The English summary:

Saint Peter & Saint Paul Rocks (SA-014)

Wolfgang Schippke, DC3MF

The Peter and Pauls Rocks, located half-way between the Brasilian and the African coastline, are located about 950 km offshore Brasilian's Natal coast on a position of 00°5508"N and 20°2035"W. The group is about 350 meters long, 200 meters wide and consists of about 11 rocks. The largest rock is 23 meters high and overbuilt on its top by a ruined lighthouse, original built in 1933. It is sayed that it will be rebuilt in 1996.
The rocks are of vulcanous origin and composited of basalt and quarcide. Most of the found flora and fauna is endemical. Today it is unknown who discovered the rocks, but it seams that Juan da Nova de Castello reached the rocks in 1513. The today known name was present when the France adventure Laperouse arived here in 1738. The first scientific expedition to that rocks was made by C.Darvin in 1832.