AF-084/Prov  9G   GOLD COAST group (Ghana), following the operation by  9G5MD
                   from Abokwa Island.

AF-085/Prov  ZS   CAPE PROVINCE - ATLANTIC COAST NORTH group (South  Africa),
                   following the operation by ZS31ER from Elephant Rock.

AS-145/Prov  HS   MALAY PENINSULA SOUTH EAST group (Thailand), following  the
                   operation by E29DX from Koh Nu.

OC-231/Prov  P2   GRREN ISLANDS (Papua New  Guinea), following the  operation
                   by P29VMS from Nissan Island.


AF-067  5Z4WI     Wasini Island (March 2000)
AS-023  JA6CM/6   Oshima, Amami Archipelago (March 2000)
AS-032  JI3DST/6  Tanegashima, Osumi Archipelago (February 2000)
AS-037  JI3DST/6  Kami-Koshikijima, Koshiki Islands (March 2000)
AS-132  3W50K     Cat Ba Island (March 2000)
AS-137  BT20OO    Da-qu Island, Zhoushan Archipelago (Dec 1999/Jan 2000)
AS-137  BA4DC/5   Da-qu Island, Zhoushan Archipelago (Oct 1999/Jan 2000)
AS-137  BA4EG/5   Da-qu Island, Zhoushan Archipelago (Oct 1999/Jan 2000)
OC-084  T32VU     Tabuaeran (Fanning) Island (25/26 November 1998)
OC-107  YC5XIP/P  Lingga Island, Lingga Islands (March/April 2000)
OC-114  FO0DEH    Raivavae Island, Austral Islands (Sept/Oct 1999)
OC-131  FO0DEH    Takapoto Island, King George Islands (November 1999)

(*) Includes  operations  where  validation material was volunteered, ie  not
specifically  required  for  credit  to be given -  in all cases  cards   now
submitted will be accepted by Checkpoints if they meet normal standards.


AF-073       3V8BT      Kerkenah Island, Kerkenah Islands (March 2000)
AF-084/Prov  9G5MD      Abokwa Island (April 2000)
AF-085/Prov  ZS31ER     Elephant Rock (April 2000)
AS-145/Prov  E29DX      Koh Nu (April 2000)
NA-064       AL7RB/P    Attu Island, Near Islands (September 1999)
OC-058       FK8KAB/P   Surprise Isl, D'Entrecasteaux Reefs (April 2000)
OC-069       P29VMS     Lihir Island, Lihir Islands (March 2000)
OC-076       YC8XNE     Sulabesi Island, Sula Islands (Feb/March 2000)
OC-093       DU2/DL2GAC Batan Island, Batan Islands (April 2000)
OC-158       H44MS      Nggela Sule Isl, Florida Islands (February 2000)
OC-202       DX4RIG     Tinaga Island, Calagua Islands (April 2000)
OC-231/Prov  P29VMS     Nissan Island, Green Islands (March 2000)
SA-050       CE8/R3CA   Riesco Island (January 2000)

Checkpoints are not authorised to credit QSL cards for operations from  which
validation material is still awaited.

                     >>> HONOUR ROLL / ANNUAL LISTING <<<

The Honour Roll and Annual Listings will  this year be published in the  July
RadCom issued at the end of June. The later date  is due to the need to  give
priority to work on the new  IOTA Directory. However, if  time allows, it  is
envisaged that it may be possible to put the listings on the RSGB website  in
late May  once the  Directory has  gone to  print. Please  do not  ask  about


                          >>> NEW IOTA DIRECTORY <<<

The new Directory  will be published  in the middle  of June. If  you are  an
active IOTA participant, or indeed a closet island chaser, you will certainly
need a copy. The changes are  sufficiently significant that, without it,  you
will be at a real disadvantage.  Copy-holders will know instantly whether  or
not the island  worked counts for  IOTA -  because if  it is  not listed,  it
probably won't. Copy-holders will know instantly  which island to target  for
their next DXpedition  - no need  to check first  with IOTA HQ.  Copy-holders
will know instantly  how to maximise  the use of  their time,  and to  target
their efforts in an effective way to get those valid IOTA QSLs.

Watch for an announcement in June about the publication date. Copies will be
available from RSGB, price to be announced.

                >>> RSGB HF & IOTA CONVENTION WINDSOR 2000 <<<

Put the date in  your diaries now.  This year's RSGB  HF and IOTA  Convention
will be held over the period 13, 14 and 15 October at Old Windsor, Berkshire.
An interesting programme, with plenty of  IOTA content, is under  preparation
with a  number of  well-known  speakers lined  up.  The IOTA  Committee  will
explain the background to changes and  developments in IOTA as it enters  the
New Millennium.  More on  this  later. The  Convention  Centre is  served  by
excellent road and rail links and,  for those coming by  air, is within  easy
reach of London  Heathrow Airport. Let's  have a really  big IOTA  attendance
this year. IOTA enthusiasts planning to come are encouraged to drop me a note
so that  we  can  monitor  likely attendance  and  plan  the  IOTA  programme
accordingly. Booking arrangements will be announced later.

The following have indicated that they are planning to attend: AD5A,  CT1EEB,
NN2C, ON4XL, OZ5MJ, W9DC. Guaranteed - there's going to be a great amount  on
IOTA to talk about.

Roger Balister, G3KMA                                 Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ
RSGB IOTA Manager                         RSGB IOTA Committee Member (Europe)

                      Past IOTA Notices are available at
              as well as the 1999 Honour Roll/Annual Listing and
              the latest Most Wanted IOTA Islands Groups listing

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ/KB2TJM
425 DX News Editor