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425 DX News #488
9 September 2000
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information
Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages

                  >>> E-MAIL PROBLEMS & CHANGE OF ADDRESS <<<

The publishing of this issue  of 425 DX  News has been  delayed by a  several
serious problems at my provider's, which  prevented me from receiving  e-mail
messages for almost four days. I have therefore decided to open a new  e-mail
account with another, more reliable provider. Please note that with immediate
effect  the  new  e-mail  address for  Mauro Pregliasco,  I1JQJ  (KB2TJM)  is
My    three   mirror    addresses    (,    and will be activated on this basis within a few days.

                      >>> NEW TOOL ON WWW.425DXN.ORG <<<

The opening page at now features an engine that  allows
you to search anything you want within the site.

                    >>> Pero Simundza, 9A4SP/4W6SP, SK <<<

Pero was  one  of the  three  UNHCR (United  Nations  High  Commissioner  for
Refugees) workers who were murdered in  Atambua, West Timor during a  militia
assault on 6 September. He was only 29  but had been working for UNHCR  since
1992. He  was  based in  Metkovic  (Croatia) during  the  war in  Bosnia  and
Herzegovina and  later in  Mostar (Bosnia  and  Herzegovina), from  where  he
operated as T98P. Before joining UNHCR in West Timor earlier this year,  Pero
spent a few months in Albania (ZA/9A4SP) helping UNHCR operations during  the
Kosovo crisis. Pero was one of  the first amateur  radio operators from  East
Timor; he became  active on 21  April and logged  some 5,000  QSOs as  4W6SP.
Condolences can be posted at

