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425 DX News #515
17 March 2001
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to:
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Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages

9M6     - Peter, G4MJS plans to be active again as 9M6BAA from East  Malaysia
           from 21 March to 4 April.  QSL via G4SHF  either direct or  through
           the bureau. [TNX The Daily DX]
CO      - Eduardo, CO8LY might operate as CO8LY/p  from Cayo Granma within  a
           week or so. According to Eduardo, this small coastal island is part
           of the Las Tunas/Holguin/Santiago de Cuba Province group  (NA-218);
           however its IOTA status, in the absence of detailed information, is
           not confirmed and  at the  moment Cayo  Granma does  not count  for
           IOTA. [TNX KB5GL]
EM_ant  - Igor, EM1KCC is  currently active from  Vernadsky Base on  Galindez
           Island (AN-006). QSL via UT7UA.
F       - Jean-Marc F5SGI reports his activity from Yeu Island (EU-064)  will
           be shorter  than previously  announced [425DXN  513]; he  will  now
           operate as F5SGI/p  from 14 to  21 April. QSL  via home call.  [TNX
F       - The Belgian group of "The Minkies Boys"  (
           will participate in  the IOTA  Contest from  Sein Island  (EU-068).
           They plan to arrive to the  island on 25 July and  to leave on  the
           30th and to operate as TM5CK and F/ON6CK/p. Further information  is
           expected in due course. [TNX ON9CGB]
FK      - Johnny, LA5IIA is going to  take a few  days' leave from  Norwegian
           Army in the  KFOR (Kosovo) and  hopes to operate  from Noumea,  New
           Caledonia (OC-032)  from 24  to 31  March. He  plans to  be  active
           mostly on CW (1826, 3505, 7005, 10105, 14005, 18075, 21005,  24895,
           28005 kHz) with some RTTY  (14082, 21082, 28082  kHz). Most of  the
           SSB QSOs will be made during the CQ WW WPX Contest (requested  call
           FX8G). QSL direct to LA9GY (Morten Antonsen, Hallsetreina 6, N-7027
           Trondheim, Norway) or through the bureau to LA5IIA. [TNX LA9GY]
G       - A team from Otley Amateur Radio Society will be visiting the Thomas
           Chippendale Primary School in Otley, West Yorkshire on 20 March  as
           part of National Science  Week 2001. A  special event station  will
           operate on HF and VHF with the callsign GB0TCS. [TNX G0SNV]
H40     - The OPDX  Bulletin reports  that Ron,  ZL1AMO expects  to  operate,
           probably as  H40RW, from  Temotu from  around  21 March  for  three
           weeks. The name of the island is not mentioned, but the IOTA  group
           should be OC-065. Look for Ron  on CW, SSB  and RTTY barefoot.  His
           liasion during  the operation  is  Dick, N6FF  (  QSL
           direct to ZL1AMO.
HB0     - Five French operators  will be active  (on 80,  40, 20,  15 and  10
           metres) as HB0/F6KQL  from Liechtenstein between  23 and 26  March,
           including an entry  in the CQ  WW WPX  SSB Contest.  QSL via  F6KQL
           either direct (Radio  Club MJC, 7  Rue de  Longvic, 21300  Chenove,
           France) or through the bureau. [TNX F5LIW]
HK0_mal - QRZ DX reports that Pedro, HK3JJH  will have neither amplifier  nor
           beams during his April operation from  Malpelo [425DXN 514], as  he
           will have to climb a  17-metre rope ladder,  get to an  overhanging
           catwalk and then reach the operating site on the top of the  island
           (350 metres above sea level). For these reasons he will be using  a
           long wire for 80 and 160 metres and a vertical for the other bands.
           Contributions can  be  sent to  Carl  Smith, N4AA  (P.O.  Box  249,
           Leicester, NC 28748,  USA), editor of  QRZ-DX and  QSL manager  for
           this operation.
HS      - QRZ-DX  reports  that  the  E29AL  operation  from  Terutao  Island
           (AS-126) [425DXN 512] is scheduled for  6-15 April. Those who  want
           to  contribute  to  the  expedition  are  invited  to  contact  Ray
           (,     Cy     (     or     Winit
I       - IV3HAX and IV3SKB  plan to operate  from the  islands of  Marinetta
           (EU-130, IIA UD-004) and Martignano (EU-130, IIA UD-005) between  1
           and 8 May. They should be active on 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30  and  40
           metres SSB. CW and RTTY. QSL via IV3HAX. [TNX IV3HAX]
I       - Special station IB0S  will be activated  from Santo Stefano  Island
           (EU-045, IIA LT-010) on 23-27 May. QSL via I0YKN (Nuccio Meoli, Via
           della Stazione snc, 04010 Cori - LT, Italy). [TNX Crazy DX Group]
KH2     - Yoichi, JP1NWZ  will be  active as  KH0XX/NH2  from Guam  on  22-26
           March. He will participate in the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest as AH7X/WH2
