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               *              a  Happy  Christmas             *
               *    and a Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous    *
               *                New Year  2004                *

                             >>> ANNUAL UPDATE <<<

IOTA enthusiasts are reminded that the last date for mailing applications  or
updates to  checkpoints for  inclusion  in the  2004  Honour Roll  and  other
performance tables is 1 February  2004. If postmarked  after that date,  they
will be processed in the normal way but the  scores will be held over to  the
following year's listing. Listing in  the 2004 tables  will be restricted  to
those members who have updated their scores since February 1999.

                        >>> IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS <<<

New Year 2004 is the occasion of  IOTA's 40th Anniversary! And Great News  to
start the year off. The Society has agreed to the IOTA island group listings,
complete with full titles, geographical  coordinates and qualifying  islands,
being made available on Internet. To  see them, go to  the IOTA Manager's  or
the RSGB  IOTA  web-site.  Posting  on  the  Internet  brings  key  programme
information to a much wider audience. It has the added advantage of  enabling
the listings  to be  kept up  to  date as  new  group reference  numbers  and
qualifying islands are added. The RSGB  maintains the copyright to this  data
and states  that no  part of  it may  be reproduced,  stored in  a  retrieval
system, or transmitted, in any form  or by any means electronic,  mechanical,
photocopying, recording or otherwise, except for personal non-commercial home
use, unless prior written permission has been obtained from the RSGB.

Following this policy change the IOTA  Committee has amended the  requirement
in the rules that applicants must purchase  their own copy of the paper  IOTA
Directory in order to enter the  programme. The emphasis  has now shifted  to
ensuring applicants use, as far as possible, current information in preparing
their submissions. So,  the new wording  adopted is that  you should use  the
island group listings now on line  on Internet or, alternatively, in an  IOTA
Directory no earlier than IOTA Directory 2000 -  this could be your own or  a
friend's. The  Directory will  continue to  be published  and copies  may  be
obtained from RSGB Sales - details available at www.rsgb.org/shop or by  mail
from RSGB Sales, Lambda House,  Cranborne Road, Potters  Bar, Herts EN6  3JE,
UK. Please, do not send Directory requests to the IOTA Manager!


                   >>> NEW IOTA REFERENCE NUMBERS ISSUED <<<

OC-263    V73   Taongi Atoll (Marshall Islands)
OC-264    FO    Maria Island (Austral Islands)
OC-265/Pr VK9   Coral Sea Islands Territory South (Australia)


OC-265/Pr VK9   Coral Sea Islands Territory South (Australia)

              >>>           DIRECTORY - 11TH EDITION          <<<

AF-092    3V    Sousse / Monastir / Mahdia Region group (Tunisia)
AF-093    J5    Guinea-Bissau Coastal Region group (Guinea-Bissau)
AF-094    7X    Mediterranean Sea Coast West group (Algeria)
AS-162    3W    South China Sea Coast North group (Vietnam)
AS-163    R0Q   Laptev Sea Coast East group (Russian Federation)
AS-164    R0Q   East Siberian Sea Coast West group (Russian Federation)
AS-165    XZ    Arakan Region group (Myanmar)
AS-166    EP    Hormozgan Province group (Iran)
AS-167    XZ    Irrawaddy / Yangon / Pegu Region group (Myanmar)
AS-168    HL2   Kangwon-do Province group (Korea (South))
NA-222    KL    Southern Alaska Peninsula West group (Alaska)
NA-223    HR    Gracias a Dios Departmant group (Honduras)
NA-224    XE1   Veracruz State South group (Mexico)
NA-225    VY0   Nunavut (Prince of Wales and Somerset Islands) group
OC-249    YB8   Aru Islands (Indonesia)
OC-250    YB3   Masalembu Islands (Indonesia)
OC-251    VK3   Victoria State West group (Australia)
OC-252    YB7   Kalimantan's Coastal Islands West (Indonesia)
OC-253    V63   Hall Islands (Federated States of Micronesia)
OC-254    V63   Mortlock Islands (Federated States of Micronesia)
OC-255    VK4   Queensland State (Gulf of Carpentaria) North group
OC-256    P2    Kilinailau (Tulun) Islands (Papua New Guinea)
OC-257    P2    Nuguria Islands (Papua New Guinea)
OC-258    P2    Papua New Guinea's Coastal Islands North (Papua New Guinea)
OC-259    V63   Nukuoro Atoll (Federated States of Micronesia)
OC-260    V63   Oroluk Atoll (Federated States of Micronesia)
OC-261    VK5   South Australia State West Centre group (Australia)
OC-262    YB4-5 Sumatra's Coastal Islands South (Indonesia)
OC-263    V73   Taongi Atoll (Marshall Islands)
OC-264    FO    Maria Island (Austral Islands)
OC-265/Pr VK9   Coral Sea Islands Territory South (Australia)
SA-092    PZ    Suriname group (Suriname)
SA-093    HK4   Choco Division North/Antioquia Division group (Colombia)


