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425 DX News #502
16 December 2000
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to:
Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information
Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages

3D2_fij - Dan, N6PEQ plans to operate as 3D2CQ from the Fiji Islands  between
           16  and  20  December.  QSL  via  N6PEQ.  Dan's  home  page  is  at
  [TNX The Daily DX]
8Q      - Look for our webmaster Maurizio, IZ1CRR (aka I1-21171) to be active
           (on SSB and possibly PSK and RTTY) as 8Q7RR from Ellaidhoo  Island,
           Maldives (AS-013) from 12 to 27 January. He will run just 100 watts
           to a vertical antenna, but this will be a vacation and scuba diving
           comes first! QSL via  IZ1CRR either direct  or through the  bureau.
           Further details, and in due course logs and pictures, are available
9M8     - Peter, PB4CC will  be active (10,  15 and 20  metres plus 6  metres
           "but not on  a regular  basis") as  9M8CC from  Sarawak between  22
           December and 6 January 2001. QSL via PB4CC either direct (Peter  F.
           Borsboom, De  Kroon 10,  3181MD Rozenburg-ZH,  The Netherlands)  or
           through the  bureau. His  web site  is at
           [TNX PB4CC]
CX      - Jorge, CX6VM is active on 12  (+/- 24.897 MhZ)  and 17 (+/-  18.073
           MHz) metres between 10.30-12.00 UTC and 21.30-22.30 UTC from Monday
           to Friday, but during the weekends he can spend more time on  these
           bands. QSL direct only to W3HNK  (Joseph Arcure Jr., P. O. Box  73,
           Edgemont, PA 19028, USA). [TNX CX6VM]
DL      - Look for DH3ZK  to be  active from  Poel Island  (EU-098) until  17
           December. [TNX DJ7ZG]
EA      - Pepe, EA5KB reports he will  be active from  Isla L'Assut de  Sueca
           (DIEI V-24, not IOTA) on 16  December and from Isla Raco de  l'Olla
           (DIEI V-008, not IOTA) on the 17th.
GM      - Pete, MM5PSL will be operating from the Sumburgh Head Lighthouse on
           the Shetland Islands (EU-012) during the Christmas Lights operation
           (sponsored by the  (Amateur Radio Light  House Society) at  various
           times from 18 December until 2  January. Look for him on or  around
           the usual lighthouse  frequency (14.270 kHz).  QSL via WA7OBH  (Lee
           Graves, 4341  SE  Satinleaf Place,  Stuart,  FL 34997,  USA).  [TNX
HC      - Otto, HC2/UA4WAE [425DXN 491] is currently signing HC2BEV, but will
           operate as  HC2DX  in 2001.  In  early January  he  will  have  the
           antennas for  160 metres  and  the WARC  bands.  QSL to  Alex  Otto
           Ogorodov Rafalsky, Correo Central, Provincia Guayas, Ecuador). [TNX
I       - Tony/IK8VRH, Antonio/IK8UHA, Luigi/IK8OZZ  and Alfredo/IK8YTF  will
           be active from Ventotene  Island (IB0, EU-045,  IIA LT-011) on  6-7
           January. [TNX IK8VRH]
S7      - David, OK1DTP will  be active as  S79OK (with 100  watts and a  40m
           delta loop) from Mahe and Praslin  (both AF-024) in the  Seychelles
           on 16-26 December. QSL via OK1TD. [TNX OK1DTP]
VK9_coc - Look for  Ed, AA4EH  to  be active  as  VK9CEH from  Cocos  Keeling
           (OC-003) on 23-30 December. He  plans to operate  mostly CW on  10,
           15, 20,  40,  80 and  160  metres. QSL  via  AA4EH (Ed  Hula,  1776
           Peachtree St., Suite 410N, Atlanta, GA 30309, USA). [TNX The  Daily
XW      - Mauro, IN3QBR will  travel to Vientiane,  Laos on  18 December  and
           will be joined  by Fabrizio, IN3ZNR  on the 24th.  They plan to  be
           active as XW3QBR and XW3ZNR respectively from the 27 December until
           5 (XW3ZNR) and 8 January (XW3QBR). Operations are expected to  take
           place on all HF bands CW, SSB  and possibly RTTY with 100 watts,  a
           tribander and  dipoles.  QSL via  IN3ZNR  either  direct  (Fabrizio
           Vedovelli, Via  Gramsci 27,  38100 Trento,  Italy) or  through  the
YB      - Look for  special  call  YB3ZMI to  be  aired  from  Madura  Island
           (OC-237) on 16-17  December. QSL via  IZ8CCW (P.O.  Box 360,  87100
           Cosenza - CS, Italy). Activity is expected to take place on 10, 15,
           20, 80 and possibly 40 metres  SSB and CW (maybe also RTTY,  PSK31,
           SSTV). The special licence will expire on 30 January and other IOTA
           operations are expected to take place during this time frame.  [TNX
           YC3IZK and IZ8CCW]
YB      - YB8HZ/p is currently active from  Bonerate Island (OC-???),  length
           of stay not known. QSL via home call.
ZK1_sc  - After his activity form the Fiji Islands (see 3D2 above) Dan, N6PEQ
           will move to the South Cook  Islands and be  active as ZK1PEQ  from
           either Rarotonga (OC-013) and Aitutaki (OC-083) between 20 December
           and 6 January. QSL via N6PEQ. [TNX The Daily DX]

