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425 DX News #514
10 March 2001
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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                       >>> NEWS FROM WWW.425DXN.ORG <<<

- The 425 DX News DXCC Most Wanted Survey for the year 2001 is up and running
   on  our  web   site  -  if   you  want   to  participate,   please  go   to
- 425 DX News is  now also available  as a monthly  edition (either .doc  and
   .pdf formats) with pictures, DXpedition images etc.
- Do not forget that the opening page  features an engine that allows you  to
   search anything you want within the site.

9M      - Mirek, 9V1XE (VK3DXI)  will be active  (mainly on CW  on the  usual
           IOTA frequencies) as 9M8DX/2 from Penang Island (AS-015) between 13
           and 15 March.  QSL via 9V1XE  (Mirek Rozbicki,  7 Seletar  Terrace,
           Singapore 806908).
A5      - Dimitri, RA9CO plans to operate (on all bands CW and SSB) as  A52CO
           (hopefully) from Bhutan on 15-21 March. His main activity will take
           place during the Russian DX Contest (from 12 UTC on 17 March to  12
           UTC on the 18th). QSL via UA9DD (P.O. Box 69, Ekaterinburg, 620073,
           Russia). [TNX The Daily DX]
EA      - Pepe, EA5KB plans to be active again from EU-151 on 10 March.  Look
           for him on 12, 17  and 15 metres  (21260 kHz). He  will be QRV  for
           Asia around 8  UTC and for  North America  around 14  UTC. QSL  via
HK0_mal - Pedro, HK3JJH will be leaving for another trip to Malpelo the first
           week of  April. QRZ-DX  ( Editor  Carl  Smith,
           N4AA reports that "he will stay for 30 days this time. Please  note
           that Pedro does not work CW. I have been working with Pedro to  try
           and obtain  some financial  assistance and  other support.  I  have
           agreed to be the QSL Manager  for Pedro and have made  arrangements
           to have QSL  cards donated to  him". If  you would  like to  assist
           Pedro in making this trip, you can send your donation to Carl, N4AA
           (P.O. Box DX, Leicester, NC 28748-0249,  USA); these funds will  be
           collected in  a  separate account  for  Pedro's  expenses.  Further
           details are expected in due course.
JA      - The Toshiba Corp. Fuchuu  AMC station JA1YVT  will be activated  on
           CW, SSB and  RTTY from  O-shima (AS-008)  on 17-18  March. QSL  via
           bureau to  JA1YVT or  direct to  JA1CKE (Yukio  Hoshino,  248-1821,
           Tate, Hachiouji, 193-0944, Japan). [TNX The Daily DX]
T8      - Kai, JM1LJS will be active (on  80-6 metres CW  and SSB) as  T88LJS
           from Palau on  17-20 March. QSL  via JH8DEH  (Akira Miyata,  4-28-5
           Minami, Nishi 23, Obihiro, 080-2473, Japan). [TNX The Daily DX]
W       - Silvano, KB5GL plans to operate (on  10, 15 and  20 metres SSB)  as
           KB5GL/5 from  Ship Island  (NA-082) between  14 and  22 UTC  on  10
           March. QSL via  KB5GL either  direct (Silvano  Amenta, 5028  Hearst
           Street, Metaire,  LA  70001, USA;  contributions  are  welcome)  or
           through the bureau. [TNX KB5GL]
YB      - Dayan    Sianipar/YC6LAY,     Lily    Suryani/YB6LYS,     Agustinus
           Ginting/YC6JKV and  Zulkarman Syafrin/YC6PLG  will be  active  from
           Mu(r)sala Island (OC-???) on 15-18 March.  They plan to operate  on
           15 and 20 metres SSB. QSL via YC6LAY (Dayan Sianipar, P.O. Box  17,
           Balige 22300, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia). [TNX YC6PLG]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

