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[IMG]tn_Edgar with Yellow Tail.jpg03-Sep-2010 00:42 17K 
[IMG]tn_GPS Reading on NA162.jpg03-Sep-2010 00:42 16K 
[IMG]tn_N6KZ at R7, IOTA Flag.jpg03-Sep-2010 00:43 14K 
[IMG]tn_N6KZ at TH3 Antenna.jpg03-Sep-2010 00:43 13K 
[IMG]tn_N6KZ Operating 2.jpg03-Sep-2010 00:43 18K 
[IMG]tn_N6KZ Operating View 2.jpg03-Sep-2010 00:43 14K 
[IMG]tn_N6VR at R7, IOTA flag 2.jpg03-Sep-2010 00:43 14K 
[IMG]tn_N6VR at R7, IOTA Flag.jpg03-Sep-2010 00:43 13K 
[IMG]tn_View of A3S and Inv V's.jpg03-Sep-2010 00:43 11K 
[IMG]tn_N6VR Operating.jpg03-Sep-2010 00:43 17K 
[IMG]tn_View of NA162 Terrain & Birds.jpg03-Sep-2010 00:43 14K 
[IMG]tn_View of North Island (Land) 2.jpg03-Sep-2010 00:43 12K 
[IMG]tn_View of North Island Lighthouses (Sea).jpg03-Sep-2010 00:43 12K 
[IMG]tn_View of Operating Tent & VHF UHF.jpg03-Sep-2010 00:43 15K 
[IMG]tn_View of Operating Tent.jpg03-Sep-2010 00:43 17K 
[IMG]tn_View of Site (Dark) 3.jpg03-Sep-2010 00:43 9.4K 
[IMG]tn_View of South Island (Sea).jpg03-Sep-2010 00:43 13K 
[IMG]tn_View of Todos Santos Bunkhouse (Sea).jpg03-Sep-2010 00:43 15K 
[IMG]tn_View of XF1K Site (Land).jpg03-Sep-2010 00:44 13K 
[IMG]tn_XE2K on Hike (2).jpg03-Sep-2010 00:44 16K 
[IMG]tn_XE2K Operating.jpg03-Sep-2010 00:44 18K 
[IMG]tn_XE2K, N6KZ & XE2ZY SCDXC Flag.jpg03-Sep-2010 00:44 16K 
[IMG]tn_XE2ZY & N6KZ with SCDXC Flag.jpg03-Sep-2010 00:44 17K 
[IMG]tn_XE2ZY Operating.jpg03-Sep-2010 00:44 18K 
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