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425 DX News #450
18 December 1999
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information
Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages

                    *        TO ALL OUR READERS        *
                    * WARMEST THOUGHTS AND BEST WISHES *
                    *     FOR A WONDERFUL  HOLIDAY     *
                    *    AND A  VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR    *

                                <<< MACAU >>>

Will Macau remain on the DXCC  list? Read the following analysis coming  from
Bernie McClenny,  W3UR,  Editor of  The  Daily  DX  (
"December 20th marks the return of Macao back to China. In order for Macao to
remain on the DXCC list it must meet one of the following criteria.  One,  be
a member  of the  United Nations  (UN), it  currently is  not. Two,  have  an
International Amateur  Radio Union  (IARU) society,  it currently  does  not.
Three, have  it's own  Call Sign  Prefix block  issued by  the  International
Telecommunications Union (ITU),  it does not  have this currently  as the  XX
prefix block belongs  to Portugal. From  all readings it  appears that  China
plans to have Macao set up as a Special Administrative Region (SAR) like Hong
Kong, which was handed over to  China by the British in  the summer of  1997.
Hong Kong meets two of the  requirements to be on the DXCC  list. It has  its
own IARU society and its own Call Sign Prefix block.  So it appears the  only
way at this point in time for Macao to remain  on the ARRL DXCC list will  be
for China to assign Macao it's own prefix block which would need to appear on
the ITU web page at".

6W      - Jacques, F6BUM will be active from Senegal (6W1 and 6W4) between 24
          and 31 December. QSL via home call. [TNX F6BUM]
9U      - Gus, SM5DIC was expected to go QRT as 9U5D on 11 December. He  will
          be back to Burundi on 10 January for other three months. [TNX  OPDX
7Q      - Edwin, ZS5BBO will be active (on 10, 15, 20 and 6 metres) as  7Q7BO
          from Malawi between 19 and 26  December. QSL direct only to  ZS5BBO
          (Edwin Musto, P.O. Box 211032, Bluff 4036, South Africa). [TNX OPDX
8P      - Dan, N8DCJ will be active as  8P9CW from Barbados (NA-021)  between
          25 December and 8 January. [TNX The Daily DX]
CE9_ant - UA9OBA  and  RW3GW  are  members  of  the  International  Antarctic
          "Millenium Expedition". They  are expected to  operate as CE8/  and
          CE9/R3CA from  Antarctic base  "Patriot  Hills" and  possibly  from
          other bases as R3CA/ant. The expedition will have skeds at 5 and  6
          UTC on 14135 kHz starting on 20 December. [TNX RW3GU]
HR      - Luigino, YV5ENI  reports  his  operation  from  NA-035  and  NA-057
          [425DXN 441] has been cancelled "due to personal reasons".
HV      - Francesco, IK0FVC reports he will be operating as HV0A from Vatican
          station HV4NAC starting  on 24  December to  celebrate the  Jubilee
          Year. QSL via IK0FVC. 
P4      - Alan, K4AVQ (ex W0RIC) will be  active (on 10-160 metres) as  P40AV
          from Aruba  (SA-036) between  18 December  and 1  January. QSL  via
          K4AVQ. [TNX The Daily DX]
SP      - Peter, SP5PB eports he will  be active (mostly  CW on 7012,  14022,
          18072, 21022, 24902,  28022) as SP5PB/1  from Kolobrzeg  lighthouse
          (SPL 12 from the Polish Lighthouses Award) on 19 December. QSL  via
          home call.
TA      - Nilay, TA3YJ (YL opertor) and Berkin,  TA3J will be active (SSB  on
          160, 80, 40,  20, 15, 10,  2 metres and  70 cm)  as YM21TA  between
          21.21 UTC on 21 December and  21.21 UTC on  21 January to  celebrte
          the XXI century. QSL via TA3YJ either direct (Nilay Mine  Aydogmus,
          P.O. Box  876, 35214  Izmir, Turkey)  or through  the bureau.  [TNX
VK0_mac - If you  need Macquarie  and want  to  have updated  information  on
          Alan's (VK0LD)  operating  schedules, do  not  forget  to  bookmark

