Rocas Alijos, The far offshore rocks of Mexico

by Wolfgang Schipkke, DC3MF

Photo of South Rock, made by R.Schmieder (KK6EK)

Rocas Alijos are a group of scattered rocks, far offshore Baja Califonia, and claimbed by Mexico. The mean position is about 300 kilometers west of Baja California on 24N57 and 115W45. This group is the result of an underwater volcanism. The group consists of about three major rocks of witch South Rock is the largest, rising to 112 ft. In 1990 the well known expedition of the Cordell-Team under the leadership of Rob Schmieder (KK6EK) climbed the rocks for the first time.
The rocks seams to be known since the eraly Spain days, but in 1791 the first exact description was made by a Spain Sailor.
The photo was made by R.Schmieder (KK6EK). Thank you Rob.