSB and CW. The QSL route  has
         still to be decided. [TNX VK2NP]
VK     - After the Rowley Shoals VK9-99 DXpedition [425DXN 431], Jim, VK8PY/6
         (QSL via K9PPY), Sam/VK6EEN  (QSL via CT1EEN)  and Mal, VK6ISL  (QSL
         via VK6LC) will operate  from Malus Island  (OC-199) on 2-3  October
         and from Green Island (OC-183) on 5-6 October. Plans are subject  to
         change due to off-shore  weather conditions at  the period of  time.
         [TNX VK6LC]
VP2M   - Josep Gibert, EA3BT and Nuria Font  de Gibert, EA3WL will be  active
         respectively as VP2MBT and VP2MGL  from Montserrat (NA-103)  between
         22 and 30 October. They will have an amplifier and will operate SSB,
         RTTY and  some CW  on 10-80  metres, WARC  bands included.  QSL  via
         EA3BT. Amateur radio activity  from this island  has been very  poor
         since the 1997 volcanic eruption, and Josep and Nuria plan to be  on
         the air as much as possible. [TNX EA3BT]
VP6    - Jukka  Heikinheimo,  OH2BR  will  be  active  from  Pitcairn  Island
         (OC-044) in January 2000 to celebrate  the 40th year of his  amateur
         radio career. The  transportation to Pitcairn  will be confirmed  by
         the shipping  company  only one  week  before the  ship's  estimated
         departure from Auckland  (New Zealand).  Jukka plans  to operate  as
         VP6BR on 6-160 metres  CW, SSB and  RTTY. QSL via  OH2BR to his  new
         address (to be announced later). Jukka will have a linear  amplifier
         and triband  &  duoband yagis  for  10 to  20  metres  and  vertical
         antennas  for  the   low  bands.   Subject  to   support  from   the
         manufacturers and the DX community, the antennas will be left on the
         island. Two 2 KW generators and 1000 litres of gasoline are  planned
         for maximum reliability of power supply. The prospects of a  serious
         6 metre operation depend on the  feasibility of taking an  amplifier
         and beam  antenna  to  Pitcairn  as  well  as  demand  for  such  an
         operation. Side  trips to  rare IOTA  Henderson (OC-056)  and  Ducie
         (OC-182) islands may be considered if there is enough interest  from
         the IOTA community. Donations are welcome to cover the high costs of
         extra equipment, transportation, generator and gasoline expenses and
         can be  sent to  Jukka Heikinheimo,  Rikunkuja 4,  FI-01420  Vantaa,
         Finland. [TNX OH2BR,]
VQ9    - Joe,  VQ9JT/K5DIY  will   be  active  from   Diego  Garcia,   Chagos
         Archipelago during the PSK31 Contest. This event, which is sponsored
         by the Chautaugua County Contest Club, will take place between 00.00
         UTC and  23.59  UTC on  4  September. The  rules  can  be  found  at [TNX KB2EOQ]
VU_ant - Mike,  R1AND  will  operate  as  R1AND/A from Indian  Antarctic base
         "Maitri" (AN-016) in November-December.  QSL  via  RW1AI (Mikhail I.
         Piskizjov, P.O.Box  2, St. Petersburg, 195009,  Russia). [TNX UR5LCV]
W      - Operators from the Greater Norwalk ARC of Norwalk, CT will be active
         as  W1NLK   from  Sheffield   Island  (NA-136,   USI  CT-008S)   for
         approximately 24 hours  begining on 25  September. The  bulk of  the
         operation is expected  to be on  40 and 20  metres SSB during  local
         daylight hours and on 80 metres at night. Operations on other  bands
         and modes will  depend on conditions  and on operator  availability.
         QSL direct to W1NLK-IOTA, 304 Main Ave., PMB 115, Norwalk, CT 06851,
         USA. [TNX N1OLO]
ZD8    - Paul, ZD8V/KF4OOX will go definitively QRT around 8-10 September  as
         he will be leaving Ascension on  the 15th. QSL  via home call  (Paul
         Hutley, 298 Logan Avenue, Sharon, PA 16146, USA). [TNX QRZ-DX]

BORNEO/SPRATLY DXPEDITION  --->  Bob Schenck,  N2OO/9M6OO;  Jani  Kusmulyana,
YB0US/NM6US/9M6US; Mike Mraz, N6MZ; Tom Harrell, N4XP and Paul Newberry, N4PN
will  be  active  as  follows:  as  9M6AAC  (  from
Hillview Gardens (,  Sabah, East  Malaysia (OC-088)  on
7-11 November and again between the 25th and the 29th (including and entry in
the CQ WW CW Contest);  as 9M6OO from  Layang-Layang Island, Spratly  Islands
(AS-051) on 12-18 November; as V8??? from Brunei (OC-088) on 21-25  November.
The team will be attending the SEANET Convention in Brunei (18-21  November).
They will have a web page set up linked from  Contact
point for this DXpedition is Bob,  N2OO ( QSL 9M6AAC and  9M6OO
via N2OO (Bob Schenck, P.O. Box  345, Tuckerton, N.J. 08087-0345, USA).  [TNX

PACIFIC TRIP  --->  Ron Wright,  ZL1AMO  will be  leaving  New Zealand  on  8
September for Fiji, Western Samoa and  Nukunono Island, Tokelau (ZK3).  Plans
are to operate for one week as 3D3RW, for another week as 5W1CW and for  four
weeks from ZK3 (starting around 24-25 September). [TNX The Daily DX]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

IOTA 2000 ---> The purpose of the RSGB IOTA Millennium Programme (IOTA  2000)
is to celebrate the Millennium, to promote  IOTA activity and to have fun  on
the HF bands. The programme will be administered by the Chiltern DX  Club-The
UK DX  Foundation on  behalf of  the RSGB  IOTA Committee.  For full  details
please visit 

JA POSTAGE ---> Isao, JA1-20784 reports that the current air mail postage for
letters up to 25 grams from Japan  to North America, Europe and Australia  is
110 yen, and to South America and Africa it  is 130 yen. While one US$  might
not be enough (the current exchange rate is 109 yen for US$1), one IRC is all
right, as 1 coupon is equivalent  to one 130 yen stamp.  [TNX Islands On  The

VK POSTAGE ---> Alan, VK4AAR reports that "Australian overseas postal charges
*will rise dramatically* in the immediate future. Please act accordingly".

