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425 DX News #473
27 May 2000
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to:
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Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages

3B6    - Preparations  for  the  8-25/26  October  3B6RF  all-band   all-mode
          DXpedition  to   Agalega  (AF-001)   [425DXN  469]   continue.   The
          multi-national team now includes seventeen operators (namely HB9AFI,
          HB9JAX, HB9JBI, 4X4DK,  3B8CF, DL3KUD, F6HMJ,  G3KHZ and K5VT)  plus
          other two  operators, one  from the  US and  one from  Japan, to  be
          announced. Special attention will be  given to the  US on 80  metres
          (TX 3800, RX 3805-3820 kHz SSB) and 40 metres (TX 7100, RX 7150-7170
          kHz SSB) during the grayline window. On-line logs will be  available
          on the DXpedition's web site (, where full
          information on the operation is available. [TNX HB9FMU]
4W     - Ross, 4W6UN has invited a  DXer (not identified  so far) to  operate
          from his station in September for a couple of weeks. You are invited
          to send your band/modes needs to Ken, VK3AKK  (
          in order to help Ross and  his guest to  plan the actual  operation.
          [TNX QRZ-DX]
9M2    - Keith, GM4YXI  is  going  to  be  active  as  9M2/GM4YXI  from  West
          Malaysian islands during  the weekends between  3 and  18 June.  The
          first operation is  scheduled to take  place from  Pulau Babi  Besar
          (AS-046) on 3-4 June,  with other possible  activities on 10-11  and
          17-18 June from Pulau Ketam (AS-074)  and/or AS-097. Operation  will
          be on 20, 15, 12 and 10 metres CW/SSB only. For more information and
          news updates, please visit [TNX GM4YXI]
BY     - Fred Ziel, WF6Z  is one of  the climbers  of the  American K2  North
          Ridge Expedition. He plans to operate  with the special call  BT0QGL
          from the base camp in Xingiang  Province, China after 4 June and  as
          late as 15 August. QSL via K6EXO. [TNX The Daily DX]
CO     - Special event station CO0CNR will be  active on 40-6 metres  between
          00.00 UTC on 3 June until 16 UTC  on the 4th during the first  Cuban
          National  Radioamateur   Convention  at   Ganuza  (grid   EL92).   A
          certificate will be issued to those  who contact CO0CNR on at  least
          three bands. [TNX CO2OJ]
E4     - Look for Radek, E41/OK1FHI and Zdenek, E41/OK2BZM to be active  from
          Palestine until  30  May.  They  operate  from  the  QTH  of  David,
          E41/OK1DTP and  will participate  in the  CQ WW  WPX CW  Contest  as
          E41/OK1DTP (Multi-Single).
E4     - Miro, S51GL is planning  an operation from  Palestine in autumn.  He
          will be active from the E44DX club station and plans to  concentrate
          on the digital  modes (and  "to motivate  the students  at the  Gaza
          college to do the same")  and on 6,  12, 17 and  30 metres. Miro  is
          looking for support for this operation, as one of his objectives  is
          to "to upgrade E44DX radio club with an HF yagi antenna and a  small
          linear amplifier (second-hand equipment is also more then welcome)".
          If you are able to help, please contact Miro at or
          visit his home page at [TNX S51GL]
EA     - Look for EA1GA/p to be active from Isla de Noro (EU-077) on 8-9 July
          and from Isla Erbosa (EU-077) on  12-15 August. QSL via EA1GA.  [TNX
EI     - The WestNet/Saltee Dog DX Group will  be active as EJ7NET from  Inis
          Meain, Aran Islands (EU-006) between 22 and 26 June. QSL via  EI6FR.
          [TNX EI6FR]
EM     - Operators from  club station  UR4WWE will  operate as  EM70DXG  from
          Mount Hoverla  (Carpathians) on  2-4 June.  The special  call is  to
          celebrate the 70th anniversary of the first DXpedition organized  by
          L.K.K. (Lviv Shortwave Amateur Club ) in 1930. QSL via UT1WA  either
          direct (P.O. Box 5951, Lviv 79054,  Ukraine) or through the  bureau.
          [TNX UT1WL]
ES     - Special call ES8SC will be aired  between 1 June  and 31 August  for
          the "Summer Capital Award" (  [TNX
ES     - Vello, ES1QD plans to be  active from Muhu  Island (EU-034) on  9-12
          June. QSL via home call. [TNX JI6KVR]
