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425 DX News #469
29 April 2000
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages

+ DL1SCQ, SILENT KEY + It is most unusual to open the bulletin with a SK, but
your Editors  simply  felt they  had  to express  their  deep sorrow  on  the
untimely death of a dear  friend, Anne Dattenberg,  DL1SCQ and their  warmest
sympathy to her  surviving husband, Wolfgang,  DL2SCQ. A  keen island  chaser
herself, Anne formed with Wolf an extraordinary couple of activators who gave
so many  people the  pleasure of  working plenty  of IOTA  groups in  Europe,
Oceania and the Caribbean. Anne was only 47 and passed away on 22 April.  She
will be dearly missed by the IOTA community all over the world.

                              <<< BHUTAN (1) >>>

You are already aware that A52JS is not a pirate, but the genuine Jim  Smith,
VK9NS, who is currently operating from  Bhutan using his brand new  callsign
He started on 27 April at 12.16 UTC on 20  metres CW with RW0JR and later  at
12.52 UTC on 20 metres SSB with VU2DVP. The second happy news is that Yonten,
A51TY has been back on the air since 27 April at 12.01 UTC. He made his first
CW (with RW0JR) and SSB (with VK9NL) QSOs on 20 metres. "It will now take  me
a full  day to  get properly  organised", Jim  says, "but  should be  up  and
running at my new location ready for the weekend". QSL A52JS direct to  VK9NS
(P.O. Box  90, Norfolk  Island, NI  2899,  Australia); arrangements  for  the
handling of bureau cards in the UK will be announced later. [TNX A52JS]

                              <<< BHUTAN (2) >>>

The multi-national DXpedition  to Bhutan [425DXN  468] is  expected to  start
operations on 3 May until the 12th. Seven stations will be operational on  CW
(1826.5, 3501, 7004, 10104 (&  10125), 14024, 18074,  21024, 24894 and  28024
kHz), SSB (3795,  7057, 14195, 18145,  21295, 24945 and  28475 kHz) and  RTTY
(14080,  21080  and  28080  kHz).  The  pilots  will  be  Doug  Caron,  N1IUN
(, for  East  Coast North  America  and  South  America),  Garry
Shapiro, NI6T  (, for  Central/West Coast  North  America),
Klaus Wagner, DL1XX (, for Europe, Africa and Middle East), Toshi
Kusano, JA1ELY  (,  for Japan,  Asia,  Australia  and  New
Zealand). It is  worth paying  regular visits  to the  DXpedition's web  site
( as  you  will be  able  to  find  the  latest
operating news from the team, online logs  updated on a daily basis and  much
more, including the A5 Forum where to voice your opinions about the operation
(the team will be monitoring this forum from Bhutan to gain feedback into how
they are doing). QSL via W0GJ  (Glenn Johnson, 14164 Irvine Ave NW,  Bemidji,
MN 56601, USA).