AF-013    5R8HA       Madagascar Island (September 2003)
AF-014    CT3/CT1EAT  Porto Santo Island, Madeira Archipelago (July 2003)
AF-014    CT9T        Porto Santo Island, Madeira Archipelago (July 2003)
AF-053    J20RM/P     Moucha Island (September 2003)
AF-090    5R8HA/P     Sainte-Marie Island (September 2003)
AS-110    BQ9P        Pratas Island (October 2003)
AS-168    DS0DX/2     Cho Island (October 2003)
EU-035    R1PQ        Novaya Zemlya Island (August 2003)
EU-067    SV8/F5TGR   Naxos, Paros & Santorini Islands (September 2003)
EU-070    TM3OR       Or Island (June 2003)
NA-162    XF1K        Todos Santos Sur Island (September 2003)
OC-078    V63TXF/P    Falalop Island, Ulithi Atoll (August 2003)
OC-110    YJ0AMY      Tegua Island, Torres Islands (October 2003)
OC-110    YJ0ATU      Tegua Island, Torres Islands (October 2003)
OC-263    V73T        Taongi Atoll (August 2003)
OC-264    FO/I1SNW    Maria Island, Austral Islands (October 2003)
OC-264    FO/IT9EJW   Maria Island, Austral Islands (October 2003)
OC-264    FO/IT9YRE   Maria Island, Austral Islands (October 2003)
SA-070    3G5Q        Quiriquina Island (February 2003)

Note:  This   list  includes   operations  where   validation  material   was
volunteered, ie not  specifically required  for credit  to be  given. In  all
cases, cards  now submitted  will be  accepted by  Checkpoints if  they  meet
normal standards. This means that the  island name should  be printed on  the

         >>>                AS AT 20 DECEMBER 2003                <<<

NA-162    XE2/W7KFI   ??????????? (April 2003)
OC-079    FK/AC4LN    Belep Islands (September 2003)
OC-132    V63MB       ??????????? (May 2003)
OC-158    H44VV       ??????????? (August 2003)
OC-258    P29VVB      ??????????? (August 2003)
OC-265/Pr VK4GL/P     Cato Reef, Coral Sea Islands Territory (Dec 2003)
OC-265/Pr VK4WWI/P    Cato Reef, Coral Sea Islands Territory (Dec 2003)
SA-089    YV5ANF/1    Sal Key (April 2003)

Note: Checkpoints are  not authorised to  credit QSL cards  for an  operation
where validation is required.

                     >>> IOTA 2004 ACTIVITY PROGRAMME <<<

To celebrate IOTA's 40th Anniversary, the  IOTA Committee and CDXC  (Chiltern
DX Club) - The UK DX  Foundation - have teamed  up to launch  a year of  IOTA
activity - to be called IOTA's 40th Anniversary Awards Programme or IOTA 2004
for short. The IOTA  Committee is grateful  to CDXC for  agreeing to run  the
event on its behalf and to  Nevada who have agreed with  CDXC to sponsor  the
costs of administration and certificate design.

IOTA 2004 will run from 1 January to 31 December 2004 and will adopt the same
format and rules  as the very  successful IOTA Millennium  Programme in  year
2000 (also administered by CDXC). Entrants will need to make contact with  as
many different IOTA island groups as possible within the calendar year, using
any amateur band, HF or VHF,  or any combination of  band and mode.  Contacts
counting for credit come in two types - premium contacts and normal contacts.
"Premium" contacts are  made during a  particular month that  depends on  the
island's geographical location (for  January to April,  see below) and  these
score extra points. Contacts made with  the same island  in other months  are
"normal" contacts. No QSL cards are  required but there  will be scrutiny  of
entries. A series of attractive certificates - gold, silver and bronze - will
be available  for various  levels of  achievement  as will  certificates  for
stations who activate a specified number of island groups during the year.

Full details can be found at the CDXC web-site at www.cdxc.org.uk (follow the
IOTA 2004  links). The  set  of files  available  for downloading  include  a
tracking spreadsheet that does absolutely everything  you might need  (thanks
to G3PMR and G3LAS for their work on this)  or, if you don't want that  level
of complexity, a simple application form  and lists of Premium Island  Groups
(by month) and Rare  and Unnumbered groups  qualifying for the  DXpeditioners
Awards. Those of you who would like  details and do not have Internet  access
but have a computer should send a floppy  disk and a post-paid mailer to  Don
Field, G3XTT, 105 Shiplake Bottom, Peppard Common, Henley On Thames RG9  5HJ,
UK. Those without computers should send a large envelope and GBP 1.00 (or USD
2.00 or 2 IRCs) to cover printing and postage. Please note that the programme
will, for ease of administration, be run wholly  via the Web page, so if  you
do not have  Internet access yourself,  you will need  to find  a friend  who
does, or perhaps use a local Internet cafe.
All applications must arrive in electronic  form. No paper applications  will
be accepted.

