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425 DX News #475
10 June 2000
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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3DA     - Frosty K5LBU and his daughter will be going to Swaziland early next
           month. They expect  to arrive  on 5  or 6  July and  to operate  as
           3DA0CF and 3DA0EW with two rigs  on 10, 15, 20, 40,  80, 160 and  6
           metres SSB only. They will be there for two nights and three  days.
           [TNX W9DX]
4X      - Dave, will be operating as 4X/W5WP  from the QTH  of 4X6RD on  2-20
           July. Initial operation will be on 10, 15 and 20 metres; if a  G5RV
           can be installed  operation will be  expanded to  include the  WARC
           band and 40/80 metres. Modes  will be SSB,  CW and possibly  PSK31.
           Participation in the IARU contest is planned as well as an activity
           from Akhziv Island (AS-100). QSL via W5WP. [TNX W5WP]
7P      - Joerg/DF6VI, Dieter/DJ9ON, Mark/DL1IAN, Tom/DL1QW, Hans/DL1YFF  and
           Tom/DL4OCM will be active as 7P8AA from Lesotho between 3-4 and  22
           July. They will operate with three stations on 6-160 metres SSB, CW
           and RTTY. QSL  via DL7VRO either  direct (Fritz Bergner,  Sterndamm
           199, D-12487 Berlin)  or through the  bureau. The  website for  the
           DXpedition is at,  logs will be  available
           after  the  DXpedition  at  [TNX
C6      - Joe/W8GEX, Ron/WA8LOW,  Mike/N9NS and  Mike/K9AJ will  be active as
           C6AJR with two stations (CW and  SSB on 6-40 metres) from the Berry
           Islands  (NA-054),  Bahamas  between  28  and  31  July.  They will
           use C6DX during the IOTA Contest. QSL to W8GEX. [TNX The Daily DX]
CT      - Look for CS1GDX/p to be active on 10 June 2000 during the  Portugal
           Day Contest from Alcoutim-Santa Justa Castle (C-007 for DCFP).  QSL
           direct to  P.O. Box  56, 2736-901  Cacem, Portugal  or through  the
           bureau. The rules for the DCFP are at http://> [TNX
EA      - ED1ISA will be active during the DIE Contest (18 June) from Isla de
           Alba de Tormes (DIE SA-014, not IOTA). [TNX EA1LF]
EA8     - Operators from Grupo DX Gran Canaria will be active as ED8GCR  from
           Roque de  Gando (AF-004,  DIE  S-022) on  18  June during  the  DIE
           Contest. QSL via EA8AKN or through the bureau. [TNX EA8AKN]
HC      - Otto, UA4WAE expects to operate on all bands as HC4WW for twelve
           months starting around 20 June. [TNX G3LZK]
I       - Luca, IZ4DIW will operate as IA5/IZ4DIW from Giglio Island (EU-028,
           IIA GR-002) between 8 and 21 July. [TNX Crazy DX group]
IS0     - Nello, IK2DUW  and  Valery, RA6YR  will  be  active  from  Sardinia
           between 11 and 24 June and are  likely to operate from one or  more
           IIA islands in Cagliari province. [TNX IK2DUW]
JA      - Look for Take, JI3DST/1 to be active  (on 17, 15, 12 and 10  metres
           SSB) from Hachijo  Island (AS-043)  between 7  UTC on  17 June  and
           00.00 UTC  on  the 20th.  QSL  via JI3DST  either  direct  (Takeshi
           Funaki, 2-18-26  Hannan-Cho Abeno-Ku,  Osaka-City, Osaka  545-0021,
           Japan) or preferably through the bureau. [TNX JI6KVR and VE3LDT]
JA      - Look for JM1PXG/6  to be  active (on  20-10 metres  CW) from  Daito
           Islands (AS-047) on 29-31 July. QSL via JM1PXG. [TNX JI6KVR]
JY      - Amir, 4X6TT is active as JY8TT from Amman, Jordan until 11 June. He
           plans to concentrate on 18.145 and  24.945 MHz. QSL via home  call.
           [TNX 4X6TT]
JY      - Pete, JY9NE reports that for the month of June he will be operating
           mainly on  17  or 20  metres  from 02.30  UTC  to about  03.30  UTC
           everyday. QSL via N3FNE. (By the way, please note that Pete is  not
           the QSL manager for JY4NE, OD/JY4NE, JY9NX and E44A). [TNX JY9NE]
KH5K    - A multi-national team  of 13 operators  (namely AA7A, DJ9ZB,  K3VN,
           K4UEE, KH7U, N4BQW,  N4XP, NH6UY,  NI6T, OH2BU,  OK1KT, RA3AUU  and
           WB4JTT) has been formed for the October DXpedition to Kingman  Reef
           [425DXN 470]. At  least four stations  are expected  to operate  on
           6-160 metres. Klaus Wagner, DL1XX will be the pilot for Europe  and
           Don Greenbaum, N1DG the Webmaster. QSL via K4TSJ. Contributions  of
           any size to defray the costs of this DXpedition can be sen to  N4XP
           (Tom Harrell, 2011 New High Schoals  Road, Watkinsville, GA  30677,
           USA). [TNX NI6T]
LA      - Look for  Trond, LA9VDA  to be  active as  LA9VDA/p from  Spjaeroy,
           Hvaler Is (EU-061) on 13, 20 and 27 June. [TNX LA9VDA]
OH      - Look for Toru, JR3QHQ to be active (on 10-20 metres SSB and CW)  as
           OH5/JR3QHQ/p from Kaunissaari Island (EU-140) on 4 and 5 July.  QSL