PACIFIC TRIP --->  Angelo, I6BQI will  be touring the  Pacific for six  weeks
starting the  first week  in February  2001. He  plans to  operate (on  160-6
metres CW) from Tonga as A35BQ,  from Niue as ZK2BQI and, if  he can get  the
licences, from YJ, 5W, C2 and T3 as well. More information will follow.

AGALEGA 2001 ---> The 3B6RF DXpedition  to Agalega [425DXN 497] is  confirmed
to take place  from 5 to  18 May.  The team  now consits  of HB9BQI,  HB9BQW,
F6HMJ, G3KHZ and NK6F. As Joe, HB9AJW has been forced to cancel the trip, the
team is  now looking  for a  good  CW operator  with  contest and  field  day
experience;    if    interested    please    contact    Hans-Peter,    HB9BXE

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

10M BEACON --->  John, SV3AQR reports  that SV3AQR/B is  located at  Amalias,
Greece and transmits on 28182.5 using  4 watts to a vertical antenna.  Signal
reports are appreciated  and can be  sent to SV3AQR/B,  P.O. Box 30,  Amalias
27200,       Greece       (Packet,       E-mail

ASIAN DX  WINDOW --->  Eugene, RA0FF  ( reports  that  the
"Asia (((DX))) Window" (ADXW)  Internet Web Cluster  (
now has an open special notice board for skeds on 160 and 80 metres.

D4 ---> Jean-Marc, F8IXZ was unable to get a licence during his stay in  Cape
Verde [425DXN 500], but operated as  D44AC/F8IXZ from the QTH of Carlos.  QSL
via home call. [TNX F8IXZ]

DXVIEW ---> Given a callsign or prefix, DXView determines the associated DXCC
entity, reporting  its  location  and beam  heading  from  your  QTH.  DXView
presents a world map, upon which beam headings, stations you spot, the  sun's
position, and  the solar  terminator are  continuously displayed.  DXView  is
free, contains no advertising and its commercial use is expressly  forbidden.
Version       1.1.0       of        DXView       is       available        at [TNX AA6YQ]

OE1SNW/MM ---> This is Norbert who is cruising round the Antarctic continent.
He is  active  on  14313  KHz  and his  daily  position  can  be  checked  at [TNX OE7SEL]

PREFIX LIST ---> Rod, AC6V has finished updating and expanding a Prefix  List
at It includes ITU Block Assignments,  ITU
Zones, CQ  Zones, details  (where known)  of call  districts and  many  other
information  gathered   over   20  years.   Do   not   forget   to   bookmark!

QSL 7P8AA --->  Hans, DL1YFF reports  that the cards  for the July  operation
from Lesotho  have  arrived and  Fritz,  DL7VRO has  started  processing  the
requests received so far.