FG     - The DX  News Letter  reports that  Thierry,  F5SNY will  operate  as
          FG/F5SNY from Guadeloupe (NA-102) or Les Saintes (NA-114) between 30
          May and 12 June.
FK     - Japan News Network DX Group members JA1APD, JA1EOD, JA1WVY,  JP1JFG,
          7K2FUE, JA3NEP,  JA4ZA,  JA7EU and  JE7RJZ  will operate  (on  160-6
          metres CW,  SSB, RTTY  and  PSK31 plus  AO-10)  as TX8JNN  from  New
          Caledonia between 29 June and 5 July. QSL via JA1EOD (Akira  Iizuka,
          P.O. Box  8,  Okegawa, Saitama  363-8691  Japan).  [TNX  JA1EOD  and
FY     - FY/F5KEE is expected to be the call to be used during  the 27  May-4
          June operation from the Salut Islands (SA-020) [425DXN 471]. QSL via
          F8BXI  (Philippe Serrano,  6 rue du Dauphine,  Massy 91300, France).
          Logs will be available at after the operation.
G      - Marconi centenary station GB100IOW will be  active from The  Needles
          Park on the  Isle of Wight  (EU-120) on 27-28  May to celebrate  the
          successful conclusion of  Marconi's experiments  to create  wireless
          transmissions on the Needles. [TNX G7RER]
KH4    - The Daily DX reports that Bill, NH6D has moved permanently to Midway
          Island and is expected to be there "for a long time". QSL via N6FF.
KH5    - Chuck Brady, N4BQW was expected  to leave Palmyra  on 25 May,  after
          two weeks  as N4BQW/KH5  and one  day as  N4BQW/KH5K. Dave  Johnson,
          WB4JTT has arrived  on Palmyra and  will remain there  for at  least
          another week. Amateur radio operation is a secondary mission at this
          stage, but  Dave is  expected  to be  active  on the  higher  bands,
          primarily on CW, with some lowband activity. Current operations  are
          still barefoot, but some antenna improvements should enable Dave  to
          reach a larger  audience when he  has time to  operate. The  Kingman
          Reef/Palmyra DX Group  anticipate having  at least  one operator  on
          Palmyra through much of the summer.  QSL all KR/PDXG operations  via
          K4TSJ. [TNX NI6T and N4XP]
KL     - The KL7AK operation from the Kudiakof Islands (NA-???) [425DXN  471]
          is now scheduled to start on the UTC evening of 4 August until early
          in the morning UTC on the 9th. Rick, KL7AK says they will be  mostly
          on 20 metres SBB (CW on request)  as this "is the optimum band  here
          in Alaska. We normally have propagation  up to 20 hours a day".  QSL
          via N6AWD.
OZ     - Look for OZ1RDP to be operated  by a German Scout Group from  Roemoe
          Island (EU-125, NS-001 for the Danis  Islands Award) between 30  May
          and 5 June. QSL via DL9BCP. [TNX OZ2ZB]
PY     - A group of Brazilian YL operators will operate (SSB, CW and RTTY) as
          PR5YL from  Mel  Island  (SA-047)  between  10  and  14  August.  If
          interested in joining the  team, please contact  Jay Lira, PP5LL  at
SM     - Martin, SM0DTK will operate as SM0DTK/1 from Gotland Island (EU-020)
          between 27 May and 3 June. [TNX SM0DTK]
SM     - Look for Hasse, SM3JBE/2 and  Hans, SM3TLG/2 to  be active (SSB  and
          CW) from  from Holmon  Island (EU-135)  on 1-3  June. QSL  via  home
          calls. [TNX SM3TLG]
SV     - Phil, G3SWH will be active  (on 10-40 metres  CW only) as  SV8/G3SWH
          from the island of Mykonos (EU-067) between 14 and 21 June. It  will
          be a holiday operation, with a  couple of hours in the mornings  and
          the same in the late afternoon/early evenings (local time). QSL  via
          G3SWH either direct or via the RSGB bureau. [TNX G3SWH]
SV9    - Look for  Walt SV9/G3NYY  (QSL via  G3NYY), Tim  SV9/G4VXE (QSL  via
          G3SWH), Dave SV9/G4FRE (QSL via WW2R) and YL operator Meg  SV9/G7FRE
          (QSL via N2NQI) to be active (on 160-6 metres, WARC bands  included,
          PSK31, RTTY, SSTV, Heil and CW, with some SSB on 6 metres only) from
          Crete (EU-015) between 9 and 16 June. [TNX WW2R]
TK     - Kazik, DL2SBY will be active (mostly on 160 metres and WARC, SSB and
          CW) as TK/DL2SBY from Corsica between  27 May and  10 June. QSL  via
          home call. [TNX DL2SBY]
W      - Philip, K4EP will operate from Hatteras  Island (NA-067) between  28
          May and 2 June. QSL via home call. [TNX K4EP]