A list of  Frequently Asked Questions  about IOTA  2004 also  appears on  the
web-site,  but  questions  may  additionally  be  sent  direct  to  G3XTT  at
don@g3xtt.com. Any queries  about the IOTA  Programme as a  whole should,  of
course, continue to go to the  IOTA Manager if they  cannot be answered  from
the Rules pages of the IOTA Directory available on the RSGB IOTA web-site  at

As well as commemorating  a significant anniversary,  the IOTA Committee  and
CDXC see the programme stimulating lots of  activity and fun on the HF  bands
at a time of declining sunspots.  So, prepare yourself for  the start of  the
year - this could be a good opportunity to boost your score.

Some of the  regularly-activated island  groups counting  for premium  points
during January to April 2004:

OC-004 VK9     Lord Howe Island
OC-005 VK9     Norfolk Island
OC-010 V63     Pohnpei Islands
OC-011 V63     Chuuk Islands
OC-016 3D2     Viti Levu & Vanua Levu Group
OC-028 V73     Ralik Chain
OC-031 C2      Nauru
OC-032 FK      New Caledonia Island
OC-035 YJ      New Hebrides
OC-036 ZL      North Island, New Zealand
OC-047 H4      Solomon Islands
OC-049 A3      Tongatapu Group
OC-064 A3      Vava'u Group
OC-134 ZL      South Island, New Zealand

AS-007 JA1 etc Honshu Island
AS-017 JA6     Okinawa Islands
AS-018 R0F     Sakhalin Island
AS-020 BV      Taiwan
AS-031 JD      Ogasawara Islands
AS-076 JA5     Shikoku Island
AS-077 JA6     Kyushu Island
AS-078 JA8     Hokkaido Island
OC-001 VK      Australia
OC-006 VK7     Tasmania
OC-012 V63     Yap Islands
OC-026 KH2     Guam Island
OC-034 YB9, P2 New Guinea
OC-042 DU1-4   Luzon Island
OC-086 KH0     Northern Mariana Islands
OC-130 DU8-9   Mindanao Island
OC-146 YB8     Celebes Island

MARCH 2004
AS-006 VR2     Hong Kong Islands
AS-015 9M2     Pinang State group
AS-019 9V      Singapore
AS-042 R0B     Severnaya Zemlya
AS-053 HS      Malay Peninsula West group
AS-075 XX      Macau Islands
AS-094 BY7     Hainan Island
OC-002 VK9X    Christmas Island
OC-003 VK9C    Cocos (Keeling) Islands
OC-021 YB0-3   Java Island
OC-022 YB9     Bali Island
OC-088 YB7/9M/ Indonesia Kalimantan/
        V8      East Malaysia/Brunei
OC-143 YB4-6   Sumatra Island

APRIL 2004
AF-006 VQ9     Diego Garcia Island
AF-017 3B9     Rodrigues Island
AS-003 4S      Sri Lanka
AS-005 R0B     Kara Sea Coast West group
AS-013 8Q      Maldives
AS-083 R9K     Kara Sea Coast East group

                       >>> IOTA 1000 ISLANDS TROPHY <<<

The IOTA 1000 Islands Trophy is  now available to top Honour Roll  performers
who reach the dizzy heights of  1000 IOTA groups confirmed. The trophy  takes
the form  of an  attractively produced  diamond glass  feature resting  on  a
highly polished wooden base. This base is fitted with a metal plate, suitably
engraved on  the front  with the  holder's details,  with space  for 8  metal
mini-plates, 2 on the front, 2 on the sides, and 4 on the back, for 25-island
group increments. The price is GBP 55 plus postage.

                       >>> IOTA CO-ORDINATOR CHANGE <<<

In early  November Teresa  Baker took  over from  Sylvia  Manco as  the  IOTA
Co-ordinator at HQ. Her duties are the  day to day management of the  Central
IOTA Database, input of application data  submitted by Checkpoints,  despatch
of certificates, Plaques  of Excellence and  1000 Islands  Trophies, and  the
handling of routine queries.

We welcome Teresa  and at  the same  time thank  Sylvia for  her support  and
commitment to the IOTA Programme during her time in post.

                    >>> IOTA CHECKPOINT ADDRESS CHANGE <<<

Members are asked to note a change  of address with immediate effect for  our
checkpoint in Japan:
                      Jim Nakajima, JA9IFF/1
                      Sakaigi Hon-Cho 68-2-1104
                      Hodogaya, Yokohama 240-0033

Roger Balister, G3KMA                                 Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ
RSGB IOTA Manager                                  RSGB IOTA Committee Member
20 December 2003                                             21 December 2003
http://www.g3kma.dsl.pipex.com                     http://www.425dxn.org/iota

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ/KB2TJM
425 DX News Editor