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

W3HC:     Information on the "W3HC QSL Fund" and an up-to-date list of all of
           the   125   stations   handled   by   Mac    can   be   found    at

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  QSL INFO  ********
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

CALL        MANAGER        CALL        MANAGER    CALL        MANAGER
3DA0AD      LX1NO          ER2000B     ER1BF      R1ANF       RK1PWA
3DA0AE      LX1NO          ER2000C     ER5AA      R1ANZ       RU1ZC
3G3R        CE3FIP         ER2000D     ER4DX      R2/OZ5IPA   OZ5AAH
3V8BB       I5JHW          ER2000L     ER1LW      RM9RX       RW9QA
3V8CB       DL1BDF         ER5GB       W3HNK      RM9RZ       RW9QA
3W2YL       JR3MVF         EX8F        DL8FCU     RN9RZ       RW9QA
3Z0KOR      SP4KSY         EX8QB       IK2QPR     RW9RN       RW9QA
3Z1MHV      SP1MHV         EY8CQ       DL1MM      SU9ZZ       OM3TZZ
3Z7PKI      SP7IIT         EY8JJ       LA5JX      SY2A        SV2ASP/A
4K8F        UA9AB          EZ3A        EZ8CW      T93Y        W6MD
4L/ON6TT    ON5NT          EZ3AA       EZ8AQ      T94KU       YO3JW
4L7O        DL7BY          EZ3AQ       EZ8AQ      TF/OZ5IPA   OZ5AAH
4S7DA       W3HNK          EZ8YL       EZ8AQ      TG9AAK      EA5KB
4S7VK       DJ9ZB          FM5WD       W3HNK      TG9AMD      EA5KB
4T4DJW      OA4DJW         FO0CLA      F6CTL      TI2WGO      N5BUS
4W1CW       pirate         FS/W2JJ     W2JJ       TJ1PD       N5DRV
4X4BL       WA2KNC         HC1MD       K8JLG      TT8DX       F5OGL
5B4/T93Y    W6MD           HC2BEV      UA4WAE     UA0QT       UX7VA (86-89)
5B4/YL2RR   YL2RR          HF0POL      SP3WVL     UA0QT/U0K   UX7VA (89-90)
5N2BHF      OE6LAG         HI3LFE      AD4Z       UA9C/UA9QDK RW9QA
5N3CPR      SP5CPR         HS0/OZ5IPA  OZ5AAH     UA9QDK      RW9QA
5R8FU       SM5DJZ         HS0AC       G3NOM      UN2O        IK2QPR
5R8GT       DK8ZD          II8CS       IZ8CCW     UN7QX       W7BO
5R8O        5R8FL          IQ4A      I4LCK  CW    UN7TX       RW6HS
5T5YD       F6FYD          IQ4A      IK4QJH RTTY  UN8GDR      IZ8CCW
5T5YD/P     F6FYD          IQ4A      IK4QJH SSB   UN8GF       IZ8CCW
5Z4IC       MW0AIO         IU4T        IK4MTF     UN8GU       IZ8CCW
6W4RK       F5NPS          IU8W        IZ8CCW     V26JT       K3JT
7S2000M     SM7TZK         J28VS       F4DBF      V31FH       F6BFH
8P9Z        K4BAI          J3/K2TE     K2TE       V31QI       K7RO
8S7A        W3HNK          J3/NB1B     NB1B       V47UY       KJ4UY
8S7IPA      OZ5AAH         J37K        AC8G       V51VE       ZS6DX