           (SOAB). QSL  via JP1NWZ  (Yoichi  Sakurada, C201  3-11-24  Nakahara
           Isogo, 235-0036 Yokohama, Japan). [TNX The Daily DX]
JA      - Masa, JA6GXK has cancelled his 21-30 March trip to Meshima (AS-056)
           [425DXN 511], but will  be on the  island from 10  to 20 April.  As
           always he will operate duirng his  spare time on 40, 20 (+/-  14260
           kHz) and 15 (+/- 21260 kHz) metres. QSL via bureau. [TNX JA3MZB]
J3      - The following frequencies  are expected to  be used  during the  30
           March-11 April operation  from Grenada  by W1HEO  and W5PF  [425DXN
           511]: 7030, 14030, 18080, 21030, 24910 and 28030 (CW), 7085, 14185,
           14240, 18140, 21320, 24940 and 28440 (SSB). Special attention  will
           be given to the WARC  bands and the  General-class portions of  the
           phone bands. [TNX W5PF]
JA      - Look for Take, JI3DST/6 to be active from O-shima (AS-012)  between
           30 March and 1 April. QSL via JI3DST either direct (Takeshi Funaki,
           2-18-26 Hannan-cho, Abeno-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka 545-0021, Japan) or
           through the bureau. [TNX JI6KVR]
LU      - Fifteen operators from Radio Club Rosario  will be a signing  LR7DX
           on  all  bands  and  modes  from  20  to  26  March,  including   a
           Multi-Single entry in  the CQ WW  WPX SSB  Contest. Their  activity
           will take place from Punta  Rasa, a Natural  Reserve close to  Cape
           San Antonio Lighthouse. QSL  direct to P.O  Box 400, 2000  Rosario,
           Aregentina or through the bureau via LU8FDZ. [TNX LU2FFD]
PA      - Ron, ON4ALW and other operators from UBA section "NOK" will operate
           from Texel Island (EU-038) during the IOTA Contest (28-29 July). In
           1999 and 2000 they used PA6TEX, but this year they will apply for a
           shorter call with a special prefix. Further information is expected
           in due course. QSL via ON4ALW either direct or through the  Belgian
           bureau. [TNX ON4ALW]
PY      - Look for ZV3F and ZW3F to operate  (SSB and CW) from Fort Duque  de
           Caxias (DFH RS-01) on 24-25 March. QSL via PY3UR. [TNX PP5SZ]
PY      - PU1NEZ/p (Carlos), PY1LVF/p  (Zeca), PY1NEW/p  (Pete) and  PY1NEZ/p
           (Lima) will operate  (on 10-80  metres CW  and SSB)  from Ilha  dos
           Francese (SA-077) between 29 March and 2 April. QSL via home  calls
           either through the  bureau or  direct to  PU1NEZ (Carlos  Guilherme
           Correa, Calle Presidente Backer 9 apto. 306, 24220-045 Niteroi, RJ,
           Brazil), PY1LVF (Jose Luiz Vieira Fernandez, Apartado Postal 18009,
           20722-970 Rio  de Janeiro,  RJ,  Brazil), PY1NEW  (Emanuel  Tavares
           Filho, Apartado  Postal  100659, 24001-970  Niteroi,  RJ,  Brazil),
           PY1NEZ (Rogaciano de Lima Correa Filho, Calle Belizario Augusto  91
           apto. 1101, 24230-200 Niteroi, RJ, Brazil). [TNX PY1NEZ]
TA      - After operating  as SV8/IT9YRE/p  (EU-174) and  ZK1YRE (OC-159)  in
           2000, Nando,  IT9YRE is  now going  to Turkey  and be  active  from
           Giresun Island (AS-154). This time he  has been joined by  seasoned
           CW  operator  Enrico,  IT9AXZ.  Look  for  them  to  be  active  as
           TA0/IT9YRE/p and TA0/IT9AXZ/p on 40, 20,  17, 15, 12 and 10  metres
           between 27 and 30 March. QSL via home calls. [TNX IT9GAI & IT9YRE]
TI      - Helmut, DJ4VW is active as TI2/DJ4VW from Ciudad Colon, Costa  Rica
           until 23 March. He plans to  focus on the WARC  bands SSB. QSL  via
           home call either direct or through the DARC bureau. [TNX DF6PW]
TX_che  - Les  Nouvelles   DX   reports   that   Jacky   (F2CW/ZK3CW),   Dany
           (F5CW/FK8VHY) and  other  two operators  will  leave Noumea  on  24
           April. The operation from the Chesterfield Islands (OC-176) [425DXN
           513] is expected to take place between 27 April and 2 May. The team
           will be back  to Noumea on  6 May. They  ahve applied  for TX0C  or
           TX5C. [TNX F6AJA]
UA      - Pavel, UA0YAY (Zone 23) will participate in this weekend's  Russian
           DX  Contest  (rules  at  QSL  via
           IK2QPR (Paolo Fava, Via Bertani 8, 46100 Mantova - MN, Italy).
UA      - Operators from "The  Funkner DX Family"  plan to  go to  south-east
           Siberia (Zone 18)  next summer and  operate as  either RZ3DZZ/0  or
           with a shorter special call from Yarki Island (not IOTA,  RRC-new).
           Those  who  want  to  join  the   team  can  contact  Yuri,   RN3FX
           (   The   web   site   for   the   operation   is   at
V5      - DM5TI is expected to be active as V5/DM5TI from Namibia between  19
           and 27 March. QSL via home call. [TNX VK2SG RTTY DX Notes]
V6      - Noz, JE8KKX will be active as V63KX from Yap Island (OC-012)  until