PATHFINDER ---> Pathfinder is a  freeware tool (running  on PCs with  Windows
95, 98 or  NT) for  finding QSL  information in  web-accessible sources.  The
program is pre-loaded with the ability  to search 12  popular sources of  QSL
information. You can modify these searches  if desired, or replace them  with
new ones. Pathfinder can be downloaded from  or
from [TNX AA6YQ]

QSL VE9MY/p ---> Len, VE9MY reports  the cards for the recent operation  from
Partridge Island (NA-014) will be ordered  early next week. Please note  that
U.S. postage stamps  on return envelopes  in Canada are  no good. All  direct
QSLs received this way or without  return postage will  be forwarded via  the
bureau in due time. QSL to VE9MY, whose *new* address is Len Morgan, 21 Susan
Dr., Saint John, NB, E2N 1P2, Canada.

QSL  VIA  VA3UZ  --->  Yuri,  VA3UZ/UT4UZ  can  confirm  contacts  made  with
6W1/N2WCQ, 6W1/KE4EKV, 9N1UZ, CF3UZ (1998), EM4U,  EO5U (1993), N2WCQ,  RT1U,
RY1U, RY2U, US9D, UT4UZ, UT4UXW, VA3UZ  and VE2IM. Please note  that as of  1
August 1999  his address  is Yuri  Onipko, 2313  Lakeshore Blvd.W.,  #  1014,
Etobicoke, ON, M8V 1A8, Canada. [TNX VA3UZ/UT4UZ]

US LICENCE ---> Do you  want to get one? Onda Cristoni, IK4SDY, President  of
ARI  Bologna  reports  an  exam session will take place on either 25 or (more
likely) 26 September during the XV Italian HF-DX Convention near Bologna (for
details visit If interested
in participating,  please  e-mail  as  soon  as

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

EHAM:         Give a look to - a brand new web site  that
              opened its  doors on  1  September. It  is  intended to  be  "a
              community of ham radio  operators from all  over the world  who
              share ideas through chat, contribute news articles, buy & sell,
              take practice exams, get propagation information, DX  spotting,
              and a variety of other applications  designed for hams".  There
              are 14 different features which deserve a visit. [TNX W4AN]
LOGS:         Doug, N6RT  reports  the following  new/updated  logs  are  now
              online at  4K9W (through  16  August),
              9X0A (March  1996  through  April  1998),  DS5DNO  (through  31
              August), DU1ODX  (through  31 August),  ED6EIG  (August  1999),
              IZ4AFW  (through  29  August),  KP2/K6RO  (July  1999),   KP4AH
              (through 28 August), VQ9CV (through 29 August), WP2Z (1999 IARU
SSTV:         Lots of information can be found at -
              the  web  site  is  maintained  by  Danny  Van  Tricht,   ON4VT
              (, who is the editor of The Picture DX Bulletin.
UKR DX TEST:  Vladimir Latyshenko,  UY5ZZ reports  the  results of  the  1998
              Ukrainan DX Contest are available at

QSL received via direct:   3B9FR, 3B9R, 3V8BB,  3V8DJ (AF-083), 3XY7A,  4L1W,
5A1A,  5A1IC,  5H3US,  5Z4GS,  6O1Z,  8R1WD,  9M2TO,  9M2ZA,  9V8WW,   A22EW,
(EA5XX),  CO8ZZ  (AD4Z),  CP6/LU9AY,  D44BC,  DS5RNM,  DU3NXE,  DU4EX,  E30LA
(AF-081), E30MA (AF-038), E41/OK1DPT, E44/HA1AG, E44DX (OH2BN), EA8TB,  EK9AA
(W6QKB), EP2MKO  (UA6HCW),  FO0MSN, FO0QG  (OC-027,  XE1L),  FR5ZU/T,  FT5WH,
HK3JBR/1  (SA-040),  HK3JJH/0M,  HL1/JI1EFP,  HP3/F5PAC  (NA-071),  HP4/F5PAC
(NA-088), IJ9/IT9SGC  (IIA  SR-017),  IK2HTW/1  (ILIA  PIE  002,  006,  007),
IK2HTW/2 (ILIA LOM  009), IK2TCZ/2 (ILIA  LOM-009), IL7/IK7VJX (IIA  FG-001),
J3/N7OV (N7OV),  J68AS,  JG6URG/6 (AS-036),  JT1DA,  N6FD/7  (NA-065),  NH0E,
NH6D/KH3 (N6FF),  KH4/IV3NVN,  KH8/N5OLS (N5JA),  OY1CT,  P49V,  RW2F,  S01A,
S79FAG, S79YL, S79ZG, T30R, T32IW, T32VU,  TA3DD (KB2MS), TR8CA, TY8A,  UN5J,
V26B, VE8C  (NA-173),  VK9EHH, VR2GY,  VU2TMP,  XF4MX, XM3PBX,  XU1A,  XW8KPL

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