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425 DX News #586
27 July 2002
Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to:
Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information
Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages

8Q     - Mark/M0DXR, Robert/M0TTT,  Tony/EA2AIJ  and  Fabian/DJ1YFK  will  be
          active (with  three stations  on 80-6  metres  SSB, CW  and  digital
          modes) as 8Q7ZZ  from the Maldives  (AS-013) from 29  July until  11
          August. QSL  via  G3SWH.  The  web page  for  the  operation  is  at
 [TNX The Daily DX]
9A     - Luca/IK0QDB, Alessio/IZ0CKJ  and  Simon/IZ7ATN  will  be  active  as
          9A/homecall from a few Croatian islands until 31 July, including  an
          entry in the IOTA Contest. They  plan to visit and operate from  the
          following EU-016  islands:  Bobara (IOCA  CI-157),  Daksa  (CI-165),
          Kolocep (CI-038), Lokrum  (CI-056), Lopud  (CI-057), Mrkan  (CI-072)
          and Sipan (CI-122). QSL via IZ0CKJ. [TNX IZ7ATN]
9A     - Boris, 9A2JY is  active from  Korcula Island  (EU-016, IOCA  CI-041)
          until 15 August  and plans to  operate during the  IOTA Contest.  He
          might also be active  from other Croatian  islands (details will  be
          posted on [TNX 9A6AA]
9N     - Kiyo, JH3PAS will be in Nepal on 4-10 August and expects to  operate
          as 9N7AS.  He plans  to be  active on  all bands  and modes  and  to
          concentrate on the WARC bands and  digital modes and to pay  special
          attention to  Europe  and North  America.  QSL via  homecall  either
          direct  (Kiyotaka   Ichikawa,  Issiki-Nishi   1-74-3,   Hiraoka-cho,
          Kakogawa, 675-0117 Japan) or through the JARL bureau. [TNX JA1ELY]
9Q     - Gus, SM5DIC (aka 9U5D) has been in the Democratic Republic of  Congo
          for a few days and has  been granted permission to operate as  9Q0AR
          (the ARAC club station call)  until 31 August.  The QSL manager  for
          9Q0AR operated by SM5DIC is SM5BFJ  (direct only: Leif  Hammarstrom,
          Lerklockan 4, 73091 Riddarhyttan, Sweden). [TNX SM5DIC]
CE     - Marco, CE6TBN has  cancelled the IOTA  Contest operation from  Mocha
          Island (SA-061) [425DXN 585]. [TNX N1IBM]
CX     - Geo, CX1SI operates on 160 and 80 metres every day. Look for him  on
          1823-1833 kHz between 00 UTC and  3 UTC and around 3505 kHz  between
          9.30 UTC and 10.30 UTC. QSL direct via CBA. [TNX CX1SI]
DL     - Look for  DH6GD/p to  operate (mainly  in his  evenings on  SSB  and
          PSK31) from Fehmarn Island (EU-128) until 10 August. QSL via bureau.
          [TNX DL2VFR]
EA9    - Operators from URE  and the Armed  Forces Radioclub (namely  EA4BPJ,
          EA4BT, EA7AAW,  EA7JB, EA7TL,  EA9PY and  EB4EPJ) were  expected  to
          operate (on  80-2  metres SSB,  CW  and RTTY)  from  the  Chafarinas
          Islands (AF-036)  on 24-28  July, including  an  entry in  the  IOTA
          Contest. The callsign was "still unconfirmed"  at the moment of  the
          announcement. QSL via EA4URE. [TNX EA5RM]
F      - Antoine, F5RAB/p has been active from Belle Ile en Mer (EU-048, DIFM
          AT-015) since 25 July, while  Alain, F6BFH will  be active from  the
          QTH of F9IE on Noirmoutier Island (EU-064, DIFM AT-020) until around
