VK9_1999 Rowley Shoals
K9PPY - Jim
VK6LC - Mal
VK2PS - Steve
CT1EEN - Sam
On shore support
VK6DLB - Dave
VK6BHY - Mike
Public relations
I1JQJ - Mauro
QSL manager
I1HYW - Gianni
I121171 - Maury
VK9_1999 Rowley Shoals
VK6DLB David "Dave" Bamford operating from Lacepede Islands OC214

In September 1999 Malcolm K. Johnson, VK6LC will be ready for a multi-national DXpedition to a very remote place, NEW ONE for IOTA (the unnumbered IOTA group is WESTERN AUSTRALIAN OUTLIERS). the Rowley Shoals are located in the Indian Ocean, 180 nautical miles west of Broome in the tropical far north of Western Australia. They are large emergent morphological shelf atolls arising from depths of between 300 and 700 metres along the edge of the continental shelf. The Rowley Shoals consist of three atolls that lie north-south in latitude. The most northern is Mermaid Reef, 29 km to the centre is Clerke Reef and 42 km to the south is IMPERIEUSE REEF (17.35S-11.55E), the place where the DXpeditioners will land. The shoals were given their collective name in 1818 by Capt. P.P. King, who first described their relative positions. He named the three atolls Mermaid after his ship, Clerke (after Clerke, who reported it from a whaler between 1800 and 1809) and Imperieuse after the vessel from which it was sighted by Capt. Rowley in 1800. Imperieuse Reef is approximately 18 km long and 10 km wide. The only portion maintaned above the high water mark is Cunningham Island, a sand cay Approximately 800 metres long and 250 metres wide. It is positioned at the north tip of the reef and it is where an automatic light and weather station is located.

Malcolm needs your support.

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VK6LC: Malcolm Johnson, 9 Abinger Rd, Lynwood 6147, Western Australia
I1HYW: Gianni Varetto, P.O.Box 1, 10060 Pancalieri (TO), Italy

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