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425 DX News #470
6 May 2000
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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                       <<< KINGMAN AND PALMYRA 2000 >>>

Tom Harrell, N4XP and Garry Shapiro, NI6T report The Kingman-Palmyra DX Group
will activate Kingman Reef (KH5K) and Palmyra Atoll (KH5) this year. Due to a
special situation, their  activation will occur  in several  phases over  the
summer and  fall. Several  moderate-scale operations  will  take place  on  a
flexible schedule from Palmyra  over the next  months. A full-scale,  10-band
activation of Kingman Reef is scheduled to take place in October.

DL     - On 15 May  1900 the German  PTT opened the  first radio service  and
          "KBM" was  the first  call  used by  the  station on  Borkum  Island
          (EU-047). Special call DQ0KBM will  be aired on  all bands on  modes
          from Borkum on 13-15 May to celebrate the anniversary.  [TNX DL1BBR]
EO     - The following special event stations will be active on all bands and
          modes from Ukraine  between 5 and  14 May  to celebrate  the end  of
          WWII: EO55HK  with  QSL via  UT1HT  (George Ignatov,  P.O.  Box  87,
          Kremenchug-21, 39621  Ukraine); EO55IX  with  QSL via  UR6IM  either
          direct (P.O.  Box  91,  Konstantinovka-14,  85114,  Donetskaya  obl,
          Ukraine) or through the bureau. [TNX UR7IRL and UT1HT]
GM     - Les, G4CWD  will  be active  (on  10-80 metres,  WARC  included)  as
          GS3EEO/P from Ailsa Craig island (IOTA  EU-123 and IOSA CL-05)  from
          approximately 14.00 UTC on 7 May till 12.00 UTC on the 9th. QSL  via
          G3OCA either direct or through the bureau. [TNX G4CWD]
GU     - Noby, G0VJG  will be  active as  GU0VJG  from Sark  Island  (EU-114)
          between 12 and 19 May. QSL via G0VJG. [TNX The Daily DX]
I      - Piero/IK7VJX and  Daniele/IZ7CFF should be active as homecall/p from
          the lighthouse  at Santa Maria di Leuca (WAIL PU-004) on 14 May. QSL
          via homecall. [TNX IK7VJX]
JT     - Special event  station  JU1O  will  be  active  on  12-14  May  from
          Ulaanbaatar, the  capital city  of Mongolia.  QSL via  HA0HW  either
          direct (Laszlo Szabo, P.O. Box 24, Puspokladany, H-4151 Hungary)  or
          through the bureau. [TNX HA0HW]
SV     - Special event  station  SW1OF  will be  activated  on  5-30  May  to
          celebrate the  lighting of  the Olympic  flame in  Olympia. QSL  via
          SV1DKL. [TNX SV1DKL]
TI     - The TI-IOTA Group will  operate as TE6U  from Uvita Island  (NA-155)
          between 17 and 21 May. Three stations  (one for CW, one for SSB  and
          one for 6  metres) will  operate on  all bands  (80-6 metres).  RTTY
          activity is planned on Friday, Saturday  and Sunday. QSL via  TI5KD.
          [TNX TI5KD]
UA     - Special event station RP3DVS will be active on 5-9 and 13-14 May  to
          celebrate the  55th anniversary  of  the end  of  WWII. QSL  for  CW
          contacts via RW3DY (Nickolaj L.  Evgraphov, 9-j Gvardejskoy  Divizii
          str. 42-25, Istra 143500,  Russia); QSL for  SSB contacts via  RW3DU
          (Andrew V.  Berlynsky, 9-j  Gvardejskoy  Divizii str.  57-29,  Istra
          143500, Russia). [TNX RW3DY]
UA     - Operators from  RZ1AWO  are  active  as  R1AP  from  Gogland  Island
          (EU-133, RR-0104)  until  10  May. QSL  via  UA1CKC  (P.O.  Box  70,
          Kingisepp 188450, Russia). [TNX RA3SL]

ARI INTERNATIONAL DX CONTEST ---> The following stations have announced  they
will participate in this year's event (
* Odoardo/I0TIC, Francesco/IK0XBX and others as IO0A. QSL via bureau.
* Mario, IK6GPZ as IO6T. QSL via IK6GPZ.
* Jesus, LU5FC as LP1F. QSL via home call.
* LU7DW and LW9EUJ as L99D (SSB and CW). QSL via LU7DW.
* UN8GU and UN8GF on all bands SSB. QSL via IZ8CCW.
* VK2BNG on CW only. QSL via IZ8CCW.
* YC3IZK on 10, 15 and 40 metres SSB and CW. QSL via IZ8CCW.