3DA     - Reinhard, DL6DQW (see  C9 below)  plans to  operate from  Swaziland
           between 23 and 28  September. Callsign to  be issued upon  arrival.
           QSL via DL6DQW either direct or through the bureau. [TNX DL2VFR]
3V      - Hans, DF2UU and Win, DK9IP have been active from club station 3V8BB
           since 6 September. They will participate  in the Worked All  Europe
           (WAE) Contest SSB on 9-10 September and plan to operate until early
           morning (UTC) on the 13th. QSL (for this operation only) via DK9IP.
           All of the QSOs will be confirmed automatically through the bureau;
           if you need a direct card DK9IP's new address is: Winfried  Kriegl,
           Schoellbronner Str. 72, 76199 Karlsruhe, Germany. [TNX DK9IP]
4W      - "Jose, CT1FKN,  has been  in Dili,  East  Timor since  August  15th
           working in the Portuguese Army for the United Nations  Transitional
           Administration in  East  Timor (UNTAET).  He  will be  there  until
           February 2001",  The Daily  DX reports.  He expects  to operate  as
           4W6FK very soon.
9G      - Andy, G4ZVJ will be in Ghana  and Togo between 9 and 21  September.
           Expect some CW activity from 9G5VJ and possibly from 5V7VJ. QSL via
           G4ZVJ. [TNX G4ZVJ]
C9      - Reinhard, DL6DQW is active (CW and SSB on HF and 6 metres) as C91RF
           from Mozambique between  until 23 September.  He will operate  from
           Maputo, but on 15-18 September he will move to Mocambique Island to
           activate the Nampula  District group (AF-???)  as C91RF/p. QSL  via
           DL6DQW either direct or through the bureau. [TNX DL2VFR]
D6      - RSGB President Don Beattie, G3OZF, will be active as D68/G3OZF from
           the Comoros Islands (AF-007) between 12 and 18 September. This will
           be a reconnaissance trip in view of the major DXpedition that  will
           take place in  February 2001 (see  "Comoros 2001"  below). QSL  via
DL      - Look for DF8QW and DF8XU to  operate from Pellworm Island  (EU-042,
           DID/GIA N-023) between 17  September and 15  October. QSL via  home
           calls. Information on the German Islands  Award (DID) can be  found
           at [TNX DL2VFR]
I       - Look for Gabriele,  IE9/I2VGW to  operate from  Ustica (EU-051)  on
           8-16 September. QSL via home call. [TNX I2VGW]
I       - Special  call  IR0MM  will  be  aired   on  15-17  September   from
           Montecassino Abbey. QSL via I0YKN (Nuccio Meoli, Via della stazione
           sn, 04010 Cori - LT, Italy). [TNX I0YKN]
I       - Look for Antonello, IA5/IK0GDG to be  active from Argentarola  (IIA
           GR-003, not IOTA) on 9 September.
I       - Special event station II6FII  will be activated  on all bands  from
           Jesi between 20 and 25 September during a congress on  propagation.
           QSL via IK6LLE. The web site  is at  [TNX
LU_ant  - The GACW  operation from  Vicecomodoro Marambio  Antarctic base  on
           Seymour Island  (AN-013) [425DXN  487] has  been postponed  due  to
           logistics problems.  The new  tentative date  is March  2001.  [TNX
           WC6DX and Islands On The Web]
OZ      - Look for Jakob,  OZ7AEI/p to operate  from Jegindo Island  (EU-171,
           NJ-006 for the Danis Islands Award)  on 15 September between 8  and
           12 UTC. QSL via OZ7AEI  either direct (P.O.  Box 23, DK-7760  Hurup
           Thy, Denmark) or through the bureau. [TNX OZ2ZB]
SM      - Hasse, SM3JBE  will  operate (CW  only)  from  Kalcksorarna  Island
           (EU-176) between 14 UTC on 9 September and 12 UTC on the 10th. [TNX
           SM3TLG and Islands On The Web]
SV      - Simon, IZ7ATN is again leaving for Greece and plans to operate from
           Proti (EU-158) on  8-10 September  and from  EU-052 (from  Kalamos,
           Kastos or Meganissi)  on 10-12 September.  A web  site for  Simon's
           operations    (EU-187    etc)    is    under    construction     at
T8      - Ken, JA3MVI has been active  as T88YQ from  Palau (OC-009) since  5
           September and will be there until  the 10th. QSL via JA3MVI  either
           direct or through the bureau.
UA      - Serge, RA0JJ reports he will operate (CW and SSB) as R8V/RA0JJ from
           Agino-Buryatskiy Nationalny Autonomny Okrug on 18-22 September. QSL
           via bureau or direct to P.O. Box 1, Blagoveschensk, 675000, Russia.
VK      - The VK6BM operation from Browse Island  (OC-234) started later  and
           went QRT earlier than planned  (but with 1758  logged QSOs) due  to
           bad sea and weather conditions. The operators (VK8DK, VK8AN,  VK8TM
           and VK6YS) were then expected to proceed to Cassini Island (VK6CJ),
           but they were unable to refloat the catamaran, which the rough seas
           had blown up on the beach. Being stuck on Browse, the guys  decided
           to reactivate  VK6BM for  a while.  Then, at  15  local time  on  5
           September, the expeditioners were picked up by an Australian  naval
           vessel with their  equipment, final destination  Darwin. The  VK6CJ
           activity from Cassini Island has been cancelled. [TNX VK4AAR]
VK0_mac - The supply vessel  "Polar Bird"  is due  at Macquarie  Island on  7
           November for the annual resupply of the station & departs for Casey
           Station (Wilkes Land,  Antarctica) on  the 12th.  Alan, VK0MM  will
           therefore be  permanently QRT  from 12  November onwards,  although
           there may  be minor  operations as  VK0LD from  Casey Station.  QSL
           route will be announced at the end of 2000. QRV times for VK0MM are
           available at
W       - Look for Joe, K2OLG to operate from NA-034 on September 12th (21-23
           UTC), 13th (11-13 UTC and 21-23 UTC) and 14th (11-13 UTC). QSL  via
           K2OLG (Joe Gumino, 1648 PGA Blvd,  Melbourne, FL 32935, USA).  [TNX
           K2OLG and Islands On The Web]
W       - The Aitken  Contest  Club  will  be  activating  five  IOTA  groups
           (NA-067,  NA-112,  NA-110,  NA-058  and   NA-138)  in  five   days.
           Operations have been set for 14-21  September. All count for  three
           points towards the RSGB IOTA Millennium Programme. [TNX G3NUG]
W       - Tony, WF1N and Lou, W1DIG will operate from Appledore Island, Isles
           of Shoals (NA-???)  between 15 (from  around 19 UTC)  and 18  (till
           around 12 UTC) September. Look for them on 20, 17, 15 and 10 metres
           SSB on the usual IOTA frequencies and  on +/- 7.260 kHz at the  top
           of the hour as long as necessary each hour for close in operations.
           Previously part of NA-148, the  Isles of Shoals  now count for  the
           newly created unnumbered  New Hampshire group.  QSL via home  calls
           either direct or through the bureau. [TNX WF1N]
ZD9     - Bob, ZD9ZM finally  came up on  21025 CW on  6 September at  around
           14.30 UTC after a  very rocky ride  to Tristan da  Cunha on the  MV
           S.A. Agulhas.  The journey  from Capetown  took an  extra two  days
           because of very  strong headwinds. For  up-to-date information  and
           QRV plans please visit
           [TNX G3VMW]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