9A900BP     9A2DM          J38AA       WA1S       V73JK       V73AX
9G1AA       PA3ERA         J3A         WA1S       V73RX       W6WRX
9G5AP       UA3AP          J8/KQ6MW    KQ6MW      VK2BNG      IZ8CCW
9G5EE       PE1LUC         JD1BCK      JM1TUK     VP2MDD      M0AEP
9G5GM       PA3GGM         JT0FAA      IZ8CCW     VP5/K9DX    K9QVB
9G5PW       PE1PFN         JW1I        LA3FL      VP5/K9RS    K9QVB
9H3MM       DF4SA          JW5DW       LA5DW      VQ9PH       W2JDK
9H3NL       HA5DW          JW9GY       LA9GY      VQ9SS       N6SS
9K2ZZ       W8CNL          JY4NE       KB6NAN     VU2NGB      IZ8CCW
9N7RB       W4FOA          K7BV/VY1    KU9C       W1VX/KH0    JF1OCQ
A41KJ       N5FTR          KC4AAA      K1IED      WP2Z        KU9C
A52AP       N2OO           KC7JEF/MM   RA3DEJ     WP3A        W4DN
A52UD       K4VUD          KG4GC       W4WX       XE2NJ       F6FNU
AA1AC/VP9   AA1AC          KH0/JR1IBD  JR1IBD     XU7AAP      N2OO
AH6PN/HR6   W7TSQ          KP2/AG8L    NN6C       XU7ABQ      DK6ST
AY0N        LU2NI          KP2/WA0QII  WA0QII     XW0X        3W2B
BA4DW/4     BA4DW          KZ5C/KH0    JA0QBY     YB0ABB      M0CMK
BA7QT       W3HNK          LA/OZ5IPA   OZ5AAH     YB1XUR      W6MD
BI4S        BA4TB          LP1F        LU5FC      YB2BRW      W6MD
BV2UB       JH2FBI         LP7H        LU9HS      YB2UU       W6MD
BV3/JA0ID   JARL bureau    LZ0A        LZ1KDP     YB3ZIM      IZ8CCW
C21JH       VK2GJH         N4WIS       KT4P       YC0IEM      IZ8CCW
C6AIE       WZ8D           OD5RN       IZ8CCW     YC0KTQ      KB6NAN
CM2FN       EA5KB          OE/OZ5IPA   OZ5AAH     YC3DIK      IZ8CCW
CN2MP       EA9AM          OH0/OZ5IPA  OZ5AAH     YC3IZK      IZ8CCW
CN8NK       EA5XX          OX3IPA      OZ5AAH     YC8VIP      W6MD
CO2FN       EA5KB          OY5IPA      OZ5AAH     YC8VIP/7    W6MD
CO3JR       EA5KB          P40RB       W9RB       YC9WZJ      W6MD
CO8DM       DL5DSH         P49T        W3BTX      YC9WZJ/P    YC9BU
CP6XE       IK6SNR         PC50N       PA5BW      YI1AK       AD5W
CX6VM       W3HNK          PS5S        PP5MQ      YI1BGD      G0MMI
EA7/OZ5IPA  OZ5AAH         PT2/KC2BAA  OK1FWQ     YV5AT       IZ8CCW
ED4VDL      EA4DOI         PU1NEZ/2    PU1NEZ     YV5KOH      IZ8CCW
EG0XXV      EA4URE         PY0FT       JA1ELY     ZF2RP       K8RLP
EK8WB       IZ8CLM         PY0ZFO      W9VA       ZF2SA       W3GG
EM1KY       UT7UA          PY1LVF/2    PY1LVF     ZK2VF       W7TVF
EN23RW      UX2RY          PY1NEW/2    PY1NEW     ZL/SM3TLG   SM3TLG
EO100UKB    UR7UQ          PY1NEZ/2    PY1NEZ     ZS0M        ZS6MG
ER2000A     ER1DA          R1AND       DL5EBE     ZX2B        PY2MNL