          4 August. [TNX La Gazette du DX]
FG     - Look for  Project  DX Team  Members  FG/IK2XDE  (Andrea),  FG/IK2JYT
          (Giovanni), FG/IK2HAB (Mario) and FG/IW2MVS (Luigi) to be active (on
          HF bands  and 6  metres, SSB  and RTTY)  from  Terre de  Haut  (DIFO
          FG-011), Les Saintes Islands (NA-114) on  5-17 August. QSL via  home
          calls either direct or through the bureau. [TNX IK2XDE]
GM     - Club station GX0PNS will be active from Pabay Island (EU-008)  until
          28 July. The operators are  G3LWM, M3LWM and  M3NKA. QSL via  G3LWM.
          [TNX GM3VLB]
I      - Special call IU7LE will be aired from ARI Lecce during the  weekends
          in August  to celebrate  the 75th  anniversary of  ARI, the  Italian
          amateur radio IARU society. QSL via  I7PXV either direct or  through
          the bureau. [TNX IK7JWX]
I      - Look for Filippo, IL7/IK4ZHH (CW) and  Massimo, IL7/IZ4DPV (SSB)  to
          operate (mainly on  20, 40  and 17  metres) from  San Domino  Island
          (EU-050, IIA FG-001) on 2-4 August. They plan to take a side trip to
          San Nicola (EU-050,  IIA FG-002)  on 3  August. QSL  via home  calls
          either direct or through the bureau. [TNX IK4ZHH]
I      - Maurizio/IT9HLN,   Nino/IT9FCC,   Roberto/IK8PGM,   Calogero/IT9EJE,
          Alfio/IT9EJW, Vincenzo/IT9NGJ, Giuseppe/IT9QBX and  Antonello/IW9BBX
          will be  active as  homecall/9 from  Pietra  di Patti  (EU-165,  IIA
          ME-030) on 4  August. They plan  to operate on  10, 15,  20, 40  and
          maybe 6 metres. QSL IT9EJE/9 via IT9HLN, others via home call.  [TNX
IS0    - Freddy, IZ1EPM (ex IW1DIM) will be active again from Santa Teresa di
          Gallura  (JN41OF),  Sardinia  (EU-024)  between   8  August  and   1
          September. Freddy plans to concentrate on 6, 12 and 17 metres and he
          might also operate /mm from JN51AX  for three days during that  time
          frame. [TNX IZ1EPM]
JA     - Look for Taka,  JR3TVH to be  active as JR3TVH/8  from Rebun  Island
          (AS-147) until around 00.00 UTC  on 30 July,  including an entry  in
          the IOTA Contest. Depending on weather  conditions, he will  operate
          on 40, 20, 17, 15, 12,  10 and 6 metres SSB,  CW and possibly  RTTY.
          QSL via home call either direct or through the bureau. [TNX JR3TVH]
KL     - The IOTA expedition to Deer Island,  Southern Alaska Peninsula  West
          group (NA-???) [425DXN 569] is confirmed to take place from 31  July
          to 5 August.  Look for KL7AK  on 10-80 metres  SSB and  CW. QSL  via
          N6AWD. The web  site for  the operation  is at
          [TNX KL7AK]
PY     - Anderson/PY2TNT,  David/PY2DCE,   Adriano/PY2AXH   and   13-year-old
          Andre/PU2TET will  be active  (on 10-80  metres  CW, SSB,  RTTY  and
          PSK31) as  ZW2T/P from  Sao Sebastiao  Island (SA-028,  DIB 016)  on
          25-29 July. QSL via PY2TNT. Logs  and pictures will be available  at
PY     - PY3JAF, PY3ACC, DL7AXD, PY3YY, PY3KK and PY3DX will operate as  PP3P
          from Casa da Polvora Island (not IOTA, DIB 033) during the  weekend.
          [TNX PY3DX]
SP    -  SP6CZ and SP6ECA will be active  as SP6CZ/1 and SP6ECA/1 from  Wolin
          Island (EU-132) through  4 August. They  might team  up with  DJ0IF,
