IOTA Notice [April 98]


AS-134/Prov   BY3   HEBEI/TIANJIN PROVINCE  group  (Chinese  islands,  letter
                    "f"), following  the  operation by  BI3H  from  Shijiutuo

OC-225/Prov   DU8   TURTLE  IS  (Philippines,  letter  "f"),  following   the
                    operation by 4H8TI from Taganak Island.

Checkpoints are not authorised to accept for IOTA credit QSL cards confirming
contacts made with islands/groups whose Reference Numbers have been issued on
a provisional basis.


                               <<< TEMOTU >>>

In the event that the Temotu Islands become a new DXCC Entity, there will  be
no change to  the IOTA Reference  Numbers for any  of the  IOTA groups  which
constitute the Temotu Islands, formerly Santa Cruz Islands. These groups  are
on the  IOTA list  by  virtue of  compliance  with Criterion  E.5.1  covering
officially recognised island groups. 


               <<< THE 1998/99 IOTA DIRECTORY and YEARBOOK >>>

The 1998/99 IOTA  Directory &  Yearbook, published  by the  Radio Society  of
Great Britain, is  112 pages  long excluding  covers and  includes 16  colour
pages in the Yearbook section. You will find all the information you need  to
participate in this exciting DX  programme: the latest  list of islands  that
qualify for the 18 awards divided  by country and continent, the new  charges
(effective 1 May 1998), the 1998  Honour Roll, IOTA contest results,  details
of the new Millennium Award, the most wanted islands list, stories about  the
activation of rare islands, the new certificates in full colour plus many new
features (including  a Guide  to Preparing  your  First IOTA  Application,  a
Prefix and  Country Index  and a  Guide to  Validating your  Operation).  The
English version  is available  from  the RSGB  IOTA  Programme, P.O.  Box  9,
Potters Bar, Herts EN6 3RH, England, UK at 10.49 or US$17 or 26 IRCs  (these
figures include postage  in UK and  Europe; add US$3  or 4  IRCs for  airmail
postage outside Europe).  Amateurs in  USA and  Canada may  apply to  W4BAA/7
(Dewitt Jones, P.O. Box 8695, Lacey, WA 98509, USA). For further  information
on the translations into other languages  please contact the  RSGB HQ at  the
address above.


Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ
RSGB IOTA Committee Member (Europe)

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ/KB2TJM
425 DX News Editor