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425 DX News #505
6 January 2001
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages

3D2     - After their activity  from Conway  Reef (see  below) the  operators
           will operate from Fiji as 3D2AD,  3D2AU and other individual  calls
           from 1 to 6 March. [TNX YS1RR]
3D2_con - YT1AD, YU1RL, YU1NR, YU1FW, YU7AV, YU6AO (YZ7AA), YS1RR, Z32AU  and
           Z32ZM expect  to operate  from Conway  Reef  [425DXN 501]  from  19
           February until  18  local  time  on the  27th.  The  call  will  be
           announced on 18  February. They  will be  active on  all bands  and
           modes on the following suggested frequencies:
           CW       SSB      DIGITAL    SSTV
            1.825    1.835    1.835
            3.505    3.795    3.575    3.723
            7.003    7.075    7.035    7.035
           10.104     -        -        -
           14.020   14.195   14.075   14.230
           18.075   18.145     -        -
           21.020   21.295   21.075   21.340
           24.896   24.945     -        -
           28.020   28.495   28.075   28.680
           50.105   50.125     -        -
           QSL via  YT1AD  (Hrane  Milosevic,  36206  Vitanovac,  Yugoslavia).
           Donations can be sent  to YS1RR (Raymundo  Rodriguez, P.O. Box  32,
           San Salvador,  El Salvador)  or to  VIPSAL 682,  P.O. Box  02-5364,
           Miami, FL 33102-5364,  USA. The web  pages for  the DXpedition  are
           under construction at [TNX YS1RR]
8Q      - 8Q7GB is  the  call issued  to  Gil, IZ1DLV  for  his  3-9  January
           activity from the Maldives [425DXN 504]. QSL direct only to  IZ1DLV
           (P.O.Box 7039, 16148 Genova - GE, Italy).
A2      - Barry, ZS1FJ and Gerald, ZS1GRM will operate from Botswana  between
           14 and 20 January. They plan to  be active on 10-80 metres (and  if
           there is demand on WARC bands  as well) mostly SSB as either  A24DX
           or A24/home call. QSL via ZS1FJ. [TNX ZS5BBO]
CE_ssh  - Oleg, UA1PBA is currently signing CE9/R1ANF from Chilean  Antarctic
           station "Ripamonti"  on Ardley  Island,  South Shetlands.  QSL  via
           RK1PWA. [TNX DL5EBE]
CE0_jf  - Look for Pat, CE1VLY to be active (on 10 metres only) as 3G0Z  from
           Juan Fernandez (SA-005) during  the last week  of January. QSL  via
           home call. [TNX CE6TBN]
CX      - Look for CX2FR and CX8FB to be active (on 10-80 metres SSB) as CV0F
           from Isla San  Gabriel (SA-057) on  12-14 January.  QSL via  CX2FR.
           [TNX CX8FB]
FG      - Jacques, F6HMJ will be active as FG/F6HMJ from Guadeloupe on  10-24
           January. [TNX F6AJA and Les Nouvelles DX]
HR      - Steve, G3OAG reports he  received an e-mail  from Rene, HR1RMG  "in
           which he said  he intended  to go  to Swan  Island (NA-035)  during
           February for 3 days, but didn't say when". [TNX Islands On The Web]
I       - Look for  IK7JWX/7,  IK7FPX/7 and  IK7LMX/7  to  operate  from  the
           lighthouse at Punta Torre  Canne (WAIL PU-009  on 6 January).  [TNX
J2      - David, J28EX/F5THR (ex 6W1AE, T94CD, TL8CD) is active from Djibouti
           until January 2002. He operates  on 160-10 metres  and is going  to
           have a 4-element beam for 6 metres. QSL via FB1BON. [TNX IK2IQD]
KH0     - Look for Haru, JA1XGI to operate  as KH0/JA1XGI from Rota  (OC-086)
           and Saipan (OC-086)  on 10-12  and 13-15  January respectively.  He
           will be active on 15, 10 and 6 metres CW, RTTY, PSK31 and SSTV. QSL
           via JA1XGI through the bureau or direct to Haru L. Uchida,  2-30-11
           Shintomi, Kawagoe, Saitama 350-0043, Japan). [TNX JA1XGI]
KH2     - Akira, JA8RWU will be visiting Guam  on 11-16 January and hopes  to
           operate as KH2V during the Japan International DX Low Bands Contest
           (12-14 January) if  he can put  up an  antenna at  the hotel.  [TNX