3B6     - Preparations for the 3B6RF all-band all-mode DXpedition to  Agalega
           (AF-001) [425DXN  459]  continue.  The  licence  and  the  required
           landing permission have been confirmed by the relevant  authorities
           in Mauritius.  The  team will  not  fly to  Agalega  as  originally
           planned due to the  limited loading capacity  of the aircraft.  The
           voyage from Mauritius to Agalega will  take two days and  therefore
           the operation is now expected to  start on 8  October for 16  days.
           The team will leave the island  on 25 or  26 October. Sponsors  and
           donors can contact  Joe Meier, HB9AJW  (
           QSL cards will be available either  direct and through the  bureau.
           For   full   information   on    the   DXpedition   please    visit
3DA     - Andre,  ZS6WPX  will  operate  (160-10  metres)  as  3DA0WPX   from
           Swaziland between 28 April and  2 May. QSL  direct only via  ZS6WPX
           (P.O. Box 2845, Middelburg 1050, South Africa). [TNX ZS6WPX]
4W      - Pero, 9A4SP has been active as 4W6SP from East Timor since 21 April
           (the first contacts was with JI3QAD at 06.20 UTC on 15 metres SSB).
           QSL via 9A2AA (Tomislav Dugec, P.O.Box 255, 21000 Split,  Croatia).
           The first logs have already arrived and cards will be printed  very
           soon. Pero has  also been issued  the call YB9ASP  to be used  from
           West Timor (QSL via 9A2AA). [TNX 9A2TW]
5H      - Nasser Al Rawahi, A41KG reports the planned IOTA activity from  the
           Tanga Region  Group  (AF-???) [425DXN  463]  will  now  take  place
           between 1 and 10 July  from the island  of Yambe. Twelve  operators
           from the Royal Omani Amateur Radio  Society will be active as  5I3A
           and 5I3B on  all bands SSB,  CW and  digital modes.  QSL via  A47RS
           (P.O. Box 981, Muscat 113, Sultanate of Oman).
6Y      - Curt, KE3C will  be active (on  10-80 metres CW)  as KE3C/6Y5  from
           Jamaica (NA-097) between 8 and 13 May. QSL via home call. [TNX  The
           Daily DX]
7O      - The 7O1YGF crew was expected to leave Yemen on 1 May [425DXN  467],
           however the operation had  to close down  earlier than planned  and
           the four operators returned home  on 27 April.  In a press  release
           they state that  "after 10  days of  activity we  have been  kindly
           asked by the authorities to terminate  our radio transmission.  The
           reason for that is that until now no agreement on the final  status
           of this unique special activity could be reached". It appears there
           were some misunderstandings,  however "the activity  7O1YGF is  for
           the time being  still in the  process of approval"  and a  "written
           confirmation" is expected "in due time". The operation logged  some
           35000 QSOs on 6-40 metres CW, SSB and RTTY.
9A      - Kresimir, 9A7K  and  some other  5-7  operators from  Croatia  IOTA
           Hunters Group and ARC Koprivnica will operate from Palagruza Island
           (EU-090, CI-084, WLH-057)  between 7 and  14 June.  Look for  9A10C
           (Nine Alpha Ten Charlie) and 9A7K/p  to be active  on all HF  bands
           plus 2 and 6 metres. QSL via 9A7K (Kresimir Juratovic, P.O. Box 88,
           HR-48000 Koprivnica, Croatia). [TNX 9A7K]
BY      - Ken/BA1AJ,  Alan/BA1DU,   Guo/BA1GYS,   Chen   BA1HAM,   Ban/BA1MK,
           Chen/BA1MT, Wu/BG1CE and other operators from  The Beijing DX  Club
           will be active as BI3H from Shijiutuo Island (AS-134) between 1 and