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

BI4L ---> The  operation from Changdao  in the Shandong  Province North  East
group (AS-146) logged  6,000+ QSOs on  SSB, CW  and PSK31  (98 QSOs)  between
06.30 UTC on 1 May and 20 UTC on the 4th. QSL via BY4RSA. [TNX BA4TB]

QSL C91DC --->  The Daily DX  reports the following  two addresses should  be
used: Brian Carney, DOS/PC -  Maputo, 2201 C  St., Washington DC  20521-2330,
USA (from  USA) and  Brian Carney,  c/o US  Embassy,  P.O. Box  783,  Maputo,
Mozambique (from outside USA).

QSL CT9KN ---->  Ricardo, CT3KN  ( reports  that cards  for
CT9KN (used in the CQWW WPX SSB 2000) can be sent either direct or via bureau
to CT3KN. Cards for CT3KN can be sent either direct to CS3MAD  or via bureau.

QSL ET3DP ---> Different addresses  also for this  station:  Dennis  Panther,
Dept. of State, 2030 Addis Ababa PL, Washington, DC 20521 (from USA);  Dennis
Panther (AID), P.O. Box 1014, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (from outside USA).  [TNX
The Daily DX]

QSL SI1SSA  --->  Eric, SM1TDE  reports  all of  the  QSOs made  with  SI1SSA
(EU-020) through 15 April  (some 5200 contacts)  have been confirmed  thorugh
the bureau. This call will be  aired until the end of  the year to  celebrate
the  75th   anniversary  of   the   Swedish  radioamateur   federation   (see

QSL VIA  G4EDG  --->  Steve  Taylor, G4EDG  reports  that  cards  for  5W0ST,
KH8/G4EDG and ZL/G4EDG (September 1999-January 2000) have been received  from
the printer and  all direct requests  have been dealt  with in  the past  few

QSL VIA IK2PZG ---> Bruno reports  some 17,000 cards  have been sent  through
the bureau and  there is no  backlog, except for  his latest operations  this

+ SILENT KEY  + Gilles, F6IRA  reports that Michel,  5R8GL (ex-F5LET)  passed
away on  5  February. Michel  had  moved to  Madagascar  [425DXN  451]  after

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

LOGS:       Online     logs      for      A52A     are      available      at
      (if    does   not    work    try
    QSO count as of 08.00 UTC on
             5 May was 25,247 QSOs plus some 300 on 6 metres.
LOGS:       The logs  for  Elmer  R. Ribeyro,  P29DX  are  now  available  at
    [TNX EA4CEN]
QSL ROUTES: Yves, F6CYV reports  he maintains a  QSL route database  (45,000+
             entries) at

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  ADDRESSES  *******
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