CQ WW WPX CW CONTEST ---> The following have announced their participation in
this year's event:
- Hrane, YT1AD as 3V8BB. QSL for this activity via YT1AD.
- DU1COO, DU1EGA, DU1JXP, DU1MHX, DU1EV and YL operators DU1MHZ and DU1UWF as
   4D1X (Multi-Single). QSL route TBA.
- Jun, JH4RHF and Pekka, OH2TA from 4U1VIC as Multi-Single.
- Salva, EA5DWS as AM5DWS. QSL via  EA5DWS either direct (Salva Moreno,  P.O.
   Box 134, 03820 Cocentaina, Alicante, Spain) or through the bureau.
- Alfredo, EA1FBU as AN1FBU. QSL via home call.
- Eduardo, CO8LY (SOAB low power). QSL via EA7ADH.
- Juan, CO8TW (SOAB low power). QSL via EA3FQV.
- Raul, CO8ZZ on 80 meteres (single operator low power). QSL via DK1WI.
- Nikolay, UX0FF  as EO6F  (single band  on 80  metres).  QSL via  home  call
   (Nikolay Lavreka, P.O. Box 3, Izmail 68600, Ukraine).
- Slawa, ER1LW  as ER6A.  QSL  via ER1LW  (P.O.  Box 112,  Chisinau,  MD-2012
- Laurent, FM5BH ( on 10 metres.
- Jacques, F6BEE as FY5KE (SOAB).
- RAST club station HS0AC (operated by HS1CKC, HS0GBI, HS6NDK, E20GMY, E21EIC
   and others). QSL via G3NOM.
- HS4BPQ/9 and E20HHK. QSL via E21EIC.
- I1HJT, I1NVU, IK1CLP,  IK1LWL and IK1QBT  as II1R  (Multi-Single). QSL  via
   I1NVU either  direct  (Claudio Di  Pietro,  Via G.  Galilei  424/10,  18038
   Sanremo - IM, Italy) or through the bureau.
- I0SNY, I1QOD and I1ZB as JU4Y from Gobi's desert. QSL via I0SNY.
- Martin, LW9EUJ as L99D on all bands.
- Jesus, LU5FC as LP1F. QSL via  LU5FC (Jesus Rubio,  San Juan 2694,  Rosario
   2000, Santa Fe, Argentina).
- OD5/OK1MU on all bands. QSL via OK DX Foundation.
- Hamilton, PY2YU  as PX2W  (SOAB low  power). QSL  via PY2YU  either  direct
   (Hamilton Oliveira  Martins, Rua  Rui Coelho  de  Oliveira Filho  131,  Jd.
   Panorama, 18030-020 Sorocaba - SP, Brazil) or through the bureau.
- Serge, RA0JJ as  RQ0J. QSL via  RZ0JWA or  to P.O.  Box 1,  Blagoveschensk,
   675000 Russia.
- SV/OK1YM on either 40 or 10 metres. QSL via OK DX Foundation.
- George, N2GA and  Diane, K2DO as  VP5GA (Multi-Single) from  Providenciales
- Arto, OH2KW as XX9TKW. QSL via home call.
[TNX The  Daily DX,  CO8TW, DU1COO,  E21EIC,  EA1FBU, EA5DWS,  ER1LW,  F6AJA,

