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425 DX News #489
16 September 2000
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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                    >>> Carlos Luis Caceres, KD4SYB, SK <<<

Gregorio Caceres (KA4UXJ) reports his 33-year old son Carlos Luis, KD4SYB (as
well as Pero  Simundza, 9A4SP, see  425DXN 488) was  one of  the three  UNHCR
(United Nations  High  Commissioner for  Refugees)  staff  members  who  were
murdered in Atambua, West Timor during  a militia assault on 6 September.  In
his last dramatic e-mail (TNX ON6TT)  Carlos wrote: "The militias are on  the
way, and I am sure they will do their best to demolish this office. [...]  We
are waiting for this enemy, we sit here like bait, unarmed, waiting for  wave
to hit. I am glad to  be leaving this island for three  weeks. I just hope  I
will be able to leave tomorrow." Please visit and sign the Memorial Guestbook
for Carlos at

3B6    - The preparations for  the 3B6RF DXpedition  to Agalega [425DXN  481]
          are in their  final stages. HB9JAX  and HB9FMU have  been forced  to
          cancel the trip,  but four  other operators  (namely 9A4DU,  CT1AGF,
          G4EDG and DL6UAA) have joined the team. The aim of the expedition is
          not to make as  many QSOs, but  to work as  many different calls  as
          possible. "Since  Europe  and Japan  are  simple  to  work",  HB9FMU
          reports, "we will give  priority to North  and South America  during
          the openings to  these parts of  the world. In  addition to that  we
          would also  like  to focus  on  the West  Coast".  This will  be  an
          all-band all-mode  (CW,  SSB, RTTY,  PSK  31, 6  metres,  Satellite)
          operation: for  further  details  on  operating  plans,  propagation
          charts, announced  frequencies etc  please visit
          (where on-line logs will be available  as well). The pilots will  be
          HB9HFN,  Cedric   (  for   Europe,  NF6S,   Larry
          ( for USA,  JA3LDH, Yasu (  for
          Japan and  PT7BI,  Daniel  (  for  Brazil,
          while Kurt,  HB9MX will  be the  pilot coordinator.  QSL via  HB9AGH
          either direct  (Ambrosi Fluetsch,  Lerchenweg  29, CH  8046  Zurich,
          Switzerland) or through  the bureau.  Please note  that the  minimum
          requirement for airmail (up to 20 grams, i.e. 2 QSL cards) is 2  IRC
          or 2 US$.  Last but not  least, just to  avoid misunderstanings  and
          disappointments: 3B6  will NOT  count as  a  new DXCC  Entity!  [TNX
7Q     - Ely, IN3VZE  will again  be  active as  7Q7CE  from Malawi  on  8-24
          October. QSL via IN3VZE either direct  (Ely Camin, Corso 3  Novembre
          136/2, 38100 Trento - TN, Italy) or through the bureau. [TNX IN3VZE]
8Q     - Adam, W7MP will be active (on 10-80 metres including WARC) as  8Q7AB
          from Bandos Island,  Maldives (AS-013)  between 30  September and  9
          October. QSL via W7MP  either direct (Adam  Boettiger, 420 SE  Kathy
          Street, Sherwood, OR 97140,  USA) or through  the bureau. An  online
          form to request cards via the bureau, as well as further information
          on the operation, are  available at  [TNX
E3     - Chris, DL5NAM (aka C56T and  VP2MCS) and others  will be active  (on
          160-6 metres) from Amara, Eritrea between 17 October and 1 November.
          Plans are to work CW, SSB,  RTTY and PSK31; possibly RS12/13 and  an
          entry in the CQ WW DX  SSB Contest as well.  Callsigns to be  issued
          (at US$500 each) upon arrival. Contributions are more than  welcome,
          please contact Chris (  for further information.  [TNX
E4     - Ten  Japanese  operators  (namely  JA1AFF,  JA1PBV,  JA1UPA,  JA1UT,
          JH1UBU, JL1TRH,  JR1GDR,  JS1QHO,  7K1REG  and  7M4CHT)  will  visit
          Palestine from  21  to  24 September.  They  expect  to  operate  as
          E44/home call,  mainly RTTY,  30 metres  and  6 metres  (50.115  MHz
          beacon). QSL via home call. [TNX G3NOM and JA7SSB]
EA6    - Look for Laci, EA6/HA6NL/p to operate on all HF bands mainly CW from
          Mallorca (EU-004) between 28 September and 5 October. [TNX HA0HW]
FG     - Florida DXPedition  Group (FDXPG)  members Bob/KR4DA,  William/N2WB,
          Bill/W4WX and  Clarence/W9AAZ will  operate (CW,  RTTY and  SSB)  as
          FG/home call from Guadeloupe (NA-102) on 24-31 October. They will be
          a multi-single entry in the CQ WW  DX SSB Contest as FG5BG (QSL  via
          KR4DA). QSL FG/N2WB viao N2OO and others via home call. For  further
          information     visit      and
FO     - Marcel, ON4QM left Belgium on 13 September for a  2-month-and-a-half
          staying in French Polynesia. He will first visit FO5QS and FO5NL for
          a few days, then he will  move to Hereheretue (OC-052). He hopes  to
          be QRV around 25 September, but  the actual date will depend on  the
          schedule of the supply ship he will take. He will operate as  FO0DEH
          (mostly SSB on the higher bands), probably using a battery as  there
          is no electricity on the island.  Marcel will be on Hereheretue  for
          around one month, then he will  go back to Tahiti and possibly  (but
          it will depend again on the  ship's schedule) to Maupihaa  (OC-057).
          His trip will  end on 25  November. QSL via  ON4QM (Marcel  Dehonin,
