Namyit Island, a Vietnam's claimbed Spratly Island
by Wolfgang Schippke, DC3MF

MapNamyit Island is one of the major bases of the Vietnam claimbed Spratly's. It lies on the southern side of the Tizard Bank and surrounded by a wide drying reef, fronted by a submarine coral table.

Namyit Island is about 0.2 miles from west to easl and about 0.1 mile wide. It reaches on some sand dunes hights of about 18 to 19 meters. Namyit is composited by sand and coral and is vegetated by scrubb, bushes and some trees. It is inhabited by sea birds.

On the island stands several stony houses, a number of radio towers and a concrete observation tower, 22 meters in elevation, repurted in ruines in 1992. The island is inhabited permanently by an unknown number of Vietnam soldiers and in the deep waters fronting the south side it is sayed that a submarine base is situated.

Namyit is sayed to be known and settled by fishermen since the mid of the 8th century. The geographer Lyn Chang Lo of the Ming Daynasty is sayed to be the first mapper of the island in the 9th century. The first European who visited seams to be Antonio de Manchene in the mid of the 16th century. Shure is the discovery by the British Henry Spratley in 1767 who named the complete reef area by his ship's name 'Tizard', a name known till today.

In 1944 the Japanese Kuamitang Armee occupated all islands on the Tizard Bank and built up a submarine base on Namyit Island like on Itu Aba Island . After WW II The Philippines claimbed official in 1947 the complete Reef, but in 1955 Taiwan built up a military garison with about 400 soldiers on Itu Aba and later on Vietnam a base on Namyit Island . In 1974 the Philippines protested in the UNO about the claimb of Taiwan and Vietnam, but without success.