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

IOTA ACTIVITY MONTH (JUNE) ---> Contacts  made with the following IOTA island
groups in June will  score  three points  towards  the RSGB  IOTA  Millennium
Programme (IOTA 2000):
AF-010     EU-002     EU-038     EU-062     EU-098     EU-139
AF-018     EU-004     EU-041     EU-063     EU-100     EU-140
AF-019     EU-014     EU-042     EU-067     EU-101     EU-141
AF-023     EU-015     EU-043     EU-069     EU-104     EU-144
AF-039     EU-016     EU-044     EU-070     EU-110     EU-146
AF-043     EU-017     EU-045     EU-072     EU-113     EU-148
AF-044     EU-020     EU-046     EU-073     EU-117     EU-149
AF-055     EU-023     EU-047     EU-075     EU-125     EU-151
AF-064     EU-024     EU-049     EU-076     EU-126     EU-154
AF-070     EU-025     EU-050     EU-078     EU-127     EU-155
AF-073     EU-026     EU-051     EU-079     EU-128     EU-158
AF-076     EU-027     EU-052     EU-083     EU-129     EU-163
AF-077     EU-028     EU-053     EU-084     EU-130     EU-164
AF-079     EU-029     EU-054     EU-087     EU-131     EU-165
AF-082     EU-030     EU-055     EU-088     EU-132     EU-166
AF-083     EU-031     EU-056     EU-090     EU-133     EU-169
AN-002     EU-033     EU-057     EU-091     EU-135
AS-098     EU-034     EU-058     EU-095     EU-136
AS-099     EU-036     EU-060     EU-096     EU-137
EU-001     EU-037     EU-061     EU-097     EU-138
For full details please visit

DIFO --->  Gil, F5NOD  ( reports  three new  DIFO  reference
numbers have been issued to the following islands in the Chesterfields  (IOTA
OC-176): FK-080 to Ilots du Mouillage (TX0DX QTH), FK-081 to Ilot du Passage,
FK-082 to Ile Longue.  The DIFO island  list is available  on Gil's web  site

N5VT/NA-089 ---> The  IOTA Manager advises  stations who had  a contact  with
N5VT/NA-089 not to send QSLs as the QSOs were  not made from a QTH valid  for
IOTA and do not count for the programme. [TNX G3KMA]

N4BQW/KH5K ---> Chuck's  unexpected operation (just  over 24  hours on  17-18
May) from Kingman  Reef took place  on short  notice and  under poor  weather
conditions. More  trips might  take place  in the  upcoming months  prior  to
October but  it will  depend on  available transportation.  Please note  that
N4BQW/KH5K did NOT operate  on either CW  and 15 metres.  QSL to K4TSJ.  [TNX

QSL CE0Z --->  Direct cards for  the January  2000 CE0Z  operation from  Juan
Fernandez have  been processed  since March.  Requests for  bureau cards  are
encouraged and  welcome  at  QSL  manager
CE6TBN (Marco  A. Quijada,  P.O. Box  1234, Temuco,  Chile) reports  the  new
(cheaper!) postal rates from Chile to America  and the rest of the world  are
US$ 0.4 and US$ 0.5 respectively.

QSL KH0AS ---> Mike, KH0AS has shut down and is leaving Saipan after thirteen
years on the island. He and his family are moving to England where he expects
to reactivate his  M0ALW call this  autumn. Jim, WB4UBD  holds copies of  his
logs starting from September  1997. Confirmations of  contacts prior to  that
date will have to wait until Mike settles in. [TNX WB4UBD]

QSL VIA UA0MF  ---> Mike, UA0MF  reports he  can confirm  contacts made  with
RA0LOM/0, RM0M, UE0LEZ and UE0LMF. Cards  should be sent direct only to  Mike
Filippov, P.O. Box 20, Vladivostok 690021, Russia (please note that Box 29 is
wrong and cards sent there might be lost).