           4 May.  They  plan  to  operate  CW and  SSB  on  the  ususal  IOTA
           frequencies from 40 to 10  metres with two  stations, one beam  and
           one linear  amplifier.  They  will  concentrate  on  North  America
           between 23-2 UTC and 11-14  UTC. QSL via  W3HC. Comments should  be
           sent to [TNX BA1DU]
BY      - The BI4L IOTA operation from Changdao, Miaodao Archipelago (AS-???)
           [425DXN 468] is now scheduled to  take place between  1 and 5  May.
           The  operators   will  be   Jin/BA4TA,  Dragon/BA4RX,   Deal/BA4TB,
           Yee/BA4RE, Wang/BA4RD, Win/BD4RS  and Michael/BD5RV.  The web  page
           for the operation is at, where you can  inform
           the team about your needed modes/bands. The logs will be  available
           during the operation. QSL via BY4RSA (P.O.Box 538, Nanjing, China).
           [TNX BD5RV]
CT      - Marq/CT1BWW, Mario/DJ0MW and Yuki/JA9QX will  operate as CT6C  from
           Alcoutim Castle (1 May), as CS5M from Castro Marim Castle (3-4 May)
           and as CQ7Q from the lighthouse at Vila Real S. Antonio (5-6  May).
           QSL for all of the operations via bureau. [TNX]
EA8     - Look for ED8GCF to be active (on SSB  as well as CW and RTTY)  from
           the lighthouse at Punta Melenara (D-2807.5) between 7 and 17 UTC on
           30 April. QSL via EA8AKN or through the bureau. [TNX EA8AKN]
EO      - The following special  event stations celebrating  the end of  WWII
           will be active from Ukraine on 5-14 May: EO55NWW (mostly on 80,  40
           and 20 metres SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK) with QSL direct P.O. Box 8100,
           Vinnitsa, 21050 Ukraine or  via the bureau  to UR4NWW; EO55ZN  with
           QSL via  UY0ZG  (Nick Gubenko,  P.O.  Box 309,  Nikolaev-34,  54034
           Ukraine). [TNX UR5NX and UY2ZZ]
F       - Look for  F1UHM, F4AJQ, F4BUX, F4TTR, F5FG, F5RPQ, F8ATS, F8BGV and
           F9IE to be signing  F6KOP/p from Brehat  Island (EU-074) between  5
           and 10 May.  They will operate  on 160-6  metres CW  and SSB.  [TNX
           F6AJA and Les Nouvelles DX]]
F       - The Belgian operators who will be active from Sein Island  (EU-068)
           in July [425DXN  465] have applied  for the calls  TM4CK and  TM4ON
           (the latter to be used during  the IOTA Contest). They now plan  to
           start operations on 27-28 July and to leave the island on 1 August.
           Further information is expected in due course. Sponsors can contact
           Bill   Abrahams,    ON9CGB   (    The
           expedition site is at [TNX ON9CGB]
FO0     - Alain, F2HE/FO0CLA is active from  Tatakoto (OC-066, DIFO  OC-086),
           French Polynesia until around mid-May [425DXN 468]. QSL via  F6CTL.
           [TNX F6AJA]
FR/T    - The Lyon DX Gang all-band all-mode DXpedition to Tromelin  (AF-031)
           [425DXN 458] is now scheduled to take place between 1 and 16 August
           (the first station might be active on 31 July in the evening).  The
           operators  will  be   F5PXT,  F5PYI,  F6JJX   and  F5NOD.   Further
           information  is  expected  in  due  course.  The  web  site  at  is
FW      - Nigel, G3TXF  and  Roger, G3SXW  will  be active  as  FW/G3TXF  and
           FW/G3SXW from  Wallis  Island  (OC-054)  between  11  and  23  May.
           Operation will be CW only,  from 80 to  10 metres, transmitting  on
           frequencies ending in '3' and  listening 1-3 KHz  up. QSL via  home
           calls either direct or through the RSGB bureau. The addresses  are:
           Nigel Cawthorne, Falcons, St.  George's Avenue, Weybridge,  Surrey,
           KT13 0BS, England,  UK (G3TXF) and  Roger Western,  7 Field  Close,
           Chessington,Surrey, KT9 2QD, England,  UK (G3SXW). E-mail  requests
           for  bureau   reply   are  welcome   at   or
  respectively. [TNX G3SXW]
GJ      - Ronan, F5TJP will be active (on 10-80 metres, WARC bands  included)
           as MJ/F5TJP/p from Ile Maitresse, Les Minquiers Plateau (EU-099) on
           9-11 June. The QSL route  will be announced  by the operator.  [TNX
GM      - Jim, MM0BQI will be active (on 10-80 metres, WARC excluded,  mostly
           SSB with some CW) as MM0BQI/p  from the Summer Isles (EU-092,  IOSA
           SC-10) between 12 UTC on 16  June and 16 UTC on  the 18th. QSL  via
           MM0BQI either direct (Jim Martin, 3 Lismore Avenue, Edinburgh,  EH8
           7DW Scotland) or through the bureau. [TNX MM0BQI]
GW      - Steve/G4JVG, Paul/G0WAT and Andrew/G0HSD will  be active as  MC0CDX
           from St Tudwal's Islands (IOTA EU-106)  from mid-morning UTC on  27
           May until  mid-evening  UTC on  the  28th. They  will  operate  two
           stations, including  one high-power  and with  a beam  antenna,  on
           80-10 metres,  mainly SSB  with some  CW,  especially on  the  WARC
           bands.  QSL  via  G4JVG  either  direct  (Steve  Telenius-Lowe,  27
           Hertford Road, Stevenage,  Herts SG2 8RZ,  England) or through  the
HB0     - Look for DF5UL,  DL1GGT, DL1SAN, DL2MEH,  DL5EBT and  DL6SAQ to  be
           signing HB0/home call  from Liechtenstein  between 28  April and  1
           May. They  will operate  on all  HF bands  (CW  and SSB)  with  two
           stations, while other two stations will be on 6 metres and 10  GHz.
           QSL via home calls. [TNX DL1GGT]
I       - IK2DUV and  others plan  to operate  from San  Giulio Island  (ILIA
           PIE-001, not IOTA) on 29 April. [TNX IK2DUV]
I       - IV3HAX and IV3SKB have cancelled their  29-30 April operation  from
           the island of Martignano  [425DXN 462]. The  logs for their  recent
           activity   are   available    at    and
I       - ARI Pisa  members will  operate (on  all modes  and bands)  special
           station IY5PIS from Coltano during  the International Marconi  Day.
           QSL via IK5QPZ. [TNX IK5ZTT]
I       - Special station II1AIR is  currently active from Sanremo during the
           meeting of AIR (Associazione Italiana Radioascolto).
           QSL via bureau.
I       - Marco, IV3KTY lives on the island of Grado (EU-130, IIA GO-001) and
           starting from 30  April he will  operate (SSB and  CW) as  IV3KTY/p
           from several other  islands, such as  La Schiusa (EU-130,  GO-002),
           Santa Maria di Barbana (EU-130, GO-013), Volpera (not IOTA, GO-014)
           and Panera (not IOTA, GO-017). QSL via bureau. [TNX IV3KTY]
I       - Operators from  ARI Barletta  will be  active as  I7JRP/7 from  the
           local lighthouse (WAIL  PU-011) on  13 and  14 May.  QSL via  I7JRP
           either direct or through the bureau. [TNX IK7WUJ]
I       - ARI Carpi members IK4GLV (Franco), IK4THF (Glauco),IK4JPR  (Sergio)
           and IK4RUX (Vanni)  will be active  (SSB and CW)  as IL7/home  call
           from San Domino Island (EU-050, IIA  FG-001) between 1 and 5  June.
           They also plan to operate from a couple of other IIA islands in the
           same IOTA group. QSL via home calls. [TNX IK4RUX]
JW      - Leif, LA2PA and Oystein, LA7QI  will be active  as JW2PA and  JW7QI
           respectively  from  Svalbard  between  1  and  8  May.  Propagation