PW0S ---> The final QSO count for the recent PW0S DXpedition to St. Peter and
St. Paul  Rocks was  around 7,800.  "The team  (PY7XC, PY7ZY,  PT7BZ,  PY0FF)
arrived at the Rocks on the morning of  February 9, finding the sea much  too
rough to even consider landing", PW0S  Coordinator Bill Smith, W9VA  reports.
"The seas subsided enough on the morning of February 12 to attempt a landing,
and they were able to get some  equipment ashore and operating by 2100Z.  The
bad weather  continued  with  high  winds,  lightning  and  rain,  frequently
interrupting operations.  Because  of the  three  day delay  in  landing,  by
February 16 the group was already way overdue getting home to their  families
and jobs. Supplies  were running out.  The weather was  such that they  could
safely get themselves and equipment off the Rocks, and the sensible  decision
was made to leave." The QSO count "is well below expectations", but they were
"7,800 contacts  that would  have not  been made  at all  without  incredible
courage and devotion to our  hobby. An effort  was made to  spend at least  a
little time on all bands and  modes, including RTTY". QSL  via KU9C. The  web
pages for PW0S are at (logs
should be available soon).

QSL D68C ---> Please note that the QSL manager is G3SWH (Phil Whitchurch,  21
Dickensons Grove, Congresbury, Bristol BS49 5HQ, England), not G3SXW.

QSL ZF2LM --->  Jay, AF2C  is the  QSL manager  for ZF2LM.  Bureau cards  are
welcome, direct requests  should include an  SASE or $1.00,  no IRCs  please.

QSL VIA IN3ZNR ---> Fabrizio  reports he will  start processing QSL  requests
for XW3ZNR and  XW3QBR (27 December  2000- 11 January  2001) after 15  March,
when he expects to receive the cards from the printer. The address for IN3ZNR
is Fabrizio Vedovelli, Via Gramsci 27, 38100 Trento - TN, Italy.

ST0P --->  DXCC  Manager Bill  Moore,  NC1L reports  that  ST0P (a  "lack  of
documentation" case) has been approved  and cards can  be submitted for  DXCC

TM1Z ---> Luc, F6OYU reports this is the first special TM call legally issued
by the licencing  authorithy in France  since "more than  one year". QSL  via
F6OYU (Luc Hedoin, 1020 route de Frans, 69400 Villeranche, France).