W       - W2M is  the special  callsign for  the Millenium  Celebration  from
          Sacramento, California  during  the period  24  December 1999  -  7
          January 2000. Special QSL direct via N6ZS. [TNX N6ZS]
W       - Don, W9DC will be active as  W9DC/m from Cedar  Key (NA-076) on  27
          December between approximately 18  UTC and 24  UTC. The purpose  of
          this operation is  to assist those  who thought they  had worked  a
          recent NA-076 expedition later to find it was NA-034 [425DXN  445].
          Look for Don on or around  14260, 21260 and 28460  kHz SSB (but  he
          can operate  CW if  required). QSL  via  W9DC (Don  Chamberlain,  2
          Coxswain Place, Salem, SC 29676, USA). [TNX W9DC]

USHAKOVA 2000  --->  The Russian  Robinson  Club (RRC),  the  Trotting  Radio
Amateur Club and "Polar World" ( are organizing an IOTA
DXpedition to Ushakova (AS-???) and Uedineniya (AS-057) islands between 1 and
15 May. Plans are to gather an international team of up to twelve experienced
operators. If interested in  joining the team,  please find full  information
(including  costs,  complete  travel  details,   documents  needed  etc)   at The project  co-ordinator is  Roman
Levichev, RV3MA (Box 35, Rybinsk 152901, Russia; e-mail
Sponsors and donations are welcome. [TNX RW3GU]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

4X2K AWARD ---> The 4X2K Award is for contacting stations operating from  the
Holyland and from seven major historical  sites (namely Bethlehem,  Nazareth,
Jerusalem, Tiberias & the Sea of Galilee, Galilee, Samaria, Judea) between  1
January  and  31  December  2000.  For  full  details  please  contact  Yoram
Gottesman, 4Z1GY ( [TNX 4Z1GY]

A61AJ ---> The main part of the most recent operation (by A61AJ, K1ZM,  K3RA,
KE3Q, N6ZZ, PA4AO/T94S, T93M, T93Y, T97M, W0UN and W3UR) took place on  22-30
November, but T97M stayed until 7  December and was active,  with a total  of
30306 QSOs (CW 23818,  SSB 6201, RTTY  287). The on-line  log search will  be
updated by the  end of  the week  (
QSL via W3UR either direct  (Bernie McClenny, 3025  Hobbs Road, Glenwood,  MD
21738) or through the  bureau: direct cards  will start to  go out after  the
holidays, while bureau cards will mailed out in the summer of 2000. The  home
page for A61AJ is at [TNX W3UR]

BT2000 ---> Zheng, BA4EG reports the  QSL route given in  425DXN #449 is  not
correct. Cards for this special Millennium  station, which will be  operating
from AS-137  between 25  December and  2 January),  should be  sent to  BA4EG
(ex-BD4EG)  at  P.O.  Box  122-001,  Shanghai  200122,  China.  For   further
information please visit

CAYO SABINAL ---> Please refer to  425 DX News #445  and #448. The  following
has been received from Oscar Morales, CO2OJ (General Secretary, Federacion de
Radioaficionados de  Cuba):  "The information  about  an  operation  to  Cayo
Sabinal for the IOTA Program  was unauthorized and  wrong. The organizers  of
the DXpedition knew nothing about the note  that was sent to you. The  person
who sent the information was not member of the station. The FRC and the Cuban
DX Group know perfectly that Sabinal does not apply for the IOTA Program  and
it was never part of the operation objetives".