           via JR3QHQ  either direct  (Toru  Tanaka, 3-6-14  Jonan  Ikeda-City
           Osaka 563-0025,  Japan)  or preferably  through  the  bureau.  [TNX
OZ      - Guenter, DL5CX will  be active (mainly  on CW)  as OZ/DL5CX/p  from
           EU-030 between  11 and  17 June.  Look for  him mostly  during  his
           morning and evening hours. [TNX DL5CX]
UA      - Alex, RU0LL will be joined  by RW0LZ, RZ4HF,  RW0LV and UA0CAL  for
           the 24 July-2 August R0L operation  from Putyatina Island  (AS-066)
           [425DXN 474]. They  plan to  concentrate on  RTTY and  CW. QSL  via
           IK2DUW. [TNX IK2DUW]
V6      - KG8CO, K8AQM and  K8AA will  be active  as V63KP,  V63KR, and V63KQ
           respectively from 30 June through 12  July using CW, SSB, RTTY, and
           PSK. They will participate  in the IARU  HF World Championship (8-9
           July) as V63X (Multi-Single). QSL via K8AA. [TNX K8AA]
VE/OX   - On 12  June Tony,  VA3MER (  will be  sailing
           from Sydney,  Nova  Scotia to  Greenland,  Baffin  Island  and  the
           Labrador coast. "I cannot predict where I will be at any particular
           date and where it will  be convenient to  operate from ashore",  he
           says. "I will however try to remain  at a location for a couple  of
           days to  give  time for  making  contacts". His  position  will  be
           updated  daily  on  [TNX  VA3MER   and
           Islands On The Web]
VK      - Australian amateur radio operators are allowed to use the  optional
           AX prefix  to celebrate  the Sydney  Olympic and  Paralympic  Games
           between 15 June and 2 November. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
VK      - A large group of VK2s (including VK2EO, VK2NP, VK2RD, VK2PB, VK2ZL,
           VK2ARY, VK2JW and  VK2XN) will be  active (on SSB,  CW and PSK)  as
           VI2BI from Broughton Island (OC-212) between 6 and 15 October.  QSL
           via  VK2EO  either  direct  (Geoff  McGrorey-Clark,  P.O.  Box  76,
           Medowie, NSW, 2318 Australia) or through the bureau. [TNX VK2EO]
VK9_coc - Wal, VK6KZ and Don, VK6HK will  be active as  VK9CZ and VK9CK  from
           Cocos/Keeling (OC-003)  between  21 October  and  4  November.  Two
           stations will be in operation with  main concentration on 6  metres
           SSB and CW (conditions permitting). HF operation (40-10 metres)  if
           50 MHz conditions allow. [TNX VK6HK and VK4FW]
VK9_nor - A multi-national team of YL operators from seven countries will  be
           active (SSB and CW) as AX9YL from Norfolk Island (OC-005) between 5
           and 12 October. QSL via the  VK3 Bureau or  direct to VK3DYL  (Gwen
           Tilson, 3 Gould Crt, Mt Waverley, Victoria, 3149, Australia).  [TNX
VP5     - Carlo, I4ALU will be active (on all HF bands CW only) as  VP5/I4ALU
           from Jody's (VP5JM) QTH on Providenciales  (NA-002) between 14  and
           28 August. QSL via I4ALU (Carlo Amorati, Via Battistelli 10,  40122
           Bologna - BO, Italy). [TNX I4ALU]
W       - Will, WC6DX  will be  active from  San Miguel  Island (NA-144,  USI
           CA-14S) on 23-25 June. As this will be Field Day weekend in USA and
           Canada, he  will operate  mainly on  WARC bands,  but will  QSY  to
           traditional bands on request if there is a clear frequency. QSL via
           WC6DX either direct  to his new  address (Will  Costello, P.O.  Box
           1332, Monterey, CA 93942-1332, USA) or through the bureau. Multiple
           cards from different operators in the same envelope are OK to  keep
           postage down. [TNX WC6DX]
XE      - Jack, F6BUM  will  be  active  as  XE3/F6BUM  from  Mujeres  Island
           (NA-045) between 30 August and 8 September. QSL via home call. [TNX
YL      - Eric, SM1TDE will  be active  as YL/SM0TDE  from Liepaja  (KO06MM),
           Latvia between 17 and 22 July. He will operate on 160-2 metres  and
           concentrate on  WARC bands  and CW.  Eric  has received  a  special
           permission to  operate  on  6 metres  (he  might  also  operate  as
           SM1TDE/MM from square KO07 during the voyage to and from  Liepaja).
           QSL via SM1TDE, preferably through the bureau. [TNX SM1TDE]
ZA      - Marty Watt, N5NW will  be operating (primarily  SSB on 15-20 metres
           and possibly 2 metres for Europe) as ZA/N5NW from Tirana Albania on
           10-17 June.QSL direct to KB4KA; all others will be answered via the
           bureau. [TNX KB4KA]
ZK1_sc  - Mark, KM6HB will  be active  (on 10-40  metres with  an emphasis on
           RTTY) from the South Cook Islands  between 10 and  17 July. He will
           operate (callsign to be issued upon  arrival) first from  Rarotonga
           (OC-013) on 10-15 July and then from Aitutaki (OC-083).QSL via home
           call. [TNX KM6HB]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