          Eversestraat  130,  B-1932    Saint-Stevens-Woluwe,  Belgium).  [TNX
I      - Mario, IZ8DBJ will be active as IZ8DBJ/p from the lighthouse at Capo
          Miseno (WAIL CA-004) on 24 September.  QSL via IZ8DBJ either  direct
          (Mario Pesce, P.O. Box 15, 80070 Bacoli - NA, Italy) or through  the
          bureau. [TNX IZ8DBJ]
I      - Erminio/IZ8AJQ, Maurizio/IZ8CEV  and  Giuseppe/IZ8CSD  will  operate
          (SSB and CW) from Scario Lighthouse (WAIL CA-011) on 1 October.  QSL
          via home calls. [TNX IZ8AJQ]
JA     - Look for  Ota, JG1SZE/8  to be  active from  Rebun To  (AS-147)  and
          Rishiri To (AS-147)  on 16 and  17 September. QSL  via JG1SZE.  [TNX
KH0    - Hidetoshi, JH8KYU will be active as KH0/JH8KYU from Saipan  (OC-086)
          on 23-24 September. He will participate in the CQ/RJ WW RTTY Contest
          (SOAB low power). [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
KH4    - Ted, NH6YK  (NH4/NH6YK) will  be  on Midway  Island  from 17  to  21
          September. "Although I have some work to do on the island", he says,
          "it looks like I'll have some spare time to operate from the station
          there. Due to the quickness/shortness of the trip, it will be  phone
          operation, potentially  from  160 to  6  metres,  depending  on  the
          propagation." QSL via the bureau or direct. [TNX NH6YK]
KH4    - Look for JF1OCQ and JE1RXJ to operate (on 80-6 metres CW and SSB) as
          W1VX/KH4 and  NB6A/KH4 respectively  from Midway  (OC-030) on  22-24
          September. A beacon will be set  up on 50.115 MHz. QSL W1VX/KH4  via
          JF1OCQ, QSL NB6A/KH4 via JE1RXJ. [TNX JF1OCQ]
SV     - Look for Ivan to operate (CW only) as SV8/G3IZD from Thasos (EU-174)
          between 20 September and 3 October. [TNX The Daily DX]
SV     - Eric, KU6J will  operate as SV8/KU6J/p  from Thira/Santorini  Island
          (EU-067) on 21-28 September. He will be focusing on CW, primarily on
          the WARC bands. QSL via  KU6J either direct  or through the  bureau.
          [TNX KU6J]
T8     - Kazuo, JA3ART and  Katsuji, JR3KFX will  be active (on  10-80 and  6
          metres) as T88JJ and T88FX respectively  from Palau (OC-009) on  6-9
          October. They  will  operate  SSB,  CW,  RTTY  and  PSK31  and  will
          concentrate on RTTY and WARC bands. QSL via home calls either direct
          or through the bureau. The addresses are: Kazuo Ebihara, P.O.Box 62,
          Sakyo, Kyoto,  606-8691 Japan  (JA3ART) and  Katsuji Takagi,  653-16
          Yodo-Namazucho, Kyoto, 613-0914 Japan (JR3KFX). [TNX JA1ELY]
TF     - Radio club of Reykjaness will activate (20-10 metres SSB, CW,  RTTY,
          PSK) the  callsign TF2OOO  from  call area  2  in Iceland  on  16-17
          September, starting around 9 on Saturday until 16 on Sunday QSL  via
          the TF bureau or direct to K1WY. [TNX TF8GX]
UA     - Weather permitting UA6CW, RA6AU, RA6AX, RU6AX, RK6CZ and RX6AH  will
          operate (with  three radios  and three  amplifiers) as  UE6AAD  from
          Dzendzik Island (EU-185) from  18-19 UTC on  21 September until  the
          24th. QSL via UA6CW either direct or through the bureau. [TNX UA6CW]
UA     - Look for Mike, UA1QV/1 and Victor, UA1QM/1 to be active (SSB and CW)
          from Kolguev Island  (EU-085) for 3-5  days around 23-24  September.
          QSL via  UA1RJ  (Yuri G.  Sinitso,  P.O. Box  10,  Vologda,  160035,
          Russia). [TNX UA1RJ]
VE     - John, VE1JS plans to operate from  the village of Westport on  Brier
          Island (NA-127,  C.Is.A. NS-011)  on  16 September.  Operation  will
          start around 13.30 UTC and continue  till about 20.00 UTC. He  plans
          to be on 20, 15 or 10 metres around the normal IOTA frequencies  and
          to QSY to 40 or 80  metres for close in  stations if requested.  QSL
          via VE1JS either direct (John Scott,  General Delivery, Sandy  Cove,
          NS, B0V 1E0 Canada) or through the bureau. [TNX VE1JS]
W      - Look for Joe, W4SAA/p to be active (CW with some SSB) from  Virginia
          Key (NA-141) from 21 UTC on 15  September until 17 UTC on the  17th.
          QSL via W4SAA (Joe Hornbach, 1650 NE 135 St Apt 807, North Miami, FL
          33181-1737, USA) [TNX HA1AG]
W      - Look for  KL7USI/1  to operate  from  Cousins  Island  (NA-137,  USI
          ME-041S) on 17  September starting after  15 UTC.  QSL direct  only.
          [TNX KL7JR]
XE     - Gabi, HA3JB and Bill, W5KAU will  be active (on  all bands CW,  RTTY
          and PSK) from Mexico as XE2/HA3JB and XE2/W5KAU on 6-7 October 2000.
          QSL via bureau or direct to HA3JB (Gabor Kutasi, P.O. Box 243,  8601
          Siofok, Hungary). [TNX OM2SA]
YJ     - Lot, DJ7ZG and Babs, DL7AFS will operate (with two stations on  SSB,
          RTTY, PSK31 and some CW) as  YJ0AZG and YJ0AYL from Vanuatu  between
          30  September  and  19  October.  QSL  via  DL7AFS  (Baerbel  Linge,
          Eichwaldstr. 86,  D-34123 Kassel,  Germany). Their  web site  is  at
 [TNX The Daily DX]
YO     - Pit, YO3JW/YP1W plans to operate again (CW, SSB and possibly RTTY  &
          PSK31) from Sacalinu Mare island (EU-183) for 72 hours (depending on
          local conditions) between 29 September and 1 October. QSL via  YO3JW
          (Fenyo Stefan Pit, P.O.Box 19-43,  RO-74400 Bucuresti 19,  Romania).
          [TNX YO3JW]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