LOGS:    Logs  for   ED1BD   (Mouro  Island,   EU-142)   are   available   on
 Cards will be ready  to be sent  from
          15 September. [TNX EA1BD]
LOGS:    Logs for the recent short PS0S operation from St. Peter and St. Paul
          Archipelago are at
LOGS:    The logs for the Low Land DX-pedition Team's recent operations  from
          Anguilla (31915 QSOs),  Montserrat (1351 QSOs)  and Barbados  (31108
          QSOs), as  well as  full  information on  the  trip (pics  etc)  are
          available  at   [TNX

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

COMOROS 2001 --->  The Five Star  DXers Association, closely  linked to  CDXC
(Chiltern DX Club), the UK DX Foundation, was formed from the core group  who
organised the  very successful  9M0C DXpedition  to  the Spratly  Islands  in
February 1998.  The  Association will  undertake  a major  all-band  all-mode
expedition to the Comoros (AF-007) next February, when a large  multinational
group of operators  will operate as  D68C for almost  three weeks,  including
three  weekends.  They   will  have   six  high-power   HF  stations   active
simultaneously when band conditions allow and activities will encompass  SSB,
CW, RTTY, PSK31 and, as appropriate, FM. QSL via G3SWH. [TNX G3XTT]

KH5K: HELP WANTED  ---> The following  comes from Garry,  NI6T: "The  Kingman
Reef DXpedition needs a medical professional  on the team. We anticipate  the
usual bumps and coral scrapes,  heat exhaustion and  tropical fungi, but  the
possibility of  an  accident, requiring  more  than basic  first  aid,  makes
inclusion  of  a  medical  person  a  necessity  for  us.  We  will  consider
physicians,  emergency  medical  technicians  (paramedics),  and   registered
nurses. Good interpersonal skills  are critical; good  operating skills -  on
one or more modes - will  be a plus. The succesful  applicant must commit  to
the October  15  to November  5  DXpedition timeframe,  travel  to  and  from
Honolulu at his  or her own  expense, and   contribute  $2500 as  his or  her
personal participation  in the  adventure." Please  reply to  Garry, NI6T  at

QSL 4L1W --->  Albinas, LY2MM is  the QSL manager  for 4L1W.  He can  process
direct requests, while bureau cards (or direct cards without return  postage)
are forwarded  to  his friends  in  Tblisi ("I  hope  they will  reach  their
destination and will be answered", Albinas says, "but I can't figure out  how
long it will take". LY2MM's address  is: Albinas Staraitis, Box 813,  LT-3009
Kaunas, Lithuania.

QSL 9A/IK4SDY ---> This card does not mention the name of the island(s)  from
which Onda operated in 1998. She reports that she was active from Krk  Island
(EU-136) on 8-9 August and Losinj  Island (EU-136) on 11-12 August, while  on
15 August she was on the mailand.

QSL KH6ND/KH5 ---> Logs through 14.27 UTC on 17 August have been received and
QSOs are being confirmed everyday. However "logs beyond that date will not be
sent anytime soon due to a  runway problem that does  not allow the  resupply
airplane to land", Tom, N4XP reports. If your QSO(s) is/are after 17  August,
please be patient.

QSL OZ/G3PMR/M ---> Alan, G3PMR welcomes e-mail requests for his recent brief
operation from Fyn Island (EU-172). Give the usual details and specify if you
want a bureau card or plan to collect your QSL at the RSGB International HF &
IOTA  Convention  to   be  held  in   October.  Alan's   e-mail  address   is [TNX G3PMR]

QSL PA6Y  --->  This special  event  call was  aired  by PI4RCK  (Radio  Club
Kennermerland, Westerduinweg  9, NL  1976 BV  IJmuiden, The  Netherlands)  on
21-28 August to celebrate "Sail 2000" in Amsterdam. An award is available  as
well, for details e-mail Theo, PB7CW (

