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425 DX News #521
28 April 2001
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to:
Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information
Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages

3B6    - The 3B6RF DXpedition to Agalega [425DXN 517] is expected to start  a
          couple of days earlier than planned. The team will fly to Agalega on
          2 May  and  should be  on  the air  by  the 3rd.  All-band  all-mode
          operations will end  on 16 May.  QSL via  HB9AGH (Ambrosi  Fleutsch,
          Lerchenweg  29, CH 8046  Zurich, Switzerland); QSL for North America
          (USA, Canada and Mexico) stations only via N3SL (Steve Larson, 22 N.
          Hidden Acres Drive, Sioux City, Iowa 51108, USA). Latest information
          and   full   details   on   the    operation   are   available    at

6Y     - N6BT, KE7X,  N6XG and  K2KW will  participate in  the CQ  WW WPX  CW
          Contest (26-27  May)  as 6Y1A  from  Jamaica (NA-097).  Outside  the
          contest, look for operations using homecall/6Y5  from 20 to 29  May.
          They will operate on 40-6 metres, with special emphasis given on the
          WARC bands and 6 metres. QSLs  6Y1A and K2KW/6Y5 via WA4WTG,  others
          via   homecall.   Questions   may   be    sent   to   Kenny,    K2KW
          (, or  visit  for  information.
          [TNX K2KW]
9A     - Dusan, S52DG  will  be  active  (on 10-80  metres  SSB  and  CW)  as
          9A/S52DG/P from Krk Island (EU-136, CI-046)  between 29 April and  1
          May. QSL via home call. [TNX S52DG]
AP     - Robert, S53R reports he will start a new assignment with the U.N. in
          early May. His first  stop will be  in Pakistan and  he will try  to
          sign AP2ARS as much as possible. Operation will be on 40-10  metres,
          WARC bands included, almost exclusively on CW.
C6     - Bill, W4WX will be operating as W4WX/C6A from Treasure Cay (NA-080),
          Bahamas on 7-14 May. He will be active  on RTTY and some SSB on  the
          WARC bands. QSL via home call. [TNX W4WX]
DL     - DL5XL/p will be active (10, 15, 20,  40 and 80 metres CW only)  from
          Helgoland Island (EU-127) on 28-29 July. He plans to participate  in
          the Single OP 24hr CW Island class of the RSGB IOTA contest. QSL via
          DL5XL either direct  (P.O. Box  1253, D-30984  Gehrden, Germany)  or
          through  the   bureau.   Further   information   is   available   at
F      - Francois, F2GL will  be active  (on 10-80  metres CW  and SSB)  from
          Houat Island (EU-048, DIFM AT-016) between  30 April and 6 May.  QSL
          via home call. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
F      - The Council of Europe Amateur Radio  Club (TP2CE) will be  activated
          as TP5CE on 4-6 May to celebrate the anniversary day of the  Council
          of Europe. Activity is expected to take place on SSB (10 metres  and
          WARC bands), CW  (all bands) and  RTTY (20 metres).  QSL via  F6FQK.
          [TNX F6FQK]
GJ     - Rainer (DL1ZBO),  Tilo (DJ5BX)  and Ekki  (DF4OR) will  be MJ/  from
          Jersey (EU-013) on 7-12  June. They will  participate in the  ANARTS
          Contest and be active on CW and SSB before and after the event. [TNX
HC8    - N5KO, W6OAT, K6TA, K6KO, N0JK and K5PI will participate in the CQ WW
          WPX CW Contest  as HC8N (Multi-Multi)  from the Galapagos  (SA-004).
          QSL via AA5BT. [TNX N5KO]
HL     - Lee, HL1IWD  is  sorry to  report  that the  5-6  May  DS0DX/2  IOTA
          DXpedition to the  Kangwon-Do Province group  (AS-???) [425DXN  517]
          has been cancelled as the group has not been given the final landing
          permission from the military authorities.
HV     - Vatican station HV5PUL  will be active  on 3 May  starting around  8
          UTC. Activity is expected to take place on HF bands as well as on  6
          and 2 metres. [TNX IW0DJB]