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

BV9L:   A photo  gallery  from the  recent  BV9L (AS-155)  operation  is  now
         available on Yuki's (JI6KVR) we site at
QSL DB: Boye Christensen, OZ7C has updated his QSL DBase (which now  contains
         281,430  unique  records)  for  Packet  Cluster.  You  can   download
         oz7c0103.exe at:
         A search  engine is  available at [TNX  OZ7C,]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  QSL INFO  ********
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3B8/G4BVY   G4BVY       CN8KD       EA5XX       PJ2/K6RO    K6RO
3D2AA       VE6VK       CO8CY       EA5KB       PJ2/W6KK    W6KK
3D2AD       YT1AD       CO8TW       IZ8CCW      PJ2K        K6RO
3D2AV       YU7AV       CT9L        DJ6QT       PJ7/ND5S    ND5S
3D2RR       YS1RR       CW0Z        EA5KB       PJ7/W3HNK   KU9C
3D2TT       YU1DX       D2BB        W3HNK       PJ7B        W8EB
3G0Y        DK7YY       D68C        G3SWH       PJ7WB       W8EB
3W2LWS      WA1LWS      DU5/LA7YX   LA7YX       PJ8/W1HL    AA1M
3Y0C        WA4FFW      EA8/DL7AU   DL7VRO      PT2/KC2BAA  OK1FWQ
4H2B        VE7DP       EA8BH       OH2BH       R3/DL7BO    DL7BY
4K6GF       TA2ZV       ED4MLY      EA4IF       R73A        RZ3AA
4K8F        UA9AB       ED5MUC      EA5VM       RZ1AK/p     RZ1AK
4L5T        LY2MM       ED6MVF      EA6ADY      S21YE       G4VLV
4L7O        DL7BY       EM1HO       I2PJA       S21YJ       SM4AIO
4U1WB       KK4HD       EN23RW      UX2RY       S79MX       HB9MX
4W/N7RO     pirate      EP3HR       I2MQP       S92DX       W7KNT
5A24PA      PA1AW       FK/F2CW     ZL3CW       SD5DS       SM5BDY
5B4/RA3DJA  RU3FM       FK8GJ       F6CXJ       SU/ZS6WPX   ZS6WPX
5N2BHF      OE6LAG      FM5DN       KU9C        T32RD       OK1RD
5U2K        I2YSB       FO/DL1AWI   DL1AWI      TI4G        TI4JVY
5U3T        I2YSB       FO0ARE      HA8IB       TK5KT       F6FNU
5U5A        I2YSB       FS/ND5S     ND5S        TK5XN       F2YT
5W0DA       F6EPY       FS/W3HNK    KU9C        TM5J        F8CIO
5X1Z        SM6CAS      GH0STH      G4DIY       TM5K        F5BGR
6Y5/4S7RO   G0IAS       H44MS       DL2GAC      TX5CW       ZL3CW
6Y8A        WA4WTG      HC2/KG4CIJ  HC2GT       UA1CIO/p    RZ1AK
7X2RO       OM3CGN      HC8Z        NE8Z        UA1PBP/9    RK1PWA
8P5A        W2SC        HH2SJR      KZ5RO       UA6CT/6     RK6AXS
8P9AP       K2WE        HI3/OK2ZU   OK2ZU       UN7JC       K8BTH
8P9JA       K4MA        HI9/DJ7ZG   DL7AFS      UN9LFF      LZ1YE
8P9JB       AA4NC       HI9/DL7AFS  DL7AFS      V31GI       PA3GIO
8P9Z        K4BAI       HP1/F5PAC   F5PAC       V5/DJ7XG    DJ7XG
8Q7CR       DF5JR       HV4NAC      IK0FVC      VI3GP       VK3ER
9G0ARS      IK3HHX      HZ1AB       K8PYD       VP2EF       AC8G
9G1AA       PA3ERA      II2R        I2RFJ       VP2EM       N6JRL
9G1MR       IK3HHX      II9F        IT9FXY      VP2EO       WD8MQJ
9G5EP       IK3BNO      IO7C        I7PXV       VP2EX       N8JE
9K2ZZ       W8CNL       IQ7J        IK7JWX      VP2MDY      NW8F
9M0M        K7XN        IQ8S        IZ8DBJ      VP5/K4CN    N2AU
9M6AAC      N2OO        IR2G        IZ2BHQ      VP5/K4ISV   N2AU
9M6DBT      WN7J        IR4R        IK4ALM      VP9/W6PH    W6PH
9M6MBT      WN7J        IV3JWE      IV3VBM      VP9KK       K1EFI
9V1GA       JA4BJO      J37BO       K4LTA       W4D         W5UE
9V1XE       DL4DBR      J37LR       VE3EBN      WP3A        W4DN
9Y4/DL2RVS  DL2YY       JD1BCK      JM1TUK      XA5T        N5TU
A35BQ       I6BQI       JW3FL       LA3FL       XU7ABQ      DK6ST
A35SC       JA0SC       JY4NE       K3IRV       XU7ABS      DL1DA
A41KJ       N5FTR       KH0/JH1XYR  JH1XYR      YB0GJS      K5ZE
A61AQ       N1DG        KH0WW       JP1IOF      YC1WAE      K5ZE
B7K         W2AY        LX/PB5CW    PA1TO       Z31JA       NN6C
BD7NQ       W2AY        M0SDX       UT2UB       ZF2AH       W6VNR
BD7NQ/7     W2AY        OH0Z        OH1EH       ZF2MU       K4BI
BQ9P        KU9C        OT1H        ON4ACT      ZK1EPY      F6EPY
BV9L        BV4YB       P40W        N2MM        ZK2BQI      I6BQI
C56/DL2OE   DL2OE       P49MR       VE3MR       ZK3HC       DL9HCU
C56/DL7CM   DL7CM       P49V        AI6V        ZL4CC       G3PJT
C56RF       G3NKO       PI50Z       PI4KGL      ZP5/DK7PE   DK7PE

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  ADDRESSES  *******
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