          DK7YY and SP6AZT and participate in the IOTA Contest as SN6F/1  (QSL
          via SP6ECA). [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
SV     - Andrea, IK7YTT  will be  active on  10, 15  and 20  metres SSB  from
          Zakynthos Island (EU-052) on 4-14 August. [TNX IK7YTT]
SV9    - Alex, PA1AW will be active as SV9/PA1AW/p from Crete Island (EU-015)
          between 27 July and 8 August.  He plans to concentrate on CW  during
          the IOTA Contest. QSL via home call. [TNX The Daily DX]
UA     - The R17PQ expedition to Novaya Zemlya (EU-035) [425DXN 584] has been
          cancelled; next try  is expected no  sooner than  summer 2003.  [TNX
UA     - RA3NN/1, RA3NAN/1 and UA1OEJ/a are  active from Zhizhginskij  Island
          (EU-153, RRA RR-02-23, lighthouse WLH  LH-2447, RLHA RLE-019)  until
          29 July. Then they will move to Golets Island (EU-153, RRA RR-02-27,
          lighthouse WLH LH-2217, RLHA RLE-018). [TNX RV3GW]
UA     - Look for RU3SD/1  to be active  from Anzerskij  Island (EU-066,  RRA
          RR-02-20, lighthouse WLH LH-2998) for a few hours starting around 16
          UTC on 28 July. [TNX RV3GW]
UA     - Vlad, RZ1OA and Dima, UA1OLM will be active as RZ1OA/a and  UA1OLM/a
          from Lyasomin Island (EU-153)  until 1 August.  QSL via RZ1OA  (Vlad
          Sadakov, P.O. Box 48, Arkhangelsk, 163040, Russia). [TNX RZ1OA]
VK     - Dan, VK8AN  will be  working on  Troughton Island  (OC-154) until  2
          August and plans to operate as VK8AN/6 (mainly CW with some SSB)  in
          his spare time. He will be  active during the IOTA Contest. QSL  via
          VK4AAR. [TNX DL2VFR]
W      - Bob, K4RFL will be active from Pine Island (NA-069) for 12 hours  on
          27 July. He  will be running  50 watts into  a vertical antenna  and
          will operate  on 10,  15 and  20 metres  SSB (CW  "only if  he  gets
          desperate"). [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
W      - Bob, N2SU  reports he  will be  active from  Jekyll Island  (NA-058)
          between 27 July and 2 August.
W      - Members  of  the  Rusty  Zipper  HF  and  DX  Contest  Club  (NA8KD,
 will be active from Key Largo to Key  West
          in the Florida Keys (NA-062) during  the IOTA Contest and after  the
          event through 2 August.  QSL via NA8KD  (bureau) or KG8DP  (direct).
          [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
W      - The Old Barney Amateur Radio Club  will be operating W2T during  the
          National  Lighthouse  Activity  Weekend  on  3-4  August  from   the
          "Tucker's Island Lighthouse" (USA-911) in  Tuckerton, NJ. Opened  in
          May 2000,  this is  a  full scale  replica  of the  Tucker's  Island
          Lighthouse which succumbed to the Atlantic  back in 1927.  Operation
          will be from 13 UTC on  3 August to  21 UTC on  the 4th, mainly  SSB
          (+/- 7180, 14280, 18140 and 21280  kHz) with some  CW. QSL via  N2OO
          (Bob Schenck, P.O. Box 345, Tuckerton, NJ 08087, USA). The web  page
          is at [TNX N2OO]
YB     - The 8A3M IOTA operation by YC3DIK, YC3IZK, YC3MM, YC3OX, IT9SSI  and
          IZ8CCW from  the Masalembu  Islands (OC-???)  is confirmed  to  take
          place from 29 July to 4  August. QSL via IZ8CCW (Antonio  Cannataro,
          P.O. Box 360, 87100 Cosenza - CS, Italy).