I      - Erminio, IE9/IZ8AJQ  and Mario, IE9/IZ8DBJ are currently active from
          Ustica (EU-051) [425DXN 519] and plan to operate from the lighthouse
          at Punta Omo Morto (WAIL SI-027) on 28 April and Lighthouse  Cavezzi
          (WAIL SI-028) on the 29th. QSL via home calls. [TNX IZ8DBJ]
I      - Daniele, IZ7CFF  plans  to  operate  from  the  lighthouse  at  Capo
          d'Orlando (SI-032), Sicily  (EU-025) on either  29 April  or 1  May.
          [TNX IK1NLZ]
I      - IK1GEY, IK1RLF, I1GXV, IK2WXQ and possibly other operators from  ARI
          Arona will participate in the ARI International Contest as IK2WXQ/p.
          [TNX IK2WXQ]
I      - Mario,  IK6GPZ  and  Lucio,  IK6SNR  will  participate  in  the  ARI
          International DX Contest  (5-6 May) as  IO6T and II6R  respectively.
          QSL via home calls. [TNX IK6GPZ]
I      - Nicolas, F5TGR will  be active  (on 10-40  metres SSB  and CW)  from
          Lampedusa (AF-019, IIA AG-001) between  23 May and  3 June. QSL  via
          F5TGR either direct (Nicolas Quennet, 8  bis rue de la Marne,  95220
          Herblay, France) or through the REF bureau. [TNX F5TGR]
I      - A group  of operators  from ARI  Gallarate (namely  IK2DUV,  IK2UVT,
          IK2UIZ, IW2KVT, IK2XXX and IK2RXX) will  participate in the 6  Meter
          Contest on  2-3 June  from Isola  del Giglio  (EU-028, IIA  GR-001).
          Before and after the contest they will operate on 10, 15, 20, 40, 80
          metres as well as on 144, 432 and 1200. QSL via IZ2BHQ. [TNX IK2RXX]
I      - Giovanni, IZ2DPX will be operating (10,  15, 20 and 40 metres)  from
          San Domino (IIA  FG-001) in the  Tremiti Islands  (EU-050) on  14-21
          September. QSL via home call. [TNX IZ2DPX]
J5     - DJ6SI and other operators will be  active as J5X from Guinea  Bissau
          between 27 April and 11 May. The plan to operate on 160-6 metres SSB
          & CW (QSL via DJ6SI) as well as RTTY, FSK and SSTV (QSL via  DL1QW).
          [TNX DF6QN]
JA     - Kenji, JA4GXS  plans to  operate (on  10-40 metres  SSB and  CW)  as
          JA4GXS/4 from Yashiro Island (AS-117) between 7 UTC and 23 UTC on  5
          May.   QSL   to   JA4GXS   (Kenji   Sasaki,   2-15   Ishikannon-cho,
          Yamaguchi-city, 753-0038 Japan). [TNX JI6KVR]
JT     - Special event station JU1O will be active from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
          between 5 and 13 May. QSL  via JR0CGJ (Takashi Shimizu, P.O. Box  5,
          Tateshina Kitasaku, Nagano 384-2305, Japan). [TNX JT1KAA]
JW     - Tor, LA7FJA reports  he will operate  (on 10-20  metres, WARC  bands
          included, SSB only) as JW7FJA from  Svalbard (EU-026) on 25-31  May.
          QSL via LA7FJA.
JW     - The DXpedition to Prins Karls Forland  (EU-063, WWL JQ58WK)  [425DXN
          495] will take place on 1-9  June. A multi-national team  (including
          Christoph/DL5NAM,   Aleksei/ES1CH,    Claude/F5PBL,    Angelo/I2ADN,
          Andrea/IK2XDE,   Giampaolo/IK2XDF,    Dario/IK4MED,    Terje/LA3OHA,
          Egil/LA8AV,     Marc/ON4AMX,     Aleksandra/S57FYL,     Atila/S53AC,
          Jacek/SP5DRH,  Witold/SP5LCC,  Igor/US0VA  and  Hector/XE1BEF)  will
          operate as JW0PK on all bands  and modes, 24 hours a day,  Suggested
          frequencies are:
          CW      1.822, 3.505, 7.005, 10.105, 14.020, 18.080, 21.020, 24.895,
                  28.020, 50.095 and 144.025 MHz;
          SSB     1.840, 3.790, 7.060, 14.195, 18.145, 21.295, 24.950, 28.460,
                  50.145 and 144.250 MHz;
          RTTY    14.080, 21.080 and 28.080 MHz;
          PSK31   14.071, 21.071 and 28.071 MHz;
          FM      29.200 MHz.
          QSL via  SP5DRH either  direct (Jacek  Kubiak,  P.O. Box  4,  00-957
          Warszawa,  Poland)  or   through  the   bureau.  Contributions   are
          gratefully  welcome  at:  DXpedition  Org.,   P.O.  Box  584   9171,
          Longyearbyen, Svalbard  Islands,  Norway.  For  further  information