DX CONVENTION ---> The Pacific Northwest DX Convention (DX2000) will be  held
in Vancouver on  28-30 July.  Details are  available at

FO0 ---> Andre,  F6AOI/FO0AOI (SSB) and  Serge, F6AUS/FO0SOU  (CW) made  some
12,000 QSOs during  their recent operation.  The were  active from  Marquesas
(OC-027) on 4-14 November (8295 QSOs), Raiatea (OC-067) on 15-19 (1934 QSOs),
Bora Bora (OC-067) on 20-21 (1140  QSOs) and Tahiti  (OC-046) on 22  November
(621 QSOs). QSL via home calls. [TNX F6AJA]

GERMAN ISLANDS --->  If you are  still looking for  one or  more German  IOTA
islands, you can participate in DL2VFR's survey at

OH3AC ---> A special award celebrating the 70th anniversary of OH3AC will  be
available    in    2000.    For    further    information    please     visit or e-mail [TNX OH3-911]

PIRATE ---> According to an official notice sent out by Pete deVolpi,  KC3TL,
the York County ARC (KY3ORK) and  the PA DX Association, "it  is a matter  of
record that Alex Oosterloo, PD0SES holds a Novice call" which does not  allow
him to operate on HF. He also signed PA/SV0SS and SV0SS from his home QTH  at
Huizen, The Netherlands. Since he "has used the PA DX Association for his QSL
management fraudulently, the PA DX  Association and the  York County ARC  are
nullifying all cards issued by  them for contact  with PD0SES, PA/SV0SS,  and
SV0SS". [TNX KC3TL and The Daily DX]

QSL 5R8FL ---> Phil, DS1GQS is  receiving several QSLs for 5R8FL,  apparently
because one of the information sources ( lists his  home
address in Seoul instead of F5TBA's  one in France.  Phil is returning  these
requests to sender  at his  own expenses.  Please note  that F5TBA's  correct
address is Joel Champeaux, 372 rue Robert Le Coq, 80000 Amiens, France.

QSL J59OFM ---> The new QSL manager is IZ3BIY: Lodovico Gottardi, Via Colonne
13, 30022 Ceggia - VE, Italy [TNX IZ3BIY]

QSL ZL9CI ---> QSL manager Ken Holdom, ZL2HU reports that all QSLling for the
January 1999 DXpedition to Campbell Island is up to date with both direct and
bureau requests. As  at 10 December  a total  of 12,680  envelopes have  been
received which contained QSL cards for 50,155 individual QSOs. In addition to
the above 4,089 QSOs have been responded to via the bureau.

XU7AAV ---> Andy, G4ZVJ reports he made  some 18000 CW QSOs (3825 during  the
CQ WW CW Contest) on all bands as XU7AAV between 21 November and 5  December.
QSL via G4ZVJ (Andy Chadwick, 5  Thorpe Chase, Ripon,  HG4 1UA U.K.).  Andy's
web site is at

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

ARAC:     Pat, F6BLQ reports the website for the Amateur Radio Association of
          D.R.  of  Congo  (  now
          includes a 1948-1998 9Q* tentative callbook.
CT1EEN:   The web site for CT1EEN's IOTA operations (EU-040 & EU-167,  OC-183
          & OC-199  as  VK6EEN and  OC-230  with the  VK9RS  team)  is  under
          construction at [TNX CT1END]
DXNL:     The NG3K  DX  News  Letter (German  DX  bulletin)  archive  is  now
          searchable on [TNX NG3K]
IK2GNW:   Updates on IK2GNW's Pacific tour [425DXN 449] will be  published on
LOGS:     Logs for S92CW and S92DX are available at
          [TNX The Daily DX]
RCKRtty:  The  latest  version  (1.35A)  of  RCKRtty  is  now  available   at

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         *******  QSL INFO  ********
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

