IOTA Notice [December 97]


SA-085        CE1    ATACAMA PROVINCE  group  (Chilean islands,  letter  "b",
                     operation from Chanaral  Island by  CE1LDS/P in  October


                  >>> IOTA REFERENCE NUMBERS CONFIRMED <<<

AS-131        BY7    GUANGDONG PROVINCE  WEST  group (China,  operation  from
                     Gui-Shan Island  by BD7IA/7,  BD7IX/7, BD7JA/7,  BD7YA/7
                     and BG7NQ/7 in November 1997).

AS-132        XV,3W  FAI TSI LONG ARCHIPELAGO (Vietnam, operation from Cac Ba
                     Island by XV8FP in November 1997).

OC-224        YB8    TANIMBAR IS (Indonesia, operation from Yamdena Island by
                     YC8SHQ/P since September 1997).



EU-065  F/ON4BDS/P  Ouessant Island     (July 1997)
EU-068  F/ON4BDS/P  Sein Island         (July 1997)
EU-074  F/ON4BDS/P  Brehat Island       (July 1997)
EU-094  F/ON4BDS/P  Glenan Islands      (July 1997)
EU-157  F/ON4BDS/P  Cezembre Island     (July 1997)
AF-032  5H1/G3SWH   Zanzibar            (September 1997)
AS-056  JI6KVR/6    Danjo Archipelago   (November 1997)
AS-131  BD7IA/7     Gui-Shan Island     (November 1997)
AS-131  BD7IX/7     Gui-Shan Island     (November 1997)
AS-131  BD7JA/7     Gui-Shan Island     (November 1997)
AS-131  BD7YA/7     Gui-Shan Island     (November 1997)
AS-131  BG7NQ/7     Gui-Shan Island     (November 1997)
AS-132  XV8FP       Cac Ba Island       (November 1997)
OC-224  YC8SHQ/P    Tanimbar Islands    (resident since September 1997)
SA-085  CE1LDS/P    Chanaral Island     (October 1997)

(*) Includes  operations  where  validation material was volunteered, ie  not
specifically  required  for  credit  to be given -  in all cases  cards   now
submitted will be accepted by Checkpoints.


                      << NEW IOTA  REFERENCE NUMBERS >>
                    << ISSUED AND/OR CONFIRMED IN 1997 >>

AF-076       5N4    Gulf of Guinea Group (Nigeria)
AF-077       ZS1    Cape Province - South Coast Group (South Africa)
AF-078       6W     Atlantic Coast South Group (Senegal)
AS-125       HS     Gulf of Thailand North East Group (Thailand)
AS-126       HS     Butang Group (Thailand)
AS-127       S2     Chittagong Region Group (BangladeshI
AS-128       XV,3W  Mekong Delta West Group (Vietnam)
AS-129       BY7    Guangdong Province East Group (China)
AS-130       XW,3W  Con Son Group (Vietnam)
AS-131       BY7    Guangdong Province West Group (China)
AS-132       XV,3W  Fai Tsi Long Archipelago (Vietnam)
OC-217       YB3    Kangean Islands (Indonesia)
OC-218       FK     Matthew Islandsland (New Caledonia)
OC-219       YB8    Tukangbesi Islands (Indonesia)
OC-220       VK5    South Australia State West Group (Australia)
OC-221       YB8    Kai Islands (Indonesia)
OC-222       YB8    Obi Islands (Indonesia)
OC-223       VK2    New South Wales State South Group (Australia)
OC-224       YB8    Tanimbar Islands (Indonesia)
SA-085       CE1    Chanaral Island (Chile)


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Requests for  inclusion in  the Honour  Roll &  Annual Listing  1998 must  be
mailed to IOTA Checkpoints on or before 1 FEBRUARY 1998.

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ
RSGB IOTA Committee Member (Europe)

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ/KB2TJM
425 DX News Editor