           21 March.  QSL via  JE8KKX either  direct (Nozomu  Takahashi,  2-5,
           5-chome 18-jo Toko, Asahikawa, 078-8358 Japan) or through the  JARL
           bureau. [TNX JR8VSE]
VK      - Bill, VK4FW plans to visit three groups (OC-172, OC-138 and OC-187)
           within the next 2 months.  He expects to  activate them one  behind
           the other and to operate as  VK4FW/p. Further details are  expected
           in due course. [TNX VK4FW]
VK9     - Neil,  VK6NE  reports  that  Jerzy,  SP9EVP  will  be  active  from
           Cocos/Keeling (OC-003)  on 24-31  March and  from Christmas  Island
           (OC-002) between  31 March  and  6 April.  He  expects to  get  the
           licence upon his arrival to Perth, Australia on 19 March.
VP5     - Dave/W5AO, Connie/K5CM and Pam/N5KW will  operate (on 160-6  metres
           CW and  SSB) as  VP5/home call  from North  Caicos Island  (NA-002)
           between 21 March and 5 April, including and entry in the CQ WW  WPX
           SSB Contest as VP5V. QSL VP5/K5CM via K5CM, QSL VP5/N5KW via  N5KW,
           QSL VP5/W5AO and VP5V to  P.O. Box 88,  Morris, OK 74445-088,  USA.
           [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
VP6     - Kan, JA1BK and  Jacky, F2CW/ZL3CW were  active as  VP6BK and  VP6CW
           from Pitcairn (OC-044) last weekend. It is worth visiting Kan's web
           pages ( and reading  what
           he wrote on  7 March,  as it  seems he  has found  a potential  new
           Entity for the DXCC programme. Kan  does not give the name, but  it
           should  be  Ducie  Island  (OC-182).   "Pitcairn  will  apply   for
           membership into the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)",  The
           Daily DX reports. "If Pitcairn were  to become a Geopolitical  DXCC
           Entity it looks as if Ducie  would clearly make the distance,  thus
           becoming a new one. This C shaped island is 540 kilometers east  of
           Pitcairn, but more importantly it  is approximately 377  kilometers
           east of Henderson Island, which is the closest island. It will take
           a minimum of 6 months to become  a member of the IARU and  possibly
           as long as 12 months".
VP8_ant - Mike, GM0HCQ is  currently active as  VP8ROT from  Rothera Base  on
           Adelaide Island (AN-001). He  is expected to  be in Antarctica  for
           one month. QSL via home call.
W       - Rough seas and strong winds prevented Silvano, KB5GL from  reaching
           Ship Island (NA-082) last week [425DXN 514], but he will try  again
           on 17 March. Look for him  on 15 metres SSB  between +/- 16.45  UTC
           and 21.30 UTC.
XU      - Frank, DL4KQ  (XU7ABR)  reports  that  the  planned  activity  from
           Cambodia (15 July-3 August) [425DXN 511] will take place from  Siem
           Reap (Angkor Wat) for the first  four days, with limited high  band
           operations.  The  group  of  four  operators  will  then  move   to
           Sihanoukville where they should be active on all bands 160-6 metres
           SSB, CW,  RTTY  and  PSK31. QSL  via  DL4KQ  either  direct  (Frank
           Rosenkranz, Blumenstr. 25, 50126 Bergheim, Germany) or through  the
           DARC bureau. Updates will be posted on
YV      - Rick, NE8Z will be in Venezuela  from 26 March  to 4 April  signing
           YV5/NE8Z from the Caracas area. From roughly 30 March to 2 April he
           will operate as  YV5/NE8Z from Los  Roques (SA-035).  Look for  him
           only on or around 28.460 SSB.  QSL via NE8Z (Rick Dorsch, P.O.  Box
           616, Hamburg, MI 48139, USA). [TNX NE8Z]
ZK1_nc  - Victor,  Tuatai/ZK1CY  (ZK1MA),   Roger/W7VV  (ZK1VVV),   Bob/W7TSQ
           (ZK1TSQ) and three other members of the Western Washington DX  Club
           will be  going to  Manihiki (OC-014),  North Cooks  and operate  on
           10-160 metres for one week in October, including an entry in the CQ
           WW  SSB  DX  Contest.  If  interested   in  joining  the  team   or
           contributing   to    the    expedition   please    e-mail    Victor
           ( or Roger ( [TNX ZK1CG]
ZK1_sc  - Victor, ZK1CG is back on the air after ten years thanks to the gear
           donated by Roger, W7VV. He operates on 10-160 metres from Rarotonga
           (OC-013) in  the  South Cooks.  Victor  is currently  clearing  his
           backlog; if you worked him from  South or North  Cooks and did  not
           receive a card, please  send your request  again to Victor  Rivera,
           P.O. Box 618, Rarotonga, Cook Islands. [TNX ZK1CG]
ZK2     - If his  scheduled flight  is not  cancelled, Hape,  DL1EMH will  be
           active (on 80-6 metres CW, SSB and RTTY) as ZK2GEO from Niue Island
           (OC-040) between 18  March and 8  April. QSL via  DL1EMH. [TNX  The
           Daily DX]