CALL          MANAGER      CALL          MANAGER      CALL          MANAGER
3D2HY         JA0SC        ER2000A       ER1DA        PW5D          PY5DZ
3DA0WPX       ZS5WPX       EZ8YL         EZ8AQ        PY0FA         PY4KL
3E1DX         N0JT         FG/K9NW       WW9DX        PY0FT         JA1ELY
3F1AC         HP1AC        FG5BG         FG5BG        PY0FZM        DL3XM
3F2CWB        HP2CWB       FK8GM         WB2RAJ       R1ANF         RK1PWA
3F8BYH        HP8BYH       FK8VHT        F6AJA        R1ANF/A       RK1PWA
3V8ST         DL1BDF       FM/K2PF       K2PF         RK0AZN        RV0AM
3W6KM         ES1AKM       FM5DN         KU9C         RS0F          UA0FZ
3W6KM         ES1WN        FM5FJ         KU9C         S21YE         G4VLV
3W6US         N2OO         FO0EEN        LA1EE        S21YJ         SM4AIO
3W7CW         SP5AUC       FP5BU         F5TJP        SV/OK1YM      OKDXF
4K1A          W3HC         FS/W2QM       W2QM         SW2A          SV2AEL
4K1QAV        W3HC         FT5WH         F6KDF        T77CD         I0MWI
4S7EVG        DL3KBQ       FT5YG         F5LBL        T77E          I0MWI
4T4O          OA4O         FT5ZI         F6KDF        T77G          I0MWI
4T4WW         OA4O         FT5ZJ         F2YT         T77GM         I0MWI
4U1WB         KK4HD        G3XAQ/6Y5     G3XAQ        T88WX         JA1WSX
4V30CNT       WA4JTK       GU0AZT        W6/G0AZT     T88XQ         JE2PCY
4X0F          4Z5FL        GU0OFE        G0OFE        TA2FE         KK3S
5B4/UA3TU     UA3TT        HC1MD         K8LJG        TK5KT         F6FNU
5H3MG         IN3YYQ       HC1MD/HC7     K8LJG        TM6KBK        F6GCP
5N0BGH        DF9UD        HI3/W4DT      K1IED        TM6T          F5CAR
5N0W          OK1KN        HR5/F2JD      F6AJA        TM7TLT        F6KWP
5N3CPR        SP5CPR       HS0/OH4MFA    OH4MFA       TU2IJ         I2AOX
5R8FU         SM0DJZ       HS0ZCY        WB4FNH       TU5JL         W3HNK
5R8GN         FA1AWH       HS4BPQ        E21EIC       TY1PH         F6FNU
5T5U          JA1UT        HS72A         HS1CKC       TY1RY         W6/G0AZT
5W1SA         JH7OHF       IO2L          I2OKW        TZ6DX         K4DX
5X1GS         WB2YQH       IO4L          I4LCK        UA73WZ        RW9WJ
6K98WCX       HL5FOP       IO7A          IK7DXP       UN0LL         ND5S
7S3E          SM3EVR       IQ2I          IK2WXQ       UN7VX         IK2XYU
7S5Q          SM6COP       IQ2L          IK2JYT       UT9F          UX2FXX
7X5AB         F6BFH        IQ2X          IK2GZU       V26X          K8CX
8J3HAM        JG3QZN       IQ9L          I2VXJ        V85OO         N2OO
8P9EV         N4TO         IR2Q          IK2WXQ       V8SEA         JA0AD
8S5Y          SM5AQD       IS0/KD4NKW    N3SJL        V8USA         N2OO
9A0A          9A4KK        J28FF         F6ITD        VK9LM         W1HEO
9A2AA/p       9A2AA        J28NH         F5IPW        VP5/K4LQ      K4LQ