AC4G    Bruce Smith, 1056 Old Railroad Bed Road, Taft, TN 38488, USA
AC7DX   Ron Lago, P.O. Box 25426, Eugene, OR 97402, USA
DK7YY   Falk D. Weinhold, P.O. Box 700 343, 10323 Berlin, Germany
DL1AWI  Wolfgang Ziegler, Arno-Schlothauer-Str. 15, 99842 Ruhla, Germany
EA5KB   Jose F. Ardid Arlandis, Apartado 5013, 46080 Valencia, Spain
F5IPW   Joel Ricaud, 32 Avenue de la Vallee du Lys, 37260 Artannes-sur-Indre,
F6EPY   Dominique Auprince, 4 Allee de la Genestriere, 91600
         Savigny-sur-Orge, France
G3SWH   Phil Whitchurch, 21 Dickensons Grove, Congresbury, Bristol, BS49 5HQ,
H44NC   Norried F. Chaisson, P.O. Box 168, Munda, Western Province, Solomon
HP1RCP  Radio Club de Panama, P.O.Box 10745, Panama 4, Panama
I2RFJ   Ivano Rigoli, Via Spluga 3, 21050 Gorla Maggiore - VA, Italy
I2YSB   Silvano Borsa, P.O. Box 45, 27036 Mortara - PV, Italy
I6BQI   Angelo Brandolini, Contrada Colle di Giogo 36/A, 65010 Moscufo - PE,
IK2DUW  Antonello Passarella, P.O. Box 13448, 20051 Limbiate - MI, Italy
IK7JWX  Alfredo De Nisi, P.O. Box 218, 73100 Lecce- LE, Italy
IZ0CKJ  Alessio Roma, P.O. Box 22, 03023 Ceccano - FR, Italy
IZ8DBJ  Mario Pesce, P.O. Box 15, 80070 Bacoli - NA, Italy
JA0SC   Hirotada Yoshiike, 722-1 Shiba matsushiro-cyo, Nagano-city, 381-1214,
JA6GXK  Masafumi Ishihara, 493-4 Koba-Cho, Fukue, 853-0033, Japan
K9LA    Carl Luetzelschwab, 1227 Pion Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46845, USA
KU9C    Steve Wheatley, P.O. Box 5953, Parsippany, NJ 07054, USA
NE8Z    Rick Dorsch, P.O. Box 616, Hamburg, MI 48139, USA
OH1EH   Ari Korhonen, Kreetalank. 9 A 1, FIN-29200 Harjavalta, Finland
OK1RD   Jarda Semotan, Borova 155, 251 01 Ricany, Czech Republic
PA3GIO  Bert vd Berg, Parklaan 38, NL-3931 KK Woudenberg, The Netherlands
RA0JJ   Serge Smirnoff, P.O.Box 1, Blagoveschensk, 675000, Russia
RZ3AA   Roman Thomas, P.O. Box 38, Moscow, 129642, Russia
SM0AGD  Erik Sjolund, Vestagatan 27, SE-19556 Marsta, Sweden
TR8CX   Xavier Cholat, BP 4776, Libreville, Gabon
UT2UB   Andre Lyakin, P.O. Box 99, Kyiv 01010, Ukraine
UX2RY   Andy Asriyanz, P.O.Box 14, Slavutic h-3, Kiev obl., 07100, Ukraine
VA3UZ   Yuri Onipko, 66 Cavell Ave., Etobicoke, Ontario M8V 1P2, Canada
VK1WN   Bill Norris, 6 Crofts Place, Spence, Canberra, A.C.T. 2615, Australia
VK4AAR  Alan Roocroft, P.O. Box 421, Gatton, QLD 4343, Australia
W6RKC   Rick Casey, 10640 Tabeaud Road, Pine Grove, CA 95665, USA
W8CNL   Raymond H. McClure, 5 McKenzie Circle, North Augusta, SC 29841-4319,
WA4FFW  Mark McIntyre, 2903 Maple Ave., Burlington, NC 27215, USA
YC8TXW  Ronny Monoarfa, P.O. Box 166, Tahuna, 95800 Indonesia
YC9BU   Kadek Kariana Sp., P.O. Box 106, Singaraja 81100, Bali, Indonesia
YT1AD   Hrane Milosevic, 36206 Vitanovac, Yugoslavia
YZ1V    Radio Sekcija Kozara, Jurija Gagarina 210, YU-11070 Novi Beograd,
Z32AU   Dragan Kosteski, P.O. Box 35, 6000 Ohrid, Macedonia

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