IOTA CONTEST ---> Other announced participants  in this year's event  include
the following [TNX 9A6AA, A35RK, BD5RV, BD7NQ, DS1KVP,  GI4FUE, HL1XP, I5JHW,
RZ1AK, The Daily DX, UA3FDX, VE1VOX]:

9A  - 9A4A from Pag Island (EU-170). QSL via bureau.
9A  - Emir, 9A6AA as 9A6AA/p from Zeca Island (EU-136, IOCA CI-146,  LH-1537,
       CRO-201). QSL direct to 9A6AA (Emir Mahmutovic, Slovenska 15,  HR-10000
       Zagreb, Croatia).
9A  - Zlatko/9A2EU, Dino/9A2NO, Davor/9A4KJ, Mario/9A5MR and Josip/9A7JLJ  as
       9A7T/p from Trstenik  Island (EU-136, IOCA  CI-132, LH-0659,  CRO-019).
       QSL via  9A2EU either  direct (Zlatko  Maticic, Dobroniceva  19,  10000
       Zagreb, Croatia) or through the bureau.
9A  - Zarko/S53Z, Vlado/S55A, Marijan/S56A  and Marjan/S58O  as 9A/S55A  from
       Krk Island (EU-136). QSL via S55A.
A3  - Paul, A35RK from Lifuka Island (OC-169). He will operate both on  10-80
       metres CW and SSB with 100 watts. QSL direct to W7TSQ.
BY  - BA4TA, BA4TB,  BA4RD, BD4RS  and BD5RV  as BI4J  from Chongming  Island
       (AS-136). QSL via BA4RD.
BY  - Operators from the ZheJiang Province Radio Sports Association  (BD5HAA,
       BD5HAG, BD5HAM, BG5HAR,  BD5HMA, BG4AHZ,  BA7NQ, BA7JA  and others)  as
       BI5H from Shengshan in  the Zhoushan Islands  (AS-137). QSL via  BD5HAG
       (Kai Weng, 19-506  Qiushi-Cun, Hangzhou, 310013,  People's Republic  of
       China). Logs will be available at
BV  - Paul, BV4FH  and other  five operators  as BV9L  from Liu  Chiu  Island
CT3 - CT3KY from Madeira Island  (AF-014). QSL either  direct or through  the
EA  - Pepe, EA5KB [425DXN 575] as EA7/EA5KB from Sancti Petri Island (EU-143)
       as single operator 12 hours. QSL via home call.
EI  - A group of operators from  Northern and southern  Ireland as EJ5E  from
       Inishbofin (EU-121). QSL to EI2SDR via bureau.
G   - Ken, G0ORH as G5XV from EU-120.
GD  - G1GUI, G3NKC, G4MJS, G4TSN, G4XUM and  GD4GNH as MD4K from the Isle  of
       Man (EU-116).
GJ  - Rich, K2WR as GJ2A from Jersey (EU-013). QSL via GJ3DVC.
GM  - GM4FDM, GM3NIG, GM4YMA, GM0UKZ,  2M1EDN and GM3COB  as GM5V from  Gigha
       Island (EU-008). QSL via GM3UTQ.
HL  - A group from the Korea DX Club as DS0DX/2 from Yongyu Island  (AS-105).
       They will operate  on 10-80 metres  CW and  SSB. QSL  via HL1XP  either
       direct or through the bureau.
       homecall/3 from two sites on Anmyon Island (AS-080). QSL via HL1OYF.
HS  - E20HHK, E20NTS, HS1CKC, E20RRW as E20HHK/P from Phuket Island (AS-053).
HS  - E21EIC and maybe HS0GBI as E21EIC/P from Si Chang Island (AS-107).
