The Beveridge Reef, an new candidate for IOTA ?

by Wofgang Schippke, DC3MF

The Beveridge Reef, reported till today as a drying sand-bar reef, is located about 130 miles east of the Newzealand's Niue Island. It is sayed by several visitors, that the reef is climbed by Newzealand since a couple of years. The newest information by the NOAA or the Hydragrapher of the Navy show that there is a small sandy island, always 3 to 4 ft over high-tide, and several coral-heads, also visible at high-tide, like on Scarborough Reef in the South China Sea.
If this informations are right, the Beveridge Reef must become a new IOTA Number, because it is located about more than 100 miles from the next valid IOTA Group (that will be Niue).
We invite IOTA Chairman and the IOTA Commity in Great Britain to select all available informations and insert the reef as a new number in the IOTA Directory, if the commity comes to the same as we do.

The Beveridge Reef is located on 20°00'S and 167°57'E is about 13 Kilometers by 6 Kilometers in area, and it is reported that on the north-western side a small island is situated. This island, composited by sand and coral, is about 100 by 40 yards in area, and rises up to 4 ft at high-tide. This reports came from sailors, visting the reef, during the last two years, and in the newest Nautical Warning Notes it is reported too.

The Beveridge Reef was first reported in 1847 by the british Captain Lower-Tinger, commander of the brigg 'Berveridge'. he named the reef by the ship's name, and reported his discoverage to the Admirality in London. Lower-Tinger reported of a group of low, flat sandy islets on the reef, which are bar. In 1899 the American L.Baldman, with the ship 'New Jersey' arived to Beveridge Reef, corrected the position, and reported of two wreks near the south western end. The Pacific Island Handbook of 1958 reported an iron platform on a small sandy key. It is sayed that this iron frameworke tower, 15 ft high, was errected during World War II by American Mariners.

Several wreks are located round the reef. In 1932 an American whaler run on ground and was broken in two parts. In 1956 the Australian cargo-ship 'Big Whale' runn on the north-eastern extremity and sunk. It is reported that some parts are visible all the time. The best known wrek is the 'Nicky Lou', wrecked in 1992, and located near the sandy islet. The wreck became in 1993 home to the Beveridge Yachting Club. This club was closed by the Newzealands Marine in 1994.

As, the Beveridge Yachting Club, located in Sydney, Australia, as the coastguard of Niue, visiting the reef time-by-time, reports that the small sandy islet is visible and also it is reported of several coral-heads. If all this informations are correct, we must please the IOTA Commity to include BEVERIDGE REEF as a new one into the IOTA Directory, like:

OC- ZK2 Beveridge Reef 20S00, 167E00