           permitting, they will concentrate on 10  and 12 meters SSB and  CW.
           QSL via home calls either direct or through the bureau. [TNX LA2PA]
JW      - Another activity from Svalbard (EU-026) will take place between  19
           and 25 May. The operators will  be JW5LJA (QSL via LA5LJA),  JW7FJA
           (QSL via  LA7FJA) and  JW8LGA (QSL  via LA8LGA)  and they  plan  to
           operate CW and SSB on the HF bands plus 6 metres. [TNX LA7FJA]
KH0     - Hiro, JK1FNN and YL operator Mie,  7L1MKM will be active (on  40-15
           metres) as KH0/JK1FNN and KH0/7L1MKM from Saipan, Northern  Mariana
           Islands (OC-086) on 3-5 May. They will participate in the "Children
           Day"  Contest  organized  by  Japan   UNICEF  Amateur  Radio   Club
           ( QSLs via JK1FNN. [TNX JK1FNN]
KH0     - Haru Uchida,  JA1XGI  will be  active  as KH0/JA1XGI  from  Saipan,
           Northern Marianas (OC-086) between 31 May  and 4 June. He will  pay
           special attention to Europe on  6 metres. QSL  via home call  (Haru
           Uchida, 2-30-11, Shintomi, Kawagoe, Saitama 350-0043, Japan).  [TNX
OY      - Frank/DL2SWW, Ric/DL2VFR and YL operator Gabi/DG2TM will be  active
           as OY/home call from the Faeroe Islands (EU-018) between 29 May and
           8 June. They  plan to operate  on 160-2  metres (WARC  bands and  6
           metres included) mostly on CW with some SSB and RTTY. Skeds may  be
           arranged before 26 May by e-mail  ( QSL via  home
           calls either direct or through the  bureau. Logs will be  available
           at after the operation. [TNX DL2VFR]
PY      - The Associacao Brasileira de Radio  expedicionarios and the  Gremio
           de Radioamadores da Escola Naval  will operate SSB  and CW (on  40,
           20, 15 and 10 metres) from the island of Villegaignon (DIB 29,  not
           IOTA) on 5-7 May. The call has not been given, but the QSL  manager
           will be PT2HF. [TNX PT2HF]
SM      - Ben, OZ5AAH will  operate as 8S7IPA  from Markaryd,  Sweden on  5-8
           May. He will  participate in  the US-police  (
           contest. QSL direct only via OZ5AAH (Preben  Jakobsen, 9 Knoldager,
           2670 Greve, Denmark). [TNX OZ5AAH]
SP      - Zbig, SP6CZ and Andy, SP6ECA will be active as SP6CZ/1 and SP6ECA/1
           from Wolin  Island (EU-132)  from the  late afternoon  on 29  April
           until 3 May. They will try  to operate from the lighthouse  "Kikut"
           located on the island. [TNX SP6ECA]
SP      - Special event station 3Z0MM will be  active from 1 May and 31  July
           2000. QSL via SP3KFH (direct) or SP3BGL (bureau). [TNX SP3GTS]
SV      - Look for special event station J430 to be active (on 10-160  metres
           SSB) between 5 and 30 May to celebrate the lighting of the  Olympic
           flame in  ancient  Olympia, Greece.  QSL  via SV3AQR.    [TNX  OPDX
SV5     - Ermanno, IK2WZD will  be active (on  SSB, RTTY and  HELL) from  the
           islands of Lipsi,  Agathonissi, Arki, Marati,  Leros and Patmos  in
           the Dodecanese (EU-001) from May to October. [TNX IK2WZD]
T8      - T88YT is the call issued to  the fourth operator of the 28  April-3
           May activity form Palau [425DXN 468]. QSL via JI1PLF. [TNX JM1LJS]
TI      - Hannes, DL3NM  reports  he  will be  signing  (CW  and  RTTY  only)
           TI/DL3NM between 30 April and 17 May.
UA      - Special calls RP3RST, RP3RTG,  RP3RTK and RP3RZK  will be aired  by
           Michurinsk Contest Group on 5-9 and 13-14 May to celebrate the 55th
           anniversary of the end of WWII. Direct QSLs to RN3RQ (Jack Yatskiv,