HS  - HS1CHB and possibly others as HS1CHB/P from Samui Island (AS-101).
I   - I5OYY, I5HLK,  I5UKS,  I5PVA, IK5EKB,  IK5FTQ  and IK5ZTW  from  Giglio
       Island (EU-028, IIA GR-002), call unknown  (it should be either  IA5/hc
       or an IA5x contest call).
I   - Gian Luca, IC8WIC from his QTH on Capri Island (EU-031).
I   - Max/IK2XYG,      Stefano/IK2JUB,      Paolo/IZ2ABI,      Enrico/IK2FIL,
       Fabrizio/IK2WSB and Paola/IK2YVJ as IL7/IK2XYG  from San Nicola  Island
       (IIA FG-002) in the Tremiti group (EU-050).
JA  - Kenji, JA4GXS/4 from Yashiro Island (AS-117). QSL via home call  either
       direct or through the bureau
JA  - JH1MUK as JH1MUK/6 from Yonaguni Island (AS-024).
KH6 - Chuck, KG9N as KG9N/KH6 from Hawaii (OC-019).
LZ  - LZ1KSL from Sveta Anastasia Island (EU-181).
OH  - OH6RX and OH6NIO as OH6RX/P from  Replot Island (EU-101). QSL via  home
OH  - OH1MDR, OH1MM, OH1NOA and OH1LLM as OH9A from Sandstrom Reef  (EU-173).
       QSL via OH1NOA.
R1  - OH5NE, RA1ACJ, RV1AC and UA1ANA as R1MVI from Malyy Vysotskiy (EU-117).
SV  - SV1EDZ, SV1DIM, SV1EML,  SV1AWW, SV3FUP and  SV4FGD as  SW8L from  Fasa
       Lighthouse on Andros Island (EU-067). QSL via SV1EML.
UA  - RA3AUM,  UA3DX  and  RZ1AK  as  RK1A/p  from  Kotlin  Island   (EU-133,
       RR-01-06). QSL via VE3LYC (direct) or RZ1AK (bureau). RZ1AK
UA  - Vas/RU3SD, Serge/RU3ST, Vit/RK3SWB as homecall/1 from the  Solovetskiye
       Islands (EU-066). QSL via RU3SD either direct (Vasiliy Bardin,  P.O.Box
       1, Ryazan 390000, Russia) or through the bureau.
UA  - Vitaly/RU0LAX, John/RW0MM and Meela/UA0LHT  as RK0LWW/p from Furugel'ma
       Island (AS-066, RR-16-05) QSL via UA3DX.
VE  - Dana,  VE1VOX  as  VE1OTA/VY2  from  Wood  Island  (NA-029,  lighthouse
       CAN-535). QSL direct to home call.
VE  - Elsie/N7YX and Hillar/N6HR [425DXN as VE7QCR  from the Queen  Charlotte
       Islands (NA-051). QSL via N6HR.
VE  - Mark, N7MQ as N7MQ/VE7 from Galiano Island (NA-075).
VE  - Helen/VE2YAK,  Fred/VE2SEI,  Reg/VE2AYU,  Jeff/VE2TBH,   Andrew/VE2WHO,
       Al/VO1NO/VE1, Shelley/VE1NOS, Trevor/KA8ZUO, Bill/VE1MR and Lynn/VE1ENT
       as VE9W from White Head Island (NA-014, CISA NB-010). QSL via VE2CWI.
W   - AA1IZ, NB1B,  K1HT,  W1RH  and N1LOO  as  AA1IZ  from  George's  Island
       (NA-148). QSL via AA1IZ.
W   - K5M from Mustang  Island (NA092) on  10-80 metres SSB  and CW. QSL  via
W   - N2GC from Long  Island (NA-026)  as single  operator CW.  QSL via  home
YB  - Adhi, YC3MM  as  YC3MM/5 from  Tebingtinggi  Island (OC-245).  QSL  via
       IZ8CCW. Log will be available at