LOGS:  Logs for EA4DX's operation as 8Q7XX (15,355 SSB QSOs) are now  on-line
        at  [TNX
LOGS:  Logs (as well pictures etc) for Rafal, SP6TPM's operation from  EU-186
        are available at [TNX SP6TPM]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

A51AA ---> The following comes from The Daily DX: "The French A52FH team from
the Clipperton  DX Club  installed  the radios  and  antennas for  the  first
Bhutanese Radio Amateur Club station, A51AA,  which came on  the air for  the
first time September 12th. It is the  goal to make A51AA a full-fledged  club
station, which will encourage young Bhutanese people to become familiar  with
electronics, telecommunications and ham radio.  This station will also act as
an  operation  site  for   guest  operators  coming   in  from  abroad   (see for more information). QSLs go via F2VX until a more
permanent QSL management arrangement can be made."

CRIMEA AWARD ---> It is  for contacting amateur  radio operators from  Crimea
(UU, UT#J, EM#J, EN#J, EO#J) and it  is open to either licenced amateurs  and
SWLs.  QSL  cards  are  not  required.   The  certificate  can  be  seen   at; for full information please  contact
Rusty, UU2JQ at

QSL 3W7CW ---> Cards are expected to be ready on 7 October. Then Adam, SP5JTF
will begin immediately  to send cards  out (some 1000  envelopes received  so
far). [TNX SP5EWY]

QSL VIA VK9NS ---> It has been said  and repeated for years, but still  there
are too many  people who  seem not  to understand  that Jim  DOES NOT  ACCEPT
BUREAU CARDS. In other words, do not use the bureau system for QSLling  VK9NS
or any of the calls he manages, because (1) not only you will never receive a
reply from Jim,  but also  (2) you  are causing  problems to  the VK9  Bureau
Manager (currently Neil,  VK6NE). Cards for  VK9NS must be  sent DIRECT  ONLY
with SASE  and  return postage  to  P.O. Box  90,  Norfolk Island,  NI  2899,

QSL YB0RP ---> Gene, W2FXA is the QSL  manager for Rep, YB0RP and reports  he
can confirm contacts made up to 2 september 2000.