CQ WW WPX SSB CONTEST: the following stations are expected to participate  in
this year's event:
A6  - A multi-national team  of 10 operators  from Ali  Al Futtaim's  (A61AJ)
       super station  in  Dubai,  UAE. QSL  via  W3UR  either  direct  (Bernie
       McClenny, 3025  Hobbs Road,  Glenwood, MD  21738, USA)  or through  the
       bureau. [TNX The Daily DX]
CT  - Cupido, CT1BNW as CQ3CEC. QSLs via CT1BNW. [TNX CT1BNW]
EA8 - The Grand Canaria DX Group as  AM8CI (Multi-Single). QSL via bureau  or
       to EA8AKN. [TNX EA8AKN]
EA8 - Jaakko, OH1MA and Pekka, OH1RY as OH1MA/EA8 (SOSB 40 metres) and  EA8AH
       (SOSB 15 metres) respectively. [TNX The Daily DX]
F   - The Council of Europe ARC as TP5CE. The operators will be F6FQK, F5AEG,
       F5MUX, F5NLY and F5PAC. QSL via F6FQK [TNX F6FQK]
FK  - FK8GM and FK8HC as TX5G. [TNX Les Nouvelles DX]
LX  - Contest Group Luxembourg as LX5A (Multi-Single).  QSL via LX1RQ  either
       direct or through the bureau. [TNX The Daily DX]
LX  - Philippe, LX2AJ  as LX7I  (SOSB 20  metres).  QSL via  LX2AJ  (Philippe
       Lutty, 6A Sentier de Bricherhof, L-1262 Luxembourg). [TNX LX2AJ]
P4  - John, KK9A as P40A from Aruba  (SA-036). QSL via  WD9DZV. [TNX ARRL  DX
PY  - Mario, PP5MQ as PS5S on 10 metres  low power. QSL direct only to  PP5MQ
       (Mario Marquardt, P.O.  Box 212, 89201-972   Joinville  - SC,  Brazil).
       [TNX PP5MQ]
SM  - Tomas/SM6VVT, Steve/SM6HRR,  Lars/SM6NM  and Sture/SM6CKS  as  SI900TKM
       ( QSL via SK6NL  (Kungalvs Sandareamatorer,
       P.O. Box 625, SE-442 17 Kungalv, Sweden). [TNX SM6VVT]
SV  - Kostas, SV1DPI and others as J41K from Agrinio, Greece. QSL via  SV1DPI
       either direct (Kostas Stamatis, P.O. Box 66, 30100 Agrinio, Greece)  or
       through the bureau. [TNX SV1DPI]