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

DXCC NEWS ---> Effective immediately, the DXCC Desk will accept confirmations
for RTTY QSOs with Ed, P5/4L4FN. QSOs made  on or after 1 November 2001  will
be counted. [TNX Bill Moore, NC1L, DXCC Manager]

DXCC NEWS ---> 3V8KO (June  2002 operation from  Kuriat Island, Tunisia)  has
been approved for DXCC credit.

QSL II7GR --->  Please note that  Nuccio Meoli,  I0YKN, QSL  manager for  the
II7GR IOTA Contest operation from Isola  Grande (EU-091), is moving from  his
QTH in Cori. His new address is P.O. Box 66, 73010 Porto Cesareo - LE, Italy.

QSL 9M2/G4ZFE  ---> Richard  was due  to be  transferred to  another  country
[425DXN 567], but  since that has  not happened, his  address in Malaysia  is
still valid. Direct  cards can be  sent to Richard  Everitt, #1208 PNB  Darby
Park, Jalan Binjai, Kuala Lumpur 50450, Malaysia. [TNX I1-12387]

QSL VP6DI ---> As of 16 July over  3400 envelopes have been mailed out.  "Sit
back and relax", Garth, VE3HO says, "the rest will be answered as well".  For
those   who   want    to   stay    up   to    date,   the    web   page    at is updated every 10-14 days.

QSL VIA GM4FDM ---> Effective  immediately GM4FDM (Thomas  G. Wylie, 3  Kings
Crescent, Elderslie, Renfrewshire,  PA5 9AD, Scotland,  UK) will  be the  QSL
manager for  the  following: 5B4/G3NOM,  9M2OM,  9M2OM/P,  9M2/G3NOM,  A52OM,
E22DX, E28DX,  G3NOM,  HS0AC, HS0AC/2,  HS0/G3NOM,  HS2AC,  JT4/G3NOM,  S21U,
S21ZF, S2/G3NOM, XU1NOM, XW1OM, XY1HT (1995-96), ZC6/G3NOM. [TNX The Daily DX
and QRZ-DX]

QSL VIA KU9C ---> Please note  that Steve has changed  his incoming QSL  mail
address. His old  address will continue  to be in  place "indefinitely",  and
there is no need to resubmit cards. The new address is: Steven Wheatley, P.O.
Box 31,, Morristown, NJ 07963-0031, USA. [TNX KU9C]

QSL VIA SP3WVL ---> Tom Lipinski, SP3WVL currently is the QSL manager for two
stations: HF0POL (2000)  and JW0HU (2002/03).  The following  logs have  been
closed after  sending  out  all the  QSL  cards:  HF0POL  (SSTV),  R1/HF0POL,
KC4/HF0POL, LU1ZI/HF0POL, 3Z0FF (2000), 3Z0WVL (1999), 3Z0PLC (1995),  3Z3PLC

SEANET CONTEST ---> The organisers of  the SEANET Convention 2002 invite  all
radio amateurs to  participate in the  SEANET 2002 Contest.  This contest  is
associated with the 30th Annual SEANET Convention to be held on 1-3  November
2002 in Perth, Western Australia. The  format of the contest will remain  the
same as last  year, in accordance  with the  wishes of  the contestants.  The
contest will therefore be a  single 24 hour  contest incorporating CW,  Voice
(SSB and FM) and digital modes; it will take  place from 12 UTC on 17  August
to  12   UTC   on   the  18th.   For   further   information   please   visit  or   e-mail   Ray   Gerrard,   HS0/G3NOM   at

W0DXCC 2002 --->  "The Midwest's Finest  DX Convention"  will be  held on  28
September in Omaha,  Nebraska. The  convention will  feature various  forums,
DXCC/WAS/WAZ/CQDX award  card checking,  a fantastic  banquet with  speakers,
prizes, and surprises and will prove  to be a great time  for either the  new
DXer and  the  experienced operator.  For  further information  please  visit [TNX KK0DX]

W9DXCC 2002 ---> Born fifty years ago, when  Bob Baird, W9NN had the idea  of
organizing a meeting  of the  98 amateurs  in the  ninth call  area who  were
holders of  the DXCC  certificate, the  W9DXCC Covention  will celebrate  its
golden anniversary on 20-21 September at the Holiday Inn in Rolling  Meadows,
Illinois. Complete  information  and online  registration  are  available  at [TNX W9VA]

WFC CONTEST ---> The QRZ Amateur  Radio Group of  Sussex organizes the  first
annual World Friendship Challenge for licensed  amateurs and SWLs to be  held
from 11 UTC on 14 September  to 11 UTC  on the 15th.  There are trophies  for
section winners,  certificates for  2nd and  3rd place  in each  section  and
commemorative QSL Cards/Certificates are  available. For further  information
please e-mail [TNX M0CHW]

+ SILENT KEY + Larry, K5MK reports the sad news of the passing of RAF veteran
Eric Brown, G0KJW on 12 July at 65 years of  age. He was active in the  IOTA,
Holy Land, WAB and Islands of  Scotland Award (IOSA) programmes and  operated
repeatedly from no less than nine Ebglish and Scottish IOTA groups.