                          >>> 2000 IOTA LISTINGS <<<
The following are the first 30  positions (rank/call/score) in the 2000  IOTA
Honour Roll (by  courtesy of the  Radio Society of  Great Britain). The  full
listings are now available at and include the  Honour
Roll, the Annual Listing, the SWL Listing and the Club Station Listing.
1 F9RM  930    7 G3AAE  904   11 I8KNT  903   18 IK1AIG 891   24 IT9GAI 881
2 I1ZL  920    7 ON6HE  904   14 I8XTX  902   20 DL8NU  890   24 ON4AAC 881
3 I1SNW 912    7 VE3XN  904   15 ON5KL  900   20 F2BS   890   24 W4BAA  881
4 9A2AA 910    7 W9DC   904   16 I8ACB  899   22 G3GIQ  885   28 ON7EM  880
5 EA4MY 906   11 GM3ITN 903   17 IK1JJB 897   22 K9PPY  885   29 OH2QQ  879
6 I2YDX 905   11 I1HYW  903   18 I2MWZ  891   24 F6AJA  881   30 VE6VK  878

HC & HC8 DX AWARDS ---> Rick, NE8Z reports two new DX awards are available to
licenced amateurs  and SWLs  to recognize  all past,  present and  future  DX
operations from Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. The certificates and award
rules can be viewed

PIRATE ---> Someone signing XQ0X was active (20 metres SSB and 10 metres  CW)
on 4 June. The Daily DX reports that Mickey, CE3ESS (the QSL manager for  the
genuine XQ0X) says it was a pirate.

RRC CHECKPOINTS ---> The following three new checkpoints have been  appointed
for card checking  for all of  the awards sponsored  by the Russian  Robinson
Club ( Joel Sutterlin, F5PAC (,
for French speaking countries), Russell  Aubrey Wilson, VE6VK  (,
for  Canada),  Alex  Goldenberg,  4Z5KJ  (,  for
Middle East countries). [TNX RZ3EM]

QSL 3C2JJ ---> Didier, F5OGL reports there have been some "problems" with the
cards sent to TR8XX in Gabon.  If you are still waiting for  your QSL, it  is
advisable to  use TR8XX/F2XX's  address in  France  ("not fast  but  safer"):
Jean-Claude Jupin, Chemin Gelos, F-64990 Lahonce, France.