QSL RI0ZKR --->  The QSL  manager for  RI0ZKR (AS-095,  July-August 2000)  is
RA0ZD: Alexey Antipov, P.O. Box 51, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, 683049,  Russia
(cards sent to POB 81, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 683038 will be delivered,  so
there is no  need to send  second requests).  Also please  note that  Alexey,
RA0ZD is not the QSL manager for RK0FWL/p (incoming letters are being  routed

QSL TU2MA ---> Arno, OH7XM is not the QSL manager for TU2MA. Cards should  be
sent to Michel Toure Vakaba, Box  520, Abidjan 01,  Ivory Coast. However,  if
you have problems in getting cards from TU2MA, OH7XM may be able to help you.

QSL VU3DJQ --->  Ram announces  that he  will QSL  automatically through  the
bureau for  all QSOs,  including contests.  If you  need a  direct card,  the
address is C.K.Raman, F-25/11. Dilshad Colony Delhi 110095, India.

QSL ZD9IL  ---> The  last ZD9IL  log received  by QSL  manager ZS5BBO  (Edwin
Musto, P.O. Box  211032, Bluff 4036,  South Africa) was  dated 30 June  1998,
while the last  log mailed  by Ian  has come  up missing,  the OPDX  Bulletin
reports. Ian will send a  copy of his  log in late  September, when the  next
mail ship  leaves the  island. For  the time  being,  please be  patient  and
refrain from sending second cards.

QSL VIA  IK8VRH --->  Recently Tony  was active  from  the islands  of  Dokos
(EU-075), Elafonisos (EU-113)  and Schiza (EU-158).  Cards will  be ready  in
late September and  can be  requested either  direct or  through the  bureau.
Please note that  Tony's current and  only address  is: P.O.  Box 173,  80016
Marano - NA, Italy. Do not send your  card to the old address (Via  Baracca).

+ SILENT KEY + The following announce comes from Don, AA5AT: "To the DX world
I am sorry  to pass on  to you that  'Brad' Douglas Bradford,  KZ5Q became  a
silent key on 31 August. He will be missed by many in the CW world."

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  QSL INFO  ********
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