           P.O.Box 30, Michurinsk 393740, Russia); e-mail requests for  bureau
           cards are  welcome at A  free of  charge award  is
           available for  making  10  (Europe)  or  5  (DX)  QSOs  with  these
           stations. For further details e-mail RN3RQ. [TNX RN3RQ]
UA      - The OPDX Bulletin  reports that Roman,  RV3MA will  be active  from
           Ushakova Island (AS-???) starting "around 7  May". He will use  the
           call RV3MA/0 "or possibly another" and  will operate CW and SSB  on
           the usual IOTA frequencies. QSL via RV3ACA (Elen V. Boychenko, P.O.
           Box 13, 127521 Moscow, Russia).
UA      - Operators from the Vladivostok Amateur Radio Club (
           plan to  be active  as RK0LWW  from the  Submarine Memorial  Museum
           "C-56" on 8-10 May. Look for  them on CW (14018, 21018, 28018  kHz)
           and SSB (14180, 21280, 28580 kHz).  QSL via UA0LMO (Yuri  Pechenko,
           P.O. Box 23, Vladivostok, 690041 Russia). [TNX UA0LMO]
UA      - Valery, RA4FKC ( reports the latest news on the planned
           IOTA activity  from Begichev  (AS-???) and  Petra (AS-063)  islands
           [425DXN 459]. The  operators (RV3MA, RW3RN,  RW4CMU, RZ6LY,  UA4FRV
           and UA4FUG) expect to be active (on 160-10 metres CW, SSB and RTTY)
           as UA4FWD/0 from  Begichev between  9 and  17 July  and from  Petra
           between 20 and 26 July. QSL via UA4FRV.
V3      - Baldur, DJ6SI is active as V31OM. QSL via DJ6SI.
VE      - The North  Shore Amateur  Radio Club  of  Oshawa, Ontario  will  be
           operating special event station VC3CX from Camp X, Intrepid Park in
           Whitby on 6-8 May in celebration of the 55th anniversary of the end
           of WWII. QSL via VE3TIG (Fred  Bengel, 679 Aruba Crescent,  Oshawa,
           Ontario L1J  6B7, Canada).  For  further information  please  visit
VK      - Peter, VK8PW  will be  operating again  (on  10-20 metres  SSB)  as
           VK8PW/8 from Myra Camp in Arnhem Land, a special Trust Territory in
           VK8 land,  starting around  16 May  to  early September.  Time  and
           transportation permitting, there might also  be some activity  from
           South Goulburn Island (OC-229) using the  same call sign. The  stay
           on the island will however be less than 24 hours at a time and on a
           very short notice. QSL via VK8PW  either direct (Peter  Wollenberg,
           P.O. Box 2142, Darwin, NT 0801,  Australia) or through the  bureau.
           [TNX VK8PW]
VK0_mac - As 425DXN  is distributed  also on  the PacketCluster  network  for
           those who have no access  to the Internet,  here is Alan's  (VK0MM)
           operating schedule for the next days:
           30/04   Europe    14003 kHz +5/10kHz   03.30 UTC - 05.30 UTC
           01/05   Europe    14003 kHz +5/10kHz   06.00 UTC - late
           02/05   JA/Asia   14003 kHz +5/10kHz   09.30 UTC - 11.30 UTC
           04/05   JA/Asia   10103 kHz +5/10kHz   09.30 UTC - 11.30 UTC
           05/05   USA/VE    10103 kHz +5/10kHz   09.30 UTC - 11.30 UTC
           The QSL route will be announced  when Alan returns to Australia  at
           the end of the year.
XX9     - Ed Sawyer, K8EP  will be active  (on 10-40  metres CW  and SSB)  as
           XX9TEP from Macau on 4-8 May. QSL via home call. [TNX K8EP]
ZC4     - Colin, GM0RLZ will be signing GM0RLZ/ZC4 for the next 3-4 weeks. He
           is working as a radiographer and will be on air most days after  12
           UTC, mostly on SSB with some slow CW  on 10-80 metres as well as  6
           metres. QSL via home call. [TNX MM0BSM]