4N1DX   Zrinko Zibert Zik, 99 palih boraca, YU 11277 Ugrinovci, Yugoslavia
4W6MM   Thorvaldur Stefansson, P.O. Box 3699, Darwin, NT 0801, Australia
5N0WFU  Box 1509, Wiesbaden, Germany
6W1RB   Marie, Box 3749, Dakar, Senegal
7N1KAE  Hiroyuki Yamada, 2-9-209 Chigusasai, Inage-Ku, Chiba-City 263-0013,
7Z1ZZ   Abdullah Al-Najim, P.O. Box 16595, Riyadh 11474, Saudi Arabia
8R1AK   Esmond L. Jones, P.O. Box 10868, Georgetown, Guyana
9A2AA   Tomislav Dugec, P.O.Box 255, 21000 Split, Croatia
A71MA   Shk Mohamad Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Thani, P.O. Box 24545, Doha, Qatar
AA5BT   Derek Wills, 4002 Amy Cir, Austin, TX 78759, USA
BY4RSA  P.O.Box 538, Nanjing, People's Republic of China
CT1EEB  Jose Emanuel Ribeiro de Sa, P.O. Box 79, P-3860 Estarreja, Portugal
DF5PBD  Alexander Schwindt, Theodor-Heuss Str 54, 76726 Germersheim, Germany
DJ0MAQ  Czeslaw Grycz, Sigmaringer Str. 33, 10713 Berlin, Germany
DJ3XD   August Unterwallney, Am Kummerberg 30, D-30900 Wedemark, Germany
DK9XX   Hans Hannappel, Eschenbruchstr. 1, D-51069 Koeln, Germany
DL1EL   Werner Stockey, Vorster Str. 24, D-47906 Kempen, Germany
DL5EBE  Dominik Weiel, Johannes-Meyer-Str 13, D-49808 Lingen, Germany
DL6UCW  Steffen Gross, Knappenweg 15, 03130 Spremberg, Germany
DU1ODX  Ed Salcedo, P.O. Box SM 284, Manila 1016, Philippines
EO55NWW P.O. Box 8100, Vinnitsa, 21050 Ukraine
EX0Y    P.O. Box 2185, Bishkek 720021, Kyrgyzstan
EX2X    Sergey Petrenko, Bayalinova 8, Bishkek, 720011 Kyrgyzstan
EX8MIO  P.O.Box 2, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 720011
F5OGL   Didier A. Senmartin, DASC, P.O Box 19, 35998 Rennes Armees, France
FK8GN   Alain Allegret, B.P. 133, F-98850 Koumac, France
G0KBO   Vladislav Kravchenko, 16 Birchfield House, Birchfield Street, London
         E14 8EY, England, UK
G3SXW   Roger Western, 7 Field Close, Chessington,Surrey, KT9 2QD, England,
G3TXF   Nigel Cawthorne, Falcons, St. George's Avenue, Weybridge, Surrey,
         KT13 0BS, England, UK
G4ZVJ   Andy Chadwick, 5 Thorpe Chase, Ripon, HG4 1UA England, UK
HS0GBI  Cherdchai Yiwlek, 56-31 Moo 10, Kookat, Lumlukka, Patum Thani, 12130,
HV5PUL  Luca Della Giovampaola, Responsabile Tecnologia Informatica,
         Pontificia Universita' Lateranense, Piazza S.Giovanni in Laterano 4,
         00120 Citta' del Vaticano
IZ8CCW  P.O. Box 360, 87100 Cosenza - CS, Italy
JA1CMD  Ken Miyamori, Room 52604, Hilton Residence, P.O. Box 4083kby,
         Jakarta, Indonesia
JA4PXE  Joe S. Kuwahara, 1-74 Midorimachi, Tokuyama City, Yamaguchi 745-0075,
JG3PLH  Takumi Kondoh, 1-23 Shinke-cho, Sakai City, Osaka 599-8232, Japan
JH1HUK  Yuzuru Oshima, 5-19-1 Higashi-Hatsutomi, Kamagaya City, Chiba
         273-0122, Japan
JH8DEH  Akira Miyata, 4-28-5 Minami, Nishi 23 Jyou, Obihiro 080-2473, Japan
JI1PLF  Suehiro Osada, 8-4-14-803 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka-city, Tokyo 181-0013,
JI3DST  Takeshi Funaki, 2-18-26 Hannan-Cho, Abeno-Ku, Osaka-City, Osaka
         545-0021, Japan
JJ1DWB  Misao Tanzawa, 5-5-30 Cyuou kofu, Yamanashi 400-0032, Japan
JP1IOF  Toshio Kobayashi, 409 Kamisano, Takasaki, Gunma 370-0857, Japan
