AF-083       3V    MEDITERRANEAN SEA COAST SOUTH group (Tunisia)
AS-141       BY5   ZHEJIANG PROVINCE group (China)
AS-142/Prov  UA0Z  SEA OF  OKHOTSK COAST  group (Russian  Islands,  Kamchatka
                   Oblast islands, letter  "c"), following  the operation  by
                   UA0ZY/p from Kambalny (Toporkov) Island



AF-083  3V8DJ       Djerba Island (June 1999)
AS-045  HL5/JI6KVR  Ullung Island (June 1999)
AS-056  JA6GXK      Me-jima, Danjo Archipelago (since April 1999)
AS-141  BI5D        Dongtou Island (April/May 1999)
EU-081  TM2F        Du Large Island, Saint Marcouf Islands (July 1999)
EU-110  9A1CZZ/P    Veli Brijun Island, Brioni Islands (April 1999)
EU-148  TM5B        Fort Brescou (June 1999)
EU-156  F6ELE/P     Tombelaine Island (May 1999)
EU-156  F6HKA/P     Tombelaine Island (May 1999)
EU-156  F8BPN/P     Tombelaine Island (May 1999)
NA-169  W7W         Waadah Island (July 1999)
OC-170  VK6EWI      Woody Island (March 1999)
SA-040  HK3JBR/1    Rosario Islands (July 1999)

(*) Includes  operations  where  validation material was volunteered, ie  not
specifically  required  for  credit  to be given -  in all cases  cards   now
submitted will be accepted by Checkpoints.



AS-142/Prov UA0ZY/P   Kambalny Island (July 1999)
EU-102      RF1P      Dolgiy Island (July 1999)
NA-040      KL1SLE    St Lawrence Island (April 1999)
OC-159      ZK1MGS    Mangaia Island (July/August 1999)
OC-199      VK6DJP/P  Rosemary Island (August 1999)

Checkpoints are not authorised to credit QSL cards for operations from  which
validation material is still awaited.


                   >>> ACTION ON DELETED ISLAND GROUPS <<<

The following policy was agreed recently  by the IOTA Committee with  respect
to deleted island groups. The groups concerned are:

AF-034  Bassas Da India Islands
        - Islands no longer exist!
AF-055  Penguin Islands
        - Now part of AF-070 (Namibian Atlantic Coast South Group)
AS-034  Jabal At Tair Island
        - Now part of AS-009 (Yemeni Red Sea Coast Group)
AS-035  Abu Ail Island
        - Now part of AS-009 (Yemeni Red Sea Coast Group)

1. Credits for deleted entities will  be removed after  the 2000 Honour  Roll
   has been produced.

2. Credits for deleted entities will NOT be transferred to successor  groups:
   for example,  a 1990  credit  for AF-055  (Penguin  Islands) will  NOT  be
   transferred to  AF-070 (Namibian  Atlantic Coast  South Group)  for  which
   these islands now count following the transfer of sovereignty in 1994.

3. Old IOTA reference numbers will NOT be reissued.

The Committee  believes  that, by  following  this  approach,  the  important
concept of the "level playing  field", in terms  of maximum available  score,
would be preserved for all IOTA enthusiasts whether newcomers or old timers.


                 >>> REVIEW OF THE IOTA ISLAND LISTINGS <<<
              (as announced at HAM RADIO 1999, Friedrichshafen)

In readiness for the next IOTA Directory, to be published in Spring 2000, the
IOTA Committee is carrying out  a major exercise  to identify all  qualifying
islands for most IOTA groups listed in the existing Directory.
As part of this work it is reviewing group  coverage with a view to making  a
few small changes in the interests  of tidyness, fairness and consistency  of
approach. This will include deletion of some "barren" island groups and their
replacement by  a matching  number of  new groups  (to  maintain the  cap  on
programme size). All action will be consistent with the existing structure of
a listing based on island groups  rather than on individual islands and  with
the existing qualification criteria.
The Committee is prepared to consider  proposals for boundary adjustments  or
replacement groups, submitted by the IOTA  community, which are justified  in
these terms. Please send them to Roger Balister, G3KMA, RSGB IOTA Manager  at
his callbook address (La Quinta, Mimbridge, Chobham, Woking, Surrey GU24 8AR,
England) or e-mail them to g3kma@dial.pipex.com to arrive BEFORE 30 SEPTEMBER
1999.  Scanned  map  attachments  are  acceptable  within  reason.   Existing
proposals submitted in the last three  years need not  be resubmitted but  it
may be best to send a one line e-mail reminder.
Proposals received will be acknowledged but it will not be possible to engage
in any correspondence. It is not  intended that the island listing  appearing
in Directory 2000 will be reviewed again for a period of at least ten years.



