Monthly update of data in IOTA Directory 2000

                >>> IOTA REFERENCE ISSUED IN DECEMBER 2000 <<<

AS-150     BY4   Shandong Province South group (China)
NA-214     KL    Nome County South group (Alaska)
NA-215     KL    Northwest Arctic County group (Alaska)
OC-232     4W    East Timor's Coastal Islands (East Timor)
OC-237     YB0-3 Java's Coastal Islands (Indonesia)
OC-239     YB9   Irian Jaya's Coastal Islands West (Indonesia)
OC-242/Pr  YB8   Bonerate and Taka' Bonerate Islands (Indonesia)


NA-218/Pr  CO8   Las Tunas/Holguin/Santiago de Cuba Province group (Cuba)
OC-238/Pr  FO    Pukarua and Reao Atolls, Tuamotu Islands (French Polynesia)
OC-240/Pr  P2    Papua New Guinea's Coastal Islands East (Papua New Guinea)
OC-241/Pr  YB9   Timor Barat's Coastal Islands (Indonesia)
OC-242/Pr  YB8   Bonerate and Taka' Bonerate Islands (Indonesia)
SA-088/Pr  PP5   Santa Catarina State South group (Brazil)

Note: A full listing of new  IOTA reference numbers issued since  publication
of IOTA  Directory 2000  may be  found  on the  IOTA  Manager's web  site  at


AF-073  TS7N         Kerkenah Island (November 2000)
AS-003  4S7WHG/A     Sri Lanka Island (November 2000)
AS-043  7L4PVR/1     Hachijo Island (November 2000)
AS-043  JA0AB/1      Hachijo Island (November 2000)
AS-043  JI1PLF/1     Hachijo Island (November 2000)
AS-043  JQ1USM/1     Hachijo Island (November 2000)
AS-117  JH5OXF/4     Ikuchi Island (November 2000)
AS-150  BI4S         Lingshan Island (July 2000)
NA-045  XF1/F6BUM    Mujeres Island (August/September 2000)
NA-214  KL7/W6IXP    Stuart Island (July 2000)
NA-215  KL7/K6ST     Chamisso Island (July 2000)
OC-067  FO0FRA       Mai Moana Motu, Bora Bora Island (October 2000)
OC-232  4W6GH/P      Atauro Island (July 2000)
OC-237  YB3ZMI       Madura Island (October 2000)
OC-239  YC9WZJ/P     Batanta Island (November 2000)

Note:  This   list  includes   operations  where   validation  material   was
volunteered, ie not  specifically required  for credit  to be  given. In  all
cases, cards  now submitted  will be  accepted by  Checkpoints if  they  meet
normal standards. This means that the island name must be on the card.

         >>>                 AS AT 1 JANUARY 2001                 <<<

AS-062    RU0LM/0      Shikotan Island (November 2000)
AS-140    S21BR        Dakhin Shahbazpur (Bhola) Island (December 2000)
AS-150    BA4DW/4      Tianheng Island (December 2000)
EU-063    JW5RIA       Hopen Island (July 2000)
EU-179    UR3GA        Orlov Island (various times 2000)
EU-187    SV9/SV1CID/P Gavdos Island (July 2000)
EU-187    SV9/SV1DPL/P Gavdos Island (July 2000)
NA-155    TE6U         Uvita Island (May 2000)
NA-218/Pr CO8OTA       Moa Grande Island (September 2000)
OC-057    FO0DEH       Maupihaa Island (October/November 2000)
OC-140    VK6DIR       Direction Island (November 2000)
OC-202    DX4RIG       Tinaga Island, Calagua Islands (April 2000)
OC-238/Pr FO0DEH       Reao Atoll (November 2000)
OC-240/Pr P29VPY       Loloata Island (November 2000)
OC-241/Pr YC9BU/P      Semau Island (November/December 2000)
OC-241/Pr YC9MKF/P     Semau Island (November/December 2000)
OC-241/Pr YC9NBV/P     Semau Island (November/December 2000)
OC-241/Pr YC9WZJ/P     Semau Island (December 2000)
OC-242/Pr YB8HZ/P      Bonerate Island (December 2000)
SA-088/Pr PV5IOTA      Santana De Fora Island (August 2000)
SA-088/Pr PV5L         Santana De Fora Island (August 2000)

Note: Checkpoints are  not authorised to  credit QSL cards  for an  operation
where validation is required.