QSL CX1JJ --->  Mariana, CX1JJ  reports a  new change  in the  QSL route  for
CX1JK, CX3JE and herself [425DXN 471].  Cards should now be sent direct  only
to the following address: P.O. Box 68164, 50000 Salto, Uruguay.

QSL A61AT ---> The new QSL manager as of 1 June 2000 is IT9ZGY.

QSL EO55FI ---> Nikolay, UX0FF has  realized he gave a  wrong POB number  (62
instead of 60) for this special  event station. Please note that the  correct
QSL route is via UX3FW, Yurij Kucherenko, P.O. Box 60, Izmail 68600, Ukraine.

QSL W5RRR --->  "The Johnson Space  Center ARC is  active and  makes many  DX
contacts", Dale, KG5U reports. "Because  of costs of  using the QSL  bureaux,
the club has  long only accepted  direct QSL'ing to  the space  center or  to
KG5U". The addresses are  NASA Johnson Space  Center, Attn: AW7/JSCARC,  2101
NASA Road 1, Houston, TX 77058-2101, USA (for W5RRR) and Dale L Martin, 12610
Barbizon Drive, Houston, TX 77089-6506, USA (for KG5U).

QSL NOT VIA F6AJA  ---> Please note  that Jean-Michel, F6AJA  is not the  QSL
manager for the recent (April 2000) FK8KAB/p operation. The logs  Jean-Michel
has are for the 4-8 October  1993 operation from the Chesterfields  (OC-176).
Cards for of FK8KAB/p should be  sent to ARANC, P.O.  Box 3956, 98846  Noumea
Cedex, Nouvelle Caledonie.

QSL UN0LL ---> QSL manager Ron St.Laurent, ND5S reports he has not heard from
Vlad, UN0LL since 23 January, when Vlad was reported to be quite sick and  in
the hospital. If you have a  current e-mail address for Vlad, please  contact
Ron at

QSL VIA F6BUM ---> Jack,  F6BUM ( has  started
processing the  cards for  his FM/F6BUM  operation. He  is trying  to find  a
sponsor for the NA-045 cards (see XE above).

QSL VIA  IK4RQJ --->  Augusto reports  he has  processed  all of  the  direct
requests received  for  his 7-9  April  operation from  Scanno  di  Piallazza
(EU-155, IIA FE-001) and Mezzanino  (IIA FE-004). Bureau  cards will be  sent
within a couple of weeks.

QSL VIA IK7XIV  ---> Roberto reports  his old computer  and backup disks  are
gone due  to a  virus. He  is busily  retyping  some 30,000  QSOs  (including
IK7XIV, IQ7A, IL7/, IJ7/, SV8/IK7XIV) from  good old paper logs into his  new
PC, but bureau cards processing has been considerably slowed down. Please  be

QSL VIA SP5AUC ---> Tom, SP5AUC is now back home for a two-month holiday. The
problems at the post office [425DXN 467]  are being sorted out, so those  who
need a card for  YI9CW, 3W7CW or  XU7AAS can send  their direct only  request
(Tom is not a member of PZK does not  receives cards from the bureau) to  Tom
Rogowski, P.O. Box 11, 02-800 Warszawa, Poland. [TNX SP5EWY]

QSL VIA VK4NM/VK4DX ---> Please  note that Mike,  VK4NM has recently  changed
his callsign and is signing VK4DX now ( Mike is the
QSL manager for T94CQ  and the only  valid address is  Mike M. Sivcevic,  2/9
Pear Street, Greenslopes  4120, Australia  or via  the VK4  QSL bureau.  [TNX

SOUTH SHETLANDS ---> For those who  asked: Marek, LU1ZI/HF0POL on 7 June  was
active from Argentinian Antarctic base Teniente Jubany on King George Island,
South Shetalnds (AN-010). QSL via SP3WVL.