          please e-mail;  the web  page for  the
          operation is at [TNX IK2XDE]
OZ     - Helmut, DL7VOX  will be  active (on  all  HF bands,  WARC  included,
          mainly CW) as OZ/DL7VOX/p from North Jylland/Vendsyssel-Thy (EU-171)
          between 27 May  and 8  June. QSL  via DL7VOX  either direct  (Helmut
          Radach, Riesaer Strasse 93, D-12627 Berlin, Germany) or through  the
          DARC bureau. [TNX DL7VOX]
PY0_fdn- Dennis, K7BV will operate from Fernando de Noronha (SA-003)  between
          24 May and  1 June. He  will use a  special callsign throughout  the
          DXpedition and will participate in  the CQ WW  WPX CW Contest  (most
          likely as SOAB HP). After the contest he will be very active on  all
          bands 160-6 metres,  generally on CW.  Rod, WC7N  (
          will serve as  Pilot Station, assisting  Dennis help 9BDXCC  chasers
          fill     empty     bands.     Logs     will     be     posted     on
; QSL via KU9C. [TNX K7BV]
SP     - Helmut, DL7VOX  will be  active (on  all  HF bands,  WARC  included,
          mainly CW) as SO1VOX from Wolin Island (EU-132) on 3-15 May. QSL via
          DL7VOX either  direct (Helmut  Radach, Riesaer  Strasse 93,  D-12627
          Berlin, Germany) or through the DARC bureau. [TNX DL7VOX]
TX0_che- The TX0C team  (now including F5CW/FK8VHY,  FK8FS, FK8FU and  FO3BM)
          started the voyage to the Chesterfield Islands on 24 April. They are
          expected to start operating  on 28 April  in their local  afternoon.
          Look for TX0C to be QRV on 6-160 metres CW and SSB. Logs will NOT be
          available on the Internet. The QSL  route for the DXpedition is  now
          via JA1BK. [TNX The Daily DX]
UA     - The operators who activated Ushakova (RI0B, AS-156) and  Uyedineniya
          (RU0B, AS-057)  islands  [425DXN 520]  now  plan to  travel  to  the
          Sergeya Kirova Islands (AS-050), but the activity will be limited at
          maximum 4-5 hours. [TNX VE3LYC and Islands On The Web]
UA     - Special stations RP3RST, RP3RTG, RP3RTK and RP3RZK will be activated
          by operators from the Michurinsk Contest Group on 5-9 and 12-13  May
          to celebrate the anniversary of the end of Worl War II. QSLs are via
          RN3RQ either direct  (Jack Yatskiv, P.O.Box  30, Michurinsk  393760,
          Russia) or  through  the  bureau.  For  information  on  the  trophy
          available for working these stations, please contact Jack, RN3RQ  at
V6     - Tada, JA1WPX will  be active (on  40-6 metres CW  and SSB) as  V63YV
          from Yap Island (OC-012) between 30  April and 3 May. He might  also
          operate as KH2/JA1WPX from Guam for one or two days. QSL via JA1WPX.
          [TNX The Daily DX]
VU     - A large  group  of operators  from  Manipal  and  Mangalore  (namely
          VU2RDJ, VU2RDQ,  VU2SBJ and  VU3DMP) will  be  active from  the  St.
          Mary's Isles (AS-096) from around 5.30  UTC on 5 May through  around
          1.30 UTC on the 7th. They will use their individual calls as well as
          VU2MHC (club callsign) and operate on  10-40 metres SSB and CW  with
          three stations and a wide range  of antennas (including a  3-element
          5-band yagi, a 3-element yagi for 10 metres, a 2-element yagi for 15
          metres, verticals and dipoles) but no  amplifier as the legal  limit
          is 150  watts.  Suggested frequencies  are  7.025,  10.115,  14.040,
          18.098, 21.040, 24.920  and 28.040  MHz CW;  7.055, 18.128,  14.260,
          21.260, 24.950, 28.460 and 28.560 MHz SSB. Each operator will handle
          his/her QSLs  either  direct or  through  the bureau  (requests  for
          bureau cards can  be sent to web  page for  the
          operation is at [TNX VU3DMP]
ZD8    - Jim, N6TJ will once again  be active as  ZD8Z from Ascension  Island
          (AF-003) on 7-17 May. QSL via VE3HO. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

