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17.Jan. 1998

There are some more new islands inserted since my system-crash !!

The Anchor of the HMS 'Sussex', sunk on Bassas da India Reef in 1728

Announcement: Through an error on my computer harddisk, most of all articles are destroyed and in the following month no update could be made. I am very sorry for that bad news, but in the meantime a complete new page was built up - including also several new islands.
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In this page most of the older IOTA numbers are not actuall, but in the next weeks I will correct the datas. There is mutch work, because I must load down each page and correct, and I will thank the Sysop's for here help.

In this way I want to send geographical, historical and other interesting datas about geographical places all over the world. I hope to receive in backway from the readers more informations. I am Amateur-Radio since 1969 and one of the IOTA-Hunters, an editor of the German Magazines FUNKTELEGRAMM and WWH . I am Member of the European-Council (EWWB Board) and of the DIAMOND DX Association (# 105).
Most of my articles are written originally in German language, but there are several English abstracts. If you are interested in a complete article with all the available maps and pictures, I have, send me an e-mail and I will answere you.
If you find some errors or if you have some more and detailed informations, please send me an E-Mail. I will enjoy every E-Mail and I will answere - be shure!


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