9G5ZW         OM3LZ        J68RR         S50R         VP5/K9DX      K9QVB
9H3EH         G0GDS        J8OK          OK1RD        VP5/K9RS      K9QVB
9H3J          JF1SQC       JY9QJ         DL5MBY       VP5/KB4IRS    KB4IRS
9H3NM         DK8TU        K1O           K3TL         VP5/KN4UG     KN4UG
9H3YT         PA3GUU       KC4CD/HR2     N4AA         VP5W          W4OV
9K2/OK1TYM    OKDXF        KH0/JN1WTK    JN1WTK       VQ9GB         K7GB
9K2GS         W6Y          KH2/K4ANA     W2PS         VQ9NL         W4NML
9M2JI         JK1AJX       KH4/W4ZYV     W4ZYV        VQ9PH         W2JDK
9M2TD         JR4PDP       KP2/AG8L      NN6C         VQ9PO         W3PO
9M6AAC        N2OO         KP2/KC8NJA    NN6C         VR2K          VR2XRW
9M6CT         HS0/G4JMB    LT5F          LU4FPZ       W1K           N2OO
9M6OO         N2OO         LT5V          LU8VCC       W2W           W3GR
9M6RIT        G4SHF        LX9DIG        DK4WD        WJ7R/C6A      WJ7R
9N7RB         W8NRB        LZ0A          LZ1KDP       WP2Z          KU9C
9N7UD         K4VUD        LZ98HQ        LZ1BFR       XE1UN         EA5XX
9U5D          SM0BFJ       M1Y           I0MWI        XE3/OH3VB     OH3VB
9Y4SF         WA4JTK       M7W           G3CSR        XM1CZ         VE1CZ
A35RK         W7TSQ        MJ/PA3GIO/p   PA3GIO       XM1YX         VE1YX
A41LI         A47RS        MU0C          G0OFE        XU7AAR        JS6BLS
AH2R          JI3ERV       MU2K          ON4ON        XV7SW         SM3CXS
B9G           BY9GA        OD/OK1MU      OKDXF        YB0AZ         W7TSQ
BP0RIW        JA1JKG       OH0Z          OH1EH        YC8ZAM        YB8BRI
BX7AA         BV7WB        OT4ANN        ON4ANN       YE4SF         YC4TUU
C6A/K2PS      K2PS         OT4AOI        ON4AOI       Z32XX         NN6C
C6AKX         W7RR         OT4ATW        ON4ATW       ZA/S51PF      S51PF
CE5/SM3SGP    SM3EVR       OT4AYM        ON4AYM       ZC4CM         GI4OYG
CM6YI         W3HNK        OT4CAT        K1WY         ZC4FL         5B4FL
CM7GE         CO7DS        OT4CGY        ON4CGY       ZD7KA         K2PF
CO2OR         F6FNU        OT4MA         ON4MA        ZD88A         N6CW
CO8DX         VE3NXB       OT6AA         ON6AA        ZD8A          N6CW
CQ1A wpxcw99  CT1GFK       OT6ZK         ON6ZK        ZF2AH         W6VNR
CQ1A cqwwcw99 CT1CJJ       OT7KG         ON7KG        ZF2AR         N6KI
D2/EA1BF      EA1BF        OT8A          ON7LR        ZF2RT         W0GJ
D98WCX        HL5FOP       OX3LX         OZ1PIF       ZM1CYK        ZL1CYK
D99PIF        HL5AP        P49MR         VE3MR        ZP6T          ZP5MAL
EA3URT        EA3AXD       P49T          W3BTX        ZV4C          PY1ARS/4
EA9AU         EA9IB        PA3FDO/p      PA3FDO       ZW40SD        PY5AWB
EG3TVC        EA3EM        PJ2I          ON4CFD       ZW5AC         PY5AWB
EK6TA         DJ0MCZ       PJ9/PA3FYM    PA3FYM       ZW5GSD        PY5AWB
ER0F          UX0FF        PJ9V          OH4EA        ZY5GSD        PY5DZ