EAST TIMOR  VIDEO  --->  "Memories  Beyond  the  Pileups"  is  the  32-minute
professional prepared  video of  the East  Timor  DXpedition by  4W/K7BV  and
4W/N6FF.  For   full  information   please  contact   Dennis,  K7BV   (Dennis
Motschenbacher, 4357 Appollonio Way, Washoe Valley, NV 89704, USA) or  e-mail
him at [TNX K7BV]

FO0AAA VIDEO  --->  Eddie, EA3NY  partcipated  in the  FO0AAA  DXpedition  to
Clipperton and  has  still  25  videos to  distribute  in  Europe.  For  full
information   please    visit   or    e-mail    Eddie

QSL 3C5I  --->  Alan, 3C5I/KB2WF  reports  his new  postal  address  is  Alan
Isaachsen, 3601  Allen Parkway,  Apt #348,  Houston, Texas  77019, USA.  [TNX

QSL K2OLG ---> Joe, K2OLG reports that on 1 June 2001 he will close the  logs
for his IOTA operations (20 different locations) between 1993 and 2000. Cards
should be sent to Joe  Gumino, 1648 P  G A Blvd.,  Melbourne, FL 32935,  USA.
[TNX K2OLG and Islands On The Web]

QSL K5K ---> Tom, N4XP reports  he is processing and  mailing QSLs daily.  He
started six weeks  ago, but the  queue was  over 30,000,  so it  will take  a
while. [TNX CT1EEB]

QSL MANAGER SOCIETY ---> Bob  Schenck, N2OO announces  the formation of  "The
QSL Manager's Society". This will be a web based "organization" that will act
as a point of  contact for quality  QSL managers, and  for DXpeditions or  DX
stations  looking  for  one.  It  will  also  provide  a  central  source  of
information useful  to  any  QSL  manager.  Please  visit  the  web  page  at

QSL VIA N4AA  ---> Carl, N4AA  (QSL manager for  HK3JJH/HK0M) has  discovered
that the FCC made an error in the last four digits of his zip code when  they
processed a  change of  address  several months  ago.  Please note  that  the
correct address  for  N4AA  is:  Carl Smith,  P.O.  Box  249,  Leicester,  NC
28748-0249, USA.

QSL VIA S53R ---> Robert, S53R  reports that all direct requests for  E4/S53R
have been processed. The rest of  the contacts will  be confirmed via  bureau
when he  is back  home  for a  holiday  in July  2001.  QSLs for  his  recent
operations as AP2ARS, EY8/S53R and UK8AXA are being printed and requests will
be processed in July. Please do not send duplicates.