JT2KAA  Dornod Radio Amateur Club, Op. Mongonbat, P.O.Box 94, Dornod,
K1IED   Larry F.Skilton, 72 Brook Street, South Windsor, CT-06074, USA
LU2HF   Nestor Didonato, P. O. Box 14, 5151 La Calera, Cordoba, Argentina
LU2NI   Carlos Alberto R. Meneclier, Melvin Jones 696, 4200 Santiago del
         Estero, Argemtina
LZ1KDP  Radio Club, P.O.Box 812, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
OD5NH   Puzant Azirian, P.O. Box 80903, Beirut, Lebanon
OE1AZS  Andreas Schmid-Zartner, Breitenseerstrasse 61/E/5, A-1140 Wien,
OK2PJD  P.O. Box A-26, 79201 Bruntal, Czech Republic
ON6DP   Paul Delmelle, Grand Route 58, B-4122 Neupre, Belgium
OZ5AAH  Preben Jakobsen, 9 Knoldager, 2670 Greve, Denmark
PP8KWA  Jefferson Rayol Frederico, P.O. Box 4150, 69053-140 Manaus Am Brasil,
PT2HF   J.L.V. Lunkes, P.O. Box 33, 70359-970 Brasilia - DF, Brazil
PY1TIA  Alexander Reynolds Coyte, P.O. Box 44111, 22062-970 Rio de Janeiro -
         RJ, Brazil
PY2YP   Cesar Augusto C. Rodrigues, Al Min Rocha Azevedo, 495 AP 121, Sao
         Paulo 01410-001, Brazil
RA0LOM  Alexander Morozov, P.O. Box 76, Partizansk-14, 692880 Russia
RK1PWA  Nick Shapkin, P.O.Box 73, 164744 Amderma, Arkhangelskaja, Russia
RN3RQ   Jack Yatskiv, P.O.Box 30, Michurinsk 393740, Russia
RU1AE   Dmitriy N. Rajskiy, P.O. Box 417, St. Petersburg 191011, Russia
RU1ZC   Valentin Mykitenko, Akademgorodok 2 1, 184340 Loparskaya, Russia
RZ1OA   Vlad Sadakov, P.O. Box 48, Arkhangelsk, 163040, Russia
S52DG   Dusan Mohoric, Ojstri Vrh 12, 4228 Zelezniki, Slovenia
SP3WVL  Tomasz Lipinski, Ul.I Paderewskiego 24m 1, 69-100 Slubice, Poland
UA0LMO  Yuri Pechenko, P.O. Box 23, Vladivostok, 690041 Russia
UA0SJ   Yuri A. Maltsev, P.O. Box 2304, Bratsk-city, 665700, Russia
UA1PAC  Alan V. Kuz'menko, P.O.Box 88, Amderma, Nenets oblast, 166744, Russia
UA3DX   Nick Averyanov, P.O. Box 39, Odintsovo-10, 143000, Russia
UA4WA   Igor Markov, P.O. Box 3375, 426060 Izhevsk - Udmurtia, Russia
UN7JX   P.O. Box 2205, Ustkamenogorsk 492020, Kazakhstan
UR5NX   Konstantin Khokhlov, P.O.Box 8100, Vinnitsa 21050, Ukraine
UT7UA   Roman A. Bratchyk, a/c B-19, Kyiv 01001, Ukraine
UY0ZG   Nick Gubenko, P.O. Box 309, Nikolaev-34, 54034 Ukraine
VA5DX   Doug Renwick, P.O. Box 50, Clavet, Saskatchewan, S0K 0Y0 Canada
VE3TIG  Fred Bengel, 679 Aruba Crescent, Oshawa, Ontario L1J 6B7, Canada
VK4AAR  Alan Roocroft, P.O. Box 421, Gatton 4343, Australia
VK4FW   Bill Horner, P.O. Box 929, Gympie, 4570, Australia
VK9NS   P.O. Box 90, Norfolk Island, NI 2899, Australia
W0GJ    Glenn Johnson, 14164 Irvine Ave NW, Bemidji, MN 56601, USA
W3HNK   Joseph Arcure Jr., P.O. Box 73, Edgemont, PA 19028, USA
W3UR    Bernie McClenny, 3025 Hobbs Road, Glenwood, MD 21738, USA
YB0CBI  Ferry Soedjana, P.O.Box 8075, Jakarta 12080, Indonesia
YB0DPO  Dudy Wijaya, Jalan Seni Budaya 4/31 RT 008/05, Jakarta 11460
ZL8RI   c/o Ken Holdom, Kermadec DX Association, P.O. Box 7, Clyde, Central
         Otago, New Zealand
ZL9CI   c/o Ken Holdom, Kermadec DX Association, P.O. Box 7, Clyde, Central
         Otago, New Zealand
ZS6WPX  P.O. Box 2845, Middelburg 1050, South Africa

