The North Danger Reef claimbed by the Philippines
by Wolfgang Schippke, DC3MF

MapNorth Danger Reef (11N25, 114E21) located in the north eastern part of the Spratly Island Group, is one of the major bases of the Philippines Army. North Danger is a dangerous coral ground about 9 miles in diameter encloding a deep lagoon. Several sandy islands are located across. North East Cay (11N27, 114E21) is the largest island on the reef, about 850 yards long, and 250 yards wide. In 1965 the Philippines Military errected on a coral head, about 100 yeards off the northern most point of that islet a lighttower, 23 meters high, and constracted by steel work. Close south west, about 1.5 miles distant lies South West Cay . South west Cay is some smaller than North East Cay but permanently inhabited by a Philippines Military facility. Several radio towers stands on the island, visible by radar about a distance of 20 miles. South Cay is the southern most islet on the reef, about 200 by 200 yeards in area and only 1 m high. It is composited by sand and coral and as all other islands well vegetated by scrubb, bushes and trees. South Cay is reported to be uninhabited, but the ruines of a former used building are visible till today.

As all other islands, the Danger Reef and Islets were known since the firtst century by Chinese fishermen. It became an important military base in WW II, when the Japanese Armee built up a radio and submarine base on the island. Danger Reef, both the North and the South, were described first by the British Peter Farquharson with the HMS 'Jenny' and originally named as Janny Islets in 1734. Later on the British Spratly visited the island and reported it as inhabited by Chinese people. In 1947 France occupated the island but left it in the early 1950's. Since the 1960's it is claimbed and holb by The Philippines by the permanent protest of the P.R.C. Gouvernment.