QSL VIA SM3TLG ---> Hans reports he has processed all the direct requests for
ZL/SM3TLG (OC-201) as well as for  the other five  islands he activated  last
year. Bureau cards  will follow, but  it will take  a few months  as Hans  is
currently mving to a new QTH.  Please note that  further direct cards  should
now be sent  to Hans Nilsson,  Styvje 3040, SE-826  94 Norrala, Sweden.  [TNX
SM3TLG and Islands On The Web]

QSL VIA UT7UA ---> Pavlo, UT1KY/EM1KY reminds DXers that the QSL manager  for
his past  operations from  Antarctica is  UT7UA.  Cards for  EM1KY  (AN-006),
EM1KY/mm, HF0/UT1KY  (AN-010),  LU/UT1KY (SA-008),  LU1Z/UT1KY  (AN-006)  and
VP8/UT1KY (AN-006) should be sent to  Roman A. Bratchyk, P.O. Box B-19,  Kyiv
01001, Ukraine.

S.O.T.A. ---> The Submerines On The  Air event is sponsored by the  Submarine
Veterans Amateur Radio Association and will take place from 6 UTC on 28 April
to 23.59 UTC  of the 29th.  For further  information, including  the list  of
submarines,  please  visit   [TNX

THAI ISLANDS ---> As the 6-15 April E29AL DXpedition to Koh Tarutao  (AS-126)
was cancelled at the last minute due to unexpected difficulties with a permit
to land [425DXN 518], all donations and pledges of help that were  gratefully
received will be assigned to a  further attempt to  activate AS-126 later  in
the year. The DX group activated Koh Samui (AS-101) instead [425DXN 519], and
made 3302 QSOs (1900 CW, 1352 SSB, 50 RTTY) as E29AL on 6-9 April. QSL  E29AL
via HS0GBI. Later E21EIC/P (330 QSOs) and HS4BPQ (100 QSOs) were active  from
Phuket Island (AS-053); QSLs via E21EIC. [TNX HS0/G3NOM]

THE MOBILE DXER --->  Dave, AC6WO is  the author of  "The Mobile DXer",  "the
first book (12  chapters, 150  pages) devoted  entirely to  Mobile DXing  and
Portable DXing to be introduced  to the Amateur  Radio Community". It  covers
all major aspects of Mobile DXing and its main focus is on "Working That Rare
DX Station &  Busting The Pile-Up  With The Mobile  Rig And  l00 Watts".  For
further information please contact Dave at

V73E ---> The recent operation from Enewetak Atoll (OC-087) ended with  about
18,000 contacts (4441 with Europe) in the log. Pictures and more  information
will be posted at QSL via WF5T. [TNX K7ZZ  and
The Daily DX]

+ SILENT KEY  + Bob,  N2OO reports  the passing  of H.G.  Hassan, V85HG  (aka
V8HG), "a real fine gentleman, who was  always a strong and steady voice  for
Ham Radio in Brunei".

QSL received  direct: 3C1AG  (AF-010), 3W5FM,  4L0G, 4U1UN,  4W6GH  (OC-148),
4W6GH/P (OC-232), 5A1A, 5A23PA, 5H3RK, 6K5SDI, 6Y8A, 9H0A, 9K2ZZ/NLD,  9M2TO,
9V1CP, A22DX,  A35MO  (OC-169), A61AJ,  BT0S,  BV4PM, BV9O  (AS-155),  BY1PK,
C21JH, CE0ZIS,  CO7OTA (NA-086),  CO8OTA  (NA-218), CO9OTA  (NA-201),  D68BT,
FO0MOT (OC-063),  FR/F6KDF/T, FY5KE,  H44MS (OC-162),  H44MS (OC-168),  I6AU,
ST0P, T20CK,  T88NF,  TX0DX, UE6AAA  (EU-185),  V73GH, V73GJ,  VK0MM,  VP9KK,
VQ9GB, VU2HFR  (AS-153),  XR0ZY (SA-013),  XW3QBR,  YC4FIJ  (OC-144),  YC7IPZ
(OC-166), YC8RSW/P  (OC-236),  YJ0V,  YK9A,  ZD7BG,  ZK1AGL,  ZK1CG,  ZK1FGV,
ZL/SM3TLG (OC-201), ZM8CW.

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