P4      - Alan, K4AVQ  will  be active  on  all bands  as  P40AV  from  Aruba
           (SA-036) on  13-21 January.  QSL via  K4AVQ (Alan  B Caplan,  14020
           140th Court, Apple Valley, MN 55124-9422, USA). [TNX The Daily DX]
PY0_spp - QRZ-DX reports that a group of DXers from Recife, Brazil (including
           team  leader  Jim  Faria/PY7XC,  PY7ZZ  and  PY7ZY)  have  obtained
           government permission to operate from St. Peter and St. Paul Rocks.
           The operators are providing their own transportation and there will
           be no  limitations on  their operating  times. They  plan to  leave
           Recife on 2 February, arrive on the Rocks on the 7th and be  active
           until around the 15th on 10-160 metres CW, SSB and maybe RTTY and 6
           metres as  well. Further  information is  expected in  due  course.
           Contributions from clubs and individuals can be sent to Bill,  W9VA
           (, who is coordinating this operation on behalf of the
           Recife DX Group: Bill Smith W9VA,  1345 Linden Ave., Deerfield,  IL
           60015, USA.
R1A_ant - Wally, whose  R1ANZ licence  expired at  the end  of 2000,  is  now
           active with the  Mirny Base's club  station call  (R1ANB). QSL  via
           RU1ZC. [TNX DL5EBE]
R1A_ant - Nikolai, UA3YH is expected to operate as R1ANM from  Amundsen-Scott
           Base (South Pole, AN-016) from  9 until 22  January. He will  share
           the radio station with  Neil, N8BPR, who  operates as KC4AAA.  [TNX
           The Daily DX]
T32     - Jarda/OK1RD, Jirka/OK1RI and Frank/OK1EK will operate as T32RD from
           Kiritimati (Christmas) Island (OC-024) on 11-25 February. They will
           be active on all HF bands CW and  SSB, with an emphasis on the  low
           and  WARC   bands  and   10   metres.  Equipment   includes   three
           transceivers, two  amplifiers,  and a  wide  range on  antennas  (a
           vertical for 160-80 metres, a 2-element delta loop for 40 metres, a
           GP for 30  metres and four  yagis for the  other bands). Two  pilot
           stations have been  appointed for  Europe only:  Mike, OE6MBG  (low
           bands)  and  Vasek,  OK1ADM  (other  bands).  Daily  logs  will  be
           available at QSL via OK1RD. [TNX OK1RD]
UA      - Look for UE1SAA to operate from Kamenny Island (RRA 25-01, not IOTA
           on 5-7 January). QSL via UA1RJ. [TNX UA1RJ]
UA      - Vlad/RV3IB, Peter/UA3IJP, Dima/UA3IAB , Andy/RV3IG and  Roma/UA3ITZ
           will operate (on 80, 40, 20 and  15 metres CW and SSB) as  RK3IWT/1
           from Demidiha Island (RR-22-09, not IOTA)  on 6-7 January. QSL  via
           UA3IJP (P.O.Box 5, Bezheck-4, 171984, Russia). [TNX UA3IJP]
VK      - DF9MV will be active from Tasmania  (OC-006) on 10-17 February  and
           from Flinders Island (OC-195) on 18-24 February. He will operate as
           either VK7/DF9MV or with a VK callsign. QSL via DF9MV. [TNX  DE0MST
           and Islands On The Web]
VP5     - Donald,  KN4UG  will  operate  as  KN4UG/VP5  from   Providenciales
           (NA-002) on 19-30 January. He will participate in the CQ 160  Meter
           Contest CW and in the NA  QSO Party (SSB) as  VP5AZ. QSL via  KN4UG
           (Donald Namm,  103  Birkhaven Drive,  Cary,  NC 27511,  USA).  [TNX
W       - Daniel, YO3GJC  will  be active  as  W7/YO3GJC from  Redmond  (King
           County), WA starting in January. QSL via YO3GNO. [TNX YO3GJC]
W       - The Magnolia DX Association ( will be  activate
           Dauphin Island (NA-213) on 23-25 February. Look for W4D to be aired
           from at least two  stations (with beams,  wires and amplifiers)  on
           all bands and  modes PSK31 and  RTTY. QSL via  W5UE (Randy  Becnel,
           P.O. Box 170,  Kiln, MS 39556-0170,  USA) or through  the ** W5  **
           bureau. [TNX N5FG]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

