Guishan Dao by BY7KG/7 in Nov.1995
by Wolfgang Schippke, DC3MF

The Guishan Dao (Island, Dao means that) was first activated by BY7KG/7 during a lighthouse observation tour. He was active only on the 12th of November 1995, for about 4 hours. As we could observe, he made several countries and a lot of QSO's during that time. Till today the IOTA Commity did not do anythink about that operation. Why?
One of the reason is that inside the IOTA rules not the commity must do anything, but also the operator must do it. But here it is the same as with the YC8-Kai Island Group, the operator did not know any about IOTA or the nice IOTA rules. I my opinion, the IOTA Commity must do it for the operator. That will be a friendly service of the IOTA Commity.
To all readers: If you worked that station, please send an e-mail to the IOTA-Commity and ask them, what will be happened. I sendet several times an e-mail, but I got no answere. Perhaps, my messages are a little to agressive ?
Well let me tell you something about the island:
Guishan Dao is the largest island in a chain of islands, located inside the Lantau Channel, between Hong Kong on the east side and Macao in the west. The island is located southwest of Lantau, west-north-west of the Waling Dao Group and north of Datou Zhou. It is about 2 by 1.7 miles in area, rises to an elevation of 248 meters and is steep-sided with partly vertical cliffs on its west side. A fine beach is in the vicitity to Punta Hong Kong, the northern end, where a small permanent settlement is situated. A lighthouse stands on the summit, originally built by a cooperation from British and Portugese engeneers in the start of this century. Today the lighthouse is adminstered by the P.R.C. Coast Guard and visited regularly.
It is sayed that the Portugese Philipe Gonzales de Alvardo, one of the captains of commander Albuquerque, landed on the island in 1515, when the Portugese discovered the coast-line in order to built up a traging outpost.