None issued. At this date all IOTA Reference Numbers were confirmed.

                                                      [Roger Balister, G3KMA]


AS-032   JI3DST/6    Tanegashima, Osumi Archipelago (November 1999)
EU-066   RK3DZJ/1    Solovetskiye Islands (August 1999)
EU-147   RK3DZJ/1    Razostrov Island (August 1999)
EU-147   RK3DZJ/1    Ravluda Island (August 1999)
OC-088   9M6PWT      Sabah, Borneo (November 1999)
OC-164   VK6NU/P     Rottnest Island (July 1999)
SA-073   OA5/F6BFH   San Gallan Island (November 1999)
SA-073   OA5/F5TYY   San Gallan Island (November 1999)
SA-073   OA5/F9IE    San Gallan Island (November 1999)

(*) This list includes operations where validation material was  volunteered,
ie not specifically required for credit to be given. In all cases, cards  now
submitted will be accepted by Checkpoints if they meet normal standards.

                                                      [Roger Balister, G3KMA]


NA-064   AL7RB/P   Attu Island, Near Islands (September 1999)
OC-114   FO0DEH    Raivavae Island, Austral Islands (September/October 1999)
OC-177   YB0US     Seribu Islands (July 1999)

Checkpoints are not authorised to credit QSL cards for operations from  which
validation material is still awaited.

                                                      [Roger Balister, G3KMA]


The  IOTA Committee  has  agreed with  the  management  of  the  Island Radio
Expedition  Foundation, Inc. (IREF)  that  the  IREF will administer the IOTA
Committee's expedition funding budget for the year 2000. IREF is a membership
organisation that was established for the sole purpose of funding expeditions
to  new and rare IOTA qualified islands. IREF is governed by an International
Board  of  Directors and has already provided funding to numerous expeditons.
With immediate effect all requests for funding support, which otherwise would
have been routed to the IOTA Committee, should be directed to:

               Island Radio Expedition Foundation
               118 Oak Ridge Drive
               New Braunfels, Texas 78132
            (see the IREF website at www.sat.net/~iref)

This  move  makes sense given the similarity of policy of the two bodies with
regard  to  the  provision  of  financial  grants  and, for  applicants,  the
attraction  of  a  single  point of contact. Additionally, IREF is singularly
focused  on funding which will allow the IOTA Committee to concentrate on the
administration  of  the  IOTA  Programme at a  particularly busy  time.  This
agreement  does  not  affect  IREF's  position  as  an organisation operating
independently of the RSGB and its IOTA Committee.

                                                      [Roger Balister, G3KMA]

                            >>> ANNUAL UPDATE <<<

IOTA members are  reminded that  the last  date for  mailing applications  or
updates to Checkpoints  for the 2000  Honour Roll  and Annual  Listings is  1
February. Updates postmarked after that date will be processed in the  normal
way but the scores will be held over to the 2001 listing.


                       >>> IOTA MANAGER'S WEBSITE <<<

The IOTA Manager's Website with the  latest official IOTA information is  now
up and running at http://www.eo19.dial.pipex.com/index.htm - it's well  worth
a regular visit.


                              >>> IOTA 2000 <<<

Listed below  are some  regularly activated  islands that  count for  premium 

points in January for the IOTA 2000 Programme:

OC-004  VK9L    Lord Howe Island       OC-035  YJ      New Hebrides
OC-005  VK9N    Norfolk Island         OC-036  ZL1/ZL2 North Island
OC-010  V63     Pohnpei Is             OC-047  H44     Solomon Is
OC-011  V63     Truk Is                OC-049  A3      Tongatapu Group
OC-016  3D2     Vanua Levu             OC-064  A3      Vava'u Group
OC-028  V73     Ralik Chain            OC-134  ZL3/ZL4 South Island
OC-031  C2      Nauru                  OC-135  P2      Solomon Is
OC-032  FK      New Caledonia Island

No QSL cards are required for these awards and there are no charges.
For the full rules and Island listings  please refer to the Chiltern DX  Club 

web site (http://www.cdxc.org.uk).
Following requests from the IOTA community  new IOTAs activated in both  1999
(namely AF-080,  AF-081,  AF-082, AF-083,  AS-141,  AS-142,  AS-143,  OC-227,
OC-228, OC-229 and  OC-230) and 2000  will count  for IOTA  2000 awards.  The
listing of islands  on the CDXC  web site will  be updated as  new IOTAs  are
A system  for  recording  contacts  for the  IOTA  2000  Programme  has  been
developed by Bengt Hegkvist, SM6DEC and  can be downloaded from the CDXC  web
site at the URL above.

AWARDS FOR DXPEDITIONERS  ---> There will  be two awards  for individuals  or
teams activating the following in 2000:

DXpeditioners' Platinum Certificate
For activating either
(1) Two new IOTAs or
(2) One new IOTA and 2 rare IOTAs*

DXpeditioners' Gold Certificate
For activating either
(1) One new IOTA or
(2) Two rare IOTAs* or
(3) Five IOTAs (excluding one's home station).

* A  rare  IOTA is  defined  as one  that  requires validation  by  the  IOTA
Committee according to the 1998/99 or forthcoming 2000 IOTA Directory.

                                                     [Neville Cheadle, G3NUG]

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ
RSGB IOTA Committee Member (Europe)
4 January 2000

                     Past IOTA Notices are available at
             as well as the 1999 Honour Roll/Annual Listing and
             the latest Most Wanted IOTA Islands Groups listing

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ/KB2TJM
425 DX News Editor