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         *******  ADDRESSES  *******
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

4Z1GY      Yoram Gottesman, 1 Kehilat Jitomir St., Neot Afeka, Tel Aviv
           69410, Israel
5B4/RV0AR  Pavel, P.O. Box 12200, 660041 Krasnoyarsk, Russia
5H3/WD8SDL Roger Mayer, 5639 Monica Court, Cincinnati, OH 45238-1856, USA
5P1ER      CEPT Amateur Radio Club, ERO-CARC, Midtermolen 1, DK-2100
           Copenhagen, Denmark
6K5RJB     Pak, P.O. Box 97, Kyongju 780-600, Korea
6L0LH      Taejon Locomotive Office Amateur Radio Station, 291-2 Soje-dong,
           Tong-gu, Taejon 300-080, Korea
9K2/YO9HP  Alex Panoiu, RO-2038 Pleasa (PH), Romania
9K2MN      Mohammed K. al-Nisf, P.O. Box 60, Al-Rawda 73461, Kuwait
9Y4PM      Rex McLean, P.O. Box 3940, Point Fortin, Trinidad
BD4IU      Wang Yu Tian, P.O. Box 206, Jinan 250012, China
BG4MU      P.O. Box 206, Jinan 250012, China
BV0KWC     Kuang Wu Institute of Technology and Commerce, Taipei 112, Taiwan
BV2OL      Tsai Yao-Pin, P.O. Box 11877, Taipei, Taiwan
BV4PS      P.O. Box 741, Taichung City, 400, Taiwan
BV8BC      P.O. Box 222, Taitung, 950 Taiwan
CM6YD      Alfredo de Jesus Suero Garcia, P.O. Box 103, Placetas, Villa Clara
           52800, Cuba
CM8JQ      Jose Q. Rosabal Garcia, P.O. Box 64, Bayamo, Granma 85100, Cuba
CP6AA      Radio Club Santa Cruz, P.O. Box 393, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
CX4CA      Radio Club Oriental, CC 15131, 11400 Montevideo, Uruguay
DL5EBE     Dominik Weiel, Faehrstr. 16, D-27568 Bremerhaven, Germany
DS0NO      Chollanamdo Research Institute of Education & Science, 253-14,
           Wonkok-ri, Kumchom-myon, Naju-shi, Chollanam-do 520-820, Korea
DS2BSK     Jung Hyun Cho, Sujung APT 2-104, 651-14, Ganung-1 Dong, Uijongbu,
           Kyunggi-do 480-101, Korea
DS4DNR     Mi-Sun Seo, MokRyun Park 204, BongNam-Ri, 33-12, Kurye Chollanamdo
           542-800, Korea
DS5EDJ     Jinhee Cho, 704-1609 Hyundai APT, 851-3 Hhajung-dong, Dong-ku
           Ulsan 682-090, Korea
DS5YOV     Cheol-Hwan Park, P.O. Box 28, Yongju 750-600, Korea
DS5YOW     Tae-Soon Nam, P.O. Box 28, Yongju 750-600, Korea
DS5ZHJ     Kin, P.O. Box 97, Kyongju 780-600, Korea
DU1EIB     Warren S. Uy, P.O. Box 3987, Manila 1099, Philippines
DU1ODX     Ed Salcedo, P.O. Box SM 284, Manila 1016, Philippines
DU1TXU     Noel S. Jose, Blk 2 Lot 27, Labrador Subdivision III, Tulay Bato,
           Binan, Laguna 4024, Philippines
ER1DA      Valery Metaxa, P.O. Box 9537, Kishinev, MD-2071 Moldova
ES1AKM     Jack, P.O. Box 2907, Tallinn 13102, Estonia
FG5DH      Combet Christian, 71, Lot. Aiguille, F-97128 Goyave, France
HH2/HJ1NGE Abraham Rodriguez, P.O. Box 1602, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
HL0RBU     Kwang Yang Steel Works, P.O. Box 2, Kwangyang-Shi, Cheonnam