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  QSL INFO  ********
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3A/SP3FYM   SP3FYM      EO55JM      KG6AR       RU0LL/A     IK2DUW
3A/SP9PT    SP9PT       EO55NWW     UR4NWW      RW9RF       W3HNK
3DA0/ZS6HAM ZS6KTT      EO55ZN      UY0ZG       RZ1OA/A     RZ1OA
3DA0WPX     ZS6WPX      ET3AA  (1)  G4ZVJ       S05R        EA2JG
3W2AJJ      VK3AJJ      EY8MM       K1BV        S21AR       JA1UT
3W6KA       IK2DUW      FH/JR4PMX   JR4PMX      S21VJ       G4ZVJ
3W6LI       IK2DUW      FH/TU5AX    F5OGL       S21YH       7M4PTE
3W8GL   94  F5OGL       FK8HZ       F6DLN       S5A         S59L
3Z0KOR      SP4KSY      FM/F6BUM    F6BUM       S92AA 91-92 F5OGL
3Z0MM       SP3JHY      FO0CLA      F6CTL       S92PI   95  F5OGL
3Z9MRO/8    SP9MRO      FO4ED   81  F5OGL       SV0LR       HB9LDR
4J4K        TA2ZV       FW/G3SXW    G3SXW       SV8/SM0TXM  HB9EBC
4L1R        W3HNK       FW/G3TXF    G3TXF       T32RT       WC5P
4S7YSG      JA2BDR      FY5GS       F6FNU       T88LJ       JH8DEH
4W6EB       CT1EEB      GD0KRL/p    G0KRL       T88MT       JJ1DWB
4W6SP       9A2AA       GM0RLZ/ZC4  GM0RLZ      T88TV       JA8CHP
5B4/DK3MJ   DK3MJ       HC8N        AA5BT       T88YH       7N1KAE
5N9CEN      IV3VBM      HF0POL      SP3WVL      T88YT       JI1PLF
5N9EAM/8    IK7JTF      HG2OOO      HA5KHC      TF8SM       N5FTR
5W1SA       JH7OHF      HI3/YT1CS   YT1GD       TJ/FE1OGL 91 F5OGL
5X1Z        SM6CAS      HS0/F5OGL 94 F5OGL      TL8DS 07/79 F5OGL
5Z4RF       HB9MVW      HS0ZCP      KS7K        TM0TRS  95  F5OGL
6K0ZS       IK2DUW      HV0A        IK0FVC      TM5FER  94  F5OGL
6K2000WFK   HL1IWD      II8CS       IZ8CCW      TP2000CE    F6FQK
6W1AE 96-98 F5OGL       IQ2W        IK2DUW      TR0D  90-92 F5OGL
6W1RE 96-98 F5OGL       IQ4C        I4GSS       TR31GL  91  F5OGL
7A5DX       YB0AI       IR2P        IK2DUW      TR8GL 90/92 F5OGL
7O1YGF 6m   DK9KX       IU0PAW      IK0SHF      TT8GL   79  F5OGL
7O1YGF CW   DJ3XD       IU8W        IZ8CCW      TT8JA       F5RWE
7O1YGF RTTY DK9KX       IY4IMD      IW4EEG      TT8JLB      F5BAR
7O1YGF SSB  DK9KX       IY5PIS      IK5QPZ      U4W         UA4WA
7P8/ZS5DCF  ZS5DCF      IZ2CEI      IK2DUW      UA0FO       IK2DUW
7P8/ZS5GMW  ZS5GMW      J43O        SV3AQR      UA1OLM/p    RZ1OA
7P8/ZS5LS   ZS5LS       JT1FCX      K4ZLE       UA1PAC/p    UA1PAC
8J1RL       JG3PLH      JU1SU       UA4WA       UA1PAO/p    UA1PAC
8S7IPA      OZ5AAH      JW2PA       LA2PA       UE3GAA      RW3GF
9A/S52DG/p  S52DG       JW5E        LA5NM       UE4WWA      UA4WA
9A/S52ND/p  S52DG       JW7QI       LA7QI       UF3CWR      UA3DX
9A16D       9A5ST       JW7QIA      LA7QIA      UK4WAA      UA4WA
9G1AA       PA3ERA      JY9QJ       DL5MBY      UN1F        DF5PBD
9G1OO       PA3ERA      KC4AAA      K1IED       UN2E        DF5PBD
9G5VJ       G4ZVJ       KH0/7L1MKM  JK1FNN      UN5F        DF5PBD
9J2FR       IK2RZQ      KH0/AH6PW   JN1HOW      UN8GF       IZ8CCW
9M2XA       JF4WPQ      KH0/JK1FNN  JK1FNN      UN8GU       IZ8CCW
9M6XXT      JA1CMD      KH6/OE1AZS  OE1AZS      UN9FD       DF5PBD
9M6XXT (NA) K4ST        L43DL       LU4AA       UP55J       UN7JX
9N7EK       JR8FEK      LT5H        LU2HF       V31OM       DJ6SI
9N7IP       JG5CIP      LU1ZA       LU2CN       V63BD       JA3HRV