VK (80 METRES)  ---> The  Australian Communications  Authority has  announced
that the band 3776 to 3800 kHz will be reallocated to the Amateur Service  as
of 1 January  2004. The  current VK  band on  80 metres  is only  6 kHz  wide
(3794-3800 kHz). [TNX VK4DX]

WRC ---> The Russian Robinson  Club sponsors the  "World Robinson Cup"  (WRC,
e-mail  for  contacting  stations  operating  from  islands
between  1  May  and  30  September  2000.  The  national  island  programmes
considered by  WRC are  RRA (Russia),  DIB  (Brazil), C.Is.A  (Canada),  IOCA
(Croatia), DIFM (France),  IOSA (Scotland),  DIE (Spain),  IIA (Italy),  SPIA
(Poland), UIA (Ukraine), USI (USA), the Danish Islands and the German Islands
Awards. Full information  is available  at  [TNX

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

LOGS (BQ9):   The BQ9P 2000 logs are available for searching via e-mail. Send
               an e-mail message to with ONLY the call  sign
               you wish to  search in the  Subject line, and  NOTHING else  on
               that line. You will receive an  e-mail shortly with a  response
               to your query. If the e-mail   you receive does not  correspond
               to your log, feel free to e-mail Steve, KU9C at,
               or follow the instructions in the email response, which will be
               forwarded to him. [TNX KU9C]
LOGS (PY0F):  The PY0F/PY2ZDX logs  are available for  searching via  e-mail.
               Send an e-mail message to with your call  in
               the Subject line and PY2ZDX-0Fin the body of the message.  [TNX

QSL received via direct:  3A/VA3EU,3B8/KD6WW, 3B9R, 3C0R, 3W2GAX/p  (AS-128),
3XY2D, 4W/N5KO,  4W/W3UR,  4W6EB, 4W6/VK2QF,  4X4MY,  4Z1JS, 5A1A  (3/99  and
4/99), 5X4C, 5Z4WI (AF-067), 6D2X, 6Y3A,  7X4AN, 8Q7TB, 9G5XO, 9J2DR,  9J2FR,
9M2TO, 9M6BG, 9N7RB, 9V1RG, A52A, BD7NQ, BI3H, CE0Y/G0KBO, CE0Y/UA6AF,  CE0Z,
(OC-152), FO0HWU (OC-152),  FO0SOU (OC-027  & OC-067),  FT5XN, FW5ZL,  GB5RO,
GM3VLB/P (EU-111), H40MS, HC1HC, HD8Z, HF0POL,  HR1LW, IK4RQJ/4 (EU-155;  IIA
FE-001), IK8WEJ/8  (EU-144), IL7/IZ0CKJ  (EU-050;  IIA FG-004,  008),  J28MD,
J28NH, JA6LCJ/6 (AS-036), NP2/K7BV, P29VMS  (OC-231), P49MR, PP5UU  (SA-027),
PY1NEZ/PP1 (SA-067),  R1/HF0POL, RI1P  (EU-102),  S79BL, T2DX,  T30CW,  T30Y,
T31K, T31T, T32BO, T33CW, T33Y, T92000, TE8CH, TM5CRO (EU-070), TX0DX, V47AX,
V47C,  V47CA,  V47CC,  V47CX,  V47GS,  V47OV,  V73CW,  V73XP,  V8AAP,  VE7EDZ
(NA-061),  VK7FLI  (OC-195),  VK9CN,  VK9CP,  VK9XT,  VK9XU,  VU2LE,  XF4LWY,
XQ5BIB/8 (SA-032),  XR0ZY, XW2A,  YB0CEF,  YB3OSE, YC5XIP  (OC-107),  YC8TXW,
YC8XNE  (OC-076), ZB2ZDK, ZK3CW (OC-048), ZM7ZB, ZS31ER (AF-085),

QSL received  via WF5E  QSL  Service:   3C5DX,  3D2DK, 3W6DXI,  4U1UN,  6V1C,
6W1QV/P, 7Q7RM, 6Y2A, 8R1ZB, A45XR, A61AJ, AH8LG, BA4TB, BD7NQ, BT2HC, BV7FC,
T20FW, TF7RX,  TF8GX,  TL5A, TN7A,  TR8CA,  UA0FDX, V26MM,  V31JZ,  VK3AJJ/P,
VP9/N1RCT, W2FXA/VP9, XUX0  (AS-133), XZ1N, ZD7DP,  ZK3RW, ZX0Z (SA-067;  DIB
068), ZY8R (SA-070; DIB 025).

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