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  QSL INFO  ********
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3DA0CF      K5LBU       F/ON4ASG/p  ON4ON       R1MVI       UA1ANA
3G1A        CE4USW      F/ON4ON/p   ON4ON       R2MWO       DL1FCM
3V8CB       DL1BDF      F/ON5SY/p   ON4ON       RI0MP       UA0LCZ
3V8SQ       DL1BDF      F/ON6CX/p   ON4ON       RK0LWW      UA3DX
3Z0AJC      SP8AJC      F/ON7PQ/p   ON4ON       RK21Z       UA1RJ
3Z0BLY      SP2PMW      F5OGG/P     LX1NO       S21AM       N4VA
3Z0IEQ      SP6IEQ      FO5RH       F6CTL       S21B        KX7YT
3Z7Z        SP7SEW      GM6UW/P     M0BLF       SD5DS       SM5BDY
4D70RG      DU9RG       HG450EV     HA6VB       SI9AM       SM3CVM
4L1MA       ON4RU       HK8RQS      EA5KB       SJ9WL       SM5DJZ
4U1WB       KK4HD       HP1AC       EA5KB       SN0WI       SP2LLW
5K0Z        DH7WW       HP1XBU      N5TGZ       SN150HZ     SP9PGB
5R8GT       DK8ZD       IO6T        IK6GPZ      SO6Y/2      SP6AYP
5Z4IC       MW0AIE      IU2HQ       I2MQP       SU3AM       DL5ZBV
6W4RK       F5NPS       J42WSC      SV2CLJ      SV0LR       HB9LDR
7P8BP       G3MRC       J45PC       OM3PC       SV9/I1JQJ/P I1JQJ
7X0DX       DL4DBR      J75KG       KU9C        T88ZK       7N4JZK
9H3D        G3PJV       JT1FDB/7    DL2ECW      TA3AX       DL7JAK
9H3IC       M5RIC       JX2IJ       LA2IJ       TK/F5MCC    F3GJ
9H3OA       RN3OA       K1USN       K1RV        TK/HB9TL    HB9QR
9J2BO       G3TEV       KH0K/AH0    JA1RJU      TK5EL       F6FNU
9M6AAC      N2OO        KH2VI       JR1VAY      TK5XN       F2YT
9V9HQ       AA5BT       L59EOC      EA7JX       TM0HQ       F5KEQ
A71EM       LZ1YE       LG5LG       SM5DJZ      TM1B        F5TLN
A71MA       KZ5RO       LX8LGS      LX2AJ       TT8DX       F5OGL
AH2R        JH7QXJ      LY750CT     LY1CT       TT8FC       EA4AHK
BW2/JM1LJS  JM1LJS      LY750EC     LY2EC       TT8VMFR     D2GG
BX3/DJ3KR   DJ3KR       LY750FE     LY2FE       TY4DX       F5AOV
C6AJR       W8GEX       M0SDX       UT2UB       TY7Z        F5MOO
CA0YAM      CE1VLY      MJ0AWR      K2WR        TY9F        F5CWU
CE0Y/7K1WLE JN1HOW      MM/TM8ZV    F5BLC       UE1RFF      UA1RJ
CE2LZR      EA5KB       MS0IRC/P    GM0EEY      UE9XXX      RA9XY
CN8YR       K4KU        NJ2BB       KB2BRR      UK8QQ       RW6HS
CQ2EHX      CT1EHX      OA4DKC      LZ1JZ       UN9L        LZ1YE
CS5E        CT1CSY      OH#/IK3GES/p IK3GES     UQ0KWO/7    DL6ZFG
CU2/HB9FMU/P HB9FMU     OH0/VE2DWA  LU7DW       V63ZF       DK2ZF
CU2W        CT1EGW      OI2HQ       OH6LI       VK3WI       VK3DBQ
CU7F        CT1EFL      OY2H        I2MQP       VQ9J        K5QM
CU7H        CT1AHU      OZ0R        OZ1ING      W4G         N4OX
CU9/CT3FN/P HB9CRV      P29KPH      K5YG        WP2Z        KU9C
CU9X        CU3AK       P3A         W3HNK       XL3NJ       VA3NJ
DZ70S       DU3YL       P40A        WD9DZV      XL3ORI      VA3ORI
ED8CHP      EA8URE      P40B        I2MQP       XM3AT       VE3AT
EG9IA       EA7RU       P40C        AJ9C        YL/RZ3BY    UA3DX
EJ0A        EI8EM       P5/4L4FN    KK5DO       YP4O        YO2BV
EK3GM       DK6CW       PA/ON4NOK   ON7YX       YQ0BTA      YO5KUC
EM5U        UT2UB       PJ2/G0HFX   G0HFX       YS1JBL      EA7FTR
EO9P        UT5PW       PJ2/G3TKF   G3TKF       YW1T        W4SO
EP3UN       LA7JO       PJ2E        N1UR        Z33Z        Z31RB
ES9A        ES5RY       PQ2Q        PY2WC       ZA1E        I2MQP
EW6GF       DL8KAC      R16S        UA1RJ       ZC4ATC      5B4YX
F/G0MEU/P   ON4ON       R17O        UA1RJ       ZF2SW       AG4W