TROMELIN  2000   --->  The   web  site   for  the   1-16  August   DXpedition
( has been  updated with  propagation
predictions from Tromelin to other areas  of the world. Financial support  is
still needed to meet the high  costs of this DXpedition,  which might be  the
last one for years as the weather  station on this natural reserve island  is
going to be automatised and landing  permissions are unlikely to be  granted.
Donations can be  made to  account number  022 9  62086 L  (CIC Lyonnaise  de
Banque), or via the treasurer F5PXT (Eric Blanchard, 2 Rue Bichat , Allee 32,
69002 Lyon, France) or, for US residents, through the NCDXF (send your checks
to W6OSP: Bruce Butler, 4220 Chardonnay Ct., Napa, CA 94558). [TNX F5NOD  and

WLH  (1)   --->  Phil,   F5OGG  (   reports   the
current/forthcoming operations will count towards the World Lighthouses Award
as follows: FY/F5KEE = LH 0911 [425DXN  471], F5XX/p = LH 0500 [425DXN  467],
9A10C and 9A7K/p = LH 0057 [425DXN 469].

WLH (2) ---> The second annual WLH Convention will take place at Albi, France
on 10-11 June. For further information please e-mail
or [TNX F5OGG]
                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

VK9WI:       The operation went QRT on 22 May at 6.20 UTC. Check the on  line
              log at regularly  as the final  version
              is not yet available.
QSL ROUTES:  Paul, ON6DP ( reports the updated  versions
              of  #QSLMGR.EXE  (QSL.TXT)  and  #QSLFUL.EXE  (QSL.FUL)  for  DX
              Cluster are now available at The DBase
              contains 54,786 QSL routes.
WAIS:        WAIS (Worked  All Italian  Squares) Manager  Pier Luigi  Anzini,
              IK2UVR reports the new  version of the  software for this  award
              can be downloaded from,

QSL received  via  direct:   3A/VA3EU,  3B9FR, 3C0R,  3D2TC,  3V8ST,  3W6DXI,
3XY1B0, 3XY2D, 4L3Y, 4S7DA, 4S7GF, 4S7WN, 4W/W3UR, 4X0A (AS-100),  5B4/UA9MA,
5H3US, 5R8GJ, 6D2X, 6Y5MM, 7X2LZ, 7X4AN, 8J1RL (AN-015), 8Q7QQ, 9E1C,  9M2AX,
9M6BG, 9U5D, A22RM,  A52A,AX0LD, BA1CO, BI3H  (AS-134), CE0Y/G0KBO  (SA-001),
(OC-033), FO0DEH (OC-114), FO0EEN, FO5QG,  GJ3YHU, GM3VLB/P (EU-008,  EU-111,
EU-118 and EU-123), HF0POL, HL4HLD (AS-026), J79WW, JE6EMW (AS-023), JI3DST/6
(AS-037), JT1BH, JT1DA, K5PP/P (NA-120), KH5/DF6FK, KH6XT, KH8/N5OLS,  L44D/D
(SA-021), LU7VCH/D  (SA-021),  MJ/K3PLV,  NP2/K7BV,  P3A,  R1ANZ,R1FJV,  RS0F
(AS-018), S79AG, SV2ASP/A,  SV5/G4OBK, T31K, T31T,  T32BO,T33VU, T77C,  TE8CH
(NA-116), TI2PZ, TO0DX, TR8IG, TR8NOR, TX0DX, UK9AA, UP6F, VK8AN/6  (OC-154),
VK8PW/8  (OC-229),  VK9CN,  VK9XS,  VP2V/W4RM,  VQ9GB,  VQ9QM,  VR2BG,   VY0O
(NA-173), XF4LWY (NA-030), XT2DR, XU7AAY, XW2A, XZ0A (AS-144), XZ1ZV,  YI9OM,
Z33Z, ZA0IS  (EU-169), ZB2FK,  ZC4ATC, ZC4CM,  ZD7WRG, ZK3CW,  ZK3DX,  ZL8RS,
ZM7ZB, ZS31ER (AF-085), ZV0SB, ZX0F.

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