Do  not  forget   to  check  the   NG3K  "Announced   Operation"  tables   at

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

6Y8A ---> The results and photos of the 6Y8A DXpedition University (DXU) trip
to Jamaica are  available at  DXU was the  first of  its
kind to  offer  a training  ground  for hams  wanting  to learn  the  art  of
DXpeditioning. In total, the group made  over 21,000 QSOs, and nearly  11,000
in the ARRL SSB Contest. Kenny, K2KW  is thinking of holding another trip  in
October  or  November;  if  interested  in   attending,  please  e-mail   him
( [TNX K2KW]

CONTEST DINNER ---> The Northern California  Contest Club has announced  that
the 3rd Annual International DX Convention Contest Dinner will take place  on
Friday, 20 April at the Holiday Inn Visalia. Full details can be provided  by
Ken Silverman,  K2KW (  The web  pages for  the Visalia  DX
Convention are at

D68C ---> The 8-28 February D68C operation from the Comoros "will go into the
record books in almost every category imaginable", Don Field, G3XTT  reports.
For instance, the final tally of 168,722 QSOs is 75% above the previous ZL9CI
record (96,004 QSOs), 16,412 QSOs is the new "first 24hrs" record (previously
held by FO0AAA with 14,000 QSOs) and 45,315 is the new "unique calls" record,
previously held by 4J1FS (36,109). The band/mode QSO count is as follows:
      160m   80m    40m   30m    20m   17m    15m    12m    10m   6m  Total
CW   1294  4311  10607  9314  11843  9477  13117  10356  13925  238  84482
SSB   101  1680   3235     0  14227  7525  17093  10852  20617  167  75497
RTTY    0     0      0     0   1160     0   1390      0   1617    0   4167
PSK     0     0      0     0    157     0    524      0    431    0   1112
MFSK    0     0      0     0      0     0      2      0      4    0      6
FM      0     0      0     0      0     0      0      0   3458    0   3458
Tot  1395  5991  13842  9314  27387 17002  32126  21208  40052  405 168722
Several picture galleries,  anecdotes, statistics, etc  are available on  the
DXpedition's web site at

FO0ARE ---> Laci, HA0HW gives the  latest and final information for  FO0ARE's
(home call HA9RE)  recent operations from  French Polynesia.  Eli was  active
from Tahiti (OC-046) on 27-28 February and  again on 6-7 March, while on  1-5
March he operated from Manihi,  King George Islands  (OC-131). QSL via  HA8IB
either direct (Szabo Karoly, Aradi str. 42, H-5525 Fuzesgyarmat, Hungary)  or
through the  bureau. Eli  and Sara,  HA9SD plan  to operate  from Austral  or
Marquesas Islands this autumn.

QSL 3D2TC ---> Please note that Bob, W7TSQ is not and has never been the  QSL
manager for Craig, 3D2TC. Cards should  be sent direct  only to 3D2TC  (Craig
Thompson, P.O. Box 273, Suva, Fiji Islands). [TNX W7TSQ]

QSL IO4T ---> This call  was used (and  will be used  in future contests)  by
operators from the Northern Italy DX Team during the ARRL DX SSB Contest. QSL

QSL SY7LH ---> Akis, SV7CLI reports  that all the  direct requests for  SY7LH
(Alexandroupolis Lighthouse during  the International  Lighthouse Weekend  in
August 2000) have been processed in early March.

