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The Top List Award is released to the DXers that can prove to have reached excellent results in their activity and that are updating their results on the Italian Top List. It is required to reach 1000 countries, using all the available bands, between 10 and 160 meters, WARC bands included. Endorsements are given for each additional 100 countries confirmed, up to 2000 countries. The level of 2100 countries will be confirmed with a plaque. Only DXCC countries can be counted, deleted excluded. It is necessary to send only the total number of countries confirmed on each band, with no details of each single country contact. You have to declare that all the corresponding cards have been received, and the Award Manager can ask to check every single card. The Award is released against your request and a cost of lire 5000, or 5 dollars or 10 IRCs. If you will make your request within 30th of June 1995 the Award will be free of charge and will be sent to you within September. Amateurs outside Italy will get it free if the request will be made within the end of September 1995. Endorsements stickers will be sent against the request and the amount of lire 1000 or 1 dollar or 2 IRCs. The plaque will be sent when reachin 2100 points. It will be free for the first 3 italian station.It will then cost lire 30.000 plus lire 10.000 for shipping. For non italian amateurs the cost of the plaque will be 30 dollars or 45 IRCs. The requests have to be sent to: Top Award Manager c/o A.R.I. via Scarlatti 31 20124 Milano
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