9N7QB       JK2TQB      LX/DF6VI    DL7VRO      V63BJ       JA3DAU
9N7RB       IK4ZGY      LZ0A        LZ1KDP      V8IAN       VE6VK
9N7SZ       JA9LSZ      LZ90SO      LZ2VP       VC3CX       VE3TIG
9N7SZ       JA9LSZ      OD5RN       IZ8CCW      VE5RA  now  VA5DX
9N7VJ       JA9VJ       OH0/OH5HVT  SQ5FWV      VK8AN/6     VK4AAR
9N7VN       K3VN        OK2OOO      OK2PJD      VK9LEH      AA4EH
9N7WU       JA8MWU      OL5TEN      OK1JN       VR2FB       JA1SJN
9N7YT       JJ2NYT      ON1MEI now  ON4LFB      VU3VLH      OK1MM
9V1GA       JA4BJO      ON4CU   silent key      VY0AA       VA5DX
9X5/G3SEM   G3SEM       ON5DXL      ON6DP       VY1JA       KB5IPQ
A22BE       ZS6AKB      OQ50USA     ON6DP       WH7P/KH0    JP1IOF
A52A        W0GJ        OT0H        ON7SS       XQ3ZW       CE3AA
A52JS       VK9NS       OT0X        ON6DP       XR0ZY       OM2SA
AH6JN/4     K4AMI       OT4H        ON7SS       XT2DP       WB2YQH
AX0LD       PY2YP       OT5H        ON7SS       XU7AAV      G4ZVJ
AY0N/X      LU2NI       OT6H        ON7SS       XV5JY       JA1KJW
BA4RE       IK2DUW      OT7H        ON7SS       XV5TK       JA3MCA
BI3H        W3HC        OT8H        ON7SS       XV5VE       JA8VE
BI4L        BY4RSA      OT9H        ON7SS       XW2A   (2)  G4ZVJ
BW2000      JP1RIW      PA6TXL      ON4CAO      XX9TEP      K8EP
CE0Y/G0KBO  G0KBO       PP500B      PP8KWA      YB9ASP      9A2AA
CE0Y/UA6AF  G0KBO       PP500C      PT2CMN      YC0IEM      IZ8CCW
CT6C        DJ0MW       PQ500       PY1NX       YC3IZK      IZ8CCW
CU3DJ       N4JB        PQ500B      PY2KTT      YI1AGA      YI1DZ
CU8F        CT1EFL      PQ7ZZ       PS7ZZ       YI1BN       IK2DUW
CV7V        CX4ACR      PS5B        PP4WB       YI1DKS      IK2DUW
CV9AM       CX2ABC      PT500DF     PR7SD       YI1OM       IK2DUW
CW6V        W3HNK       PT500I      PP5VB       YI1WL       IK2DUW
CX5X        W3HNK       PT500PS     PY2KTT      YI1WMS      IK2DUW
CX6VM       W3HNK       R1AND       DL5EBE      YK75RJ      YK1AO
D2BB        W3HNK       R1ANF       RK1PWA      YM4ED       TA4ED
DL3NM/TI6   DL3NM       R1ANZ       RU1ZC       YV5AT       IZ8CCW
DS5WKW      IK2DUW      RA0AM       IZ8CCW      YV5KOH      IZ8CCW
E29DX       HS0GBI      RH1A        RU1AE       Z33Z        Z31RB
ED4FMM      EA4SS       RH1B        RZ1AWO      ZC4JP       G0WSA
ED5SJF      EA5URL      RH1C        RV1AQ       ZD8A        N6CW
ED8GCF      EA8AKN      RH1F        RV1AC       ZD8Z        VE3HO
EK6LP       IK2DUW      RH1J        RA1ACJ      ZK1CXD      ZL2CX
EK6LV       IK2DUW      RK0LWW      UA0LMO      ZK1CYR      WB4CYR
EK88L       IK2DUW      RK4WWA      UA4WA       ZV500A      PY1MA
EK8YC       IK2DUW      RP3APC      UA3DX       ZW1EN       PT2HF
EL2DT       IK0PHY      RP3RST      RN3RQ       ZW500T      PS7ZZ
EM0RSE      DJ0MAQ      RP3RTG      RN3RQ       ZW8CI       PS8DX
EM10UCC     UY5ZZ       RP3RTK      RN3RQ       ZX3D        PY3BZA
EM1KY       UT7UA       RP3RZK      RN3RQ       ZY500       PY1TIA
EM1U        UT7UA       RP4W        UA4WA       ZY500Y      PY2AA
EO225EA     UT2EA       RU0LL       IK2DUW      ZZ500VR     PR7AR

(1) CW activity on 1-7 March 2000 only
(2) CW activity on 23-28 February 2000 only

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