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3W2LC Vietnam
3W6LC Vietnam
VK6LC/p OC-140 Thevenard Island
VK6ISL OC-140 Sholl Island
VK6LC/p OC-164 Penguin Island
VK6LC/p OC-164 Rottnest Island
VK6ISL OC-164 Rottnest Island
VK6LC/p OC-170 Woody Island
VK6ISL OC-183 Green Island
VK8TI OC-185 East Bremer Island
VK6CHI OC-193 Cheyne Island
VK8ISL OC-198 North Island
VK6ISL OC-199 Malus Island
VK6ISL OC-206 Faure Island
VK6ISL OC-214 Lacepede Island
VK5ISL OC-220 St.Peter Island
VK9RS OC-230 Rowley Shoals

VK6LC: Malcolm Johnson, 9 Abinger Rd, Lynwood 6147, Western Australia
I1HYW: Gianni Varetto, P.O.Box 1, 10060 Pancalieri (TO), Italy

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