CALL        MANAGER        CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3A/F5RBB    F5RBB          D2BF        EA8EE       RV7AA       NT2X
3A/IK1SLP   IK1SLP         D2EB        I3LLH       S0/ON6TT    ON5NT
3A/IK1YLL   IK1YLL         DU1/DK3GI   DL2MY       S21R        N4VA
3B9R        AA7A (6m)      DU1KT       KU9C        S92SV       SV8CRI
3B9R        K7ZD (10-160m) E20HHK      E21EIC      SV0LR       HB9LDR
3V8BB       DK9IP          E20REX      E21EIC      SV8/IT9YRE/p IT9YRE
3W2LC       VK6LC          E41/OK1DTP  OK1TD       SY2T        SC2CWY
3XY2D       W3HNK          ED4ISN      EA4EGC      T88IT       JE4JPQ
3Z0GC       SP6CES         ED9CCA      EA9CE       T88YQ       JA3MVI
3Z0MM       SP3JHY         EK1SK (92)  UA1RJ       T94DX       DJ2MX
4K5CW       PA3EPG         EP2MKO      RU6FZ (***) T99ZZ       DL3BZZ
4K8F        UA9AB          EX0V        N6FF        UA3AGW/5N4  UA3AGW
4K9W        DL6KVA         EX8MLE      IK2QPR      UE1QAA      UA1RJ
4L1BR       KE1HZ          EX8MMS      EX8F        UE1QKM      UA1RJ
4L1FL       4Z5CU          EY8/ON6TT   ON5NT       UE1QNY      UA1RJ
4L1W        LY2MM          EY8ZC       EY8DV       UE1QSK      UA1RJ
4S7VK       DJ9ZB          FK8KAB/p    FK8KAB      UE1RDM      UA1RJ
4S7VK  (*)  NZ9Z           FO0/F6DRO   F6ITD       UE1SAA      UA1RJ
4U/ON6TT/m  ON5NT          FO0AND      WA6FGV      UE3DZS      RK3FV
4U1WB       KK4HD          FO0JAN      K6SHJ       UP250A      DL8KAC
4W/OH2BF    OH2IC          FO0KUZ      K9KUZ       UP6P        UN5PR
4W/ON6TT    ON5NT          FO0MOT/p    OM2SA       UT9F        UX2FXX
5A/UY0MF    pirate         FY5FU       F5PAC       UV5I        UR6IM
5A1A (SSTV) pirate         GB5FI       GW0ANA      V26EA       PA5ET
5A31        5A1A           GM0CLN/p    GM0CLN      V26ET       PA5ET
5N2BHF      OE6LAG         GM4WLL/p    GM4WLL      V26FM       PA5ET
5N3CPR      SP5CPR         GU3VXJ      G3VXJ       V26WP       PA5ET
5N9EAM/8    IK7JTF         HH2SJR      EA5IQ       V63DO       JR3MVF
5R8FU       SM0DJZ         HI3HN       DH2JD       V63DX       JA7HMZ
5R8GQ       AD6KA          HS0/JR3XMG  JG3AVS      V63KA       JH8BKL
5U7DG       K4SE           HS2ZIU      E21EIC      V63MC       JH8BKL
5W0SF       OE2SNL         HS4BPQ      E21EIC      V63UB       JR3MVF
8N2000      JARL           HZ1AB       K8PYD       V63YB       JH8MYB
8P9JR       PA5ET          II1VE       I1BWI       VE3EXY/2    VE3EXY
8P9JS       PA5ET          II6PIX      IK6DUN      VK6BM       VK4AAR
8P9JT       PA5ET          IQ3V        IV3LNQ      VK9CQ       PA3GIO
8P9JU       PA5ET          J28AG       F6KQK       VK9XV       PA3GIO
8Q7XX       EA4DX          J28FH       WA2VUY      VP2MPA      PA5ET
8S6LGT      SK6GX          J3/DL2RVS   DL2YY       VP5/K4ISV   N2AU
8S9LH       SM1TDE         J3/G3TBK    G3TBK       VP5B        N2AU
9A/N0MX     DJ2MX          J45KLN      SM0CMH      VP5Y        KD4D
9A900Z      9A2DM          JT1FDC      UA4WHX      VP8CQO      CE8ABF
9K2ZZ       W8CNL          K1DW/4      K1DW        VU2ABE      JA4DOB
9M0F        JA1HGY         KG4AS       N4SIA       VU2JPS      VK9NS
9M2/JI1ETU  JI1ETU         KH2/K4ANA   W2PS        VU2TS (30m) pirate
9M6WPT      JA1WPX         KH6ND/KH5   K4TSJ       VU3MCV      ON7LX
A50CDX      pirate         LZ2000A     LZ2HM       XU7ABI      ON5NT
A52FH       F8RZ           MM0BQI/p    MM0BQI      XV9TH       SK7AX
A92V        pirate         NH0Y        KH0EN       YB0A        W3HNK
AP2ARS (**) ON5NT          NH6D/KH4    N6FF        YB0LBK      W4JS
AX2GWK      VK2GWK         OR0SCO      ON4SNW      YC0KTQ      KB6NAN
AY0N        LU2NI          OX/W5FKX    W5FKX       YI1BGD      G0MMI
BD7NQ       W2AY           OZ/G3PMR    G3PMR       YK1CW       pirate
BI2J        W3HC           P29CC       K1WY        YN1KD       TI5KD
BV5BG       IK7JTF         P39P        5B4ES       YW5LF       W4SO
BX5AA       BV5GQ          PP5AVM      PP5LL       ZA1E        I2MQP
C91RF       DL6DQW         PR8CBS      PR8BNP      ZB2FX       G3RFX
CE6TBN/7    CE6TBN         PS0S        PY2SP       ZD7VC       ON4CAT
CO0OTA      CO2FRC         R0L         IK2DUW      ZD9ZM       K4CIA
CO1OTA      CO2FRC         RF1P (99)   UA1RJ       ZG2FX       G3RFX
CO2JD       AD4Z           RI1POD (00) UA1RJ       ZK1FGV      WA6FGV
CO7OTA      CO2FRC         RI1POM (00) UA1RJ       ZK1NNP      DK6NP
CO8LY       EA7ADH         RI4M        RN4LP       ZK1SHJ      K6SHJ
D2BB        W3HNK          RK3BY/0     RK3BY       ZX2B        PY2MNL
   (*) North America only
  (**) op. ON6TT only
(***) ex UA6HCW

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  ADDRESSES  *******
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