           545-010, Korea
HL1DH      Rim Dong-Yoon, Ju-Gong APT 205-705, Sang-Gye 6 Dong, 740, Seoul
           139-206, Korea
HL1ISR     Myung-Jae Park, 293-17, Pyungchang-Dpng, Chongro-Ku, Seoul 100,
HL2KV      Michael C. Chung, P.O. Box 75, Sungnam 461-600, Korea
HL2WOE     Young Ku Chi, 416-8 Uijongbu-Dong, Uijongbu, Kyungkido 480-012,
HL4CUD     Jung-Sik Lee, MokRyun Park 204, BongNam-Ri, 33-12, Kurye
           Chollanamdo 542-800, Korea
HL4HLD     Yang Chul Bong, C. P.O. Box 31, Soe Gwi Po, Cheju 697-600, Korea
HL5AEX     Bak, P.O. Box 97, Kyongju 780-600, Korea
HL5BSM     Hae Young Park, 88-12 Mangkyung-dong, Chinju, Kyungnam 660-260,
HL5FBT     Kim Keumcheol, P.O. Box 34, Namdaegu 705-600. Korea
HP1AC      Camilo A. Castillo, P.O. Box 0860-00144, Villa Lucre, Panama,
HS0/G4JMB  Philip J. Weaver, P.O. Box 7, Bangkok 10506, Thailand
HS0ZAZ     George D. Preno, P.O. Box 183, Pattaya 20260, Thailand
I0MWI      Stefano Cipriani, Via Taranto 60, 00055 Ladispoli - RM, Italy
I2YSB      Silvano Borsa, Viale Capettini 1, 27036 Mortara - PV. Italy
IK2GZU     Maurizio Buffoli, Via degli Angeli 9, 25033 Cologne - BS, Italy
IN3YYQ     Bruno Prospero, Via Roma 76/12, 39100 Bolzano - BZ, Italy
JA0SC      Hirotada Yoshiike, 1378-1 Mashima  Mashima-machi, Nagano-city
           381-11, Japan
JD1BIC     Shiro Hazama, 3-7 Taura, Yokosuka, 237-0075 Japan
JD1BKR     Katuya Sawada, 43-1 No.2 Usog Igawamura, Ominato, 035-0096 Japan
JI3DST     Takeshi Funaki, 2-18-26 Hannan-Cho Abeno-Ku, Osaka-City, Osaka,
           545-0021 Japan
JI3ERV     Toshinobu Aki, 1-9-26, Ikuno-higashi, Ikuno, Osaka 544-0025, Japan
JK2PNY     Motoi Kawatsu, 17-15-205 Nishisugamo 3, Tokyo, 170-0001 Japan
JT7AA      G. Buyandelger, P.O. Box 64, Muren, Mongolia
K4VUD      Charles Harpole, 3100 N. Hwy. 426, Geneva, FL 32732, USA
K7GB       George Baer, HCR 65, Box 149, Green River, Wyoming 82935, USA
K8LJG      John Kroll, 3628 Craig Drive, Flint, MI 48506, USA
KA0UBH/YS1 Francisco J. Call, P.O. Box 01-105, San Salvador, El Salvador
LU4FM      P.O. Box 263, 2000 Rosario, Argentina
LU4FPZ     Sebastian Rubio, 1 de Mayo 2128, 2000 Rosario, Argentina
LU8VCC     Alex Rocca, P.O. Box 37, 8332 General Roca, Rio Negro, Argentina
LX1PD      Jules Braun, 49 cte Um Schlass, L-5880 Hesperange, Luxembourg
LX1PM      Paul Milmeister, 5, rue J. F. Kennedy, L-8141 Bridel, Luxembourg
LX2AJ      Philippe Lutty, 6A Sentier de BRIC]herhof, L-1262 Luxembourg,
LZ1KDP     P.O. Box 812, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
N2OO       Bob Schenck, P.O. Box 345, Tuckerton, NJ 08087-0345, USA
OH1EH      Ari Korhonen, Kreetalank. 9 as 1, FIN-29200 Harjavalta, Finland
OK1KN      Jaromir Klimosz, P.O. Box 53, 162 01 Praha 6, Czech Republic
OKDXF      OKDX Foundation, P.O.Box 73, Bradlec 293 06, Czech Republic