QSL VIA VE6VK  ---> The  following comes  from Russ,  VE6VK: "Enforcement  of
regulations concerning Canadian  Amateurs who  are QSL  Managers for  foreign
amateurs force the  following changes.  It is  required that  the DX  station
become a fully paid up member of Radio Amateurs of Canada before their  cards
will be processed. It is regretted that NO Bureau cards will be handled by me
for 3D2AA, 3D2CC, V8IAN and VE6RH." Cards should be sent direct only to Russ.
A. Wilson, 1235 Richland Road N.E., Calgary, AB T2E 5M5, Canada.

QSL VIA XX9BB ---> Chang, XX9AU reports he  is no longer the QSL manager  for
XX9SAR, XX9ARM and XX9JUV. The new QSL manager is XX9BB.

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

LOGS:    Logs    for     BV9L    (AS-155)     are    now     available     at

LOGS:    Logs for Hide's (JM1LJS) past operations  as T88LJ are available  at

QSL received  via direct:   3A/OH1RY,  3D2AD, 3D2TC,  3DA0NL, 3V8BB,  3W2LWS,
3W50K (AS-132), 4F4IX,  4U1ITU, 4W/OH2BF (OC-148),  4W/ON6TT (OC-148),  4W6GH
(OC-148), 4W6GH/P  (OC-232), 4W6MM  (OC-148), 5A1A,   5B4AGN,  5I3A,  5T5YD/P
(AF-050), 5V7VJ, 5X1Z, 5Z4XW, 6W6JX, 7P8/ZS5GMW, 8A3B (OC-197), 8P9JR, 8P9JS,
8P9JT, 8P9JU, 8P9P, 9A0A, 9V1YC, A22DX, A22HH, A52W, A52YL, AX2GAMES, BA7JA/7
(AS-129), BD4ED/4, BD5HAG,  BI4S (AS-150), BV9A,  C91CU, CE8/KD6WW  (SA-050),
CN8WW, CV0F  (AS-057),  D4A (AF-005),  D68/G3OZF,  D90CP,  DS0DX/4  (AS-148),
EY8MM, FG5BG,  FM5GU, FM5WD,  FO0AND (OC-046),  FO0KUN (OC-067),  FR/F6KDF/T,
II7LE, IK7JWX/7 (WAIL PU-007), IU0FM, JI3DST (AS-037, AS-041, AS-043, AS-047,
AS-067, AS-147), JW5HE, JW5RIA (EU-063),  K5K, KH0/JN1WTK, KH0AC,  KH6ND/KH5,
OH1LU/P  (EU-096),  OX2K,  OX3UB   (NA-134),  OY/DL2VFR,  P40P,   PJ5/UA1ACX,
SU9AM, SV1TP/8 (EU-060, EU-075,  EU-113), SV5/DL8DZV, SV8/IZ7ATN/P  (EU-174),
SV9/IW0FQZ/P  (EU-187),  SV9/IZ0CKJ/P  (EU-187),  SY2A,  T88TV,  TA0/IZ7ATN/P
(AS-099, EU.186), TE6U  (NA-155), TE8CI, TF/LA2IJ,  TG9NX, TI7/N5BEK,  TR0A/P
(AF-089), UA0FZ  (AS-018),  UA1PAC/P  (EU-086),  UA1PAO/P  (EU-086),  UA1QV/1
(EU-085; RR-03-05), UA1TAN/1 (EU-147, EU-162), UU7J/P (EU-180), V26FM, V26WP,
V31YW (NA-073), V63KP,  V73GT, V73JK (OC-028),  V73UX (OC-028), VK0MM,  VK6BM
(OC-234), VK6BSI (OC-243), VK9XY, VP2MPA, VP5DX, VP5T, VP8DBQ, WH6CYC,  WP2Z,
YC7IPZ  (OC-166),  YC8XWJ  (OC-076),  YC9BU/P  (OC-241),  YC9MKF/P  (OC-241),
YC9WZJ/P (OC-239,  OC-241), YI9OM,  YJ0AXC (OC-111),  YJ0AYL, YJ0AZG,  YJ0PD,
YJ2AD, YK9A, YP1W (EU-183), ZC4ATC, ZC4ZM, ZK1AGL (OC-159), ZK1BQI  (OC-013),
ZK1DKX, ZK1FGV  (OC-013), ZK1LPN,   ZK1NN,  ZK1SHJ, ZK1YRE  (OC-159),  ZK1XXC
(OC-082), ZS31ER (AF-085),  ZK2VF, ZL4IR, ZL4IR/7, ZV3F, ZS6EZ.

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