                      >>> MID-MONTH IOTA NEWS UPDATES <<<

Readers may find  the very latest  update information  on the  issue of  IOTA
reference numbers  and validation  of operations  on the  IOTA Manager's  web
site. Under IOTA NEWS BULLETINS click the latest bulletin under preparation.

                     >>> MEMBERS' ANNUAL SCORE UPDATES <<<

IOTA MEMBERS are  reminded that  the last  date for  mailing applications  or
updates to checkpoints for the 2001  Honour Roll and Annual Listings  (HR/AL)
is 1 February. Updates postmarked after  that date will  be processed in  the
normal way but the scores will be held over to the 2002 HR/AL.

Applicants may find the latest information on the confirmation of provisional
IOTA reference  numbers and  on  the validation  of  operations on  the  IOTA
Manager's website. Under  IOTA NEWS BULLETINS  click the 01/02/2001  bulletin
currently under preparation. This will  be updated for  the last time  before
the 1 February deadline on 29 January.

Please do NOT submit cards for operations that are still shown in the website
bulletin on  29  January 2001  as  ones from  which  validation  material  is
awaited. To do so is wasting your checkpoint's time and may delay  processing
of your application. Any subsequent  changes will not  affect scores for  the
2000 HR/AL.

Also, remember  that you  may not  have cards  credited for  the new  'split'
groups that were  announced in IOTA  Directory 2000 unless  you have  already
submitted a completed Conversion Sheet or are doing so with your update  (see
the  website  for  full  information).  Where   such  cards  are   submitted,
checkpoints are under instructions to delete  all existing credits,  possibly
as many as 16, for  those 'related' groups  that have not  been checked in  a
Conversion Exercise.

Finally on QSL cards, read the next paragraph!

                  >>> ISLAND STATIONS: QSL CARDS REJECTED <<<

It is a  sad business to  report that quite  a number of  QSLs are now  being
rejected for failure  to meet IOTA  requirements. The list  of operations  is
getting longer and longer as every few days we have to advise checkpoints  to
turn down a card. This distresses us and it distresses them. The usual reason
is that there  is no indication  on the  card of  the island  from which  the
operation took  place,  a longstanding  requirement.  There may  be  an  IOTA
reference  number  but,  without  an  indication  of  the  island,  this   is
INSUFFICIENT for the card to be  accepted. There is  no flexibility on  this.
Most coastal  IOTA groups  contain  both valid  and  invalid islands  and  an
operation counts for  IOTA now only  if the island  name on the  card is  one
shown as  valid  in Directory  2000  or on  the  website list  of  Additional
Qualifying Islands. Yes, please put the  IOTA number on  the card, but  don't
forget the island name!

We have  tightened our  QSL requirements  because, with  the  ever-increasing
volume of checking work, we have  to operate on the basis  that the QSL  card
must convince us within a few  seconds of being picked  up that it  justifies
being accepted. From  1 January this  year we can  no longer  afford time  to
check atlases  or  maps  or any  reference  material  except  the  Directory,
augmented by the  additional island listings  on the  website. We  appreciate
that this  might initially  have a  small cost  impact,  both on  the  island
station and on his contact, but please understand that we have no option  but
to go down this  path. We hope  that the requirement  will quickly become  so
well-known  that   the  incidence   of  non-compliance   which  causes   such
disappointment among island chasers will reduce to negligible levels. If  you
are an island station, please do pay attention to this.

                     >>> IOTA 2000 ACTIVITY PROGRAMME <<<

IOTA 2000, the activity programme which ran throughout the past year, is  now
over. There's no doubt it created a lot of enthusiasm world-wide as indicated
by the number of 'hits' on the CDXC website and by general correspondence. We
would like to thank all who participated in the programme, particularly those
who organised DXpeditions to the rarer IOTAs to give the participants maximum
points. From early returns, we can see that some very high scores were  made.
The IOTA Committee would like to thank the CDXC (Chiltern DX Club), The UK DX
Foundation, which managed the IOTA 2000  Programme on its behalf. I guess  it
could have been easier for them if we had  not made changes to the IOTA  list
in the middle of the year!

                   A Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year
                              to all our readers


Roger Balister, G3KMA                                 Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ
RSGB IOTA Manager                         RSGB IOTA Committee Member (Europe)
6 January 2001                                                 9 January 2001

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Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ/KB2TJM
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