QSL received  via direct:   3B8/I5JHW,  3B8MM, 3B9R,  3D2RW (OC-156),  3D2TC,
3DA0CF, 3DA0WPX, 3V8BB, 3V8BT (AF-083), 3V8DJ (AF-083), 3W50K, 3W7TK,  4L1ZG,
4S7BRG, 4U1VIC,  4S7EA, 4S7NZG,  4W/N5KO, 4W/W3UR,  4W6/VK2QF, 4W6EB,  4W6SP,
4X6TT, 5H1/PA3GIO (AF-063),  5H3/PA3GIO (AF-054), 5T5U,  5X1GS, 5X1Z,  5Z4WI,
K2KW/6Y5, 6Y8A,  7O1YGF, 7P8HH,  7Q7RM, 7X2CR,  7X2LS, 7X4AN,  8P9NX,  8Q7LA,
8R1AK, 8R1AK/p  (SA-068),  9E1C,  9G5MD  (AF-084),  9G5VJ,    9M2AX,  9M2TO/p
(AS-073), 9N7RB, 9V1XE,  A52A, A52NL,  A71BY, AB5EB  (NA-143), AL7O,  AP2JZB,
AT0VLH, AY0N/X  (SA-087),  BI3H, BQ9P,  C34SD,  C56HG,  C91RF/p,  CE0Y/LX1NO,
CE0ZIS, CE0ZY, CE0Z/OH3JF, CO2WL, CT1BWW/P  (EU-040; LH-647), D3SAF,  DS0DX/2
(AS-105), DS0DX/4 (AS-148), DX4RIG (OC-202),  EA8BH, EM5UIA (EU-179,  EU-180,
EU-182), EK6OTA, EK6TA,  ER2000A, ET3AA, ET3KV,  ET3VSC, EX9A, ET3YU,  EZ8BO,
(OC-063), FO0PT (OC-046), FO0WII (OC-152), FO5NL, FR5ZQ/G, FS/K7ZUM, FS/N3OC,
FT5ZJ (AF-002), FW5ZL, FW8ZZ, FY5FU/P, GN0ADX/P (EU-122), GM3VLB/P  (EU-059),
H44DX, H44NC (OC-149),  J48KEF, PA3GIO/HC8, HC8N,  HH2B, HI9/DL4ALI,  HK3JJH,
HF0POL, HS2AC (AS-107), JA5GPJ (AS-076), JA6CTW (AS-032), JD1BIC/JD1,  JJ6STZ
(AS-037), JT1BE,  JT1CO,  JT1KAA,  JY5HX,  K3ZO,  K4USI/4  (NA-213),  KB5GL/4
KH6ND/KH5, LY2CY,  OD5IU, OD5NX,  OD5RAL (AS-108  ), OH0B,  OH1LU/p  (EU-173,
EU-184), OX3UB (NA-134), P29VXX,  P40MH, P43E, PA6TEX, PA9MR (EU-146),  PJ4B,
R1MVA, RA0LOM/0 (AS-062), RM0M (AS-066), RU0LAX, S21VJ, S21YJ, S79AG,  SM3JBE
(EU-176), SM4DDS/5  (EU-177),  SU1HV,  SU9ZZ,  SV1BSX/8  (EU-075),  SV2ASP/A,
SV5FRD, T30CW,  T30R, T31BB,  T31K, T31T,  T32DA, T33RD,  T88AY, T99W,  TA1D,
(EU-179), V31JP, V31OM,  V47KP, V63VL, V73CW,  V73UX, V8A, VK4FW/p  (OC-142),
VK6EEN/p (OC-183), VK6EEN/p (OC-199), VK7TS/p (OC-233), VK9CN (OC-003), VK9CP
(NA-047), XR0ZY (SA-013), XU7AAV, XV9SW, XW2A, XX9TEP, XZ0A (AS-144),  YC8TXW
(OC-210), YI2OM, YK1AH, YM3LZ, YP1W (EU-183), YS1/OH2BAD, YS9/KE4LWT,  ZB2JO,
ZD7HH, ZD7VJ,  ZD9/ZS1B (AF-030),  ZK1NCI (OC-014),  ZK1VMM (OC-013),  ZK2XO,
ZK3DX, ZS23I (AF-077), ZS26BI (AF-079), ZS31ER (AF-085), ZY500Y.

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