ARI INTERNATIONAL DX CONTEST ---> The following stations have announced  they
will participate in this year's event (see below for additional information):
* 3V8BB operated by Giovanni, I5JHW.
* 8S7IPA operated by Ben, OZ5AAH. QSL direct only to OZ5AAH (see SM above).
* CV7V (operated by CX4ACQ, CX4ACR and CX8CT) on 10-80 metres CW and SSB. QSL
   via CX4ACR (bureau only). [TNX CX4ACR]
* II1H operated by Alfeo, I1HJT. QSL via home call.

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

ARI INTERNATIONAL DX CONTEST ---> Open to either licenced amateurs and  SWLs,
this year it will be held between 20 UTC on 6 May and 20 UTC on the 7th.  For
further information please contact the Contest Manager (Paolo Cortese, I2UIY)
at or visit

IOTA ACTIVITY MONTH (MAY) ---> Contacts  made with the following IOTA  island
groups in  May will  score  three points  towards  the RSGB  IOTA  Millennium
Programme (IOTA 2000). An asterisk (*) marks regularly activated groups:
AF-001         AF-034         AF-075         AS-115
AF-007         AF-035         AF-080         AS-118
AF-008         AF-038         AF-081         AS-119
AF-009         AF-040         AN-015 *       AS-120
AF-011         AF-049 *       AS-002 *       AS-123
AF-012         AF-052         AS-004 *       AS-124
AF-013 *       AF-053         AS-009         EU-019 *
AF-015         AF-054         AS-010         EU-035
AF-016 *       AF-057         AS-014         EU-066
AF-021         AF-059         AS-016         EU-082
AF-024 *       AF-061         AS-021         EU-085
AF-025         AF-062         AS-034         EU-102
AF-026         AF-063         AS-035         EU-119
AF-027         AF-066         AS-088         EU-147
AF-028         AF-067         AS-100         EU-153
AF-031         AF-071         AS-108         EU-160
AF-032 *       AF-072         AS-111         EU-161
AF-033         AF-074         AS-112         EU-162
For full details please visit

CHESTERFIELD ---> During  the recent International  DX Convention in  Visalia
Eric, FK8GM reported to The Daily DX Editor (Bernie, W3UR) that "FK8VHY/p was
indeed active from Loop Island (OC-176) in the Chesterfield Islands for about
12 hours on April 6, 2000.  This  operation should count for the newest  DXCC

EU-094 --->  The 22-24  April F6KOH/p  operation from  Fort Cigogne  (EU-094)
[425DXN 467] was cancelled due to the  bad weather. No mention has been  made
of any reschedule.  [TNX F5JPG]

ITALIAN ISLANDS TROPHY ---> Sponsored by the Crazy DX Group and open to  both
licenced amateurs and  SWLs, it is  for working/activating  IIA IIA  (Italian
Islands Award) and ILIA (Italian Lake  Islands Award) islands between 1  June
and 30 September 2000. For further information e-mail
or  The   web  site  for   the  Crazy  DX   Group  is   at

NOT THE QSL MANAGER ---> Please note that Steve, G4JVG is NOT the QSL manager
for the following stations:
* P29DX - the call  has been  reissued [425DXN  455]; Steve  held it  several
           years ago and  can confirm QSOs  made with  P29DX as  well as  P20A
           between 1991 and 1994 only. Cards for the new P29DX should be  sent
           to the operator (Elmer R. Ribeyro,  Sopas Adventist Hospital,  P.O.
           Box 112, Wabag,  Enga Province,  Papua New  Guinea) or  to his  QSL
           manager, EA4CEN.
* P20X  - Steve was one of the operators of P20X in the multi-single  section
           of the 1993 CQ WPX Contest  (the QSL Manager then was Kyle  Harris,
           P29KH, but  Steve does  not  know who  the  QSL Manager  for  later
           operations is).
* VP2E  - Steve operated as  VP2E/G4JVG in 1990  and can  still confirm  QSOs
           made with that callsign, but he never operated as G4JVG.

QSL 4Z3M --->  All contacts with  4Z3M in  the Holyland  Contest 2000  (15-16
April) will be confirmed automatically through the bureau. [TNX NH7T/DF2CK]

QSL DU1ODX  ---> Ed,  DU1ODX reports  that effective  April 2000  NH0E is  no
longer his QSL manager. Cards should be sent either direct (Ed Salcedo,  P.O.
Box SM 284, Manila 1016, Philippines) or through the bureau.

QSL UA0FCD/p --->  Eugene, RA0FF reports  that SP7LZD  is no  longer the  QSL
manager for the  26-30 July  1999 operation  by UA0FCD/p  from Iturup  Island
(AS-025, log search at Alex  will confirm all  of
the QSOs through the bureau. He  is expected to operate from Shikotan  Island
(AS-062) in  June-July,  further information  (including  the QSL  route)  is
expected in due course.

QSL YB0DPO ---> Dudy is again active on all bands, WARC included, after being
QRT since 1989. He reports his new address is: Dudy Wijaya, Jalan Seni Budaya
4/31 RT 008/05, Jakarta 11460 Indonesia (do not use POB 4485 any longer!).