Cases continue to  occur regularly  of QSL  cards submitted  for IOTA  credit
having to be rejected  for failure to  name the exact  island from where  the
operation took place. Contrary to popular  belief, the IOTA reference  number
and/or the group name, although helpful, are seldom by themselves sufficient.
Why?   Many  IOTA island  groups,  particularly ones  covering  a  sector  of
continental coastline, include within  their "geographical co-ordinates  box"
islands which do not qualify for  IOTA through failure to meet  qualification
criteria. The inclusion on the  card therefore of  the island name,  together
with co-ordinates if the island is very small, is essential data for deciding
IOTA status. Where there is any ambiguity, IOTA Checkpoints are authorised to
reject cards for credit. There is no alternative. Such is the volume of  card
checking that  we have  to operate  on the  basis of  the island  name  being
printed on the card. So  remember, if there  is NO ISLAND  NAME, you risk  NO


                >>> IOTA MILLENNIUM PROGRAMME "IOTA 2000" <<<

The design work on the IOTA Millennium Programme "IOTA 2000" is complete  and
a press release has been widely circulated. Details of IOTA 2000 can be found
at HTTP://www.cdxc.org.uk and a  listing of island  groups can be  downloaded
from this  site. This  programme should  be  great fun  -  no QSL  cards  are
required. Check it out!


                              8-10 October 1999
           Beaumont Conference Centre, Old Windsor, Berks, England

The organisation of this year's HF  & IOTA Convention is nearing  completion.
This will be a  great meeting point  for ALL those  interested in HF,  DXing,
IOTA, operating, contesting and LF experimentation.

There is an excellent programme of lectures planned for the weekend that will
appeal to all active radio  amateurs. The lectures  include: IOTA; the  C21SX
and C21ZM Pacific DXpedition; SD Masterclass; Winning CQWW from West  Africa;
The LF Scene  in the  US; Linear  Amplifiers; Solar  Eclipse '99  Propagation
Experiment - Initial Findings; The Magic of  6 Metres; RTTY & Data Modes;  LF
Forum; Internet  and  the  "Reverse  Beacon";  DXCC;  ZL9CI  Campbell  Island
DXpedition;  E44/HA1AG  Palestine  DXpedition;  Young  Amateur  of  the  Year
Presentation; Antennas and Planning for Topband Contesting; Code-breaking  at
Bletchley Park; and much more!

There will  be an  HF Village  with many  interesting exhibits  including  an
Internet clinic.

The IOTA  Buffet  takes place  on  the Friday  evening  (8 October)  and  the
ever-popular DX Dinner is on the Saturday evening (9 October).

Martin Lynch &  Sons and Yaesu  UK Ltd are  again sponsoring the  Convention.
Yaesu have donated the main raffle prize, a FT-847 transceiver.

Partners will be  looked after  during the  weekend with  a varied  programme
offering an interesting  alternative for those  non-radio amateurs  attending
the Convention - a day trip to  the beautiful Blenheim Palace is planned  for
the Saturday.

The detailed programme, lecture synopses  and booking forms  can be found  at

All in all it's going to be a great weekend  - come along and join in...  you
don't want to miss out, do you!

Further details can be obtained from Marcia Brimson 2E1DAY, on + 44 (0)  1707
659015 or e-mail  marcia.brimson@rsgb.org.uk or from  Neville Cheadle  G3NUG,
Chairman - Organising Committee, g3nug@btinternet.com


                    >>> A REMINDER: IOTA CONTEST 1999 <<<

Did you take part in this year's IOTA  Contest? If so, do submit your  entry.
You  can  e-mail   it  to  hf.contests@rsgb.org.uk     -   TWO  files   only,
(callsign).log and (callsign).sum, sent as a normal attachment to the e-mail.

Postal entries  should be  addressed to  : RSGB  IOTA  Contest, P.O.  Box  9,
Potters Bar, Herts EN6 3RH, England.

The closing date for entries is 1 September 1999.

                   DO NOT SEND CONTEST ENTRIES TO G3KMA!!!


Roger Balister, G3KMA                                 Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ
RSGB IOTA Manager                         RSGB IOTA Committee Member (Europe)
5 August 1999                                                   7 August 1999
Email g3kma@dial.pipex.com                              Email i1jqj@amsat.org

                     Past IOTA Notices are available at
               as well as the 1999 Honour Roll/Annual Listing
           and the latest Most Wanted IOTA Islands Groups listing

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ/KB2TJM
425 DX News Editor