5A1A     Abubaker Alzway, P.O. Box 74421, Tripoli, Libya
7P8BB    Private Bag X019, Ficksburg, South Africa 9730
BA2AY    Du Bao Lin, Box 73, Bei An, Heilung Kiang 164000, China
BX4AK    Chang Cheng-Yung, Box 922, Taichung, Taiwan
CE6TBN   Marco A. Quijada, P.O. Box 1234, Temuco, Chile
CN8YR    Mohammed Agayr, 72 Rue Brahim Nakhai-Maarif, Casablanca, Morocco
CO0OTA   Grupo DX Cuba, Apdo. 6060, Habana 10600, Cuba
CO1OTA   Grupo DX Cuba, Apdo. 6060, Habana 10600, Cuba
CO7OTA   Grupo DX Cuba, Apdo. 6060, Habana 10600, Cuba
DJ2MX    Mario Lovric, Am Oelberg 11, D-61231 Bad Nauheim, Germany
DU9BCD   Paul Dagondon, Mambajao, Camiguin Island, 9100 Philippines
E21EIC   Champ C. Muangamphun, P.O. Box 1090 Kasetsart, Bangkok 10903,
EA7ADH   Francisco de la Serna, Cristobal Colon, 28A, 41710 Utrera - Sevilla,
EA8EH    Antonio Nevado, P.O. Box 4-38626, Valle San Lorenzo, Tenerife, Spain
FK8KAB   A.R.A.N.C., P.O. Box 3956, 98846 Noumea Cedex, Nouvelle Caledonie,
          via France
HI3CAZ   Camilo Carrau, P.O. Box 381, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
IK0YUJ   Riccardo Bruzzichini, P.O. Box 59, 06012 Citta' di Castello - PG,
IV3LNQ   Luigi Lenardon, P.O. Box 34, 34100 Trieste - TS, Italy
JA1HGY   Nao Mashita, 8-2-4 Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
JA7HMZ   Shoji Igawa, 17 Shirogane, Yokobori, Ogachi, 019-0204, Japan
JH4TEW   Kazuo Shimizu, #302 Akebono-so, 2-8-15 Shiro-machi, Mihara 723-0014,
K4CIA    William G McDowell, 13208 Norwood Road, Raleigh, NC 27614-9134, USA
K7ZD     Gary McClellan, 3422 E. Altadena Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85028-2010, USA
OE2SNL   Franz Schmiderer, Hans-Hunt Gasse 6, 5760 Saalfelden, Austria
OM2SA    Juraj Sipos, 93013 Trhova Hradska 550, Republic of Slovakia
ON5NT    Ghis Penny, P.O. Box 93, B-9700 Oudenaarde, Belgium
PA3EPG   Ben van Leeuwen, Zwolseweg 57, 8181 AC Heerde, The Netherlands
PA3GIO   Bert vd Berg, Parklaan 38, NL-3931 KK Woudenberg, The Netherlands
PA5ET    Rob Snieder, Van Leeuwenstraat 137, 2273 VS Voorburg, The
PY2SP    Ademir Moreira, Rua Abaitara 108, Sao Paulo, SP 03714-060, Brazil
RN4LP    Vladislav Lakeev, P.O. Box 208, Dimitrovgrad 433512, Russia
S.A.R.A. Servicio Auxiliar de Radioaficionados de la Armada, Avenida del
          Libertador 8209, 1429 Buenos Aires, Argentina
SM7DAY   Fred Rahlenbeck, Arkitektgatan 21, SE-21563 Malmo, Sweden
UA1RJ    Yuri G. Sinitso, P.O. Box 10, Vologda, 160035, Russia
UN2O     P.O.Box 1, Atyrau 465002, Kazakhstan
UR6IM    P.O. Box 91, Konstantinovka-14, 85114, Donetskaya obl, Ukraine
UT8LL    Victor Russinov, P.O. Box 44, Kharkov, 61052 Ukraine
UX2FXX   Odessa City Young Radioamateur Club Station, P.O. Box 100, Odessa,
          65065, Ukraine
VK4AAR   Alan Roocroft, P.O.  Box 421, Gatton 4343, Australia
W8CNL    Raymond H. McClure, 5 McKenzie Circle, North Augusta, SC 29841-4319,
XX9CH    Ricky, P.O. Box 8005, Macau
ZA1K     P.O. Box 7464, Tirana, Albania

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