QSL ZL8RI & ZL9CI ---> As  from 25 April 2000 all direct  QSL cards for  both
ZL8RI and ZL9CI should be addressed  to Ken Holdom, Kermadec DX  Association,
P.O. Box 7, Clyde, Central Otago, New Zealand. Due to the New Zealand  Postal
system rules,  any reply  to cards  sent to  any previous  address cannot  be
guaranteed. [TNX ZL4HU/ZL2HU)]

QSL VIA IZ8CCW ---> Antonio reports  that effective 25 April  2000 he is  the
QSL manager for UN8GF and  UN8GU. QSL to  P.O. Box 360,  87100 Cosenza -  CS,

QSL VIA ON6DP ---> Paul reports he is the QSL manager (direct only as neither
call is served  by the bureau)  for ON5DXL and  OT0X. QSL  to Paul  Delmelle,
Grand Route 58, B-4122 Neupre, Belgium.  Paul also reports he will close  the
logs for OQ50USA on 31 December  2000. Paul's new QSLMGR Database with  54450
QSL routes is at or

QSL VIA ON7SS ---> The QSL manager  for the following stations is ON7SS  (not

QSL VIA RN3RQ  ---> Jack  reports he  has logs  and cards  for the  following
stations: R3R (1990-91), RN3R (1995-98), RR3R (1992-93), RU3R (1994),  RX3ARM
(1991-92), UE3RCG,  UE3RID,  UE3ROM, RA3RGD,  RK3RWR,  RV3RV,  RW3RQ,  UA3RJ,
UA3RV, UK1PGO (Franz Josef Land 1981-84, logs to be closed in November 2000),
UZ3RV (before 1994).  QSL to Jack  Yatskiv, P.O. Box  30, Michurinsk  393740,

QSL received via direct:  3A2MG,  3C0R, 3D2IO, 3D2IO/R, 3W2LC, 3W6US,  3XY7A,
4L1BR, 4X4FC, 5U7X,  7P8AL, 9H1NH, 9M6OO,  9M8R, A41LZ,  AX0LD, BA4DW,  BV9A,
HF0POL, HH2/JH1NGE,  HS0ZBS, HV0A,  IK7JWX/7 (EU-091;  IIA BR-006),  IK7JWX/7
(EU-091; IIA  BR-008), J28NH,  J3/K4LTA, J73CCM,  JD1AMA, JL1KFR/JD1,  JT1CO,
JT1KAA, JU1T,  KH5/DF6FK, PY0FF,  RW2F, S21ZE,  ST2SA, T31K,  T31T  (OC-043),
T48RAC, T97M, TA2DS/0  (AS-099), TA3DD, TG9/IK2NCJ,  TG9NX, TK/F6HMQ,  TT8YH,
ZB2JO, ZD8Z, ZK2VF, ZM4IR/4 (OC-203), ZX0F.

QSL received  via WF5E  QSL  Service:   3C5DX,  3D2DK, 3W6DXI,  4U1UN,  6V1C,
6W1QV/P, 7Q7RM, 6Y2A, 8R1ZB, A45XR, A61AJ, AH8LG, BA4TB, BD7NQ, BT2HC, BV7FC,
T20FW, TF7RX,  TF8GX,  TL5A, TN7A,  TR8CA,  UA0FDX, V26MM,  V31JZ,  VK3AJJ/P,
VP9/N1RCT, W2FXA/VP9, XUX0  (AS-133), XZ1N, ZD7DP,  ZK3RW, ZX0Z (SA-067;  DIB
068), ZY8R (SA-070; DIB 025).

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

LOGS (4W):  The   logs    for   Jose,    4W6EB   are    now   available    at
    Several  cards have  been received  for
             contacts made on 40 metres CW, but Jose never operated CW on that
             band. [TNX CT1YRV]
LOGS (CE0): The logs  for the  February-March operation  by Vlad,  G0KBO  and
             Victor,   UA6AF   from   Easter    Island   are   available    at
LOGS (FK):  The log for FK8HC/p's 22-23 April  activity from Ile Verte  (DIFO
             FK-077) is available at
             [TNX F5NOD]
QSL ROUTES: A list of QSL routes for stations active during the CQ WW WPX SSB
             Contest  is  available  at   [TNX

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