ON4CFD     Ernest Lichtert, Wolvenstraat 101, 1070 Brussels, Belgium
ON4CGY     Christiaan van Aert, Brabantsebaan 29, 3271 Zichem, VL Brabant,
P29RW      Ross Webb, P.O. Box 297, Ukarumpa, via Lae, Papua New Guinea
PZ5JR      Bob Mantell, P.O. Box 2137, Brevard, NC 28712, USA
RK1PWA     Nick Shapkin, P.O.Box 73, 164744 Amderma, Arkhangelskaja, Russia
SM0BFJ     Leif Hammarstrom, Birger Jarlsgatan 38, SE-114 29 Stockholm,
SM0GNU     Ulf Thorstensson, Passvagen 10, SE-178 34 Ekero, Sweden
SV1DAF     Christos Papaioannou, 17 Xanthippou Str., GR-135 62 Agioi
           Anargiri, Athens, Greece
SV1IM      Mike Akalestos, P.O. Box 564, Athens, Greece
SV2CXI     Vitsiotis Kostas, 89 Papafi Str., GR-544 53 Thessaloniki, Greece
SV2FNN     George Zacharias, GR-501 00 Protohori, Kozani, Greece
SV8/DL8MCA Detlef Haese, P.O. Box 1112, D-85610 Kirchseeon, Germany
SV8CKM     Fotis Plessas, G. Doriza 3, GR-281 00 Argostoli, Greece
SV8JE      Chris Plessas, G. Doriza 3, GR-281 00 Argostoli, Greece
TF3IRA     Islenskir Radioamatorar, P.O. Box 1058, IS-121 Reykjavik, Iceland
TK/S53R    Robert Kasca, Beblerjeva 2, 5280 Idrija, Slovenia
TR0B       Fred, Box 177, Libreville, Gabon
TU5JK      Sami Sabat, 01 B. P. 2946, Abidjan 01, Cote d'Ivoire
UA1QV      Mike S. Koutjumov, P.O. Box 23, Vologda 160035, Russia
UA1RJ      Yuri G. Sinitso, P.O. Box 10, Vologda 160035, Russia
UA9YBA     Stan Bugaew, Kutcherovka Altay, 658430, Russia
UK0A       P.O. Box 58, Tashkent, 700000, Uzbekistan
UK8IWW     P.O. Box 10, Samarkand, 703058, Uzbekistan
UK9AA      P.O. Box 58, Tashkent, 700000, Uzbekistan
UX2FXX     P.O. Box 14, Odessa 65076, Ukraine
V21N       Box 1232, St John's, Antigua
V31ZA      Keith Slater, P.O. Box 1876, Belize City, Belize
V85AA      William Maddox, P.O. Box 1711, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
VK6NU      John Coleman, 17 Abdale St, Gwelup, WA 6018, Australia
VP8CMT     Keith Grimmer, 15 Pioneer Row, P.O. Box 544, Stanley, Falkland
VU2GCS     G. Chandrasekhar, 37, Thiruvika Street, Vinayakapuram, Ambattur,
           Chennai 600 053, India
W6/G0AZT   Eddie Schneider, Box 5194, Richmond, CA 94805, USA
WW9DX      Western Wisconsin DX Association, P.O. Box 411, La Crosse,
           Wisconsin 54602, USA
YB8BRI     P.O. Box. 73 UPTR, Makassar 90245, Indonesia
YC3LWN     Mamat, P.O. Box 47, Batu, Malang Jatim 65311, Indonesia
YI99BIF    Box 55072, Baghdad, Iraq
ZA1BE      Petrit Mecani, P.O. Box 7464, Tirana, Albania
ZL1MH      Mike Hutchins, P.O. Box 581, Kaikohe 0400, New Zealand
ZP7GCA     Jorge Gonzalez, P.O. Box 1, 3300 Coronel Oviedo, Paraguay
ARRSM QSL Bureau  P.O. Box 77, 47031 Repubblica di San Marino
UBA QSL Bureau    P.O. Box 900, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

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