17 METER DXCC AWARD ---> DXCC has announced the addition of a 17 Meter Single
Band DXCC award. Applications will be accepted beginning 2 January 2001.  For
further information, please contact DXCC at [TNX N4AA & QRZ-DX]

BUREAU CARDS FROM VK ---> Mike, VK4DX reports that the Wireless Institute  of
Australia, Queensland division  has set  new pricelist  (effective 1  January
2001) for VK4  hams sending the  QSL cards  trough the  bureau. The  previous
price of 2 cents per card for members has increased to 10 cents per card -  a
500% increase  that in  Mike's opinion  "will probably  lead to  the  further
decrease of QSL cards received from Australia".

QSL YB3ZMI ---> Antonio, IZ8CCW reports the cards for YB3ZMI (Madura  Island,
OC-237) will  be ready  in a  couple of  weeks.  Requests will  be  processed
starting on 1 February.

QSL VIA PY7ZY ---> Ciro says all of  the direct requests received so far  for
his operations from  the islands  of Itamaraca  (SA-046, PY7ZY/7),  Itaparica
(SA-023, PY7ZY/6) and Tinhare (SA-080, PY7ZY/6)  have been processed. If  you
are still waiting for a direct card please contact Ciro at

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

CONTESTS: Calendars, rules etc. for all of  the major events  in 2001 can  be
           found at
  (by LA9HW)
  (by WA7BNM)
  (by SM3CER)
LICENCES: Do you not know  how to get  a visitor amateur  radio licence in  a
           foreign country? Veke, OH2MCN has collected and made available  all
           the  information  you  need  (application  forms,  contact  points,
           addresses,  telephone   &   fax   numbers   and   much   more)   at

QSL received via  direct: 3A/OH2BH, 3A/OH4GN,  3A2K, 3B8CF, 3E1AA,  4W/OH2BF,
4W6MM, 5I3A  (AF-087),  5V7VJ, 8Q7XX,  9M6ERT,  9V1YC,  A35AD,  A92ZE,  AC4WW
(NA-112), AH8A, AX9YL  (OC-005), BI2J (AS-151),  C91DC, CM6LE, CO7GC,  D44CF,
DS0DX/4 (AS-148),  DU9BCD (OC-235),  E29DX,  EM1KY, FT5YG  (AN-017),  HF0POL,
HL0C/4 (AS-085),  HZ1AB,  J75KG,  JD1BCK,  JW7M,  KG4OK,  KL7/K6ST  (OC-215),
KL7/W6IXP (NA-214),  LA8W, N2MR  (NA-111),  OA4SS, OK1RZ,  PJ7/K7ZUM,  RA0FU,
RU1A, SV1TP/3 (EU-158), T30R, T32O, T33RD, TA2DS, UA0YAY, V6T1, V73AT, V8PNA,
VK3MW, VK6BM  (OC-234),  VK6DIR (OC-140),  VP2MHX,  VP6BR,  VP6YL,  W5BOS/C6A
(NA-219), XT2OW, YC7IPZ  (OC-166), YC8XNE (OC-076),  YS1MAE, YW5LF  (SA-059),
ZD8V, ZK1AGL (OC-159), ZK1BQI (OC-013), ZK1YRE (OC-159), ZL4IR, ZL4IR/7.

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