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  ADDRESSES  *******
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

3W2B     Hiroo, P.O. Box 2659, Vientiane, Laos
7M4PTE   Kazunori Abe, 7-12, Kagura, Ashhikawa 070-8007, Japan
A92ZE    Capt. Julius Gostel Jr., PSC 451, Box 1198, FPO AE 09834, USA
AA1AC    Mark L. Stenning, 15 Coral Lane, Tiverton, RI 02878, USA
BA4DW    David Y.J. Zhou, P.O. Box 040-088, Shanghai, 200040, China
BA4TB    D.S. Yu, 40-501, Xicheng-sancun, Wuxi 214041, China
DF4SA    Cornelius Paul, Adelberger Weg 3, D-73104 Breech, Germany
DL5EBE   Dominik Weiel, Johannes-Meyer-Str. 13, D-49808 Lingen, Germany
DU1EIB   Warren S. Uy, P.O. Box 3987, Manila, 1099 Philippines
EP3SMH   P.O.Box 17665-411, Teheran, Iran
EP4PTT   C/O Directorate of Telecommunications, Box 11365 - 931, Tehran, Iran
F6AUS    Serge Soulet, P.O. Box 54, F-79402 Saint-Maixent-L'Ecole, France
GJ2A     JARS, P.O. Box 338, Jersey JE4 9YG, United Kingdom
HL4HLD   Bong Chul Yang, Box 18, Seo Gwi Po, Cheju 697-600, South Korea
HS0VGC   Maj. Gen. Aran Somboonsook, 56/17 Soi Samranlohakan, Ramintra Road,
          Bangkok 10230, Thailand
I4LCK    Franco Armenghi, Via Jussi 9, 40068 San Lazzaro - BO, Italy
IK4QJH   Giancarlo Gnudi, Via Valgattara 35, 40063 Monghidoro - BO, Italy
IZ8CCW   P.O. Box 360, 87100 Cosenza - CS, Italy
IZ8CLM   Salvatore Rapacciuolo, P.O.Box 17, I-80058 Torre Centrale - NA,
JM1TUK   Kazuyoshi Nasu, 3-12-11-201, Oda Kawasaki-Ku, Kawasaki 2100846,
JT1BV    Naranbaatar T, C.P.O. Box 820, Ulaanbaatar-13, Mongolia via Japan
JW0HR    Vlad Shakun, P.O. Box 224, N-9178 Barentsburg, Norway
JW0HS    Ivan, P.O. Box 127, Barentsburg N-9178, Svalbard via Norway
K1IED    Larry F.Skilton, 72 Brook Street, South Windsor, CT 06074, USA
K3RE     Robert E. Lee, 15527 Brandywine Rd, Brandywine, MD 20613, USA
KJ4UY    Larry Wolf, 3528 Oak Grove Court, Haines City, Florida 33844-9298,
LA4LN    Tom V. Segalstad, P.O. Box 15 Kjelsas, N-0411 Oslo, Norway
LA5JX    Ken A. Karlsen, Huvikveien 52, 3222 Sandefjord, Norway
LU5FC    Jesus Rubio, San Juan 2694, Rosario 2000, SF, Argentina
LU9HS    Javier Santillan, Fournier 2783, Barrio Matienzo, X5011CDO Cordoba,
OZ5AAH   Preben Jakobsen, 9 Knoldager, DK 2670 Greve, Denmark
PP5MQ    Mario Marquardt, P.O. Box 212, 89201-972 Joinville - SC, Brazil
RK1PWA   Nick Shapkin, P.O.Box 73, 164744 Amderma, Arkhangelskaja, Russia
RU1ZC    Valentin Mykitenko, Akademgorodok 2 1, 184340 Loparskaya, Russia
RW9QA    Vlad Kondratenko, P.O.Box 1, Kurgan-38, 640038, Russia
SM5DJZ   Jan Hallenberg, Vassunda Andersberg, SE-741 91 Knivsta, Sweden
SP3WVL   Tomasz Lipinski, P.O.Box 78, 69-100 Slubice, Poland  OR
          Tomasz Lipinski, Ul.Wodna 7a/6, 69-100 Slubice, Poland
SV2ASP/A Monk Apollo, Monastery Dochiariou, GR-63087 Mt. Athos, Greece
SV2FPU   Ioannis Ioannidis, Polivioy 57-A Toumpa, GR-54351 Thessaloniki,
T92000   P.O. Box 59, Sarajevo BA-71000, Bosnia & Herzegovina
UA3AP    Sergei Kulyov, P.O. Box 2, Moscow, 125422, Russia
UR7UQ    P.O.Box 99, Kiev-10, 01010, Ukraine
UR8V     Vladimir B. Fomichenko, P.O.Box 3-8, Kirovograd, 25006, Ukraine
UT7UA    Roman Bratchyk, P.O.Box B-19, Kyiv 01001, Ukraine
UX2RY    Andre Asriyanz, P.O.Box 14, Slavutich-3, Kiev obl., 07100, Ukraine
UX2VZ    Vladimir B. Fomichenko, P.O.Box 3-8, Kirovograd, 25006, Ukraine
UX7VA    Vladimir N. Vybrik, P.O. Box 5, Svetlowodsk 27507, Ukraine
VK4EJ    Bernie McIvor, 30 Brennan Parade, Strathpine 4500, Australia
W2JJ     P.O. Box 244, Allamuchy, NJ 07820, USA
W3HC     Carl F. McDaniel, 2116 Reed Street, Williamsport, PA 17701-3904, USA
W3HNK    Joseph Arcure Jr., P.O. Box 73, Edgemont, PA 19028, USA
Z35M     Vladimir Kovaceski, P.O. Box 10, 6330 Struga, Macedonia
ZA1K     Ben, P.O. Box 7464, Tirana, Albania
ZS6DX    R. Venter, 11 Bushbuck Lane, Monument Park, Pretoria 0181, South
ZS6MG    Vladimir Karamitrov, P.O. Box 1788, Bramley 2018, South Africa

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