IOTA Notice * December 2005

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            |               New Year 2006                |

                            >>> ANNUAL UPDATE <<<

Yes, it has  come around again.  The last  date for  mailing applications  or
updates to  checkpoints for  inclusion  in the  2006  Honour Roll  and  other
performance tables is 1 February  2006. If postmarked  after that date,  they
will be processed in the normal way but the  scores will be held over to  the
following year. Listing in the tables is restricted to those members who have
updated their scores at least once in the previous five years. In the case of
the 2006 tables this  means since the  2001 annual listings.  If you wish  to
remain listed, check to see that you  qualify and, if not, make a  submission
on or before 1 February 2006. The tables will appear on the RSGB IOTA website
in the Spring.

Shortly after compiling the  2005 tables the  IOTA Committee implemented  the
second part of the Conversion Exercise schedule  drawn up at the time of  the
major island listings revision in year 2000 and withdrew credit for  contacts
with a  small  number of  islands  that  had been  found  not  to  meet  IOTA
qualification criteria. If you have not done so already, check to see if  you
need to  resubmit, or  send replacement,  cards  to your  checkpoint.  Tables
showing the effect of deletions on members' 2005 scores are shown on the RSGB
IOTA website (click Honour Roll).


                           >>> NEW CHECKPOINTS <<<

The sad passing of Ray Small, G3ALI, one of our two UK based checkpoints,  in
late October came as a great shock to us all. He had been a checkpoint  since
early 1992 and carried out the duties involved meticulously. We know that his
many friends, both  inside and  outside the  IOTA Programme,  will share  our
sorrow at the loss of someone who gave so much in friendship and service.

We are happy to  be able to  announce that Ray's  son, Robert, BRS-8841,  has
agreed to take over his Dad's checkpoint with immediate effect. He has a very
high score (approaching  1000) in the  SWL listings, so  has a  mass of  IOTA
experience. Robert is also moving  into Ray's house  in mid-January with  his
family. So, those of you who  are his customers should  send your updates  to
Robert at the same address as before. The  only change is that we have  split
off Ray's Portuguese and BeNeLux customers  by appointing new checkpoints  in
Portugal and Belgium.

The following checkpoint changes apply with immediate effect:

For applicants  in England  (all G  & M  call-numbers except  0),  Gibraltar,
Ireland, Malta, and all Africa and Asia except Japan & the CIS countries:
  BRS-8841, Robert S Small, 13 Rydal Close, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 1QX,

For applicants in Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands:
  ON4CAS, Egbert Hertsen, Postbus 85, B-2800 Mechelen 2, BELGIUM

For applicants in Portugal (including the Azores and Madeira):
  CT1ZW, Julio Ramiro Braz Mateiro, Rua Francisco Abreu Sousa 199,
  P-3720-340 Oliveira de Azemeis, PORTUGAL

For applicants  in  Hungary,  Czech  Republic,  Estonia,  Latvia,  Lithuania,
Poland, Romania and Slovakia:
  HA7UW, Sandor Gyorfi, Laki utca 13/A, H-2141 Csomor, HUNGARY

For applicants in Croatia, Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece (including Crete
and the Dodecanese), Macedonia, Serbia & Montenegro and Slovenia:
  9A2EU, Zlatko Maticic, Jure Petrekovica 30, HR-10290 Zapresic, CROATIA

The following checkpoint  changes will  take effect  on 2  February 2006,  ie
after the current update exercise:

For applicants in Russia and all CIS countries in Asia:
  UA6AF, Victor Kravchenko, PO Box 33, Novorossiysk-22, 353922, RUSSIA

For applicants in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova only:
  UR5LCV, Igor Zeldin, PO Box 466, Kharkov 61103, UKRAINE

(Updates from Russia should be sent  to Igor UR5LCV  for the current  January
Honour Roll / Annual Listing exercise.)


                         >>> NEW IOTA DIRECTORY <<<

A new IOTA Directory will be  published in May.  Material is currently  being
assembled. If  you  have  an  original  article  or  very  recent  DXpedition
write-up, think-piece or  interesting picture, feel  free to send  it to  us.
Space is limited but we are looking for interest, relevance and  originality.
If possible, before the end of January please, and it may be best to indicate
the kind  of contribution  you have  in mind  before spending  too much  time
progressing it.


                  >>> NEW IOTA REFERENCE NUMBERS ISSUED <<<

NA-228   YN     Caribbean Sea Coast North group (Nicaragua)
OC-269   YB7    Karimata Islands (Indonesia)



AF-016   TO5R       Reunion Island (September/October 2005)
AF-025   S79EC/A    Aldabra Islands (September/October 2005)
AF-025   S79NAN/A   Aldabra Islands (September/October 2005)
AF-025   S79RRC/A   Aldabra Islands (September/October 2005)
AF-026   S79RRC/C   Cosmoledo Islands (September 2005)
AF-027   TX5M       Mayotte Island (October 2005)
AF-033   S79EC      Alphonse Island, Amirante Islands (October 2005)
AF-033   S79NAN     Alphonse Island, Amirante Islands (October 2005)
AF-033   S79RRC     Alphonse Island, Amirante Islands (October 2005)
AF-035   S79EC/F    Farquhar Islands (October 2005)
AF-035   S79NAN/F   Farquhar Islands (October 2005)
AF-035   S79RRC/F   Farquhar Islands (October 2005)
NA-064   WL0/K4XS   Attu Island, Near Islands (July/August 2005)
NA-199   FS/F5AHO/P Tintamarre Island (November 2005)
NA-228   H79W/YN4   Miskitos Cays (November 2005)
OC-084   T32S       Tabuaeran (Fanning) Island (October 2005)
OC-084   T32SNW     Tabuaeran (Fanning) Island (October 2005)
OC-116   P29NI      Normanby Island, D'Entrecasteaux Islands (Oct 2005)
OC-175   DX0ST      Sarangani Island, Sarangani Islands (November 2005)
OC-207   DX0TIC     Cagayan Island, Cagayan Islands (November 2005)
OC-269   YE7P       Karimata Island, Karimata Islands (September 2005)
SA-082   HK3JJH/2   Morro Grande Island (September 2005)
SA-092   PZ5C/P     Papegaaien Island (December 2005)

Note:  This   list  includes   operations  where   validation  material   was
volunteered, ie not  specifically required  for credit  to be  given. In  all
cases, cards  now submitted  will be  accepted by  Checkpoints if  they  meet
normal standards. This means that the  island name should  be printed on  the



OC-062    FO5RH    Pukapuka Atoll (September 2005)

Note: Checkpoints are  not authorised to  credit QSL cards  for an  operation
where validation is required.

Roger Balister, G3KMA                                 Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ
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Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ/KB2TJM
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