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  ADDRESSES  *******
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

4Z5KZ   Vitaly Markov, 39-B/28 Evan Ezra, Ashdod 77622, Israel
CE4USW  Juan Pablo Mardones, P.O. Box 128, Talca, Chile
DH7WW   Ulrich Moeckel, Muldenstrasse 1, 08304 Schoenheide, Germany
DL5ME   P.O. Box 35 11 27, 39034 Magdeburg, Germany
F5OGL   Didier Senmartin, P.O. Box 7, F-53320 Loiron, France
I1JQJ   Mauro Pregliasco, Corso Novara 39, 10154 Torino - TO, Italy
IZ2BHQ  Giorgio Bonini, Via San Carlo 8, 21053 Castellanza - VA, Italy
JN1HOW  Toshihiko Niwa, 1081-8 Sakae, Kitakawabe, 349-1213 Japan
K1RV    Harold Pugh, 78 Temple St, Abington, MA 02351, USA
KK5DO   Bruce Paige, P.O. Box 310, Alief, TX 77411, USA
LA7JO   Stig Lindblom, P.O.Box 827, N-7408 Trondheim, Norway
OH6LI   Jukka Klemola, Aarontie 5, FIN-31400 Somero, Finland
RA9XY   Pavel T. Vashishin, P.O. Box 79, 169840, G. Inta, Rep. Komi, Russia
RW6LP   Alexander L. Kargin, P.O. Box 18, St. Veshenskaya, 346270,
         Rostovskaya Obl, Russia
SP7SEW  Ryszard Gawron, ul.Kielecka 23, 27-412 Szewna, Poland
SP9MRY  Stan Zadora, os. 1000-lecia 12/24, 34-220 Makow Podhalanski, Poland
SP9PGB  KL BGK - SP9PGB, CKPT i S, ul. Kosciuszki 5, 34-220 Makow
         Podhalanski, Poland
UA1RJ   Yuri G Sinitso, P.O. Box 10, Vologda, 160035, Russia
UR7UL   P.O. Box 136, Slavutich, Kiev reg., 07100, Ukraine
UT2UB   Andrej Lyakin, P.O.Box 99, Kiev-10, 01010, Ukraine
UX2RV   P.O. Box 14, Slavutich-3, Kiev obl., 07100, Ukraine
UX2RY   P.O. Box 14, Slavutich-3, Kiev obl., 07100, Ukraine
UY2RO   P.O. Box 14, Slavutich-3, Kiev obl., 07100, Ukraine
VK3DBQ  Jim Baxter, 1 Pamela Court, Bundoora 3083, Australia

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